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Came from the word Automatic

Also called Automatic Control
Use of control systems, such as computers or robots, and information
technologies for handling different processes and machineries in an industry
to replace a human being.
Reduce/ Minimize human intervention
Saves labor and energy
Increase productivity


1. High Productivity- machines works faster and can be used for long duration
2. High Quality- machines produces products of equal quality and with no
fatigue related human errors
3. High Flexibility- only machine operators are needed to be trained rather than
to train many workers for the job
4. High Information Accuracy- computers gathers accurate data
5. High Safety- machines/ industrial robots are used on hazardous workplace
rather than workers


1. High Initial Cost- automated machines costs high

Types of Automation

Industrial Automation-Process of making industrial production processes more

flexible and simpler at higher efficiencies
1. Numerically Controlled Machines
-uses computers to perform the control operations by acquiring,
processing, calculating and controlling the process variables.
-used in cutting and milling applications for high accuracy and accurate
precision operation
2. Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
-involves using computers in the production, planning, and, more
generally, the entire manufacturing process. A common example of CAM is
computer-aided design (CAD) or computer-aided design and drafting (CADD)
3. Industrial Robots
-automated machines or equipments that can perform the different
tasks for longer duration. These are mostly implemented in the areas that are
highly dangerous or hazardous for humans
4. Flexible Manufacturing Systems
-This automation is of fully automated one. Starting from planning and
designing process to dispatching of products, the whole system is completely
integrated to be automated. This automation combines numerically
controlled machines, industrial robots and other automation equipments into
one integrated system.

Home Automation-Home automation system does the operations like lighting

control and regulation, regulating HVAC equipments, energy and load
management, security and monitoring, audio/ video systems, HMIs and other
control tasks
1. Power Line Home Automation System
-This automation is of low cost since it uses power lines to transfer the
information or data therefore it doesnt require additional cables for
transferring the information. However, this system is of little bit complex
one that necessitates additional converter circuits
2. Wired Home Automation System
-This type of automation uses a common communication bus to which
all the equipments in homes are connected. This communication bus or
cable is connected to a main controller (programmable logic controller) in
order to acquire input signals and to send control command signals to the
3. Wireless Home Automation
-This is an advanced automation technology as compared with wired
automation. This automaton uses wireless technologies like RF, GSM, WI-Fi
and Bluetooth for achieving remote control operation. This is a flexible type
of automation requires negligible wires to connect different appliances in
homes to the central control unit.
Lighting Control System

A lighting control system is an intelligent network of lighting controls which

allows you to have control of the lights in a space


1. Centralized Lighting Control System

A centralized lighting control system has all the lighting circuits in a space
run to a central location instead of to wall switches throughout the space
One main benefit of this type of centralized lighting control system is that it
gets rid of the clutter on the walls caused by banks of switches

2. Wireless Lighting Control System

Consists of controllable dimmers and switches which can easily be swapped

with traditional stand-alone switches and dimmers
Has the ability to incorporate keypads and all of the same programming
options of a centralized system
All of the dimmers and switches communicate wirelessly to the processor
which is why this system is less expensive and requires less installation

3. Hybrid Lighting Control System

Combination of centralized and wireless systems