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Special Feature: The 30th CMAAO General Assembly & 51st Council Meeting

Symposium Ensuring Food Safety: An Important Challenge Today


Food Safety in Myanmar* 1

Tun ZAW1

` Legislations;
` The National Food Law (1997)
` The Amendment of the National Food Law
` Currently drafting new Food Law
Dr. Tun Zaw
Director (Food Safety)
Food and Drug Administration ` Standard of reference;
` Codex standards (and others).

` Myanmar Food and Drug Board of Authority ` Food safety control system in Myanmar is multi-
chaired by minister for health agency approach along the food-chain.
In collaboration with other stakeholder
Central Food and Drug Supervisory
departments and agencies;
Committee chaired by Director General, FDA Department of Agriculture
` The Department of Food and Drug Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department
Department of Fisheries
Administration is the
Department of Consumers Affairs
regulatory/implementing agency for food and Municipal Health Departments
drug safety, guided by above-mentioned Custom Department
steering bodies. Disease Control Unit, Dept. of Public Health
Consumers Organizations and etc.

*1 This article is based on a presentation made at the Symposium Ensuring Food Safety: An Important Challenge Today held at the 30th
CMAAO General Assembly and 51st Council Meeting, Yangon, Myanmar, on September 23-25, 2015.
1 Director (Food Safety), Food and Drug Administration (mmacorg@googlemail.com).

JMAJ, December 2015Vol.58, No.4 185

Zaw T

Food chain
` GMP Inspection and Certification of domestic
manufacturing facilities

Crops ` Food Import and Export Inspection and

` Post-market Surveillance
` Switching to Risk-based approach
Livestock Retail Cooking



Industrial emissions
and effluents Distribution

` Certified food manufacturing plants; ` Microbiological;

Bottled drinking water 816 Staphylococcus
Others - 504 Salmonella Shigella
` Import Health Certificates Vibrio cholerae
Year 2014 8644 E. coli
` Post-market surveillance
Year 2014-15 7469 market samples

` Chemicals; ` Chemicals (contd.)

Dyes Contaminants;
x Rhodamine B x Pesticide residues
x Auramin O x Toxins
x Orange II x Heavy metals
x Sudan
Non-permitted additives
x Borax
x Salicylic acid
x Formalin

186 JMAJ, December 2015Vol.58, No. 4


` Public announcements
` Information networks
` Education/awareness program
` Education materials


13 14


JMAJ, December 2015 Vol.58, No.4 187

Zaw T

` Budget
` Institutional capacity
` Analytical capacity
` To strengthen risk analysis
` Concerted action among stakeholders

` Drafting new food law, expecting to submit ` Switching to risk-based food control system
upcoming parliament ` Strengthen capacity building for food control
` Just launch FDA website; officials
www.fdamyanmar.gov.mm ` Develop food safety regulations
` Develop stakeholders network
` Decentralization of food safety control works
to provincial FDAs

188 JMAJ, December 2015Vol.58, No. 4