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Hitech Lighting World Corporation

Unit 107A, Krisdale Commercial Center

A.C. Cortes Ave., Mandaue City
Cebu, Philippines 6014

Company Profile
Light design and Technology
Lighting has a widespread appeal. Particularly in todays age, where buildings and public
places can no longer be illuminated in the conventional way. To mount a light source in the
ceiling with left and right a few additional lampshades is no longer sufficient. Consequently,
the importance of a sustainable, innovative light plan is experiencing greater public demand.
Environmental aspects and power consumption walk hand in hand for every design.

It is our mission to assist you with our knowledge and experience that we gained over many
decades. With our light design team, we will guide you through a huge variety of possibilities
and we will decide for every specific target the right light levels. With detailed schematics
and calculations, we will determine the right light for every area; indoor as well as outdoor.

Providing the right light, means to use light where it is necessary, neither too much nor too
little, and as a result create an added value for every investor. Running cost and maintenance
should be kept to a minimum, without sacrificing the aesthetics, ambiance and lighting levels.

The luminaries we introduce have a structural specificity of using less energy than most of
the products on the market.

The right lighting has been our motto for many years,

- The right level using less energy

- The right level using fewer resources
- The right level at a lower cost

The right lighting enables us to present the right financial, energy and ecological results that
are completely in line with sustainable development objectives.
Comelec S.A., the export company of Schreder Products and part of the Schreder Group,
appointed Mr. Marc Cools, a Belgian citizen, as the exclusive sales agent for the territory of
the Philippines in 2003. Marc Cools has more than 11 years of experience in the
entertainment industry from stage builder all the way to producer. In 2006 he stepped out
of this business and settled in The Philippines with the purpose to develop the interests of
the Schreder Group and TAL Lighting and to contribute to the illumination of this country.

Hitech Lighting World Corporation (HLWC) was established under Philippine law to facilitate
local business in behalf of our partners.

Hitech Lighting World Corporation is particularly specialized in lighting design and

engineering for public functional lighting applications as well as urban, industrial, sports
grounds, tunnels, floodlights and any indoor lighting residential as well as professional and
commercial. HLWC & Partners is the only highly specialized consultant in offering both
economical and environmentally - acceptable solutions for indoor and outdoor lighting
applications in The Philippines.
Technical Architectural Lighting
TAL is a trendsetting, ambitious company in high-end lighting appliances of outstanding quality.
TAL lighting is a perfect mix of emotion and technique in a timeless atmosphere.
Creativity, innovative design, simplicity and style - this is the motto of TAL.
TAL products are tools to create a mood, as lighting is part of our daily life.
TAL is more than just light, its a perfect instrument in terms of design solutions and products.
Schrder Group

Today the name Schrder represents more than 40 companies, established on four continents and
associated within an Economic Interest Grouping Schrder. They share the same ideals and the same high
demands in terms of quality. In 1948 Construction Electriques Schrder, a company established in 1927, was
the first lighting manufacturer to use a die cast aluminum alloy for the casting of its luminaires. The first,
again, in 1951, to produce a reflector made of electro polished and anodized aluminum to optimize
photometric efficiency.

The Schrder trademark has always been synonymous with products benefiting from the most highly
specialized technological research in functional lighting as well as urban, industrial, sports ground and tunnel
lighting, and in floodlights.

In 2010 HLWC was awarded within the Schrder/Comelec Group for biggest increase in turnover in the last
2 years.

Ever since, HLWC has been active in the entire Philippines, with sales teams and distributors in Luzon, Visayas
and Mindanao.


The right light enhances the identity of the project

It provides safety for visitors
Our goals:
o Lighting Quality,
o Photometric Performance,
o Respect for Environment,
o Low Energy Cost,
o Outstanding Longevity,
o Zero Maintenance Cost
Schrder has developed a comprehensive approach to offer you a full scope solution
from design to after sales services, including lighting, intelligent control systems,
street furniture, finance, security, signage and many other smart features. As an
international group committed to excellence, Schrder has multi-skilled teams
based all over the world.


Schrders expertise is in implementing quality lighting solutions: providing light

when and where is needed. This is a valuable asset to secure an area. By combining
the efficiency of LEDs with the possibilities of control systems, Schrder offers
numerous integrated light on demand scenarios. A smart way to combine safety
and energy savings.


Schrders comprehensive approach enriches peoples daily lives in public areas. The
attractive, robust and long-lasting designs of our solutions enhance your area and
create a strong identity. Quality lighting provides light where and when it is
necessary. Security devices and emergency functions guaranty a safe environment.
With Schrder, people enjoy every part of your world!


As a responsible company, minimizing our ecological footprint is a priority. At the

forefront of the major driving force for the switch to LED lighting, Schrder is firmly
committed to drastically reducing energy consumption. By combining the best of LED
technology with a wide range of control systems, our solutions offer huge energy
savings of up to 85% and radically reduce the payback time of a new installation.


Schrder is constantly using the upmost technological innovations including high

efficiency LEDs and advanced control systems to provide lighting solutions with
maximum performance without compromising on quality. With this tremendous
efficiency, a long lifespan and limited maintenance requirements, they enable you to
minimize your total cost of ownership (TCO) and provide short payback time.
Tele-Management system for the Philippines in Urban Cities

Integration of a programmable lighting infrastructure will be without doubt the future of public lighting.

Outdoor lighting Tele-management is a wireless telecommunications system enabling remote and individual
management of your light infrastructure. Management includes the sending of commands and receiving of
feedback about the luminaries working parameters. This system eliminates the problems associated with
Tele-management measures energy consumption, send commands, on/off and dimming to the luminaries,
it detects failure and reports it to the user and controls the running hours. Its a complete wireless system
for perfect management; it will maximize the energy savings and minimize the maintenance.
Each luminary has a radiofrequency in direct contact with a segment controller; each segment controller can
handle about 150 luminaries and has a wireless connection with a database server through a Zigbee protocol
(used for industrial purpose). From any PC in any location (City Hall or anywhere else), we can log-in and
give any command to each luminary individually if necessary, or extract reports about the condition of the

- No more photo electrical cells needed, we control on/off commands with the TMS (Tele-management system).
In case of connection letdown, an integrated astronomical clock will take over the system. This means that
wherever it is installed, it will calculate the position of the sun and turn on or off accordingly.
- We have the possibility of printing daily reports of the power consumption for each luminary individually; any
irregularity will be detected by the TMS and will notify the user. For example, when somebody is stealing
power from the wiring. TMS will exactly tell the user where the problem is, what pole and geographical
- During less traffic hours, we have the possibility to dim the lights in order to establish a significant energy
saving. Together with the New Generation Schrder LED technology we can push an energy saving between
40 and 80% on any conventional lighting system. Additionally, we can maximize the performance.
- In case of failure of the luminary, the TMS will signal the user through email or text message. Therefore,
accurate maintenance actions are possible; street surveys are no longer required. Daily reports will advise the
maintenance team on actions, which will escalate in another saving for the City Government.

LGUs will adhere to todays environmental clean energy requirements by producing less greenhouse

Which kind of ballast/lamp can be plugged to the system?

Absolutely any type of lamp or ballast, regardless if its magnetic gear, bi power, step down or electronic
ballast can be managed.
This new technology, developed by Schrder, will see soon be materialized in The Philippines. This is the
most environmentally-friendly and energy saving system available on the market today.
Alterpower has an extensive range of photovoltaic panels of exeptional quality and yield. All materials used
in our range meet the highest quality requirements and regulations imposed. This rigorous selection gives
the guarantee of a top and a lasting business relationship, so you can count on consistently good service and
a long term availability of the products. The quality of both the factory and produced products is of the
highest standard.

Marc Cools Fabrice Cools
President / CEO COO
Board of Directors and Head Office


TIN: 240-529-911-000
SEC: CS200527264


Landline: +63 32 238 0309


Major Product Line

Public Lighting

Road Marking and Signposting


Industrial Lighting

Special Applications

Urban Lighting

Outdoor Light Design and Total Light Infrastructure Solutions

Light Engineering

Industrial Indoor Lighting

Airport Lighting & Sports fields

Indoor lighting and light design

Residential in- and outdoor lighting

Lighting Consultancy

Renewable Energy: Solar systems

Home control systems and illumination controls

Hotel References Worldwide

Hyatt Hotel Dusseldorf Germany

Shangri-La Hotel Lapulapu Philippines
Dohera Hotel Mandaue Philippines
Radisson New Delhi India
Hotel Pullman Gurgaon India
Oriental South Delhi hotels Haryana India
Tjumen hotel Moscow Russia
Mercur hotel Moscow Russia
Hotel Pullman Sochi Moscow Russia
Hotel Torun Poland
Hotel Copenhagen Denmark
3 Hotel winebars Budapest Hungary
Urban lighting and illuminations

Paris - Tramway France Lutecia

Marseille - Tramway France Cristella / Gyptis
Istinye Park, Istanbul Turkey Francesca / Hestia / Sepale / Atom
Avenida del Cid. - Valencia Spain Image
Hondarribia Sea Port Spain Sepale
Zurich Switzerland Citea
Martelarenplein - Leuven Belgium Nemo / Sapphire
Rue de la Loi - Brussels Belgium Imperia
Valparaiso Chile Alura / Faro Ensemble
Plaza Luis Carlos Galan - Bucaramanga Colombia Thylia
Pardubice Theatre Czech Republic Focal / Neos / Terra
Porto Portugal Maya / Tempore / Terra
Vasco da Gama Bridge - Lisbon Portugal Tage
Coliseum - Rome Italy Corus
Cottonera Malta Hestia
Presidential Palace - Warsaw Poland Corus
Shanghai Outer Beach China Albany
Tianjin bridges China Albany / Nemo / Hestia
Brandenburg Gate - Berlin Germany Corus
Frankfurt Germany Triflex
Riva - Split Croatia Split
Arequipa Peru Albany / Isla
Adventure Island - New Delhi India Imperia / Puntila
Dnipropetrovsk Ukraine Nemo
Sokcho South Korea Thylia / Neos
Petar Kocic Park - Banja Luka Bosnia-Herzegovina Hermes / Alura
Tagbilaran City Total Lighting Concept and installation Philippines
Cebu City SRP project, Philippines
Mandaue City Opalo/ barangay lights, Philippines
Shangri La Garden / Wave Bar, Mactan, Philippines
Nuvali Ayalaland, Luzon, Philippines
Emperador Stadium Megaworld, McKinley Hill, Philippines
Dohera Hotel Mandaue City, Philippines
Oakridge Business Park Mandaue City, Philippines
Vertis North Ayalaland, Luzon, Philippines
Up Town Mall Ayalaland, Luzon, Philippines
Cebu Business Park Ayalaland, Cebu, Philippines
Streetscape Banilad, Cebu, Philippines
Tinderbox Banilad, Cebu, Philippines
ARTISTIC Solutions
Ambiance Road and Tunnel Illumination Sport Transit Industry Campus

ARTISTIC is the Schrder Segmentation that is used to define the right lighting solution needed for every
Projects breakdown ARTISTIC in The Philippines


Pedestrian areas where people spend time for leisure or practical reasons, contributing to the aesthetics of
the urban landscape.

Oakridge Business Park

Installation of Inoa, Noctis, Ambar and Terra Midi lighting fixtures in the park, roadway, parking and
landscaped areas of Oakridge Business Park in Mandaue City.
Road and

Thoroughfares and paths for vehicles that are used by people to go safely from one location to another.

Cebu City

1581 Voltana 5 LED street lights installed all over Cebu City to bring down the cost of power and upgrade
the lighting in the streets.

Underground passageway, completely enclosed except for an entrance and an exit, for vehicles and
pedestrians that need to be lit night and day.

Tunnel Lighting

The use of the right lighting inside a tunnel is of the utmost importance. The goal is to make sure that the
eye of the tunnel user needs as little adjustment as possible on entering and exiting the tunnel.

Architectural landscaping and enhancement to create identity through emotion.

Illumination Philippines

Through the years we have done many illumination projects all over the Philippines. Below you can find a
few examples. (Dohera Hotel Mandaue, Shangri La Resort and Spa Mactan, Fuente Osmena Cebu City,
Cathedral Tagbilaran City, Sto Nino Church Tacloban City.

Indoor and outdoor venues where people gather to play or watch sports like a Tennis court or a ski slope.

McKinley Stadium

A few years back we were able to make a design study and supply the lighting infrastructure for Mckinley
Stadium for Megaworld. At the time we installed the 2000W Zenith fixture from our Italy factory. The
required lux levels they needed to broadcast the football games on national tv were at 1000 lux.

Indoor and outdoor areas where people wait, get on or off a form of transport such as a bus stop, airport,
metro station or seaport.

Schreder has done many airports, seaports and other transit areas all over the world including Kuala
Lumpur airport, Antwerp seaport,...

Our latest Transit project is the Cebu International and Domestic Port. After we made the studies on
lighting to come up with the international standards for different port areas, we were awarded by the
contractor to supply the lighting. For this project we use the Omnistar, and Voltana.

Indoor and outdoor industrial zones like warehouse, mines or manufacturing plants where people work
and handle products and machines.

Ricor Mills in Naga City contracted us to come up with the right lighting solutions for their plant. With a
combination of Neos, Voltana and skido we helped them upgrade to a industrial area with international

Delimited environment for professional, leisure or private purposes like a hospital, university or shopping

When it comes to campus lighting everything has to be looked at from a users perspective. Shangri La
Resort and Spa asked us to do just that for their Resort and Spa in Mactan. The goal was to light up the
area with regards to the commercial aspect and enhancement of landscaping and resort feeling.
Finished Projects in The Philippines

no Contract Date Articles Delivery date end user

1 perimeter lights 2010 safety lights 2010 The farm Ricor Mills Carcar
2 City Streets 2010 Streetlights 2011 Tagbilaran City
3 SRP Road 2010 Streetlights 2011 Cebu City
4 SRP Baywalk 2010 Post top fixtures 2011 Cebu City
5 Park design 2011 Decorative fixtures 2011 Oakridge
6 Garden & Bar 2011 Decorative fixtures 2011-2012 Shangri-la Mactan
7 Light Design 2011 Street lighting 2011 SM Group
8 Municipal parks 2011 Decorative fixtures 2011 Dalaguete
9 Palo Cathedral 2011 In- and outdoor 2011 Palo - Leyte
10 New Light Design 2011 Streetlights 2011 Technopark Laguna
11 Light Design 2012 Outdoor 2012 Days Hotel
12 Mckinley Stadium 2012 Sports Lighting 2013 Megaworld
13 Street Lighting 2013 Street lights 2013 Nuvali - Ayalaland
14 Components 2013 Photocells 2013 VECO
15 Factory outdoor 2013 Industrial lighting 2013 Asian Grains Corp.
16 Residence 2013 TAL 2013 Epsina, Perez, Espina Arch.
17 Ambiance lighting 2013 Clubhouse 2013 Monterrazas Cebu
18 Covert Court 2013 Sports Lighting 2014 Barangay Pasil
19 Components 2013 Photocells 2013 Stealth Ventures
20 City Streets 2013 LED street lighting 2013 City Gov. Tagbilaran
21 Subdivision 2013 Street Lighting 2013 King and Sons Realty
22 Stair case 2013 TAL 2013 The Coffee Hub
23 Mausoleum 2013 TAL / Schrder 2013 Luym Realty
24 Residence 2013 TAL 2014 Michael Hussain
25 Restaurant Complex 2014 In- and outdoor 2014 The Tinderbox
26 Indoor retrofit 2014 Bulbs 2014 FGU Building
27 Components 2014 Photocells 2014 Stealth Ventures
28 Street Lighting 2014 Street Lighting 2014 Vertise North - Ayalaland
29 Heritage Subdivision 2014 Street Lighting 2014 Agro Macro Dev. Corp.
30 Subdivision Iloilo 2014 Street Lighting 2014 Ayalaland
31 Hotel Retrofit 2014 Bulbs 2014 Dohera Hotel
32 Bank retrofit 2014 LED Tubes 2014 Bank Ways
33 Residence 2014 TAL 2014 Espina, Perez, espina Arch.
34 Site Lighting 2014 Floodlights 2014 Luengo Constr. & Dev.
35 Subdivision lighting 2014 LED street lighting 2015 Sta. Lucia Realty
36 Extra lighting 2015 TAL 2015 Tinderbox
37 Parking Area 2015 LED ambiance 2015 Streetscape
38 Street Lighting 2015 LED street lights 2015 Cebu Business Park
39 Perimeter lighting 2015 LED street lights 2015 VECO Compound
40 Subdivision streets 2015 LED street lights 2015 Aboitizland - Almiya
41 Main roads 2015 LED street lights 2016 Cebu City Government
42 City streets 2016 LED street lights 2016 Butuan City Government
43 Street Lighting 2016 LED street lights 2016 Araneta Center
44 Entrance road 2016 LED street lights 2017 Entertainment City
45 Subdivision streets 2016 LED street lights 2017 Vermosa Ayalaland
46 Plant lighting 2017 LED Ex proof 2017 EDC Leyte
47 Plant lighting 2017 LED Highbay lights 2017 Permex Sardines factory

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