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~Transmission Incoming~

Team, weve lost

communication with a nearby
freighter currently on its way
to one of our starting
outposts to deliver needed
supplies. Last known
coordinates are being
transmitted to you now.

Squad Seven-Two-Seven, this is Mother. Im sending you this

comm-message on a secure line to inform you of your next
Our latest intelligence report has gathered information about a
secret listening post of the empire in the Japarel system, on
planet Onderon. The high command has issued us the following
mission: infiltrate and takeover the Whisper Base with minimal
losses. This is a covert operation and so you are the only
squadron that will be present. There will be no back up to speak
of, we are on our own.
The attached image I sent along this file is of your main target,
Lieutenant Sarev, who directly answers to Moff Dardano, the right
hand of Darth Vader. Needless to say, the Empire cannot know
what transpires until the outpost is secured. Detain or Destroy the
lieutenant, but he must not leave the base.
Our main advantage in this mission is the fact that the Whisper
Base was built without being properly issued in the bureaucratic
law of the empire, meaning that on the record it doesnt exist. If
Moff Dardano loses this base, he would be unable to take it back
without exposing his unaccountability.
The leader of this mission is Commander Arkhan, whom I trust full
heartedly. Your gear and rations will be issued to you by noon.
When you finish reading this message assume that the has
mission already started.
Good luck Seven-Two-Seven and May The Force Be With You.