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Grade 6 SOL Blueprint

What You Need to SOLs Number of % of

PROVE You Can Do... Questions Test

-Understand how words ord origins and word derivations.

6.4 a - identify w 8 18%
function, change, and are 6.4 b - use r oots, cognates, affixes, synonyms, and
built (parts of speech, antonyms to expand vocabulary.
prefixes, suffixes, roots, 6.4 c - use context clues a nd sentence structure to
affixes) determine meanings and d
ifferentiate among multiple
-Figure out unknown words meanings of words.
(context clues) 6.4 d - identify and a nalyze figurative language.
-Use a dictionary 6.4 e - use w ord-reference materials.
-Use a thesaurus

-Read and understand 6.5 a - identify the elements of n arrative structure, including 17 38%
fiction (fake) texts setting, character, plot, conflict, and theme.
6.5 b - m ake, confirm , and revise predictions.
6.5 c - describe how w ord choice and imagery add to to the
meaning of a text.
6.5 d - describe c ause and effect relationships and their
impact on plot.
6.5 f - use information in the text to c onclude and i nfer.
6.5 g - explain how c haracter development and plot
development are used in a selection to support a central
conflict or story line.
6.5 h - identify the m ain idea.
6.5 i - identify and summarize s upporting details.
6.5 j - identify and analyze the authors use of f igurative
6.5 k - identify t ransitional words and transitional phrases
that signal an authors o rganizational pattern.

-Read and understand 6.6 a - use t ext structures such as headings, and graphics to 20 44%
nonfiction (real) texts predict and categorize information in both print and digital texts.
6.6 c - identify questions to be answered using t ext evidence.
6.6 d - make, confirm, or revise predictions.
6.6 e - draw conclusions and make inferences based on
explicit information and implied information.
6.6 f - differentiate between f act and o
6.6 g - identify m ain idea.
6.6 h - summarize supporting details.
6.6 i - compare and contrast information about one topic,
which may be contained in different selections.
6.6 j - identify the authors organizational pattern.
6.6 k - identify cause and effect relationships.

TOTAL 25 SOLs 45 + 10 = 55 100%


Failing = <399
PASSING = >400
Pass--Advanced = 500-599
Pass--Perfect = 600