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The story of the conquistadors named Pentecostal data beginning in our first cou

ntry in the year 1958, the national board composed

only two pastors: JESUS MARIA SANTIAGO AVILA CARDOZO president and secretary.
It is important to know that as the gospel of Barranquilla enter and spread thro
ughout the country, the conquerors Pentecostals also gave their home in our city
, since this first board was appointed and sworn in by the missionaries Bill Ver
ner Drost and Aksel Larsen here in Barranquilla. OBJECTIVE The objective was to
continue building the Pathfinder Pentecostal system, with
administrative organization that ran the church that sent missionaries, as the C
hurch grew in Colombia was the urgent need to address young people and give them
a Christian education and leadership. Besides the monetary remedy is to ensure
that it could make effective progress of the projects outlined
OFFERING CHRIST bundles to sheaves Offerings to Christ was born of inspiration i
n Psalm 126:6 and the first logo that identified the gang was an ear of corn lyi
ng on a cross as a curiosity in the first year collected $ 1,316 pesos. ORIGIN O
PENTECOSTAL The name was taken from the translation of the text of Romans 8:37
English Version
Are more than conquerors,
then the name of Pathfinder Pentecostals and their first logo was a cross with t
he initials at the ends. The translation was done by Sister Mary Ellen Thompson.
The vision of the more than conquerors of a Pentecostal
country as young people have supported the missionary work in other countries, b
eing the first country Ecuador supported by youth in the early seventies. THE HI
of the Conquistadors in our district started from the time of
creation of the department when even the church was divided by region, but over
the years the church grew numerically and administratively and turned to the cre
ation of districts and therefore early district committees, one of them and even
date We do not know exactly which unfortunately
seventies was named the first Bro. JULY
District policy Pentecostal conquerors in the 8th district became the first titu
lar leader Manjarrez
Appearance of Central Church
Barranquilla in Fasting
It is noteworthy that the influence and growth that have caused conquerors
Pentecostal Church in our district, has been for the selfless spirit of service
of many men who in his youth contributed more to teach, but that time, they gave
their lives so we can not overlook or ignore these men a way or another have be
en involved in working with young people in District 8 Leadership Holders of Pen
tecostal Conquerors
District 8 JULY Manjarrez
RGE LUIS VILLAR VILLAMIZAR IVAN PALLARES Each of these leaders had a working gro
up that has helped in the formation of the Youth in regions of the district as i
nteresting observation we note that the district was composed of eight departmen
ts of Atlantico, Bolivar, Sucre and Cordoba only one and that until years
fractionated giving birth to two new districts, but with a strong leadership str
ucture in terms of youth work is concerned.
Our district is blessed
Brother Eliseo Duarte One of the first herd boys Costeños
by a wide range of types of youth leadership, as our story is full of characters
which struck the youth, teaching throughout all parts of it, being used by God t
o train young saints who rise up as lights in a world immersed in thick darkness
. Collecting history has been a very important, why I want to thank each one of
the brothers who kindly helped us to carry out this brief.
Miguel Peña was the first missionary of the church and was supported by the conq
uistadores Pentecostal
The been
Br a
Alvaro of
Torres, pastors
young people who came in our district at the age of 15 years managed his first C
hurch B / keel And although much of his youth was spent in Canada on the basis o
f studies, has been one of the badges of our district leadership, as is currentl
y the teacher of the church,€today has more than sixty years as had once "in all
these years," El Bosque "
God has taken me in his arms "
Eliseo Duarte began his ministry leadership since very young, in the
performance of coast and inside the country, today is the missionary in the Unit
ed States
Aspect of worship in the central church of B / keel
ignore that
some of their
women at work in regards to youth, women made valuable skills and their lives to
win young people and train them in the Christian way, so hop names like Isabel
Torres, Laverne Larsen, Hilda win Sallie of Lemons, Camargo, and Prisca Mollie T
hompson them no, your Miriam Torres, was
Zúñiga, Manuelita Olivo, Carmen de Rambao among others, the main objective matte
r souls go to the villages, districts, neighborhoods, do not mediate distances,
without reservation, without conditions in order to serve his God, his devotion
is an example worthy of emulation.
ants called them the Gospel
At the time of the seventy were appointed district directives as Pentecostal Con
querors first was appointed titular leader Bro. Manjarrez July, then to Brother
Juan Pedrosa and Eduardo order
Forero, The Bro
Ricardo Armengol
Berrio, Alvarez
Leonardo belonged
Suarez, a
Juvenal of
Narvaez, Dalmiro Montes. directives of the conquistadors is now Pentecostal past
or in the congregation La Playa in Puerto Colombia In the early eighties were fo
rming new leaderships and among them appears Epifanio Rafael Viloria Bro: Bro. V
iloria as we call it is a very sociable man with a broad and distinguished caree
r ministerial leadership performance from a young age, being leader of the conqu
istadors Pentecostal holder was consolidated in the special areas of the distric
t a more effective work with youth. He has held many positions as district presb
yter, supervisor and others .... Is currently pastoring the congregation of Kata
nga Villa Soledad Barrio (Atlantic) Elvis Gutierrez Barranquilla Pastor served a
s leader of the conquistadors and the district and then was appointed secretary
of national
Pentecostal Conquerors. Today is a missionary in the country of Guatemala in Cen
tral America Barranco Ezra 1991-1 99 2
Today was our
district leader days
holder and is
to also
in was the
National Youth President, missionary Panama, at this time of Brother Ezra Barran
co directive was made by brothers, Nicolas Hernandez as Secretary, Treasurer and
Fernando Sierra between Alejandro Berrio assistants who at the time amounting t
o Bro Ezra Barranco as national president served as interim leader for about a m
onth The Bro Alejandro Berrio tells a very funny experience as he characterizes
it is a very happy person "in a national workshop was a night to one of the cong
regations in Medellín, and without knowing what
Brother Alejandro Berrio
went on to sing some special because they believed the family was the well-known
singer Danny Berrios to have the same surname. "
Fernando Sierra 1993-1994 is one of the characters stands out as leader of the c
onquistadores Pentecostal leadership performance in the company of a directive m
ade by Nicolas
Hernández, others ...
His ministry is full of anecdotes and personal experiences very happy to hear, w
as a missionary in Panama, has been priest and supervisor of the district among
other charges ... Today is the national director of the Theological Education IP
Brother Fernando Sierra Hernandez on Nicholas Br
From left to right. Ruben Mendez, Carlos Nicolás García, Alejandro Berrio, Enriq
ue Catalán, Fernando Sierra, Nicolás Hernández and Lizardo Barros
The experience in these workshops was cataclysmic, year after year, new leaders
were born, young people were emerging from all over the district: Atlantic, sout
h of Bolivar, the Mojana, Córdoba. Hundreds of leaders were given appointment in
Corozal were memorable days, during which we shared with other
leaders see as delegations came from all corners in the district; of God. those
in memory was so small that we gathered around the Spirit and to ask leaders to
know, many meetings it took holy atmosphere to the point of speaking in tongues
through exciting atmosphere. these workshops in corozal some leadership. Rubén M
éndez 1995-1996 The directive in this period consisted of Carlos Nicolas Garcia
as Treasurer The number of young people was becoming more and more solid structu
re needed for work on developing with young people€There were more closer to are
as of the district as Bolívar and Córdoba Mojana southern Javier Pacheco as Secr
etary and I dare say was the birthplace
Bro Ruben in
Gazabon pastor visit
Jorge Caracoli
Bolívar along with the
nationals were a blessing to strengthen the link with the national directive
National Workshop in Villavicencio
Bro Javier Pacheco who was treasurer in this life has a special story "on tour
that we were about to go to San Marcos La Mojana Sucre, we are in the midst of a
n armed confrontation crossfire from both sides, but the Lord will keep, not a s
ingle scratch, not a bullet, or the vehicle in which We traveled play glory to G
od! "
Javier Pacheco Treasurer Term 9597
Bro. Javier Pacheco served as the national voice of the Conquistadors Pentecosta
ls in the period of 1999-2000
Carlos Nicolás García 1997 -1998
He assumed the leadership of the youth in this effect after having been the secr
etary in the previous period
Gutierrez Yeltsin 1999-2000 His team was as follows Ezekiel Villamizar
Giovanni Mendoza
Bedoya, Eder Molina, Julio Figueroa Llinas and his motto was Libardo YOUNG FACIN
G THE CHALLENGES OF THE XXI CENTURY since they were at the dawn of a new century
. This term fasts were established throughout the district district
Yeltsin and his family Gutiérrez
Anecdotally Bro Giovanni Mendoza relates that "at that time
cell phone had been making inroads and I had a cell phone that had given me, and
Yeltsin was wanted and could not communicate with me when I entered the call to
ld me to rebuke the spirit that was mounted on the antenna "
Giovanni Mendoza Treasurer 9899
Giovanni Mendoza treasurer at the microphone back in July 2000 and church Llinas
Eder Molina Effective in 1999Majagual Auxiliary
heart of the Mojana
Assistant Leader Llinas July 98-99
Ezequiel Villamizar 2001-2002
Highlights of this force was the impulse of youth to evangelism and love for sou
District Committee left to right.
Humberto Enrique Catalan Monterosa Ezequiel Martinez Villamizar Jose Javier Reye
s Joel Asias Eder Molina Jorge Diaz
With the National Board leaders at Camp Top left to right: Jairo Restrepo, Carlo
s Valencia, Javier Rubio, Ruiz and Rodolfo Osorio Reinel
JORGE DIAZ 2003 -2004 The Bro affectionately called Joche As he worked together
as titular leader in this Term of Henry as Secretary and Joel Catalan
Asias treasurer assistants were Eduardo Calle, Jose Antonio Martinez, Eder Molin
a, Luis Parejo. During the period of this directive emphasized the importance of
the social development of young, workshops sectorizes one in each zone district
It took a beautiful Youth Convention at the Estadio Metropolitano against all od
ds even against Nature herself, "One day it rained
all around the stadium, but the stadium did not rain, we pray for no rain and Go
d answered. "
Brother Henry said the Catalan.
Youth Convention
It should be noted that this was only the
Local Youth Leaders
Youth Convention which became the Metropolitan Stadium.
At the end of the year the district was divided and gave birth to an infant with
District 19 administrative compound and the only departments of Bolívar and Cór
doba new structure will have the area of the departments of Atlántico and Sucre
District 8 had a new leadership them. 2005-2006 DAVILA LUIS VILLAR This directiv
e force was composed by Ezequiel Rivera Jose Antonio Martinez as secretary treas
urer, and assistant Dairo Abad, Solano and Dairo Eloy Silva. During this period
I think the figure of the shepherds delegates auxiliary areas: Ivan Pallares, Cr
istian Cera, Carlos Perez, Nabonasar Padaui, Tirso Zeledon. they are made by the
banks of the of the the
Magdalena expeditions, visiting congregations these peoples, first of unmarried
young people, in those days was done created
coalitions and youth campaigns were conducted in such coalitions.
National Youth Congress 2006 in Medellin
Martinez Jose Luis Villar Treasurer Leader Holder 2005-2006 2005-2006
We can not ignore the Brother Ezequiel Rivera, who was appointed titular leader
but because of weeklong move in his role as his replacement so it was Bro. Ivan
Pallares 2007-2008 The directive is made up of wax and Tirza Cristian Zeledon an
d auxiliary pastors: Hernan Araujo, Carlos Perez, Luis Alonso Vasquez and Ascani
o. Working in concert with the national party have made it past activities in th
is life: workshops, conventions Impacts, vigils Youth coalitions, the district,€
visits the
peoples and other activities.
A lon so
Hernan Ascanio auxiliary araujo DIRECTIVE DISTRICT 2007-2008
Left to Der
Ivan Pallares,
Cristian Cera, Carlos Perez, Tirza
Ivan Pallares said that one of the stories I remember most was that he was named
as county treasurer and weekly named him Titular leader.
Historical Collection
Pentecostal Conquerors. For.