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Seeking full time administrative employment in the entertainment industry

Personable individual with proven time management skills developed from ongoing employment whilst studying.
Am a well-spoken and well-written individual able to work confidently in diverse situations. Able to perform
effectively both in an autonomous and team based environment, as a peer and coordinator. Competent in
document design, creation and maintenance due to experience as a Client Services Officer at Deloitte Touche
Tomatsu. Seeking an opportunity to work in an environment where I can continue to learn and improve myself,
while undertaking new challenges.

Key Skills:

Client engagement and support Business administration

Customer service Finance reconciliation
Event management Graphic design
Document creation and upkeep Physical setup
Research Idea generation
Product sourcing Committee co-ordination

Technical Skills:

Microsoft Word Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Excel MYOB
Microsoft Outlook 60+ WPM typing speed


Effective Communication Skills: Well-spoken communicator across different methods of liaison when working
with team members and clients.

Attentive to Detail: A education history in graphic design and experience in contract creation has given me a
honed sense of detail.

Flexible: I am understanding of last minute needs, and able to allocate time to them; comfortable in changing
environments and situation.

Self-Sufficient: Able to be self-motivated and work autonomously.


#COMPANY# - Melbourne
June 2016 Current
Client Services Officer

Creating and distributing all client contracts and correspondence, performing database maintenance and
performing ad hoc duties for an accounting team.

Achievements and Contributions:

Document distribution: Created documentation concerning client financial data and ensuring that it
passes all necessary checks before being delivered in a timely manner. Developed a complex series of
spreadsheets that keep track of all aspects of the documents created and their current location. Because
of this, we were able to defend ourselves when a client claimed they had not received time sensitive and
confidential documents.

Database Maintenance: Performed regular updates of client information. Using a number of programs
in synchronisation to create a large, but easily navigated database.

Ad Hoc duties: Undertook accounting tasks when required so that accounting teams can prioritise in
larger assignments. Have gathered feedback from other staff and compiled reports to give feedback
about the systems and processes we use, which resulted in the cease of continuous errors being made.
#COMPANY# - Adelaide
August 2015 June 2016
Internal Client Services Officer

Coordinating bookings for both clients and staff while also managing an office, and ad hoc administration duties.

Achievements and Contributions:

Client Service: Provided first contact in reception, via phone, email and in person. Served as liaison for
event management and execution. Received written praise from Partners and Stakeholders at the
conclusion of large functions.

Document Creation and Maintenance: Developed databases with Microsoft Excel to maintain stock
control. Created consumable objects for events and interactive floor plans to allow clients to visualize
desired setups.

Risk Assessment: Ran daily checks to identify possible risks and acted accordingly to pre-empt. In one
instance I managed to avoid a situation which would have resulted in a client suffering allergy based

Stock Control: Performed a weekly stocktake and placed orders. I took it upon myself to speak to staff
and clients for recommendations and preferences and adjusted our consumables based on the
information gathered.

Fire Warden: As part of a building wide team, I helped to ensure a timely and organised evacuation
during routine drills.

Wellness Committee: Assisted in coordination of a wellness fair promoting health security and

Staff liaison: Responded to requests and arranged interoffice functions. First point of contact
audiovisual, furniture and electrical faults. Kept meticulous records of conversations and feedback
received, so that I could keep staff informed of progress at all times.


2015 Current
Diploma of Business Administration

Academic Achievements

Completion of Plan and Manage Conferences

Completion of Develop and use Complex Spreadsheets
Completion of Manage Quality Customer Service
Completion of Manage Business Document Design and Development
Completion of Manage Meetings
Completion of Write Complex Documents

University of #LOCATION#
2011 - 2014
Bachelor of Communication (Graphic Design)

Academic Achievements

2014: Co-ordination, treasurer, curator and fundraising manager of Graduate Exhibition Committee.


2013 2016: #LOCATION# Theatre Usher, Front of House, Ticket Sales

2013 2016: #LOCATION# Theatre Usher, Front of House, Ticket Sales
2013 2016: #LOCATION# Theatre Usher, Front of House, Ticket Sales


Available on request