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Sherine Lois D.

QuiambaoBSMA 2A

Elusivenes of Loves Theory

An extraordinary yet inevitable

People couldnt live without Like drugs, the heart
keeps on
yearning. Merely humans know about No person can Nor science
explain The
theory of love The mysteries it brought Collywobbles are felt An
affection thatll make
us melt Nobody can define Emotions it brought by What is it to love
Not that I can
think of How to perceive it By heart or by wit Almost still finding Some
found Others stopped But how and why How to love And how
be loved No one really knows The enigma it undergo
Delicate yet obscure Love is really unknown
People are unsure The true meaning it
Shown But all I know Its the
Sherine Lois D. QuiambaoBSMA 2A
Best feeling man has
Ever known.