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Multiple Pathways

to Graduation
A parents guide to educational options in the Midlands

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2D ...........................................................................................................THE STATE WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 15 2017

We set a course for success.

Hammond offers students in Pre-kindergarten through 12th grade an academic experience thoughtfully developed to build
character, nurture talent and inspire untethered achievement far beyond the undergraduate years.
Tapping into each students personal best, we set a course for success and leadership that lasts a lifetime.

WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 15 2017 THE STATE ..................................................................................................... 3D

. ..........................................................................
Charter schools GRAY COLLEGIATE ACADEMY * Applicants admitted: 90 percent.
3833 Leaphart Road, Columbia; Did you know? Small environment
EAST POINT ACADEMY * www.graycollegiateacademy.org everyone knows one another. Tuition-
free dual-enrollment opportunities.
1401 Leaphart St., West Columbia; A nice place to call home: School site is
www.eastpointsc.org Admissions: (803) 951-3321, rreser@ part of a college campus. Students use
grayca.com. college facilities such as science labs, a
Tuition + fees: $75.
Multiple Pathways to Admissions: (803) 926-0520, drabon@
Enrollment: 475.
library, a student center and an audi-
eastpointsc.org. torium.
Graduation Grades served: 9-12. A sampling of extracurricular activ-
Enrollment: 550. Applicants accepted: 98 percent. We
Wednesday, February 15, 2017 ities: male and female leadership work-
Grades served: 4-7. can have 150 students per grade level. shops; career field studies including
Requirements for admission: Students Once a grade level is full, students are Trident Techs Culinary Arts program
must be full-time residents of South added to a waiting list. and Pure Power Technologies; commu-
Carolina. Did you know? We have one of the best nity service opportunities through Paw-
President and Publisher
Applicants accepted: 75 percent. boys basketball teams in the state. Our metto Lifeline; college tours of New-
BERNIE HELLER Did you know? East Point Academy students graduate with more college berry College, USC and College of
Vice President of Advertising maintains an Excellent/A federal and credits than any other high school in the Charleston.
state rating. East Point provides a rig- state. We are small in numbers but pow-
Director of Marketing orous academics experience strongly
rooted in language, math and science, A nice place to call home: We are a 112 Crane St., Winnsboro;
but we believe children need more than family school that offers two free years www.midlandsstem.org
books to become well-rounded global of dual-enrollment classes.
Special Projects Coordinator
citizens. Character development and A sampling of extracurricular activ-
. .......................................................................... ities: Football, basketball, volleyball, Admissions: (803) 815-1524; info@
community programs help our students
softball, baseball and soccer, with more midlandsstem.org.
About this section and families stay engaged and connect-
activities to be added. Tuition + fees: None.
ed, fostering personal growth and a
Enrollment: 150.
A Listings are free, and information strong sense of school spirit. The mis-
was solicited from schools and sion of East Point Academy is to prepare
ACADEMY * Requirements for admission: South
district offices. Schools are students for academic and personal
3810 N. Main St., Columbia; Carolina residence.
responsible for the information in success through proficiency in English
www.imaginecolumbia.org Applicants admitted: 100 percent.
their listings, but listings are edited and Mandarin Chinese, math, science
Did you know? We are a new school,
for style and space. and social studies while learning in an
adding a grade level each year until
atmosphere that promotes cultural shar- Admissions: (803) 929-1140; www.
A We are still building our database; matriculation at grade 12.
ing and understanding. imaginecolumbia.org.
to have your school included in our A nice place to call home: Community
A nice place to call home: East Point Tuition + fees: None. school environment, STEM education,
next edition, email Rebekah Hall at Academy is the only charter school in Enrollment: 175.
rhall@thestate.com. academic rigor, community partner-
South Carolina to offer Chinese Manda- Grades served: K-5. ships, strong arts program.
A Every effort was made to print rin language classes. We are a thriving Requirements for admission: Students A sampling of extracurricular activ-
information as it was provided. community of teachers, parents and must be 5 years old on or before Sept. 5 ities: Chess Team, Chinese language
However, some entries have been blossoming life-long learners. We em- of the year of entrance, and they must (Mandarin), Tai Chi, martial arts, table
edited for space and content. brace cultural sharing and understand- be residents of South Carolina. tennis.
ing. Personalized learning through small A nice place to call home: We are a
. .......................................................................... classes, bilingual language instruction in small, family-oriented school that be- PROVOST ACADEMY SOUTH
English and Chinese by certified teach- lieves every parent should have a choice
On the cover ers, civic engagement, cultural and so- in their childs education. We believe in
200 Arbor Lake Drive, Suite 301, Columbia;
From right, Chavez Goodwin and cial awareness activities, and parental meeting a child where they are and sc.provostacademy.com
Liddy Grantland graduated from involvement give students the personal taking them to where they need to be
Hammond School in May. Goodwin attention and extra help they need to and beyond. We have a strong character
attends the College of Charleston, succeed in the classroom and in society. program that develops the character Admissions: 877-265-3195; info.sc@
where he is on the basketball team, All students will benefit from a rigorous, traits children will need to be successful provostacademy.com.
and Grantland attends Duke innovative, and learner-centered curri- in the world of tomorrow. Tuition + fees: $0.
University in North Carolina. Photo culum, including inquiry-based instruc- Enrollment: 600.
provided by Cissy Pope. tion to acquire, organize, and communi- MIDLANDS MIDDLE COLLEGE * Grades served: 9-12.
cate information and to solve problems. 1260 Lexington Drive, West Columbia; Requirements for admission: Students
. ..........................................................................
A sampling of extracurricular www.midlandsmiddlecollege.com must be residents of South Carolina,
between the ages of 14 and 21, with
Note activities: karate, Chinese dance, piano,
Internet access.
violin, basketball, Running Club, Sci-
Admissions: (803) 822-7043; info@ Applicants admitted: 80 percent.
An asterisk (*) beside a school or list ence Club, Green Team, BETA Club,
midlandsmiddlecollege.com. Did you know? Provost Academy South
of schools means information is ping pong, gymnastics, cheerleading,
Tuition + fees: $0. Carolina allows students to fast-track their
pasted from the 2016 edition. Lego League, Odyssey of the Mind,
Enrollment: 135. courses. We have had students complete
Engineering/STEM Club, chorus.
Grades served: 11-12. their high school career in two years.
4D ...........................................................................................................THE STATE WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 15 2017

A nice place to call home: Students who Admissions: (803) 814-0353, Online charter schools scholarship money, while 41 percent of
attend our Columbia campus become a scaihs@scaihs.org our college-bound students received
family. Classes are offered for four hours Tuition + fees: Membership fees start at more than one scholarship.
a day (8 a.m.-12 p.m. or 12-4 p.m.), and $350. See a full breakdown of fees at A sampling of extracurricular activities:
students receive one-on-one help from http://schomeschooling.com/ Even in virtual school our students are
state-certified teachers and academic membership-fees. 330 Pelham Road, Suite 101, Greenville; able to connect with others in their on-
advisers. Guest speakers and college Enrollment: 1,058. www.casc.k12.com line community through live lessons and
representatives are frequently invited to Grades served: Pre-K-12. clubs. We also offer several field trips
our campus and provide our students Requirements for admission: Online Admissions: (855) 611-2830; and school events throughout the state.
with guidance, support and motivation to application, payment, records release rknapp@k12.com This allows our students to build
obtain their high school diploma and form, course of study, and statement of Tuition + fees: $0. friendships and explore the world around
pursue a career of interest. intent (if applicable). Enrollment: 970. them.
A sampling of extracurricular activities: Applicants accepted: 99.99 percent. Grades served: K-12.
Students can attend our program and Did you know? The trend with SCAIHS Requirements for admission: South SOUTH CAROLINA VIRTUAL
play sports in their local school district. graduates is that 10 percent to 15 percent Carolina residence. CHARTER SCHOOL
We offer different clubs and organiza- receive the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship, Applicants accepted: 75 percent. 140 Stoneridge Drive, Suite 420, Columbia;
tions such as Video Game Club, Pinterest and 30 percent to 40 percent receive the Did you know? The Blended Learning www.scvcs.k12.com
Club, etc. LIFE Scholarship. Our school ACT and option for in person instruction is avail-
SAT scores are consistently well above able in Charleston, Greenville and Co-
the state and national averages. We also Admissions: (866) 467-5184;
have a special needs department to help rknapp@k12.com
2015 Marion St., Columbia; A nice place to call home: Virtual learn-
families educate students with special ing environment, school from anywhere. Tuition + fees: $0.
needs from preschool through high A sampling of extracurricular activities: Enrollment: 3,700.
school. Students in our special needs National Honor Society, BETA Club. Grades served: K-12.
Admissions: (803) 227-6422; department can earn a high school diplo- Requirements for admission: South
s.bowman@scscienceacademy.org. ma or work on an occupational certif- SOUTH CAROLINA CONNECTIONS Carolina residence.
Tuition + fees: $75. icate, as well as certificates of attend- ACADEMY
ance. Our elementary department is Applicants accepted: 75 percent.
Enrollment: 140. 220 Stoneridge Drive, Suite 403, Columbia;
available for families home schooling Did you know? More than 4 million in
Grades served: 6-10. www.connectionsacademy.com/scca
their kindergarten through sixth-grade scholarships received; 78 percent of
Did you know? S.C. Science Academy is students, and our middle/high school graduates admitted in post-secondary
a public institution for families who want department assists students in grades Admissions: (803) 212-4712 education.
their students to be in a problem-based 7-12. Tuition + fees: $0. A nice place to call home: Ability to
instructional environment that brings A nice place to call home: While in- Enrollment: 4,159. school anywhere.
academic skills and concepts to life. dividual homes are the campus, the Grades served: K-12. A sampling of extracurricular activities:
entire community and state are available Requirements for admission: Students National Honor Society, National Art
Home-school networks for home-schoolers to explore. Exploring entering grades K-12 residing anywhere Honor Society, Beta Club, Jr. Beta Club,
the rich heritage and culture of South in South Carolina are eligible to attend. Mu Alpha Theta (math), Rho Kappa (so-
SOUTH CAROLINA ASSOCIATION OF Carolina is one of our greatest resources! Did you know? Our core curriculum is cial studies), Spanish Honor Society,
INDEPENDENT HOME SCHOOLS A sampling of extracurricular activities: geared toward preparing students for French Honor Society, Science Honor
(SCAIHS) SCAIHS sponsors a Student Council. college and beyond. Students have access Society, Sigma Tau Delta (English),
Options for home-schoolers are almost to AP, honors, college preparatory, and FBLA, FCA, Tri-M (music), Writers
http://schomeschooling.com Foundation programs. The class of 2016
unlimited, including home-school sports Roundtable, Book Club, Palmetto Girls
teams, band, orchestra, drama and art. earned a total of $2,947,275 in State (varies year to year).

St. John Neumann

Catholic School

Where Children 721 Polo Road Columbia, SC 29223 (803) 788-1367

Experience Success www.sjncatholic.com https://www.facebook.com/sjncatholic/
WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 15 2017 THE STATE ..................................................................................................... 5D

Developing Highly Skilled, Self-Directed Students

It is the goal of Lexington County School District One to Centers for Advanced Study
prepare a new generation of leaders and global citizens.
Our desire is to develop self-directed and reflective students The Center for Advanced Agribusiness Research at Pelion High
who accept ownership and responsibility for their learning.
We want our students to develop self-confidence in their The Center for Advanced STEM Studies at Lexington Technology Center
academic abilities and competence in using 21st Century
The Center for Law and Global Policy Development at River Bluff High
knowledge and skills to achieve sophisticated learning.
The Center for Media Arts, Design and Production at River Bluff High
Most of all, we want to ensure that Lexington One graduates
maintain their competitive edge. This means that our graduates The Center for Public Health and Advanced Medical Studies at White Knoll High
must possess the necessary skills to compete, contribute,
and succeed both locally and globally. They must be well- The Center for The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at Lexington High
equipped to meet the anticipated needs of jobs, challenges
and technologies that currently do not even exist.

Lexington County School District One

100 Tarrar Springs Rd.
Lexington, SC 29071-1869
6D ...........................................................................................................THE STATE WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 15 2017

Private schools is an important aspect of life and learning Applicants admitted: 98 percent. (football, cross-country, volleyball, track,
at Ben Lippen School. Our teachers are Did you know? We offer blended learn- basketball, soccer, track, softball, base-
involved in the daily lives of our stu- ing in sixth through 12th grades with our ball), auto mechanics, clubs, FCA, art
dents, inside and outside of the class- 1-to-1 initiative. We are SACS/ show at local museum.
7401 Monticello Road, Columbia; room. Ben Lippen has more than 80
www.benlippen.com AdvancED-accredited. Our football team
upper school boarding students from recently won the SCISA-AA state cham- CAMDEN MILITARY ACADEMY
around the world who live on campus, pionship, and our debate team has won 520 U.S. 1 North, Camden;
Admissions: (803) 807-4000; making our community a truly globally the SCISA state title for three consec- www.camdenmilitary.com
kelly.adams@benlippen.com. diverse campus. utive years. We provide community out-
Tuition + fees: Not provided. A sampling of extracurricular activities: reach to various agencies (March of Admissions: (800) 948-6291;
choir, drama, Math Team, Model UN, Dimes, St. Judes Research Hospital fund,
Enrollment: 740. admissions@camdenmilitary.com
Robotics Team, Science Team, nine fe- Calhoun County Cares) and partner with
Grades served: PreK-12. Tuition + fees: $21,495.
male sports, 10 male sports. our local Relay for Life, churches, Cal-
Requirements for admission: See web- Enrollment: 295.
houn County Library, Clemson Cooper- Grades served: 7-12.
site. CALHOUN ACADEMY * ative Extension, and our local 4-H.
Alumni you may know: Ben Lippen Requirements for admission: Applica-
81 Academy Road, St. Matthews; A nice place to call home: We are fam- tion, academic records or transcripts and
School has more than 3,500 alumni www.calhounacademy.org ily! We have a strong family Christian
spread across the globe. interview.
Atmosphere! We offer pullout tutorials Applicants accepted: 80 percent.
Did you know? Ben Lippen has produced with retired and former educators. We Alumni you may know: Mark Herndon,
12 National Merit semifinalists in the past Admissions: (803) 874-2734;
kcuttino@calhounacademy.org. have Apple TVs and flat-screen TVs in all drummer for music group Alabama; Dr.
five years, more than any other inde- classrooms to assist in our blended- Craig McCotter, a leading South Carolina
pendent or Christian school in the Mid- Tuition + fees: $5,124. learning initiative. Our seniors are eligi- cardiologist; James Burns, an attorney
lands. Students can earn dual-enrollment Enrollment: 306. ble to take dual-enrollment classes who served as former Gov. Nikki Haleys
credit through Columbia International Grades served: K3-12. through OCTech. Our campus is safe and chief of staff.
University while attending Ben Lippen Requirements for admission: Complete inviting. Did you know? Our campus was used as
School. application, schedule testing, and meet A sampling of extracurricular activities: a training center for British fighter pilots
A nice place to call home: Community with guidance counselor or headmaster. STEM activities, variety of sports and the Southern Aviation School.
WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 15 2017 THE STATE ..................................................................................................... 7D

A nice place to call home: The military

philosophy of the academy instills time-
Requirements for admission: Applica-
tion, admission assessment.
management, organization, structure, Did you know? Covenant Classical
self-discipline and a brotherhood that is Christian School is committed to grad-
unrivaled at any other school. uating young men and women who think
A sampling of extracurricular activities: clearly with discernment and under-
13 sports, flight lessons, Civil Air Patrol, standing, who reason persuasively and
Scouts, band, ESL, military training. articulate precisely, and who interpret
the world through the truth of Scripture.
CARDINAL NEWMAN SCHOOL Our school is designed to develop well-
A diocesan-owned Catholic school rounded young men and women who are
2945 Alpine Road; www.cnhs.org scientists as well as linguists, athletes as
well as poets. Graduates leave Covenant
exceptionally well prepared for their next
Admissions: (803) 888-1611; tharper@ steps in life, and 100 percent of our col-
cnhs.org lege-bound graduates receive financial
Tuition + fees: $10,700. assistance through public and private
Enrollment: 550. scholarships to the college of their
Grades served: 7-12. choice. Covenant offers a competitive
tuition with military, pastoral, and mul-
Requirements for admission: Accepted
tichild discounts. Covenant supports
students are placed based on individual
home-schooling families with education-
merits into appropriately challenging
al, extracurricular, and PSAT/standar-
dized testing opportunities.
Alumni you may know: Mariclare Mi-
A nice place to call home: Covenant is
randa, founder and principal instructor
centrally located close to Forest Acres.
of The Columbia Conservatory of Dance;
the Rev. Msgr. Mauricio West, vicar gener- A sampling of extracurricular activities: Visit www.uscupstate.edu/admissions or
al and chancellor of the Diocese of Char- Volleyball, basketball, cross country, call (864) 503-5246 or (800) 277-8727.
lotte; Melissa Heidari, Ph.D., professor of soccer, golf, dance, gymnastics.
English at Columbia College.
Did you know? We open each day with a GRACE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL
prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. In A private Christian school
2015-2016, our students performed more 416 Denham Ave., West Columbia;
than 25,000 hours of community service www.gracelions.com
A nice place to call home: We just
opened a new 49.7-acre state-of-the-art Admissions: (803) 794-8996, info@
campus, conveniently located on Alpine gracelions.com
Road near Interstate 20. The school Tuition + fees: $5,000.
includes 32 classrooms, five science labs,
two computer labs, media center, music Enrollment: 200.
and vocal rooms, performing arts center, Grades served: Pre-K (infant)-12. FINE ARTS PROGRAM
gymnasium with auxiliary space and a Requirements for admission: Entrance
wellness center. With the exception of testing and interview with administra-
bowling and swimming, all athletic facil-
ities are on campus.
Did you know? We offer excellent aca-
A sampling of extracurricular activities: demics with a Biblical worldview. Gradu- LOW STUDENT/TEACHER RATIO
We offer a full range of athletic, visual ates consistently score well enough to
and performing arts and leadership and receive Palmetto Fellows and Life Schol-
service opportunities. arships.
416 Denham Avenue
A sampling of extracurricular activities: West Columbia, SC 29169
COVENANT CLASSICAL CHRISTIAN Soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball, Daycare - 12th Grade
SCHOOL golf, choir, band.
A private classical Christian school 803.794.8996
3120 Covenant Road; www.covenantcs.org HAMMOND SCHOOL WWW.GRACELIONS.COM
854 Galway Lane, Columbia;
Admissions: (803) 787-0225, lcraddock
Tuition + fees: $5,000.

Admissions: (803) 695-4017; lwilliams@

$50 OFF
Enrollment: 100. hammondschool.org Must present this coupon. Discount only
available on school application.
Grades served: K-12. Tuition + fees: $9,409-$17,934.
8D ...........................................................................................................THE STATE WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 15 2017

Enrollment: 840. hands-on and real-world experiential Admissions: (803) 951-3901, info@ A nice place to call home: Very quiet
Grades served: pre-K-12. learning. Every classroom has animals, heritagechristiansc.com 11-acre campus with fields and woods in
Requirements for admission: Ham- and every spring students participate in a Tuition + fees: $5,400. a rural setting.
mond seeks to bring together a group of drumming residency! Enrollment: 80. A sampling of extracurricular activities:
talented and capable students who will A nice place to call home: Harmony is Grades served: K-12. After-school and summer programs.
flourish in a challenging, bur nurturing located in the heart of Forest Acres. We Requirements for admission: Admis-
environment. The Admission Committee have a large, well-shaded playground! sions testing, pastoral reference; teacher MONTESSORI SCHOOL OF
evaluates each student based on a per- A sampling of extracurricular activities: references; signature on Statement of COLUMBIA *
sonal visit, admission testing, academic Music, Spanish, soccer, yoga. Faith. A private Montessori school
record, and teacher recommendations. Applicants accepted: 95 percent. 411 S. Maple St., Columbia;
The committee also places a strong em- HEATHWOOD HALL EPISCOPAL Alumni you may know: Morgan Hein- www.montessoricolumbia.com
phasis on strong character, social devel- SCHOOL zelmann, a medical student at George
opment, emotional maturity and intellec- 3000 S. Beltline Blvd., Columbia; Washington University; Brian Rogers, a
tual curiosity. graduate of the International Business Admissions: (803) 783-8838; karen@
www.heathood.org montessoricolumbia.com
Applicants accepted: 85 percent. School at USC, currently employed by
Alumni you may know: Seventh Woods, American Airlines in Dallas, Texas. Tuition + fees: $7,000.
who plays basketball at the University of Admissions: (803) 231-7719, Heathwood Did you know? Heritage Christian Acad- Enrollment: 115.
North Carolina; Kelsey Chow, actor HallAdmissionOffice@heathwood.org emy was founded in 1996 as a college Grades served: K3-6.
known for roles on Disney XDs Pair of preparatory school that is both distinc- Applicants accepted: 75 percent.
Tuition + fees: $18,775.
Kings and One Tree Hill; Charlie tively Christian in philosophy and prac- Did you know? The founders of Google,
Enrollment: 694. Amazon and Sim City were all Montesso-
Todd, comedian and founder of the New tice and classical in approach to curricula
York City prank collective Improv Every- Grades served: Pre-K (age 2)-12. and instruction methods. Classes are ri students. So were Steph Curry, Taylor
where. Requirements for admission: Applica- capped at 14 students. By maintaining Swift and Beyonce.
Did you know? Hammond, the largest tion, transcripts, teacher recommenda- small classes, students are given person- A nice place to call home: The Montes-
independent school in Columbia, was tions, and a writing sample. alized attention, rigorous academic stan- sori School of Columbia has two 2 of
voted The States Best Private School in Applicants accepted: 85 percent. dards are maintained, and a close-knit wooded campus in the heart of the city,
2016. College acceptances are 100 per- school community is formed. The school just minutes from USC and downtown.
Did you know? A Heathwood student
cent, and our average SAT score in is is accredited by the South Carolina Inde- We have chickens, gardens, a labyrinth
placed third in the world in the 2016
1351. Our country of study program en- pendent School Association (SCISA) and and two age-appropriate playgrounds.
Optimist International Oratorical Com-
hances the curriculum by adding a global petition. Another has been invited to is a member of the prestigious Educa- A sampling of extracurricular activities:
component across all ages and grades. present her scientific research nationally. tional Records Bureau (ERB). art, music, Spanish, Latin, physical edu-
Our Select Ensemble most recently sang Heathwoods Youth in Government A nice place to call home: The Lower cation.
for Pope Francis at the 2017 New Years Mock Trial Team won the state competi- School is separated from the Middle and
Day Mass. tion and is headed to nationals this sum- Upper School on a more than 8-acre NORTHSIDE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL *
A nice place to call home: Our 110-acre mer. And 11 Heathwood teachers have property in a quiet, residential neigh- 4347 Sunset Blvd., Lexington;
campus boasts plenty of space to stretch been honored as South Carolina Inde- borhood. The serene campus includes a www.northsidechristianacademy.org
and explore, including an Early Tech- pendent Schools Association Teachers of large activity field, a playground, and
nology Center, home to our Naturalist in the Year since 2001. room for growth.
Admissions: (803) 520-5657;
Residence; a pioneer village that rounds A nice place to call home: Heathwoods Heritage parents are part of an in-
out our Lower School; a 350-seat, state- 122 biodiverse acres provide an active clusive and lasting school family. To
of-the-art theater; two gymnasiums; and facilitate a school-family bond, Heritage Tuition + fees: $5,018.
learning environment for students of all
a South Campus featuring several dis- holds special annual family events, in- Enrollment: 630.
ages. Our buddies programs bring older
tinct ecosystems perfect for exploration. and younger students together to work cluding Grandparents Day, Christmas Grades served: Pre-K (age 6 weeks)-12.
A sampling of extracurricular activities: on science and reading projects. And our Vespers, Fine Arts Day, and SpartaFest Requirements for admission: Based on
Athletic teams, drama, Select Ensemble, signature programs, including the annual a family track and field event. academics and behavior.
Math Team, Model UN, Youth in Gov- Winterim week of travel, internship or A sampling of extracurricular activities:
Applicants admitted: 92 percent.
ernment, band, Headmasters Leadership study, and Columbia Connections, which Tennis, basketball, science fair, academic
Council, community service, recycling team, student government. Did you know? Northside was founded
extends our learning environment into in 2011. We will have our first graduating
initiative. our city, offer exceptional experiential
THE MONTESSORI SCHOOL OF class this year. We have been voted Best
learning opportunities. Private School by the readers of The
A sampling of extracurricular activities: State, Lexington Life and CWC Life. We
3737 Covenant Road, Columbia; A private Montessori school
PEAK Outdoor Education and Lead- have also been recognized as one of the
www.harmonyschoolsc.com Two Montessori Way, Camden;
ership Training, Honors Science Re- fastest-growing private schools in South
search, Youth in Government, Mock Carolina.
Admissions: (803) 787-1899; Trial, Math Team, Young Life, Accept A nice place to call home: The vision of
harmonyschoolsc@gmail.com Club, Chess Club, chorus, band, Open Admissions: (803) 432-6828 Northside Christian Academy is to trust
Tuition + fees: Not provided. Art Studio, 37 teams in 14 sports. Tuition + fees: $6,000. our Lord as we seek academic and bibli-
Enrollment: 80. Enrollment: 82. cal excellence. We believe this will be
Grades served: Pre-K-5. HERITAGE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY Grades served: Pre-K-6. accomplished with much prayer, commit-
Did you know? We blend Montessori, 649 Barr Road, Lexington; Requirements for admission: All chil- ment, and great leadership among the
Waldorf and inquiry-based learning www.heritagechristiansc.com dren can be accepted. administration and faculty, supported by
philosophies. Our students experience Applicants accepted: 80 percent. a strong base of parental involvement.
WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 15 2017 THE STATE ..................................................................................................... 9D

Our goal is to prepare students to be fully Did you know? We focus on ensuring A sampling of extracurricular activities: en, meeting spaces, a music room, a
devoted followers of Jesus Christ so that our students are college-ready. With a Over 40 sports, National Honor Society, choir practice room and offices. Steps
the generations to come might know 100 percent graduation rate and 100 Key Club, band, drama, FCA, yearbook, from the Vista and the State House, St.
Him. (Psalm 78:4) percent of our graduates going on to and Rotary, to name a few. Peters is the only private elementary
A sampling of extracurricular activities: attend institutions of higher education, school in central Columbia. St. Peters
Fine Arts Academy, football, cheerlead- we focus on student success. A minimum ST. PETERS CATHOLIC SCHOOL * Catholic School nurtures and challenges
ing, basketball, baseball, softball, golf, of 12 college credit hours are earned by 1035 Hampton St., Columbia; students so that each can achieve his or
volleyball, Math Team, Literary Team. graduating seniors through free dual- StPetersCatholicSchool.com her God-given potential. A-plus academ-
credit courses with the University of ics are offered in a vibrant, faith-based
ORANGEBURG PREPARATORY South Carolina. With smartboards, pro- environment.
SCHOOLS, INC.* jection televisions, document cameras, Admissions: (803) 252-8285; ehero@st A sampling of extracurricular activities:
2651 North Road, Orangeburg; iPad carts, and Wi-Fi throughout both peterscatholicschool.com. After-school activities vary from year to
www.orangeburgprep.com campuses, we are committed to provid- Tuition + fees: $5,652. year and may include Tiny Techs, piano,
ing students, teachers, staff and adminis- Enrollment: 132. Capella Pueri (childrens choir), Soccer
tration with the most advanced techno- Grades served: K4-6. Shots, Minding Your Manners, Writing
Admissions: (803) 536-3000; logical tools necessary to educate our Requirements for admission: Submit Club, Cooking Club, Art Club and more.
mmcelhone@orangeburgprep.com. students and prepare them for college. application and fees.
Tuition + fees: $5,880. Applicants admitted: 90 percent. ST. JOHN NEUMANN CATHOLIC
Enrollment: 675. A nice place to call home: We have two
Did you know? St. Peters Catholic SCHOOL
Grades served: K4-12. beautiful campuses. Upper Campus is
School has been accredited by the South- A private parochial school
Requirements for admission: Applica- grades 6-12, while lower is preschool
ern Association of Schools and Colleges 721 Polo Road, Columbia;
tion plus $150 application fee, review of through fifth grade. Each campus has its
for more than 40 years. Students consis- www.sjncatholic.com
all previous school transcripts, signed own library, gymnasium, cafeteria, com-
tently score in the top percentiles of
contract, $100 building fee; testing pos- puter lab and music/art rooms. We also
those taking the national achievement
sible, depending on grade level. have a child development center and Admissions: (803) 788-1367, masmith@
test, the Iowa Test of Basic Skills.
Applicants admitted: 75 percent. preschool for infants through 3-year-olds sjncatholic.com
A nice place to call home: The new
Alumni you may know: Former S.C. that offers after-school and summer Tuition + fees: Preschool (3 and 4 years)
activities center, the Cardinal Bernardin
Gov. Nikki Haley. programs. tuition: $3,777 for Catholics, $6,400 for
Center, has two event halls, a large kitch-

Services Offered
High School Diploma courses
High School Equivalency Diploma classes
and testing (GED and TASC)
COMPASS testing
ASVAB testing
Computer Literacy courses
Basic Literacy Skills classes
ACT WorkKeys - Job skills assessment
SC Benefits Bank partnering services
CompTIA testing through Pearson VUE Learn
Grow ,
W. R. Rogers Adult, Continuing 750 Old Clemson Road, Columbia, SC 29229 Achie and
& Technology Education Center 803-736-8787 ve It!
10D ...........................................................................................................THE STATE WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 15 2017 WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 15 2017 THE STATE ..................................................................................................... 11D

Richland School
District Two
STEAM Magnet
Schools Longleaf Middle Engineering and Arts Magnet School
1160 Longreen Parkway, Columbia, SC 29229
Science, Technology, Contact: Latoya Goodwin-Gary, 803-691-4870

Engineering, Arts, Math

Schedule a school tour today.
Check website for application dates.
Killian Elementary STEAM Leaders Magnet School Westwood High School: Institute of Research,
2621 Clemson Road, Columbia, SC 29229 Engagement & Design (iRED) Magnet
Contact: Nancy Diggs, 803-699-2981 180 Turkey Farm Road, Blythewood, SC 29016
FUND ED BY MSAP G RANT THRO U GH THE USDO E. Contact: Joseph Eberlin, 803-691-4049
12D ...........................................................................................................THE STATE WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 15 2017

non-Catholics; kindergarten-sixth grade have a strong Catholic identity, with a core curriculum offering language arts, success!
tuition: $5,284 for Catholics; $8,967 for students attending religion class, month- science, math, social studies and religion, A sampling of extracurricular activities:
non-Catholics; preschool fees: $340; ly Mass, and weekly prayer services, we our students also enjoy our specials, Our after-school program includes many
kindergarten-sixth grade fees: $485. also happily welcome students of all including science lab, computer lab (in activities, including: Arts and Crafts Club,
Enrollment: 310. faiths. Our Catholic student population is our Apple computer lab), art, music (in- chorus (for SJN Church), Eco-Friendly
Grades served: Pre-K (age 3)-6. about 70 percent. cluding annual musical productions), Eagles (our environmental club), Genova
Requirements for admission: For all A nice place to call home: St. John Neu- foreign language, PE, and library. SJN is Karate, Girls Club, Golf Squad, LEGO
grades, a certified birth certificate and mann Catholic School nurtures and in- a Certified SC Green Steps School and Robotics Engineering, Math Club, Planet
immunization records are required. Fam- spires the spiritual and intellectual devel- has won many environmental awards Gymnastics and Cheer, Rosary Club, SJN
ilies of all faiths are welcome. opment of students of all faiths. Our and grants. Our teachers and students all band, Strategery Chess Club.
Applicants accepted: 99 percent. welcoming and safe school offers an participate in Green initiatives at SJN.
Did you know? SJN has twice been inviting environment in which students Communication is constant between the THOMAS SUMTER ACADEMY
named a National Blue Ribbon School, are guided by our outstanding faculty to school and parents, including weekly COLUMBIA CAMPUS
our principal was named a National Dis- reach their full potential. All of our par- memos, a Facebook page and website, an 806-A Universal Drive, Columbia;
tinguished Principal, and the school re- ents volunteer at the school, and many online service for student grades, and a www.thomassumter.org
ceived the Fidelity Award from the In- family events are offered throughout the monthly newsletter called the Eagle
ternational Alliance of Invitational Edu- year. We have an academically challeng- Events. We teach our students about
cation. SJN holds an AdvancEd accred- ing curriculum, which employs innova- their responsibilities as citizens and par- Admissions: (803) 638-4351, jody.mur-
itation through SACS (Southern tive teaching techniques (such as differ- ticipate in many community service pro- phy@thomassumter.org
Association of Colleges and Schools), is a entiated instruction, cross-curricular jects throughout the school year. We Tuition + fees: $2,500.
member of the NCEA (National Catholic learning, and dedicated classrooms and strive each day to fulfill our core values: Enrollment: More than 30.
Education Association), and is in the faculty for enrichment and reinforcement Where God is embraced, where family Grades served: Pre-K (age 3)-5.
Roman Catholic Diocese of Charleston. for students) and up-to-date technology is engaged, where learning is innovative, Requirements for admission: Transfer
Our students regularly score in the top 15 (including lab and classroom computers, where confidence is inspired, where students must be in good-standing with
percent in the country for standardized iPads, and SMART Boards). Every class- success is achieved. The faculty and current school.
test scores (MAP), and typically half of room has a certified lead teacher and an staff of St. John Neumann Catholic Applicants accepted: 90 percent.
our upper-grade students qualify for assistant teacher who aids in small-group School work every day to ensure that our Did you know? Thomas Sumter Acade-
Duke TIP annually. Although SJN does and individual instruction. In addition to school is one where children experience my was founded in 1964 in Rembert and
WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 15 2017 THE STATE ..................................................................................................... 13D

opened its Columbia Campus in August. level. It is a save haven where identifica- BARON DEKALB ELEMENTARY DOBYS MILL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
A nice place to call home: Our family tion badges are not necessary. There are SCHOOL 1964 Fort Jackson Road, Lugoff;
environment is composed of certified no security guards, no locks on the lock- 2684 Baron DeKalb Road, Camden; http://dme.kcsdschools.net
teachers and a diverse student population ers. Like the neighborhood school of days http://bdk.kcsdschools.net
representing a variety of ethnic and eco- gone by, Wilson Hall is a campus to
nomic backgrounds. which students can walk or ride their Admissions: (803) 438-4055.
A sampling of extracurricular activities: bikes. It is a hub of activity where stu- Admissions: (803) 432-2483. Enrollment: 566.
Music (including vocal and piano les- dents and parents are welcomed long Enrollment: 215. Grades served: K-5.
sons), art, computer, PE, dance, Spanish, after the school day has ended. Wilson Grades served: K4-5.
STEAM activities. Hall is a place where religious expression JACKSON SCHOOL
is encouraged with daily devotions and BETHUNE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 1730 Jefferson Davis Highway, Camden;
TIMMERMAN SCHOOL * prayer, and where patriotism is fostered 302 Northwood St. East, Bethune; http://jes.kcsdschools.net
2219 Atascadero Drive, Columbia; with the daily Pledge of Allegiance. It is a http://bet.kcsdschools.net
www.timmermanschool.org place where good manners are expected,
where students respect their teachers, Admissions: (803) 425-8965.
and where students are self-disciplined. Admissions: 843-334-6278. Enrollment: 545.
Admissions: (803) 782-2748; info@ The school is located on a 16-acre cam- Enrollment: 89.
timmermanschool.org. Grades served: K-5.
pus in the suburbs of Sumter and is sur- Grades served: K-5.
Tuition + fees: $5,490. rounded by well-established residential LUGOFF ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
Enrollment: 300. neighborhoods. BLANEY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 994 Ridgeway Road, Lugoff;
Grades served: K3-8.
Did you know? All of our graduates are 1621 Smyrna Road, Elgin; http://les.kcsdschools.net
Requirements for admissions:
accepted to a four-year college or uni- http://bes.kcsdschools.net
Academic placement testing.
versity, and 100 percent of the class of
Applicants admitted: 88 percent. Admissions: (803) 438-8000.
2015 received merit-based scholarships.
Alumni you may know: Local politicians Admissions: (803) 438-3241.
The average SAT score for the class of Enrollment: 606.
and two federal judges. Enrollment: 815.
2015 was 1216. The top 25 percent of the Grades served: K-5.
Did you know? Advanced accreditation. Grades served: K4-5.
class scored an average of 1400. We
Won more SCISA state spelling titles
offer 17 Advanced Placement courses for LUGOFF-ELGIN HIGH SCHOOL
than any other school. Produce full- CAMDEN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
college credits. 1284 U.S. 1 South, Lugoff;
length ballet productions yearly and 1304 Lyttleton St., Camden;
compete in dance competitions. Compet- A sampling of extracurricular activities: http://ces.kcsdschools.net
itive math team are currently state run- Wilson Hall offers 45 clubs and extracur-
ners-up in Division 1. Offer full summer ricular organizations, including Fellow-
ship of Christian Athletes, Key Club, Admissions: (803) 438-3481.
program for working parents. Admissions: (803) 425-8960.
A nice place to call home: Beautiful LEGO Club, Robotics Club, drama, cho- Enrollment: 1,574.
Enrollment: 589.
wooded campus with streams, brand new rus and instrumental ensemble. The Grades served: K-5. Grades served: 9-12.
gymnasium, 400 seat auditorium. school has won 128 state titles in in-
A sampling of extracurricular activities: terscholastic competitions, including the CAMDEN HIGH SCHOOL LUGOFF-ELGIN MIDDLE SCHOOL
Comprehensive dance and music pro- most recent championships for Battle of 1244 U.S. 1 South, Lugoff;
1022 Ehrenclou Drive, Camden;
grams; girls and boys basketball, cross the Books, chess, debate and literary http://lms.kcsdschools.net
country and track, baseball and tennis; team. Wilson Hall sponsors 35 athletic
girls volleyball; sporting clay; chess. teams and has won 53 state champion-
ships in 13 different sports. Admissions: (803) 425-8930. Admissions: (803) 438-3591.
WILSON HALL * Enrollment: 985. Enrollment: 625.
520 Wilson Hall Road, Sumter; Grades served: 9-12. Grades served: 6-8.

Admissions: (803) 469-3475, ext. 107;

County Schools * 902 McRae Road, Camden; 1892 U.S. 1 North, Cassatt;
http://cms.kcsdschools.net http://mdw.kcsdschools.net
hoskins@wilsonhall.org. For all schools in the district, no admission is
Tuition + fees: Ranges from $2,500 for charged, and students must live in the zoned
K3 to $6,565 for grades 9-12. area to be admitted. Admissions: (803) 425-8975. Admissions: (803) 432-6122.
Enrollment: 780. Enrollment: 431.
Enrollment: 754. Grades served: K4-5.
Grades served: K3-12.
Requirements for admission: Grade- Grades served: 6-8.
level entrance test; minimum C average CAMPUS CONTINUOUS LEARNING CENTER SCHOOL
in core courses; top 30 percent nationally
874 Vocational Lane, Camden; 1109 Campbell St., Camden;
on a standardized test. 5160 Mount Pisgah Road, Kershaw;
http://atec.kcsdschools.net http://clc.kcsdschools.net
Applicants admitted: 90 percent. http://mtp.kcsdschools.net
A nice place to call home: Wilson Hall
is a small school by design, giving teach- Admissions: (803) 425-8982. Admissions: (803) 425-7712. Admissions: (803) 475-6791.
ers and students the opportunity to get to Enrollment: 100. Enrollment: 100. Enrollment: 140.
know one another on a more personal
Grades served: 9-12. Grades served: 6-12. Grades served: K-5.
14D ...........................................................................................................THE STATE WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 15 2017

NORTH CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL http://sto.kcsdschools.net A sampling of extracurricular activities: Girls on Track, news show, sports, band,
3000 Lockhart Road, Kershaw; After-school program, news show, Girls chorus.
http://nch.kcsdschools.net on the Run.
Admissions: (803) 438-7414. BATEBURG-LEESVILLE PRIMARY
Admissions: (803) 432-9858. Grades served: 6-8. SCHOOL A public Montessori school
Enrollment: 430. WATEREE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 600 Summerland Ave., Batesburg-Leesville; 800 Summerland Ave., Batesburg-Leesville;
Grades served: 9-12. www.lex3.org/blhs www.lex3.org/blps
424 Wildwood Lane, Lugoff;
Admissions: (803) 532-9251, lallison@ Admissions: (803) 532-4452, twat-
805 Keys Lane, Kershaw; lex3.k12.sc.us son@lex3.k12.sc.us
http://ncm.kcsdschools.net Admissions: (803) 438-8018.
Enrollment: 541. Enrollment: 628.
Enrollment: 645.
Grades served: Pre-K-2.
Grades served: K4-5. Grades served: 9-12.
Admissions: (803) 424-2740. Applicants admitted: 100 percent.
A sampling of extracurricular activities: A sampling of extracurricular activities:
Enrollment: 358. Sports, band, chorus, FFA, Academic
Grades served: 6-8. Public schools: Lexington Team, yearbook staff, Gaming Club,
After-school program.


School District Three Pinterest Club, Beta Club, JROTC.
Public schools: Lexington
938 Bishopville Highway, Camden; ELEMENTARY SCHOOL SCHOOL
http://pth.kcsdschools.net www.lexington4.net
403 S. Lee St., Batesburg-Leesville; 425 Shealy Road, Batesburg-Leesville;
www.lex3.org/bles www.lex3.org/blms
Admissions: (803) 425-8970.
Admissions: (803) 532-1155, jhembree@ Admissions: (803) 532-3831,
Grades served: K4-5. lex3.k12.sc.us sclark@lex3.k12.sc.us A public Montessori school
Enrollment: 430. 135 Lewis Rast Road, Swansea;
STOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL Enrollment: 477. http://ecc.lexington4.net
Grades served: 3-5. Grades served: 6-8.
1649 Smyrna Road, Elgin; A sampling of extracurricular activities:

Gray Collegiate Academy War Eagles Soar with Excellent Results on the PSAT
Henry David Thoreau once said, Things do not change; we change. This quote fits perfectly for the inspiring and progressive changes taking
place at Gray Collegiate Academy, a public charter high school, conveniently located near the major interstate highways in West Columbia, SC.
GCA is a 9-12th grade high school which focuses on Dual Enrollment courses--giving students an exceptional opportunity to receive up to sixty (60) hours
of college credit throughout their high school years; who would not desire such an immense financial savings on jump-starting college?
The changes that are most impactful include academic success, and that is being noticed throughout GCA. PSAT results arrived this week,
and we have great news to share. Gray had a mean value score of 1033 for all Juniors, compared to the 1006 district and 1025 state scores,
respectively. Our Juniors also had 50% of students meet both benchmarks, compared to 40% for the school district and 46% for the state,
respectively. Also, Sophomores could not be overshadowed, as they had 33% meet both benchmarks, compared to 29% for the district and
31% for the state, respectively. These are excellent results and demonstrate that academic development is happening at GCA.
Dr. Brian Newsome, Principal at GCA, stated, I was excited to hear the wonderful results from
our PSAT. This is only one testament of the dedication that is demonstrated daily from our
teacher-certified faculty, college staff, school staff, students, and parents. We are focused
on improving student achievement daily at GCA, and we will continue to provide a rigorous
curriculum in a quality-learning environment. We have implemented other positive changes
that are impactful for our school, including peer tutoring, free teacher tutoring, a focus on
high-academic standards, and quality instruction-- delivered daily. Truly I am proud to serve as
Principal at Gray.
Concluding, it is wonderful to share with you these student successes at our school. The
faculty, staff, and administration invite anyone interested in learning more about
Gray and its unique and beneficial high-school program to visit the website
(www.graycollegiateacademy.org), to stop by for a visit, or to call 803.951.3321.
You will truly see a family-like environment focused on students successes.
WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 15 2017 THE STATE ..................................................................................................... 15D

Admissions: (803) 490-7001

Grades served: Pre-K (age 3)-kindergar- Admissions: (803) 476-4500
ten. Enrollment: 616.
Grades served: K-5.
A public Montessori school 940 Old Bush River Road, Chapin;
161 Gaston St., Gaston; www.lexrich5.org/ces
Admissions: (803) 575-5900
Admissions: (803) 490-7004 Enrollment: 641.
Grades served: 5-6. Grades served: K-4.


A public Montessori school 300 Columbia Ave., Chapin;
130 Lewis Rast Road, Swansea; www.lexrich5.org/chs
Admissions: (803) 575-5400
Admissions: (803) 490-7003 Enrollment: 1,316.
Grades served: 3-4. Grades served: 9-12.


A public Montessori school 1130 Old Lexington Highway, Chapin; Thomas Sumter Academy
582 Meadowfield Road, Gaston; www.lexrich5.org/cis
Admissions: (803) 575-5700 call 803-638-4351
Admissions: (803) 490-7005 Enrollment: 758.
Grades served: 7-8. Grades served: 5-6.


A public Montessori school 11661 Broad River Road, Chapin;
140 Lewis Rast Road, Swansea; www.lexrich5.org/cms
Admissions: (803) 726-6500
Admissions: (803) 490-7002 Enrollment: 863.
Grades served: 1-2. Grades served: 7-8. February 16-17 9am-3pm


ACADEMY 1500 Chadford Road, Irmo;
1195 I.W. Hutto Road, Swansea www.lexrich5.org/heces

Admissions: (803) 490-7006 Admissions: (803) 476-4001

Grades served: 9. Enrollment: 490.
Grades served: Pre-K-5.
6949 St. Andrews Road;
Admissions: (803) 490-7007. www.lexrich5.org/cris
Grades served: 10-12.
Classical Christian
Admissions: (803) 476-8300
Public schools: District Enrollment: 798.
Five of Lexington and Grades served: 6.
call (803) 787-0225 today for more information covenantcs.org
1040 Bickley Road, Irmo; WWW.LEXRICH5.ORG/DFES
www.lexrich5.org/bes Admissions: (803) 476-3900
16D ...........................................................................................................THE STATE WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 15 2017

Enrollment: 513. IRMO HIGH SCHOOL Admissions: (803) 476-4400

Grades served: Pre-K-5. 6671 St. Andrews Road; www.lexrich5.org/ihs Admissions: (803) 476-4700 Enrollment: 536.
Enrollment: 422. Grades served: Pre-K-5.
DUTCH FORK HIGH SCHOOL Grades served: Pre-K-5.
1400 Old Tamah Road, Irmo; Admissions: (803) 476-3000 SEVEN OAKS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
www.lexrich5.org/dfhs Enrollment: 1,426. NURSERY ROAD ELEMENTARY 2800 Ashland Road; www.lexrich5.org/soes
Grades served: 9-12. SCHOOL
6706 Nursery Road; www.lexrich5.org/nres
Admissions: (803) 476-3300 IRMO MIDDLE SCHOOL Admissions: (803) 476-8500
Enrollment: 1,717. 6051 Wescott Road; www.lexrich5.org/ims Enrollment: 589.
Grades served: 9-12. Admissions: (803) 476-4300 Grades served: Pre-K-5.
Enrollment: 413.
HARBISON WEST ELEMENTARY Admissions: (803) 476-3600 Grades served: Pre-K-5. SPRING HILL HIGH SCHOOL
SCHOOL Enrollment: 888. 11629 Broad River Road, Chapin;
257 Crossbow Drive; www.lexrich5.org/hwes Grades served: 6-8. OAK POINTE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL www.lexrich5.org/shhs
One River Bottom Road, Irmo;
LAKE MURRAY ELEMENTARY www.lexrich5.org/opes
Admissions: (803) 476-3800 SCHOOL Admissions: (803) 476-8700
Enrollment: 581. 1531 Three Dog Road, Chapin; Enrollment: 1,102.
Grades served: Pre-K-5. www.lexrich5.org/lmes Admissions: (803) 476-4100 Grades served: 9-12.
Enrollment: 609.
IRMO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Grades served: Pre-K-5.
7401 Gibbes St., Irmo; www.lexrich5.org/ies Admissions: (803) 476-4600 Public schools: Richland
Enrollment: 988. RIVER SPRINGS ELEMENTARY School District Two
Grades served: K-4. SCHOOL
Admissions: (803) 476-4200 115 Connie Wright Road, Irmo; BETHEL-HANBERRY ELEMENTARY
Enrollment: 472. LEAPHART ELEMENTARY SCHOOL www.lexrich5.org/rses 125 Boney Road, Blythewood;
Grades served: K-5. 120 Piney Grove Road; www.lexrich5.org/les www.richland2.org/bhe

Now accepting applications for the

2017-18 school year
9th-12th Grade Public Charter High School

Develop the academic skills and character necessary to gain a high school diploma, while achieving college credits through
Tuition Free
a dual enrollment program towards 2 years of free college.

Thank you 3833 Leaphart Road, West Columbia, SC 29169

for voting us 803-951-3321
The States Best Best Public Charter
School www.graycollegiateacademy.org
WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 15 2017 THE STATE ..................................................................................................... 17D

Admissions: (803) 691-6880 Grades served: Pre-K. PURSUING excellence

Enrollment: 725.
A public magnet school
BLYTHEWOOD ACADEMY 200 1/2 Summit Parkway, Columbia;
ALTERNATIVE HIGH SCHOOL www.richland2.org/cfi
501 Main St., Blythewood;
Admissions: (803) 699-2969
Enrollment: 246.
Admissions: (803) 691-6890 Grades served: K-5.


10901 Wilson Blvd., Blythewood; A public magnet school
www.richland2.org/bh 3006 Appleby Lane, Columbia;
www.richland2.org/cfk At District Five, we believe that all students can learn, but
Admissions: (803) 691-4090 not every student learns in the same way. Diversity of talents,
Enrollment: 1,987. Admissions: (803) 699-2966 interests, learning styles and backgrounds is what makes us a
Grades served: 9-12. Enrollment: 261.
Grades served: K-5. great community of thinkers and problem solvers.
BLYTHEWOOD MIDDLE SCHOOL District Five has long placed a priority on growing our academic
2351 Longtown Road East, Blythewood; CENTER FOR KNOWLEGE NORTH
programs through magnet and other offerings. It's a deliberate
www.richland2.org/bm A public magnet school
1043 Muller Road, Blythewood; decision to provide our families with the choices they need to
www.richland2.org/cfkn make their students successful in school and in future careers.
Admissions: (803) 691-6850
Enrollment: 833.
Grades served: 6-8. Admissions: (803) 691-4895
Enrollment: 236.
121 Bombing Range Road, Elgin;
www.richland2.org/bce CONDER ELEMENTARY ARTS
A public magnet school
Admissions: (803) 462-3900 8040 Hunt Club Road, Columbia; Dutch Fork Elementary Academy of Environmental Sciences
Enrollment: 579. www.richland2.org/ce
Grades served: Pre-K-5. Harbison West Elementary Escolares Academy
H. E. Corley Elementary The Leader in Me
CATAWBA TRAIL ELEMENTARY Admissions: (803) 736-8720 Leaphart Elementary Engineering Magnet
1080 Old National Highway, Elgin; Enrollment: 862.
www.richland2.org/cte Grades served: Pre-K-5. Seven Oaks Elementary MEDIA Magnet
Irmo Middle International Academic Magnet
Admissions: (803) 699-3501 Dutch Fork High School STEM Program
A public magnet school
Enrollment: 608. 2721 Decker Blvd., Columbia; Irmo High International School for the Arts
Grades served: Pre-K-5. www.richland2.org/dm Irmo High International Baccalaureate Program
CENTER FOR ACHIEVEMENT Spring Hill High Career Pathways Magnet
A public magnet school Admissions: (803) 699-2750
1000 Lake Carolina Drive, Columbia; Enrollment: 1,195.
www.richland2.org/cfa Grades served: 6-8.
Magnets: Single-gender programs, The
Learning Collaborative, Fine Arts Media
Admissions: (803) 691-7216 Literacy Program.
Enrollment: 109.
A public magnet school
6801 Brookfield Road, Columbia;
2621-A Clemson Road, Columbia; www.richland2.org/fle
Where Every Choice Is A Great Choice!
Admissions: (803) 782-0470
Admissions: (803) 699-2536 Enrollment: 585.
Enrollment: 86. Grades served: pre-K-5. www.lexrich5.org
18D ...........................................................................................................THE STATE WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 15 2017

Magnets: NASA Explorer School, Ele- Enrollment: 498. www.richland2.org/pre Enrollment: Juniors and seniors from all
mentary Learning Collaborative. Grades served: 3-5. five high schools are eligible to partici-
Grades served: 11-12.
Enrollment: 717.
7150 Trenholm Road Extension 480 Langford Road, Blythewood; Grades served: Pre-K-5.
www.richland2.org/le RIDGE VIEW HIGH SCHOOL
Magnet: Language Immersion Academy
at Polo Road A public magnet school
Enrollment: Opens August 2017. 4801 Hard Scrabble Road, Columbia;
Grades served: Pre-K-5. Admissions: (803) 691-4091 www.richland2.org/rvh
JOSEPH KEELS ELEMENTARY Grades served: Pre-K-5. 500 Spears Creek Church Road, Elgin;
SCHOOL FOR ENTREPRENEURIAL www.richland2.org/pe Admissions: (803) 699-2999
A public magnet school A public magnet school Grades served: 9-12.
Admissions: (803) 699-2700
7500 Springcrest Drive, Columbia; 1160 Longreen Parkway, Columbia; Magnets: Institute of BioHealth Sciences,
Enrollment: 701.
www.richland2.org/jke www.richland2.org/lm Institute of Allied Health Sciences, The
Grades served: Pre-K-5.
Scholars Academy for Business and Law.
Admissions: (803) 736-8754 Admissions: (803) 691-4870 RICE CREEK ELEMENTARY EFIT
Enrollment: 672. Enrollment: 781. MAGNET SCHOOL
Grades served: pre-K-5. Grades served: 6-8. A public magnet school CENTER
Magnet: School for Entrepreneurial Magnets: Longleaf Engineerring and Arts 4751 Hard Scrabble Road, Columbia;
750 Old Clemson Road, Columbia;
Leadership. Program (LEAP), the School for Zoolog- www.richland2.org/rce
ical and Botanical Studies.
MULLER ROAD MIDDLE SCHOOL Admissions: (803) 699-2900
A public magnet school Admissions: (803) 736-8787
Enrollment: 728.
1141 Kelly Mill Road, Blythewood; A public magnet school Grades served: Pre-K-5.
www.richland2.org/kmm 1031 Muller Road, Blythewood; ROUND TOP ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
Magnet: eFIT Academy (environmental
www.richland2.org/mrm fitness). 449 Rimer Pond Road, Blythewood;
Admissions: (803) 691-7210
Enrollment: 903. Admissions: (803) 691-6851 RICHLAND NORTHEAST HIGH
Grades served: 6-8. Enrollment: 752. SCHOOL Admissions: (803) 691-8676
Magnet: Kelly Mill, Inc. Grades served: 6-8. A public magnet school Enrollment: 573.
Magnets: Leadership Academy at Muller 7500 Brookfield Road, Columbia; Grades served: Pre-K-5.
KILLIAN ELEMENTARY STEAM (L@M). www.richland2.org/rnh
A public magnet school NELSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 1001 Longtown Road, Columbia;
Admissions: (803) 699-2800
2621 Clemson Road, Columbia; A public magnet school Enrollment: 1,413. www.richland2.org/se
www.richland2.org/ke 225 N. Brickyard Road, Columbia; Grades served: 9-12.
www.richland2.org/ne Magnets: Convergence Media, Palmetto Admissions: (803) 691-4045
Admissions: (803) 699-2981 Center for the Arts, Horizon, Internation- Enrollment: 663.
Enrollment: 707. Admissions: (803) 736-8730 al Baccalaureate for Middle Years Pro- Grades served: Pre-K-5.
Grades served: K-5. Enrollment: 593. gramme and Diploma Programme.
Magnet: STEAM (science, technology, Grades served: Pre-K-5. SPRING VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL
engineering, arts, mathematics) leaders. Magnet: Academy for Civic Engagement. RICHLAND TWO CHARTER HIGH A public magnet school
SCHOOL 120 Sparkleberry Lane, Columbia;
LAKE CAROLINA ELEMENTARY NORTH SPRINGS ELEMENTARY A public charter school www.richland2.org/svh
SCHOOL LOWER CAMPUS SCHOOL 7900 Brookmont Lane, Columbia;
1151 Kelly Mill Road, Blythewood; A public magnet school www.richland2.org/charterhigh
www.richland2.org/lce 1300 Clemson Road, Columbia; Admissions: (803) 699-3500
www.richland2.org/nse Enrollment: 2,087.
Admissions: (803) 419-1348 Grades served: 9-12.
Admissions: (803) 714-1300 Enrollment: 98. Magnets: Discovery, Explorations.
Enrollment: 472. Admissions: (803) 736-3183 Grades served: 9-12.
Grades served: Pre-K-2. Enrollment: 726. SUMMIT PARKWAY MIDDLE SCHOOL
Grades served: Pre-K-5. RICHLAND TWO INSTITUTE OF A public magnet school
LAKE CAROLINA ELEMENTARY Magnet: Science, Technology, Engineer- INNOVATION (R2I2) 200 Summit Parkway, Columbia;
SCHOOL UPPER CAMPUS ing and Mathematics School (STEMS) 763 Fashion Drive; www.richland2.org/spm
1261 Kelly Mill Road, Blythewood; http://webapps.richland2.org/r2i2
www.richland2.org/lceu POLO ROAD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
A public magnet school Admissions: (803) 699-3580
Admissions: (803) 691-4892, r2i2@rich- Enrollment: 955.
1250 Polo Road, Columbia; land2.org
Admissions: (803) 691-3360 Grades served: 6-8.
WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 15 2017 THE STATE ..................................................................................................... 19D

Magnets: STEM Institute of Design and A public magnet school expelled from high school. They must be resume writing, job interview techniques
Innovation (SIDI), Academy of Exercise 2740 Alpine Road, Columbia; unemployed or underemployed, drug- and career exploration.
Physiology and Sports Medicine (Get Fit). www.richland2.org/elwm free, and physically and mentally capable A Community service: Every child will
of competing the program. They may not complete at least 40 hours of community
WESTWOOD HIGH SCHOOL be convicted felons or under felony service giving back to the community
Admissions: (803) 736-8740
A public magnet school indictment. during the five-and-one-half-month resi-
Enrollment: 1,085.
180 Turkey Farm Road, Blythewood; A nice place to call home: The mission dential phase.
Grades served: 6-8.
www.richland2.org/wh of SC Youth ChalleNGE Program is to A Leadership/followership: Learn posi-
Magnets: International Baccalaureate for
intervene in and reclaim the lives of 16- tive leadership and followership respon-
Middle Years Programme, Leadership
to 18-year-old high school dropouts, sibilities, ethical standards and roles with
Admissions: (803) 691-4049 Academy at Wright (LAW)
producing program graduates with the social groups.
Enrollment: 1,367. values, life skills, education and self- A Life coping skills: Learn personal
Grades served: 9-12. Other types of schools discipline necessary to succeed as pro- financial management, teamwork skills,
Magnets: Studio D, Institute of Research, ductive citizens in society. anger management, and drug and alco-
Engagement & Design (iRED). SOUTH CAROLINA YOUTH A sampling of extracurricular activities: hol strategies.
CHALLENGE The core curriculum consists of eight A Physical fitness: Improve personal
WINDSOR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL core components: fitness through daily exercise activities
A residential military school
A public magnet school A Academic excellence: Increase grade and sports.
5471 Leesburg Road, Eastover;
9800 Dunbarton Drive, Columbia; levels in reading and math. Try to earn A Responsible citizenship: Understand
www.richland2.org/we your GED (not everyone will). Each per- civic responsibilities and the roles of
sons grade levels are not the same. The positive citizens within your community.
Admissions: (803) 299-4872, kel- time frame here will not allow for a 1st In addition to the eight core compo-
Admissions: (803) 736-8723
lyb@tag.scmd.state.sc.us grade level to increase to a GED test nents, we offer drivers education, a 3-D
Enrollment: 741.
Tuition + fees: $0. level, but there should be a grade level printing course, forklift operator training,
Grades served: Pre-K-5.
Enrollment: 150. improvement to pursue higher education. Serve Safe Certificate, ASVAB and Work
Magnet: International Baccalaureate for
Grades served: Ages 16-18. A Health and hygiene: Understand Keys Testing, and the opportunity to
the Primary Years Programme.
Requirements for admission: Applicants nutrition basics, substance awareness attend Aiken Technical College after the
E.L. WRIGHT MIDDLE SCHOOL must be South Carolina residents age and personal relationships. residential phase.
16-18 who have dropped out of or been A Job skills: Learn basic work skills,

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