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The Essence of being moral

Kyle Novem Ora, BSMT-2, NE64

Prof. Sircio C. Chan, Capitol University

4 March 2017

Good moral values makes a man to have a good moral character. Having
good moral character makes you a good man . Having a good moral
character and good moral values comes with different effects. It may either
lead into advantageous effect in humans life in a sense that he wants to
succeed. Having good moral value may also give negative statements that
can create misunderstanding.

we are all born as empty vessel which can be shaped by moral values -
(Jerry Springer, ND). Human are born without the knowledge of what is
right and wrong. Human child are doing things without knowing whether it
is good or bad thing. For example a kid broke the mirror in their house
without knowing that it is wrong but he did it because on his/her
perspective it is fun and right. Another example is children always play on
their food and again they did know that they are wrong. One should know
how to differentiate right and wrong. People should have good moral values
that will help them guide to the right path. As people know ones are
taughtby teachers and parents so that one will acquire moral values that
will help him mold his character. human do not know anything unless other
person educate them and teach them how to become a moral person.Same
as the adult human , the kids should be taught moral values and mold their
character and become a good person.
Some people are sometimes misinterpreted being evil as being good.
what you think is right isn't the same as knowing what is right-(E.A
Bucchianeri, ND). People that are confused because from their perspective
it is right but the truth is it is morally wrong. People sometimes do evil
things because in their perspective it is a good thing. For example, stealing
goods to feed yourfamily. It is an evil deed but in your point of view it is the
right thing because you can feed your family this way, your confusing being
moral to being evil. Another example is killing a person in order to save
your friend. Again you confused being evil to being good and moral. The
thing is people should not be confused being moral to being evil because
the two are completely different. What you think is right is not always true.
Being morale does not depends in your perspective
There are times that people are just being morally good for other peoples
praise, which is not right. Not only must we do good, but we must also
good for something(Henry David Thoreau). When you do good act you must
do it on good purpose. For example a person should help poor people for
good purpose and not for the sake that he wants attention of other people
that he do something good. Another example is you let your classmate
borrow your things so that he will let you copy his answer, your doing a
good thing for good purpose. One should not do good things for bad
purpose. It is not being moral because you only do good things expecting
good things will also come to you except your doing it for a wrong purpose.
It can create misunderstanding into other peolpe