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In partial fulfillment for the requirements in Curriculum Development (ED 7)

Submitted By:
John Ray C. Enaje

Submitted To:
Dr. Alexander F. Suan

September 4, 2016

According to an article that talks about the importance of lesson planning, it says
that, lesson planning is at the heart of being an effective teacher. It is a time when we
envision the learning we want to occur and analyze how all the pieces of the learning
experience should fit together to make that vision a classroom reality. Indeed, lesson
planning is very important in the life of a teacher since it is through making our own plan
for the lesson, we become clear on the things that should be done during formal
discussion and ensure that this would be realized as we begin the class discourse
In making a lesson plan, there are some elements or components that should be
put into consideration so as to achieve the target of the lesson being a teacher, a
designer and implementer of the curriculum. First is the construction of behavioral
objectives, this is a very important component when we deal in lesson planning since it
is through the learning objectives that will lead us into achieving the desired learning
outcomes, the outcomes that we expect our students to obtain. Another component is
the content/subject matter, according Purita Bilbao, author of Curriculum Development
for teachers, she stated that teachers should bear in mind the principles of selecting the
subject matter, like this one, subject matter should be appropriate to the level of the
lesson or unit, because there are predispositions that when contents are too basic or
too advance based from the present standing of the learner, they will either become
bored or baffled, which affects their motivation to learn, therefore proper and careful
selection of subject matter, even though it is part of the content in the textbook, should
not be overlooked as well. Third is the importance of choosing the teaching and learning
methods or strategies when delivering the concept of the lesson to the learners.
According to Bilbao, the teaching-learning methods should allow cooperation,
competition as well as individualism or independent learning among the learners. She
emphasized the need to have a teaching strategy where students will learn from their
experience (laboratory classes, fieldwork, etc.,). Then the last component, which is also
important part in lesson planning is the Assessment. As stated in the Teaching IDEAS
workshop at Duke University, Assessment is an interactive process between students
and faculty that informs faculty how well their students are learning what they are
teaching. Assessment has three main forms, namely, self-assessment, peer
assessment and teacher assessment, all which are found to be effective to measure
students learning.
From this, the student of the subject in Curriculum Development seeks to find out
how teachers construct their lesson plan based from the primary components found in
it. Whether it conforms to the principles and some guidelines that were above
aforementioned. It is very helpful for a student in this subject to be able take a glimpse
of the teachers lesson plan in order to garner an idea as to how it should be formed.



Indeed, the structure of the

learning plan is presented in a
RVM Pedagogy unique way compared to other LP.
Title of the Lesson Plan
(Learning Plan) The 4 Prong plays a vital role in
achieving the mission and vision of
the school.

The objectives of the LP was able

to follow the SMART method, and
Students will know also, objectives are helpful in
the characteristics of
achieving the learning goal of the
the call of Jesus. lesson.

Intended Learning Includes the different kinds of

Outcomes/ Objectives Students will be able outcomes.
to explain the The psychomotor is presented
characteristics of the
through the activity part of the
call of Jesus
LP, I suggest to construct a clear
statement when identifying the

The Story of the The subject matter is relevant to

Content/ Subject Matter Call of the Apostles the learning outcomes of the

In some point, strategies and

methods are important to be
indicated when constructing a
lesson, so that if ever another
teacher make use of it, he/she is
Methods/ Strategies NOT STATED clear with the proper way of
delivering the concept of the lesson.
I suggest to have a proper
specification of the
methods/strategies when utilizing
the LP
Peer assessment is the form of
assessment being used.
At random, 3 It is very effective to measure
names will be called students learning by this form of
from the group to ask assessment.
Evaluation/ Assessment question which will be Students learn with each other as
answered by another 3 they interact, this can be achieved
from the class. with the proper guidance of the
Very learner-centered form of