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Tuesday, 21 February 2017


In the above video, dated 7 February 2017, we see the journalist Ben Swann.

There is no truth in the rumour that Benjamin Swann is dead.

Benjamin Swann reported on Pizza Gate.

Swann made it clear that there was no evidence to back the theory that a top child abuse ring was operating from
Comet Pizza.

Swann said on his TV programme: "To be clear, not one single email in the Podesta emails discusses child sex
trafficking or pedophilia."

Swann then referred to emails about pizza, and suggested that these emails could involve some kind of code.

In other words, Swann tried to boost the anti-Democrat-party Pizzagate story.

Swann's own media outlet had explicit ties to the Republican Liberty Caucus.

Swann worked for Fox affiliate WXIX-TV; Fox supports Trump.

While working for Fox affiliate WXIX-TV in 2012, Swann suggested on his personal YouTube channel that Adam
Lanza was accompanied by another shooter.[26][27]

This sounds like disinformation, because the Sandy Hook event was most likely not carried out by Lanza, but by people
working for certain security services.

"Swann Auction Galleries was founded by Louis Cohen's nephew Benjamin Swann (n Schwamenfeld) in 1941."

The New Yorker


Donald Trump's friend Milo Yiannopoulos says that the age of consent is not this black and white thing and that
relationships between younger boys and older men can be hugely positive experiences.

Milo claims that "I lost my virginity in an interracial fivesome with a drag queen."

"How old were you?" asks Rogan.

"Thirteen, maybe fourteen... it was great."

Milo Yiannopoulos - RationalWiki

Milo mentions a priest from his childhood.

"He made you suck his dick for real?" asks Rogan.

"He didn't make me, I was enthusiastic about it."[42]

Milo goes on to state that "he was a great priest..."

"How old were you at the time?" asks Rogan.

"I was in my teens," replies Milo, before going on to ask Rogan "When you were thirty, you will have seen girls at fifteen
you thought were hot, of course you did."[43]

"I was a very mature fourteen-year-old. It wasn't molestation, it was perfectly consensual. When I was fourteen, trust
me, I was the predator... I was aggressively seeking out the sexual company of adults."[44]

Milo Yiannopoulos - RationalWiki

Louise Linton
Scottish-born actress Louise Linton is the wife-to-be of Trump's Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.

Mnuchin divorced his second wife Heather deForest Crosby in 2014.

Louise Linton, 35, revealed almost all in her latest movie, Intruder.

Linton spent her teenage years living at the family home, Melville Castle.

She was a pupil at Fettes College, the school associated with Tony Blair and child abuse.

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Monday, 20 February 2017


"Two of Donald J. Trump's mentors were Roy Cohn and Liberace.

"Both men went to their graves closeted even though 'everybody knew'."

"Alpha Male" Trump Does Liberace

Roy Cohn was said to run child abuse rings for the CIA.


Alexander Chancellor writes that Liberace and Donald Trump have a lot in common

Alexander Chancellor writes:

"Liberace died of Aids in 1987 at the age of 67, having achieved all the fame and riches he wanted.

"But perhaps, if he were still alive today, he might have aspired to an even higher peak of celebrity, the presidency of
the United States...
Alexander Chancellor writes:

"Liberace and Donald Trump have a lot in common...

"Donald's triplex home in Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue ... its dcor and furnishings are strikingly similar to those of
Liberace's former house in Las Vegas.

"In both there is a proliferation of gold paint, chandeliers, candelabra, swirling frescoes and classical motifs...


Alexander Chancellor writes:

"Liberace and Trump were both starstruck by people more glamorous than themselves...

"Liberace lied about his homosexuality.

"Liberace won a libel action against the Daily Mirror when its columnist Cassandra (William Connor) ... described
Liberace as 'a deadly, winking, sniggering, snuggling, chromium-plated, scent-impregnated, luminous, quivering,
giggling, fruit-flavoured, mincing, ice-covered heap of mother love'..."

Wade Robson, at the controversial Johnny Young Talent School in Australia. Robson says Michael Jackson's companies
MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures were fronts for the "most sophisticated public child sexual abuse procurement and
facilitation organisation the world has known". Michael Jackson allegedly ran child sex abuse operation.

Child singer Jamie Redfern, from Johnny Young's Young Talent Time, toured the USA with gay singer Liberace, a
friend of Donald Trump.


Jack Wild

After starring in the film Oliver! child star Jack Wild started 'guesting' on TV variety shows, including those of Liberace.
Rudi Juliani and Trump

When he came to New York in 1985, Liberace stayed in the model apartment at Trump Tower

More than 103,000 people purchased tickets to see "the Lord High Poobah of Glitz at Radio City Music Hall ... a ticket
sales record for Radio City."


Liberace, Scott Thorson, Michael Jackson.

Scott Thorson was in his mid teens when he met Liberace. They became lovers.

Thorson says of Liberace: "A lot of people would think of him as a child molester."

interview / Liberace's Statutory Rapist Status

Trump's penthouse in New York

Donald Trump's gilded penthouse was designed by a gay man called Angelo Donghia.

Donghia enjoyed a close personal relationship with Donald Trump, a relationship that lasted until Donghia's 1985 death
from AIDS.

Trump's "Fifth Avenue White House" was designed by a gay man

Angelo Donghia.

Angelo Donghia was among the earliest famous people to die of AIDS.

"Ivana and Donald had a number of close friends die of AIDS during the 1980s," an anonymous Trump associate told The
Pride LA.

Trump's "Fifth Avenue White House" was designed by a gay man

Trump's mentor Roy Cohn died of AIDS.

Roy Cohn (left)

Trump has welcomed gay couples at his Palm Beach club.

Trump "has boasted of his friendships with many gay people.

In 2012, Mr. Trump attended the wedding of Jordan Roth, a Broadway producer, and Richie Jackson, in a ceremony at
the Al Hirschfeld Theater.

Donald Trump Gay Issues .

What is a foot?

Donald Trump claimed he had a Renoir 'Worth $10 million.'

Photos of Trump's living room show Pierre-Auguste Renoir's La Loge on the wall.

'Trump's Renoir is a fake.

'The real one is at the Courtauld in London.'

The Art History of Donald Trump


Donald Trump's mentor was Roy Cohn.


Certain 'Twinks' like Trump.

This is not Donald Trump's First Lady.


The Trump Campaign was full of gay people.

This is Donald Trump.

Trump is Gay Friendly.

During the US presidential election, both sides came up with scurrilous stories.

Trump Puts Forward A Defender Who Pimped Out Young Boys. - redstate.com

Many People Are Saying Donald Trump Gives Money to ... - New York Magazine, 9 Aug 2016

There have been wild rumours about Donald - Daily Kos.

James Safechuck (right)

Is there a corrupt elite running the USA?

Do we need to 'drain the swamp'?

A lawsuit claims that Michael Jackson plied James Safechuck and his parents with cash, gifts and first-
class travel.

Michael Jackson flew the parents of James Safechuck to New York, and put them up in Trump Tower.

Michael Jackson operated child sex syndicate

"James ... went to stay in Jackson's room with him."

"While Bad tour rehearsals were underway in Pensacola, Florida, Jackson flew the Safechucks out for a


Michael Jackson's home in Trump Tower.

In 1984, Michael Jackson "rented a four-bedroom condo on Trump Tower's 63rd floor just a few floors down
from Trump's $100m Manhattan penthouse."


Trump told CNN: 'Michael Jackson lived in Trump Tower.

"He lives in various of my buildings. He sort of follows me around ...

"He likes what I have.'

Michael Jackson with Donald Trump's children at Donald Trump's hotel Mar A Lago in Palm Beach.

Donald Trump remembers his "good friend" Michael Jackson.

Donald Trump's mentor and 'father figure' was Roy Cohn, who was totally gay, and who was said to run child abuse
rings for the CIA.

During the July 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, boy sex workers reported a huge increase in

Some male prostitutes claimed to have earned six times more than normal.

Female sex workers said that business had been slower.

The Republican Party has just passed 'the most anti-gay platform in its history.'

Glenn Murphy Jr. is an antigay advocate and former president of the Young Republican National Federation. He
was sentenced to six years in prison after he was found guilty of having sex with an unwilling male after a private
party for Republican supporters in Indiana. 16 Antigay Leaders Exposed as Gay

During the July 2016 Republican Convention, Craigslist saw a huge increase in ads offering gay sex, specifically aimed
at Republican attendees, according to The Daily Dot.

Indiana state Rep. Phillip Hinkle voted for an anti-marriage equality amendment to Indianas constitution. He
was caught in a sex scandal when he answered an ad on Craigslist from an 18-year-old named Kameryn Gibson, who
was looking for a 'sugga daddy.'

During the July 2016 Convention, Republicans employed lots of male escorts, according to the New York Post, which
spoke with a number of rent boys working in Cleveland.

They described the typical Republican client as married and aged between 40 and 50.

Male escorts are making crazy money at the RNC | New York Post / RNC So Gay: Male Escorts Rake It In

Reportedly, the married Donald Trump has frequently been in touch with Madonna, actress Kim Basinger and Carla


At the Republican Convention, "Donald grabbed his wife's arms in what appears to be an effort to keep her at a

Body Language Expert Weighs In on Donald Trump.

Reportedly, Trump's close friend Roger Stone likes sleeping with men.


"A Huffington Post article reported on an unconfirmed rumour that Trump allegedly 'paid off' a gay lover to prevent
their affair from breaking out into a public scandal."

Donald Trump


In 2011, a group of gay conservatives, called GOProud, invited Donald Trump to Washington.
In Washington, GOProud got Trump to give his first big political speech as a potential Republican presidential

This speech was made to the 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference.

Gay conservatives who helped kickstart Trump's GOP career.

16 Antigay Leaders Exposed as Gay or Bi. / The Right-Wing's 20 Biggest Sex Hypocrites

Donald Trump's close friend Roger Stone is a GOProud supporter.

GOProud's leaders, Christopher Barron and Jimmy LaSalvia, got Roger Stone to get Donald Trump to the conference.

Gay conservatives who helped kickstart Trump's GOP career.

Roger Stone and Roy Cohn.

Roger Stone was a close friend of the gay Roy Cohn.

Roger Stone has placed swinger's ads for "exceptional muscularsingle men."

Swinger's Club ...

GOP = Group of Perverts.

GOProud was financed primarily by Jewish billionaire 'vulture capitalist' Paul Singer of Elliott Management

Paul Singer gives large sums of money to Jewish causes.[13]

In 2007, Singer was one of Rudolph Giuliani's most important fundraisers in Giuliani's bid for the Republican presidential
In 2012, GOProud organised a party at the Republican National Convention.

"Guests will dance the night away after the evening convention session at The Honey Pot night-club in Tampa's Ybor
City neighborhood."

Special guests included:

David Keene, Former Chair of the American Conservative Union and Vice-Chair of CPAC
Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform
Mary Matalin, author, CNN contributor and long-time GOP operative
Richard Grenell, former U.S. Spokesman at the United Nations
Amy Kremer, Chair of the Tea Party Express
Mike Flynn, Editor, Breitbart.com, BigGovernment.com
Dana Loesch, contributor to Breitbart.com, radio host and CNN contributor
Margaret Hoover, former FOX News contributor, author and current CNN contributor
Larry OConnor, Editor of Breitbart.tv and radio host
S.E. Cupp, author and co-host of MSNBCs The Cycle
Will Cain, analyst for The Blaze and CNN contributor

Donald Trump's friend Roger Stone is Jewish.

"Donald Trump is a radical Zionist", said Roger Stone on The Steve Malzberg Show.

Stone does not blame Jews for the JF Kennedy assassination.

Trump does not blame Jews for 9 11.

And, Trump Henchman Roger Stone Denies That Donald Trump Is Homosexual.
Gay Republicans?

Sheriff Paul Babeu (above) stepped down as a co-chairman of Mitt Romneys campaign in Arizona
after a newspaper published accusations that he threatened to deport a former boyfriend, who was
from Mexico, when the man refused to keep quiet about their relationship. Babeu made national
headlines for his tough stance on illegal immigration. He was running for Congress in Arizonas Fourth

William Pryor Jr. is an eleventh-circuit judge and former Attorney General of Alabama.

Donald Trump says he is considering Pryor for the Supreme Court.

Pryor reportedly featured in nude porn photographs in the 1990s.

The man in the porn picture is identified as 'Bill Pryor.'

Various unnamed officials have identified the photo as authentic.

Trump donated to a group that promotes homosexuality to 5 year-olds.

Trump gave a $20,000 grant to an organization that:

1. Promoted "fisting" to middle school students

2. Recommended books excusing homosexual pedophilia.

3. Stated its mission is "promoting homosexuality" in the public schools to children as early as kindergarten.

Donald Trump's New York. Stephen Shames Photographer

Donald Trump's mentor was Roy Cohn.

They used to party together.

Donald Trump, New York Mayor Ed Koch and Roy Cohn

Roy Cohn was the lawyer for the top Mafia families of New York and Canada.

Roy Cohn got Trump linked to key people.

Bronx Kids - Runaway Kids and Teenage Prostitution

"Cohn was a good friend of Craig Spence and together with top CIA and Army men, as well as politicians and
businessmen, he once threw his birthday party at Spence's house.

"Spence was later investigated for running a CIA-sanctioned homosexual and pedophile entrapment ring at his house
with operations going straight up to the White House...

"Cohn 'ran the the little boys' with the purpose of blackmailing high officials...

Bronx Boys. Stephen Shames PhotographerStephen Shames

"According to a 1954 news report, Cohn and his aide David Schine had met up with Spanish members of an international
underground Nazi network while on a spy-hunting trip in Europe.

"Some of the leading members of this network, according to the newspaper, were Col. Otto Skorzeny, Hjalmar Schacht
and Werner Naumann."

"Cohn was a board member of the notorious Permindex firm.

"This company brought together an international group of shady intelligence-connected men ...Board members had
connections to the CIA, FBI, and Mossad, not to mention the mafia."

isgp.nl/Beyond_Dutroux / Trump dossier

Roger Stone.

Trump's close friend Roger Stone worked with Roy Cohn.

'I was introduced to Trump by Roy Cohn', says Roger Stone.

Stone remains a "Trump confidante."[48][49]

shermsays.blogspot. / nationalreview.com

Father Bruce Ritter, founder of the charity Covenant House, mixing with the teenage boy prostitutes of New York.
According to the former Nebraska senator John DeCamp, Ritter's charity Covenant House has been used to acquire
children for the purposes of child abuse. Allegedly, Father Ritter's Covenant House, Americares, and Sandusky's Notre
Dame child charity all have links to CIA pedophile rings.

"The Roy Cohn clique (which is intimately connected to Trump) is responsible for the Franklin scandal, the DC
callboy ring, Dutroux, the Jeff Epstein ring, the Tevfrik Arif Turkish sex ring, the Northern Marianas sex
trafficking...see where I'm going with this?

"And through the Council for National Policy, it seems to include the Vatican sex rings as well...

"I was also surprised to find Arif and Bayrock connected to Fethullah Gulen, who I started researching after the Boston
Marathon bombing because of his connection to Graham Fuller."

Trump dossier / Boston bombers' uncle married daughter of top CIA official / The Deep Politics of God Revisited
Alleged victim of Jeffrey Epstein.

"Mark Epstein, Jeffrey's brother, testified in 2009 that Trump flew on Jeffrey's private jet at least once," reports VICE

"Message pads from Epstein's Palm Beach mansion that were seized by investigators and obtained by VICE News indicate
that Trump called Epstein twice in November of 2004."

7 Things You Need To Know About Trump And Sex Slave Island ...

In 2010, Epstein admitted to 'socializing' with Trump.

When a lawyer representing a child victim asked if Epstein has "ever socialized with Donald Trump in the presence of
females under the age of 18," Epstein pled the Fifth

At least one of Epstein's underage sex victims was recruited from Trump's Mar-a-Lago - which Epstein frequented often.

Virginia Roberts, an alleged victim of Epsteins, "was recruited to perform a massage for Epstein while working as a $9-
per-hour locker room attendant at Mar-A-Lago."

Trump was subpoenaed in 2009 for his connection to Epstein's under-age sex slave rings.

In 2009, Trump was subpoenaed in a case against Epstein concerning victim Virginia Roberts.
Michael Jackson with Donald Trump's children at Donald Trump's hotel Mar A Lago in Palm Beach.

Trump's friend Michael Jackson has been linked to CIA mind control.

Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion.

Donald Trump 'partied at the Playboy Mansion'

Donald Trump 'partied at the Playboy Mansion with playmate Holly ...

According to Ex CIA operative Laurel Aston, in his book Fighting Child and Human Trafficking and Slavery:
"I knew Hugh Hefner. He is connected to the CIA.

"Hefner is a CIA programmer, CIA sex slave handler and pimp.

"Hefner was also a part of running MK ULTRA super assassins and ops."

Laurel Aston Ex. C.I.A. Whistle Blower.

Barron Trump

In 1953, Hugh Hefner set up Playboy, "which was eventually revealed to be banked by the CIA."


Victoria Zdrok is a Ukranian-born former Playboy Playmate and Penthouse Pet who says that she went out with Donald

Trump said of Zdrok: "she looks like a fucking third-rate hooker... She's full of shit."

'F**king Third-Rate Hooker

Trump (left) Charles Kushner (right) DownWithTyranny!.

Ivanka Trump is married to Jared Kushner.

Jared's father, Charles Kushner, "hired a prostitute to seduce his brother-in-law, secretly recorded the encounter and
sent the tape to his sister as part of a blackmail scheme."

Charles Kushner "served 16 months after guilty pleas to 18 counts of tax evasion, witness tampering and making illegal
campaign donations."

Finally, Somebody Came Up With a New Trump-Clinton Angle

The name Trump has been linked to prostitution.

The Trump family empire was built on the backs of prostitutes.

"Trump Escorts was apparently a high end escort service whose website featured the Trump International logo."

"The address of Trump Escorts was/is 180 Riverside Drive, Upper West Side New York, New York 10024, USA, which is ...
the address of Trump Place in Manhattan."

Pimping the Donald - Trump Escorts .

Trump and Felix Sater

The Miami Herald reported that the CIA helped Felix Sater conceal his conviction for securities fraud while using him as
a spy in his native Russia.

Trump's friend Felix Sater launched the Fort Lauderdale Trump Tower.

Trump's close friend Billy Graham, chatting up a young boy.

"Trump bought 40 Wall Street (The Trump Building) for a steal, because it formerly belonged to CIA asset Ferdinand
Marcos, and his assets were frozen."



S atu rda y, 11 F eb ru a ry 20 1 7


Michael Corleone tells his older brother Fredo to behave.

Donald Trump's brother Fred Jr. told his friends that the Trump family is Jewish.

Fred Jr. died in 1981 at the age of 43.

Donald Trump, Fred Trump Jr, Robert Trump, Elizabeth Trump, Maryanne Trump.

According to Sidney Blumenthal:

"Fred Jr resembled the middle Corleone brother, Fredo, who is weak and indecisive, and is eventually murdered by his
younger brother, Michael, after he assumes control of the family business."

The First Family

Trump appears with mobster-affiliated felon at 2017 New Year's bash. "The Trump money had its origins in prostitution
and multiplied through ties to ... Mob figures."

Sidney Blumenthal reminds us about The Manchurian Candidate.

Richard Condon's The Manchurian Candidate is about Raymond Shaw being mind controlled and turned into a sleeper

Raymond Shaw's mother is his 'controller'.

Condon once explained that 'Raymond's mother is Roy Cohn'.

The First Family

Alison Jackson.
Sidney Blumenthal writes: "Roy Cohn, the Mafia lawyer, was more than just the consigliere in Trump's story.

"He was Donald's mentor, his godfather..."

The First Family

Trump/Roy Cohn

Sidney Blumenthal says that Donald Trump represents "the triumph of an underworld of predators, hustlers, mobsters,
clubhouse politicians and tabloid sleaze that festered in a corner of New York City, a vindication of his mentor,
the Mafia lawyer Roy Cohn..."

The First Family

Fred (Donald's father), Frederick, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, and John, 1918
Sidney Blumenthal says that Fred Trump "had Mob ties and flagrantly discriminated against blacks when renting out

Woody Guthrie wrote about 'Old Man Trump':

I suppose
Old Man Trump knows
Just how much
Racial hate
he stirred up...


Donald Trump means "flamboyantly bungled real-estate projects, tabloid hijinks, manic club-hopping, flagrant Mob
associations, cruel wife-dumping, outrageous defence of his housing discrimination..."

Trump bought "full-page newspaper ads demanding the death penalty for black youths accused of rape, the Central
Park Five, who later turned out to have been innocent."

Trump "ran up $3 billion in debt...

"His grandiose Trump Shuttle airline crashed and burned.

"He lost his crown jewel, the Plaza Hotel.

"His casino empire across the Hudson River in Atlantic City, his Taj Mahal, went belly up.

"He declared bankruptcy four times in order to stiff his contractors and workers...

"He had to sell virtually everything, including his yacht, the Trump Princess, which he had purchased from the shadowy
Saudi arms trader Adnan Khashoggi...

"Trump's business has been dependent almost from the start on real-life racketeers."

Trump's 'Mafia' associates are said to include:

Anthony 'Fat Tony' Salerno, boss of the Genovese crime family

Paul 'Big Paulie' Castellano, boss of the Gambino crime family

John Cody, the boss of Teamsters Local 282, who was an associate of the Gambino family.

Daniel Sullivan, who in partnership with the Philadelphia crime boss Nicodemos 'Nicky' Scarfo's financier, sold Trump a
property in Atlantic City that became his casino.

Salvatore 'Salvie' Testa, of the Philadelphia Mob, who sold Trump the site on which two construction firms owned by
Scarfo built the Trump Plaza and Casino.

Felix Sater, convicted money launderer for the Russian Mafia, Trump's partner in building the Trump SoHo hotel through
the Bayrock Group LLC, which by 2007 had more than $2 billion in Trump licensed projects.

Tevfik Arif Bayrock's chairman. Bayrock's financing came from three Kazakh billionaires, who were reported to be
engaged in racketeering, money laundering and other crimes...

Sidney Blumenthal A Short History of the Trump Family.

Roy Cohn, gay, Jewish, and linked to the CIA and Mossad.
According to Sidney Blumenthal:

"Roy Cohn launched a campaign against homosexuals in government jobs, though he was a closeted homosexual

"Cohn opened a law office in New York, taking on such clients as the Mafia kingpins Tony Salerno, Paul Castellano, John
Gotti and Carmine The Cigar Galante, underboss of the Bonanno crime family - as well as the Catholic Archdiocese of
New York..."

The First Family

Roger Stone told an interviewer:

"Roy Cohn would literally call up and dictate pieces for Page Six (of the New York Post) because Rupert (Murdoch) was a

"Cohn took Trump to his townhouse ... which was filled with a running crew of attractive young gay men ... and

"Cohn arranged for the Mob to construct Trump's towers and provide protection against labour trouble...

"Cohn finagled a federal judgeship for Trumps sister, Maryanne Trump Barry."

Cohn was a Jew but "freely spewed epithets about niggers and kikes."

The First Family

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Anonymous11 February 2017 at 03:35

When you study the names of the ' italian' mob you will discover that many italian mafia names are jewish of origin. Like
Galante, Bonanno, Salerno. What a surprise.



Anonymous11 February 2017 at 16:30

This sounds new to me... What I know is that (Sicilian) Mafia (Neapolitan) Camorra (Calabrian) 'Ndrangheta and (Apulian)
Sacra Corona Unita are masonic organizations with rituals for newcomers and various ranks.



Anonymous12 February 2017 at 08:03

There are many many people living in Italy who are of jewish descent. Of course they hide it and present themselves as
catholics, a jewish fable, or present themselves as non-believers. Especially the italians of jewish descent are in control in
Italy, being ministers, members of parliament, judges, lawyers, press etc. The common italians, workers are just simple
catholic and don't know these things and are ignorant and don't want to know it as long as they can watch italian soccer,
panem et circenses. Many of them are unemployed and many times they emigrate from Italy and the italian jews continue
to live comfortable in Italy. Italy is a jewish country as many countries in the world.


Anonymous12 February 2017 at 08:37

Freemasonry is based on Jewish occultism. So no surprise that many Jews make part of this organization. They are very
anti-Christian, another clue. Freemasonry operates like an international Jewish mafia in every country.



Truthist12 February 2017 at 17:52


I here post a shortened version of the reply I sent to ur article above ; A reply that u chose to not publish.
The original reply had a series of links ; I trust that this is the reason for the reply not being published.
Sorry for that.

So, here is the shortened version ;

Please accept responses that question or boldly counter any particular narrative if those same responses are decent &
intellectually honest.

Brother Nathanael Kapner ;
Sincere, Honest, Brave, well intentioned, Scholarly, & "in the know"

Donald J Trump is NOT a Jew.

Not an ounce of Jew-blood in him.
BUT, once he moved into Manhattan and had to go through the Kushner Dynasty to build his 1st notable properties he
culturally and socially converted.

See my Jared Kushner - Trumps Court Jew @




Anonymous13 February 2017 at 07:42

I have had many experiences with Jews. One thing I recommend, NEVER have a Jewish partner, specially if you are not a
Jew. Your Jewish partner will drive you insane until you have to sell your share of business for nothing and run away. I think
Trump has a lot Jewish blood in him. I don't think he would be able to survive in New York if he was not a Jew or crypto
Jew, no chances. The Jewish environment is very hostile to non Jews and you need to accept their ideas and do whatever
they do to make part of their cabal.



S un da y, 1 2 Fe b ru a ry 2 01 7


"The Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 were followed by increasing income inequality and the worst financial crisis since
the 1930s."

Donald Trump plans to reduce taxes on the rich, make bankers richer, boost real-estate speculation, spend more on the
military, borrow more and put Goldman Sachs in charge of the economy.

Trump's rich-first economic policy

Donald Trump a Robber Baron.

Nafeez Ahmed, who believes that 9 11 was an inside job, has written: How the Trump regime was manufactured by a
war inside the Deep State

According to Ahmed:

1. Trump's team is clearly not planning on acting in the interests of American workers.
They will act in the interests of US banks and corporations.

Trump's defense appointees and advisors are part of the military-industrial complex.

2. Henry Kissinger's critical role in developing Trump's strategy was revealed by the German tabloid, Der Bild,
which obtained a document from the Trump transition team.

Trump's national security team draws on the views of the Kissinger team concerning the threat of overpopulated poor

3. Trump's Deep State is interested in controlling resources, raw materials, fossil fuel energy reserves, and cheap

The Deep State is involved with "illegal capital flights, profits from criminal enterprises, drug trading, smuggling..."

Among Trump's draft executive orders is one that allows US corporations to buy conflict minerals from the Congo -
which are widely used in electronic products like smartphones and laptops.
4. The Trump regime represents a white nationalist coup by a faction within the Deep State.

But, are they all secretly working for the Kosher Nostra?

Trump's faction are keenly aware that the US economy has problems.

But, Trump's policies will not help the American workers.

5. The charity ActionAid showed in a 2013 report that a realistic poverty measure lies between $5 and $10 a day.
World Bank data shows that since 1990, the number of people living under $10 a day has increased by 25 percent.

Today, 4.3 billion people - nearly two-thirds of the global population - live on less than $5 a day.

Global debt is now higher than 2007 pre-crash levels.

The oil industry has amassed two trillion dollars worth of debt.




Posted by Anon at 00:48

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Anonymous12 February 2017 at 03:17




Anonymous12 February 2017 at 03:22




Anonymous12 February 2017 at 09:29

Trump is wrong - Saudi Arabia, not Iran is the world's 'number one terrorist state' !



Anonymous12 February 2017 at 18:42

Actually, you are both wrong... It's the City of London.



Anonymous12 February 2017 at 11:16

picture at point 4 above - is that a swingers party!



Anonymous12 February 2017 at 17:22

Shinz Abe, Japanese premier - is he part of deep state?

NWO priestly cap:


The masonsic Trump and Shinz Abe snake-shake:


Freemason Abe is one of the longest serving PMs in Japanese history.

Japan PM Shinzo Abe Charged for Election Rigging:



Anonymous12 February 2017 at 21:12


(King James Bible) Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against
the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
Eph 6:13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having
done all, to stand.





F ri da y, 1 7 Fe b ru a ry 2 01 7

Dr. Steven Beutler, Redlands, CA, has written in the New Republic that Donald Trump exhibits signs of having syphilis.

A Medical Theory for Donald Trump's Bizarre Behavior | New Republic.

Christopher Columbus is believed to have brought syphilis to Europe.

Adolf Hitler had the symptoms of advanced syphilis.

According to Abraham Lincoln's close friend and law partner, William Herndon, Lincoln has syphilis.

Friedrich Nietzsche is believed to have had syphilis.


Dr Beutler says that symptoms of syphilis include:


loss of ability to concentrate

delusional thinking,


impaired memory

impaired insight


visual problems

the inability of pupils to react to the light



gait disturbances

patchy hair loss.

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Anonymous18 February 2017 at 06:28

Jeez, going by that list, I think I may have Syphilis myself. And like yourselves, I am also a nun! Go figure!



Anonymous18 February 2017 at 13:50

Gordon Duff on Veterans Today says Trump essentially cannot read, and is receiving instructions through an ear-piece on
what to say ... this was said of George Bush, who was photographed from the back with a box-like item under his jacket,
that people said was the receiver for Bush's voice instructor

An intriguing 'white hat' argument for Trump talks about this:

Chart of 1500+ paedophile arrests since Trump took office 4 weeks ago:


A 'DHS Insider' - US Dept of Homeland Security - speaks of how the war of Trump's team upon the US establishment, is
focusing on the massive paedophile rings, including the corrupt child-services bureaucracies that are ripping children away
from parents in order to transfer them into paedophile hands

This 'DHS Insider' and various others, say that now high numbers of lower-level paedophile persons are being arrested, in
order to gather evidence on higher-ups, the blackmail process of politicians etc ... and that Mossad will be brought down in
the US !?

On this view, all of Trump's pro-Deep-State actions and stances are cover for the anti-paedophile operation which is what
will really bring down the old regime

A fantasy perhaps, but one can quietly hope




William18 February 2017 at 16:59

I've notified the President that he now has syphilis. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump


F ri da y, 1 7 Fe b ru a ry 2 01 7


Donald Trump is the Deep State.


Michael Aquino is supporting Trump.

Trump was chosen by the Deep State at least 15 years ago.

The US elections were rigged in order to put Trump into power.

Trump supporter Michael Ledeen, who was involved in Iran-Contra. Michael Ledeen, Gladio and 9 11.
Trump is supported by a number of billionaires, including:

1. Peter Thiel, the cofounder of PayPal, is a top supporter of Donald Trump.

Thiel is listed as a member of the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Group.[70]

He participated in every conference between 2007 and 2016.

Thiel grew up in an evangelical Christian household.

In 2007, Gawker published an article on Thiel, outing him as gay.[61]

2. Sheldon Adelson, of the Las Vegas Sands Casino is backing Trump.

Billionaires Supporting Donald Trump for President

3. Woody Johnson, heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune, is backing Trump.

4. Carl Icahn, the activist investor, is backing Trump.

5. Tom Barrack, the billionaire private equity veteran, is supporting Trump.

6. Stephen Feinberg, of private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management, is supporting Trump.

7. Steven Mnuchin, the hedge fund manager, serves as Trumps chief fundraiser and as head of his national finance

8. Robert Mercer, the hedge fund manager, is supporting Trump.

9. T. Boone Pickens, the Texas oil baron, is supporting Trump.

10. Stanley Hubbard, the media mogul, is supporting Trump.

11. Darwin Deason, the tech entrepreneur, is supporting Trump.

12. Wilbur Ross, chairman and CEO of WL Ross & Co., is supporting Trump.
13. Andrew Beal, of Beal Bank, is supporting Trump.

14. John Paulson, who made his fortune betting against the housing market before its collapse, is supporting Trump.

Billionaires Supporting Donald Trump for President

Some very powerful people are supporting Trump, including:

Michael Ledeen, who was involved in the IranContra affair, and reportedly in Operation Gladio .[17] Michael Ledeen,
Gladio and 9 11.

Rudolph Giuliani - mayor of New York on 9-11.

John Ashcroft, 79th United States Attorney General (200105)[1] Attorney General on 9-11.

John R. Bolton, 25th United States Ambassador to the United Nations (200506)[3]

Dick Cheney, 46th Vice President of the United States (200109) and 17th United States Secretary of Defense (198993)

Edwin Meese, 75th United States Attorney General (198588)[5]

Dan Quayle, 44th Vice President of the United States (198993)[7]

Donald Rumsfeld, 13th and 21st United States Secretary of Defense (197577, 200106)[8]

Jerry Falwell Jr. has been one of Trumps staunchest backers.

And, Donald Trump had former CIA chief James Woolsey as an adviser.
Trump's supporters in the military include:

William G. Boykin, ret. 3-star General, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (200207)[10] He helped
advise Attorney General Janet Reno regarding the stand-off at Waco, Texas, between the Federal Government and
the Branch Davidians.[1] He was the commanding general, United States Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center,
Fort Bragg.

Michael T. Flynn,[a] ret. 3-star General, Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (201214) [11]

Jeffrey D. Gordon,[a] Pentagon spokesman (200509)[12]

Joseph E. Schmitz,[a] Inspector General (200205)[13]


Richard Secord, Major General[226] He was involved in the Iran-Contra affair.

William E. Thurman, Lieutenant General[10]

Jay Garner, Lieutenant General[224]

Bert Mizusawa, Major General, Deputy Director for Strategic Initiatives, Joint Chiefs of Staff[229]

Crosbie E. Saint, General, Commander in Chief, U.S. Army Europe/Commander, Central Army Group (198892)[10]
Sidney Shachnow, Major General, a Holocaust survivor[10]

Paul E. Vallely, Major General, 351st Civil Affairs Commander (198286), Deputy Commanding General, Pacific
Command, Military Committee Chairman for the Center for Security Policy[232].

Vallely is a supporter of the Jerusalem Summit organization and an advocate of the organization's proposal to
"relocate"/"resettle" Palestine and the Palestinian people to surrounding Arab countries as a solution to the Israeli-
Palestinian conflict.

Vallely co-authored a 1980 paper with then PSYOP analyst Michael Aquino entitled From PSYOP to MindWar: The
Psychology of Victory.

Vallely blasted allegations of detainee abuse at Guantanamo as "myths of the left-wing press".

Jerome L. Johnson, Admiral, Vice Chief of Naval Operations (199092)[236]

Jerry L. Unruh, Vice Admiral, Commander of the Third Fleet (199294)[10]

News Corpse.

Trump has had a lot of supporters in the media world, including:

Rupert Murdoch who decided to back Donald Trump.

Murdoch - owner of The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, and the New York Post - suggested in March that the Republican
Party coalesce around Trump.

Roger Ailes, former Chairman and CEO of Fox News Channel, media consultant to presidential campaigns of Richard
Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and George H. W. Bush[419]

Conrad Black, Canadian-born British former newspaper publisher, convicted fraudster, author and member of the House
of Lords [381]

Eric Bolling, commentator, co-host of The Five and Cashin' In on Fox News[382]

Ann Coulter,[a] political commentator and writer[384]

Bo Dietl, Fox News commentator[387]

Lou Dobbs,[a] television personality, author, radio host and host of Lou Dobbs Tonight on Fox Business[389]

Pamela Geller

Pamela Geller, political activist and commentator[393]

Katie Hopkins, newspaper columnist and TV personality[395]

David Horowitz, conservative writer, founder and president of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, and editor
of FrontPage Magazine[16]

Paul Johnson, journalist, historian, speechwriter and author[396]

Andrew Klavan, novelist, screenwriter and columnist for The Daily Wire[399]

Lawrence Kudlow, conservative commentator, economic analyst, television personality, newspaper columnist and host
of the The Kudlow Report.[17]

Michael Ledeen, foreign policy analyst, and writer.[17]

David Limbaugh, conservative American political commentator and author[400]

Michelle Malkin, blogger, political commentator, and author[401]

Gavin McInnes,[a] co-founder of Vice Media[402][403]

Piers Morgan, journalist and television personality, writer for the Daily Mail[405]

Melanie Phillips, newspaper opinion columnist[406]

Norman Podhoretz, neoconservative pundit, former adviser to the U.S. Information Agency (198187), and writer
for Commentary[407]

Michael Scheuer,[a] former CIA intelligence officer, blogger, author, political analyst, and former Chief of the Bin Laden
Issue Station[408]

Cal Thomas, conservative syndicated columnist, pundit, author and radio commentator[414]
Andrew Breitbart (left) Larry Solov (right of Breitbart) and Netanyahu. Andrew Breitbart died in mysterious
circumstances at the age of 43. Solov now runs 'Breitbart News' as a pro-Netanyahu website.

Netanyahu 'controls Trump and Breitbart'.

The Ties That Now Bind Trump to Netanyahu and Breitbart.

In 2015, Breitbart News opened its bureau in Jerusalem.

Breitbart's President and CEO Larry Solov has written that Breitbart's transformation into a media empire began in
Israel in 2015.

In 2015, Breitbart News opened its bureau in Jerusalem.

Larry Solov's visit to Israel was financed by pro-Israeli hasbara (Israeli propaganda) groups.

Breitbart News was "founded by Jews, is largely staffed by Jews, and has an entire section dedicated to reporting on
and defending the Jewish state of Israel," Breitbart's Jewish CEO Larry Solov announced.
Stephen Bannon, Breitbart executive chairman, became the Chief Executive of Donald Trump's presidential
campaign. [2] He holds a master's degree in National Security Studies from Georgetown University, which has been
linked to the CIA. Bannon is a former a Special Assistant to the Chief of Naval Operations.[9] After his military
service, Bannon worked at Goldman Sachs. Bannon became an executive producer in Hollywood.

Donald Trump hired Breitbart News's executive chairman Steve Bannon as his campaign manager.

Breitbart Boasts its Jewish Credentials

Trump is 'in' with the top people.

The World Knowledge Forum is a Bilderberg-style group which meets to discuss world problems.

Among those involved are:

Donald Trump
Alan Greenspan

Colin Powell

Condoleezza Rice

Maurice Strong

Tony Blair

Lawrence Summers

Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Supranational Society: NGOs and the Top 400 people

Jeffrey Epstein's little black book contains the names of:

Donald Trump
Ehud Barak
Sir Evelyn de Rothschild

Rahm Emanuel, Donald Trump, Ari Emanuel

Donald Trump donated to Rahm Emanuel's mayoral campaign; and Donald Trump employed Rahm Emmanuel's brother
Ari as his agent...
GAMHOF is a group of powerful establishment figures of German origin.

It has been run by:

Hon. Louis J. Freeh, Former Director of the FBI,

Donald J. Trump

And a few others.

Supranational Society: Masterlist of 1,300 NGOs and the Top 400 people

Ivana Trump in London, June 2013. Celebrity Sightings In London

Donald Trump is linked to Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission.


Bilderberger Henry Kissinger, who is very close to Donald Trump.

It can be argued that the secret rulers of the world are German Americans, such as Donald Trump.

Think of some names that are German-American:

Epstein, Cohn, Adelson, Trump.


Think of some others with German-American links:

Ann Dunham, mother of Barack Obama, Richard Nixon, Herbert Hoover, Dwight Eisenhower, George Bush,Theodore
Germany, after May 1945. A girl in the Kloster Indersdorf children's centre, photographed in an attempt to locate
surviving relatives. Displaced Persons

Allegedly, the German-Americans run the world.

There is a theory that certain powerful Americans, both Jewish and non-Jewish, financed Hitler and encouraged him to
wreck parts of Europe.

In 1939, there were German-Americans, and others, who "dreamed of scavenging the assets of a doomed British

That special relationship

How America planned to destroy BRITAIN and grab its wealth..

Before World War II, many German-Americans saw Britain as the enemy, and the Pentagon had a plan to invade the
British Empire.

aangirfan: WAR PLAN RED

Joseph P. Kennedy, former U.S. Ambassador to Britain.

James Forrestal, the first US Secretary of Defense (1947-1949), quotes Joseph Kennedy as saying:

"Chamberlain (the British Prime Minister) stated that America and the world Jews had forced England into the war."

(Diplomats Who Were Close To The Events at Northerntruthseeker)

The Order of the Illuminati, founded by Adam Weishaupt on 1 May 1776, had its origin in Bavaria in Germany.

The powerful secret society called Skull and Bones, whose members have included George Bush and John Kerry, was
reportedly based on a German secret society linked to Germany's Illuminati.
American journalist Edwin Black, author of the 2009 book Nazi Nexus, claimed that some American corporations and
foundations, which helped the Nazis during World War II, are now conspiring to build a Nazi New World Order.

Some theorists, such as the American writer Jim Marrs, claim that Nazis in the USA and elsewhere, are secretly working to
promote Nazi ideas such as spying on citizens, militarism and the use of brainwashing.

They cite Operation Paperclip and the control of conglomorates by ex-Nazis and their sympathizers after the war.[59]
There is a theory that the top 'Nazis' are secretly in alliance with the top members of a Judeo-Masonic conspiracy.

In other words, the Feudal Lords find it convenient to cooperate as much as possible.

American Ambassador in Berlin, William Dodd, wrote about Hitler's American and Jewish friends:

Hitler's Secret Backers - American-Buddha.com

Professor John Coar ... told me that he had been a personal friend of Adolf Hitler's and in 1923 had advised him against
his putsch in Bavaria.

(So Hitler had American advisors among his circle already in 1923!)

Hitler continued to give him interviews all the time and he was intending to go to Hitler's summer house in Bavaria in
several days.

He offered to bring me back an exact report of his conversation with Hitler, if I would give him a letter for President
Roosevelt, to whom he wished to bring a final report...
Bottom left - Max von Oppenheim, German Jew

One evening my wife visited Baron Eberhard von Oppenheim, who lives splendidly and quietly near us. Many German
Nazis were present.

It is said that Oppenheim gave the Nazi party 200,000 marks, and that he had received a special party dispensation,
declaring him to be an Aryan. (p. 86)

Hitler's Secret Backers - American-Buddha.com

A book, 'written by U.S. banker Sidney Warburg', a joint owner of the New York bank Kuhn Loeb and Cie described three
conversations he held with Hitler at the request of American financiers, the Bank of England and oil firms to facilitate
payments to the Nazi party.
"The book alleged that Hitler received $10 million from Kuhn Loeb and Cie during 1929, further payments of $15 million
in 1931, and $7 million when Hitler took power in 1933."

Hitler's Secret Backers - American-Buddha.com

Siegmund Warburg, back row, second from right. The Warburgs are German-Jewish.

Some people have pointed out that 'fascist' or 'feudal' ideas, such as imperialism or political repression, have a very long
history, and predate Hitler and the Illuminati.

What we can say with certainty is that German-Americans, many of them Jewish in origin, have wielded great power in
the USA and abroad.

Over 50 million people in the USA identify German as their ancestry.

So, who are these German-Americans?

Below, we list some of the names.

John D. Rockefeller, industrialist

David Rockefeller is a banker and key figure in Bilderberg, the CFR and the Trilateral Commission.

Nelson Rockefeller was vice-president of the USA.

Henry Kissinger, alleged war criminal

Henry Kissinger was former Secretary of State.

John Jacob Astor, IV

John Jacob Astor was first multi-millionaire in the United States.

Solomon Loeb founded Kuhn, Loeb and Co.

The Warburg Family are bankers. Paul Warburg was a banker.

Jacob Schiff was a banker.

Angelina Jolie - German American of German Descent

Theodore Roosevelt was US President.

Herbert Hoover was US President.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Dwight Eisenhower was a top general and former US president.

Pat Nixon was Richard Nixon's wife.

Richard Nixon was of English, Irish and German ancestries.

Pat Nixon, first lady

Rosalynn Carter was First Lady.

George W. Bush was American president (20012009)

How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power

Barbara Bush was First Lady.

Barack Obama's mother, Ann Dunham, has German ancestries.

Rock Hudson was born Roy Harold Scherer, Jr.

Chuck Hagel was US Defense Secretary.

Timothy Geithner was US Secretary of the Treasury.

Donald Rumsfeld is a former Secretary of Defense.

Wernher von Braun, rockets and spaceships.

Wernher von Braun was a rocket scientist.

Robert Oppenheimer was "The Father of the Atomic Bomb".

Brad Pitt - German American of German Descent

Joseph Augustus Biedenharn set up Coca-Cola.

William Edward Boeing founded Boeing.

Walter Chrysler founded Chrysler.

George Clooney - German American of German Descent

Walt Disney made films and reportedly worked for the CIA.

Steve Jobs was co-founder and CEO of Apple.

Charles Pfizer founded the Pfizer.

Eric Schmidt is executive chairman and CEO of Google.

Charles M. Schwab was a steel magnate.

Steve Schwarzman owns the Blackstone Group.

Peter Thiel is co-founder of PayPal and the first outside investor in Facebook.

Donald Trump is a real estate developer.


Mark Zuckerberg is co-founder of Facebook.

Jimmy Hoffa was a labor union leader.

J. Edgar Hoover was the first Director of the FBI.

Chester W. Nimitz was Commander in Chief of Pacific Forces for the United States and Allied forces during World War

John J. Pershing was a top officer in the military.

Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr. was a United States Army General.

"The Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 were followed by increasing income
inequality and the worst financial crisis since the 1930s."

Donald Trump plans to reduce taxes on the rich, make bankers richer, boost
real-estate speculation, spend more on the military, borrow more and put
Goldman Sachs in charge of the economy.

Trump's rich-first economic policy

Donald Trump a Robber Baron.

Nafeez Ahmed, who believes that 9 11 was an inside job, has written: How the
Trump regime was manufactured by a war inside the Deep State

According to Ahmed:

1. Trump's team is clearly not planning on acting in the interests of American

They will act in the interests of US banks and corporations.

Trump's defense appointees and advisors are part of the military-industrial


2. Henry Kissinger's critical role in developing Trump's strategy was

revealed by the German tabloid, Der Bild, which obtained a document from the
Trump transition team.

Trump's national security team draws on the views of the Kissinger team
concerning the threat of overpopulated poor countries.

3. Trump's Deep State is interested in controlling resources, raw materials,

fossil fuel energy reserves, and cheap labour.
The Deep State is involved with "illegal capital flights, profits from criminal
enterprises, drug trading, smuggling..."

Among Trump's draft executive orders is one that allows US corporations to buy
conflict minerals from the Congo - which are widely used in electronic products
like smartphones and laptops.

4. The Trump regime represents a white nationalist coup by a faction within

the Deep State.

But, are they all secretly working for the Kosher Nostra?

Trump's faction are keenly aware that the US economy has problems.

But, Trump's policies will not help the American workers.

5. The charity ActionAid showed in a 2013 report that a realistic poverty
measure lies between $5 and $10 a day.

World Bank data shows that since 1990, the number of people living under $10
a day has increased by 25 percent.

Today, 4.3 billion people - nearly two-thirds of the global population - live on
less than $5 a day.

Global debt is now higher than 2007 pre-crash levels.

The oil industry has amassed two trillion dollars worth of debt.





5 days ago - Nafeez Ahmed, who believes that 9 11 was an inside job, has written: How the Trumpregime was
manufactured by a war inside the Deep State



Feb 8, 2017 - Donald J. Trump and The Deep State Dr. Paul Craig Roberts points out: 1. Trump's neocon
military chief General Mattis has just declared that ...

sex and the deep state 2; trump, putin, jfk, ford - Aangirfan


Jan 14, 2017 - Ellen Rometsch Reportedly, Ellen Rometsch had affairs with both J F Kennedy and Gerald
Ford. Presidents Kennedy, Ford had affairs



Jan 14, 2017 - Mark Galeotti, an expert on Russia's security services at the Institute of International Relations
in Prague, says that the Russians would be very ...



May 10, 2016 - Trump Poised to Lift Ban on C.I.A. 'Black Site' Prisons ... was put into power because he is
allied to the Nazi/Zionist faction of the Deep State.
You visited this page.



Oct 6, 2016 - ... Conservatives in charge, 636,000 migrants arrived in Britain in one year. The Conservatives
like to confuse you. ~~ CLINTON AND TRUMP.



Oct 13, 2016 - The televangelist Pat Robertson told Trump recently, 'You inspire us all. ... "Like fools, we
expect salvation from the deep state's cynical puppets ...



Jan 14, 2017 - Stella Capes, aka Mariella Novotny. "Mariella Novotny was part Jewish, she was actually quiet
proud of that and spoke Hebrew." (NightHawk: ...

Aangirfan: IS TRUMP OK?


Jan 26, 2017 - Watching Trump I really miss a President that could speak in .... be sufficient to
removeTrump from office when the Deep State wants to act
Posted by Anon at 10:47

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Arthur Mcgonnell17 February 2017 at 11:45

Please look into #bloodoverintent...this is how the ( holographic!)elite manipulate the holographic simulation that we are
all involved in...we can use it to shut down the illusionary games&exit the matrix...this is the revelation that they do not
want shared ..we need practical solutions to the endless information about the horrors that are occurring in this virtual
labyrinth..we can use our blood,intentions& current technology2 create the realities which we actually desire& suit our
spirits..not some Archon infected lost souls....& please check out Devin Madgy,s excellent research..he,s making more sense
than any one else I have ever researched ..I hope Aangirfan shares this information with 1&All...#exodus2019!..X


Anonymous17 February 2017 at 13:14

All these contrived run-ins with the media, 'fake news' 'dishonest media' etc, are surely being set-up to reign in and control
all media including alternative and internet sources of honest and impartial information.



Anonymous17 February 2017 at 13:57

Bill Gates says he is hopeful that President Trump's administration will take the necessary steps to be able to respond to a
global pandemic or act of bio-terrorism.
- sounds like someone is planning one



Anonymous18 February 2017 at 13:06

Trump plays the opposite but complementary role to Obama. He's a convenient bogeyman so that no one - and especially
the Left - thinks to look elsewhere for the real villains. Look how obsessed the British media are with Trump, when they
don't lay a finger on May or any other establishment figure. Obama, by contrast, was the smiling ventriloquist's dummy
while the ventriloquist was in the shadows doing the opposite.



abe mullivan18 February 2017 at 14:11

The guy is nuts...did you see his speech yesterday?



W ednesday, 8 February 2017


Trump the Great - Paul Craig Roberts.

Too late in the day, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has turned against Trump.

Is The Trump Administration Already Over? / Donald J. Trump and The Deep State

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts points out:

1. Trump's neocon military chief General Mattis has just declared that Iran 'is the single biggest state sponsor of
terrorism in the world.'

Iran is in the way of Israel's Zionist policy of Greater Israel.

Mattis has declared Russia to be the number one threat to the US.

Mattis has threatened intervention in China's territorial affairs.

Mattis and Tillerson are threatening to intervene in China's sphere of influence.

2. Trump has chosen a former Goldman Sachs executive, Steve Mnuchin of Skull and Bones, to lead the US Treasury.
This reinforces the recent speculation about Trump's relationship to the Deep State.
The Trump team has connections to the Deep State - both overt (through Exxon) and covert (through Alfa Bank, which
has been linked to the drugs trade.)

3. Trump in his transition team 'surrounded himself with people tied to the Koch Brothers.'
politico.com/trump-koch-brothers / newyorker.com/covert-operations / politifact.com/-koch-brothers-are-richest-

The Trump nominee for Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is a major billionaire contributor to the Koch donor list.

Betsy's brother Erik Prince, of Blackwater, has been advising the Trump transition team on matters related to
intelligence and defense.


Prince told Trump's senior adviser Steve Bannon that the Trump administration should recreate a version of the Phoenix

Trump's CIA Director is Mike Pompeo, known as the 'congressman from Koch.'
Alison Jackson



France's Nuclear Power Stations 'At Risk of Catastrophic Failure' .

Posted by Anon at 23:11

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Program, Pompeo, Prince, Russia, Skull and Bones, Trump


Anonymous9 February 2017 at 00:49

Trump's Uncle worked for MIT. Who knew.




Anonymous9 February 2017 at 01:36



Yunus E9 February 2017 at 01:41

Retreaded Reagan-era apparatchik Roberts is back to do what he does best - limited hangouts intended to muddy the
waters of any issue which may be "in danger" of becoming clear.

Knowing that Trump's moves right out of the box cannot be successfully spun into anything other than clear confirmation of
his complete ownership by the Israel Lobby, as part of the team of "cutting edge" sionist think tankers Roberts takes the
aggressive 'in your face' approach to damage control...

give the man up to his critics, knowing that he's already used up his usefulness - and now start to focus upon "continuity of
government." With the Goldman team now unalterably in place, Trump's figurehead role will largely be unnecessary -

all the bagholders who bought the cheap rhetoric about this Lanksy-Mafiya acolyte being an "outsider" are fully on the hook
for their purchase/ no returns, no exchanges, all sellouts are final!

Prepping America for a fatal civil war which will bring the once mighty Republic to a end, the master planners who for so
long have desired to see it humbled - once sucked dry by their extortion racket = have sowed the seeds of a suicidal death
wish among all the gullible goyim who sucked up Roberts weekly menu of disinfo over this past year, along with the blizzard
of Russian Deep State Mafiya-generated "NEO" "SPUTNIK" "SAKER" agitprop designed to make fashionable the guilty pleasures
of taking on the blame for every criminal act the world over.

And it's worked like a charm! Rootin for Putin is the new mantra which preludes a gigantic Jonestown replication which
"guilty" Americans will be hypnotized into believing is a suitable expiation for the sins of "their" Deep State. Which was
never anything more than Bronfman's International Bnai Brith, the board of Directors of Permindex, and the vast network of
covert Ashkenazi operatives who gradually subsumed EVERY polity in the western world into their control.

And Peter Dale Scott - for all his elegant prose and incisive musings about the Deep State, took fatal liberty with his own
success, when he criticized the true originator of that field of study, Fletcher Prouty, for having "a "conspiratorialist
mentality" that "localizes the global dominance mindset too narrowly in a restricted group who are not only like-minded but
in conspiratorial communication over a long term".

Fletch got it right all along, though he hung back from naming the actual names from a wise desire to stay healthy.

The "SECRET TEAM" has won the day, and Washington is no more than an outpost of the Solntsevskaya Bratva and it's
Ashkenazi partners. What Scott will never let his readers know is that the "Turkish Deep State" was always the creation of
Israeli intelligence and Russian Mafiyas working with NATO to create the permanent chaos which would maximize the
profitable criminal endeavors of all three. Like JITEM and the PKK were always hand in glove, the master criminal caste
which runs this sorry ol world have always needed each other.

And stooges like Roberts, Escobar and the rest.




Anon9 February 2017 at 07:21

Many thanks for your learned comments.

- Aangirfan.


Anonymous15 February 2017 at 10:10

If Solntsevskaya Bratva is the real Russian power, what is the power behind NATO?

Yunus E18 February 2017 at 00:06

It's hard to specify a "real Russian power," as the interlocking 'dolls' of association between mafiyas, states,
intelligence agencies and terror networks takes precedence over any single player.

That's how talmudism[somewhat distinct from 'international jewry]has gained it's ascendance over time. Inveigling
goys fascinated with 'magic,' secret societies, archaic rites and occult powers into cooperation with their aims,
Josef Frank and other messiahs of sabbatean esotericism have consistently worked to integrate kabbalist principles
into the mainstream.

Which means that all powers, including SB, Putin, the Russian intelligence networks, etc., are suseptible to
subversion, and utilization in causes unknown to them.

In this story - https://storify.com/SuaveBel/when-the-mask-drops - I attempted to identify the means by which

Israeli diplomatic subversion dovetails with the process described above. In so doing, it part ways answers the
question of "who is the power behind NATO."

Successful subsummation of Turkish sovereignty last July by the covert Israeli-Russian alliance resulted in the
replication of the formula "Turkish Deep State [Israeli intelligence and Russian Mafiyas]
working with NATO to create the permanent chaos which would maximize the profitable criminal endeavors of all
three" into a new alliance which will subvert NATO into a zionist-led rump of European petty states bereft of a
zionist-controlled anglo element now being readied to aggressively break with their former "partners."

And achieve the separate foreign policy aims of tel aviv and Moscow by doing it. Talmudism in action.



Anonymous9 February 2017 at 01:42




Anonymous9 February 2017 at 01:43




Brabantian9 February 2017 at 02:48

However thoroughly Donald Trump is Deep State, I think there is a 'Trump Revolution' bigger than Trump himself, which
cannot be stopped now, regardless of how much Trump himself disappoints

Much as US oligarchy & Israeli shill Alex Jones yet woke up millions to the reality of the Deep State, 9-11 truth etc

Unlike the merely 'reformist' false hopes of Obama, Trump gave the just-about-full truth bomb re the USA - that the 2 big
political parties & the big media are a fraud, the system is rigged by globalists against common people, etc

Trump fired up the imagination of millions, & that will not go away now, that genie is out of the bottle, regardless of how
Trump himself proves to betray his own great words in his best moments, which even Aangirfan has highlighted

Trump will forever be one of the greatest political salesmen of US history, a history which turned a corner in that brilliant
moment in Trump's 2nd debate with Hillary Clinton -
When Trump retorted, "Because you'd be in jail!", to Hillary's carping that it was "good" he was not President ... that was
electrifying, to have a major candidate call out the total criminal corruption of the establishment, & menace its top figure
with imprisonment

However fraudulently, in his best moments, Trump presented a living, breathing image of what an anti-corruption, anti-
NWO fighting hero president would look like. That is emblazoned into people's brains & will not go away even if in the end
'Real Donald Trump' is totally exposed as fraud who betrays the myth

The myth will remain, & a USA revolution will continue beneath the surface, till the USA smashes into pieces

People are already starting to say Trump has been blackmailed ... Some might soon opine that a body double took Trump's
place after the inauguration ... Some hope Trump is still 'playing the fox' to not be killed by the US Deep State ... Veterans
Today is suggesting Trump can barely read text at all, he is half-illiterate & cannot comprehend the documents he is
signing, with Steve Bannon in fact if not in name the actual USA President

The Trump whom people believed in for a few weeks or months, the Trump myth, will endure, regardless of Trump himself




Anonymous9 February 2017 at 03:55

A clown for president: Trump. Nuff said.


Anonymous9 February 2017 at 15:58

So what will happen?.Another civil war where the two sides bludgeon each other to death...again.If they have a
civil war they had better be sure they take out the Jewish overlords at the top.Spanish Civil War...One side run by
Jews in Russia (they stole all of Spain's gold reserves)...and what about Spain's nationalists on the other side.Check
Sephardic surnames...like Franco for example.Surrounded by a Moroccan bodyguard which seems odd for a
nationalist...but NOT if you assume they were Moroccan CRYPTO Jews!


Robert Hull9 February 2017 at 16:54

Brilliant read.



Anonymous9 February 2017 at 03:53




Anonymous9 February 2017 at 06:55



Anonymous9 February 2017 at 07:02




Anonymous9 February 2017 at 07:02

idiot playing




Anonymous9 February 2017 at 10:57

Justice for survivors




Anonymous10 February 2017 at 04:50

With Trump's muslim ban being overturned, do you suspect another false flag will happen to support it?

Also is it possible that the last one was in Quebec for less accountability on the new POTUS?



W ednesday, 1 February 2017

In his first television interview since becoming president, Donald Trump was interviewed by David Muir.


Tara @HillHouseRock
It feels like @DavidMuir is interviewing someone in a mental health facility who thinks they are President w/ this
rambling. #POTUSonABC

3:18 AM - 26 Jan 2017



In his first television interview since becoming president, Donald Trump says:


Watching Trump I really miss a President that could speak in complete sentences and didn't have bloodshot
coked out eyes.#POTUSonABC
3:25 AM - 26 @pixeliza
Jan 2017


Here's what Trump says about his talk with the CIA:

"They loved it. They gave me a standing ovation for a long period of time.They never even sat down, most of them,
during the speech. There was love in the room."

Trump on torture:

"Absolutely I feel it works. Have I spoken to people at the top levels and people that have seen it work? I havent seen
it work. But I think it works. Have I spoken to people that feel strongly about it?Absolutely.


Socrates O'Connor @SocratesOConnor

It's official. The POTUS is a raving madman. God help us all. #POTUSonABC

3:28 AM - 26 Jan 2017



Full transcript: Pres. Donald Trump's interview with ABC News' David Muir

"In countries with populist or autocratic leaders, we often see democracies in decline and a disturbing pattern of
attempts to crack down on civil society, limit press freedom, and weaken the independence of the judiciary.

"'Instead of tackling crony capitalism, those leaders usually install even worse forms of corrupt systems,' Jos Ugaz, the
chair of Transparency International, said in a statement..."
Report: Populist leaders often add to corruption they vow to rid from governments

Katie Johnson says she was raped by Trump.

"Since the inauguration, the new administration has provided "alternative facts" about crowds at the event and barred
the Environmental Protection Agency from openly disclosing information to the public.

"In addition, the president faces a lawsuit regarding potential conflicts of interest between his business and position as
an elected official.

"All together, some observers say, those types of actions mirror patterns across the globe in which populist and
autocratic leaders have risen to power."

Report: Populist leaders often add to corruption they vow to rid from governments
Posted by Anon at 00:05

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Labels: cocaine, corruption, interview, mad, mentally ill, mind control, populist, torture, Trump, wall


Del *26 January 2017 at 08:59

As much as I wanted to hate him I'm finding him speaking sense, who wants illegals in their country? Who wants big business
leaving their country? Who wants a borderless country? Who doesn't want more jobs for their own countrymen? I don't know,
this is confusing as most of the media says he's mad but he's talking sense and acting on it so far, can anyone correct me?




Anonymous27 January 2017 at 01:04

True, but in the end he will show his real face. As I said before, he has managed to fool many.


Anonymous27 January 2017 at 01:47

Immigrants can be kept where they belong without a wall


Anonymous27 January 2017 at 03:46

So,one of the most powerful nations in the world, which has the money, technology & manpower to monitor
situations around the globe, is incapable of securing it's own border without the need of a wall? We know that
Trump is a puppet. So who is behind this? Who benefits from keeping immigrants out, and trapping Americans in?



Anonymous26 January 2017 at 09:42




Brabantian26 January 2017 at 13:13

Trump on rich guy drugs?

Trump to 'protect Syrian gays'
Alex Jones to get premium White House press pass

Trump seems to me more like common wealthy people on drugs I have seen, rather than the clinically mentally un-stable

But the seemingly high-on-drugs aspect should be sufficient to remove Trump from office when the Deep State wants to act

It is horrifying to hear Trump advocate torture ... tho there he is just more honest, without the joy in layers of hypocrisy as
with the psychopathic Obama, who oversaw torture (see Washington's blog etc) whilst it was generally pretended it wasn't

Now Trump says he will mount aggressive action against Syrian sovereignty, technically a war crime for which Trump could
be hanged by the neck until dead by a Nuremberg tribunal

Remarkably, Trump's staff say his proposed Syrian 'safe zone' will exclude anyone not committed to diversity & acceptance
of gay people ... it would be amusing to see how many openly-pro-gay people can be found in socially conservative &
mostly Muslim Syria for Trump's enclave

With Trump's drone killings of Muslims starting in Yemen his first weekend as President, drone murders to help the Saudi
Wahhabis who are covert friends of Israel, & Trump's pro-torture fantasies he keeps burbling, & now this essentially war-
criminal statement of intention to invade Syria -

The world indeed has a Trump 'problem' quite different from what Trump voters expected, & even what Trump promised on
the inauguration podium about leaving other nations alone

But Alex Jones & InfoWars are getting deluxe ultra-premium White House Press credentials as just announced HA




Anonymous27 January 2017 at 06:39

Syria 'safe zone' just like an Iraqi 'no fly zone' on the ol days.

Great point on Obama hypocrisy on torture vs. the honesty from the lunatic Trump. That extends to Obama voters
No doubt the new phase of the rape and destruction of Syria will include the NWO servant Vlad Putin who will
partner in the big show with Trump as they 'work together' to save Syria.



Heimlich Himler26 January 2017 at 14:38

You often speak as though Trump is actually the one in charge here. I'm not defending the sorry sack, but what are we
talking about here? A genuine executive in the WH whose been shown "JFK's brain in a jar" and kept against his will? A
monolithic conspiracy in control of everything? A power struggle among different factions of the elite?




Anonymous27 January 2017 at 08:25

"A power struggle among different factions of the elite?"




Brabantian26 January 2017 at 15:40

Lots of media are already trial-ballooning US President Donald Trump's removal from office via USA Constitution Amendment
25, which allows for quick coup d'tat if Vice-President Mike Pence & half the Cabinet declare Trump mentally unfit for
office, the Congress can then vote & Trump would be out in a day, with VP Pence in his place.

The scenario replicates that of another populist President, the democratically-elected Mohamed Morsi of Egypt's Muslim
Brotherhood, also hated by his nation's Deep State.

Like Trump, Morsi & the Muslim Brotherhood stood for reformist change as desired by many of his nation's people, tho quite
different reforms for their respective nations.

Egyptians - & likely the majority of Muslims - gravitate naturally to the Muslim Brotherhood, with its religious, democratic,
non-monarchical socialist agenda, with shariah law that is devout but less fanatic than the Saudi Wahhabis.

Like Trump, Morsi appeared hated by his country's Deep State from the very beginning.

Like Trump, Morsi was seduced by advisers to scrap his promises & go along with neo-con-desired foreign adventures against
other peoples ... neither Morsi nor Trump realising that going along with neo-cons, endangers their own ability to survive in

In Morsi's tragic case (elected June 2012 - deposed July 2013), Morsi welshed on doing what a billion Muslims wanted him to
do - End the Gaza blockade on the Egyptian side (Gaza used to be part of Egypt), & relieve the sufferings of the Palestinians
there ... If Morsi had done this he would have become the eternal, unstoppable hero of the Arab & Muslim worlds.

The foolish Morsi, however, believed the lie it was 'smarter' to go along with neo-cons & Israel 'for now'. Morsi not only went
along with continuing to oppress his fellow Arabs, but even agreed to support Saudi Arabia & Israel & terrorist extremists in
the war on Syria, instead of patiently advancing Muslim Brotherhood interests there.

These betrayals cost Morsi the support of his base, whilst Egypt's Deep State escalated manoeuvres against him, till finally
Morsi was deposed by Israeli asset General al-Sisi (el-Sissi), born of a Moroccan Jewish mother associated with Israeli regime

Now we see Trump seduced by the same siren song of the neo-cons, as Trump escalates Obama's drone plane murders of
mid-east Muslims, & Trump plans raw aggression against the Syrian government with its Russian support ... Trump already
dispiriting his base who often see Putin as a hero, & Syria's Assad as someone who stood tall against terrorism & stupid USA



Anonymous27 January 2017 at 00:58

Mind control taking its toll on Mischa Barton




Anonymous27 January 2017 at 00:59

All that innocuous crowd size nonsense was blatant filibustering. No one gives a crap, yet he talked about this the most.

America has put Trump's ego into the WH. And it's truly disturbing when he refers to himself in third person.



Anonymous27 January 2017 at 01:23

So it looks like her "mom" is her handler and poor girl is trying to break away from her control





Anonymous27 January 2017 at 01:37




Anonymous27 January 2017 at 01:59

"He's going to be the head of the CIA. And you will have somebody fabulous, as opposed to the character that just got out
who didn't - was not fabulous at all"

Fabulous Mike Pompeo being a Jesuit, just like past directors Brennan and Morell.



Anonymous27 January 2017 at 03:59

What did we expect, really?


Anonymous27 January 2017 at 05:34

Fair point. Goddamn crypto-Jews


Anonymous27 January 2017 at 10:43

It is a depressing picture Trump and his choices, who they really are.
On the website ourspirit.com the Neo anthroposophical Douglas Gabriel and his wife. Who clearly want to and are
doing good however they can including as writers on CCRG and TMR . He speaks on YouTube videos too.
The point is he was brought up a Jesuit before leaving it , going into Rudolph Steiner and anthroposophy and was
at one time an NSA employee. He seems a very decent person. So maybe people in government from Jesuit ranks
might also be acting with the force of good inside them. In this mixed up world.


Anonymous27 January 2017 at 22:11

Yes the Pope is also a Jesuit, but doesn't seem to be completely evil.


jonny draco2 February 2017 at 17:31

Anonymous27 January 2017 at 22:11

Looks are deceiving.He's the one eye creature with two eyes. Beware.



Anonymous27 January 2017 at 02:09

same propaganda for same idiots




Anonymous27 January 2017 at 03:46




Anonymous27 January 2017 at 03:51




Anonymous2 February 2017 at 14:34

John Pilger talks on RT about Trump, Very Interesting Interview :




W ednesday, 1 February 2017


Del writes about Trump:

"As much as I wanted to hate him, I'm finding him speaking sense.

"Who wants illegals in their country?

"Who wants big business leaving their country?"

Remember Bernie Madoff?

Is Trump a conman?

1. Trump's wall will not stop the entry of drugs and illegal immigrants.
Drugs and illegal immigrants can arrive in the USA via boat, plane or tunnel.

A 2,000 mile long wall will be difficult to patrol.

Obama deported more people than any other President.

Trump has employed a lot of immigrants.

Remember Katie Johnson?

2. It is not going to be easy to stop American corporations from trading with China and other parts of the world.
The Republican party started the process of doing deals with China. Nixon visited China in 1972.

Trump has bought steel from China.

According to Andy Rothman, investment strategist at Matthews Asia:

"China is a fantastic market for American goods...

"It's a fantastic market for American airplanes, soybeans and a lot of other companies...

"A 45% tariff might increase the price of many products in Walmart by at least 10 per cent."

Why China isn't too bothered by Trump's threats.

Trump has talked of 45% tax on Chinese imports.

Since 2001, US exports to China have risen by over 600 per cent.

In comparison, US exports to the rest of the world are up by only 80 per cent.

In 2009, Obama put a tariff on imports of tyres from China.

As a result the price of tyres went up for US consumers.

The Chinese retaliated by putting a high tax on American chicken feet.

US poultry producers lost a billion dollars.

If Trump does put a tax on Chinese imports, the impact on the Chinese economy is going to be relatively small.

In China, the services and consumption part of the economy is now bigger than the manufacturing and construction

According to Andy Rothman:

"Of all the goods produced by Chinese factories, only 10% get exported...

"Of all Chinese exports, only 18 per cent go to America."

Why China isn't too bothered by Trump's threats.

Donald Trump's regime will be a Goldman Sachs regime.

4 Ways Goldman Sachs Will Wreck America from Inside the White House

Here are the values Goldman Sachs will bring to the White House.
1. Goldman Sachs off-shores as many jobs as possible.
Goldman Sachs has created a base in Bangalore, India, that houses 6,000 Goldman Sachs jobs.

The brains behind the Goldman Sachs move to India is Gary Cohn, who will head Trump's National Economic Council.

2. Goldman Sachs has direct and indirect control over thousands of corporations. These corporations are pressured
to move jobs from high wage to low wage areas.

(See here)

3. Goldman Sachs is in favour of Globalisation, trade agreements and low tariffs.

4. Goldman Sachs is opposed to financial regulation.

Four More Journalists Slapped With Felony Charges for Covering Inauguration Unrest
Donald Trump's Watching a Lot of Television, and It's Worrying His Aides: Reports

Reich: Trump's Infrastructure Scam

White House Sources Say Trump Was 'Visibly Enraged' at the Size of the Women's March: Repo

Trump's New CIA Director Enters a Maelstrom at the Agency

The Corporate Media Isn't Coming Close to Holding Trump Accountable

Seth Meyers Offers Mock Empathy to President Trump for His Puny Crowd Size
Posted by Anon at 00:07

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Labels: China, conman, drugs, Goldman Sachs, illegals, jobs, Madoff, trade, Trump, wall


Anonymous27 January 2017 at 05:55

how did they serve makes u wonder?




Anonymous27 January 2017 at 06:39





Anonymous29 January 2017 at 04:41

global research article says it all.. TRUMP OFFFICE FOOTPRINT:


"Surrounding himself with the wealthiest cabinet in American history (7 members are worth a total of $11.5
billion), if Trump is to be taken seriously as an anti-elitist, his recent moves arent the least bit reassuring to
working class America. Comprised of so many former Goldman Sachs executives, five in all, it lends Trump little
credibility to the notion that he is really looking out for the little guy."



Del *27 January 2017 at 08:24

Kind of misinterpreted my comment as I didn't mention the wall, but some good links there as usual, this site never fails to
bring up the right points and questions.



Anon27 January 2017 at 21:07

Many thanks.

- Aangirfan


W ednesday, 1 February 2017



The Trump regime is preparing an executive order that will allow the C.I.A. to reopen overseas 'black site' prisons.

These 'black site' prisons were where the CIA detained and tortured 'suspects' before Obama shut them down.

Trump Poised to Lift Ban on C.I.A. 'Black Site' Prisons


Trump's three-page draft order, obtained by The New York Times, would also undo restrictions on handling detainees
that Obama put in place in response to policies of the George W. Bush regime.
There have been C.I.A. 'Black Sites' in Stare Kiejkuty Poland, Vilnius Lithuania, Bucharest Romania, Guantnamo Bay
Cuba, Chiang Mai Thailand, Kabul Afghanistan...

The Blacks Sites allowed the CIA and its friends to bugger young boys, and, to torture innocent civilians in order to turn
them into mind-controlled killers.

Some people might say that Trump was put into power because he is allied to the Nazi/Zionist faction of the Deep

David Rockefeller?
Trump has connections to Rockefeller.

Trump's Resorts International "was originally set up and controlled by -

1. "Front men for the Rockefeller and Rothschild families.

2. "And, the Rockefeller and Rothschild's 'enforcers' in the CIA and Mossad."

Who Towers Behind Trump? | Michael Collins Piper / TRUMP, ROTHSCHILDS, ROCKEFELLERS, CIA...

The Rockefeller Foundation "helped found the German eugenics program and funded Josef Mengele."

American Roots of Nazis.

The CIA's Allen Dulles was very close to David Rockefeller.

Allen Dulles is thought to have recruited Richard Nixon as a spy in 1945, while Nixon was still in the navy.

Nelson Rockefeller, Gerald Ford, Henry Kissinger

"Every major post in Jimmy Carter's cabinet, including Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, was given to Carter by a
very secretive private club set up by David Rockefeller and Brzezinski in 1973 to control globalization policies in North
America, Europe and Japan.

"It was accordingly named the Trilateral Commission."

F. William Engdahl - Donald Trump: A mafia don


Some white American males feel powerless.

They feel crushed and humiliated.

They want a warrior leader.

They want someone who will get tough with ISIS.

They admire the thinking in the Breivik manifesto, which was most likely not actually written by Anders Breivik.

They don't want a peaceful country like Switzerland.

They want torture and killing.

Who said the following:

"I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice."

Hitler said the above, back in 1922.

Oops, Hitler said it.

In the 1930s there were plenty of top Americans supporting Hitler and National Socialism.

How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power.


It is all about keeping an ultra-rich elite in power - through mind control, child abuse rings, false flag terrorism and
puppet rulers.
Leaked documents show that the Trump empire is linked to 32 offshore companies.

Uh Oh: Trump Named In The Panama Papers 3540 Times!


Does Trump remind you of Hitler?

Donald Trump kept a book of Hitler's speeches by his bed.

Geert Wilders loves Trump.

Lots of 'Nazi Zionists' love Trump.

This is the guy to vote for!

The Powers-That-Be might believe that having a National Socialist as president will allow them to keep their wealth
and power?

Dick Cheney will back Trump, so we are unlikely to see Trump revealing the truth about 9 11.
Trump and Clinton - belong to the same club.

Trump has used "xenophobic agitation to mobilize mob support for a program of socialist policy, unlimited government,
and strongman rule...".

"In short, Trump is a national socialist."

Donald Trump: National Socialist - Robert Zubrin

Donald Trump is like Commodus.

Is Donald Trump a Fascist? - Jeffrey A. Tucker

"Think of Commodus (161-192 A.D.) in his war against the corrupt Roman senate.

"His ascension to power came with the promise of renewed Rome.

"What he brought was inflation, stagnation and suffering.

"Historians have usually dated the fall of Rome from his leadership.

Is Donald Trump a Fascist? - Jeffrey A. Tucker


"Commodus kept a harem of 600 concubines, equally divided between young women and boys.
"He turned over the administration of the empire to his mistress and to several of his corrupt favorites."

History Reveals a Truly Nasty Emperor

"Or, if you prefer pop culture, think of Bane, the would-be dictator of Gotham in Batman, who promises an end to
democratic corruption, weakness and loss of civic pride.

"He sought a revolution against the prevailing elites in order to gain total power unto himself."

Is Donald Trump a Fascist? - Jeffrey A. Tucker

Clinton - belongs to the same club as Trump.

"We are actually living through a period in which the ... left and the ... right have merged - fighting ... to make
government bigger - in a way that is mostly lost on their respective supporters."

It's the 1930s All Over Again - Newsweek - Jeffrey A. Tucker


Trump was the inspiration for the Back to the Future bully, Biff Tannen.

"The key to understanding fascism is this:

"'In an atmosphere of fear and loathing, it assures the population that it can keep its property, religion and faith -
provided all these elements are channeled into a grand national project under a charismatic leader....'"

Donald Trump Is What Fascism Looks Like - Jeffrey A. Tucker

Same club.

According to Ross Douthats article in The New York Times:

Trump displays as least seven features of Umberto Eco's list of fascist traits:

A cult of action

A celebration of aggressive masculinity

An intolerance of criticism
A fear of difference and outsiders

A pitch to the frustrations of the lower middle class

An intense nationalism and resentment at national humiliation

A popular elitism that promises every citizen that they're part of the best people of the world.

Trump is not what he seems.

Hitler was not what he seemed.

Both can be seen as puppets of the Powers-That-Be.

In his book "The Hidden Hitler" Lothar Machtan, a Professor of History at Bremen University says Hitler almost joined
the Communists in 1918.

He demanded a senior party post that would have exempted him from work but they refused. "Hitler did not set foot in
the extreme right wing camp until he had been rejected by left wing groups," Machtan writes.

According to Ian Kershaw, Hitler took part in pro Socialist and Communist demonstrations in 1918-1919 and served as a
Socialist Soldiers' Council representative.

("Hitler: 1889-1936 Hubris, p 118-120.)

According to Brigitte Hamann, Hitler's best friends in pre-war Vienna were Jewish.

("Hitler's Vienna: A Dictator's Apprenticeship, pp.347-352)

Bankers Hired Hitler to Start WW2 - henrymakow.com

Trump has now become more of a Socialist, according to the Financial Times, on 10 May 2016.

He is prepared to increase America's debt.

He may "deliver a multitrillion-dollar debt blowout."

Donald Trump.


Posted by Anon at 00:04

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Labels: Bane, Biff Tannen, big government, black sites, borrowing, Cheney, Clinton, Commodus, debt,entitlements, National
Socialist, Nazi, Rockefeller, social security, socialist, tax, torture, Trump, Tucker,Zubrin


Kaivey10 May 2016 at 10:04

Despite what doomsters say, US debt is not a problem. Apart from notes and coins, all other money comes into existence
from debt, and if all debt was paid up, there wouldn't be much money in circulation to pay peoples' wages, and so
everything would grind to a halt.

When the government spends, it puts money into circulation and this goes into peoples' pockets as wages. The government
can issue the currency to pay the interest on the loans, so tax payers are not affected.

Taxes are take money out of a overheated economy which stops inflation if there is too much money in circulation, thereby
protecting people's purchasing power and their savings, which is a very good thing.

Taxes are also imposed to ensure that people seek the government's currency as the government will not accept any other
currency for payment of tax, i.e., like bitcoin, or a foreign currency. etc.

The Right Wing argument about living within one's means, and therefore, they use handbag economics of a country also
living within its means is devastated by Modern Money Theory. Socialism is very affordable indeed, and in fact, a mixture of
a strong private sector and a strong public sector will create the strongest economy and a country that is invincible.

If the private sector fails to provide good jobs and wages, then the public should be able to vote in a government that will
do it instead.

And for an even better run economy, the government could create publically owned banks to borrow the money from, and
these banks would then plough the profits straight back into their local economies.

Confused, does this go against everything you have been told? Well, certain sections of society know how money is made
and they dont want you to know anything about it. It's their free lunch.

More Here: Vox Politics:

Donald Trump on the debt: "You never have to default because you print the money

(Except that Trump wants to give the money away mainly as tax cuts to the one percent)


And more here:

Washington Post: Business Modern Monetary Theory is an unconventional take on economic strategy.





Anonymous13 May 2016 at 05:39

The US founding fathers said that the US treasury can ' coin money'. The term ' to coin money' was how people
would say in those days that the government has the right to print money. Nowadays the Conservatives have
reinterpreted that to literally mean the government can only mint coins.

Today, the government mints our cash supply which included notes and coins. But due to money becoming
increasingly more electronic, with cards being used instead of cash, and wages being paid directly into bank
accounts as just digits, the government money supply in circulation has dwindled to below 3%, so most of the
money supply is now made by private banks.

The conservatives have interpreted the term, ' to coin money' to meaning that the government can only mint
coins, even though it has always minted notes as well. They have done this to to limit the amount of money that
the government can make.

Although, the Federal Reserve can print trillions in electronic money to bail out bankers, the conservatives have
limited the treasury to minted notes and coins only, or we rather, according to their interpretation, to just coins
only it would seem.
So some monetary reformers have suggested that the US government could mint a $trillion coin, or even a number
of $trillion coins, and send them to the Federal Reserve after which they will be obliged by law to exchange them
for currency which the government can then use to rebuild America and bring it out of recession.

Although I'm not an expert on Modern Money Theory yet, I'm fascinated by it. From an economic point of view it
could finish off the Right, which is why they are so scared of it.

The Right will still have xenophobia and pathological lying on their side, as well as psychopathology and organised
crime, but economically they could be finished, and with a bit of luck, that will be the end of them.

The Conservatives would have become the party of high taxes, and low spending on public services, hardly a
winning formula I would have thought.


Kaivey14 May 2016 at 02:45

In this talk below Professor Yanis Varoukafis argues for the Basic Income. He says that the welfare state in Europe
and the New Deal in the USA has come to an end and can't be recovered. This is due to financialization', where the
banking sector is now sucking all the wealth out of society. Also, for the first time in history, modern technology
and engineering are taken away people's jobs without creating new ones.

Yanis Varoukafi seems to indicate that the bankers have wedged themselves in between capital and industry and
can't be removed, and so there is a risk they will eventually extract too much wealth out of society and bring down
the whole system. And then the parasites would have devoured their host.

I don't think the Basic Income would discourage anyone from working because people enjoy work, as long as they a
not constantly harassed and overwhelmed by it. In the present day far too many people are working very long
hours and driving themselves into the ground, burning themselves out. Now these people have come to hate work.

Some say the Job Guarantee is better, but Professor Varoukafis argues that people should in a position where they
are able to turn down work that they don't want. In the old days you weren't forced to work for other people
because you could always just farm your own bit of land, or your family's land, and earn a reasonable living that
way. But now people have become very desperate indeed because they have no other means to support themselves
and so they will work for any wage. And without any escape route out of the system wages can only fall.

The One Percent have wedged billions of people between a hard rock and the sea and now they are caning it for
all its worth, a frenzy. And their economic professors at the leading universities are paid handsomely to spew out
constant propaganda and nonsense about 'how markets work' to keep the system rigged in favor for their masters.



Yanis Varoufakis amazing reframe of Basic income

Yanis Varoufakis produced half-hour video presentation and question-and-answer session. It was an address for the
Future of Work Conference, in Zurich, Switzerland, 5th May 2016, at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute. In this
presentation Yanis Varoufakis, totally reframes the concept of how wealth is created in nations and the societies
they structure. He argues for a new view of minimum basic income, not as a safety net to save people who may
fall, but a foundation on which people can stand to rise up and be productive citizens. His presentation includes
the new technological context that for the first time in history, smart machines will eliminate far more jobs than
they create. This then, according to Varoufakis, necessitates a basic income for all citizens.

What is really significant about this presentation is the creation of an alternative view of wealth creation which he
brings about through reframing the concept of how most people think about wealth.

In the United States, it is a common concept that governments tax individuals, small businesses, and large
corporations, and in doing so take wealth from those who create it, and then redistribute that wealth through
governmental programsprograms which some people want and other people dont want.

Yanis Varoufakis turns this dominant view of wealth creation around completely. He cites the iPhone as an
example. He said that every part of an iPhone was created by some kind of government grant. Then, he says, after
investment and technological innovation by the public, it is then sold, or given to private sector businesses which
then make profits from it for executives and investors.



Anonymous10 May 2016 at 11:27

Leaked: Saudi King financed Netanyahus 2015 election bid




Anonymous10 May 2016 at 12:11

I oppose todays so-called capitalism Ron Paul on free-market economy




Anonymous10 May 2016 at 12:14

Ron Paul: Trump is not an option;




Tony Ryals10 May 2016 at 14:30

Wise King Salman.......

Egypt Cedes Island Near Terrorist Tourism Resort Sharm el-Sheik To Saudi Arabia And Its Israel Allie

Panama Papers,9/11,ISRAEL: King of Saudi Arabia accused of secretly donating $80M to Netanyahu's Israeli election



Tony Ryals10 May 2016 at 15:10

Syrian-born Spanish-Saudi magnate Mohamed Eyad Kayali DID

or DID NOT finance Netanyahu's campaign.....

He is the right-hand man in Spain of Saudi Defense Minister Prince Salman (Bin-Abd-al-Aziz Al Sa`ud), a key player in the
Mecca AVE (high-speed train) contract.

The Syrian-born Spanish-Saudi magnate Mohamed Eyad Kayali was the man who invited the King (Juan Carlos) to go hunting
with him in Botswana, according to reliable sources. It was Kayali too who settled the bill issued to him by Johan Calitz
Hunting Safaris, a company that also organizes hunts in Mozambique and South Africa.

Kayali is the right-hand man in Spain of Prince Salman, the Saudi Arabian defense minister and a close friend of the King.
Salman was the man who fixed the 6.7-billion euro contract to build the AVE between Mecca and Medina, according to
diplomatic sources..........

No, Saudi King Salman DID NOT finance Netanyahu's campaign

A story in the Middle East Observer, allegedly based on the Panama Papers, has gained a lot of traction for its claim that
Saudi King Salman donated $80 million to Prime Minister Netanyahu's 2015 election campaign.
Isaac Herzog, member of the Knesset and Chairman of the Israeli Labor party, revealed that Saudi king Salman bin Abdulaziz
financed the election campaign of Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.
In March 2015, King Salman has deposited eighty million dollars to support Netanyahus campaign via a Syrian-Spanish
person named Mohamed Eyad Kayali. The money was deposited to a companys account in British Virgin Islands owned by
Teddy Sagi, an Israeli billionaire and businessman, who has allocated the money to fund the campaign Israeli Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu, Herzog cited a leaked Panama Paper.
The story is still being shared on social media:
Panama Papers: King of Saudi Arabia secretly donated $80M to Netanyahu's Israeli election chttps://t.co/80OXgHaARA
Boing Boing (@BoingBoing) May 9, 2016

Syrian Magnate Kayali Paid For King's Africa Hunt - Biyokulule Online
Apr 18, 2012 - The Syrian-born Spanish-Saudi magnate Mohamed Eyad Kayali. Report by Ana Romero: Syrian Magnate Kayali
Paid For King`s Africa Hunt.



brabantian10 May 2016 at 15:37

As a sign of how corrupted 'alternative media' is -

Mega-popular 'alt media' sites that people think are very 'anti-Zionist' ... are hiding the Jewish connections of Donald
Trump ... and the fact the US election is once again a choice of stooges

Jeff Rense of Rense com is one of the most popular such sites, Jeff earning hundreds of thousands per year ... the site is
full of anti-Zionist & anti-Jewish articles, presented so extremely they tend to self-discredit before a wider audience

A scan of Jeff Rense's site & its huge listings, reveals a huge & blatant attempt to lure the US 'sheeple' into the Trump
camp ... and a ridiculous hiding of the Trump truth

Rense is the pretend anti-Jewish inverse of the Israel-shielding Alex Jones ... his secret partner, like Saudi & Israel ... both
at the top of 'alt media' popularity ... and both all-out for Trump




Anonymous14 May 2016 at 01:15

Rense is Jew, as is 'The Fonz' who funded the creation of his site.


Tony Ryals10 May 2016 at 22:10

It is alleged that the alleged $80 million funneled to Netanyahu and his Likud Party by Saudi 'King of beheadings' Salman was
sent to one or more of the no doubt many offshore accounts of convicted British Israeli criminal Teddy Sagi's British Virgen
Island's shell companies.Well he's certainly a criminal scumbag
and Trump as well as his gambling racket Zionist pals should love him.
I have written years ago about British AIM orAlternative Investment Market,very sleazy like U.S. mainly Nevada incorporated
penny stocks used mainly to defraud naive citizens and fill offshore accounts of Israeli criminals, Mossad,CIA,MI5 or 6 or
whatever to support their decadent lifestyles and terrorist acts.
If anyone can tell me what 'ST'and 'NHL' mean in this U.S. sec.gov filing mean I'd appreciate it. It can't mean National
Hockey League can it ?!Nah...100% ownership through 'ST' whatever that is......


U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

SEC USE ONLY ..... Mr. Teddy Sagi is the sole beneficiary of ST, which is the 100% owner of NHL the holder of the 1,671,741
Ordinary Shares reported in this ...

Here's all the links I could find on him.Google had some

sec.gov links BUT Yahoo and bing.com HAVE VIRTUALLY NOTHING !

Alleged Saudi King Funded Netanyahu's Israeli Campaign through criminal Teddy Sagi',British Virgin Islands offshore:Panama

Ripoff Report | Teddy Sagi Complaint Review...

... Teddy Sagi Teddy Sagi spent nine months in jail for bribery and fraud Internet. ... Playtech was founded in 1999 by Israeli
billionaire Teddy Sagi, ..

Jul 12, 2015 - Teddy Sagi's Market Tech Holdings (AIM: MKT), the owner of London's Camden Market, has raised ... Israel-
based but London-listed More

May 10, 2015 - Teddy Sagi's MountainPeak Trading has signed an agreement with ... is wholly owned by British-Virgin-Islands
based Longway Trading, which ..
Globes English - Teddy Sagi's SafeCharge raises $126m on AIM -
Mar 31, 2014 - Teddy Sagi's SafeCharge International Group plc (AIM: SAFE) has held ... The company is registered in the
British Virgin Islands tax haven, but ...

Teddy Sagi buys Largest stake in Austrian property Conwert Jewish ...

Globes English - 850 Israelis named in Panama Papers -

Apr 4, 2016 - Companies belonging to Idan Ofer, Teddy Sagi, Yaakov Engel, Dov ... One, Sapir Holdings, registered in the
British Virgin Islands, was used by ...

Sweden Multipoker Tax Case Resurfaces in Mossack Fonseca Data ...

Flushdraw-Apr 20, 2016
... and incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, a Caribbean tax haven. ... leaks that link to Playtech's Teddy Sagi and
Amaya's David Baazov, ...

Apr 4, 2016 - Companies belonging to Idan Ofer, Teddy Sagi, Yaakov Engel, Dov ... One, Sapir Holdings, registered in the
British Virgin Islands, was used by


Anonymous11 May 2016 at 11:54

Totally unrelated, but still... I always wondered about the title of last Kubrick movie:


Well, I find the following passage from Waters Flowing Eastward by L. Fry, which is a review of 'The Protocols of the Elders
of Zion' very catchy:

Their eyes are open,

but see nothing before them and do not invent. From
this it is plain that nature herself has destined us to guide and rule the world.

From Page 160: https://archive.org/stream/WatersFlowingEastward/WatersFlowingEastward_djvu.txt



i0vae11 May 2016 at 13:19


From Gary Webb to Gary Welsh (of the Advance Indiana blog), sadly there is another casualty to add to the American
journalism suspicious deaths body count. Reading his final blog post of April 29: If Im not around to see the vote results,
my prediction is that Trump wins Indiana it would appear that Welsh had some premonition of his demise. Whether this
came from his own intention or from knowledge of an immanent danger to his life is up for question.

In any case, not only did Trump win Indiana handily, his victory prompted the unexpected withdrawal of Ted Cruz from the
race late in the evening of the primary (see below however for another factor that may have prompted this surprise exit).
It is as if Welsh were a sacrificial lamb offered to usher in the eventual President Donald J. Trump inaugural speech before
throngs to be gathered on the National Mall in Washington D.C. on January 20th, 2017. Trump is suspected to be a
Freemason (see Renegade Tribune). The Indiana World War Memorial Plaza in downtown Indianapolis is a masonic mirror
to the National Mall. The original street plan of Indianapolis was designed by Alexander Ralston who was an assistant to
fellow Freemason Pierre Charles LEnfant in the design of Washington D.C. (see National Parks Service: Capital at the
Crossroads of America; The Barn Door: Indianapolis; Michelines blog: Designing Washington, DC: Pierre-Charles LEnfant).

Indianapolis is the home of the General Grand Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star. Wikipedia: The General Grand
Chapter was formed in Indianapolis, Indiana on November 6, 1876. Committees formed at that time created the Ritual of
the Order of the Eastern Star in more or less its current form.

The five-pointed star is common to the symbol of the General Grand Chapter and a somewhat comical Trump campaign
logo. An illuminated eight-pointed star is the centerpiece of the Shrine Room of the Indiana World War Memorial Military
Museum (Wikipedia). Subscribers to the Trump campaign email list are familiar with the formal address to STARS. The
Indianapolis daily is the Star

Indianapolis Star Police think pundits death was suicide

Indiana Business Journal Blogger Gary Welsh dies in apparent suicide

Note the extreme skepticism of some of the commenters to the latter article as to the alleged cause of death, and the
suspicion of masonic involvement: Certainly Gary knew too well how the Freemason lawyers and judges manage


Anonymous11 May 2016 at 15:08

I thought this was good:

Raining Rockets, by Thomas L. Are

Michael Oren, Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. said on CNN, We have thousands of rockets raining down on our citizens. In
fact, we hear over and over again, rockets are raining down on Israel. It makes a strong impression.

Advertisers will tell you that the essence of propaganda is repetition. So, we hear on FOX News, repeated reports of
rockets raining down on Israel. It is such an important image that Israel will do anything to keep it alive, even when
rockets stop. In the summer of 2008, Palestinian sources reported 8 rockets in June, 12 in July, 11 in August, 4 in September
and 2 in October. An Israeli Intelligence Report issued by the Israeli government to international journalists states, Hamas
was careful to maintain the ceasefire. There were no deaths by rockets because there were no rockets.[1]

Not the image of rockets raining that Israel wants. An average of four drops per month hardly qualifies as a rain. When I
look out on my front drive and see four drops, I hardly expect to read in the paper that we had a rainy day. If there are not
enough drops to wet the street or water my hedges, I dont expect my neighbor to say, Wow! What a rainy day.

Back in 2008, Israel had a dilemma. How to maintain the victim image of rockets raining down on innocent women and
children when there are no rockets? After six month of rocket absence, on November 4th Israel invaded Gaza and killed six
Palestinians. Did you get that date? November 4th was election night in the US when Barack Obama was elected president.
Israel planned its invasion precisely at a time when it was almost guaranteed no one in America was watching news from
Israel. We were all saturated in the counting of votes so significant to our own lives. When Gaza responded by firing
rockets, Israel screamed of being attacked and was defending itself.

Israel bombarded Gaza with 600 tons of rockets, killing over 1400 Palestinians. Americans expressed shock. Israeli
spokespersons simply asked, what would you do if rockets were raining down on your family?

So, what would you do? Maybe ask what made Palestinians with no power, so desperate that they fired a few weak,
unguided missiles into Israel. Could it be that its the only way to remind the world that they are still suffering oppression
under a brutal occupation?

Thomas Are, May 10, 2016




Babushka13 May 2016 at 17:36

Is it true that Rockefeller made available the land for the UN building, at a time when many thought the US not suitable as



Anonymous14 May 2016 at 01:11

The fall of Rome was directly caused by Nero, who killed off all the productive Aryans during his 'War' against the the Aryan

Nero, in sexual envy, shutdown the public baths, which were frequented by the the majority Aryan population. This led to
widespread disease as intended.

Under Nero's Luciferian hatred for Aryans, the weaselly Neanderthal destroyed Rome.
'Historians' of course will blame others. (source)



Anonymous14 May 2016 at 11:30




Anonymous25 January 2017 at 10:21




Anonymous25 January 2017 at 10:23

hypocrisy galore




Brabantian25 January 2017 at 12:48

EU goes socialist, upcoming 'basic income' for all Europeans, was the decision at Davos


btw the NY Times story about Trump reviving torture sites, has been denounced by the White House as fake news with a
fake document, standard from NY Times of extensive hoaxing fame (Zero Hedge)

Trump CIA director publicly committed to Congress to never revive torture ... at least that is his story


It was apparently a decision at Davos the other week, that the only way to stop the EU from dissolving in favour of the
populists, is to adopt the Basic Minimum Income instead of austerity etc ... income level which would of course be different
in different EU countries ... Juncker & Tusk to be announcing this soon (Daily Bell)

About 15 years too late maybe

But we can see that oligarchs are noting the wisdom of the Japanese model .... they crashed 27 years ago & never
recovered, but they always maintained near-full employment, jobs & incomes using rather authoritarian persuasion ... and
it worked in that life in Japan has remained ok

It actually is basic economics, workers who have funds will still buy things so the economy never totally collapses even if
quite stagnant ... people stay calm because no one they see is desperate

Oligarchs can also look to General Franco in Spain, Adolf Hitler in the 30s etc ... political & cultural repression, but workers
who kept their mouth shut had ok incomes & could raise families
This was also Putin's secret in Russia, middle class was expanding & improving for years till recent sanctions hit

The neo-liberal austerity model self-destructs however & the oligarchs have figured that out finally

Hence the possible oligarch-approved Trump plan, with some limited reforms to keep the system from imploding

- Economic improvement & relief for working people & middle classes
- For city rioters there will be majority-cheered 'law & order' as re Trump's fresh threats to send fed gov troops, to Obama's
shooting-filled Chicago
- Environmental regulations go to hell, not enough people care about them
- Patching up relations among the major white-people-run powers, bring Russia back into the club, set up co-ordinating
tribal nationalists like 1930s Europe before the war, all linked this time via Israel
- Increasing tensions versus outsider brown people, especially Muslim 'terrorists' (key for the war machine profits); also
some new fights with China, to retard China's path to global dominance




Anonymous26 January 2017 at 00:55




Anonymous25 January 2017 at 12:54

I apologise, bad link in earlier comment. This is the conclusive evidence of the Inaugeration.




Anonymous26 January 2017 at 08:46

Thanks for that ... given there isn't much to laugh about, that really did make me lol!



Anonymous25 January 2017 at 13:48

The fall of Rome was directly caused by Nero, and the fall of America was directly caused by Fred.

[ court ] 'Historians' of course will blame others , but Our NON-court Historian Aangirfan knows exactly who to pin The
Blame On. (source)

From : Salvatore



Anonymous26 January 2017 at 03:54

Theresa May says US and UK can lead world again ...
Donald Trump says he believes waterboarding works...

Thank you Prime Minister for sharing American values really helpful.



Anonymous26 January 2017 at 04:08

Donald John Drumpf in American ASCII computer code is 666

how do you work that out. The original ASCII code was a one byte code (that's 8 bits) value range 0-255 decimal(unsigned)
00-FF hex
Unicode extended it to a 2 byte code (16 bits) 0 to 65,535 decimal 0000- FFFF hex

capital D = 68 decimal total = 68

lower case r = 114 decimal total = 182
lower case u = 117 decimal total = 299
lower case m = 109 decimal total = 408
lower case p = 112 decimal total = 520
lower cafe f = 102 decimal total = 622
total = 622 decimal and not 666
if you use a lower case d = 100 the total is 654

I wonder how many times this will be repeated around without anyone checking.



W ednesday, 1 February 2017


sensitive snowflake @hydroponicjuan

This makes me really sad.

I genuinely feel bad for her.

He doesn't appreciate her and she doesn't seem happy at all.

View image on Twitter


Apparently Melania slept through lesson two of Dating 101: Stay away from a guy who walks 15 steps ahead of
5:43 AM - 23 Markoe @Merrillmarkoe
Jan 2017



Melania Knavs is the wife of Donald Trump.

Melania Knavs' father, Viktor Knavs, is a Communist.

Melania's mother, Amalija Ulcnik, has a Jewish name.

Donald Trump's father-in-law is a Communist.


"Michael Wildes - an immigration lawyer - who enjoyed a position within the Trump Organization - made
waves when he claimed that Melania got her green card 'based on marriage,' as reported by Univision.

"Melania garnered that green card via marriage prior to her marriage to Mr. Trump, claimed the statement
a fact that seems to definitely imply Mrs. Trump was married prior to her marriage to Donald."

Was Melania Trump Married Before Her Marriage To Donald Trump?

Pan star Levi Miller

Donald Trump's close friend Steve Mnuchin, a former partner at Goldman Sachs, is the executive producer
of 'The Accountant'

AkhaldanSolo has a post entitled Steven Mnuchin: The Accountant, X-Men, Suicide Squad: Autism, MK-
Ultra .

The film The Accountant (2016) is about an accountant called Christian Wolff, whose father is a Special
Forces PSYOP Officer.

Christian does work for a middle east terror organization.

Mnuchin is the man behind Hollywood movies such as Get Hard, Black Mass, X Men and Pan.

washingtonpost. / wiki/Steven_Mnuchin

D I S C L A I M E R : T H E P O S T I N G O F S T O R I E S , C O M M E N TA R I E S , R E P O RT S , D O C U M E N T S A N D L I N K S ( E M B E D D E D
O R O T H E RW I S E ) O N T H I S S I T E D O E S N O T I N A N Y WAY , S H A P E O R F O R M , I M P L I E D O R O T H E RW I S E ,

'Melania Trump (right) models for a January 1996 issue of France's Max Magazine.'

Melania Trump's girl-on-girl photos from racy shoot revealed.

'Melania Trump'

Melania Trump's girl-on-girl photos from racy shoot revealed.

'Melania Trump (right)'

Melania Trump's girl-on-girl photos from racy shoot revealed.


The Trump family bought 666 Fifth Avenue.

As reported by nj.com, the Trump family is building a $666 million tower at One Journal Square.

The height of the tower will be 666 feet.

The famous Trump Tower is 666 feet in height.

Donald Trump 666.

Trump's penthouse has statues of pagan Greek gods.

Donald Trump inherited his grandmother's real estate empire when she died on June 6, 1966.

In Jewish gematria, the value of the letters in Don Drumpf is 666.

Donald John Drumpf in American ASCII computer code is said to be 666, but this is disputed.

Donald, Tiffany and Marla. Donald Trump's second wife Marla Maples is "a committed Kabbalah member."

Trump entered politics during a meeting with New York City officials at his office on 6/6 1986.

The Trump SoHo Hotel Condominium was announced on The Apprentice on 6/6, 2006.
Nostradamus spoke of "The false trumpet concealing madness."


Trump has been playing "Sympathy for the Devil" at his election events.

"Sympathy for the Devil" is the official anthem of the Church of Satan.

Trump picks the campaign songlist himself.

More here: Donald Trump 666.

Above, we see Tiffany Trump (right) at Heidi Klum's Halloween party in 2013.

PHOTOS: Heidi Klum's Wild Halloween Party

Heidi Klum's Wild Halloween Party, attended by Tiffany trump

Some people may wonder about mind control.

Above, we see Arabella Trump, wearing a BUTTERFLY costume, at Donald Trumps' Mar-a-Lago resort in
Palm Beach, Florida.

Virginia Roberts worked at the Mar-a-Lago resort.

Posted by Anon at 00:06

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Labels: FreeMelania, Melania, MK ULTRA, Mnuchin, PAN, Satanism, Trump


Anonymous26 January 2017 at 00:53

U bet they stay married just because they are simply forced to. Are u sure the current Melania isnt some tranny
impersonator? If so what happened to the real Melania?



Anonymous26 January 2017 at 00:58




Anonymous26 January 2017 at 01:01

get ur trump and stick him up ur asses, boobuses! U wanted him, now get ready for the show!




Anonymous26 January 2017 at 01:11

Not forgetting that Trump throws up the 666 hand sign every time he starts and breaks in a sentence.




Anonymous26 January 2017 at 03:11

I noticed



Anonymous26 January 2017 at 01:58




Anonymous26 January 2017 at 03:09



Anonymous26 January 2017 at 04:44




Anonymous26 January 2017 at 07:31

"He doesn't appreciate her and she doesn't seem happy at all."

But what woman was happy with him anyway or is?



Anonymous26 January 2017 at 09:26

Take a look at Melania's legs and her facial in the nude pic - she looks like a man who has a sex change - her wringly knees
and bendy legs speak of man legs not women's. Is she really a man who has had a sex change!



Anonymous26 January 2017 at 09:27

With all the MK Ultra presidential models to keep him occupied, Melania's just another dog in the pack fighting for his



Anonymous26 January 2017 at 09:30

No wonder he not happy with her - after all by time he got to the 18(666) green on his gold course - he thought he had
scored a hole-in-one - only to find out later anyone can score a hole-in-one with her!



Anonymous26 January 2017 at 09:31

When Trump married Melania - it was: 'one Tramp marries another Tramp!'



Anonymous26 January 2017 at 11:25

Happy we get four more years of Melania's hawt bod to spectate on than auld hag Clinton.



Anonymous27 January 2017 at 00:26



Anonymous27 January 2017 at 03:41

He's about to cause a nuclear war and kill us all but yeah the first lady's hot, jesus f*cking christ..



Anonymous27 January 2017 at 02:33

As if Godlikeproductions couldn't lose any more credibility, any attempt to post something about Barron Trump is greeted
with this;

"Leave the children Alone! Further attempts to talk shit about President Trumps 10 year old son will be met with a ban"

An attempt to quash MK Ultra questions perhaps?



Anonymous27 January 2017 at 06:36

I looked everywhere to verify the 666 ft of tower but all i could find was 664 ft for height. You might say well that's only 2
ft, but in the scheme of the article makes a diff. only speaking about that.



su27 January 2017 at 07:31

Hey Aangirfan and sisters. Hope convent life still suits you. I was watching this video and there was some footage from that
hotel in Italy that experienced an avalanche. The guy on the video called it creepy and then showed some artwork. Have
you heard anything of this?



Anonymous31 January 2017 at 21:56

'Where's Melania Trump? First Lady raises questions after making no appearances since inauguration
Shes made no appearances since January 21 and is in no rush to build her White House staff'


Melania only pretends to be happy when Trump looks at her during the inauguration:

Trump makes Melania hold a speech, she gets mad and runs off in the end, embarrassing him:

My first thought was Donald's beaten her for embarassing him and put her in hospital.



A Short History of the Trump Family

Sidney Blumenthal

The most enduring blight left behind by Donald Trump, long after he has smashed things up, will
be the pile of books devoted to trying to make sense of him. It will grow after investigative
journalists have spent years diving for hidden records, exploring subterranean corporations and
foreign partners but never reaching the dark ocean bottom. It will continue after political
scientists have trekked through mountain ranges of survey data seeking the precise source of his
magnetic attraction for the aggrieved white lower-middle and working classes. It will outlast the
pundits holding forth on TV, collecting lecture fees and cranking out bestsellers that retail inside
dope gleaned, single-sourced and second-hand, from somewhere near the elevators of Trump
Tower. It will not be stemmed even after the memoirs of Trumps associates, unreliable narrators
in the spirit of their leader, have been removed from the remainder bins in used bookstores.

A week after the inauguration, Nineteen Eighty-Four and The Origins of Totalitarianism were
number one and number 36 respectively on the US Amazon bestseller list, but the true-life
Donald J. Trump story has more to do with what Scott Fitzgerald called foul dust than with ideas
or ideology. Reckoning with Trump means descending into the place that made him. What he
represents, above all, is the triumph of an underworld of predators, hustlers, mobsters,
clubhouse politicians and tabloid sleaze that festered in a corner of New York City, a vindication
of his mentor, the Mafia lawyer Roy Cohn, a figure unknown to the vast majority of enthusiasts
who jammed Trumps rallies and hailed him as the authentic voice of the people.

The notion of a Trump literature begins, appropriately, with an imaginary novel, 1999: Casinos of
the Third Reich, contrived by Kurt Andersen, an editor at Spy, a New York magazine of the 1980s
and 1990s. Over several months in late 1989 and early 1990, Andersen kept referring to the non-
existent Casinos of the Third Reich and its implausible protagonist, Donald Trump, whose
narcissistic exhibitionism offered a never-ending source of unintentional self-satire. Whos my
toughest competitor if not in content, only in style? he asked. Prince Charles, he answered.
Im thinking of becoming an entertainer, he also said. Liza Minnelli gets $75,000 a night to
sing, and Im really curious as to how I would do. Yes, Andersen wrote, in the blockbuster 1999:
Casinos of the Third Reich, its nobleman-lounge singer Donald Trump! Andersen simply quoted
Trump, referred to Casinos of the Third Reich and sat back. Trump did all the work. The fabulous
novel had no plot and the protagonists character didnt develop just like in real
life. Spy assumed its readers were in on the joke about the short-fingered vulgarian. (Marco
Rubio flung Spys slight against Trump in a debate, without noting its provenance in the defunct
magazine, if indeed he knew it. Trump heatedly replied: If theyre small something else must be
small. I guarantee you theres no problem. The Trump spectacle often ends with insult imitating

Fred Trump, Donalds father, was a king of Queens; the Donald became a joker in Manhattan. In
search of fame and greater fortune in the big city, he set out from the family mansion with its 23
rooms, nine bathrooms and, at the front, four white columns adorned with a confected family
crest. A Cadillac and a Rolls-Royce were parked in the driveway, guarded by two cast-iron
jockeys. Even in Queens, it was a world apart. Be a killer, Fred Trump, who ruled all of us with
a steel will, told him. Then he said: You are a king.

Trump wasnt looked down on in Manhattan because he was a parvenu, a dressed-to-kill bridge-
and-tunnel bounder from an outer borough. New Yorkers hardly have a bias against aspiring
newcomers. The musical Hamilton exalts a classic New York story of a brilliant young immigrant
rising in a mercantile culture. (I hear its highly overrated, President-elect Trump tweeted last
November after the cast addressed Vice President-elect Mike Pence, as he was leaving the
theatre, calling on the new administration to work on behalf of all of us.) Walt Whitman sang in
Mannahatta of a city liquid, sane, unruly, musical, self-sufficient. Trump wished to be more
than accepted in Manhattan: he wanted to be adored, there and only there, and came to despise
it in all its diversity and cacophony when time and again he was rejected. I want to wake up in a
city that doesnt sleep and find Im king of the hill, top of the heap. The lyrics of Frank Sinatras
standard ring out like a mocking chorus from the Yankee Stadium when the hometown wins. Poor
Trump, who thought the song should be his anthem, could never shake his little town blues. His
humiliation at his failure to make it there is at the heart of his vengeful compulsion to wreak
humiliation on those he fears will belittle him. The uncontrollable anger that unleashes a regular
flood of insults derives from his profound feeling that he has been, is being and will be
diminished. In a constant state of alert and hurt, he victimises others because he burns with the
feeling that he is the true victim. Every time his outlandish behaviour turns him into the butt of a
joke, especially at the hands of sources associated with New York, from Spys jibes to Alec
Baldwins impersonation on Saturday Night Live, his rage is stoked. Portraying himself as the
innocent party he lashes out, a narcissistic reflex but also a tactic he learned from Roy Cohn.

Resentment born of entitlement, of the feeling that he was being treated as an inferior though he
knew he was superior, was an inadvertent and inverse link with the lower-middle-class whites
who fled Queens and Brooklyn in the 1950s and 1960s for the Long Island suburbs to escape
black migration. They went one way and Trump another, but both were repelled by Manhattans
racial liberalism, which was seen as an insult to and impingement on their own status from those
above and below them.

Trumps loathing and bullying are among the few things he came by honestly: they were part of
his inheritance. Fred Trump was arrested for participating in a violent Ku Klux Klan rally in 1927;
he had Mob ties and flagrantly discriminated against blacks when renting out housing. Woody
Guthrie, his most famous tenant, wrote about his landlord in the first literary work on a Trump,
Old Man Trump:

I suppose
Old Man Trump knows
Just how much
Racial hate
he stirred up
In the bloodpot of human hearts
When he drawed
That colour line
Here at his
Eighteen hundred family project

In 1988, Spy conducted a national poll, the first ever on the presidential potential of Donald
Trump. Offered a list of non-candidates, voters were asked: Who are you most disappointed isnt
running for president? Trump got 4 per cent of the vote. Tellingly, Spy discovered the celebritys
irreducible base: In terms of level of education, the voters who most favoured a Trump
candidacy with a 9 per cent rating were those whose minds remain uncluttered by any
learning beyond junior high school.

Trump was already among New Yorks stock cast of colourful characters, one of Spys top ten
jerks, joining notorious loudmouths of the era such as the New York Yankees bullying owner
George Steinbrenner (another Roy Cohn client). From the Bronx to the Battery, opinion on Trump
set as hard as the cement on his construction sites and as fast as he had ordered underpaid
Polish immigrant construction workers in 1980 to jackhammer the Art Deco friezes on the Fifth
Avenue Bonwit Teller building to make way for his tribute to himself, Trump Tower, a slab of
banality which resembles an elongated flat-screen TV. He had promised to preserve the reliefs for
the Metropolitan Museum, but after blasting them to smithereens to widespread condemnation
the Trump Organisation issued a press release declaring that the sculptures were without artistic
merit. Through a PR agent, Trump claimed the demolition was a matter of aesthetic judgment
and, he added, cost him $500,000, no doubt a round number pulled out of a hat. In the New York
Times the PR spokesman identified himself as John Barron. In the Associated Press story the
same publicity man called himself Donald Baron and was quoted as saying that the merit of
these stones was not great enough to save them. Both John and Donald were Trump. What do
you think? Do you think blowing up the sculptures has hurt me? he asked Vanity Fair a decade

Who cares? Lets say that I had given that junk to the Met. They would have just put them in their basement. Ill
never have the goodwill of the Establishment, the tastemakers of New York. Do you think, if I failed, these guys
in New York would be unhappy? They would be thrilled! Because they have never tried anything on the scale
that I am trying things in this city. I dont care about their goodwill.
Then Trump fired the illegal immigrant labourers, the Polish brigade, after theyd completed
their work, meaning that they were deprived of wages and benefits. The US Labor Department
filed suit against him, a federal judge found him guilty of fraud, noting that his testimony was not
credible, and eventually he paid a fine in a sealed agreement.

Donald Trumps universally disparaged image in Manhattan attained skyscraper heights at the
turn of the 1990s, after his flamboyantly bungled real-estate projects, tabloid hijinks, manic club-
hopping, flagrant Mob associations, cruel wife-dumping, outrageous defence of his housing
discrimination, not to mention his purchase of screaming full-page newspaper ads demanding
the death penalty for black youths accused of rape, the Central Park Five, who later turned out to
have been innocent. The banks call me all the time, he boasted. Can we loan you money, can
we this, can we that. But Trump had wildly run up $3 billion in debt. Now his grandiose Trump
Shuttle airline crashed and burned. He lost his crown jewel, the Plaza Hotel. (They say the Plaza
is worth $400 million? Trump says its worth $800 million, said Trump. Who the hell knows what
it is worth?) His casino empire across the Hudson River in Atlantic City, his Taj Mahal, went belly
up. (The most spectacular hotel-casino anywhere in the world.) He declared bankruptcy four
times in order to stiff his contractors and workers. Every financial house in the city spurned his
plea to extend his loans. Rather than acceding to his childish demands after meetings at which
he brandished newspaper clippings about his antics instead of financial papers, the banks put
the profligate Trump on an allowance like an irresponsible adolescent. He had to sell virtually
everything, including his yacht, the Trump Princess, which he had purchased from the shadowy
Saudi arms trader Adnan Khashoggi. Trump threatened to sue a journalist at the Wall Street
Journal for accurately reporting his collapse, one of his many attempts to intimidate the press,
and another technique he learned from Roy Cohn.

Wa-a-a-a-h! Little Donald, Unhappy At Last Trumps Final Days, crowed the cover story in the
August 1990 issue of Spy. The illustration depicted him as a wailing toddler. The story inside the
magazine, A Casino Too Far, featured a fictional scrapbook of newspaper clippings carrying the
brash tyro forward to his miserable future in 1996, bloated, balding and broke, doing a little
consulting for the Sultan of Brunei.

Trump never fitted the mythology of rugged individualism he mimicked and tried to sell as
intrinsic to his brand. Launched as a front and junior partner for the tainted Fred Trump in
Manhattan real estate, he had been on gaudy display in New York since he first crossed the
Queensboro Bridge with $14 million from his father. My father gave me a very small loan in 1975
and I built it into a company thats worth many, many billions of dollars, he lied during one of
the presidential debates. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he insists that he has pulled
himself up by his bootstraps. But, as well as staking him to launch his real-estate career, when
the Taj was sinking like Donalds own private Titanic, Fred Trump rushed to the casino to buy
$3.35 million in chips to buoy his flailing child, who used the money to avoid default by making
an interest payment he wouldnt otherwise have had the liquid reserves to meet. A straight loan
would have put Fred Trump in the lengthy queue of creditors. With his loan in the form of chips
he could redeem it as soon as his son had the capital. The New Jersey Casino Control
Commission ruled a year later that Fred Trump had engaged in an illegal loan and that Donald
should return it, which would have forced him into instant bankruptcy. The Trumps blithely
ignored the finding and instead paid a meagre $65,000 fine, though the manoeuvre failed to
save the casino.

But Trump evaded the fate Spy had foreseen for him. His genius was to promote his
clownishness, so that the headlines fed to the New York Post consisting of make-believe quotes
from his then mistress Marla Maples (Best Sex Ive Ever Had) became a PR platform for the
licensing of his celebrated name to murky investors from Russia, China and Saudi Arabia who
were looking for an American frontman. His salvation was a double play of a con.

The glitzier the gigantic bronze block capitals of his name staring down Fifth Avenue and across
Central Park, the more secure New Yorkers felt in their contempt. Trump Hotel was strictly for out-
of-towners seeking to be sprinkled with ersatz gold dust. Trump could never escape being a
Queens-born casino operator, as Spy stamped him. But he wasnt scorned only for his
unrelieved vulgarity. The reaction to him wasnt the antique snobbery Edith Wharton dissected in
her society novels, but the worldly perspicacity of New Yorkers high and low. Trumps quest for
respectability only deepened his problems. It wasnt that he had missed his moment like the
passive Newland Archer in The Age of Innocence, but that his love was unrequited because New
York found him repellent despite his incessantly harassing courtship.

Trumps reality TV shows, The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice, were fantasy projections of
his dominance in the city in whose eyes he was obviously not the master of the universe. From
2004 to 2015, he played on TV the persona that he intended Manhattan to worship. Of course,
reality in Trumps reality TV wasnt real. In every episode he acted out dramas of control over
submissive contestants seeking his favour, wilting at his denial of it and fawning at his approval.
Under Trump, winning was the road to serfdom. The subtext was pathos, not only on the part of
the supplicants but also in the bosss trademark phrase, Youre fired. No matter how many
people Trump rejected, he couldnt force his own acceptance.

If there is one subject that has unified discordant New Yorkers over the past five decades, it has
been Trump. In 2016, he lost 87 per cent of the vote in Manhattan, and most of those who voted
for him probably did so with distaste, casting their loyal Republican votes for a man who for most
of his life donated money to Democratic candidates in a Democratic city. (Trump also lost in
Queens, carrying only 22 per cent of the vote; in Brooklyn, he won less than 20 per cent; and in
the Bronx, about 10 per cent.)

After the election, Trumps manic sensitivity to his rebuff by New Yorkers exploded in his ids
unfiltered outlet, his trigger-happy Twitter account. When Vanity Fair headlined a review of his
restaurant The Trump Grill Could Be The Worst Restaurant In America he fired off an early
morning tweet directed at its editor, Graydon Carter, who not coincidentally had been co-editor
of Spy. Has anyone looked at the really poor numbers of Vanity Fair Magazine. Way down, big
trouble, dead! Graydon Carter, no talent, will be out! Immediately, Vanity Fair had its biggest
one-day increase in subscriptions. Once again, Trump had foolishly exposed his thin skin. For
him, Manhattan has always been the opposite of what home was for Robert Frost, the place
where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in. Wa-a-a-a-h!

Winning the presidency was never a deep desire, more a branding scheme that spun out of
control, but Trump has tried to turn his victory into a means to compel New Yorkers finally to
genuflect. Washington had never held the slightest allure for him until now when it is leverage
over New York. Even so, Washington is strictly Palookaville, a nowhere town for grown-up student
council presidents. There is only one City on a Hill for Trump, the city that doesnt sleep, where a
perpetually wide-awake collective eye fixes its unwavering judgment on him. Its up to you, New
York, New York. President Trump in his eyrie is King Kong defying the gaping city below. But in
contrast to the original movie, there is no tragic anti-hero: he lacks the giant apes sympathy for
a beautiful young woman, and it wont be beauty that kills the beast.

After his nomination for president, Trump talked about his fondest wish: winning New York State.
We are going to win this state, he proclaimed, adding that he had won the Republican primary
there because nobody knows me better than New Yorkers. Unfortunately for him, New Yorkers
did know him. But earlier in the campaign he had expressed another wish. Nothing he said
during the campaign more succinctly reflected his furious and damaged narcissism than his
dream of committing cold-blooded murder and getting away with it. I could stand in the middle
of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, OK, and I wouldnt lose any voters, OK? The somebody he
wanted to kill could be any New Yorker. But why did he ask twice if it was OK? His statement
expressed three unconscious desires at once: striking back at New Yorkers; breaking the rules
without consequence; and gaining adulation from the fans for whom he can do no wrong.
Shooting somebody on Fifth Avenue, however, presumably would not win him voters on Fifth
Avenue, which is where he lives.

We dont win anymore, Trump lamented. His reverent followers took his omnipotent image from
his reality show as the reality and his anger as something felt on their behalf. They didnt
understand his inner injury. Rousing the crowds at his rallies to a fever pitch knock the crap out
of them he encouraged an atmosphere of violence and fear. Watching Trump incite his
pitchfork revolt, New Yorkers were merely astounded that others couldnt recognise his all too
familiar stuntmanship. He knew he had to cross the Hudson to find true believers, but the further
into Duck Dynasty territory he ventured the more it felt like banishment to Queens. In winning he
had not won. He couldnt get over it. Nothing had changed for him since the interview he gave
to Vanity Fair in 1990 in which he said: There are two publics as far as Im concerned. The real
public and then theres the New York society horseshit. The real public has always liked Donald
Trump. The real public feels that Donald Trump is going through Trump-bashing. When I go out
now, forget about it. Im mobbed. Its bedlam. Trumps most deeply felt grievance 26 years later
wasnt that he lost the popular vote by 2.8 million he dismissed these votes as fraudulent. Less
than a month after his election, the president-elect sent out a post-midnight tweet: Just tried
watching Saturday Night Live unwatchable! Totally biased, not funny and the Baldwin
impersonation just cant get any worse. Sad. Getting madder, he accelerated his never-ending
attempts to get even. His far-right appointments werent so much signs of his ideological
commitment as symbols of his retribution.

Trump has thumped around Manhattan for an epoch like a dinosaur that survived extinction,
anachronistic proof of Veblens late 19th-century Theory of the Leisure Class, an anthropological
examination of the robber barons, published in 1899. Veblen described the tycoons flaunting
their conspicuous consumption, their atavistic appropriation of feudal symbols suggesting pre-
industrial rank, and their treatment of women as trophies an archaic trait that begins in the
lower barbarian stages of culture. The key to understanding these displays was that they
established social status as based on the moguls distance from actual productive work.

If Trump was a captain of industry, a phrase Veblen popularised, then the industry was leisure:
hotels, casinos, reality TV shows, a beauty pageant and a wrestling federation. More than a
century after Veblen, the ultimate representative of the leisure class indulged in an aesthetic of
conspicuous waste in order to offer himself as an object of envy and magical thinking. There
has always been a display of wealth and always will be, until the depression comes, which it
always does, Trump explained to Playboy. And let me tell you, a display is a good thing. It shows
people that you can be successful. It can show you a way of life. Dynasty, he added, did it on
TV. It was conclusive proof.

Trump wanted his pretences to be accepted at face value as signs of his authenticity, his
ostentation as accountability in lieu of tax returns. His recklessness was intended to engender
deference, his disorder belief in his power to impose order. The faux aristocrat sought to inspire a
faux populism: I love the poorly educated. For Veblen, his vulgarity would have been self-
defeating in the struggle for reputation, the lower barbarian stages, undermining any potential
image of honorific virtue. In Veblens terms, he never learned to emulate the taste for
understated pre-industrial trappings that would enable him to assimilate to the upper class.

His style has been unfailingly kitsch. His penthouse apartment at Trump Tower is museum-like in
its curating of exquisitely tacky taste in a faux luxe style: marble floors, walls and columns; Louis
XIV chairs with cushions stitched with the Trump coat of arms; gilded lamps, vases and crown
mouldings; ceiling murals with scenes from Greek mythology (If this were on the ceiling of the
Sistine Chapel, he boasted, it would be very much in place in terms of quality); a large copy of
a statue of Eros and Psyche; a fake Renoir; coffee-table books, carefully placed the Vogue
Living Book, the Vanity Fair Oscar Night Book and a Muhammad Ali tribute book. The Trump style
is developing-country despot, rather than European or evolved American, Peter York wrote in
the Times. It doesnt even try to get things right real antiques, architecturally correct
detailing or any of that because, as with DC despots, neither the client nor the people he wants
to impress care about that.
Trumps interest in interior decorating exceeds his interest in paintings. His major acquisitions
have been a six-foot-tall portrait of himself done in five minutes by a little-known speed painter
and another portrait that now hangs over the bar at the Champions Bar and Grill at the Trump
National Doral Miami Golf Resort. Both were bought with funds from the Donald J. Trump
Foundation. Another portrait of himself in a golden glow as a young man in a tennis sweater
hangs at his Mar-a-Lago mansion. He entitled it The Visionary.

He once turned down the chance of owning Andy Warhols pictures of Trump Tower. Warhol met
the already famous Trump on 22 February 1981 at a birthday party for Roy Cohn. They met again
on 24 April at Warhols Factory, where they discussed Trump Tower and agreed, Warhol noted
in The Andy Warhol Diaries, that I should do a portrait of the building that would hang over the
entrance to the residential part. Warhol produced a beautiful series of multi-layered paintings in
black, silver and gold; some with a sprinkling of Warhols glittering diamond dust, according to
the Warhol Museum blog. Warhols rendering of Trump Tower was an idealised imagining. The two
men met on 5 August at the Factory, where Trump delivered his judgment to the artist. Mr Trump
was very upset that it wasnt colour co-ordinated, Warhol wrote. Trump sent his interior
decorator to come down with swatches of material so I can do the paintings to match the pinks
and oranges. I think Trumps sort of cheap, though, I get that feeling. In the end, Warhol couldnt
satisfy Trump and he never bought the paintings. Warhols 15 minutes with Trump were over. He
ended up like the other stiffed contractors. They ran into each other once more on 26 February
1983 at another Roy Cohn birthday party. And Ivana Trump was there and she came over and
when she saw me she was embarrassed and she said: Oh, whatever happened to those

It is a fact that my buildings are acclaimed and they have lasting power, Trump wrote in 2014 in
an op-ed for the Chicago Tribune to tout his new Trump hotel in the city. At the press conference
announcing that he would build Trump Tower, he said loudly to the architect, Der Scutt: Give
them the old Trump bullshit. Tell them it is going to be a million square feet, 68 storeys. Scutt
replied: I dont lie, Donald. Trumps aesthetic contribution to the design of his buildings has
been to tell the architects to make them big and shiny. During the campaign he suggested he
was an architectural genius. Trump described himself as an Ayn Rand fan, an interviewer
for USA Today reported. He said of her novel The Fountainhead: It relates to business [and]
beauty [and] life and inner emotions. That book relates to everything. He identified with
Howard Roark, the novels idealistic protagonist, who designs skyscrapers and rages against the
establishment. Roark is an Ubermensch, a towering genius set above the mass of mediocrity. He
blows up a building he has designed rather than submit to any modifications, is triumphantly
acquitted after defending himself eloquently in court and wins the girl: its an adolescent boys
dream plot, Nietzsche for teenagers. Trumps description of the novel reveals no evidence that he
has actually read it, but his identification with Roark is consistent with Rands exaltation of
Trumps self-promotional grandiosity has prompted endless comparisons to P.T. Barnum, the
showman and circus operator of the 19th century who was the son of a storekeeper. (A Google
search turns up more than 520,000 references to Trump Barnum.) One of Trumps advocates,
also consumed by his own grandiosity, Newt Gingrich, raised the Barnum clich in Trumps
defence: it resonates well with the working class, he said, but not the elite. The hackneyed
comparison is demeaning to Barnum. Unlike Trump, who not only didnt write the books that
carry his name but doesnt seem to have read them, Barnum wrote a great deal. He was witty;
Mark Twain was an admirer. He was also a philanthropist, the founder of the Bridgeport Hospital,
and an educator, helping to found and fund Tufts University. Both as a member of the
Connecticut state legislature and as mayor of Bridgeport, he was responsible for a host of civic
reforms and improvements.

Nobody in New York buys Trumps humbug that hes a reincarnation of the original rags-to-riches
hero out of Horatio Algers Ragged Dick; or, Street Life in New York with the Boot Blacks, a Gilded
Age tale of pluck and the Protestant Ethic that lifts an urchin to respectability through a business
career and churchgoing. In a 1990 interview Trump boasted to Playboy that the working man
likes me because he knows I worked hard and didnt inherit what Ive built. Hey, I made it myself;
I have a right to do what I want with it. Trump, the heir with the urchins manners, has
undergone no moral transformation. The rapacious spirit of his formative Manhattan period the
world of The Bonfire of the Vanities, with its scandal-driven media, unscrupulous race hustlers and
politically ambitious district attorneys is still with him. But he also still lives in the shadow of the
fictional character who became the symbol of the Roaring Twenties.

What preyed on Gatsby, the narrator asks himself in Fitzgeralds novel, what foul dust floated
in the wake of his dreams? The fabulously wealthy Gatsby takes a mansion on Long Island, holds
extravagant parties drawing the swells from Manhattan, and appears to be the effortless maestro
of the scene. He has willed himself into being. Gatsby is actually Jay Gatz, a poor boy from the
plains, in romantic pursuit of Daisy Buchanan, the upper-class object of his desire, who once
rejected him. He believes he can win her back through displays of wealth and manners, but she
is now married to Tom Buchanan, an upper-class boor. Trumps claim to have risen Gatsby-like is
the opposite of Gatsbys magical self-invention. Gatsby was careful to maintain the air of the
gentleman he wished to be taken for. Trump is the uncouth son of privilege for whom, as for Tom
and Daisy, there are no consequences for smashing things up. Trump is Tom Buchanan farcically
playing Gatsby. Gatsby might have appreciated the audacity, but would have avoided the
shabbiness. Both Gatsby and Trump, however, are characters enthralled by the possibility of
recapturing the past and reshaping it as they imagine it should have been.

What Gatsby and Trump also have in common are gangsters. Gatsbys fortune is secretly derived
from his bootlegging partnership with Meyer Wolfsheim, a character based on the mobster Arnold
Rothstein, who fixed the 1919 World Series. Trumps business has been dependent almost from
the start on real-life racketeers. There was Anthony Fat Tony Salerno, boss of the Genovese
crime family, and Paul Big Paulie Castellano, boss of the Gambino crime family, who owned the
company that provided the ready-mix cement for Trump Tower, used in place of the usual steel
girders. There was John Cody, the boss of Teamsters Local 282, who controlled the cement trucks
and was an associate of the Gambino family. There was Daniel Sullivan, Trumps labour
consultant, who in partnership with the Philadelphia crime boss Nicodemos Nicky Scarfos
financier, sold Trump a property in Atlantic City that became his casino. There was Salvatore
Salvie Testa, crown prince of the Philadelphia Mob, who sold Trump the site on which two
construction firms owned by Scarfo built the Trump Plaza and Casino. There was Felix Sater,
convicted money launderer for the Russian Mafia, Trumps partner in building the Trump SoHo
hotel through the Bayrock Group LLC, which by 2007 had more than $2 billion in Trump licensed
projects and by 2014 was no more. There was Tevfik Arif, another Trump partner, Bayrocks
chairman, originally from Kazakhstan. Bayrocks equity financing came from three Kazakh
billionaires known as the Trio, who were reported to be engaged in racketeering, money
laundering and other crimes. And so on.

There was no art to these deals. Trumps relationships with the Mob werent just about the
quality of cement. In his defence it was said that doing business with the Mob was inescapable in
New York, but the truth is that there were prominent developers who crusaded against the sorts
of arrangement that Trump routinely made. From beginning to end, whether Cosa Nostra or the
Russian Mafia, Trump has been married to the Mob.

On New Years Eve, President-elect Trump held a party at his Mar-a-Lago estate at Palm Beach for
almost a thousand revellers from whom he cleared a neat profit. For members of his Mar-a-Lago
Golf Resort, for which he levies a $100,000 entry fee, the price was $525 a ticket (guests at the
hotel paid extra). For that they got to mingle with celebrities like Sylvester Stallone, who turned
down Trumps offer to become chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, and Joe
Morning Joe Scarborough, the former Republican congressman turned TV talk show host.
Marjorie Merriweather Post, heiress to the Post cereal fortune, collector of Russian art, Faberg
eggs and husbands, built the lavish 126-room estate in 1927. She left her art to the Hillwood
Museum, which had been her Washington DC residence, the diamond earrings that had belonged
to Marie Antoinette and other pieces of jewellery to the Smithsonian Institution, and Mar-a-Lago
to the US government to serve as a winter White House. Trump snapped it up in 1985 when the
government put the unused but costly property on the market.

As celebrants rang in the year in which Trump would become president, the man himself
appeared on the stage of Mar-a-Lagos gilded ballroom to tick off his future achievements: We
going to get rid of Obamacare! Standing next to him was a tuxedoed man pumping his fists at
Trumps every line to lead the cheering throng. Joseph Joey No Socks Cinque is a former
associate of the Gambino family boss John Gotti who was convicted in 1989 for possession of
stolen artworks including a couple of $20,000 Chagall prints and a Mir. (The New York district
attorneys office withdrew a plea bargain after an informant reported a conversation in which
Gotti was heard promising Cinque he would take care of the DA.) After getting involved in New
York bars and clubs and the used-car business, Cinque got a new racket. Called the American
Academy of Hospitality Sciences, it reportedly bestows Star Diamond awards on hotels and
restaurants that pay its entry fee and annual charge. Half the trustees are Trump employees,
including the general manager of his Bedminster, New Jersey golf club, the vice-president of his
Mar-a-Lago resort, and his butler. Trumps sons Donald Jr and Eric have been listed as honorary
trustees, and Trump himself was ambassador extraordinaire. The Star Diamond website lists 19
Trump properties that receive its imprimatur. How am I involved in it? Trump replied in 2015 to a
reporter from Yahoo News. I dont know. I dont know that my sons are involved with that,
actually. Asked about Cinque, Trump said: I dont know him well. I dont know him well, but I
have found him over the years to be a very nice man. In 2014, Cinques website posted an
article stating: Joseph Cinque, president of the AAHS, has been attending Mr Trumps party for
the past 16 years. It is somewhat of a New Years Eve tradition for him and of course, he has
become dear friends with the Trump family.

More than the frolics at Gatsbys mansion in West Egg, New Years Eve at Mar-a-Lago evokes the
goings-on at another Long Island estate that of the Corleone family. The founding father of what
became the Trump Organisation, Frederick Trump, a German immigrant who changed his name
from Drumpf, left a substantial legacy of New York real estate and investments that had
originated in brothels and bars in the Yukon and the Pacific Northwest. When he died, his son
Fred, then 15 years old, assumed his mantle under the stewardship of his mother. His housing
business flourished from the 1930s until the early 1950s thanks to his close partnerships with the
Brooklyn Democratic Party machine and a steady flow of loans from the Federal Housing
Authority. In 1954, he was subpoenaed to appear before the Senate Banking Committee, where
he was questioned about profit windfalls and inflated costs. From then on he would receive no
FHA loans which is the reason the Trump Village on Coney Island, among other projects, was
greased by his Brooklyn political connections. Also cited in the FHA investigation was Fred
Trumps partner, contractor and financier William Willie Tomasello, who according to the federal
Organised Crime Task Force was associated with elements of both the Gambino and Genovese

Fred Trump appeared to be grooming Fred Jr to take over his business. But he was a harsh and
exigent father and lost patience with his eldest son. Donald, though eight years younger,
adopted his fathers attitude to Fred Jr. Donald put Freddy down quite a bit, a family friend told
the New York Times. Donald was the child who would throw the cake at the birthday parties,
Robert Trump, the youngest brother, who went to work for the Trump Organisation, reported
to Vanity Fair. If I built the bricks up, Donald would come along and glue them all together, and
that would be the end of my bricks. Fred Jr rebelled, first by joining a Jewish fraternity at Lehigh
University, and then by giving up on the Trump business and becoming an airline pilot. He
literally flew away. But the free spirit of the Trump family fell into alcoholism, crawled back to
work on one of his fathers construction crews and died in 1981 at the age of 43. When Fred
Trump died in 1999, his will completely cut out Fred Jrs children. They sued for their share,
claiming that the will had been written under undue influence from Donald Trump. In retaliation,
Donald withdrew payments for the medical care of Fred III, who had cerebral palsy. After
extended litigation, a settlement was reached. Donald had learned some lessons from Fred Jrs
demise. Our family environment, the competitiveness, was a negative for Fred, he told Playboy.
It wasnt easy for him being cast in a very tough environment, and I think it played havoc on him He was the
first Trump boy out there, and I subconsciously watched his moves. I saw people really taking advantage of Fred
and the lesson I learned was always to keep up my guard 100 per cent, whereas he didnt. He didnt feel that
there was really reason for that, which is a fatal mistake in life. People are too trusting.

While the Trump money had its origins in prostitution and multiplied through ties to clubhouse
politics and Mob figures, neither Frederick Trump nor Fred Trump fits the role of Don Vito
Corleone. Vito Corleone avoided flamboyance and publicity. He was straitlaced, patient and
tactful. He gained power and influence not only through crime and corruption but also by
understanding peoples feelings and helping them when they were in trouble. The Dons bond
was not the Trump way.

Fred Jr resembled the middle Corleone brother, Fredo, who is weak and indecisive, and is
eventually murdered by his younger brother, Michael, after he assumes control of the family
business. Donald was most like the hot-headed Santino Sonny Corleone, whose impulsiveness
results in his assassination by rival gang members at a tollbooth. Donald has raced through
many tollbooths, but has survived the hail of gunfire. Though he grabbed hold of the family
business, he is not much like Michael Corleone, a war hero, Dartmouth graduate and tragic figure
who initially resists the poisoned Corleone chalice. Early on, he tells his Wasp wife he has nothing
to do with the sordid business: Thats my family, Kay thats not me. But he becomes
everything he was determined not to be. His success is to have transformed the Family into a
corporation. This is the business we have chosen, he is told by Hyman Roth, the Mafia character
based on the real-life mob financier Meyer Lansky. Roth also speaks about the scale of the
enterprise, bigger than US Steel, and suggests to Michael that someday he might be able to
choose a president.

The member of the Trump family who most resembles Michael Corleone is Ivanka. Her fathers
favourite, the ambitious and fashionable Manhattanite presents herself as an advocate of
childcare and climate change policies, selling herself as the one hope for decency among the
Trumps. While merchandising her dresses, shoes and jewellery she has achieved a degree of
social acceptance in the city. She represents Donalds last chance at respectability, but her
precarious image depends finally on repudiation of the father she worships. Thats my family
thats not me.

Roy Cohn, the Mafia lawyer, was more than just the consigliere in Trumps story. He was Donalds
mentor, his godfather. If Trump received an education beyond his two years at Fordham and as a
transfer student at Wharton (Im a smart person. I went to the Wharton School of Finance), it
was from his guide through the circles of the Inferno, who conducted masterclasses in malice.
Trump was an apt pupil in aggression. I dont think I got that from Roy at all, Trump told
the Washington Post. I think Ive had a natural instinct for that. He didnt really need an
education in heartlessness, but he learned the finer points from Cohn. Offering his highest praise,
Trump called him a total genius he brutalised for you.
Like Trump, Roy Cohn was the pampered son of a politically connected New York family. His
father, Albert Cohn, was a major player in the Bronx Democratic Party, an assistant district
attorney who was appointed to the division of the New York Supreme Court presiding over the
Bronx. Roy Cohn was a child prodigy; he graduated from Columbia Law School at the age of
twenty, and was appointed as an assistant US attorney for the Southern District of New York. He
promoted himself in his early cases by giving false leaks to the New York World Telegram. He was
put in charge of prosecuting communist agents, staging several prominent show trials, including
one of 11 Communist Party officials for subversion. In 1951, he took effective control of the trial
of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who were accused of stealing atomic secrets. He pulled strings to
appoint both chief prosecutor and judge, then urged the judge to impose the death penalty,
though the evidence against Ethel Rosenberg was flimsy. Cohns tour de force brought him to the
attention of Senator Joseph McCarthy, who hired him as chief counsel in his Red-hunting
investigations. After the Red Scare came the Lavender Scare, when Cohn launched a campaign
against homosexuals in government jobs, though he was a closeted homosexual himself.

Cohn opened a law office in New York, taking on such clients as the Mafia kingpins Tony Salerno,
Paul Castellano, John Gotti and Carmine The Cigar Galante, underboss of the Bonanno crime
family as well as the Catholic Archdiocese of New York and the New York Yankees. He was the
citys supreme fixer. The menacing milieu around him was portrayed in the 1957 noir
movie Sweet Smell of Success, about an influential and vicious New York tabloid newspaper
columnist called J.J. Hunsecker, modelled on the latter-day Walter Winchell, who operates from a
booth at the 21 Club, where he dines with movers and shakers. Hunsecker rules the town,
making and wrecking reputations through smears and fear. When he uses a PR agent to destroy
his sisters jazz musician boyfriend, who denounced him for his phony patriotism, the plot turns

Donald Trump met Roy Cohn at Le Club, a private New York disco, in 1973, when Trump was 27
and had a serious problem. The Justice Department was suing him and his father for racial
discrimination in their building at 100 Central Park South. My view is tell them to go to hell,
Cohn advised, and fight the thing in court. From that moment, Cohn and Trump were
inseparable. Cohn recalled that Trump would phone him more than a dozen times a day. With
Cohn as their attorney the Trumps filed a countersuit against the federal government for using
Gestapo-like tactics. Their suit was instantly dismissed and two years later the Trumps settled
after being forced to sign a decree forbidding them from engaging in discriminatory practices.

Roger Stone, a longtime Cohn protg who began his political career as a dirty trickster and
ratfucker for Richard Nixons re-election campaign in 1972, explained the relationship. First of
all, he told an interviewer, Roy would literally call up and dictate pieces for Page Six [of the New
York Post] because Rupert [Murdoch] was a client and because Roy always had good material. So
Roy understood the tabloids. Donald, I think, learned the tabloid media, and the media cycle,
from Roy. Cohn was the sorcerer and Trump the apprentice. Roy was a mentor in terms of the
fast track, Stone said. I mean, Donald was from Queens, Manhattans the fast track. I think, to a
certain extent, Donald learned how the world worked from Roy, who was not only a brilliant
lawyer, but a brilliant strategist who understood the political system and how to play it like a
violin. For Trump, Cohn served like a cultural guide to Manhattan, Stone told the Washington
Post. Roy was more than his personal lawyer.

Cohn took him to the 21 Club, where they held court in Cohns reserved red leather booth. He
took him to his townhouse on 68th Street, where he lived and conducted his law business, and
which was filled with a running crew of attractive young gay men, models, cigar-chomping
politicians, gangsters and journalist hangers-on. Roy lived in a matrix of crime and unethical
conduct, according to his biographer Nicholas von Hoffman. He derived a significant part of his
income from illegal or unethical schemes and conspiracies, the most blatant of which was not
paying income tax.

Cohn initiated Trump into the highlife and lowdown at the hottest club in town, Studio 54. What
went on in Studio 54 will never, ever happen again, Trump told a journalist much later.

First of all, you didnt have Aids. You didnt have the problems you do have now. I saw things happening there
that to this day I have never seen again. I would watch supermodels getting screwed, well-known supermodels
getting screwed on a bench in the middle of the room. There were seven of them and each one was getting
screwed by a different guy. This was in the middle of the room. Stuff that couldnt happen today because of
problems of death.

Cohn greased the skids with favours. I got to know everybody, Trump said. Cohn arranged for
the Mob to construct Trumps towers and provide protection against labour trouble. You know
how many lawyers in New York represent organised-crime figures? Does that mean were not
supposed to use them? Trump asked. Cohn threatened to sue anyone in Trumps way to secure
leases on properties and city tax abatements. He wrote the prenuptial agreement stipulating that
Trumps first wife, Ivana, would return all gifts in the event of a divorce, and coerced her to sign;
Cohn had suggested an associate to serve as her lawyer. (I would never buy Ivana any decent
jewels or pictures. Why give her negotiable assets? Trump told his friends, according to Vanity
Fair.) And Cohn finagled a federal judgeship for Trumps sister, Maryanne Trump Barry. When
anyone resisted Trumps demands, he waved Cohns picture in their face. Would you rather deal
with him? he would say.

The State of New York disbarred Cohn in 1986 for unethical and unprofessional behaviour
described in the judgment as particularly reprehensible. A month later, he died of Aids, an
illness he tried to conceal (he told Trump he had cancer). He was an outrageous racist and self-
loathing Jew, freely spewing epithets about niggers and kikes. He was also a self-hating
homosexual, who obsessively denounced fags and crusaded against gay rights. When he was
dying Trump turned away from him, shifting his business to other lawyers. I cant believe hes
doing this to me, Cohn said. Donald pisses ice water. Cohn called Trump to ask him to find a
room in one of his hotels for Cohns former lover and assistant, near death himself from Aids.
Trump got him a tacky room and sent Cohn the bills. Cohn refused to pay. Trumps underlings
called to evict the dying man. The only surprising part of the story is Cohns shock.
Cohn made an afterlife appearance as a major character in Tony Kushners Angels in America: A
Gay Fantasia on National Themes, staged in 1993 and produced as a TV miniseries in 2003. Dying
of Aids and disbarred, Cohn denies his homosexuality, attempts to hoard an experimental drug,
and finds himself in a hospital bed cared for by a nurse who is a drag queen. Ethel Rosenberg
hovers as a ghost to haunt him and in his death scene chants the Kaddish as an act of mercy
over his unrepentant soul.

At the height of the Cold War, Richard Condons The Manchurian Candidate laid out a Russian
conspiracy to elect a malleable president. Raymond Shaw, a US army sergeant during the Korean
War, is captured and brainwashed along with the other members of his unit in Manchuria. His
comrades are programmed to testify falsely to his bravery, for which he wins the Congressional
Medal of Honor. Raymond Shaw is the kindest, warmest, bravest, most wonderful human being
Ive ever known in my life, they all declare. The American war hero is turned into a Russian
sleeper agent, groomed to assassinate the presidential nominee at the convention. But Major
Ben Marco, a former member of his army unit, breaks through his brainwashing and so instead of
murdering the nominee, Shaw shoots his mother, who had been controlling him throughout,
along with his idiotic stepfather. Decades later, Condon explained the inspiration for the perverse
dynamic between Raymond Shaw and his mother. Raymonds mother is Roy Cohn, and her
husband Johnny is McCarthy. I was fascinated by the very strange relationship between Cohn and
the senator. Roy ran McCarthy, totally dominated him.

What Cohn would have made of Donald Trumps romance with Vladimir Putin is anybodys guess.
The Red-hunter might have been appalled at his client becoming an agent of influence for the
former agent of the KGB. But Cohn might have approved. After he departed, Trump fell and rose,
his resurrection partly financed by clandestine loans from Russian banks linked to a state
governed on Mafia principles. During the 2016 campaign, Putin appears to have provided
assistance to Trump through the Russian intelligence services hacking of the Democratic
National Committee and the Clinton campaign, and his political model may serve as something
of an inspiration too. Trumps business has always operated organisationally like a prototypical
Mafia, with a tight circle of family, friends and flunkies, bearing little resemblance to a modern
corporation. As Masha Gessen put it in the New York Review of Books, borrowing from the
Hungarian sociologist Blint Magyar, the post-communist mafia state is run like a family by a
patriarch who distributes money, power and favours. Usually, the family is built on loyalty, not
blood relations, but Trump is bringing his literal family into the White House. By inviting a few
hand-picked people into the areas that interest him personally, he may be creating a mafia state
within a state. He has long been attracted to authoritarianism. In his 1990 interview
with Playboy he expressed admiration for the Chinese governments violent repression of the
democracy movement. When the students poured into Tiananmen Square, the Chinese
government almost blew it, he said. Then they were vicious, they were horrible, but they put it
down with strength. That shows you the power of strength. Our country is right now perceived as
weak as being spat on by the rest of the world.
Talk of a mafia state echoes another periods fears of fascism. In 1935, fascist figures emerged
not just in Europe but in America. Father Charles Coughlin held millions of his radio flock in thrall
with jeremiads against bankers, liberals and Jews, and enlisted them into his Union for Social
Justice. The DuPonts and other wealthy conservatives financed the American Liberty League to
campaign against the New Deal as un-American, spending twice as much as the Republican
Party. William Randolph Hearst likened Roosevelt to Karl Marx imported, autocratic, Asiatic
and declared: Whenever you hear a prominent American called a Fascist, you can usually
make up your mind that the man is simply a LOYAL CITIZEN WHO STANDS FOR AMERICANISM.

It was in this combustible environment that the most celebrated writer of the day, Sinclair Lewis,
the first American writer to win the Nobel Prize, voiced his sense of imminent catastrophe in the
American heartland. Lewiss previous novels Main Street, Babbitt, Elmer Gantry and Arrowsmith
had satirised the hypocritical manners and morals of small-town life. He punctured the
suffocating prejudices, mean-spiritedness and crushed idealism in the nativist, isolationist and
Prohibitionist America of the Republican-dominated 1920s. His characters were studies in the
cultural constraints of the age. There was not a Gatsby among them. Now, his alternative history
showed how the people of Main Street might fare in the face of homegrown fascism. In It Cant
Happen Here, it happened here.

FDR loses re-election in 1936, defeated by Senator Berzelius Buzz Windrip, a Professional
Common Man, who pledges a return to founding principles. He embodies every prejudice and
aspiration of every American Common Man the Common Man twenty-times magnified by his
oratory, so that while the other Commoners could understand his every purpose, which was
exactly the same as their own, they saw him towering among them, and they raised hands to
him in worship. A tabloid journalist, Lee Sarason, generates a blizzard of propaganda and
ghostwrites Windrips manifesto, Zero Hour: Over the Top, excerpts from which appear as chapter
epigraphs. In the little towns, ah, there is the abiding peace that I love, and that can never be
disturbed by even the noisiest Smart Alecks from these haughty megalopolises like Washington,
New York, & etc. Sarason had encouraged Windrip to keep up in the Great World all of the
clownishness which had endeared him to his simple-hearted constituents. A radio preacher
deploys his League of Forgotten Men behind Windrip. Among Windrips camp followers are
Intellectuals and Reformers and even Rugged Individualists, who saw in Windrip, for all his
clownish swinderlerism, a free vigour which promised a rejuvenation of the crippled and senile
capitalistic system. President Windrip announces a new Corporatist state, suspends civil
liberties and sends his militia, the Minute Men, to enforce order. Sarason directs propaganda,
telling the masses they were the honoured foundation stones of a new Civilisation And they
had the Jews and the Negroes to look down on, more and more Every man is a king so long as
he has someone to look down on. Windrips policies fail to deliver on his extravagant promises.
Dissidents disappear into concentration camps. A New Underground organises against the
regime. Sarason stages a coup and installs himself as president. Then his ally, General Dewey
Haik, ousts him and invades Mexico to arouse patriotic unity. The country descends into civil war.
The end.
The Confidence Man: His Masquerade was the last full-length book Herman Melville published in
his lifetime. Moby-Dick had been poorly received and Melville could no longer scrape by on his
writing. A flat-out failure, he was about to take a job as a clerk in the New York Customs House.
His new book, inspired by a story he read in a newspaper, takes place on April Fools Day, when a
mysterious stranger boards a Mississippi steamboat named the Fidle. We are a long way from
the Pequod. The confidence man is anything but loyal. He assumes different guises as he works
his way through the passengers, from the cosmopolitan to the kindly old lady. To one he sells
non-existent shares in the Black Rapids Coal Company. He inveigles funds for the imaginary
Seminole Widow and Orphan Asylum. He hits up others for something he calls the Worlds
Charity. From yet another he coaxes money for an investment in a Protean easy chair for
invalids. Whenever any of his dupes baulks he appeals to their sense of confidence,
understanding that their weakness is their desire for hope. Written at the nadir of his own hope,
Melville masked his bitterness with satirical humour. The reviews of his plotless and oblique work
were unkind. He withdrew into the Customs House. In The Raven and the Whale, the critic Perry
Miller wrote: The few contemporaries who examined the book were in no position to see it as,
whatever else it is, a long farewell to national greatness. The only character who escapes the
confidence mans swindle, the only one to lack confidence, is the steamboats barber, who
refuses to wield his scissors without first being paid, and has hung a large sign in his shop
reading: NO TRUST.

The original version of this piece contained two passages that require correction and clarification.
At the time of the Roy Cohn leaks mentioned, the New York World Telegram was owned not by
Hearst but by Scripps Howard. A paragraph referring to Fred Trumps campaign for mayor of New
York, although it accurately reflected Trumps racial attitudes and his hostility towards Mayor John
Lindsay, has been removed because the campaign ads referred to appear to be clever fakes.

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Vol. 39 No. 5 2 March 2017

Sidney Blumenthal (a senior adviser to Bill Clinton from 1997 to 2001, as you describe him) neglected to
mention one important thing in his piece on the Trump family: the past closeness of the Clintons and
Trumps (LRB, 16 February). Bill and Hillary were favoured guests at Trumps marriage in 2005 to Melania
Knauss, going on to join the happy couple at the Palm Beach reception. Trump was a generous donor to the
Clinton Foundation and made a substantial financial contribution to Hillarys Senate and 2008 presidential
campaigns. I like him. And I love playing golf with him, Bill said of his pal Trump in 2012. According to
Blumenthal, Trumps ascent to the presidency represents the triumph of an underworld of predators,
hustlers, mobsters, clubhouse politicians and tabloid sleaze A world in which the Clintons gave every
impression of feeling at home.

Harry Harmer