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Name: Class: ____________


1. An ice cream company makes ice cream at the speed according to the
graph. How many ice cream sandwiches can the ice cream company
make in 20 hours?

Number of Ice Cream


Number of Hours

2. Cary can jump 3 jumps in 5 seconds. Write two different proportions

she could use to determine the number of jumps she could do per

3. To make apple juice for 6 people, Sammy needs 12 apples. To make

apple juice for 20 people, he needs 40 apples. Write the equation that
can be used to find the number of apples needed, y, to make apple
juice for x number of people.

4. Tracey wants to enlarge a 3-inch wide by 5-inch long rectangular

cartoon he saw in the newspaper. He wants the new enlarged cartoon
to be 20 inches long and keep the proportions of length and width the
same as the original. How wide will the new enlarged cartoon be?

5. The model of a car indicates that every 5 inches of the model

represents an actual length of 22 inches. If the model measures 17
inches from front to back, what is the actual length of the car?
Name: Class: ____________

6. The cost of one video game is $16.89. Suzanne wants to estimate the
total cost of 11 video games. Write the best method for approximating
the total cost.
7. Write a sentence to describe point (1, 8).
Cost of Bananas

Bunches of Bananas

8. Write a sentence to describe the meaning of point A.


Distance (meters)

Time (Minutes)

9. Rickys mother is purchasing a used car that costs $5,280. If the sales
tax is 8%, what is the total cost of the car including sales tax?
Name: Class: ____________

10. Mike bought a lunch that cost $7.00. He also paid 5% for sales
tax. How much change did he receive from $10.00?
11. What type of angles does the needle in the speedometer below
form? If the smaller angle is 45o, what is the measure of the larger

12. Use your knowledge about triangles and angles to complete the
following. Find the measure of the two angles in the lower right
triangle. Find the measure of angle x.


55o 250

13. Give three possible lengths for sides of a triangle. Explain

mathematically why your answer is correct.

14. A triangle has one side that is 10 cm and another that is 18 cm.
What is the range of possible measurements of the third side, x?

15. Aaron looked at the front and back of a cereal box. What
geometrical vocabulary word best describes the relationship found
between the front and back of the box?
Name: Class: ____________

16. Name the 2-dimensional shapes formed by the following cuts to

the following 3-dimensional shapes.

3-Dimensional Parallel to the Perpendicular Diagonal to

Shape Base Cut to the Base the Base Cut
Cut (through the







17. Match each word to its correct definition.

Area A. The distance around a circle

Perimeter B. The number of square units needed to cover a
given surface
Volume C. The distance around a polygon
Circumferen D. The number of cubic units needed to fill a given
ce space

18. A CD has a diameter of 6 inches. Using the symbol (pi), what is

the circumference of the CD?
Name: Class: ____________

19. A circular sign has a circumference of 20 feet. What is the

approximate area of the sign?

20. A large Frisbee has a diameter of 20 inches. A small Frisbee has a

diameter of 4 inches. What is the scale factor from the large Frisbee to
the small Frisbee? What is the ratio of the area of the large Frisbee to
the area of the small Frisbee?