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Trump Dossier Analysis:

Corroborating Evidence in the Trump/Russia Dossier

Scott J. Dworkin
Co-Founder & Senior Advisor
The Democratic Coalition

February 20, 2017

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Item to note:
Dossier claims Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry
Peskov had a file on Hillary Clinton
Photos: Dmitry Peskov is the spokesman for the
Kremlin as described in the dossier (middle) with Aras
Agalarov-the Russian billionaire who paid Trump to
have Miss Universe in Moscow.
Page 7

Items to note:
Dossier claims Paul Manafort & Carter Page were
colluding w/Russians
Dossier claims Wikileaks is a front for the Kremlin
Dossier claims Russia had moles within the Dem
Former Trump Adviser Carter Page was in Russia
multiple times during & after the campaign
Carter Page did an interview with ABC News in
February 2017 during which he denies he's the
middleman in Russia
Photo: Carter Page on the Russia Today
network-Russias propaganda network
Page 9

Items to note:
Dossier claims Carter Page met with CEO of
Russian oil company Rosneft Igor Sechin & with
Igor Diveykin-a Russian intelligence officer
Yahoo News confirms Carter Page met with
Russian oil CEO of Rosneft, Igor Sechin-as
described in the dossier
Carter Page wrote a blog post defending Russian
oil company Rosnefts CEO Igor Sechin-the same
person as in dossier
Page 15
Items to note:
Dossier claims Kremlin funded trips for Michael
Flynn, Dr. Jill Stein & Carter Page
Dossier claims Kremlin underestimated liberal
reaction to DNC Hack
Video: General Flynn was paid by Russia Today, the
propaganda network-he confirms and defends the
payment in this video:
Video: Gen Flynn gave Putin standing
ovation-Flynn was paid by Putin to be there-as in
Photos: Michael Flynn, Dr. Jill Stein & Putin at an
event in Moscow that they were paid by Russia
Today Network to be at. Exactly how its
described in the dossier.
Page 20

Item to note:
Dossier claims ex-Ukrainian President
Yanukovych told Putin he paid Manafort money
Paul Manafort was paid $12.7 million in cash by
pro-Russian, Ukrainian leaders-as alleged in the
dossier-below is a ledger presented by the
country of Ukraine as evidence against Manafort
Page 23

Item to note:
Dossier claims Russian diplomat was sent back to
Russia because of his links to the US election
hack by Russia
Russian diplomat in dossier-Mikhail Kulagin-was
sent back to Russia in August of 2016
Pages 25-6

Items to note:
Dossier claims Alpha Group/Bank is close w/Putin
Dossier claims Mikhail Fridman & Petr Aven
advise Putin on US
Dossier claims Putin traveled with Oleg Govorun
to Uzbekistan
Dossier claims Alpha Group hasnt given Russia
the money it was supposed to after their TNK oil
sale to Rosneft
Alpha Group/Bank is VERY close with Putin-just
as described in dossier
The Alpha/Alfa Bank in the dossier-is the same
bank with an alleged Russian server
communicating with Trump Towers
Photos: Mikhail Fridman & Putin; Petr Aven of the
Alpha Group & Putin-mentioned in dossier as
advisors on US issues to Putin. They are indeed
advisors to Putin

Putin went to Uzbekistan in the same

timeframe as described in the dossier
Alfa Group ran TNK Oil sale as described in
dossier & sold it to Rosneft-the Russian oil
Page 27

Item to note:
Dossier claims Russian Aras Agalarov is close to
Trump is close to Aras Agalarov just as described
in the dossier.
Trump was paid $20,000,000 by Russian Aras
Agalarov- in the dossier it said Agalarov was
close to Trump.
Pages 30-1
Item to note
Dossier claims Rosneft CEO offered Carter Page
19% of Rosneft sale if sanctions lifted
Rosneft sold 19.5% of the company & the dossier
stated it would be sold for 19% if Trump lifted
Russian sanctions
One of the companies Rosneft sold to is the Qatar
Investment Authority which via Qatar Airways had
offices in Trump Towers for years
Photos: Trump/Ivanka/Melania w/CEO of Qatar
Airways-owned by Qatar Investment Authority
which bought part of Rosneft months ago
Pages 34-5
Item to note:
Dossier claims Oleg Solodukhin runs Russian
NGO in Prague
Oleg Solodukhin does indeed run the NGO in the
dossier out of Prague, Czech Rep.