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Mid-term Exam Study

Date: 25/10/2016

Unit 1 (Personality types)

Complete each conversation with a personality type.

* Im afraid Ill have to work overtime again. My supervisor gave me 3 projects to

complete by midnight. Hes such a ________________________
* We all love working with Sara. Things are much easier because she is a ___________
*I dont know how Cristy can handle both works. She is definitely a _________________
*It seems that Jessy doesnt feel comfortable in the party. She must not be a__________
*Wow ! Saul got a perfect score on his exam. He is such a _______________________
* I hate when he comes to work. Hes always trying to be a ________________________

Unit 1 (Gerunds and infinitives)

Rewrite the following sentences using stop, remember and forget with gerunds or
infinitives to give an advice for each situation

* Samantha works long hours. When she finally gets home, shes exhausted. She spends
trying to catch up on housework
and shopping. _She should stop working so hard

*Michael spends most of the day in the computer. On the weekends,he just watches

*Paul is a single father with three kids, and he travels a los for his company. He feels he
hardly sees his kids.________________________________________

*Marisa has been using her credit card a lot and now shes having a hard time with all her
bills ___________________________________________________

* Charles may die if he continues smoking a lot. He has a small kid he raises.

Unit 2 (Present perfect simple & continuous)

Use the following cues to create P.P.Simple & continuous sentences.

* I / study / Italian ________________________________________________________

* She / eat / Octopus ____________________________________________________
*We / read / that book ____________________________________________________
*They / know / David for 10 years ___________________________________________
*John / miss / the train ____________________________________________________
* I / drink / too much coffee ________________________________________________

Continuous sentences

* She _____________(clean) all morning. Shes completely exhausted.

* I ________________ (work out) more recently, and I feel better.
*Teacher Alex is exhausted these days. He _______________(work) so hard.
*They ___________________(study) for the mid-term exam for 2 weeks.
*I ___________________ (tell) you this is absolutely wrong.

Match each word with its definition.

* Gifted -Believing better than other people

*Egotistical -Quickly and easily becoming annoyed
*Energetic -Never satisfied and hard to please
*Difficult -Behaving in an unusual way
*Moody -Being talented
*Passionate -Very active, physically and mentally
*Imaginative -Able to think of new and creative ideas
*Eccentric -Having a strong liking for something.

Define (with your own words) what each of these elements is

* Beat _________________________________
* Lyrics __________________________
* Melody _____________________________________
* Sound _______________________________
* Voice _____________________________________

(Participial Adjectives)
Choose the correct adjective to complete the sentences.

* I find Pearl harbour so interesting / interested. It just blows my mind.

* Whenever Im bored / boring I start playing cards.
* After failing an exam, you may feel a little disappointed / disappointing
* An extra bonus ? Wow, I find that benefit so stimulating / stimulated
* Im sorry I wasnt aware, but I was so interesting / interested in the movie
* What a depressing / depressed day.

Unit 3 (Future plans / Finished future actions)

Complete the text with the infinitive form.

Jessica Kemper _________(complete) business school this semester, and then she
_________(find) a job in the financial industry. However, Ms. Kemper has a lot of debts to
repay. Shes borrowed some money from her parents and some from the bank, but she
_________(pay) everyone back as soon as she can. She_________(get) a part-time job to
help make ends meet while shes paying off her debt.

Complete the text with the perfect infinitve form.

Paul Randall has been drowning in debt, so hes decided to make some changes in his
financial habits. By the end of this month, he __________(create) a realistic budget that he
can follow. As a matter of fact, he _______(pay off) one of his last credit cards by October.
In addition, he ___________(begin) putting some money away in savings. If he can stick to
his budget, he _______________(pay back) most of his debts within a year.

On a separate sheet of paper use the cues to write sentences with the future perfect.

* By the end of this month / I / put 10 % of my paycheck in the bank.

* By the summer / I / save enough to go to Italy
* You / pay off your credit card balance by december ?
* When / they / pay the bill in full ?