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Product Description:

SILCO PHOBE H-1022 is an aqueous cationic emulsion of

modified polysiloxane used as hydrophobing additive.
SILCO PHOBE H-1022 is stable for at least 15 months at
Technical Data: temperatures of 5C to 25C.
!Stir well before use!
Form supplied : white liquid of low viscosity !!Keep from freezing and temperatures higher than 35C!!

Active ingredient : modified polysiloxane

Total solids : 29.0 31.0%
Ionic character : cationic FDA-/BfR-Rules:
pH-Value : 4.0 - 5.0
Processing : Long storage might cause a phase FDA : please contact us
separation. Stir well before use! BfR : please contact us
SILCO PHOBE H-1022 should be
prediluted (about 1:1 by tap water)
and than added by stirring as last item
completing the coating formulation. Transport Classifications:
Dosage : 1 - 5% on the complete formulation. ADR. : refer to MSDS
IMCO : refer to MSDS
UN-NR : refer to MSDS

SILCO PHOBE H-1022 is used in:

EEC-Labelling Requirements:
* waterbased coatings especially in Symbol : refer to MSDS
silicate colour and rendering R-S : refer to MSDS
* concrete S-S : refer to MSDS
* textiles applications
* for chipboard manufacturing
* hydrophobizing of buildingmaterials

In order to improve Packaging:

* water repellancy
* dirt pick up - 120 kg drum
* smoothness of surfaces - 1000 kg container
* slowdown of the drying process - Tanker

This leaflet gives the user guidance and information but does not claim to be
complete and is without any obligation.

revision: 1/DL
issue date: 17.November 2011

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