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abscise, advertise, advise, affranchise, afterwise, agonise, agrise, aguise, alkalise, altar
wise, amortise, anglewise, anientise, anise, anthemwise, antinoise, anywise, aphorise,
apoise, appraise, apprise, araise, archwise, arise, arraswise, arriswise, atomise, avise, b
aptise, barwise, bendwise, bepraise, bise, blandise, boise, braise, breadthwise, broadwi
se, bruise, canalise, canonise, catechise, cerise, chaise, chamise, chastise, chemise, ch
evronwise, circumcise, civilise, clockwise, coastwise, cognise, colonise, comprise, comp
romise, concise, contrariwise, cornerwise, cotise, cottise, counterclockwise, counterpois
e, covetise, crabwise, crescentwise, criticise, croise, crosswise, cruise, dandyise, demis
e, demonise, dervise, despise, devise, diffranchise, disadvise, disenfranchise, disexercis
e, disfranchise+, disguise, dispraise, divertise, divinise, dropwise, eclaircise, ecossaise,
edgewise, effranchise, elegise, elsewise, emparadise, emprise, endwise, energise, enfr
anchise, entermise, enterprise, equalise, equipoise, eternise, eulogise, excise, exercise,
exorcise, expertise, fadaise, fanwise, feminise, fesswise, flatwise, foolhardise, forbruise,
foreadvise, fraise, franchise, froise, galliardise, gatewise, gise, grise, guestwise, guise,
hoise, hollandaise, hypercriticise, idolise, imparadise, imprecise, improvise, incise, infra
nchise, intermise, ionise, jewise, juise, juwise, leastwise, lengthwise, liaise, likewise, lio
nise, longwise, louise, loverwise, lyonnaise, mainprise, malaise, manumise, manwise, m
anywise, marketwise, marquise, marseillaise, mayonnaise, merchandise, mesprise, mig
niardise, misadvise, mise, mispraise, misprise, misraise, moonrise, mortise, nasalise, ne
bulise, niggardise, noise, nowise, optimise, otherguise, otherwise, outnoise, outpoise, o
verexercise, overnoise, overpoise, overpraise, overprecise, overwise, oxidise, ozonise, p
aise, palewise, paradise, parvise, pavise, peise, pise, plaise, poetise, poise, polonaise, p
orpoise, portise, portoise, practise, praise, preadvertise, precise, premise, presurmise, p
revise, prise, procompromise, promise, pultise, purprise, quaintise, queintise, raise, real
ise, reappraise, redemise, remise, reprise, revise, rightwise, riotise, rise, saltirewise, sci
se, scrutinise, seise, shuttlewise, sidewise, sise, slantwise, slopewise, somewise, soubis
e, stepwise, stylise, succise, suchwise, sunrise, sunwise, superpraise, supervise, suppris
e, surmise, surprise, survise, talewise, televise, toise, tormentise, tortoise, travoise, tre
atise, turquoise, underpoise, underpraise, unmortise, unparadise, unpraise, unpromise,
unrightwise, unwise, upraise, uprise, utilise, valise, vaporise, vichyssoise, vise, warranti
se, weatherwise, wedgewise, wise, workwise, worldlywise,


abhorrence, abscondence, absence, absistence, abstinence, accedence, accidence, accrescen
ce, acescence, acquiescence, acquiesence, acturience, adherence, adjacence, adolescence, ad
vertence, affluence, albescence, alkalescence, altiloquence, ambience, ambivalence, antecede
nce, apparence, appendence, appertinence, appetence, arborescence, armipotence, ascendenc
e, audience, belligerence, beneficence, benevolence, bioluminescence, bioscience, blandiloque
nce, breviloquence, cadence, calescence, calorescence, candescence, centrifugence, centripet
ence, circumference, circumfluence, circumjacence, clairaudience, clarence, clemence, coalesc
ence, coexistence, cogence, cognoscence, coherence, coincidence, commence, competence, c
omplacence, concrescence, concupiscence, concurrence, condescendence, condolence, confer
ence, confidence, confluence, congruence, connascence, conscience, consequence, consilience
, consistence, continence, contingence, convalescence, convenience, convergence, corpulence,
correspondence, counterintelligence, covalence, crapulence, credence, crescence, decadence,
decence, decidence, decumbence, decurrence, defence, deference, defervescence, deficience,
deflorescence, dehiscence, deliquescence, delitescence, demicadence, dependence, descende
nce, desinence, despondence, deterrence, detumescence, devergence, difference, diffidence, d
iffluence, diligence, disconvenience, disobedience, dispence, displicence, disreverence, disside
nce, dissilience, divergence, divulgence, ebullience, effervescence, efficience, efflorescence, e
ffluence, effulgence, egence, eloquence, emergence, eminence, emollescence, equipollence, e
quivalence, erubescence, essence, evanescence, evidence, exacerbescence, excandescence, e
xcellence, excrescence, exhalence, exigence, existence, expedience, experience, exrerience, e
xtumescence, faience, fatiscence, fayence, feculence, fence, fervence, flatulence, flocculence,
florence, florescence, fluence, fluorescence, forefence, fourpence, fraudulence, frequence, fron
descence, fructescence, grandiloquence, graveolence, halfpence, hence, herehence, hyalescen
ce, ignipotence, immanence, imminence, impatience, impendence, impenitence, impermanenc
e, impertinence, impotence, imprevalence, improficience, improvidence, imprudence, impuden
ce, inabstinence, inadvertence, inappetence, incalescence, incandescence, incidence, incipienc
e, incoalescence, incoexistence, incoherence, incoincidence, incompetence, incongruence, inco
nsequence, inconsistence, incontinence, inconvenience, incorrespondence, incurrence, indecen
ce, indehiscence, independence, indifference, indigence, indiligence, indolence, indulgence, ine
ffervescence, inevidence, inexistence, inexpedience, inexperience, inference, inflorescence, infl
uence, infrequence, ingredience, inherence, innocence, inobedience, inscience, insentience, ins
ipience, insistence, insolence, insomnolence, insufficience, insurgence, insurgescence, intellige
nce, intercedence, intercidence, intercurrence, interdependence, interference, interjacence, int
ermittence, intervenience, intransigence, intumescence, inturgescence, invalescence, iridescen
ce, irreverence, jurisprudence, juvenescence, lactescence, lapidescence, latence, latescence, la
wrence, lenience, licence, lingence, longiloquence, lucence, luminescence, lutulence, magnifice
nce, magniloquence, maleficence, maleficience, malevolence, mellifluence, mergence, misadve
rtence, misconsequence, misintelligence, misobedience, multiloquence, multipresence, multiva
lence, munificence, nascence, negligence, nescience, neuroscience, ninepence, nonacquiescen
ce, noncoincidence, nonconcurrence, nonconfidence, nondependence, nonexistence, nonindulg
ence, noninterference, nonobedience, nonoccurrence, nonresidence, nonviolence, obedience, o
bmutescence, obsequience, obsolescence, occurrence, offence, omnicompetence, omnipercipie
nce, omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience, opalescence, opulence, overconfidence, overde
pendence, overindulgence, overinfluence, overinsistence, patience, pence, pendence, penitenc
e, percipience, permanence, persistence, perspicience, pertinence, pestilence, petrescence, ph
osphorescence, plenipotence, pluripresence, postexistence, postponence, potence, preadolesce
nce, preaudience, precedence, precellence, preeminence, preexistence, preference, prefidence,
prepollence, prepubescence, prescience, presence, presentence, presidence, pretence, pretend
ence, prevalence, prevenience, procidence, prodigence, proficience, profluence, prominence, pr
ospicience, provence, provenience, providence, prudence, prurience, pubescence, pulverulence
, pungence, purrulence, purulence, putrescence, quadrivalence, quantivalence, quiescence, qui
ntessence, ramollescence, recipience, recommence, recrudescence, recumbence, recurrence, r
edolence, reemergence, reexperience, reference, reflorescence, refluence, refulgence, regence,
regredience, rejuvenescence, remanence, reminiscence, renascence, renitence, reoccurrence, r
epellence, residence, resilience, resipiscence, resplendence, respondence, resurgence, reticenc
e, revalescence, reverence, revirescence, reviviscence, rubescence, salience, sapience, science
, semidependence, senescence, sentence, sentience, sequence, silence, sithence, sixpence, so
mniloquence, somnolence, spence, spinescence, spumescence, stultiloquence, submergence, s
ubsequence, subservience, subsidence, subsistence, succulence, sufficience, superconsequenc
e, supercrescence, supereminence, superexcellence, superexcrescence, superfluence, superinc
umbence, superintendence, supersedence, tangence, temulence, tendence, tenpence, tetraval
ence, thence, thermoluminescence, threepence, torpescence, totipresence, transcendence, tra
nscurrence, transference, transferrence, transience, transilience, translucence, transparence, tr
ivalence, truculence, tumescence, tuppence, turbulence, turgescence, twelvepence, twopence,
unbenevolence, unconfidence, unexperience, unfence, unintelligence, univalence, unobedience
, unpatience, unprudence, unreverence, unscience, unsufficience, urgence, valence, vaniloquen
ce, vehemence, violence, virescence, viridescence, virulence, vitrescence, warence, whence,


abolitionize, acclimatize, acetize, achromatize, actualize, adonize, adulterize, adverbialize, adv

ertize, aerosolize, africanize, agatize, aggrandize, agnize, agonize, agrarianize, albumenize, alc
hemize, alcoholize, algebraize, alkalinize, alkalize, allegorize, allotropize, alphabetize, aluminize
, amalgamize, americanize, amortize, anabaptize, anachronize, anaesthetize, anagrammatize,
analogize, anarchize, anathematize, anatomize, anesthetize, angelize, anglicize, angurize, anim
alize, annalize, anodize, antagonize, anthologize, anthropomorphize, antipathize, antiquarianiz
e, antisepticize, aphetize, aphorize, apologize, apostatize, apostrophize, apothegmatize, apothe
osize, appetize, apprize, arabize, arborize, archaize, argumentize, arianize, aromatize, arterializ
e, artificialize, artilize, aryanize, assize, astatize, astrologize, astronomize, atheize, athetize, ato
mize, atticize, attitudinize, australize, authorize, autoimmunize, automatize, avianize, azotize, b
aize, balize, baptize, barbarize, bastardize, battologize, bestialize, bichromatize, bigamize, biog
raphize, bituminize, botanize, boucherize, bowdlerize, braize, brize, bromize, brutalize, bureauc
ratize, burglarize, burnettize, cabalize, calvinize, canalize, cannibalize, canonize, cantonize, cap
italize, caponize, capsize, caramelize, carbolize, carbonize, carburize, cardinalize, carnalize, cat
abolize, catalogize, catechize, categorize, catheterize, catholicize, cauponize, cauterize, celesti
alize, celticize, centralize, centrifugalize, chameleonize, channelize, characterize, cheverliize, c
hloridize, christianize, chromize, cicatrize, cinchonize, circularize, civilize, cize, climatize, cocain
ize, cognize, collectivize, collodionize, colloquialize, colonize, commercialize, communalize, com
partmentalize, comprize, computerize, conceptualize, concertize, congenialize, connaturalize, c
onsonantize, containerize, conventionalize, copolymerize, cordialize, cowardize, creaturize, cret
inize, criticize, crystalize, crystallize, cuckoldize, curarize, customize, cutinize, dastardize, debit
uminize, decarbonize, decarburize, decardinalize, decentralize, dechristianize, decimalize, decit
izenize, decivilize, decolonize, decolorize, decriminalize, deemphasize, defeminize, defeudalize,
defibrinize, deflectionize, dehumanize, dehypnotize, deionize, demagnetize, demasculinize, de
materialize, demephitize, demesmerize, demilitarize, demineralize, demobilize, democratize, d
emonetize, demonize, demoralize, demythologize, denarcotize, denationalize, denaturalize, de
nicotinize, denize, denizenize, dentize, denuclearize, deodorize, deoxidize, deoxygenize, depart
mentalize, depauperize, depersonalize, depolarize, depoliticize, deprovincialize, deputize, dereli
gionize, desalinize, desensitize, desexualize, desilverize, despotize, desulphurize, desynonymiz
e, dethronize, detonize, devilize, devitalize, devocalize, devulgarize, diabolize, dialogize, diamo
ndize, diazotize, dichotomize, digitalize, digitize, diphthongalize, diphthongize, disauthorize, dis
illusionize, disnaturalize, disorganize, dispauperize, disprize, disrealize, disseize, dissocialize, di
ssyllabize, disthronize, disutilize, divinize, dogmatize, dolomize, downsize, doxologize, dramatiz
e, dualize, ebonize, economize, editorialize, effeminize, egotize, egyptize, elasticize, electrize, e
lectrotonize, elegize, elenchize, embastardize, emblematiccize, emblematize, emblemize, emot
ionalize, empathize, emphasize, empyreumatize, encarnalize, endenize, energize, enigmatize,
enterprize, enthronize, entomologize, epicurize, epigrammatize, epilogize, epiloguize, episcopiz
e, epistolize, epitomize, equalize, eroticize, erotize, eternalize, eternize, etherealize, etherize, e
thicize, etymologize, euhemerize, eulogize, euphemize, euphonize, euphuize, euripize, europea
nize, evangelize, exauthorize, excrementize, exorcize, experimentalize, extemporize, exterioriz
e, externalize, fabulize, factorize, familiarize, fanaticize, fantasize, faradize, federalize, feize, fe
malize, feminize, fertilize, feudalize, fiberize, fictionalize, finalize, fluidize, focalize, foreprize, for
eseize, formalize, formularize, formulize, fortunize, fossilize, fractionalize, fraternize, frize, funct
ionalize, gallicize, gallize, galvanize, gargalize, gargarize, gelatinize, genealogize, generalize, g
entilize, geologize, geometrize, germanize, ghettoize, giantize, glamorize, glamourize, globalize
, gluttonize, goblinize, gorgonize, gormandize, gospelize, gothicize, gourmandize, graecize, gra
mmaticize, grangerize, grecianize, grecize, grize, gutturalize, gutturize, harlotize, harmonize, h
azardize, heathenize, heavenize, hebraize, hellenize, hepatize, herbarize, herborize, heroize, hi
spanicize, historicize, historize, histrionize, homogenize, homologize, hospitalize, hostilize, hum
anize, humorize, hybridize, hydrogenize, hyperbolize, hypersensitize, hypnotize, hyposensitize,
hypostasize, hypostatize, hypothesize, hysterectomize, iambize, iconize, idealize, ideologize, idi
otize, idolatrize, idolize, illegalize, illegitimatize, illiberalize, illuminize, imbastardize, immaterial
ize, immethodize, immobilize, immortalize, immunize, impatronize, imperialize, impersonalize, i
mprovisatize, indenize, individualize, industrialize, infamize, initialize, inoxidize, institutionalize,
intellectualize, interjectionalize, internalize, internationalize, inthronize, iodize, ionize, iridize, isl
amize, isochronize, isomerize, italianize, italicize, itemize, jacobinize, japanize, jargonize, jasper
ize, jeopardize, journalize, judaize, kaolinize, kruppize, kyanize, labialize, laconize, laryngectomi
ze, latibulize, latinize, legalize, legitimatize, legitimize, leperize, lethargize, letheonize, liberaliz
e, lionize, liquidize, listerize, literalize, lobotomize, localize, logicize, londonize, lyricize, macada
mize, macarize, machinize, magnetize, mahometanize, maize, malleableize, mammonize, man
gonize, marbleize, margaryize, marsupialize, martialize, martyrize, masculinize, materialize, m
atronize, maximize, mechanicalize, mechanize, mediatize, melancholize, melodize, memorializ
e, memorize, mendelize, mercerize, mercurialize, mesmerize, metabolize, metalize, metallize,
metamorphize, metastasize, meteorize, methodize, metricize, metropolitanize, mexicanize, mic
rominiaturize, militarize, mineralize, mineralogize, miniardize, miniaturize, minimize, minionize,
miraculize, misalphabetize, misavize, mischaracterize, miscognize, misprize, mobilize, modelize
, modernize, mohammedanize, mohammedize, moisturize, monarchize, monetize, mongrelize,
monopolize, moralize, mortalize, motorize, municipalize, muscularize, mysterize, mythologize,
naphthalize, narcotize, nasalize, nationalize, naturalize, naturize, nebulize, necrotize, nectarize,
neologize, neoterize, nesslerize, neurologize, neutralize, nitrogenize, nomadize, nominalize, nor
malize, notarize, nounize, novelize, nybblize, obectize, obelize, obolize, odize, odorize, opalize,
optimize, oratorize, organize, orientalize, orthographize, ostracize, outprize, outsize, overcapita
lize, overdramatize, overemphasize, overgeneralize, overindustrialize, overprize, oversize, over
specialize, oxidize, oxygenize, ozonize, paganize, pagesize, paladiumize, palatalize, palatize, pa
mperize, pandarize, panegyrize, papalize, paradigmatize, parallelize, paralogize, parasitize, par
chmentize, parenthesize, parochialize, partialize, participialize, particularize, pasteurize, patron
ize, pauperize, paynize, pectize, peculiarize, pedantize, pedestrianize, pelletize, penalize, pepto
nize, peroxidize, personalize, personize, pessimize, pettifogulize, philippize, philologize, philoso
phize, phlebotomize, phonetize, phosphorize, photosensitize, photosynthesize, physiognomize,
physiologize, picturize, pilgrimize, pillorize, pintsize, plagiarize, plasticize, platinize, platitudiniz
e, platonize, plausibleize, plebeianize, pluralize, poetize, poize, polarize, polemize, politicize, po
litize, pollenize, polygamize, polymerize, polytheize, popularize, porphyrize, potentize, practical
ize, pragmatize, preconize, prelatize, pressurize, prize, problematize, prochronize, procrusteani
ze, prodigalize, professionalize, proletarianize, prologize, pronominalize, propagandize, propheti
ze, proselytize, protoxidize, proverbialize, provincialize, psalmodize, psychologize, publicize, pul
verize, puritanize, pyritize, pythagorize, quantize, radicalize, randomize, rapturize, rationalize, r
ealize, rebaptize, rebarbarize, recapitalize, recarbonize, recognize, recolonize, recrystallize, redi
sseize, reemphasize, reforestize, reformalize, regularize, regulize, reinthronize, rejuvenize, religi
onize, remilitarize, remonetize, reorganize, repaganize, reprize, republicanize, reseize, resurrect
ionize, reutilize, revitalize, revolutionize, rhapsodize, rhetorize, ridiculize, ritualize, robotize, roe
ntgenize, romanize, romanticize, rontgenize, routinize, royalize, rubberize, ruralize, russianize,
saccharize, sacramentize, sadducize, salinize, sanctuarize, sanitize, sapientize, satirize, sauceri
ze, scandalize, schematize, schismatize, scotticize, scrutinize, sectarianize, sectionalize, sectio
nize, secularize, seigniorize, seize, seniorize, sensitize, sensualize, sentimentalize, serialize, ser
monize, serpentinize, serpentize, severalize, sexualize, sherardize, siderealize, signalize, signior
ize, silverize, similize, simonize, singularize, sinicize, sirenize, size, skeletonize, skepticize, slen
derize, sluggardize, soberize, socialize, socinianize, solarize, solecize, solemnize, soliloquize, so
nnetize, sororize, sovereignize, sovietize, specialize, spermatize, spiritualize, splenectomize, sta
bilize, standardize, sterilize, stigmatize, stylize, suberize, subminiaturize, subsidize, substantiali
ze, substantivize, subtilize, subventionize, sulfurize, sulphurize, summarize, superficialize, supe
rnaturalize, supersulphurize, surprize, sycophantize, syllabize, syllogize, symbolize, symmetrize
, sympathize, symphonize, synchronize, syncopize, synonymize, synthesize, synthetize, syntoni
ze, syphilize, systematize, systemize, tabularize, tantalize, tartarize, tautologize, telfordize, tell
urize, temporize, tenderize, territorialize, terrorize, testamentize, tetanize, theologize, theorize,
theosophize, thyroidectomize, tokenize, totalize, tracheotomize, traditionalize, tranquilize, tran
quillize, transhumanize, transistorize, transpatronize, traumatize, trepanize, trichinize, tropologi
ze, tubercularize, tutorize, tympanize, tyrannize, unauthorize, uncanonize, unchristianize, unco
mpartmentalize, undercapitalize, underemphasize, underprize, undersize, unfeudalize, unhuma
nize, unionize, unitarianize, unitize, universalize, unmechanize, unmonopolize, unnaturalize, un
paganize, unphilosophize, unprotestantize, unrealize, unsecularize, unsensualize, unsolemnize,
unspiritalize, unsubstantialize, unvulgarize, urbanize, utilize, vagabondize, valorize, vandalize,
vaporize, vasectomize, ventriloquize, verbalize, vernalize, veteranize, victimize, villanize, viriliz
e, visualize, vitalize, vitriolize, vocalize, volatilize, volcanize, vowelize, vulcanize, vulgarize, wan
tonize, westernize, winterize, womanize, zoologize,


abuseful, adventureful, affrightful, afoul, aidful, aimful, almightful, almightiful, amazeful, amen
dful, amplexicaul, ampul, annoyful, annul, apronful, armful, armsful, artful, assistful, avengeful,
aviseful, awful, babul, bagful, bagsful, baleful, baneful, barful, bashful, basketful, bateful, batful
, beamful, beautiful, befoul, behooveful, beliefful, bellyful, bemaul, bitterful, blameful, blissful, b
litheful, blushful, boastful, boatful, bodeful, bookful, bottleful, bottlesful, boul, bountiful, bowlful
, boxful, boxhaul, breathful, bretful, brimful, bucketful, bulbul, cansful, capful, caracul, careful, c
arful, caterwaul, caul, causeful, chanceful, changeful, chargeful, charmful, cheekful, cheerful, c
hestful, choiceful, clubhaul, colorful, complaintful, consul, contentful, corruptful, crimeful, cropf
ul, cupful, cupsful, dangerful, dareful, darkful, deathful, debateful, deceitful, deedful, defoul, del
ightful, deloul, dernful, desertful, designful, desireful, despairful, despiteful, deviceful, devoutful
, direful, dirgeful, disannul, discontentful, discordful, disdainful, diseaseful, disgraceful, disgustf
ul, dishful, dislikeful, dismayful, dispatchful, disquietful, disregardful, disrespectful, distasteful,
distractful, distressful, distrustful, doleful, doomful, doubtful, downhaul, dreadful, dreamful, dre
ul, dueful, dureful, dutiful, dwaul, earful, earnestful, earnful, easeful, elul, ensoul, entreatful, ern
estful, errorful, eventful, exciteful, eyedropperful, eyeful, factful, faithful, fanciful, fateful, faultf
ul, fearful, feastful, fenceful, fiendful, fishful, fistful, fitful, fithul, flavorful, flowerful, folliful, foodf
ul, forceful, foresightful, forethoughtful, forgetful, forkful, forksful, formful, foul, fountful, fraudfu
l, fretful, frightful, friskful, frolicful, fruitful, gainful, gameful, gashful, gastful, gaudful, gaul, gaz
eful, gemul, gerful, ghastful, ghoul, gladful, glassful, gleeful, gloomful, graceful, grateful, grieffu
l, gripeful, groanful, growthful, grudgeful, guardful, guileful, gulgul, gustful, gyreful, handful, ha
ndsful, harangueful, harmful, hasteful, hateful, hatful, hatsful, haul, healful, healthful, heedful,
helpful, hoful, honeyful, hopeful, houseful, humorful, hurtful, hushful, increaseful, ingrateful, inh
aul, insightful, insoul, intreatful, inventful, ireful, istanbul, jambul, jarful, jarsful, jestful, joul, joyf
ul, jugful, jugsful, karakul, keelhaul, ladleful, lapful, lawful, leapful, leful, lengthful, leveful, lifeful
, lightful, listful, loathful, lossful, loudful, loveful, lustful, manful, manul, masterful, mastful, mau
l, mazeful, meaningful, meedful, merciful, miaul, mightful, milkful, minaul, mindful, mirthful, mi
schanceful, mischiefful, misdoubtful, mistful, mistrustful, moanful, mogul, moistful, molestful,
mopeful, mournful, mouthful, mulmul, museful, needful, neglectful, nestful, noiseful, noteful, no
yful, nudicaul, nul, numberful, odorful, odourful, offenseful, oul, outhaul, overawful, overcareful,
overfanciful, overfruitful, overhaul, overpowerful, oversoul, pailful, pailsful, painful, panful, pang
ful, paul, peaceful, pecul, pestful, picul, pilpul, pipeful, pitcherful, pithful, pitiful, placeful, plagu
eful, plaintful, plateful, platesful, playful, pleasureful, plentiful, plotful, pocketful, potful, powerf
ul, praiseful, prateful, prayerful, presageful, prestigeful, pretenceful, pretenseful, preyful, pridef
ul, proconsul, purposeful, purseful, quemeful, rageful, rapeful, rashful, rebukeful, recourseful, re
freshful, regardful, regretful, reliefful, remindful, remissful, remorseful, renownful, reposeful, rep
roachful, researchful, resentful, resistful, resourceful, respectful, restful, resultful, retreatful, rev
engeful, rewardful, rewful, rightful, riskful, roomful, rueful, rustful, ruthful, sackful, sacksful, sap
ful, saponul, saul, scathful, sceneful, scentful, schemeful, schul, scoopful, scoopsful, scornful, s
emiamplexicaul, semitruthful, senseful, seoul, shadeful, shameful, sheenful, sheetful, shelfful, s
hendful, shipful, shovelful, shovelsful, showerful, shul, sightful, sinful, skilful, skillful, skinful, sle
epful, sleightful, slightful, slothful, sneerful, sobful, songful, sorrowful, sorweful, soul, soulful, sp
aceful, spadeful, spareful, sparkful, speechful, speedful, spellful, spiritful, spiteful, spitful, splee
nful, spoilful, spoonful, spoonsful, sportful, sprightful, spriteful, startful, stateful, stealthful, stick
ful, stomachful, stormful, streamful, strengthful, stressful, strifeful, successful, sumbul, supportf
ul, surgeful, surphul, suspectful, suspenseful, swayful, tableful, tablesful, tablespoonful, tablesp
oonsful, tactful, taleful, tamul, tankful, tasteful, teacupful, tearful, teaspoonful, teaspoonsful, te
emful, teenful, tentful, thankful, thimbleful, thoughtful, threatful, timeful, toilful, toothful, topful
, tormentful, toyful, tradeful, trainful, trayful, treeful, tressful, tristtul, troul, trowelful, trunkful, t
rustful, truthful, tubful, tumblerful, tuneful, tureenful, unartful, unbashful, unblestful, uncheerful
, undutiful, uneventful, unfaithful, unfruitful, ungraceful, ungrateful, unharmful, unhealthful, un
heedful, unhelpful, unlawful, unmanful, unmerciful, unmindful, unneedful, unpowerful, unremor
seful, unresentful, unrespectful, unrightful, unsinful, unskillful, unsoul, unsuccessful, untactful,
untasteful, unthankful, unthoughtful, untrustful, untruthful, urnful, useful, vatful, vauntful, veng
eful, vesselful, voiceful, wagonful, wailful, wakeful, wareful, warmful, wasteful, watchful, waul,
wealful, wealthful, weariful, weepful, weleful, whaul, wileful, wilful, willful, wineglassful, wishful,
wistful, witful, woeful, woful, wonderful, workful, wormul, worshipful, worthful, woul, wrackful, w
rathful, wrawful, wreakful, wreckful, wretchful, wrongful, wrothful, yardful, yaul, yearnful, youl,
youthful, zealful, zestful,

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