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Callie Homan

Dr. Hooks




I. Describe the Class
The class is a Third grade general education class. Made up of 30 students.

II. Objective(s)

To learn the 50 states and their capitals including the region of the country they are in.

III. Procedures

1. There will be a classroom map and each side of the map will be broken down into

parts of N,S,W,E and Midwest. These will need to be highlighted and the group

number written on the sectioned off states.

2. Explain the map and the different directions and sections of the map such as

North, south, east, west, and Midwest. Explain the capitals and the project and

expectations. Such as, the group and individual assignments.

3. Students will be broken down into 5 groups of 6. Students will be chosen random

and each student given a number 1-6 and then go to the group matching their

4. Each group will be assigned a set of states based on location; North, South, East,

West, and the Midwest.

5. Each group will be given 10 states.
6. Each student in the group will be given a different task.
7. Two students will write out the states on Flash cards based on the classroom map.
8. Two students will write down the capitals of each state on Flash cards.
9. Two students will trace the states onto blank sheets of paper.
10. The students must then cut out the shapes of the states so that we can create our

own map of the United States.

11. All the students can color the states and write out the names and capitals on the

correct state using the flashcards and traced out states.

12. Each group will present the states.
13. Teacher will tape all the pieces of the map on the wall after students complete the


IV. Materials

Flash cards
Crayons or colored pencils
Blank sheets of paper
Maps of states both a wall map and individual group maps for the students to

trace off of.

Assessment at the end of the class.

V. Grouping Structures

Each group will be made of 6 students chosen at random for a cooperative learning

experience using the Student-Teams Achievement Divisions (STADS)

VI. Modifications
If some students are missing then groups will be reorganized so that some groups will

contain 6 members and others will contain 5. The work will be divided based on each

students ability or the needs of the group.

VII. Assessment

The assessment will be a blank map of the United States where students must fill

in the state names. On the reverse side there is all the states listed and students must

match the capitals to the correct state names. Tests must be completed individually.