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B as ed on s tandard U.S .

G overnment tes ts

R efrigerator-F reezer Roper Appliance Group

With Automatic Defros t Models RT14BK*K*0*
With Top-mounted F reezer RT14DK*K*0*
Without T hrough-the-Door-Ice S ervice
C apacity 14.4 C ubic F eet

Compare the Energy Use of this Refrigerator

with Others Before You Buy.
This Model Uses

Energy use ( kWh / year ) range of all similar models

Uses Least Uses Most
Energy Energy
394 440

kWh/year (kilowatt-hours per year) is a measure of energy (electricity) use.

Your utility company uses it to compute your bill. Only models with 12.5 TO 14.4
cubic feet and the above features are used in this scale.
Refrigerators using more energy cost more to operate.
This models estimated yearly operating cost is:

$ 36
B as ed on a 2001 U.S . G overnment national average cos t of 8.29
per kWh for electricity. Your actual operating cos t will vary
depending on your local utility rates and your us e of the produc t.
Important. Removal of this label before consumer purchase violates the Federal Trade Commissions Appliance
2265225 REL
Labeling Rule (16 CFR Part 305)
C anada

E nergy c ons umption / C ons ommation nergtique

438 kWh
pe r ye a r / pa r a nn e
T his model / C e modle

311 kWh 442 kWh

Us es leas t energy / Us es mos t energy /
C ons omme le moins T y pe 3 C ons omme le plus
dnergie d'nergie
12.5 - 14.4
S imilar models Modles s imilaires
compared 3 3 compars
v o lu m e in ft / v o lu m e e n pi
R T 1 4 B K *K *0 *, R T 1 4 DK *K *0 *
Model number Numro du modle

Removal of this label before first retail purchase is an offense (S.C. 1992,c.36).
Enlever cette tiquette avant le premier achat au dtail constitue
une violation de la loi ( L.C. 1992, ch. 36).

2265225 R E L