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Many people are now saying that the Obamagate wire tapping scandal is SO BIG that the only way
they can cover it up is with a massive and convincing false flag.

Well, they may have shown their cards in Zambia today with Project Blue Beam (or

If this thing appeared in the sky above you would you flip out? Well, you should not flip out, because
though it really did show up it ended up being FAKE. This appeared in the sky above a shopping mall
in the African country of Zambia, TODAY, shortly after the Obama wire tapping scam broke. There
were two different perspectives of this that prove it really did happen. But it did not do anything to
anyone, and vanished like a cloud, with it's remnants simply smearing away over a few
minutes. Make of it what you will, I'll opt for a trial run of blue beam tech to see what the
reaction of the people will be with this. If you see anything like this in the sky, this is probably
current state of the art tech on display.

If this is not a photoshop trick, it would have to be Project Blue Beam or something similar. I am not
100 percent certain this actually happened, but the two different perspectives give it some credibility.
Obama may be indicted for the wire tap
Lt Col Tony Shaffer: "We are talking about the potential of indictments of a former sitting president
and his staff.

Yep, This is worse than watergate by a long shot. Not to mention THE FOLLOWING JUDGES ARE

The exact judges who approved the Trump

wiretap by Obama
And yes, the Clintons and corrupt judges were involved.

I do not usually post other people's work, but this is too well done and too
important, this HAS TO go viral

Obama could not get a wire tap on Trump legitimately, so he worked behind the scenes with an
appeals court in secret. This is an expose' of the corrupted judges who made it possible to wiretap
Trump, and is the source of the leaks. These judges need to HANG. This is FAR WORSE than

The following was posted to a popular forum:

"All this info is on the internet...

You have to remember the acting attorney general for Obama pursued this and was turned down by
the Fisa court which is a court of differing appointee's, appointed By Bush, Reagan, Carter, Obama
and Bill clinton. So the non partisan committee turned down the request, so it goes to the appeal
court which just happened to be all Clinton appointed judges, now we understand why he met with
the attorney general on that plane in secret.

Denials of FISA applications by the FISC may be appealed to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance
Court of Review. The Court of Review is a three judge panel. Since its creation, the court has come
into session twice: in 2002 and 2008.

Who are these judges who approved the Fisa warrantAppeal on President Trump...

William C. Bryson, (Presiding)

Biographical Directory of Federal Judges
Bryson, William Curtis
Born 1945 in Houston, TX
Federal Judicial Service:
Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
Nominated by William J. Clinton on June 22, 1994, to a seat vacated by Howard Thomas Markey.
Confirmed by the Senate on September 28, 1994, and received commission on September 29, 1994.
Assumed senior status on January 7, 2013.

Judge, Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review, 2011-present; presiding judge, 2013-
Harvard University, A.B., 1969
University of Texas School of Law, J.D., 1973

Professional Career:
Law clerk, Hon. Henry J. Friendly, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, 1973-1974
Law clerk, Hon. Thurgood Marshall, Supreme Court of the United States, 1974-1975
Private practice, Washington, D.C., 1975-1978
Assistant to the solicitor general, U.S. Department of Justice, 1978-1979
Chief, Appellate Section, Criminal Division, U.S. Department of Justice, 1979-1982
Special counsel, Organized Crime and Racketeering Section, Criminal Division, U.S. Department of
Justice, 1982-1986
Deputy solicitor general, U.S. Department of Justice, 1986-1994
Deputy associate attorney general (acting associate attorney general), U.S. Department of Justice,


Jose A. Cabranes

Biographical Directory of Federal Judges

Cabranes, Jose Alberto
Born 1940 in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

Federal Judicial Service:

Judge, U.S. District Court, District of Connecticut
Nominated by Jimmy Carter on November 6, 1979, to a seat vacated by Jon O. Newman. Confirmed
by the Senate on December 5, 1979, and received commission on December 10, 1979. Served as
chief judge, 1992-1994. Service terminated on August 12, 1994, due to appointment to another
judicial position.

Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit

Nominated by William J. Clinton on May 24, 1994, to a seat vacated by Richard J. Cardamone.
Confirmed by the Senate on August 9, 1994, and received commission on August 10, 1994.

Judge, Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review, 2013-present

Columbia University, A.B., 1961
Yale Law School, J.D., 1965
University of Cambridge, Queens` College, M.Litt., 1967

Professional Career:
Supervisor in law, Queens' College, University of Cambridge, England, 1966-1967
Private practice, New York City, 1967-1971
Associate professor of law, Rutgers University School of Law, 1971-1973
Special counsel, Gov. Rafael Hernandez Colon, Puerto Rico, Washington, D.C., 1973-1975
General counsel/director of government relations, Yale University, 1975-1979


Tallman, Richard C.

Biographical Directory of Federal Judges

Tallman, Richard C.
Born 1953 in Oakland, CA

Federal Judicial Service:

Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
Nominated by William J. Clinton on October 20, 1999, to a seat vacated by Betty Binns Fletcher.
Confirmed by the Senate on May 24, 2000, and received commission on May 25, 2000.

Judge, Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review, 2014-present

University of Santa Clara (now Santa Clara University), B.Sc., 1975
Northwestern University School of Law, J.D., 1978

Professional Career:
Law clerk, Hon. Morell E. Sharp, U.S. District Court, Western District of Washington, 1978-1979
Trial attorney, Criminal Division, U.S. Department of Justice, 1979-1980
Assistant U.S. attorney, Western District of Washington, 1980-1983
Private practice, Seattle, Washington, 1983-2000
Tallman -

Perfect example of the type of hack that this web site gets hit with: I know I did not
misspell "adjuvants".

All through the article, they let the spelling be correct. But the headline? NOPE. And that is the kind of
crap I have to deal with. If any medical professional saw that misspelled in the headline, they would
simply stop reading right there. PERFECT BACK STAB. But I won't worry, because all the trolls are
doing is necessitating the need for serious escalation and I am certainly capable of that.

Anonymous sent:

Quote:"Anyway, if the ALL go to New Zealand, then we can just sacrifice that one little patch of earth
and use it as a nuclear waste dump" Insensitive twit. Plenty of decent people living here

My response: Come on now, you can't actually think I meant that! Have you ever heard of sarcasm,
or an obvious overstatement to make a statement?

Just make sure they are all off in one corner somewhere then, so we can just use 1 nuke and not
wreck the whole place.Less sarcasm.
WOW, here's a GOOD ONE:

Anonymous sent a probably certifiable cure for autism:

Hi Jim. Wouldn't a bone marrow transplant wipe out the immune system and completely reboot it
upon the bone marrow transplant taking effect? I remember a coworker was diagnosed with leukemia
and he had to be in isolation after having a bone marrow transplant because they said it completely
wiped out his immune system and he would need to have all of his vaccines again. It wouldn't
reverse permanent gene mutation in the brain but may possibly reverse autism if it's due to a
continual attack by the immune system triggered by a vaccine. I'm not a medical professional but
remembered my coworker while reading your article and thought I'd run it past you. The other
problem is finding a Dr in any western nation that would perform a bone marrow transplant for an
unapproved reason. Odds are, the medical governing agency in that country would revoke their
medical license for performing the procedure so you'd need to go to a country that has an actual free
market medical system and pay cash for it.

Again, Thanks for all you do, Ben from FEMA region 5

P.S. Google is most certainly censoring you. If I do a search for Jim Stone in Google what comes up
is your old web address,, so even though I already know about your site
Google still doesn't show it. If I do a search for Jim Stone using DuckDuckGo the first item that comes
up is your current site,"


IMPORTANT: My vaccine/autism info is not just a spew. That really is backed up by 1 doctorate of
pharmacology that I know who explained the science behind it all, and MANY doctors that I know, that
have figured out that the vaccines are AWFUL. Surprisingly however, even though it is on the
package inserts, I'd say that less than 25 percent of all doctors actually realize that the vaccines are
now sourced from human tissue. NEVER have I seen one that thought that would NOT be a problem
once they knew about it though. They all have the light go on and say "that's not a good idea", or
"they had better get it all out".

More than just immune response

Anonymous sent:

"A bone marrow transplant is not going to reduce the chemical toxicity load placed on the body in
autism. It is not just immune related go read Stephanie Seneff and call me in the morning.. it's also
due to heavy-metal poisoning and an imbalanced gut microbiome.

My response: Heavy metals have nothing to do with it. The mercury in the thimerosal is bonded in a
way that neutralizes it. It can't possibly be good, but it also cannot possibly be the problem when
thimerosal was in vaccines decades prior to the autism problem. That alone rules it out. I also,
specifically do not believe gut bacteria have anything at all to do with it. That is not what my
own (extensive and educated research) says, or confirmed and certified medical professionals who
are in my direct 1:1 circle say.
The most qualified of all says autism is caused on purpose, by purposefully tricking the immune
system into attacking the brain. That's what I will go with, because I simply don't trust anyone at all to
tell me the truth, other than those I know for certain will tell the truth. My autism reports are not even 1
percent fluff or guess, they might as well be Lancet or at least PubMed. My "tainted nightmare" report
which outlined destructive vaccine adjuvants withstood peer review in PubMed, and subsequently
went viral. It triggered policy changes in 3 different nations, and had a much greater ripple effect than
just that. They took the report and used it verbatim. No other blogger ANYWHERE online ever
accomplished that level of vaccine reporting. No "gut bacteria" or "thimerosal" report ever did that

When it comes to vaccine damage, this is one area where I will state with certainty I have it nailed.

Vegan diet curing autism?

One reader said that's how it is done, and it takes a few years. My response: Anything can happen in
a few years, shots wear off. No vegan diet is going to have any impact at all, unless it leads to such
malnutrition the immune system stops functioning, and therefore stops attacking the brain. Bone
marrow transplant sounds a LOT better. I have a gut feeling a bone marrow transplant would probably

Not just autism

Another aspect of vaccines that are harmful are the proteins used in vaccine development and in the
vaccines themselves. Although a lot of focus is on autism, many of us have kids damaged in other
ways. My son has multiple food allergies. I knew of this when I was nursing him - he started reacting
to dairy protein via breastmilk at 3 weeks old. I was so ignorant about vaccines then. As he reacted to
more and more foods (and I cut them out), I was frantically researching and waking up to the issues
with our food, medicines, and of course, vaccines. He had other symptoms beyond the food allergies
(gastro issues, respiratory issues, sleep issues, seizing after vaccines, - esp dtap - that lead us to
believe that if we kept vaccinating, he would have become autistic). We stopped when he was 9
months old. Anyway, back to the food allergies - these have skyrocketed in recent years and there is
evidence that various proteins that are coincidentally in the top 8 food allergies are used in vaccine
production - peanut oil, egg protein, gluten, soy, casein, to start. My son is allergic to all of these.
(BTW, thanks to natural medical treatments, primarily homeopathy in his case, his is now able to
consume baked egg and has no respiratory issues at all - we have hope for continued progress)"

My response: The proteins used in vaccine development and in the vaccines themselves are the
adjuvants I speak about in my Tainted Nightmare report.

Unrelated to that report: After being well into adulthood with no allergies I got a tetanus shot and was
suddenly allergic to dogs and cats for 20 years. I was stunned - how could I suddenly be allergic to a
dog? The shot since wore off, and I am no longer allergic to either. So they can take their tetanus shot
and stuff it, I'll instead opt for super strong antibiotics and take my chances. Obviously these vaccines
trigger all kinds of money making CRAP. Do no harm? With today's medicine, you receive ONLY THE

You cannot use thimerosal as an arguing point against vaccines because the pro
vaccination crowd is well prepared for it.

The pro-vaccine people pushing vaccines on everyone are going to argue that thimerosal was in
vaccines for decades before autism became a problem, and then use that as an excuse to say
vaccines do not cause autism.

They are going to point out that thimerosal is not in wide use anymore, and that when it is it is always
in the large multi shot containers of vaccines, and not in individual vaccines that come pre loaded in a
syringe. They will then point to the fact that autism is just as prevalent in vaccined children who were
vaccined via a pre loaded syringe, and then say that proves it is not the thimerosal, and that vaccines
do not cause autism.

Animal vs human cell cultures

What they will NEVER SAY: Before the explosion in autism rates, vaccines were made from animal
cultures or yeast cultures that had no genetically modified cells and were completely natural and not
human based. Nowadays, virtually all vaccines are made in human based cultures, and GMO
yeast cultures that contain human DNA and therefore human materials.


Additionally, in the past, vaccines were made the expensive way - where the immune response was
triggered by a large dose of pathogen. Nowadays they are using very small amounts of pathogen,
and enhancing them with materials that are designed to enhance immune response. These
materials are called adjuvants. PROBLEM: It seems the only adjuvants they can seem to think of
using are based on materials that form basic building blocks for the body - key oils and proteins that
are used by the nervous system. One of these - an early one they tried - is called squalene.

If you use squalene - which is a basic nervous system building block - as an adjuvant in a vaccine,
the immune system will associate squalene with the pathogen and then create antibodies against
squalene also. The result is greatly reduced quality of life (as your immune system works hard to
eliminate from your body one of the key components it needs) and seriously reduced intelligence and
fertility. Similar is true for other "aduvants" they have started using, and I beg to question WHY. You
know they know what they are doing, so why did they ever use squalene to begin with? This proves
open malice.

They are playing so filthy with vaccines it is obvious they are trying to destroy anyone who receives
them, and they are doing it at a level that most people cannot comprehend. People can point at
thimerosal, say it is mercury, and grasp that. What they can't grasp is "this vaccine was grown in
human tissue, and because of that it will cause autoimmune disorders, including against the brain" or
"this vaccine contains an adjuvant based on a material your body needs, and therefore it will destroy
you when it tricks your immune system into reacting against that material". They can't grasp that
because they don't even know what a cell culture is, or an adjuvant is, or how an immune response is

Sure, I would not want a shot of thimerosal. But it is, in reality, the least of our vaccine worries.

Take a look at this Dtap vaccine insert

The Dtap vaccine insert says in plain text that it causes autism, sudden infant death, apnea,
seizures up to gran mal, neuropathy AND MORE. Interesting it is that the standard vaccine
side effects - triggering allergies and other normal stuff is not even listed and in their own
words "what they listed was prioritized for frequency and severity". So it causes Autism and
other horrible brain damage so much that the normal stuff vaccines used to be known for is
not even listed.

Yep, but it is glyphosate causing autism, LOOK AWAY FROM THE VACCINES, yes, we have it, IT IS

"To protect their profits, the vaccine makers created a mythical condition called "shaken baby
syndrome" on which to blame the deaths of babies after receiving this vaccine. Parents, already
traumatized from losing their child, were then imprisoned for the false charge of murdering their own
baby." - Michael Rivero This web site had this covered years ago, and now they are putting the
truth in the vaccine insert. HOWEVER, I think Mike missed the fact that this is intentional
eugenics, and not profit motivated. HERE IS WHAT WAS POSTED HERE LONG AGO:

Root of "Shaken Baby" Scam Revealed

An Australian police officer speaks up

"I was in the Queensland Police Service for 20 years and I saw first hand how the vaccines
caused death and the police would investigate, and while supported by the medical system
would prosecute the parents for the injuries and death caused by the vaccines."

Chris Savage, Queensland Police officer

Jim Stone, Editor

I joined the Queensland Police Service in Queensland Australia in 1989 at the age of 27. In my work
as a State Police officer I would be called to sudden deaths to investigate the circumstances. This
included babies and young children.

I attended several where the baby was found dead by one of the parents in the morning, in Australia
the term "Sudden Infant Death Syndrome" is used to describe this outcome. Notice how the
"syndrome" is frequently used - I believe this serves the purpose of mystifying the problem and
therefore the cause. Another is "gulf war syndrome" which is clearly caused by the Anthrax vaccine.

I began to dig deeper whenever I had the opportunity to conduct investigations into the infant deaths.
In 1993 I was the first response to a 6 month old baby death. I went to the hospital because the baby
had been taken there by ambulance, and at the hospital I obtained the testimony of the mother. In her
statement she told me that her baby was eating and sleeping normally but when the baby was
vaccinated at the age of 2 months (which was the vaccine policy in Australia) the baby then would not
sleep and would not eat properly and suffered frequent convulsions

She went to several doctors trying to find an answer. They gave her a common drug called "Panadol"
which did not do anything. The convulsions continued so she went to another doctor who gave her
another drug which also did not work. The baby continued to convulse and vomit frequently. The little
girl would not sleep and the mother was sleep deprived also.

Because the situation was so desperate, the mother went doctor shopping. The other doctors simply
gave her more drugs. At the age of about 5 months the baby died. The QPS then charged the mother
for causing the death by using a forensic report which showed slightly elevated drug levels.
Fortunately in this particular case the Director of Public Prosecutions did not want to proceed with a
murder charge because the mother provided a statement which outlined normal sleep and eating
prior to the vaccine.

Another incident occurred when I saw a father come through the Ipswitch District Watchhouse Q1D
on the charges of Manslaughter (similar to 2nd degree murder) of a 5 year old that had suffered a
severe reaction to the initial vaccines and was brain damaged. The QPS relied on the false medical
premise titled "shaken baby syndrome" - there is that "Syndrome" word again.
The child succombed to the injuries from the vaccines and the QPS opted to blame the father on the
basis of "Shaken Baby Syndrome" but there was no evidence other than the vaccine for the cause of
the injuries when the "shaken baby" accusation was applied.

I have seen grieving parents charged with causing the deaths of their babies,

The highest risk period for death by vaccine was at two months when the babies are given all the

When the detectives investigate the death of a baby they interview each parent separately. If
there are any conflicting versions of the story they use the differences to attack the parents
credibility and rely on the flawed "shaken baby syndrome" medical evidence. If there is no
conflict, even a minor one in the parent testimony, the police then turn it over to a "medical
doctor" who has "experience" with "shaken baby syndrome" and attempt to prosecute from
that angle.

If the parents tell the investigator they picked up the lifeless baby and shook it to wake it, the
police will prosecute even though the baby was already dead. Since "shaken baby syndrome"
has no hard evidence, such as bruising or other injury, it's the perfect way to blame parents
for damage caused by vaccines.

In October of 2009, a baby died shortly after being vaccinated with the H1N1 vaccine, and to
everyone's surprise the state coroner ruled that there was no link to the vaccine.

In my view, the QPS officers are sufficiently brainwashed to not realize the vaccines are causing the
injuries and deaths; and when they investigate and prosecute they rely heavily on "medical evidence"
which is significantly influenced by big Pharma, and appear to wish to divest responsibility.

Now they give the vaccinations at birth and I speculate that this is so that any damage can be blamed
as having the problems since birth.

After giving a parent an article by Dr. Vera Schreibner, which outlined vaccine damage, the
hierarchy of the QPS pursued me so I left on medical grounds. Upon my exit they tried to get
me to take SSRI's but I threw them all in the trash; they would have caused severe problems
as you already know.

Chris Savage
Former Sergeant of Police, Queensland Police Service
Registered number 4007505
Amoor Qld 4570


How to choose a (safer) vaccine

This will not help you avoid vaccine problems completely, but will at least help you choose one that is
the least damaging option if you are forced to.

The vaccines listed in red are the most dangerous vaccines. These are vaccines that can trigger auto
immune disorders against the body itself, because they are derived from human cells that had their
origins in abortion. Even if the origin was not abortion, creating vaccines in human cell cultures would
be just as dangerous. Massive problems with autism occurred after vaccines that were grown in
human cell cultures were created, the link is so obvious that it amounts to proof that it was done on
purpose to damage any child that received them, with the worst damage showing it as autism.

The most important information is below this table, this is a lengthy article.

The excuse they used to get human cell cultures into the vaccine production process was that "it
avoided all chance of having animal DNA cause problems". Such problems showed themselves as
allergies to pets, (if you get a vaccine that is based on cat or dog cell cultures, you are likely to
become allergic to cats or dogs) and this is because there is no way to completely remove the host
cells from the pathogens they were used to grow. Since these cell fragments are in the presence of
the disease they were used to grow, both are identified by the immune system as an enemy of the
body, so when a cat or dog is around after getting the shot, an immune response is triggered toward
the cat or dog, which manifests itself as an allergy. So the lie was created, that if human cells were
used, allergies and other side effects would be avoided.

The problem with this is, they can't get the human cell fragments out of the vaccines completely
either. And they know it. When a vaccine created in a human cell culture is injected into a human,
those cell fragments, proteins, and DNA fragments are identified by the immune system as an enemy
of the body also, just like a dog or cat cell fragment would be. Since the "enemy" is seen by the
immune system as the body itself, it causes the immune system to turn the allergy inward, against the
body itself, and the immune system then proceeds to attack the body from the inside. The results are
devastating, and have been labeled "auto immune disorders". When the "auto immune disorder"
triggers an attack on the brain, it results in reduced intelligence and the worst affected exhibit this as

There is no conceivable way the vaccine manufacturers, FDA, and all other medical
professionals do not know this. If your doctor denies this, your doctor is either totally
incompetent, totally ignorant, or an outright scammer. Maybe your doctor trusts the system
and walks the world with a brain that is turned off. But more and more, doctors are at least
aknowledging that many of the vaccines are awful, though it seems they never cared to figure
out why.

Truthful researchers know EXACTLY WHY:

Autism Link to Foetal Tissue in Vaccines

A recent study by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has confirmed 1988 as a "change
point" in the rise of Autism Disorder rates in the U.S. - a date that pro-life leaders say correlates with
the introduction of fetal cells for use in vaccines.

While the EPA study does not speculate into the cause of the jump in autism rates, and makes no
mention of aborted fetal cells, the researchers point out that it "is important to determine whether a
preventable exposure to an environmental factor may be associated with the increase."

According to the pro-life group Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute (SCPI), which specializes in
vaccine research, that "environmental factor" may well be the use of aborted fetal cells in vaccines.

The group pointed out in its most recent newsletter that 1988 is the same year the U.S. Advisory
Committee on Immunization Practices began recommending a second dose of the MMR vaccine,
which included cells derived from the tissue of aborted babies.

Analyses of autism rate data published by SCPI identify 3 clear change points in U.S. autism disorder
trends: 1981, 1988 and 1995, all of which the groups claims roughly correlate with the use of
vaccines (Meruvax, MMRII, and Chickenpox) that were cultivated with the use of tissue from aborted
children. The group says that it has been unable to identify any other factor that might correlate to the
change in autism rates.

My comment: The correlation is so obvious that denial is beyond criminal. The

power structure knows exactly what is going on with this. There is an overt attempt
underway to divide mankind into two groups - the masses who have been
destroyed by vaccine triggered auto immune responses, and the elite, who know
how to avoid their own weapon and are therefore never hit by it.
I am now going to go off into side details, first of all, this is one of my major topics
which I usually research entirely myself, however:

The chart above came from Sound and I can clearly state they are under attack and are in
the censor bot big time. Google will not pull them up until you type their name directly in which
proves censorship, because it is Google's job to help you find web sites, and if you already have the
name, you already found it, and it will be obvious if Google stops you at that point.

SECOND THING WITH THAT WEB SITE: The web filters lie and call it an attack site, especially the
actual chart, if you decide to try to download it from the original source. Click this. It is the
original source for the chart above. You will probably get a warning screen. If it comes in, the
slander bots were programmed to quickly respond to what I posted and you won't realize just how
much this is getting attacked. If you see a warning screen, have fun trying to download it and witness
the censorship first hand. There is a reason why I ripped it to GIF and posted it as an image that
comes in automatically, and that is because there are five separate warning screens telling you it is a
virus, and the last step will say "file does not exist" and only when you hit "try again" will it come
in. The elite do not want that chart out in the general public, and this proves it.

In addition to the chart, I quoted text from

OK, now on to other side issues:

WARNING: Do not accept a vaccine that has it's culture origins grown in yeast. This is
because the yeast has been genetically programmed to produce human proteins, which can
trigger autoimmune disorders and autism. This protein is produced under the brand name
Recombumin and referred to as "recombinant human albumin" in the package insert. If you
see this, AVOID.

It seems like many web sites focus only on the ethical issues of vaccines derived from fetal cell
cultures, while they ignore the science behind why it should not be done. The threat remains fully in
place even if the human protein is GMO based and grown in yeast.

This issue can tell you what the current Pope is made of - Up until recently, the Vatican was
completely opposed to vaccines derived from human fetal cell lines, but in 2015 the Vatican
reversed it's position and said "the fetal cell lines are now in their third generation so it is
perfectly ok for vaccines to be derived from them". Thank you Pope Francis. Yep, he is
definitely an elitist who wants an underclass to rule over and he wants it so badly that he will
forget all about the ethics by which the stupefying of the greater population is being
accomplished. No real Pope could ever stand for the injection of anything derived from an
abortion into another child, no matter how old the cell line is and at his level, he should be
responsible enough to understand the consequences.

Another issue is:

The claim has been made that vaccines derived from human cell lines are safe, because all of the cell
tissue is filtered out. But this is a bold faced lie, because DNA alone, not even the proteins which
amount to far more volume, exists at levels of 2 micrograms per milliliter, and there is growing
evidence that the DNA alone is crossing the blood/brain barrier, getting into the brain cells, and
causing genetic mutations which themselves trigger symptoms of autism, even without activation of
the immune system against the brain.
Another issue: I doubt there is a cure

There are a number of people out there who claim to be able to cure autism. There is only one
rational conclusion: You cannot de-program the immune system to stop doing damage after it has
been tricked into doing so, and you can never un-do a vaccine. Additionally, if the DNA from the
human cells really is able to cross the blood/brain barrier and cause cells to mutate, absolutely no
one, and I mean no one is ever going to be able to fix that.

There are other information scammers that are trying to divert attention away from the vaccines by
saying it is roundup, gut bacteria, or pink elephants causing Autism. All are diversions, there is ONE
common link with a truthful scientific explanation, and it is the introduction of human tissue derived
vaccines and the obvious science of why you should not inject pathogens that have been grown in
such tissue.

And there are other implications to all of this, such as forcing people to be complicit in abortion by
making it mandatory for them to accept being injected with a substance that has its roots in abortion
and is not one bit genetically different from what it was on day one, years ago. The passing of time
means nothing, it is all still precisely the same as it was on day one.

The elite are becoming adamant about forcing vaccines. There are still a few that are derived
from ethical sources. Read your package inserts, and use the chart above. The actual fetal cell
lines used will be in the package inserts, as will the vaccines derived from yeast that has been
genetically programmed to produce human proteins. Following the list will not protect you
from pet allergies or other allergies that can be caused by vaccines, but it will help a lot with
avoiding the worst possible outcome.

I Trump getting kicked

I was trying to think of a way to describe what is going on with the efforts to sabotage Trump, and
could not come up with an adequate way to describe it. And then, at the top of the messages, a
reader nailed it.

Remember the old Charlie Brown episodes, where Lucy would hold the football, Charlie would go to
kick it, and Lucy would pull the football away? THAT IS IT. Anonymous sent:

All in all Trump is dropping the ball. Trump is Charlie Brown and the Democrats are Lucy playing
football. If public arrests of Obongo and all the rest do not take place immediately it is OVER!!!!!!!"
Manitoba Moe sent a bunch of topics I considered putting up earlier:

Hi Jim, Thank you for all you do! Some tidbits for all it's worth... New Zealand -destination many
billionaires are bugging out to

Washington Post -John Podesta's new employer

Hillary Clinton - running for mayor of New York

Obama has new room mate in DC mansion/command post - Valerie Jarrett

May 1, 2017 - George Soros


Abundant blessings~ from Manitoba

My response: Let's all hope they go to New Zealand. Interesting proximity to Antarctica. Anyway, if
the ALL go to New Zealand, then we can just sacrifice that one little patch of earth and use it as a
nuclear waste dump, starting with really really hot ICBM mounted waste. Yeah, it is a nice island, but
it is an ISLAND.

A zombie apocalypse is a real possibility, if not a probablilty

Anonymous sent: "Know anything about Ebobun virus, a combination of Ebola and rabies. The patent
is owned by a man working for the CDC. Maybe this is the cause of the "zombie" guy in Brazil

My response: Background on zombie guy: He showed up at a hospital in Brazil with his face shot off,
and did not seem to care about it at all, just like a zombie.

Like this reader said, they are combining viruses to get a super virus that could easily spawn a
zombie outbreak. What do you expect when they are playing around mixing ebola with rabies? What
about rabies with a cold virus, so it spreads like the cold? Slow the rabies down so it takes effect
AFTER the cold symptoms subside. That would be one hell of a virus.

BOTTOM LINE: if they are playing around with this crap, it will eventually get out, and/or get
used on purpose. How could we expect it to not get used? All the more reason to prepare by
keeping at least a couple months food in the house..

Lake Oroville rising 3 feet per day as they clear debris

If you look at the chart above, that is what is happening. They shut off the main spillway to allow
crews to work below and clear the river of a substantial earthen dam that was created when erosion
debris resulting from the spillway failure blocked the river. This forced them to shut off the power
station, and alternate water path through the dam.

They are trying to clear this debris, but there is a lot of it and who knows if it is possible. The washout,
which formed 100 foot cliffs easily left hundreds of thousands of tons, if not over a million tons of rock
debris in the river below the spillway. That is a lot of material.

I am not ignoring the bitcoin wallet but have been unable to confirm it works. It seems Google is
censoring searches, because I had no problems confirming another wallet I set up did not work. I
cannot get a single wallet checking site to come up on Google. When I confirm it is actually in the
blockchain I will post it, thanks!

I cannot do anything meaningful with the web site via the conventional methods, including checking
for donations.IMPORTANT: If you send anything today, MAKE SURE you drop a note in the
message box because that is running on a server that is assumed to not be hacked.

Bad time with hackers today

My administration window has been hacked like what? 50 times now? The kiddies are pissed about
something. Combat mode.

A few quick things

Noise makers to be present when Trump addresses Congress?

This story has made the rounds in enough places for me to mention it, even though I am not certain it
is legit. Evidently the Democrats are going to bring, as guests to Congress, a bunch of illegal aliens
who are going to make Trump's life hell when he speaks before Congress tomorrow. That sounds a
little far fetched, but if it is not, here is what should happen:

Ice should be present to immediately arrest them, and if they really are illegal aliens any member of
Congress who brought them in should be immediately jailed for sedition and endangering the
President. And not get out. And not return to office, EVER, complete with canceled pension, no
severance, the whole 9 yards. Enough is enough.

QUESTION: Why do the Jews want an Islamic overtaking of Western civilization?

I am a little bit befuddled by why the Jews in Hollywood, media, and the world's governments are
making good and sure the Islamic overtaking of Western nations continues unabated. Why would
they do that? Outside of the obvious motive of eliminating a Western level of competition against their
global hegemony, why would they want it?

They already own most governments, the financial systems, and everything else they could ask for in
Western society, so why on earth would they not just sit there and milk it, rather than kill it? Muslims
are actually harder to control than average white people, why on earth do the Jews want to make
such a logistical and tactical mess?

You could theorize I guess that they want to firmly entrench their superiority in all corners of the globe,
but their underhanded tactics already accomplished that, so why go for more? I can't answer that.
Anyone out there have any answers?

Dakota pipeline

A reader has been asking about the previous Dakota pipeline being made with "inferior Chinese
materials" and "springing leaks everywhere".

The question is, "why am I not mentioning this". The answer: Because I don't believe it. Any time any
idiot spills a 5 gallon pail of anything anywhere it can become national news and a huge lib fest
catastrophe. If a pipeline that transfers millions of gallons a day, (and is hated by the left on top of it)
leaked enough along it's length anywhere to give a lone tadpole a buzz it would be a global
catastrophe that was never lived down. Sorry, the pipeline crowd does not own the leftist media. I
have not seen any headlines. A legit leak caused by "inferior materials" in a pipeline that huge would
leave an exxon valdez type mess, and not just a single drop that might give "a lone tadpole a buzz."
For all I care, a pint here, a dirty footing there, does not constitute a leak or "inferior materials".

You will NEVER see seagulls and ducks landing on a lake of oil somewhere from this pipeline. When
libbies spew horror stories that put that type of image in your head over something that turned 5
blades of grass black (IF even that happened, and I doubt it did) it undercuts their entire cause.
Nothing credible has happened that proves anything is wrong at all.

Something HUGE happening in DC

A reader wrote and said to scrub any identifying information out of this (for completely obvious
reasons) so I have tried to scrub it completely, including what can be extrapolated back to the source:

Jim, this one is private to you and I'd prefer you not mention it on your site unless many identifying
details are scrubbed or altered.

I have several (high IQ, liberal, Trump-hating) friends who work at top government agencies. They do
not work together. They asked each other what the "mood" or climate is like at each respective
location. Everyone feels like they are on "hold" to see what will be happening at the other agencies
(EPA for example), and see the storm of Trump-induced agency changes moving in their direction. No
one has been appointed to head up some of the agencies just yet. Especially the climate scientists
are anxious.

What interested me most about what they said is the extremely recent IT security changes -- very
strict policing to keep absolutely everything internal, including any apps on any devices must be
approved. This includes any personal devices that are used for work, for every single person who is
an employee or contractor. They seemed nervous about what this "means" but they did not elaborate.
I am not an IT security expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I have typical employee
experience with following security protocols and have listened in on many off the record, casual
conversations of the several IT security professionals in my circle.

Last night's conversation struck me as some kind of new development, though I could be wrong. I got
the impression that this is a massive change (much tighter and more far reaching than normal
upgrades), and it is government-wide (all employees and contractors). If some orders or direction has
come in from somewhere to radically tighten up security, where is that coming from and why? What
cyber threat are they guarding against, is that specific or theoretical, and who?"

My response: This is Trump finally putting in place security that should have been in place all along,
in conjunction with an effort to stop leaks. No one should be allowed to work a sensitive government
job while carrying a perfectly bugged android device. Glad to hear it. AND: It probably won't solve
much until Kushner is OUT OF THE PICTURE.

Putin hates the NWO?

This one is really worth posting for perspective.

Magic box sent:

,"Hello Jim, Recently you spoke a bit about how Putin might like Hillary after all, based on this nuclear
deal of some years ago, where uranium was sold underhandedly to Russia, through help of Hillary at
the time being Secretary of State.

But, that was THEN - When the NWO was still offering the 3rd Seat to Putin (2nd was allotted to
China in the unipolar world). Putin got a good smell of what this NWO was about and as is clearly
seen throughout his 2nd and most notably 3rd presidential term, he's been disengaging any NWO
activity from Russia, brought in by the president of that time, Boris Jeltzin.

He kicked Rothschild out, barred Soros and went to undo a lot of their NWO damage. Not
unimportantly, Putin also revived orthodox Christianity which, amongst other religions, had detoriated
by NWO neo-liberal influences.

In light of Pizzagate, it appears Putin also barred adoptions of Russian children by US citizens after
some ordeal with Hillary. It is safe to say, Putin does NOT like Hillary. He sees her for the succubus
she is. Here is an interesting link to read up on Putin's stance and actions surrounding adoption:

https://voat DOT co/v/pizzagate/1679301 (replace DOT by an actual dot)

MagicBox, Holland"

My response: Worth posting for perspective. Convincingly stated. I'll let people make of that what
they may.

The Mandela effect post has the trolls absolutely INCENSED.

It needs to be mentioned because it obviously hit a nerve, and whenever that happens it is significant.
Here is a typical troll post:

"Still smoking that funny stuff !!!! you did a complete story for days on the Mandela effect and it was
all a HOAX then it was AI and all kinds of you want us to believe this
SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grow up your friken liar"

My response: Go down this page and read what is said and see if that comment is justified. At all
times I have said the Mandela effect is a combination of data manipulation and reality shifting. To
miss that, and then send a post like that, especially on an off-topic like the mandela effect only makes
me think someone has something to hide.

Perhaps there really is such an anomaly and someone powerful wants a monopoly on how to exploit
it. That would make keeping people shamed and ignorant a KEY OBJECTIVE. But trollage is trollage,
ZERO IMPACT HERE because I know the game.

To another writer who might not be a troll: The Mandela effect is not time travel. The mandela effect is
a proposition that if something kills you in one time line, and you have not accomplished your life's
objective yet, your existence is automatically transfered to a parallel realm that is close to the original
you were in, but not exact. That is why I made such a huge point of how the U.S. currencies changed
after I went off a curve at 100 plus mph after falling asleep. Actually, I fell asleep at 40 and my foot
relaxed on the accelerator, and when I was jostled awake from going off the road the speedometer
was over 100. Interesting time for the U.S. currencies to change I'd say.

Is the Wiccan spell backfiring?

What happened at the Oscars last night is enough to make me think so. The Wiccan spell was
focused around confusing the works of "people who lie", and then got directed at Trump, because
they figured Trump is lying about everything. Or at least they fantasized that. But it does not even
take half a wit to know who the real liars are.

How bad and confused were the Oscars? So bad and so confused that the wrong winning movie
was announced. It does not get worse than that. In fact, that should be flatly impossible. Tell me,
HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN? Perhaps a curse?

So I am amused by this, to say the least. The timing could not possibly be better, and we might not be
seeing spell cast 2,3,and 4 happen if the Wiccans can see the light of day. If they can, they are going
to have to cast their spell in a way that makes it obvious to everyone that the real intentions are evil if
they are going to get anything out of it.

Look at the Oroville dam chart above

Look how low they are getting it. They might make it through the spring runoff. Another observation:
Many people said they are faking the numbers because the inflows vary so much. But that is easily
explained by the fact that there are 9 upstream reservoirs that are trying to dump as much water as
possible. When they release water from them, you will see sudden increases in inflow that don't
match the rains at all.

Their goal will obviously be to try to drain the upstream reservoirs and release them through Oroville
in advance, so they can be used to stop the spring runoff from hitting Oroville hard. It might work, but
there is a LOT of water on the way. So it will be tense.

Mandela effect responses (some good ones

First of all, not everyone is going to have the same observations with this, because it is obviously a
mix of people now in whatever reality we are in. So it does not matter if you can dig up your old
Berenstain books, because it just means you were never in the stein time line. I don't know if it is
parallel universes, or if we are just sims in an elaborate hologram reality where files can be transfered
from one reality to another until whatever we are supposed to accomplish is accomplished. There are
many physicists who have concluded we are in a simulation, and if that be the case, anything is
possible and if you can't understand that then it is pointless to send mockery to people who can. With
that said, here's what I think is the best mandela observation, that I have observed myself:

Anonymous sent:

Hi Jim, I distinctly remember you posting about the Mandela effect, that you summed it up as just an
AI screwing with the internet....I believe you came to this conclusion as you caught the Looney
Toons/Tunes bust in action. Please say you remember. I'm very the mandela effect real?
Time line jumping? I swear you summed it up as AI. Stay safe."

My response: That can't change the $250 bill, cow horns, etc. So part of it is a hoax, and part of it is
real. Looney toons was changed to tunes, and the tunes version is a pile of garbage, new animations
that totally lack the spirit of the original. Rather than just be simple fun like the original, Looney
TUNES has complexity that just does not really work. And the animations are more advanced but it
just does not have any of the feel of the old. But Google did it's job and shut out the old anyway.

Anonymous sent a "mandela effect" that I also distinctly remember but ignored until now:

,,2017-02-26 23:08:35, "Another weird thing about the mandela effect. In my originial timeline, the gulf
of Mexico was wide open into the atlantic ocean. Now over the last year, the southern tip of Mexico
has been getting closer and closer to florida, while Cuba is also getting scrunched in closer. It's as if
the Gulf of Mex is slowly turning into a lake."

My response: By my memory, Cuba was about 200 miles out, and the yucatan was VERY FAR away
from Florida, with the entire Caribbean wide open, and only made a sea by the fact that Florida stuck
down so far. But there was no appearance of "closeness" with the Yucatan. Then a few years ago I
noticed the yucatan was quite close to Florida and Mexico was far more curved. The difference is
about 300 miles. I figured I remembered it wrong but maybe not.

Here's an explanation I will completely buy with the cows:

Anonymous sent:

,,,2017-02-26 22:25:04, "Having grown up on a ranch, I can tell you that there are various genetics
involved with cows' horns. Their is one main allele involved that creates naturally polled cattle. It is
normally a genetically dominant allele, but under certain conditions can express regressively. If cows
that are naturally polled are bred with bulls that are not naturally polled, over time, the entire herd,
with the exception of a few, would develop horns (first generation of descendants would be about
25% horned). It's also common for naturally polled cattle to have horny nubs, called scurs. Most
ranchers who work with their cattle a lot will use a horn puller to pull scurs or horns in heifer calves,
whether their cattle are naturally polled or not. They will also often pull the horns on the bulls. When
horns are pulled out with a horn puller while the animal is a calf, the horns hardly ever will grow back
at all. It's almost impossible to pull a horn from a mature animal.

If you are seeing a lot of cows with horns, it's because the current generation of ranchers would rather
not bother pulling the horns when they're calves and is OK dealing with the horns when the cattle are
older (gives a higher chance of the animal getting it's head stuck in chutes, gates, and fences). It
used to be really common to pull all heifer calf horns. It is becoming less common, thus the increase
in seeing horned cows. Of course, it is possible that this change may be because of the difference in
attitudes among ranchers in the two different time lines.

(I personally remember always having a few horned cows in our herd, despite breeding for the
naturally polled gene and always working hard to pull nubs and scurs; most of the bulls we bought
had scurs but not horns and were confirmed naturally polled. I am in my mid-40's and started going to
the ranch with my dad when I was 2.)"

My response: I do remember the heifer females had stubs instead of horns. But I don't remember
any cows at all having full horns. This might be attributable to what breeds are popular in a given
area, but I'd bet that it is because of different attitudes towards de-horning in different timelines
because in ALL CASES in my memory, even the bulls had their horns removed to make them less
dangerous. They also almost always had a ring in their nose that could be used to pull them,
unilaterally, across all farms everywhere. Then all of a sudden that vanished too. This would reflect a
different attitude in different time lines.

,,,2017-02-26 23:00:13 ,"I also thought there was at one time a $500 and $1000 bill when very young,
but don't remember a $250 one. How fun (?) you've jumped timelines!"

Here is how it was: The 1,000 bill (that I never saw except in books) had the 1000 written half height,
compared to the 1 on the $1. The $500 had full height for the $500 and the $250 had a 3/4 height 2
and a half height 50 with the 50 centered on the 2, not in line with the bottom of the 2. The $250 was
the only bill that had staggered text (where the 2 did not line up with the 50.) And I spent it at K-mart.
It was not play money.

Here is something perfect from someone who does not "get it:

,,,2017-02-26 22:09:24 No Jim, it wasn't Berenstein. If it was, please post the photos of the old books
on your site for all to see. I have Berenstain Bears books from the early and mid eighties and it is
spelled Berenstain. I was convinced I remembered Berenstein when Mandela first started going
viral. I went and dug up my books and I was wrong. Want the pics? How should I send them to

My response: Don't bother. You jumped timelines, and in THIS TIMELINE ALL BOOKS ARE
DIFFERENT. You'd have to jump to universe bubble "513" to get the books you used to have. Drag
and drop. You are in a different place.

The mandela effect is a "theory" that theorizes our existence is not linear and that for whatever
reason you might end up in a new reality where things are not a perfect copy of the one you started
in. This gets into the concept of unlimited universes and infinite realities that many physicists have
spoken of, even super popular ones. This is not far fetched or crazy at all, it is actually a HUGE
topic and if I am nuts for mentioning this (via the mandela effect like several messages said) then
take it up with Scientific American and many many other segments of the scientific community who
have said the same thing, including even Elon Musk.


Seth sent:
,,,2017-02-27 00:37:00,"http://www DOT disclose DOT
tv/news/mass_evacuation_of_antarctica_as_special_ops_and_military_moving_in/137988 Jim ~
Something YUGE seems to be happening in the Antarctic right now. Are you able to read ANY of my
messages to you? ~Seth"

My response: I am well aware of the stories going around right now in the antarctic. However, no
source I really trust has mentioned this, so I ignored it. is worth posting the link for and
I'll leave it at that. thanks!

Here's another mandela effect I remember:

Dusk sent:

Hi Jim, On the Mandela Effect, I've experienced it too. Seems the only ones who really notice are
those with exceptionally strong wills and minds. We tend to trust our instincts and the things our
senses tell us far more than we do books and other media; even other people.

I remember cows never having horns, but at the moment I don't live near any place that has them, but
will keep an eye out. I first heard about this via Survivalist Boards, or some forum similar to it. The
topic of discussion at the time was the geographical location of New Zealand on maps. I recall
very clearly growing up with it being to the East of Australia, but now it's very clearly to the
North between Australia and Indonesia.I've also had what you could call a rough transition; also
while driving. I came back out of it with an hour and a half missing without having driven far enough to
account for it. I'd also completely lost my exit and couldn't find it when I drove back. In fact, I didn't
find it where it was supposed to be until six months later. Also, in no time line I've been in has
Mandela died in prison. Not sure if this all helps or not but... it is what it is.-Dusk"

My response: It is what it is, and that will lead to many debates.

This is exactly where I remembered New Zealand being all along. Odd. I had written up how I
remembered it changed and was now north of Australia, thus confirming the mandela effect, and
when I went for a map of it, it showed up right where it always was, from my farthest memory. Is
someone messing with the maps or what? I know it moved north on the new maps, WHAT IS
THIS??!!?? Exactly as I remember it on the globe as a kid.

This would not be mandela effect. If ANY MAP AT ALL exists

with New Zealand where it was as I remembered it, then
there is something else going on if the new maps are not the
same. Mandela effect changes all. And that reminds me of
the 3po gold leg. Here is what happened:

They re-mastered Star Wars in the mid 90's and in the re-
mastered version they turned his leg silver, where in the original it was all gold. Supposedly they did it
to match the original story line, which was not followed in the original trilogy when it was first done.
They should have left it gold. And in the new Disney return of the Jedi, they screwed up the end by
changing the Ewok song to a stupid new age flute, removed Darth Vader in hologram form at the end
and they put their new villain in Vader's place just so they could have continuity to their new never
ending star wars sequels. THAT SUCKED. The Ewok song fit the spirit of the original "Jedi" a LOT
better than their stupid new age flute and quite frankly, it screwed it to not have the repentant Vader
appear with Obie one.

Chris sent:

I read your article about the timelines and I don't know about the hornless cows however I have a
freaky story for you.

Back in 2006 I finally got an opportunity to get the hell out of California a place I hate and was born. I
got a trailer for my rig packed it to the gills and headed for Idaho. On my way I was doing about 60 on
interstate 80 in Nevada about 40 miles west of Winnemucca where is was straight flat highway. The
road was built up above the flat desert because of flooding with a wide trench on both sides about ten
feet deep. Their was very little traffic and I was plugging along and noticed a new blue dodge pickup
coming up from behind doing about 80. I noticed their were two or more people in the cab as they
passed me by. They got about a third of a mile ahead still in the fast lane when suddenly they made a
radical right turn and went off the highway in a big cloud of dust that blew across the road.

I pulled over where by then the dust was clearing got out expecting to see a really bad wreck and
dead people but their was nothing, no sign of the pickup except the tracks where they left the
pavement. I spent a good 45 minutes looking for some kind of sign as to where they could have gone
refusing to admit they just disappeared into thin air. The ditch was very rough and not drivable and no
sign of them jumping the ditch where it was relatively smooth. I finally left totally freaked out. Got to
Winnemucca wondering whether or not to contact the authorities but instead booked a room and got

I was completely stunned that I just witnessed something straight out of the twilight zone. Im still very
much bothered by it not knowing how something like that could be possible. Was it a UFO thing, the
military, or a timeline, or what? I don't have a clue except I know what I saw and the tire tracks where
they left the road. I can't wait to hear your explanation. Chris"

My response: That's interesting. Maybe they hit 88 miles an hour. /response. Worth posting. They
probably did jump. I have driven that highway many times. Things can't just disappear unless the
truck crumpled down to the size of a fox and landed behind sage brush. Obviously if tracks were
visible where it left the road it would have still been upright. I was going to say he might have simply
gone 4 wheeling but the interstate is impossible to get off of like that, there is always a fence. Odd.

Ben Fulford sent something really interesting regarding the Mandela effect he said not to publish. It
made PERFECT SENSE and I believe his observation. It is exactly what should have happened with

Mandela effect
Yesterday I was on a back road and noticed the cows had horns. Not the bulls, the COWS. It has
been that way for a while.

When I was a kid I lived in a semi rural area and had a lot of exposure to cows. Several people I knew
lived on farms. All of them had cows. And no cows had horns. There were also stories about cutting
the horns off bulls to make them less dangerous, but this was not done with cows because they did
not have horns.
In that time line, there were also $250, $500, and $1,000 dollar bills. I remember distinctly the $250
bill when as a kid I withdrew my entire savings to make a large purchase. Then suddenly, in 1988 the
largest bill was $100, and when I checked "history" nothing larger ever existed. This time line
happened immediately after I avoided getting killed in a 100+ mph car accident that seemed
impossible to ever get out of. Nice fast car. Off a curve in the road after falling asleep and when I was
jostled awake the speedometer was over a "mundane" 100 mph. I was bad. I did some pretty good
driving at that point to avoid death obstacles. Not a scratch. Zero damage to the car. Not even
suspension damage. Odd. That happened at the time of my first time line jump. But cows still did not
have horns.

In this new time line Nelson Mandela died in prison. It was all over the news. And it was Berenstein
bears. 911 also happened towards the end of this new time line.

Two years after 911, I was driving on the interstate, saw an overpass a mile ahead, and then there
was a huge glitch in both sound and vision, like a popping surge type glitch, and the overpass was
suddenly behind me when I never even got close to it. Odd. New time line. Berenstain bears. This
was the only time I actually noticed a rough transfer. And nothing like that ever happened before or
after, I don't have issues that would cause that to be perceived if it was not real. In this time line, cows
still did not have horns.

A couple years ago, another jump must have happened, because now cows have horns and it is
weird. After seeing them frequently my whole life never having horns, or stubs where they were cut off
or anything else, now suddenly they have horns. So I must have jumped again. Who knows how
many other things changed that I did not notice. I remember 4 specific timelines, with U.S. currency,
Nelson Mandela and Berenstein, then Berenstain and now cows have horns.

There is something to the Mandela effect. I do not know if you have to die to jump time lines, or pass
specific tests, or what. But I had a $250 bill and spent it in a way that was extremely impressionable
and memorable, because I was just a kid. What gives?

I am going to post a large number of messages

from today.
Anonymous sent:

,,,2017-02-26 01:25 "Jim, Perhaps you should review this subject for those who do not know. I don't
know if you have discussed this before. BUT before all that, here's an overview of how a few
thousand jews can ruin a country.

So What Is Expected Of A Sayanim? The standard Sayanim routine is basically favoring other Jews
in ordinary transactions, but the sayanim can be called on to protect any criminal enterprise. From the
traffic court Judge to an Appellate Judge - fellow sayanims receive special treatment. The special
Sayanim (200, 000 of them worldwide but there are probably a lot more now) will be expected to
cooperate in any Israeli Mossad (Israel's Secret Service) enterprise including murder, sabotage and
any form of Fifth Column activity (does 9/11 ring a bell?). A division of the Mossad ( Katsas) keeps
records, and stays in active contact with this group, the Mossad."

My response: These people get on the staffs at all the colleges, and are precisely why the colleges
are brainwashing centers. They get into all the courts, which is precisely why they are so corrupt.
They get into all facets of society that can be leveraged to destroy it, - medical, legal, education,
social, media - you name it. And THIS is the swamp Trump has to drain. The average joe is probably
going to have to help, in not so political ways.

,,,2017-02-26 01:16:20 "President Trump is the Golden Goose laying golden eggs for Jared and
Ivanka Kushner as long as Trump retains his position. The Kushners might be being politically tricked
into getting Trump removed, but I doubt they would be doing so intentionally. They seem to be
schemers on behalf of Israel and their own goals. Leaks that weaken Trump wouldn't seem to benefit
them. Lame Cherry claims it is Katie Walsh who is the leaker who wants Trump removed and

I don't think there is anyone in Trump's circle who is trustworthy, exept maybe Sessions. It is hard to
perceive Trump as being such a an ignorant fool in his administrative choices, except that they really
aren't his choices. Blackmail? Or his campaign rhetoric was just well-programmed lies that the
majority of Americans wanted to hear and believe. It is obvious that Ivanka has an unnaturally close
relationship with her dad. (Melania is actually the outsider in the Trump Clan.) Ivanka is a schemer
born of schemers and close friends with the Clinton schemers. Both families merged with Jewish
mafia wealth and power and are financially tied to Soros, bound to Israel and Jewish power control.

Kushner may not be the leaker, but the Kushners (Sayanim for the Mossad) are likely Trump's
handlers. Lame Cherry keeps claiming the subverting Pence/GOPe political goal is to get Pence into
the Presidency by ousting Trump and appointing Jeb Bush as VP. Obviously, Trump is targeted for
removal by almost all the DC criminals/perverts and their billionaire handlers. When alt-news
information providers never mention criminal 9/11, Israeli crimes, and Jewish power/filth in the USA,
one can assume they are also Jewish comrades covering up self-condemning truth."

My response: Ummmmmm . . . . quite possibly. Lots to think about there.

,,,2017-02-26 01:09:01"Hi Jim, are you aware of the lectures by Harald Krautz Vella, in particular
'Bases at Woodborough' he completely vindicates your Fukushima report and added some new info
ref Chernobyl, I tried to copy the link- All the best."

My response: There are lots of people who are onto this. Even the engineer who designed reactor 3
vindicated the Fuku report except that he could not believe Israel would do it. And he was adamantly
and angrily against even thinking Israel would do it, so much so that it wrecked communications.

Aaron sent:

,,,2017-02-26 01:04:28 "Jim, What do you mean by blacklisted by google? I just opened up chrome
and typed Jim stone in the address bar. Your site came up first hit. Same on yahoo. What do you
mean by blacklisted? Thanks, Aaron"

My response: What good does it do to censor a site for people who already know the name? Not
allowing it to come up for people who KNOW IT EXISTS would prove censorship. HERE IS THE
CHALLENGE: Type any subject that is on this site, without the site name or my name, and try to get
Google to give you something. You will be 0/1,000,000, tries. A search engine's job is to show you
web sites you do not know about. If it will not do that, it is censoring.

Anonymous sent:

Anonymous sent:
,,,2017-02-26 00:38:34 "Can you please recommend free software to create password protected
folders? [I use Windows XP 32-bit SP3] Thank you. Keep up the good work homie. ~ Merit Freeman
Conscious Awareness For All"

My response: I am sorry, I have never done that except for on web sites and that is not XP. Not an
expert on that topic with regard to the desktop.

Anonymous sent:

,,,2017-02-25 23:30:21 "Jim,I've noticed you haven't commented on trump ramping up the drug war
targeting non violent weed users. Surely you see how futile such a thing is when the war on drugs is a
proven failure as you yourself have said before. How can you rationalize trumps actions on this?"

My response: Trump is a VERY SMART MAN, not a God. Yep. that would be a fail.

Jioe sent:

,,,2017-02-25 23:15:58 "several articles posted, allnewspipeline, Rielpolitik, concerning "pedo-gate." a

common opinion is that Trump intends to push on it. anyway, pretty good articles. -jioe"

My response: Those sources are not the best, but I have heard this from other sources so one can
only hope.

Anonymous sent:

,,,2017-02-25 21:37:40 "Hi Jim,

You've seen this, right? It details the link between Jared Kushner and George Soros. It gives
believe-ability to your Honey Pot theory about Jared Kushner. George Soros is the secret
financier behind Kushner-backed startup Cadre Investor's family fund issued $250M credit line:
sources January 27, 2017 12:45PM By Konrad Putzier

Anonymous sent:

,,,2017-02-25 21:07 "Perusing news this am Saturday, Trump going after trafficking, please report.
Also for 2-3 weeks takes many tries to get into drudge website please let him know. Thanks"

My response: I did a somewhat detailed report about Trump going after child traffickers and tied it
into pedo gate. That is down the page a ways. I have not had trouble with Drudge lately, it could be a
regional problem.

Anonymous sent:

,,,2017-02-25 19:44:00 "Hi Jim, just wanted you to know I put up petition to Investigate John McCain
for treasonous acts against the US. I hope we can get enough signatures to get Trump and Sessions
to look into Mr McCain's traitorous acts. War hero my ass!"

My response: "War hero my ass." All the petitions are hacked. One against Google censorship that
has only been up for a day is now counting backwards after going at least as high as 39,898
signatures. Trump has got to be made aware of this.

Anonymous sent:

,,,2017-02-25 18:52:18 "Re Google vs Mike Adams and Alex --- Just listened to 45 min audio
interview of Adams by Dave Hodges. They say it's a prelude to a gigantic false flag or coup
attempt or assassination of T. Mike enumerated, though did not name, others being threatened and
taken down, including one who had been offered even more at $150K!@#$%^&* Say they must take
down all alt media so people will believe the false flag or accept the coup or ...."

My response: I like David Hodges and this makes perfect rational sense. I am worried about this too.

Anonymous sent:

,,,2017-02-25 18:42:50,"I think they're messing with the white house petition to ban google from
censoring free speech. When refreshed the count went from 39, 898 signed, to 39, 771 signed"

My response: By my own observation, the petition to jail George Soros went over 100,000 on day
one and was smashed down to irrelevance in a similar way. THANK YOU INTEL CORE V PRO. or
whatever other back door was used. The petition site is WORTHLESS. That HAS TO become an
issue or our voice will not be heard.

Anonymous sent

,,,2017-02-25 18:26:05 "All you do is bitch and moan about what Jews do. All you say does not deal
with the problem.Jew removal is the only solution. You do not have the guts to deal with the only
solution. You are playing Whack-A-Mole with a cupcake on a stick when you should be using a

My response: Ummm . . . . well, I did not delete your comment because . . . . .

Anonymous sent:

,,,2017-02-25 18:08:56 "Q/ Daddy daddy what will President Trump do after he's done being
president ? A/ Well son he'll probably go back to his previous job, running a successful business that
provides jobs for several thousand people. Q/ Is that what Mr. Obama did daddy ? A/ Yes son, he
went back to being a left wing rabble rouser."

Anonymous sent:

,,,2017-02-25 17:26:07"Gotta luv this article and graphics about Madonna's election witchcraft

My response: I did not smash the "immaculate collection" CD because it belongs to Claudia.

Anonymous sent:

,,,2017-02-25 16:29:24 "The above article "Short-term on Hiv Supplementation and Highly Active
Antiretroviral Treatment Adherence, CD4 Cell Counts, and Human Immunodeficiency Virus Viral
Load" from the National Institute of Health (NIH) may answer your question:

Here is a quote: "In the era of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART), human immunodeficiency
virus (HIV) infected individuals still use complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) widely.
Studies have shown that individuals mainly use CAM as a complementary rather than an alternative
treatment to HAART to alleviate symptoms associated with HIV disease and its treatment or to
improve quality of life. >Consult a herbal doctor on hiv cure :"

Anonymous sent:

,,,2017-02-25 15:49:00"Funny how few folks have mentioned that thousands of WITCHES obviously
supported HILLARY. What does that tell you?! And, PLEASE don't give any more clues to these
demons or they will do another ritual that might work.

And you are so right about Pedo-esta. He was made yard dog at WaPo so he could bark "fake news!"
at the growing mountain of evidence that his favorite perversion is widespread in DC. The gall of
fakestream media never fails to amaze."

Anonymous sent:

,,,2017-02-25 13:58:15 "You are right Alex Jones Infowars is taking forever to load. I won't go there for
that kind of lag."

My response: AND THAT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . is the objective.

Ann sent:

,,,2017-02-25 12:34:25 "Good Morning, Jim, Good counteracting prayer BTW. I'm writing this morning
to offer a few observations. This could be nothing at all, or it could be the early signs of something. So
file it away, in case. As I've mentioned, I live in a close-in suburb of DC. I have many friends my age
and quite a bit older (70s through 90s) who hold or have held fairly high up government career
positions. Different agencies. I do not currently work for the government. Many (but not all) of my
coworkers, friends and family are liberals of one sort or another.

I have kids in college. Just saying, I do connect with and tend to be aware of many undercurrents and
seemingly disconnected datapoints, past and present. This observation is specifically: 1) traffic
around here, always bad and gradually worsening, has taken a sharp uptick in the past few weeks in
terms of what I would call nutty, dangerous driving. What I mean is, we normally have random drivers
on the road who veer unexpectedly or sleep through the traffic light changes or drive aggressively,
coming out of nowhere. I'm saying there is a sharp uptick in this -- I am not the only one who has
noticed. I would say 2x or 3x more crazy, and it started a few weeks ago (maybe 3 or 4 weeks ago).

2) many people I know (liberals, upset with Trump) have been commenting to me, or where I can
overhear them, that they are having unusual difficulty, all of a sudden, sleeping. They can't fall asleep
at night. They wake up at 4:00 a.m . and can't get back to sleep. They don't understand this. And
simultaneous with this, different people who are normally early risers (getting up at dawn on the
weekends to do grocery shopping before the crowds hit) -- are independently telling me that they
used to have the roads and stores to themselves at 8:00 a.m. No longer! The roads are populated
with more of these unhinged drivers and the grocery stores in the early weekend hours have way
more customers than in the recent past.

3) I have been hearing that therapists around here, especially, are booked solid. Many people
needing "support" since Trump's election.

4) For a long time, I have been aware that drugs of ALL sorts, not just psychiatric drugs, can impair
driving and cause unhinged behavior, with the person taking the drugs totally unaware of the drug's
effects on them, while they are on them. This is called anosognosia, I believe. So my observations
are real. People definitely are more unhinged around here -- it is noticeable with the much crazier
driving and also people out on the roads much earlier than was recently normal. I don't know if these
people are on psychiatric drugs or not. But I'm thinking there is something going on, affecting people's
cognitive functioning and ability to behave in a predictable and sane (and safe) manner. And I think
they are unaware of these changes. This is dangerous, and I'm increasingly wary.

Have a good Sunday, Jim -- Ann in DC"

My comment: WOW. That is a great update on the status of DC. Important: Antidepressants cause
insomnia. Most likely all these people seeking counseling are getting put on them. If DC is in that bad
of shape, well, I am totally against antidepressants but the symptoms - crazy driving, insomnia,
change of daily pace, are all associated with antidepressants. Because I am so against
antidepressants I won't say more, but would certainly like to.

,,,2017-02-26 00:57:30 "I have written to you several times Jim but can not tell you my name but I
have much respect for you and your integrity.

Benjamin Fulford( LEON GREENBURG ) and the white dragon and red dragon are part of the not listen to them..they are told what to say. THE GAME IS OVER they will not be
allowed any more FALSE FLAGS on this planet. anybody tied to the CABAL..ROTHSCHILDS,
Rockefellers, Soros, Bill Gates..THE ELITES will be stripped of all they have stolen from the more stealing of children and raping them...they will not be allowed to hurt humanity
anymore....these people will be taken care of for all their CRIMES and stealing of money and
everything from humanity. TRUMP is well protected, nothing is going to happen to him.

The CRASH is around the corner. Silver..the real price of SILVER is $1, 000.09 an ounce soon will be
$1, 000 to $10, 000 an ounce when the CRASH happens and no more dollars. The Dinar will be used
like silver.They have manipulated Silver the last 5 years so the Elite can buy it cheap and be richer
after the crash..."

My response: Right about the silver, not so sure about Ben Fulford being Cabal and I am worried
about Trump. Ben knew and said the truth about Fuku. The cabal would NEVER DO THAT. The cabal
would also NEVER EVER in a MILLION YEARS post the cannibal dinner photo either. The white
dragon society is an interesting story, but Ben is one of us.

Anonymous sent:


Jay sent:
,,,2017-02-25 07:06:,"Jim, It's a good day to be a Trump supporter. Sleep well, James. Jay"

Merbailey sent:

,,,2017-02-25 06:53:29 "The ritual ends with the witches blowing out the orange candle to visualize
Trump "blowing apart into dust or ash." Since the rite is done when the crescent moon is waning, the
witches have set more spell casting rites on March 26, April 24, May 23 and June 21. [4 more dates,
Jim] http....://
trump-christian-group-to-counter-with-day-of-prayer. ...htm Thank you for the wonderful, inspiring
prayer. Merbailey"

Catchya sent:

,,,2017-02-25 05:58:53 "Gday Jim. Craig from Aus. Have tried for 2 days to get to your site. Even tried
your ip as you have said works. Nada. Only way i have found to get through is by using goodgopher.
Mate, you be bloody careful. Something happening. Catchya."

Anonymous sent:

,,,2017-02-25 05:28:09 "Anonymous: What is your opinion of VeteransToday and the writers like
Gordon Duff? I didn't like when Jim Fetzer was kicked off the site and I'm not sure about Stew Webb
who also left. I lost faith in that website after they defended people like Hillary Clinton and George

My response: I lost faith in that site after their micro nukes report and Israeli death laser report.

Anonymous sent:

,,,2017-02-25 05:09:28, "Hi mr stone, was going over your prayer repeatedly from 2350 on a tablet. At
2358 with 66% battery, it went to sleep by itself. Just turned it back on, but it never did that before.
Thought it was an odd coincidence."

Jay sent:

,,,2017-02-25 04:47:07 "Jim, That gave me goosebumps. Perfect! By the way, the actual witches who
are Democrats will not be joining them. Apparently they remember the Threefold Law. Stay safe and
never change. Jay"

Wilhelm sent:

,,,2017-02-25 04:46:47 "Jim I'm going to give you a little flak on your Alex troll piece. Alex may be in
the alternative media, but he's not in your foxhole. He's way across the valley. Granted he's going the
same direction, but he does it for money. You don't lose or earn 4 million in AdWords simply because
you believe in the truth or your site would be making buckets of cash.

There were some articles from a few years back that the troll may have been referring to but i dont
recall the content. I realize they helped you but you know the saying.. Friends close enemies closer.
Anyways I'd go with the saying trust no one...

Anonymous sent:

,,,2017-02-25 04:10:30 "Interesting Scripture: Isaiah 45:1-6 King Cyrus, God's Instrument. Trump is
the 45th President."

Tom sent:

,,,2017-02-25 03:50:28, "Jim theres a Jewish guy on youtube called George Webb his speciality is
exposing human, organ trafficking etc check out his channel if you have time, he focuses on dynacorp
and all involved its very interesting segments he does. Facebook asked me to identify friends from
pictures before and they must have a motive eg asking me to identify who they are then close their
account, I never bothered doing the confirmation to be honest as I didn't have a clue who two of the
ten people were from the pictures they provided so they cant have been my friends as I knew all of
them on that account I have a good memory for names and numbers. Take care Tom"

Troll sent:
Brain cell for brain cell, your readers must be the dumbest, must gullible cretins to ever peruse the
internet, or indeed draw breath. The fact that some of them actually donate to you is flabbergasting. I
find it amazing they're not at least a tad suspicious when a quick google search puts you right at the
top of results. Oh, but that must be a cunning stunt.

My response: Try taking any subject on this site and get it to produce results on Google without
directly quoting large amounts of text and putting it in quotes. (quoted text would also prove you know
this site exists.) If you can't get a single hit on this site by simply typing a request for any topic here, it
is censorship pure and simple. PUTTING THE SITE NAME IN GOOGLE DOES NOT CUT IT. OF

Proof of Google censorship

Like I said, considering the budget this site is #1 for impact on the web. DEAR TROLLS: Find
ANYONE ELSE who can do that on an average budget request of $550 a month, while being
censored by Google and all other search engines, so blacklisted it is not even allowed on publicly
visible blacklists, and completely denied meaningful advertising. Take your trollage and STICK IT, you
OBVIOUSLY FAILED. You can kill the weak I guess, but will and determination can do a HELL OF A

If this site was Jewish with that much traffic it would easily rake in five figures per month in ads and
be a serious bragging point for some A-hole even with the near total censorship. Absent the
censorship and ad denial, I'd have a staff and probably easily out CNN.

And by the way, that is only the main server. There are 3 active servers (minimum) at any one
time and the stats do not cross. One of the secondary servers that puts up the small pictures gets
over 10 million hits a month, but not as many users because you have to load a page to be shown as
a user and it only serves the pages that are in the links at the right of the main page. Those don't get
hit as much as the main page. A third server handles the message window. There are more waiting in
reserve if this site gets *ed with.

My gut is telling me this morning that the wiccan efforts had

no desired impact.
Time will tell.

Ok, so I guess I could give a reason for probable failure (but this is not the error in their
spell). The people who participated in the wiccan ritual this time around were small potatoes who are
not completely aware of the conspiracy and have some good in them. Their spell had faults that
mirrored the lies on CNN, and because of the way the spell was arranged, it could not have portions
of it be based on fiction and still work. I won't say what the actual errors were, but that pretty much
sums it up.

I am going to leave the prayer I figured would cancel their spell on this page and will bump it to the
top the next time it matters.


I was told by MANY people, not just a few, to NOT say what is wrong with their spell that they distributed, and to ONLY
post what should be said to counteract it. Here it is, say it in a way that is appropriate for your religion:

Dear God: Tonight the forces of darkness will be attempting to damage Donald Trump, our president and a man of good
faith. Please counteract their work of darkness by canceling all efforts to confuse Trump, and help Trump succeed in all
efforts he embarks on that are for the good of the nation, the good of our spiritual future, and the good of mankind. Please
give our president a special blessing and gift for bringing truth, awakening, and persuasion to good, to all people whether
they support him or not.

End of prayer. Repeat this prayer as much as you can with conviction in your heart.

That short prayer will be likely to exploit the flaw in their spell.


UPDATE: This triggered a (probable) attack that locked up ONE window:

Troll wrote: "Jim, how can you look at the following evidence, a majority from Alex's own mouth, and
conclude fairly, without bias and with proper logic, that Alex Jones is not an intelligence asset?"

My response: How can you look at the fact that Alex played a major role in getting Trump elected, a
majority from Alex's own mouth, and conclude fairly, without bias and with proper logic, that Alex
Jones is not one of us?

I cannot believe you can't make a simple observation about how the enemy and American intelligence
is acting right now to unseat Trump and that Alex is still supporting Trump 100 percent. That kills your
"intelligence asset" theory. You are either some sort of idiot savant who has as "savant" the ability to
put together a sentence and type while lacking all other cognitive skills, - or a PAID TROLL. Media
Matters, KMA and GO AWAY.

I quite frankly don't give two sh*ts about the fact that Alex is not right about everything. He's
one of us, and either we stand together now or we will ALL GO DOWN.

I got your media matters re-write to smaller file size. But there are changes to the document, and if it
is going to be posted it has to be exactly as it was released or people can say it was tweaked. I
obviously understand where you are coming from with the comments but if they are there it will get

I am going to go over the ODT later and see how much needs to be put back to original form. 63K is a
lot better than several megs.


Facebook just started kicking people off, and asking them for photo ID of everyone they have friended
on Facebook. Facebook is claiming to have been hacked, and is ordering people to reset their
passwords. There are two options: Give photo ID of friends on facebook, or have Facebook send a
confirmation call to your cell phone.

It is not the first time Facebook has demanded a state ID to prevent your account from being
suspended, Facebook has done smaller versions of what is going on now since 2014. This has never
made big news and this is the first time Facebook has ever asked you to provide ID of your friends.
Who's going to have that anyway? Obviously Facebook is trying to clamp down on confirmed and
TIGHT circles of association, just like what happened in Communist Russia, so people who think alike
are pinned down with precision.

Asking for the ID's of people you have friended, to be sent to them through YOUR account??!!??
WTF, OVER!!! Obviously this is not going to get sent to everyone, only people who are of the
ULTIMATE special interest . . . . .

I think I have figured out how Trump will drain

the swamp
Trump has vowed to put the full weight of the federal government behind
destroying human trafficking

I automatically associate pedophelia with human trafficking, because that is where they get the kids
from. Correction made.

It has become evident that Trump has read up on Pizzagate, and knows it is 150+ percent legit.
Trump has no doubt discovered that pedophilia was deeply entrenched in the worst part of the
swamp. Obviously the source of the kids for the pedophiles is via child theft and human trafficking.
Trump has now announced that he's going to jail countless human traffickers that are working in the
government and elsewhere. The number of these people is so huge that if it is removed, a large
portion of the federal government will be in jail.

How will that work against the Democrat minority, if they lose a large number of senators this
way? Podesta was, with incredibly convenient timing, given a job at the Washington Post. Why
would that be? Perhaps so when Trump goes after him, all you will hear is how "Trump is
jailing journalists" and CNN will never mention the real reason.

When Trump jails all the human traffickers, who's customers are the pedophiles that will obviously be
jailed also, he will accomplish a political objective, without ever "going after political opponents". That
is efficiency, and the blackmail system that kept people in line in DC is going to backfire BIG TIME.

Sad thing is, I think Podesta actually enjoyed it, and was not just forced to do it as a means of
enforcing a blackmail threat. A lot of them probably enjoyed it.

In response to the above, Anonymous sent: "Sad thing is, I think Podesta actually enjoyed it, and
was not just forced to do it as a means of enforcing a blackmail threat. A lot of them probably enjoyed

You think? Anyone with any sense of morals would have said no and go F yourself to anyone saying
you have to screw kids to get the job. Then they would have outed them. I know... Then they will just
kill you right? So they do it out of fear for their own lives. These people aren't just sick and perverted,
they do it ritualistically. Satanic rituals. I know you know this I just couldn't help myself."

My response: What better way could there possibly be to ensure you have placed in government
completely morally rotten obedience, that will commit any crime you ask without question? Raping
and beating little boys to death in the shower as they shriek in absolute agony, (as the latest Podesta
video shows) would probably be the best filter there is to make sure the personality you placed in
government is "correct for the job" when the agenda is total annihilation of a large portion of the

Witches against Trump?

UPDATE: to be clear, I will post on this shortly before midnight EST.

Several readers did not want me to give up the secret to what is wrong with the wording of their spell.
Thinking about it . . . . .

Yes, tonight they are going to be casting a spell against Trump at "midnight". They have announced
what they will be asking for, and I have analyzed it and found a critical weakness. Their spell will not
work very well, because it has a critical flaw that they will be too arrogant to admit to.

Midnight really is the darkest hour. Since before the internet (so this is not just a story off the web)
I knew several people who had participated in fire demon ceremonies, and they insisted, no matter
how they were questioned (because time was there for huge long conversations) that when they did
the fire demon dance that one said that the fire became a demon and stood up - and others said that
after that happened in their particular rituals that the demons actually jumped out of the fire and
danced around it with them. The people who said this were highly credible. They were not wack jobs
and worked IT. (IT professions were around long before the internet)

At any rate, one of them made it very clear that "midnight really was the darkest hour." If you wanted
success with a fire dance, that is when it should be done.

So from sources that were not rumor, it was confirmed that midnight is the darkest hour, and these
wiccans will be using "the darkest hour" to cast their spell on Trump. This means that they are
calling on evil to help them, and that they have at least a partial chance of success. But there
is a HUGE PROBLEM with the spell they will be casting. I think it stands a high chance of
I am not going to announce what the problem with their spell is at this time, because I don't want to
give them time to fix it. The flaw will allow the right prayer said the right way to God to exploit it, and
make their spell backfire badly. And even without prayers to God, their spell stands a good chance of
backfiring because they were arrogant, and entirely certain they were on the side of "good" when they
wrote it. Their spell could, in fact, boost Trump and it all depends upon how the flaw is viewed by the
side that listens to it, at the very least the flaw will make "the dark side" called upon at "the darkest
hour" want to puke. If the spell does work at all, it won't be by much.


EXPLOITS IT. I am pretty sure the spell will backfire due to the arrogance, stupidity,
and assumptions made by those who wrote it. If enough people pray, I believe it will
cause their poorly thought out spell to backfire and become a resource that can be

I am confident that the Wiccans actually do have power handed to them by dark forces. However,
many forces that are not completely dark are there to listen to whatever they do, and decide if they
will help or not. This is what will be exploited to our favor, while the flaw in the spell makes the true
darkness they are calling on want to puke. They have set themselves up for failure where they could
have succeeded if they had the guts to admit the evil that they are and write an appropriate spell,
rather than try to write a high minded spell that looks good to decent people, to satisfy public

This will be updated at 9PM cst, BE AWAKE AT MIDNIGHT TO PRAY and I will post a prayer


Thank you proofreader, mistakes do get made!

Whether or not you want to believe it, you cannot trust ANY of the Jews in your
cabinet. Jared would have sought out Ivanka for the sole purpose of being your
handler. It is MODUS OPERANDI and we can only hope you stop being stupid about
this before America is once and for all DEAD.

Forget looking for leakers in the FBI when the problem is all the Jews in your own cabinet!

Project Veritas CNN bust

It must be good, because the trolls are hitting it hard, claiming there is nothing in hundreds of hours of
audio after having less than an hour to listen. The server is down. When it comes back up, I will
link it then so people don't get frustrated trying to get to something that is for the moment not
working AT ALL.

The project Veritas CNN bust consists of about 800 hours of audio recordings of private CNN
conversations for the years 2009-2016. Today's release was the year 2009. I'd rather have 2016, but
it is at least a start.



They are so sensitive about this message that I had to unplug the modem, prepare
it offline and inject it via combat mode

Anonymous sent: "Hi Mr Stone, tried to send this before, but seemed like it didn't go through.

The Alex Jones story reminded me of something that happened to me about 10 years ago or so.
Might even be a little longer.

Back in those days I was moderately involved in state level politics and knew some mid level
functionaries in a few foreign countries. I am naturally stand-offish in spite of that.

So anyway, all of a sudden one day this Jewish guy turned up out of nowhere and wanted to be
my best friend. I didn't really know as much about the ways of the world back then, but I had read
about the Moonies and 'love bombing' and felt like this guy might be doing something like that. So I
gave him the brush off.

Then right after that, all of a sudden this Jewish girl turned up, and she was all over me - calling,
emailing, everything. Finally I got rid of her and this other Jewish girl turned up. That one displayed a
knowledge of my life beyond what she ought to have had. When I remarked on it, she -literally -
DISAPPEARED, never to be seen again.

By this point, even I was not so dense that I couldn't see what was happening. After that, this other
Jewish guy turned up, again all up in my face. Someone asked what was up with this guy, and I said
something like, 'He is trying to get to be my handler.' Although this guy wasn't there for that
conversation, he also immediately disappeared.

After that I never had the same trouble again. But I can see how Alex Jones maybe got love
bombed and they snared him up on the first outing. If they hadn't been such hard charging
assholes, they might have gotten me too. I honestly don't know what they were after, but I can't
imagine it would have been anything to my benefit."

My response: I got trolled hard in the in box for saying what really happened with Alex Joneses
Jewish wife, by trolls who were obviously new around here and did not see the full report I posted on
this topic right when Joneses divorce was happening. DEAR TROLLS: If you are going to troll the in
box, KNOW YOUR HISTORY, the post about Alex and the honey pot was not off the cuff!

send honey pots to people they believe will become of influence and these honey
pots either kill these people outright if they are out of control, or they wait for a
prime moment and then destroy. Fortunately Alex got option #2.



Anonymous sent:

Hi Mr Stone, I tried to pare down your Sweden report and post it to 4chan. When I clicked to post it, I
got redirected to 'you are permanently banned'."

My response: Yes, I guess explosives in a Swedish nuclear plant, to keep in place a blackmail threat
of forced immigration and national destruction would get banned on 4chan. There is a reason why
Sweden is laying down to die. THAT IS THE HOT NEWS, so hot, I think I'll post it again:

Jim Stone, Sunday, July 1 2012

We need ACTION on the following topic:

Immigrant Nuclear Blackmail? perhaps

so. Explosives found in Swedish Nuke plant


UPDATE: The original link I had for this report is now dead, however
the BBC covered it, but not as well or as accurately as the original report I quoted

The original report was very clear: The explosives were found on top of the fire extinguisher behind
the seat of a forklift that goes in and out of the reactor area of the nuclear facility. BBC did a relative
whitewash, but at least their report proves something happened.

Prepare for another Fukushima! A fist sized lump of plastic explosives was found on top of the fire
extinguisher in a forklift which had access to the heart of a Swedish nuclear facility. Plastic explosives
of the type used for demolition are like modeling clay, which can be rammed and crammed into any
space. And you cannot get a fist sized lump of this type of explosive left laying around ANYWHERE
unless it came from a larger batch. You can bet the forklift brought in a whole pallet or several pallets
of explosives, which are now planted inside. The linked report tries to make it sound like "A fist sized
lump on the fire extinguisher in the forklift" was no big deal because "it did not have a
detonator." Where did that fist sized lump come from? Someone most likely spaced out, and forgot
one of those fist sized lumps in the forklift while DOING THE JOB. Probably while repositioning the
forklift to make it easier to grab more to cram it into the bottom of one of the reactors. OOOPS!!

All the news reports about this are playing it down, and I beg the question WHY? WHY WOULD
THEY PLAY THIS DOWN? Explosives found in a nuke plant? The answer is obvious. Someone is
blackmailing Sweden with a nuclear armageddon the same way they did with Fukushima, and the
only way Sweden, and not Israel, will be forced to take the blame for any nuclear disasters Israel
causes is to keep a tight lid on the fact that Israel is using it's victim status and the holocaust to blind
people with sympathy while they use security firms to install death promises for non compliance to
whatever Israel and other zioelitists want. Update: Yes, Sweden's immigration situation was
probably deeply rooted in this incident. And if this was silenced in the ziopress, the Jews did this,
pure and simple. And if the Swedes do ANYTHING to remove the explosives, they are no doubt under
surveillance and will be set off.

If explosives were found at a Burger King in Peoria, do you think it would be more newsworthy? Why
are they silent about this at a nuke plant?

I will make a guess. If Sweden now fails to live up to blackmail demands and destroy their country
doing it, the nuke plant goes BOOM. So it will be a choice between a physical death and a
financial/cultural one. I would bet this is one of MANY nuclear facilities around the world which has
been rigged to explode just like Fukushima did. This is just the one where someone spaced out and it
got caught by someone who could speak around the censorship. And I predict (but I will not put a
date on it) that IF the elite really feel threatened they will just destroy a large number of nuclear
facilities, contaminate everything, and THEN use the window of opportunity to throw the final control
net. Explosives in a nuke plant is such major news the silence on this topic is damning.

Think about this - They have TRILLIONS of dollars to blow, and have hired MILLIONS of
psychologically sterilized goons, on top of having almost their entire tribe be to one extent or another
psychopathic. They easily have the manpower and patience they need to get the right people into key
places in various facilities to lace them with explosives under the full permission of security and the
employees. Needless to say, when the places go boom they will have all called in sick that day, or will
have left one by one in the months before the event. Explosives in ONE nuclear facility is grounds
for having ALL of them shuttered and gone through by legitimate bomb teams, but you can
bet that will never happen. The fact that it will not, and the media silence on this issue is proof
that the world has for the most part already been conquered. The alternative press did not
even run with this story. What's up with THAT?

No doubt Stuxnet also found it's way to wherever the explosives did, to create a plausible scenario
before the place goes BOOM.

We need ACTION on this topic.



David Hodges is one of the few people who has anything I'll occasionally post in full on this

Immediately after Google took ads away from Infowars, (and trolls hopped on immediately, bashing
Jones to pieces with B.S. allegations) Natural News was contacted and threatened. The
threat? We will pay you $50, 000 for dirt on Alex Jones. If you do not comply, we will destroy
you. Mike Adams obviously said NO. And today, every page at Natural News (140, 000 pages)
has been completely de-indexed by Google.

Here is a quote from David Hodges web site:

"On my last radio show (2/19), Mike Adams revealed that he was contacted and was told "We
will pay you $50, 000 to provide us with damaging information against Alex Jones. If you do
not help us, we will destroy you".

In the PM on February 22, 2017, Mike Adams reached out to me and informed me that
Googles search engines have removed all 140, 000 pages of content from Natural News
( If the reader puts Natural News in the Google search engine, it comes
back as This is Mikes back up site which is a shell of his original

Given the time proximity between the attempt to blackmail Mike Adams and Googles
takedown of one of one of the biggest websites in the Independent Media, it is too suspicious
to be considered to be a mere coincidence. It is clear from just the circumstantial evidence,
that entities representing Google tried to blackmail Mike Adams into providing damning
information about Alex Jones and then when Mike did not respond, they took him down.

In the same time frame, Alex Jones lost $3 million in Google advertising revenue which serves
to validate the Mike Adams' claim that he was indeed blackmailed in an attempt to destroy
Alex Jones.

I recently published information that showed that Google's owner and now the owner of the
Washington (com) Post had entered into a $600 million dollar deal with the CIA and indirectly
with 16 other intelligence agencies. In my opinion, and in the opinion of my sources who have
done business at this level, Mike Adams and Alex Jones are both victims of a CIA hit
orchestrated in conjunction with Deep State and in this instance, that would be the
Washington (com) Post.

Why Would the CIA and the Washington Post Target Adams and Jones?

Many will think, for example, that Adams was targeted because of his fine work in exposing
the dangers associated with vaccines which is big business for many of the elite (eg Bill
Gates). However, Mike has been exposing this information for years without suffering these
kinds of illegal intimidation and anti-trust actions by Google. What do Alex and Mike have in
common that would cause these people to act with such reckless abandon? The answer can
be summed up in one word, Pizzagate.

One must consider the fact that both Alex Jones and Mike Adams have been among the
leaders in exposing Pizzagate and linking this heinous criminal enterprise with very prominent
people. Names are beginning to be named and no doubt, Mike Adams and Alex Jones would
be among the first to strike blows in this arena by naming prominent politicians. We fully know
that we are days and weeks away from these revelations. The Common Sense Show is
beginning to receive names of the participants.

What has happened to Mike and Alex is damage control, a killing of the messenger. The
criminal left is desperate. There is no false flag that these animals will not engage in.

Another Related Motive (Read the rest HERE)


They had an official from the DHS saying: If you don't want to be separated from your children, you
can prevent that by GOING BACK TO MEXICO BY YOURSELF, NOW. They ran it long enough for
him to explain: When you are grabbed off the streets, no questions are asked, if you are illegal you
are deported and if you have kids, they will have to be taken into custody, without you there. You will
then be deported and will have to arrange a way to get back together with them.

So I predict there won't be nearly as many deportations as there will be voluntary exits. The warning
was clear.

Natural News got de-listed from Google

As of this morning, even directly typing their site name will not bring up their site. Unlike this site,
which has been de-listed forever (but Google fakes it by at least allowing it to come up when you type
the name,) Natural News got over 30 percent of its traffic from Google. After the Fukushima report,
this site went from over 80 percent of its hits from google, to less than 0.7 percent, and that 0.7
percent came from people directly typing the site name into Google. You won't get to this site from
Google if you do not already know about it, and now Natural News is in the same boat.

Google still lies about what it sends this site in the form of hits, and claims it sends around 5 percent
of the traffic here.

If Conan O'Brien pulls his Mexico stunt, he

should be jailed for sedition and subversion.
Conan started running commercials on Mexican television for an "All Mexican Trump Bash-a-thon"
that will air from Mexico and "Have an all Mexican staff". It will air on March 1.

The commercials are absolutely disgusting and come close to treason all by themselves. If he goes
through with this, and it ends up being the way he's making it look, he will amount to an enemy
operative and should be arrested at the border upon return.

Some people may think this is an exaggeration but if anyone saw the commercials they are downright
sedition and an open effort to subvert the Presidency. That's time in a federal pen no matter what,
especially when the crime is committed against the United States while on foreign soil.

After what I believe was not a voluntary resignation from Breitbart, Milo has stated he will be opening
his own media platform. I have mixed feelings about Milo, because he is so openly gay. However,
he's quite good on other topics which probably makes him a "net plus". The fact that liberals actively
sought to destroy him, and that he is getting trolled as bad as Alex is getting trolled now goes a long
way to show that liberals won't tolerate anyone who even partially disagrees with them even if they
perfectly meet a pet agenda. I really did not expect liberals to attack Milo so badly.

More on Jones divorce:

Dane sent the following, which mirrors what I know about what happened to Alex perfectly. Alex
needs to get control of his own comment section, because trolls are running it now, and obviously
censoring it also - which is what happens when you use any opposition platform to host anything for
you. Alex has a LOT to learn, and his comment section proves it. Anyway,

Dane sent:

Alex Jones did not get divorced because of infidelity.

2015.03.19: Alex Jones Jewish wife has filed for divorce, and is gunning for a huge divorce
settlement. Alex is forced to pay Kelly over $43k a month totalling over half a million USD for the year.
He is also being forced to part with his Austin Tx property to Kelly, who seems to have promptly put it
on the market and is selling for just under $900, 000. Did it ever occur to men like Alex that it would
not be the Rothschild, Rockefellers, the Marxists, or the feminists who personally would kick the chair
from under him, but instead his own wife?

Alex was set up by the Jewish tribe because they knew he was a threat to Zionism due to his
popularity among an awakening audience, and as a result he was sent a Jewish wife as handler. This
is a common tactic of the Jews. When Alex went off his reservation, as far as her instructors saw it,
she was ordered to divorce him. Alex went of his track, time and again, by showing up at Bilderberg
meetings, thus exposing the Zionist Jewish Financial Elite. But the last straw was when Alex invited
David Duke on to his Program, at Infowars.

Before the show Alex regarded David Duke as a KKK member, out hunting Black people. But the
Zionist Jews trying to control Alex already knew that David Duke was on to the Zionist Jews as the
prime threat to world peace and prosperity. The divorce courts will be only one of the set backs used
to annihilate Alex Jones. 2017.02.21: Infowars banned by GOOGLE. Infowars will lose approximately
4 million Dollar a year in revenue. Dane"

My comment: His ex took him back to court, and got a payout of seven million dollars, paid over 6
years. There is absolutely no question whatsoever that Alex was sent a honey pot wife, who was
triggered to destroy him. Now the trolls are bashing the hell out of him in his own comment section,
which he probably does not control, and probably gets his own custom version of so he can't see
what is really being said there.

Maybe Alex will now finger Israel for 911, since they have screwed him into oblivion. He probably
knows, but was kept under pressure to be quiet about it.


Perhaps so.
Jens from Denmark sent:

Thanks for a great site! I would like to hear your thinking on a possible nuclear-blackmail of Sweden
and (germany/france/holland/denmark), to force the mass immigration of 3 world people to kill the
country(s), there was a news report where explosives were found at a swedish nuclear power
plant a while back, and there was no explanation to this from the fake news..I would love if you
would have this in the back of your mind for a while, and if you see something please share
with us all,

may you be blessed for your work, I LOVE the way you think and write, keep up the good work!

Best, Jens from Denmark"

My response: Here is a report I did on this topic years ago. Since then, the news report (which is
linked here) has been expunged. This was reported by very few American news outlets and the alt
media (except for this site) ignored it entirely.

Jim Stone, Sunday, July 1 2012

We need ACTION on the following topic:

Explosives found in Swedish Nuke plant


UPDATE: The original link I had for this report is now dead, however
the BBC covered it, but not as well or as accurately as the original report I quoted

The original report was very clear: The explosives were found on top of the fire extinguisher behind
the seat of a forklift that goes in and out of the reactor area of the nuclear facility. BBC did a relative
whitewash, but at least their report proves something happened.

Prepare for another Fukushima! A fist sized lump of plastic explosives was found on top of the fire
extinguisher in a forklift which had access to the heart of a Swedish nuclear facility. Plastic explosives
of the type used for demolition are like modeling clay, which can be rammed and crammed into any
space. And you cannot get a fist sized lump of this type of explosive left laying around ANYWHERE
unless it came from a larger batch. You can bet the forklift brought in a whole pallet or several pallets
of explosives, which are now planted inside. The linked report tries to make it sound like "A fist sized
lump on the fire extinguisher in the forklift" was no big deal because "it did not have a
detonator." Where did that fist sized lump come from? Someone most likely spaced out, and forgot
one of those fist sized lumps in the forklift while DOING THE JOB. Probably while repositioning the
forklift to make it easier to grab more to cram it into the bottom of one of the reactors. OOOPS!!

All the news reports about this are playing it down, and I beg the question WHY? WHY WOULD
THEY PLAY THIS DOWN? Explosives found in a nuke plant? The answer is obvious. Someone is
blackmailing Sweden with a nuclear armageddon the same way they did with Fukushima, and the
only way Sweden, and not Israel, will be forced to take the blame for any nuclear disasters Israel
causes is to keep a tight lid on the fact that Israel is using it's victim status and the holocaust to blind
people with sympathy while they use security firms to install death promises for non compliance to
whatever Israel and other zioelitists want. Update: Yes, Sweden's immigration situation was
probably deeply rooted in this incident. And if this was silenced in the ziopress, the Jews did this,
pure and simple. And if the Swedes do ANYTHING to remove the explosives, they are no doubt under
surveillance and will be set off.

If explosives were found at a Burger King in Peoria, do you think it would be more newsworthy? Why
are they silent about this at a nuke plant?

I will make a guess. If Sweden now fails to live up to blackmail demands and destroy their country
doing it, the nuke plant goes BOOM. So it will be a choice between a physical death and a
financial/cultural one. I would bet this is one of MANY nuclear facilities around the world which has
been rigged to explode just like Fukushima did. This is just the one where someone spaced out and it
got caught by someone who could speak around the censorship. And I predict (but I will not put a
date on it) that IF the elite really feel threatened they will just destroy a large number of nuclear
facilities, contaminate everything, and THEN use the window of opportunity to throw the final control
net. Explosives in a nuke plant is such major news the silence on this topic is damning.

Think about this - They have TRILLIONS of dollars to blow, and have hired MILLIONS of
psychologically sterilized goons, on top of having almost their entire tribe be to one extent or another
psychopathic. They easily have the manpower and patience they need to get the right people into key
places in various facilities to lace them with explosives under the full permission of security and the
employees. Needless to say, when the places go boom they will have all called in sick that day, or will
have left one by one in the months before the event. Explosives in ONE nuclear facility is grounds
for having ALL of them shuttered and gone through by legitimate bomb teams, but you can
bet that will never happen. The fact that it will not, and the media silence on this issue is proof
that the world has for the most part already been conquered. The alternative press did not
even run with this story. What's up with THAT?

No doubt Stuxnet also found it's way to wherever the explosives did, to create a plausible scenario
before the place goes BOOM.

We need ACTION on this topic.