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FastCAM 90 Day Software Maintenance Agreement

FastCAM Pty Ltd, being the author of the FastCAM software packages, agrees to provide the
following Software Support and Services as contained herein:

Whiz Engineering
Address Details:
41-43 Government Road
Weston NSW 2326

Main Phone Main Fax Email Address

02 4936 2253 jim@whizengineering.com.au

Technical Contact (for FastCAM Support & Service related issues)

Jackson Fung
Contact Phone Contact Fax Email Address on Support
(03) 9699 9899 (03) 9699 7501 support@fastcam.com.au

Product Name Operating System Version # Dongle #

FastCAM Windows 7.1.113 101926989


9th May 2012 9th August 2012
Contract Commencement Date Expiration Date

Pauline Phelan Pauline Phelan 9th May 2012

Authorised by Channel Distribution Manager Signature Date
Software and Support Services (Web/Email/Phone)
Number of contacts Unlimited
Number of incidents Unlimited
Your Key
Hours of coverage Mon Fri 9am - 5pm
To download updated software and
Response time < 24 hours
access the restricted members
LogMeIn Web Rescue Support Included area at www.fastcam.com
Emergency On-Site Support No
Upgrades & Maintenance Releases via Download USER I.D: WHIZENG
HelpDesk Support & Training (Web/Email)
Bug fixes and patch information Yes
Technical tips Yes LogMeIn Web Rescue Support &
Internet Video based Tutorials Yes Training Session passwords will be
provided by the service engineer for
Support Contact Details each session.
Melbourne Office Phone (03) 9699 9899
Melbourne Office Fax (03) 9699 7501
Email Address fastcam@fastcam.com.au
Web Site www.fastcam.com
1. This Maintenance Agreement covers support on FastCAM products only - not the operating system, hardware or third party products.
2. This Maintenance Agreement covers support and software updates for the specified product only.
3. This contract is not valid until signed by a FastCAM authorised representative.

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FastCAM is a registered trademark of Fagan Microprocessor Systems Pty. Ltd.