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Module 1 Travel & Tourism



Before You Read Words

A 1. a 2. b 3. a 4. b 5. a 6. b 7. b 8. a
B 1. b 2. a 3. a 4. a 5. b 6. a 7. a 8. a

While You Read

1. C 2. D 3. C 4. C 5. A 6. D 7. B 8. D

Answer Analysis

1. Which of the following tells you what the article is 5. What does each other refer to in lines 44-45?
A. participants
C.  even well-known tourist spots offer unusual Participants are harnessed to a line which
activities attaches them to each other
The topic of this article is found in the last sentence
of the first paragraph: even well-known tourist 6. What is meant by the chances were very slim in
spots offer unusual activities lines 46-47?
D. it was very unlikely
2. What did Mary think about her experience?
Since the participants are tied safely, they are not
D. She found the climb hard but, worth the effort. likely to get hurt: they are harnessed to a line
Despite all my previous training, it was really which attaches them to each other and to the
hard, I finished in 14 minutes and 23 seconds bridge. the chances of getting injured were very
Only then did I allow myself to enjoy the slim.
breathtaking view from the top.
7. What makes the Great Wall of China different from
3. Why are the Petronas Towers mentioned in this text? the other sites mentioned in the text?
C. An international BASE jumping competition takes B. It is a landmark of historical importance.
place there. This is the last tourist site mentioned in the text the
The international BASE jumping competition held only one that is a historical site: Even ancient sites
at the Petronas Towers Every year for the past offer a challenge. The Great Wall of China was
three years, George has joined other experienced built hundreds of years ago
competitors there
8. This article was written for people who
4. Why is BASE jumping more dangerous than
D. like visiting popular spots but want something
C. There is less time for the parachute to open. You can understand this from the fact that the
BASE jumping is far more dangerous than regular writer describes unusual activities at four different
skydiving from a plane because you have only a tourist spots. This is also pointed out at the
few seconds to open your parachute. beginning: As Ive found out by reading different
travel blogs, even well-known tourist spots offer
unusual activities for travelers who are looking for
something different.

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Module 1 Travel & Tourism

After You Read Words GRAMMAR 1

A 1. Different
A 1. are moving; f
2. Similar
2. visits; a
3. Similar
3. takes off; c
4. Different
4. is happening; d
5. Similar
5. is always teasing; g
B 1. conventional 6. scores; b
2. ranges 7. is working; e
3. lifetime
B 1. have ever seen; j
4. entirely
2. have just won; k
5. challenge
3. Have you been running; m
6. petrified
4. has broken; h
5. has been studying; l

Word Expansion 6. has he gone; i

C 1. a 5. a
A 1. observation 2. b 6. b
2. participate 3. b 7. c
3. challenging 4. c 8. a
4. amazement
D 1. a. has been working / s been working
5. competition / competitor b. works
6. competitor / competition 2. a. think
7. injured b. am thinking / m thinking
8. recommend 3. a. have walked / ve walked
b. have been walking / ve been walking
9. extend
4. a. are having / re having
B 1. participants b. has
2. amazes 5. a. are building / re building
3. competitive b. have been building / ve been building
4. extension
5. injure
6. challenge
7. recommendation
8. observe
C 1. take place
2. take for granted
3. take into account
4. take your breath away
5. take care of
6. take part
7. taking a risk
8. took advantage of

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Module 1 Travel & Tourism

A 1. at noon A Possible Answers:
2. at 6 a.m. Machu Picchu was built a long time ago.
3. in September / in 2016 It looks like no one has lived there for a very long
4. in 2016 / in September
It was built on top of a mountain.
5. on Monday / on June 22 Its in Peru in South America.
6. on June 22 / on Monday There are a lot of steps.
7. by 2 oclock and no later B 1. C 5. C
B 1. at work 2. A 6. A
2. at the corner, turn right 3. B 7. C
3. in New York / in Australia 4. C
4. in Australia / in New York
5. on the river / on the left
6. on the left / on the river
7. between two friends
8. among all the tourists
C 1. climb up a ladder
2. run across the street
3. walk through the market
4. drive towards the hotel
D 1. the shelf 4. the corner
2. the way to 5. the crowd
3. the park 6. the right
E 1. through 5. over
2. at 6. towards
3. between 7. into
4. on 8. out of
F 1. over / across / above
2. in / through
3. along
4. past
5. under / next to
6. from / to
7. in
8. in
9. during / over / at
10. by
G 1. in 6. at
2. along 7. on
3. on 8. next to
4. in 9. on
5. in 10. by

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Module 1 Travel & Tourism

Questions & Tips SCRIPT

When did the speaker become interested in To tell you the truth, I didnt know much about Machu
Machu Picchu? Picchu until I happened to see a picture of it in an article
A. when it became a World Heritage Site about the New Seven Wonders of the World. It looked
B. after learning about the Lost City of the so amazing that I decided to find out more. After a little
Incas research I learned that it was named a World Heritage
C. when he saw a picture of it by chance Site by the United Nations in 1983. There is a whole
Tip: Keywords in the question are paraphrased. mystery around the city, and it is often called the Lost
become interested in = decided to find out more City of the Incas because it was deserted for hundreds of
years and no one knows what happened to the people.
What is the mystery connected to Machu
After I heard this and saw some more pictures, I decided
that I had to go and see it for myself! Surely, after so
A. why the people who lived there
disappeared many years, convincing answers to the mystery had been
found. But if not, I would do some investigating myself.
B. why its called the Lost City of the Incas
C. why it was named a World Heritage Site
The city of Machu Picchu is located high in the Andes
Tip: The keyword mystery appears in the script. Mountains in South America, some 2,400 meters above
It is a clue that the answer is coming.
sea level. I went by train to the nearest town, called
The answer is paraphrased.
the people disappeared = it was deserted Aguas Calientes. Id been told the views of the mountains
and jungles were amazing and I wasnt disappointed.
When I eventually reached Machu Picchu, it was quite
You have to be in good shape to visit Machu clear why it has won titles and awards its breathtaking.
Picchu because
I spent time wandering around the temples, baths, water
A. its 2,400 meters above sea level.
systems and fountains. You are transported to another
B. there are a lot of steps. world an ancient and fascinating one. What surprised
C. there are no streets there. me is that there are no streets just steps everywhere. As
Tip: The keywords are paraphrased. you can imagine, you need to be fit to visit Machu Picchu
have to be in good shape = need to be fit because you have to climb hundreds of steps.
Be careful not to answer too quickly. Just
because Machu Picchu is 2,400 meters above sea The city itself is divided into three main areas the
level, that doesnt mean you have to climb that
area where the holy places were, the area where the
far or all the way up.
priests and important people lived, and the area where
the ordinary people lived. Although the Incas were an
Q4 R
 egarding the Incan architecture, no one ancient civilization, their architecture was very impressive,
knows especially their technique for building walls. Big stones
A. exactly how ancient it is. are so close together in many places that you cant
B. why the stones are so close together. even fit a knife between them. I tried. One of the many
C. how the Incas got the giant stones up mysteries of Machu Picchu is how the Incas transported
there. the huge stones up the mountain. Hundreds of men
Tip: Keywords in the question and answer are probably pushed them.
no one knows = mysteries
got the giant stones up there = transported the
huge stones up the mountain

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Module 1 Travel & Tourism

Questions & Tips SCRIPT

Q5 How long did people live in Machu Picchu? For me, one of the most interesting things about Machu
A. for hundreds of years Picchu is something that you cant actually see. It is the
B. until the king died mystery that nobody knows the answer to. Why did the
C. for about a hundred years Incas leave such a beautiful city? They had invested a
lot in building it, so why did they suddenly leave only
Tip: The speaker doesnt say how long the Incas
a hundred years later? When I got home, I read some
lived there. You have to listen for when they left.
theories put forward by historians. Some say it was
Most historians think the city was deserted because there wasnt enough water; others believe the
because city was simply closed after the death of the king. But
A. the people became ill and died. most experts seem to believe that it was struck by a
B. there wasnt enough water. disease that killed all the people. Though it sounds awful,
C. the people didnt have a king. this seems to be the most convincing explanation for the
Tip: The word historians appears in the script and place being deserted.
is a clue that the answer is coming.
The people became ill and died = struck by a After the people disappeared, the city was lost for
disease that killed all the people hundreds of years. Only in 1911 was Machu Picchu found
by an American explorer called Hiram Bingham. Since
Binghams discovery, many people have gone to visit
The speaker mentions the illegal bridge to
show Machu Picchu. It is the most visited tourist attraction in
Peru, which doesnt surprise me. The popularity of the
A. that tourists can now reach the site easily.
site helps the local economy, but the large number of
B. why Machu Picchu is the most visited site
in Peru. tourists and people who want to make a profit from the
tourist trade are endangering the site. For example, only
C. how greedy people may be ruining the
site. recently, people built an illegal bridge over a nearby river
in order to bring tourists more quickly to Machu Picchu.
Tip: The answer is paraphrased.
Anyway, if youre looking for a place that combines
greedy people = people who want to make
a profit history, amazing architecture, breathtaking natural
may be ruining = are endangering scenery and a mystery, I would recommend Machu Picchu.
Note that the answer appears before the illegal Its the experience of a lifetime.
bridge is mentioned, so you may have to listen a
second time.

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Module 1 Travel & Tourism

B 1. d 2. b 3. a 4. c
D Model Answer:
Both pictures show people on vacation. They might be experiencing something new. Another similarity is that
the people are outdoors and all of them appear to be enjoying themselves. In the first picture, the people are
probably looking for action, whereas in the second picture, it looks like shes interested in learning about the
past since shes visiting ancient ruins. The activities in both pictures help people get away from it all and explore
something new.

A 1. All answers are correct.
2. All answers are correct.
Possible Answers:
readers of a travel magazine
people planning to travel to the U.S. / California / San Francisco
B 1. a. Paragraph 4 2. a. Paragraph 2
b. Paragraph 3 b. Paragraph 4
c. Paragraph 1 c. Paragraph 1
d. Paragraph 2
C 1. d
2. lucky well-known real thrilling
exciting lively old famous
popular great fascinating
D 1. a. surprisingly-varied
b. romantic
c. charming
d. world-class
e. constantly-changing
2. Possible Answers:
spectacular building well-known museums
well-known bridge delightful parks
elegant houses romantic waterfront

E Writing Plan: Article


Paragraph 1 Give a brief description of the area you live in

Paragraph 2 Describe one place of interest there

Paragraph 3 Describe another place of interest in the area

Paragraph 4 Sum up why you think these places are the best to visit

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