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School: C.S.E.I. Elena Doamna Focsani

Teacher: Ionescu Daniela

Date: 12th of March

Grade: 10th grade

Level: Second year of study

Number of students: 10

Topic: My Friend

Time: 45 minutes

Type of lesson: Vocabulary teaching

Approach: communicative

Skills: Integration of the four skills

Aims: To introduce vocabulary related to friendship through games.

to enrich students vocabulary

to express opinions when talking about friendship
to use new words in a context compound (5 lines)

Objectives: By the end of the lesson, learners will be able to:

a) Use the vocabulary related to describing people in different contexts
b) Describing a friend
c) Be able to build sentences of their own about them- their favorite things to do

Materials: Flashcards, worksheets, power point presentation, computer, overhead projector

Types of interaction: Teacher-whole class, Teacher- Student, Student- Student, Student-Teacher

Class management: whole class, individually, pair, group work

Textbook: Manual de Limba Englez, Editura Didactic i Pedagogic, Alaviana Achim, Liana Capot,

Ecaterina Comiel, Felicia Dinu, Alice Mastacan, Ruxandra Popovici, Elena Teodorescu
Stage of lesson Teachers activity Students activity Interactio Skill Time Purpose
I. Warm-up 1. Teacher greets the students and - SS listen - T-SS - Listening - to check if all
calls the roll students are
- SS listen - SS-SS - Listening 1 min present
2. Teacher invites students to open - to create a
their textbooks and notebooks pleasant
atmosphere in the
II. Checking 1. Teacher checks homework and - SS listen and correct -T-SS -writing 1 min - to let students
homework (if corrects mistakes on the their homework -speaking know how well
any) blackboard they had no written they did their
homework, they had to repeat homework
several exercises from the textbook
III. Introducing 1 Teacher presents a picture of -SS-SS -listening 1 min - the provide a
new material Adelina and Andrea. context for the
The teacher asks lesson
Who are they? - to activate SS
The answer will be given by the - Speaking background
students. Students answer to the T-SS knowledge
Are they friends? teachers questions
Today we will talk about friends
and we will learn to describe them.
The teacher writes on the
blackboard the title of the lesson:
My friend.
The teacher asks:
Who is your friend?
My friend is.
Why do you like your friend?
Because he/she is Students identify as
The teacher asks students to repeat many words related to SS 3 min
words from previous lessons the describing people as -Writing
4/page 62, ex 2/page 65 which has possible.
a connection with this lesson -students repeat the
After this activity, teacher will pronunciation after the - to make sure all
show a power point presentation teacher T-whole Speaking 3 min SS completed the
with qualities of a friend class activity
The students are asked to open - to make sure all
their textbooks at page 74 and to -students write the words SS have given
read aloud the qualities. in their notebooks 3min correct answers;
Students are asked to write them in Ex. 1a/page 74
their notebooks and with a pencil 1b/page 74
to write the translation in
Romanian by themselves.
The teacher corrects the exercise
with the whole class.
IV Controlled - Speaking 5 min
speaking Teacher shows a PowerPoint T-SS
activity presentation with several faces of
students from the classroom. The
teacher asks the students to try to - to make sure SS
describe him/her Students listen to the - Listening understood
The teacher explains the students teacher and write in their - Writing correctly the
how to describe somebody. The notebooks activity;
teacher offers a written example. 3 min
She chooses an image from the
PowerPoint presentation and says
writing on the blackboard: The students are asked - Listening
1. This is my friend He is a dog?
2. She is years old. Or He has got a dog? - Writing
3. She is tall and thin. She is tall. SS-SS 5 min
4. She has got brown eyes.
She has got tall? - to let SS know
5. She is funny and generous.
GW the difference
Students write on the between is and
The teacher pinpoints the
blackboard - Listening have got
difference between is and have
got/has got
T-SS -speaking 10
She is brown- eyed
She has got brown eyes.
Students write sentences - to consolidate
The teacher invites several
on the blackboard SS knowledge;
students to come at the blackboard
and by turns describe people.( 3
- Listening

3 min - to make sure SS

The last person should describe
The student describes I understood
himself/herself using the Writing correctly the
personal pronoun I activity;
The teacher asks the last student 2min - to make sure SS
who comes at the blackboard to The student speaks about I understood all the
speak about his/her favorite his favourite activity. words;
activities - to consolidate
I like.. SS knowledge;
The teacher may repeat with Speaking
students ex1/page65, ex1b/page 68 4 min

IV. Feed-back 1. Teacher offers feedback- a students color the pages -T-SS - coloring 5 min -to create a relaxed
mini-book of qualities they they like atmosphere
consider to belong to a -to see how many
friend. They must color words they have
only the pages they learned in this
consider to be essential at a -one student comes at the lesson
friend. blackboard and presents
2. On the last page of this the qualities
book they have two write 4
sentences to describe their
3. the teacher may explain in
Romanian to make sure the
students understand what to
V. Homework 1. Teacher asks students to - SS listen - T-SS - Listening 1 min - to let students
describe their mother choosing know what they
her as their best friend because 8- have to prepare for
th March- Mothers Day is the next week.
Procedure : T asks Ss to note their
homework for the next time
T gives explanations referring to
the composition
SS must use the words learned in
this lesson in their composition.