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This form is private and confidential

Re:dish is an equal opportunities employer and values diversity. The aim of our policy is to ensure that
no job applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of race, colour,
ethnicity, and nationality including citizenship disability, age, gender, sexual identity, or marital
status where any of these cannot be shown to be requirement of the job concerned. Recruitment,
selection and promotion procedures will be monitored to ensure that individuals are selected,
promoted and treated on the basis of their relevant merits and abilities.
The information provided on this form will be used solely for effective evaluation purposes. It is held
confidentially and separately from all other material.

Post Applied For:

Gender: Female / Male / Other / Prefer not to say

Are you married or in a civil partnership? Yes / No / Prefer not to say

What is your sexual orientation? Heterosexual Gay woman Gay Man

Bisexual Prefer not to say
If other, please write in:

Age: Less than 35 35 49 50+

Do you consider yourself to have a disability? Yes / No

Please give details

Ethnic Origin White

What do you regard as English Welsh Scottish Northern Irish Irish
your ethnic origin? British Gypsy or Irish Traveller Prefer not to say
Any other white background, please write in:
Mixed/multiple ethnic groups
White and Black Caribbean White and Black African
White and Asian Prefer not to say
Any other mixed background, please write in:

Asian/Asian British
Indian Pakistani Bangladeshi Chinese
Prefer not to say
Any other Asian background, please write in:

Black/ African/ Caribbean/ Black British

African Caribbean Prefer not to say
Any other Black/African/Caribbean background, please write in:

Other ethnic group

Arab Prefer not to say
Any other ethnic group, please write in:

What is your religion White

or belief? No religion or belief Buddhist Christian Hindu Jewish
Muslin Sikh Prefer not to say

If other religion or belief, please write in:

Where did you see this vacancy advertised?