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of the galaxy, life is cheap and.
Far fro m the center In this Iaw|ess frontier,

justice is scarce. cartels, and citizehs a\\ke


governmen ts, criminal for. their u~nique skins-

turn to BOU NTY
sentient beings across the stars to bung
to answer for their transgressions 15 not easy,
them ready individuals, the hunt
few rough and
but to a
Bounty Hunters inspire admiration and
is. a calling.
the Outer Rim
to the Core, and the
dread from
greatest hunters are legendaryw
exploits of the
Max Brooke
Andy Christensen
Leonard Balscra, John Dunn,
John Br'itton, Marcia Colby,
Jordan Goldfarb, and Jason Marker . .

Jason Glawc, Liza Lundgr'en, and Johanna Whltlg

Jim Jacobson, David Johnson, and Mark Latham
Megan Duehn and Jason Beaudoin
Sam StewarL
Simone Elliott and Amanda GroenharL
EDGE SLudio, David Ardila, and Chris Beck
Andrew Navaro
Brian Schomburg and Scott Nicely
Corey Kama/Ra
Brian Schomburg
Michael Hurley
David Auden Nash and Tomasz Jedruszek PUBLISHER
Christian T. Petersen
Jacob Allen/e1, Balancz(3'>'heel., Mark Bohrn, Alberto PLAYTESTERS
Boulxrmpl, Marius Bow Mall b'x'aclimry, JB Casacop, Stephen Playtnsl. Comdinaror Zach lewnlthomas. "The Aim/m Sector
Cwmg, /\HHJ.1 {Lmi'alcnsom Amhony Devine, Dinodrawing, Rangers" Vimce SCIMZO WiU'I Ian Dimitri, Cody Mr:r:lL
Lop/m Fetiniano. Aurore Folny. Minimal Anthony Gomalm. m,
Mike Kecver. Max SLanforcl. and Felipe l,0pr:/. Dominu, Scmn"
Audrey How; Joel Ilustak, Michal lvan l,.I.Il<:~13/ .J;1';|<,01f;l<i, Ian "CM Hoary" Hrmlihan mm Martin Thnma; Flmmagem,
I'omr-Ly J()r.1rus/r:|<,J0[l re
e Johnson, Jaw Jam. David
Keen, Jaw: Murray, Amen-11 Nakamwee, David Auden Na'sh,
Michael IlurreH, Patnck n
gm, Thom Lynch and Juhn Pope.
Bamcgmp Ancilongu" William F. ||0SLIHEIIMVHI1Slf:|)l1f:lnir./\.
Mame} Rebiv Mike '~
Arlnm SchlllmmIL SLepllcn Sorrmr's, Ilostmzm, Pater Newtnem, Gabe Ream, l'annnayn
Awirrria Hamil Ryan Valle, :md Lilr; luca'aliln'1 arl, zxr'rhive. L H03LIHLII'1,
and Hmnor N. Hoslmall, "DWIU'I Still COHLFWZU'NS", Craig
with Dong; RHH, Josh Jupp, NaLhem Wilkinson and Milk CHFMU?
ART DIRECTION worth. Devil S(.|t.1ar,lron Scan Vayda with Mrrlanir_3V;lyr1a, Mike
Ferramc, Lindsuy Ferr'ante, Kelly Yulw; and Zachanalt'mm:12,
John M 'laillon

Michael Siglam Frank Parisi Leland Choe, Pablo Hidalgo,
and Matt, Marl.in

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; Bounty Hunters at the Edge ................................
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New Attachments ............................ . ................. 51
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of the People ............... 87
42 Sample Campaign: Hero
thapter ll: Guns Blazing.. ... ... ... ....
45 Bounty Hunter Rewards ..................................... 9O
New Weapons......, ..............................................
........................................................ 49
New Armor
cu sure know how to send an invitation, Koshka!"
9 The duracrete wall sheltering Viktor Hel shook
slightly, and dust flew free of the growing web of

Usually, most of bounty hunting was shockingly
unglamorousasking shopkeepers for sparse details,

cracks near his head. Krandak slumped where Hel poring old receipts, sitting on stakeout waiting for
had dragged his unconscious body against the same anything to happen. Nothing like the holovids. Unfor-
wall, bleeding from a blaster wound, but probably tunately, from the minute Krandak had showed up at
alive. The Trandoshan had lived through worse. Hels Speeder shop and dropped Frosts name, his life
doctor could patch himself up later. had been altogether too exciting. The hunter swept
I didnt ask his rifle's the sight across the landscape from his van-
you to come here, Viktor. Koshka
Frost dropped her depleted blaster rifle and pulled tage point atop a low hill of rubble. A glimmer caught
her pistol, then steadied her aim on the edge of his eye. A camp, several days old, sheltered by the
the table giving her cover. And Im not sharing the shattered husk of a skyscraper. His marks location.
reward when we take Melos in. Found you, Melos.

I told Heh, heh. Well now, who did you nd?"


you, Im out of the game. Hel hurled a gre-

nade over the edge of the crumbling wall.
Viktor turned his gaze to the heavy blaster pistol
Naturally. Which is why youre here on 0rd Man- pointed at his head, and the Sullustan holding it.
7.: tell, hunting a deadly, Devaronian pirate hidden in The Sullustans colorful poncho flapped slightly in
1,41,; a wretched nest crawling with guards, killers, and the breeze, and he tipped his hat with his free hand.
worsecompetition." Frost set her shoulder against You sure you want to point a blaster
the heavy durasteel table and flared her jetpack, at Viktor Hel,
friend? Ive got a bit of a reputation. A reputation
inching it forward to cut off the re lane. Hel jumped that was almost, but not quite, entirely unearned
behind table and opened re with his rie. not that Hel was going to bring that up.
I just wanted to make sure
you didnt get yourself The Sullustan gave his dry laugh again. Viktor
killed on this job. still owe you one for last time.
Hel, huh? Never ki||ed anyone famous before."
You know, when you hunted me half way across the
galaxy and nearly burned my arm off. Hel weighed his options. Hey, I have a
better idea. .
You were the one who threw that thermal
But I threw it at you, so its still your fault. Viktor slipped out from the shadow of the
building, an
unconscious Devaronian slung over his shoulder.
Hel grunted, leaned over, and grabbed Krandak clop of heavy boots came from behind him.
He Iooked
as the duracrete wall nally gave in. The Trandoshan back briefly... and found himself facing a
mumbled something about spinal fluid as Viktor
Viktor! Koshkas tone didnt quite
dragged him to their new cover. reach surprise.
Koshka! We got Melos, but we need to go!
Blaster bolts rained against the table, and the
group hunkered down to weather the storm. The Sullustan rounded the corner, pistols
drawn, and
Were getting nowhere ghting the pair quickly flicked up to target both of
these other hunt- the other
hunters. Without drOpping her pistol, Frost hefted
ers, Vik. Time to change tactics. Youve always
been her
good at snifng out trouble, or at least plunging head-
rifle into place with one arm to aim at the Sullustan.
long into it. Go nd Melos. Ill take care of things here." Before you two shoot each other and also
me, let
By take care of things, you mean..." me make introductions. Koshka Frost,
all" Nom Lumb.
Koshka, Nom helped me take down Melos'
I mean leave guards,
me your weapons. sol cut him in for one-fth.
Hel grumbled and unholstered a You always were a
pistol, two terrible negotiator, Viktor."
knives, a few assorted grenades, and several
spare He had a gun to my head!
clips. Im drawing the line at the rifle, though." One-fth is a bargain!"
Hel could hear the carnage beginning
Lumb holstered his pistols. So, we
as he ran, but going? Hel
he didnt look back. Getting killed
said your ships nearby. I need a ride
by a stray blaster
off this rock,
bolt during his mentors moment of glory was since my former, uh, associates arent
hardly gonna be
betting of the infamous Viktor Hel, after all. happy about my cutting them out. He
jerked his
head back the way they had come.
Frost looked at Hel and L umb
appraisingly, then
lowered her weapons. Your good doctor
has the
ship warmed up. Lets be going.
She paused. But
you know, Vik, you havent lost
your touch.
Thats what Im afraid of."
condition? to brimg their targets m alivefor the maxi~
he bounty hunters assembled on the bridge of the
pali mum payoff Operators complement their hunting
Executor in The Empire Sir/hes Back emanated
of Darth Vader. expertise with a knack for piloting, so that Lhey can
pablc menace, even in the presence
capture running targets. Skip Tracers make the most
Imperial ofcers on the bridge voiced their disdain,
of their irwestigave and social skills to capture Lax"-
but their eyes betrayed their wariness: beneath Lhe
gets in the urban jumgle. Finally, new signature abili
ragged appearances of the hunters for hire lurked
all clea'rly ties leL Bounty Hunters develop their characters even
a deadly edge, These professionals were
ruthess, sparking beyond the scope of their talent trees, tracking down
heavily armed, well-trained, and
the countless imaginations and offering tantalizing quarry and dispatching foes with unparalleled skill.
hints about the deadly nature of the Galactic Chapter II: Guns Blazing presents a range of new
seedy underbelly. equipment tailored to the Bounty Hunter in need of
explo'r'e'the potent rearms, durable armor, and a fast Ship to
In EDGE OF THE EMPIRE, Player Characters
lmted catch any prey. These include iconic weapons, armor,
fringes of galactic society in ways that are only
Characters, Bounty modications, and specialty gear such as devastating
by the groups imaginaLiorL AS Player
can Inicrorrockets, versaLile grapnel laumhers, imposing
Hunters have clearlydened shortterm goals, which
sort of Star Wars campaign. A Mandaloam armor, and much more. Characters can
complement nearly any
also consider new Starshlps L'haL are partiCI.,Ilarly well
contract can be the central focus of an adventure, appear
difcult ghmce suited for the Bounty Hunter career, Including the
as an Incidental subplot, or present a
with the original mlSSIOn, blisteringly fast LCHICEIZCIaSS pursuit cram, the highly
when its fulllmerut conicts
sort can bring a Bounty custon'nzable Kihraxz assault ghter, and the menao
l any case, a contract of this
adventure to mg YV666#t|1e vessel associated with the notorl
Hunter PC into the story, tying the current
Empire. ous Trar1dosl1an bounty hunLer Bossk and his crew of
his life on the fringes of the Galactic
bounty hunters
N0 DISINTEGRATIONS substantially expands the
Masters Chapter III: Thrill of the Chase helps the Game MaS
resources available to players and Game
career in EDGE OF THE Ler customize adventures and campaigns that include
interested in the Bounty Hunter
present new ways Bounty Hunter characters and themes Each contract
EMPIRE. The materials in this book
devell- can have a different arc and flavor, amd this section
to personalize a character, Offering alternative
Bounty Hunter. This introduces a range of approaches to offer LhaL variety.
Opment paths and focuses for a
of different Ideas to aid Ideas for structuring investigative adventures that m
volume also presents a range
unique. the tone of EDGE OF THE EMPIRE are a|so presented.
the GM m making each hunt
Finally, the section concludes with ideas for" Lailor'img
Chapter I: Hunters for Hire offers more options rewards specifically for Bounty
development In
for Bounty Hunter creation and Humers, such as bounty pay-
the form of three new playable out guidelines and exploits,
cies and three new Specializations. a system for gaining noto-
Independent Clawdites, shrewd riety as a hunter.
Devaronians, and savvy Kalle
rans bring new approaches
to the Bounty Hunter career
through their species' dis
tinctive characteristics, abili-
ties. and tendencies, Martial
Artists train themselves to peak
n Imperial Peace Keeping Certicate (IPKC) grants-

of society. Cutting through misrepresentation bro-

n a being the legal authority to act as a bounty
ken promises, and outright lies IS a sizable portion of
hunter but it does not confer the respect of peers their daily work, and seeing through deceptions one
or guarantee even a modicum of professionalism. ,In of their most ky prociencies. Bbunty hunters can ill
fact, it often earnsonly disdain fr'om the disreputable
afford 'to take anything at face value when pursuing a
gures who operate on the fnges of the Empire In bounty and must; always remain wary. Nob'ody hires
the galactic underworld, bounties are common, and bounty hunters for easy jobs; desperate to avoid cap-
ture, their pr'eyis unpredictable and willing to resbrt

trust can be a deadly weakness Few fringe--dwel|ers

seek out the companionship of someone who might; to extreme measures against their pur'suers.
later accept money to hunt them down. Consequently, ' ' Despite a grim reputation, bounty hunters are .

a successful bounty hunter has few close friends out- integral to the maintenance of law and order across


side the pr'ofessionand any fellow professional is the "galaxy. T--hey are a necessary check on lawless-
rst and foremost a rival A boUnty hunter's guild - ne'ss that stabilizes galactic society as we as the
'offers a support network and social interaction that criminal underworld A planetary governmentor
some hunters nd valuable but such membership 'even a global crime syndicateseldom has the
also demands a level of obligation that IS a poor t expeirtiSe and resources to pursue a crimina| into
for many independent operators. other systems. However, they can post a bounty to
Bunty hunters are characterized as callous and attract the attention of a skilled professional who
. mercenary by most citizens of the galaxy, with good
already has the time, contacts, and interstellar capa-
reason. Their assignments are ercely competitive bilities. Even the Galactic Empire depends upon
and their livelihoods are entirely dependent upon bounties for criminals who flee beyond its reach or
success. Most bounty hunters-develop a necessary when time is of the utmost importance. As no ruling
level of detachmentfrom their peers and from socir body can enforce its will everywhere bounty hunt-
ety as a whole. Anyone could be the next target, ers ll in the gaps. Further, bounty hunters also act
and their next meal could depend on whether they as deniable assets, and posting a job anonymously .

choose to purs'ue '04" ignore a given contract. In the allows a corporation, crime syndicate, or governr
course of their assignments these professionals must ment to get unsavorywork done without damag-
constantly observe and interact with the very dregs ing its public reputation. While often a last resort, '

bounty hunters remain a potent deterrent for

some crimes as well as a valuable tool
and like any tool, they can be used for
good and for evil alike.

typicaHy operated without explicit legal authority

had less need of bounty
The Republic Senate Empire does. Rather
within the Republic. Of course, when politicians
hunters than the Galactic needed jobs completed efciently and discreetly.
particularly egregious
than posting bounties for they often hired bounty hunters off the record.
request that the
criminals, the Senate could
matters. Jedi were The Confederacy of Independent Systems also
Jedi Order intervene in such
sectors efciently employed numerous bounty hunters to vari-
able to track criminals across
the Force, remaining on ous ends during the Clone Wars, from sabotage
through their mastery of led to
to kidnappings to assassinations. This
cal! to assist the Senate. between many bounty hunters and
nonetheless fullled
However, bounty hunters Republic representatives, including the Jedi
era. Local govern worked with
Signicant roles during this While bounty hunters occasionally
syndicates, and other during this
ments, corporations, crime assistance Jedi under extreme circumstances
request of con-
organizations were less able to time, these alliances were usually
directly. Consequently, they
from the Jedi Order venience to both sides.
to resolve issues
relied upon posted contracts employed
Because the majority At times, bounty hunters were even
that exceeded their reach. as central criminal organizations against
a source as mercenaries by
of bounties did not come from including an incident
hunters that era
of Republic representatives,
ized as the Empire, the bounty Bane to hold
upon their network of when a group of Hutts hired Cad
were much more dependent negotiating tactic. While
about available jobs. senators hostage as a
contacts to nd information case, criminal cartels were a
this was an extreme
not have as expan during
Furthermore, the Republic did relatively reliable source of employment
bounty hunters as the Republic.
sive a system for licensing the era of the
bounty hunters
Empire later would. Therefore,

van'iou; typos (
Different. levels 01 governmml. offer
difficulties in
bountics am can value Lasaks of similar
UI'WSUIpriSirlgly, l'nahivalue
bounties are eternally
fullled quickly Obtaimng ImgieraLe on Chow-gamma
high demand and are ofLem very different ways. A
surest. (gonlxacL for new carcasses, but LIN:
jobs can be Lhe have a standmg
03W access L0 Idevvlyrrmeased might be of SLHJsLanLially lower value Lhur]
path Lo a steady imomc ream. e Many bounty
with the
l'etch at: me galaxy's 51'1ad0\vp(,nts. In
relationslxips Lhc pelt would
GIS work hard to establish who miglH [ox/vaml the capture
CI'HIHGHL clerks 0; ranking
syndicate memnbcrs some sewers, 0m: governor
31'11I.,1g;glmwil_1h the value of the stale (mgr),
commas. of a known
releafse Lho most ILICIaLiVC governor could gram; Liv: lmunty humor
bounty while ammer
both mimics. The the alarm). In :in
This can be bemecial to criminal's bulougmgs, including
iIHnLer secures a hady lime
of jobs, while
U10 gown
sees his contracts
11 Lho
(gases, 1H5 the remrnwsibiHLy
oflhu hunter
to agree upon
menL or syrvjicatt: .

WIm the relevant value 0| r;<,>rm;)(2113>er

{among m lationshlp open n<::g01..ialimg the
qUidy fullled, However; a Lo a hoe- the )0!) Few {govermnunts are Lo

a DOWCFDII organi/ation
can be diStai-jlifjll bounLy when tsouumne (10mm lr) mlr
o[' pride, arid many terms; 01 a posted
lancm" il' independence i321 rnal.Ler
Lu a |er;L on iL.
'l'hc bounty hunter who 0ch estimates hit; bay
feeding new bourmes painted (m his back,
such organimons nd that gaining positicm may [ind a Lalgol,
guild is more elciem. I'EDIOSEHLS LIM: (My obstaclu hem/won
215; II) suddenly

targets OI'Len mnmm |)arl.ir:!,lla| htu'xlms; amd HM: posted bounly.

Bounties [or more Challengin 9, In [acl., bomlles
longer I .ime rul [IIC Gellarilir bupim
in ci|"cl,.|lalion {or a much oven remain Of course, rallkillg ITNMTHJCI'S
15 may 8011101411193 muse
for DEIIUCLIIEIr'Iy powerhxl individuahummls might. [all to issue bomwliess, as well.

countless winlr; other [HHQSV
ODGH l'or decades, as jobs an: publinly ac\<.I"10\.A./ledgged,
often recmire U10
collch on them, Such assigllt'ncmsor our: parhwlarly Irmmial oil'icialss use [reelen'weraa to (flLliUUy cover up
r,;<,)0])el"aLion 0| a Learn
01 hunwrs
ennbanassnu; misLakes, or to [Illdtl'ljlkll
jobs ollen Lheir own
more cimllonging Ilmmsel\/<%is. Ono
Skilled imjividual, These Lhc work [hey do mt dcizgn L0 cormnlele
rewards, bul. whom lnuimini Mountica 13:11:30 0110 0| its
include [41 more exorl:>il.anL tar less LCIHPL ol the IHOSLHIHmJt-s
they are vex/\Hnd 101' Judi heir; mI'I'IZIiIUcl
associated ["igk 13(30nsidmed, most lC.)IlgS|flI'lHM); Hm
nmsl be certain to I'm/0 the skllls 66. This panlmllar
img. A bounty lmmer could MW: open since the cxr;<:1_xlion 01 ONO!
a job that and um (My
and resources L0 commit to nccusxary bounty is quw: challenging to (:mllmit,
belmu devoting the the prev
Years [or the payoll' i')(_:calui-;r3 ot We f.IEl|J&H)HHiCi~L 01

Limr: 1.0 atlenmt H.

Bounty hunters pursuing Jedi can also
come into a distant system. Standing contracts are
conflict with Imperial agents pursuing the only likely
same tar- to be in place for members of prominent
gets. Such elite operatives are criminal
typically unwilling syndicates, such as Black Sun. Further,
to share credit for their successes collecting a
with others, and bounty on a high-ranking member of such
have no reservations about killing an orga-
a bounty hunter nization carries its own risks, including
or two if it proves the most convenient being denied
option. jobs by that very group in the future.
Other bounties from Imperial Governors
are far Bounties posted by inhabitants of
more attainable. Standing bounties isolated cities
exist for infor- or even colonies are typically
mation regarding the whereabouts of an even smaller
and activities scale. In many cases, nding
of Rebel Alliance ofcers as well as jobs at all can be more
sympathizers, difcult than fullling them, and
though these do typically require sometimes bounty
the evidence hunters turn to other work to
of their crimes. Specic bounties -- ll in the gaps. Colo-
CRIMINAL BOUNTIES Cormectiona play vital role in obtaining jobs from

a syndicate. Offering an illegal! bounLy requires a high

When some upstart [ails Lo respect its authority, I crim level ol discretion, lest; word of the opportunity reach
imam orgamzaljrjm needs to make a rm
and I'nelnorable law enforcement. If a bounty hu:"uLcr"s work SaLiSlies
demoeraLion of its power: If the target. is beyond the a crme lord, however, it can often mean a steady
groups grasp, l.nen a bounLy hunter offers an ideal erLam ol emjloymcnt Alley" all, the bomww hunter
SOILIUOII Lo Ihe problem. I/lowevcr', groups offering
such is now privy to many Of the (:rimmal's secrets, and

Jobs sedom have the legal auLhority to do so. As a [he syndicaLe has irmentive L0 keep the bounty mum
of undertaking such a cqntracL busy with work Lo insulate against; the risk 01 betrayal.
consequecc, Lhe act
isJunctionally amd legallyrexLomon, kidnapping, Unforturlately, an established relannsahip mm a pow
even rmn'der. Imperial law enforcement frowns upoh erliul member of a cr'ilninal organwation has substantiai
anyone who openly afliates with crminal Imgative ramicaLions as well. Cr'lrmnalg aware of a
zations, but Sometimes LLIrms a bllnd eye wprn the bounty i|I_,II'11;ers illegal} actions are often Willing Lo use
ldividual in questiom is useful enough to the tmplre. mat Normation [Or blackmail. /~\ publicly known a550
[or a
A orweitimc ollense might be overlooked if H; ls ciation with a (:rhninal orgamzanm limits the number of
effectively collect
hunter known to conslStentw and groups willing to work with a hunter; leaving the char

Imperial bounties, Repeat oflendersrat IeasL those acLer' unable to coHecL govem'lem bounties vviLhout

Who are caughbhave any official authority they

being arrested, In time, outsiders consider the bounty
are treated no better than the
possess revoked and hunter a member of thaL crimmai group, regardless of
ol' the law.
criminals who hired them in the eyes any ofcial standing. A bounty hunter such as Ketsu
As with govermnent boumLics, criminal
bounLies Omyo, who has @3118 so far as to join a crime famHy,
concert with the reelnch essemially loses independent status, becom
Vary m scope subatar'ltially, in
organizations and mdiVIduals tnat ing liLtle more man a syndicate enforcers
and power of the
Black Sun Vlgo posts a contract, While the stability of this lifestyle has
issue them. When a
advantages, it also means being part
the target is likely to be high profile and the reward
is certain to be both substantiab and reliably
paid on of a crilninal orgamzation: if there
tries hire an assas are standing contracts on mem-
time. In contrasL, a tenant who Lo

ladlord is less likely L0 be able bers of that group, the lwnLer

Sin to take out a haLed
to contact is now ofcially and perma
[0 Day LIDassuming that person was able
a bounLy hunter to even consider the
asgignment. nently one of the hunted.
Reliability of payment is a much larger problem with guiding regulations, and reports of Infractions to
criminal bounties than with official government, assign- oversight groups only ever get logged when the
ments. All too often, a criminal lacks the resources to wronged party survives. Successful, veteran bounty
pay the bounty hunter when issuing the bounty. Oth- hunters are more prone to trust their instincts and
ers simply intend to double cross a hunter when the their weapons than Lo trust In a competitor, a subcon-
bounty is collected] or even attempt to involve law tractor, or an outside group.
enforcementaan approach that seldom works well
for either party. Veteran bounty hur'lters often only CODES OF CONDUCT
work with trusted middlemen for just such a reason.
Some require that funds be placed in escrow aL the When operating under Lhe authority of an Imperial
time that the bounty is issued. However, developing Peace-Keeping Certicate, bounty hunters are expected
a relationship with a reliable gobetween poses its to comply with basic Imperial laws. In addition to the
own challenges. These criminals are naturally as sus- Iimited legal authority to act aggressively against their
picious of prospective bounty hunters as they are of Largets, bounty hunters acquire a subset of the rights
individuals looking to offer illegal bounties. accorded a law enforcement officer] However, these
rights do not extend beyond their pursuit of the bounLy,
NO BLASTERS! In theory, this suggests that bounty hunters would ad
in accordance with Imperial law. In practice, most take
Interactions between bounty hunters are challenging liberties with both Imperial and planetary laws, particu
even under the best of circumstances Those who pur- larly those regarding weapon ownersl'np, surveillance
sue this career are highly motivated, naturally suspi practices, and other matters of personal liberty.
cious, strongly independent, and often volatile. These
Beyond concerns of legal realities, however, the
professionals quickly assess one another, always conduct of Bounty Hunters has broadreaching impli-
trying to identify the most dangerous person m the cations. If every humer were little more than a dam
room. At the same time, they also take care to iden
gerous criminal, the Galactic Empire would have to
tify vulnerabilities, so that they can quickly eliminate restrict their authorities further and limit the number
the competition should it prove necessary. Trust never
of bounties they offer. To prevent such a freeAfor-all
comes easily, and betrayal lurks even in seemingly from Sharply decreasing the bounty market, unofcial
Innocuous gestures. government policies work in conjunction with a limited
Bounty hunters who routinely undertake Imperial degree of selfpolicing among bounty hunters. While
and iocai government bounties are more likely to treat few of these professionals take criticism from their
their peers fairiy. After all, a bounty hunter known for peers very seriously or personally, repeated remind
causing collateral damage and killing off the competi- ers [and threats] from other hunters have some effect
tion inevitably nds it harder to get work or coordinate on all but the most callous. Even the most individualv
with peers for jobs too difcult for a single hunter. Yet istic bounty hunter benefits from some degree of pro
the saying remains accurate: the dead tell no tales. fessional cooperation from others, and those deter-
Even if a bounty hunters organization or current mined not to heed the warnings of their peers are
employer forbids certain methods, an absence of wit- ostracized by the community, which usually involves
nesses means that he can adjust the rules as neces a lethal hail of gunre at an inconvenient; moment.
sary without risking his livelihood. And, of course, the Most bounty hunters follow their own particular
dead are renowned for the reliability of their silence. credo or ethos in their work, and some guilds have
Bounty humers connected to a criminal syndicate rules, byiaws, or regulations Lhat restrict the conduct
adhere to those codes that organization enforces. This of their members further. The specic details of each
means an explicit level of cooperation with fellow mem creed vary between sectors and guilds, prioritizing dif'
bers of that same syndicateincluding those from dis- ferent elements in keeping with each groups goals
tant branches. However, that creates its own challenge, For example, the creed of a hunter devoted to fulll
particularly when rival bounty hunters are affiliated ing government bounties i5 generally more conserva-
with competing syndicates or have government con- tive than that of one who regularly accepts criminal
nections. Further, some criminal enterprises encourage targets Central to most creeds is the notion that; the
ruthlessness amongst their members, and those who target of a bounty is no longer considered a free, sen-
betray the most effectively climb the farthest tient being Instead, a target is prey to be secured
for the client. Many creeds include requirernems for
Codes of conduct and oversight groups are in
interacting with other hunters~particulariy any hunt-
place to address these continuing problemg How- ers currently attempting to collect the reward for the
ever, not everyone adheres to these supposed same contract.

A core element, in mew imelacmns la; LhaL huntms For hunters IntercsLed ir] a level oI mmuity, and
consider Li'lrsn'rlfaul'vcs L0 be a class apart from oLller possibly even some control over all bountiea WlLi'Iin a
beirlgsi Largetir'lg one another is Lmseemly and disrry regiom, membership in a guild is a rewarding option.
spechu. Other comnwon elements m a codeofljr,>l,lr1t:y lilowevcr, me secur'iLy of n'uenlbelsl|ip comes Wim a
humter' ethics concur] the priotizatiom OI' capturmg a 105:; of indepemdcrm, Guild members have an obliga

Largel, over {mew slayh1g them [or vice versa). tion to fulfill bountios that the guild assigns as well at;
a ICE:LpOI13il)M[y to assisisL their fellows when rueceisary.
Regardless ol its origin; and age, any creed that. a
Guild leaders have a duLy L0 manage the other mem
bOLmLy runner r,.i|oo:;es Lo follow 15 Male Imm than a
bers, making certain that. everyomc is I'ult'iHing mm:
guideline for proi'essiormlism. It; is not a legally erorcer necc gary duties~21 subgtantial dwallemge m a group
able Irlandare, esporially since iew bounty ilL|l11.Gl'S
of beings: Wim strmwg, il"|de]')cr1dent persomliLies. New
record their own acLIvitics. l1'1stvead, follow/Mg a creed gLIHd Immbom often a(,:r_:usLorrIed to working alone,
helps [0 EESILEleSl'I a network among other Hl<.e-minded
must learn Lo defer to me orders of the guiid's load
professiomls, imleing leHow t'unwtcrs. Peers may be exsl'lip Loom corllcderatioms, WiLh limited responsi-
more Willing, to coaperam WM] and LI" 1'1ler3r when bilities, such

[he :mwdirgzue Boba Fem led durmg
they recogni/o that, they follow SiITIHEH" codes of etincs. the Clone Wu! 3, resolvu Wine of thew (IiIZlHCHgCS. In
Officials offering boumies (3mm direct them Lox/ward baLLleI'iCld conditious, |"|OWCVCI', a Clear (JUL sham

hunLcrs who conslsLemly demomstrale the I'equisiLc leadership is vital for 5!,1rgr,:esr;. VVH.110LHI 11;, teanls fall]
levd of discreLion or respect for the target UlLiIaLEW, prey Lo miscommumcaLion, ir'lfiglmng, and peLLy dis
a creed can be a means Loward germang a greater
put. 5 any 01 wicil can allow LHo mark Lo slip away.
and more reliable revenue stream for the iwnmr; mak
ing the code selfiscr'ving SUII, even upholding a cow l'iunters who work. alone more Often (MCDUHLCV Lluoir
'l'hoso WIIO
313mm code of SEII:--il1|;IGS|; makes a bounLy ruumr peers only in a conlpel.ii'ive CIIViI'OHITICHL.
i'lave a star'lde'nrd
much less ol~ a Lhmal: to peers and socieLy alike. have come to know one anoLhcr may
working analrugmmrul. for corrupCLiLive siLuaLiom. Some
alLemate, parnlmlg OHC amoLI'ler Lo com

may agree [.0

I'ILW for a briel
jobs. Others mlgl'll, imerrLIpL thew
ol' barLermgi
Most bountie govcrrmwent or criminalgare posted [0 dis ssion, a game of chance, or even a biL

agrocirlg to no! inl,crf'er"e \vitl'w a

a Wide range of hunters, H not entirely openly. Profes Lradmg Ups on 0mm jObS,
dilfexent bounty, or even olfermg equmem m excllange
tsionals musL work quickly ad corrlpeutivoly to secure
a target; before another bounty I'1Ln'1ter can do so. for {Wing one complete the task. at: hand AL Limos,
pcacetul resolution carn'loL be acl'neved. Both
SomeLimes, the only way to complete am acquisiLion is ever, a
worklrlg in concert, with peers to overcome a targets hunters I'nighl desperately Heed me rmney for Lhe
at: hand or lhr: LWO panics could even be ptllfjllng Dom
defenses. At, oiher Limes, ITIisdirectiI'1g peers is the sur=
est way L0 Will a I)O|,.H"|Ly, while they are dislmcled. Lieg are nultually exclusive. In these warm the
Many flunLcrs try L0 keep r'CJaLirmsl'nps with peers issue usually ecscalams 1.0 threats and b
re. A J'mmer's credo i321 CIiLical

friendlygr aL least. non|eLl1al~becat.nse they recog

Lor', than, in wheLher LO use lethal
We that todays competitor could be an ally m the
or I"|OI]|CLi"IEJ (one in the (LOI'IIHCL.
fuLLer However, 51 [CW are L00 h"|dr_apol1dcn1;, driven,
or egocentric Lo Si'lOW any ITIOfE concern for We well

boing m a compeLiLor than they would for their Lal'gets.

When teams of bounty mmLers IHust cooperate, [he
[neuter of dividing up the reward for a successful job
i8 (Men cor"ut_r:|'1l_ir)Lls_ This is particularly Lrue when
the alliance 13 both trxmporary and recemly set
I.led. Equal shares are rare, as everyone feels that
Lhey l1ave undcnaken me greatest Msk or made
the most gubgtantial cor'ltrlbution to success.
Partic1ay ruthless hur'lters elimirmte Leam
maLes L10 icrease Lheir siuare of the reward.
When in COI'npetiUon LO capture a target, the
batLle of brains and blasters might not end
until after the bounty is actually collected.
Some Donn Ly hLmters even dare to steal the
reward from the individual who collected it.
"The way I see it, you have two choices for how this
goes clown. After all, Ive got two blasters. A third op
tion? Well, I think Ive got a grenade in my pack."
Nom Lumb, Sullustan Bounty Hunter

Empire attempts from Darth Vader himself. Who are these dangerous-
5 un t grips the galaxy any the Iooking individuals? What drives them? What did they
the average
to Snuff Qut all embers of eistance, do to earn such an audience with a Dark Lord of the
to tum for help. The
citizen is oft unsure whe sup- Sith? How far do they go in fullling their contracts?
etach'ed, nd justice in
law is distant an These questions, and the nature of their work, make
ply, espgsiall when tth pire is the one commut-
the Outer Bounty Hunter PCs extremely compelling characters.
ting the atrogke; This is sppcially true in the Bounty Hunter career
and law enfqlice- In EDGE or THE EMPIRE,
Rim, Where both Impffrial ofcials of sentient beings eking
Callous about civ1llan reflects adiverse collection
ment Ofcers are notmiousw enforcers of the law (or
Imperial forces out a living as freelance
lives. Planetary governnents nd throughout the gal-
Outer Rim from something like it]. They operate
are stretched too thin to protect their fees. Whether they
have the Ingli- for anyone who can pay
criminal depredations, even when th y axy
nation. Only the basics of peacek
eping are mam- belong to one of the many bounty hunting guilds or
tained, and only when it suits the Empire. As s_uch, work as independent operators, most are licensed
means by Wthh a and bonded, granted limited authority by the Empire
bounty hunters are one of the only
citizen of the Outer Rim can seek justice. to capture or kill fugitives with full legal backing.
They are used sparingly, in Situations where their
iconic parts of Star
BOunty hunters are one of the unique skills, mobility, and freedom from normal law
Dengar, Bossk,
Wars. Characters like Boba Fett, enforcement restrictions are the only way to get a
of hunters from The
and the rest of the motley crew
the uniformed job done. Admired and hated, respected and feared,
Empire Strikes Back stand out from bounty hunters are among the most controversial
distinctive armor and por-
Imperial Navy with their
menace on gures in the galaxya status most of them enjoy
table arsenals. They exude mystery and orders very much indeed.
getting their
the Quarterdeck of the Executor,


___ _._-____-__--._ 17:13:


hapter I: Hunters for Hire presents a number of use broad webs of informants and traditional detec
0 new opLions for players creating characters for EDGE tive work to track down their quarry, no matter how
OF THE EMPIRE. First, three new speciesthe Clawdite, far the trail may lead
the Devaronian, and the Kallerarliare presented
options for players creating a new Bounty Hunter PC. v
Finally, there are a0 new Bounty Hunter signature
Clawdites, Devaromans, and Kallerans are species often ability trees that add powerful and exciting new tech
associated with bounty hunting. It was a shapeshiing niques for established Bounty Hunter characters to
ClawdiLe named Zam Wesell who led Obi~Wan use Always Get My Mark is geared toward the hunter
and Anakin Skywalker on a hairAraising as an investigator, and allows a Bounty Hunter to
chase through
Coruscant after a foiled attempt on the life of quickly and successfully track down a person of inter
Amidala. Devaronians are no strangers to the est with a single check. Unmatched Devastation is for
and tumble Outer Rim, hailing from the the Bounty Hunter who prefers raw firepower and
untamed world
of Devaron. Janus Kasmir, a Kalleran, helped a shows of force over detective work, and allows a char
Kanan Jarrus escape from Order 66 acter to unleash a powerful salvo of blasts from every
by disappearing
into the galactic underworld. That is not to weapon on hand.
say, however,
that these new species are limited to working as bounty It is important to remember that while the new char
hunters. Like all sentients in the galaxy, individuals from acter options presented in this Chapter of No DISIN-
these species are found in any career imaginable. TEGRATIONS are tailored for use by Bounty Hunters, all

This Chapter also provides a plethora of new but the signature abilities can easily be used by any
options and guidance for players and Game Masters EDGE OF THE EMPIRE character. The flexibility inherent

alike for the creation and advancement of Bomty in the games character creation system allows for an
Hunter characters, There are new backgrounds, Obli incredible amount: of character customization, and
gations, and Motivations to help flesh out new char; with enough XP, a player can choose specialties from
acters and give them plenLy of backstory. In addition any career. A Hired Gun could be trained as a Martial
to the expanded character background options, three Artist, for example, or a Smuggler could moonlight as
new Bounty Hunter specializations are presented an Operator, taking on bounties when smuggling
in work
this chapter. Martial Artists use their whole bodies as is hard to come by A character might
even take on
weapons, and strive for perfection in their techniques. Bounty Hunter specializations without ever actually
Operators are master pilots and drivers, pursuing their pursuing a bounty; a Colonist might take on the Skip
targets at the controls of powerful ships or hot Tracer specialization to improve upon existing detec
landspeeders. Skip Tracers are somewhere between tive skills from the Marshal specialization, or a Tech
detectives, spies, and law enforcement ofcers, nician might branch into Operator to reflect
who piloting
skills developed over the course of the adventure.
Character might have become a boumy hLmLer for Martial Artists live by their fists and training rather
9 any number of reasons, Exacting justice from~or than by fancy gadgets or fast ships: Their outlay for
visiting vengeance upona hated foe might have led weapons, armor, ships, and high-Lech gear is the IOWA
to the realizaLion that the character actually enjoys est among their peers. It is not the pursuit of gear, or
the thrill of battle. A PC might instead have been even money for its own sake thaL drives those individu
taken in by the romance of the profession, believ als to chase the credits, but Simple necessity; among
ing the Lales and holedramas until the harsh reality their peers, these handson hunters have Lhe highest
of the job set in, Or, a character might simply have medical bills Their ghting styles can be extremciy
needed the credits and found no other work available. punishing, not only for their foes but also for their
own bodies, and their list of injuries incurred ON the
Each of the following backgrounds can be com-
job often reads like a medical dictionary. Martial Art
bined with any of the Motivations or Obligations m
ists can easily spend tens of Lhousands of credits in
this volume, the EDGE OF THE EMPIRE Core Rulebook,
medpacs and stimpacks, bacta and physical therapy,
or another EDGE OF THE EMPIRE supplement to create a
long hospital stays, surgeries, even cybernetic replace-
unique hisLory for the PC in question.
ments. Good medical care is eyewatermgly expensive,
and no one knows that better than Martial Artists.
IN IT FOR THE MONEY There an old joke among spacers that a starship

is justhole in space to throw credits into. While all

Bounty hunters are, at their core, exceedingly merce-
spacers have some idea that owning a ship is a pricey
nary, While many bounty hunter's may Claim to adhere
to some higher order or serve a greater good, at the proposition, Operators know all too well the numer-
end of the day, they all serve one mastermoney ous hidden costs of keeping a galaxyIlopping craft
Those mdividuals in the business who have embraced functional for any length of time. First there is the
their love of credits may seem crass and avaricious to initial purchase price, registration with various official
agencies, the tting out, and, of course, expensive
others, but they are, perhaps, the most honest about
their trade. insurance. Then come We thousands of fees hidden to
all but those who travel for a living: customs, docking
Assassins would seem to have need for wealth and berthing, fueling and arming, repairs and mam-
beyond What it takes to maintain their equipment. A Lenance, and for some, constant and costly modica
good blade or rifle, a suit of black Clothing, and a ten- tions. For many Operators, it seems sometimes they
dency toward skulking and hiding in shadows looks, at are working for their ship more than for themselves,
rst glance, to be an achievable goal for anyone with and it shows in their receipts,
moderate resources. While this is true, a number of
assassins are very concerned with money Some do not As an integral part of their work, Skip Tracers main
Chase it to keep Lhemselves in fast ships and hightech tain a broad web of Informant; spies, and contacts
gear, however: they chase the status thaL comes along throughouL the galaxy. Always on the move, Lhey have
with it The best assassins are the most expensive, and the common expenses of their pmlesgionship and
there are individuals whose fees are in the hundreds of vehicle maintenance, gear upkeep, medical sorviccs~
thousands or even millions of credits for a single job. but a surprising amount of their money goes toward
While this money does buy them a high standard of maimaining their contacts. The constant upkeep of
living, it also ensures that only the wealthiest, most such a list of contacts involves a I'nassive outlay of
discerning clients can afford their servicesand Lhe capital in the form of bribes, gifts, regular payments,
higher~class the customer, the more prestigious the job. and loans. IL also requires an amounL of quid pro quo
that other hunters rarely need to address. Skip Trac~
Many Gadgeteers are constantly looking for that ors Know Lhe value of a good contact, and they know
next job, for that next score. Not out of a pursuit of Lo the fraction of a credit just how much IL costs Lo
excitement, or the challenge or thrills, or for a chance keep each one happy and reliable
to uphold some high-minded ideal, but for cold, hard
cash. They are Lhe flashiest, often wealthiest members Survivalists are yet another group of bounty hunt-
of the bounty hunting trade. They wear Lheir successes ers for whom money might seem largely a secondary
on their sleeves in the form of their beloved gear. Fast concern. They spend their Lime far away from CivilizaA
t:ion~traipsing Lhrough the trackless edges 0! the galA
Ships, powerful weapons, and dazzling, high-Lech equip-
ment are not cheap, however, From the initial purchase axy, carrying only what they need to perform their iob,
surviving on very littlegand live almosL ascetic lives.
prices to the constant cost, of maintenance, Cadgeteers
often spend more or] technoiogy in a month than an Their bounUes are found in nmunLainLop hermitagcs
average galactic citizen makes In a standard year. amid screaming blizzards, deep beneath caustic oceans


of farflung, abandoned worlds, and in countless places As dedicated as they are to their
where civilization does noL or cannot reach. In these for ships and vehicles,
Operators who put exceptional faith m Lhe rule of
saken places, hunting desperate fugitives, the only thing
law often pursue bounties
standing between life and death is a hunters training associated with ship? and
vehicle-related crimes. With Lheir' knowledge
and survival gear Conditioning the body to withstand of ships
and vehicles and the various
hostile conditions and making a study of the cultures that surround
ways to themcriminal and otherwisethese
survive in such places are lifelong pursuits and cost bounty hunt?
no ers are uniquely positioned
small amount of credits No mere training can keep to inltrate swoop gangs,
a Speeder theft rings, smuggling
hunter from freezing to death on a mountainside, operations, and various
how other such organizations in search
ever. Survival gear is also shockingly of their prey. They
expensive, espe are also commonly hired to
cially when it is custommade for specic uses. track down and recover
When a stolen ships, and many an
slim survival pack costs more than the Operator pays for a ship
purchase price and its modifications alike
of a new starship, it is easy to see why these by trading this kind of work
hardy free to shipyards in exchange for
lancers might be concerned with money. drydock time
Nothing makes some Skip Tracers
angrier than an
abscondert Fugitives who have
LAWBRINGER prison, or have otherwise run
jumped bail, escaped
away from a lawful pun
Law and order is not typically the ishment raise their ire to such a
rst thing that pitch that they rarely
comes to mind when considering the take other types of bounties.
bounty hunt- They are tireless in their
ing trade. Most galactic citizens, when pursuit of these fugitives, and
they consider no matter how far an
bounty hunters at all, imagine freewheeling loose can- absconder runs or Where that
person hides, a law
nons who skirt the edge of the law, useful abiding Skip Tracer will follow the
only in des~ trail to its end.
perate situations to capture difcult fugitives. Survivalists with a hearty respect for
While the law Ofterl
this is largely the case, there are some nd their way into the
among the pro bounty hunting profession due
fession for whom the rule of law is to a deepseated belief in
sacrosanct These the sacrosanctity of nature.
hunters consider themselves extensions They often come from far-off,
of legitimate
law enforcement or, in some cases, resourcerich fringe
agents of justice m worlds Where they developed
an unjust galaxy. a deep appreciation for
nature, and took to bounty
hunting when it was threat-
Killers for hire have an unsavory ened. Whether a region is
reputation nearly protected bylaw or merely
everywhere in the galaxy, and it is strange in need of such defense,
to think these bounty hunters are the
of Assassins as motivated rst to take jobs to hunt
by something as high; down poachers, smugglers,
minded as a dedication to law and and profiteers who exploit
order. There are the natural world.
those, however, for whom dispensing
justice is para-
mount. These hunters often see
themsetves as aveng
ers, using their skills to right wrongs
and to punish the
wickedfor those who can pay their The hunting of sentient
fee, at least. beings is said by some to be
Gadgeteers who are driven by a the most thrilling and
dedication to the treacherous challenge in the gal-
law are often extremely talented axy. Though some beasts are
slicers employed to more powerful, faster, or
hunt down other slicers through more savage than any
the galactic HoloNet. sentient creature, few kinds of
They use their knowledge of computers prey are more cunning. For
and hightech most bounty hunters, the
equipment to capture hostile terrorists, pursuit of targets from world
fraudsters, and to world and sector to
others who break the many laws sector is simply a means to
governing computer an end, For some, however;
and HoloNet communications throughout the hunt is an end unto
the Empire. itself, and Lhe payout for col-
lecting the bounty is simply
Martial Artists devoted to the rule of law an added bonus.
might use Most Assassins are
their skills to pursue those who are nononsense professionals
guilty of preying who go about collectig
on the weak and defenseless. Lackeys their bounties with a mini
in the service of
a powerful crime boss or crooked politician mum of fuss. Whether
with a blaster rifle from a kilo
may have meter away or the deft use
driver] these characters to the bounty of a blade or garrote, the
hunting trade majority of Assassins wish
by harming the characters loved ones or only to kill their target and
destroying collect their money.
the school at which they trained in their Further, most Assassins View
chosen com- anyone who kills for any
bat art. Because Martial Artists do not reason other than nancial
need to carry gain a5 deranged; they
the obvious arsenal of other bounty are professionals, after
hunters, they are aH, not
often able to blend in with the ordinary mere murderers. Some
citizens of the Assassins, however, are not so
galaxy and bypass security measures xated discerning~killmg is something
or] con would do it even if they enjoy, and Lhey
ventional weapons~without sacricing they werenL being paid.
any of their hunters quietly stalk their These
effectiveness, targets, following. them
constantly and often
approaching close enough to
touch them before fading
back into the crowd They


leave HEW: hints their presence and purpose Where sound and danger of a faSt Chase, The faster and
We Larggts can find them, and ratcheL up the pres more dangerous, the better, as eac Chazc proves ma
fiL'm and pararloia before delivering the killng blow superioriLy or'their pomgsldlrs, L|"|eir's|'1i|:>3, and Lmr
ability Lo Squeeze every lasL bit. ol performance from
H 19", a Clean, fast kill, while efficient; and profes their trusty I'nacl'1il1es.
iilonal, is hardy worthwhiie at all.
Skip Tracers are the corlsunlmate urban hurlters.
Gadgeteers dedicated to the hunt are masters of sun
Villance and imOr'mation gathering. These hunters love They use their arrays of conLaCts and inlomlamis as a
a good stakcout, a long night m an arlomymous SDGGCICI"
spider uses iLs wob~~drawing their prey in slowly then
pinning [hem dow for capLure. Skip Tracers are dedir-
ppm kimld out with a highied} array of sensors and
cated L0 the Chase and ITIEISIZEIS of mo LaH, of Hack
memg apparatus, They spend their Lime building
mg a single Individual unseen Liwouglw a 5Lmet choked
surveillance systems of everincreasing complexity and
target. with Llaiic and pedestrians, and 01' panemgly waiUng
SGHSMWW, and studying any security used by the
humicrs most for [he perfecL moment; [0 ad... Skip Tracers Inotivated
Patient listening and watching are these
[undamer'ltal teclmlques, and only after everything has by love of the chase are moLor'IOLIsly hard Lo shake

even among Bounty Hunters.

been recorded and analyzed do Gadcheers strike.
as a Survivalists knowledge or Lrackmg semienLS and
Martial Artists 506 nearly every bounty
beasts alike Lhrough LmLamed wilds borders on me pre
chance to and rene their SIGNS against:

ODDOnents. Each LargeL presents a new set: of

{4'93, and for each new seL of challenges, a new set
Skills musL be honed Lo overcome it. These

of t
Lemawral, They know just. what, [,0 look for; jusl. Where
to place their feet, and just how to track a hLfooted
fugitive in the dark across a plain of |"|a1"dApad<Cd clay
The Chase con1esnaLmally Lo these hunters, and those
prefer the running, sneaking, climbing, and tumbling
cor'r who derive their joy and satisfacLion [Tom the pursuiL
asbects of the hunt. They usually do not Lake on
itself have been known Lo prolong the hunt by taking
Lracts that they view as too easy, for these present no
their Lime and giving their targets numerous
ODDOrmmLy for them to advance their" Skills
Chances to rest or' escape.
field 8
Flying full tlwrotLle through tumbling asteroid
0f tl'neading highpowered Speeder bikes Lnroug h

crowded thorough(ares, Operators are the masters

Of the Chase Pushmg their skills and their vehicles
to the limit, these master pilots revel m the
ost Citi/Cns of the galaxy COSidCI bounly hum 'mLmLy humer' 13, hOWBVGI", Lherc is always someone
m org 1,0 be a necessary (:VHWDOH'I a fayrmvlpm 0(' or someming from her previous vmzlrures waiting Lo
and an answer Lo the growmg lawlessnesg and unresL cxtracL a biL of rrlonov, lavor, or revenge. lhe past is
LhroughouL the Empire, Neither true law erorcemenl. as dogged in its pursuiL as any i'wnlr, and il: has the
officers nor CiViHaH vigilante; Lhcy inhaoil. a moral and advantage of time.
often legal gray area where they are both bound by
AH Obligation helps define a cl'laracLer, ad is
the law and, at, Umes, above iL. They carry out a hand
imporLanL both mechanically and 1,0 the character's
[LII of'jobs usually perfomled by law enforrenlan, buL
are not, constramed by the rules and rcslgctiionr; 0| AI narrative II. gives; clmractcr pathos and drive, and

bonded law ofcer. They are answerable only Lo their helps Lo Mesh out; Wl'lrJL might otherwise be onc
diIr'Imslonal dwaracter. ObligaLior'IS help explain why
employer, and are alien only loyal to me alrmg'r'uliy
cream-a moral compass that. offers dubious heading a character is a bounty hunter and give both the
at the best of" times. player and 1,heGamr-2 Mastera numberofsmry hooks
to call upon Ll"n0ug}'10u|. the calnpaign. IL i3 important
The ways in which an individual nds herself in WI; to remember that: characters can take on additional
line of work are as many and varied as the bounty Obligation in exchange for extra ir'rgarr'le bermts, but
iwntgers currently operating in the Empire. Some are LhaL makes il. Inore likely that: their Obligations will
chasing an easy credit; others are char-sing glory or come calling, likely at imonvenient Limes.
vengeance, or simply enforcing the law m their own
particular way. The life 0m bountyhLmter~esser1lially Players may use Table 11: Bounty Hunter Obli-
a freelamc law enforcen'lent ofriicorais a hard gations in place of Table 21: Obligation on page
one, It
takefs hard work and ambition to nd success in such 59 of We EDGE OF THE EMPIRE Core Rulebook, Players
a cutthroat busin as and those who are successll.tia1re can roll r'andorrlly on the table, or they can select an
often some of the most darlgcroug and feared Obligatior'l that they fem best: fits their characters
motivations and background. Each character
individuals in the galaxy, No
starts with an ObligaLion value based on
matter how schessfui a
the size of Lhe player group
dl ngannType
Thrill Seeker: Some people are addicted Lo alcohol or chems. others Lo gambling or other seedy vices. This

character, however. is a confirmed adrenaline junkie and chooses bounties not by their challenge or price, but by
0108 how exciting or dangerous they are. Avoiding the Obligationperhaps by being a responsible business operator \

and considering every job's cost beneL analysisresults in an almost immediate case of excitement withdrawal.
When inactive, the character is edgy, moody, easily distracted, and germrally unpleasant: to be around.

Vigilante: The character has seen the whees of justice grind up [he immanent and let the guilty walk [190. The
916 character hag sworn take the lawfor a version 01 it, at any rateand m mg justi
Lo Lo those who deserve 1L,

When Lakil'lg on <10nlracts. this (II'IENFACLCI tends to pursue me mos-2L hardened (.rimirmlia,

Blackmail: Some group or individual has dirt on the character, and is using it: to the greatest advantage possible.
Perhaps she kiilcd another hunter and claimed the bounty, or maybe she is operating in the Core Worlds without
l7~24 the required Imperial Peace-Keeping Certificate. Whatever the case may be, Lhe blackmailer wields an inordinaLe
amount of power over the character. However this power is leveragedanoney, favors, services rendered~~~the
Character is subject to the blackmailer's moods and whims, lest the dirty secret become common knowledge.

Contract: A powerful and stlict comma binds the character to a specic enmloyer. This could he :1 crime hogs,
UJIS contract hag neat ly total control
2r_72 an Imprwial commier, or a wealthy comorate ' CEO. Whoever holds the char .


over the CIIaractor 5 future career. All hom'ltms are lurmshed by the cormact holder, and (,lewatmg [mm the 1mm;


of the cormad. can lead to a number of potenLially harsh nes and punishments;

Rule Breaker: Either the character very pubde and flagrantly broke one of the rules laid down in the bounLy
hunter's code, or everyone wrongly believes she did. Whatever the case, this breach of Lhe mixes of the code
4+0 affects the characLer's personal and professional life in a very real way. Contracts dry up, colleagues refuse to
speak to or help the character, or the character is treated in a condescending or irritatingly sympathetlc manner.

Debt: The dwaracler owes quite a bit of money to one or more individuals. This could be money owed to a
41448 shipyard for some expensive modifications done to the characters .9in on credit. In [I.u'1d:~~;put mm. by a patron
'amvirzr; rendrnud.
who backed the character's entry mm the bounty IIuntars' guild and expects 10 hr.) repaid or

Betrayal: In the course of the job, the character has either" suffered some kind of deep
personal betrayal at the
hands of another bounty hunter, or is the perpetrator" of such a betrayal. The betrayal affects the
character's day
to day life, whether through physical renxinders, emotional scars, or some combination of the two. If the character
was the betrayer, Lhe victim may come looking [or answers, compensation, or revenge at any moment.

Family: This hunter's family holds an incredible inuence ever the rzhalaclel. PUIhapS Llle PC comes from a long
lmc of boumy hunters, whose honor mug! be uphcrd, Altmnatcly, UN) bounty I'1I_ml.r_>rr:r)l.1|d altao be studportmg
Struggling (army, and is always cage: [0 pick up contra 1:- IO send Immzy homo.

ol power: However this favor came about, whether

Favor: The Character owes a favor to someone in a position
m all at
personally or professionally, repayment of that favor is coming due with interest. This favor may be called

once, or a little at a time, prolonging the character's Obligation
ol' 2': Irwgs bounty Tln';
Criminal: The Charade: has; been accused 0f conmliLting a arin'm during the LUHGCHUH
could be anything from stealing a speedel m order to chase a eeing fugnlve, m iHlUIHEICI'ICU wiLh banded law
. ,

enforcemem to killing innocmns; during a ESI"I')()U.)L|1,W!IaL(V('IH1L LEO, Hm (inmslanl Ullwll 0! vhsmverv and
incarceration hovers over the r.:hamcter, Whullw HM) :Ir"
ions am Hue 15 IIIUlDVEiHI; the Characm has been
accused and more is an outstanding warrant that. makus the PC an appealing target to nther bounty

Keeper of the Faith: Much to many other freelancers' an'msement, [his character has sworn to faithfully uphold 1.
both the spirit and the letter of some code of honor. The PC believes very strongly in these edicts and adheres to 3

them with an almost religious fervor, The Character never knowingly breaks any of the rules laid down in
Lhe code,

and may turn on colleagues who do so.

Fame: [he characters rcpulann mats a Iona, sheldmv, Perhaps the PC look a Izunous and difcult tummy. rn
owns a lecogmzame and deadly Ship, 01' has beaten Hummer wall knnwn hunml 1.0 the mud. in NW mat.v\/h;1m\/el
Liu) case. it is hard for the Cilaraclm' 10 move LII'H'rOHCCd llnomzhrmt HM: galaxy. Tl'lii makes; rwmt Uporntiona IH'HU

diffiUlL, but also means that inlormants. are mom likely to spiH what they know whrm the PC

Roll twice on this chart. Starting Obligation is split into two different origins. [This does
not increase the
9 l" I 00
Obligation's magnitude; divide starting Obligation into two equal parts. each with a different type.)



ndividuals who asaess a situatiom objectively and
whom feel that their species
lact in an imparLial manner are often wellisuited
to logical contributions to galactic
cultural and techno-
lives as bounty hunters. Emotional attachments culture are ignored
and because of the xation on their
irrational decisions are obstacles to success. Ulti very peculiar genetic
ability. Because of their shapechanging
mate1y, bounty hunters are mercenaries, profession talents,
Clawdites remain in high demand
als who musL constantly assess the costs for careers focused
associated upon deception, including
with completing a job against the reward espionage and other; ever]
offered for less savory pursuits. Their
It When the costs abruptly change, a good bounty natural abiliLles and scar
city give members of the species
hunter needs to be able to back away from the legendary status as
job. If spies and informants. Rumors
a panicked target makes an
emotional appeal, then of a Clawdites pres--
ence naturally alert guilty
the hunter needs to resist sentimentality, parties to be more vigilant,
recognizing while a crime lord who reLains
that emotional weakness has severe nancial a Clawdites services
implica gains prestige through the hire,
tions. In many cases, these traits come from
an indi
vidual's social background, which can Physiology: Clawdites are a humanoid
often be linked species with
to their species. reptilian traits In their default
forms, their skin has a
rough texture that typically
Droids make some of the best bounty ranges in color from pale
hunters for yellow to dark green. The pupils
this very reason. An assassin or combat of their large eyes
droid repur' are slitted, with irises that
posed for hunting is programmed to range in color from yellOW
completely dir- to deep blue. However,
regard any emotional response many galactic citizens who
A target who begs interact with Clawdites never
or pleads doeS Httle to improve the odds actually see this form,
of escaping or even know that they
from a droid. are dealing with a Clawdite
Some Clawdltes create a
single preferred guise Lhat
Many other species with strong predatory they use for their public
instincts dealings, never Showing their
are inherently capable of success as true form. This has various
bounty hunters. advantages, from throwig
This includes Clawdites, Devaronians, potential enemies off guard
and Kallerans. when they reveal them
However, individuals from countless selves to keeping suspicion
other species that they might be an
have achieved notoriety without inltrator to a minimum After
that cultural and
physiological background. Cad Bane, a all, when people know
Duros, was there is a Clawdlte aroumd,
one of the greatest hunter's of his they tend to be more Cau
time, due to his tious, On the other hand,
determination and preparedness. Even some Clawdites use this to
lthorians and their advantage by
Selkaths have succeeded as bounty Openly displaying their true formS,
hunLers, though to remind everyone of
Bulduga and Mantu, respectively, were their unique ability~especially
hardly Characi when that ability is an
Ler'istic examples of" their Species. asset to the job at hand. Those
Clawdites who do not rely
upon their shapcshiftmg W
Ultimately, a bounly hunter must profegsional reasons tend
rely upon to remain in their default
instincts and personality as much as state around others to
physical abilities, help reassure them that they
A species traits, such as expanded are acting in good faith.
sensory organs These practices vary by indi-
or shapeshifting, are benecial, vidual and the expectations
but they are not of the company that, they
required for success, nor do they currently keep.
guarantee results.
Different hunters can achieve success
through a vari Clawdites have two inherent
ety of skill combinations and tactics.
This career ulti- enable their shapechanging. physiological traits that
mately depends upon the ability to The rst is the particu
complete hunts in larly sophisticated
a profitable manner, while Chromatophores that exist withm
recognizing the necessity their skin cells. These
to concede failure if the costs enable them to change their
become too high. That skin tone at will, and
sense of perspective is often a Clawdites with sufcient practice
learned trait rather can match nearly
than one inherent to a characters any COlor that their
Species. ceive The second is the eyes can per
capacity to control aspeCtS
of their lymphatic
system consciously and
CLAWDITE premsion. Using this, with great
control, a trained Clawditc can
physically shrink and grow
Native to the planet Zolan in the parts of their body, stretch
Mid Rim, Clawdites mg their skin to take
on different shapes.
are primarily known across the a specific Replicaliig
rest of the galaxy for appearance in this way
their innate ability to transform requires practice.
their appearance. Because Clawdites de
This knack grants the species a {)Cd Upon their bodys inter
value to the larger gal< nal abilities to shape~ch
axy that l'ar exceeds any of their homeworlds ae, they cannot alter their
exports~t0 the chagrin of many other mass in the process.
This; means that
Clawdites, some of mmor alterations to t they can make
heir size based on their


1% {3311'
,V Kalleran
. d"

Their symdlcates, and military organizations. Now, Ciawdi

but they cannot substantially grow or shrink.
iLes are found all across the Outer"
Rim-v Lhough some
humanoid anatomy also prevents them from Clawdites live in secret, preferrh'lg that; Lheir acquairl-
mg organs, except in superficial ways. To heip
an automated [ances not know their true species, lam Lhey dierusL
this limitation, some Clawdites wear
them for it or worse, try to exploit Mi.
saline pump. This enables them to adjust the amount
to is a warm and arid wod, iocatod
of fluid within their bodies, increasing their" abihly Homeworld: Zolan
near the Corellian Run. During the developmem 01
change their size wiLhin a limited range
spike in solar acLivity bamed
SOCiEty: Clawdites have a particularly rong e mc-Una- the Clawdite species, a

the world in radiation. The ClawdiLes abHity to mod

have a dime-UH:
UOn toward individualism, and many one of many
ify their Skin color and body shape was
Ume forming dose bonds, evervox' especially/4mm adaptations that resulLed from this rmszive change
members of their own species. This is in part in Zolans Climate. The predatory momu and numer
trusted con-
Of the mutability of their appearance. A
org decglt- ous oLher species from Zolan share this traiL, though
taCt COUId vanish with a shared resource,
many species developed different means of surviving
M individual could easily assume anoLhers Idermty. despite Lhe ongoing radiation borr'lbardment. As wim
As a consequence, their society on Zolan has of cwulonary stai
identities. Polmcal any event that disrupts a period
006d various rneasures to verify most M Zoans lifeforms were Lmablc Lo cope with
levels of sis,
and social organizations depend upon high Lhe 1'16igl1L6Gd radiation ad died Off precipitously,
m the open
redundancy, and records are maintained and those that remained dramatically shaped by it,
so that individuals can freely validaLe one Hex-mothers
Zolans radiaLior'I levels evanually reverted Lo a more
WOW Nevertheless, personal responsibility gm
prlnupls survivable level, as its sLar complel,ed iLs eereI'r'le radia
accountability have remamed Challenging developed to survive this
LO emOI'Ce across Clawdite history. Most
Clawdltes alte Lion emission cycle. TraiLs
mdiVIdualg, and" catastrophe were turned to new ends, resulting in a
guarded even when greeting familiar
rely On conversational cues and personality
liljaILs Ia: number of species that could change their physiology as
more than physical appearance to verify identity. well as oLhers with Lhick bony plating Lo proLecL agaimsl;
radiatiorm Beyond that, the exLinCtion evenL reshaped
stage an large
ClawdiLes emtr'ance onto the gafactic Zolan, Large portions of Lhe planet
becarr'le desolaLe
had a substantial impacL on their culture al'ldh'O'W wasLelands. Most of the plants and ar1il'1'1al3 mat had
they Viewed their ability Their unique once dwelt there Were eliminated, and new life forms
perfect spies, and many
Han, made Clawdites Lhe
crln'mal (my slowly crmroached or] the most devastated regiom
were hired Lo work Off'world by governmemls,


This pianeLary LramsforrrnaLion had SCHOLIB reper-
cussions on the world's environment, as well as its SHAPESHIFTER STEREUTYPES
ability Lo provide for the Ciawdite population. In fact,
the resultam scarcity of resources very likely conmbi Clawdites natural appearance is easily
uted Lo the cautious and selfirellanl; nature Of Clawd- recognized, particularly among those who
ite society as it developed. regularly work within the galaxys dark under
belly. Crime lords who hire a Clawdite are very
Language: Virtually all Clawdltes are uent. in Basic: proud that they have a shape-changer in their
. '5
Zolanese is their native Longue, though it, is rarely
employ. The species is uncommon, and having
heard off the planet. Clawdltes generally refuse to

a loyal Clawdite as a member of an organiza-
teach Zolancse to offworlders, and it is used as a pri
tion carries a level of prestige. Further, most
mary language only in the rural regions of their world.
syndicate leaders believe that their allies rec-
During rare offworld encournters beLween ClawdiLcs,
ognize the Clawdite could be impersonating
they often use Zolanese as a secret: language to Idem:
anyone in any situation. This can be a strong
tify themselves without breaking [heir cover: motivator for a more honest relationship, at
Life on the Fringe: Clawdites excel in careers that least on the part of their allies.
prioritize independent competency. Though many
Fora Clawdite PC, such expectations can repre
rer upon more nefarious [or'at least (selfserving] sent an opportunity or a challenge. A Clawdite
applications of their shapeshffting abilities
who does engage in various forms of skuldug-
to work as Smugglers or Bounty Hunters,
gery might enjoy having employers pay more
many other Clawdites work as Explorers,
for her work, while one who is engaged in honest
Technicians, or in specialized Colonist;
trade may be frustrated by clients unfounded
roles. Many Clawdites who originally
worries that anyone they meet could be the
-H,.\. hail from Zolan prefer selli-rcliar'lt
Clawdite in disguise. To help alleviate such con-
professions over which they have
cerns (even if they are unfair], some Clawdites
a high degree of control, rather
teach their friends and business partners how
than having to trust that others
to identify them by their behavior and manner-
will act in their best interests,
isms rather than just their looks, as Clawdites
generally do with other Clawdites they know.


0 Wound Threshold: 9 + Brawn

0 Strain Threshold: 9 + Willpower
0 Starting Experience: 95 XP
Special Abilities: Clawdites begin the game Wim
one rank in Resilience; They still may not train
Resilience above rank 2 during character creation.
9 Changeling: As an action, a Clawdite may suffer
5 strain and make an Average
(Q Q) Resilience
check. If the Clawdite succeeds, she changes her
appearance to match that of a silhouette 1 char
acter whom she has Observed before, An observ
mg character must make opposed Perception
vs Deception check to detect that something is
amiss with the impersonated characLers likeness,
mannerisms, or behavior. As always, the CM can
add Dorl for situational effects that might affect
the check, such asD if the Ctawdites garb does

not match expectations or if the Clawd

Ite has studied the impersonated indiv
Vlduals mannerisms closely,
extremely unpleasant when inhaled]. When a Deva-
D EVARO N IAN ronian breaths in sulfur, the substance rapidly enters
Known for their history as explorers and their striking the bloodstream, granting the Devaroniam a burst of
[and often intimidating] looks, Devar'omans are a spe
prodigious strength and speed. However, sulfur is one
cies familiar to many galactic traveler's. Unlike most element that their livers cannot. Cleanse as effectively
other species, Devaronian explorers actually made over me long term. Extended exposure to sulfur can
have serious medical consequences for a Devaronian.
contact with the greater galaxy long before the Repub-
lic ofcially discovered the other inhabited systems Society: Devaronian culture 15 primarily matriarchal,
near Devaron. Members of this entrepreneurial species m no small part because Devaroman men tend mm to
are a commom sight in spaceports and other centers stay in one place long enough to achieve leadership
of trade, and they are found all across the Outer Rim. positions. Whether these tendencies are purely cul-
Devaronians carry the odd burden of resembling tural or have a biological componemt remains a topic
the mythological demons of many galactic cultures. of dispute amongst both Devaronians and offworld
academics. Devaronian women, by contrast, tend to
Because of this, they are one of the galaxy's most
value security and prosperity, and have traditionally
distrusted species. This created numerous nsunder-
been the architects of Devaronian society, building
standings during the early days of their species expan-
and maintammg its cultural institutions and physical
sion, especially as they encountered galactic denizens
structures alike. Thug, most Devaronians who become
unaware of life beyond their own world Though Deva
ronians are no more prone to diabolical bargains than
corporate and political leaders, enter law enforce
ment, or pursue other careers with strong longterm
any other prominent species, their reputation still
prospects are women.
suffers because of their looks, Anyone who has tread
the galaxy extensively [or even visited a cosmopolitan Male Devaronians, for their part, are more likely to
watering hole or two in the Outer Rim] likely knows be risk-takers, driver} by wanderlust and the thrill of
better than Lo judge a Devaronian by looks alone, but new experiences. While not averse Lo creating lasting
newcomers are shocked every day when they see a emotional bonds, most Devaroman men stay m a sin
demon of myth ordering a drmk in a bar gle place for only a few years before moving on, if they
remain that long Male Devaronians who start fami-
Through their species' collective Space travel expe
lies often support them while working remotely, tak
rience, Devaronian explorers played a role in mapping
ing on positions where they can send their earnings
the galaxy. While some of this work was done under
home While sLiH satisfying their desire to explore Lhe
the authority of the Republic, indepemdent explor-
galaxythus many become starship hamds, traders,
ersoften with strong economic motivationsdiscov
ered and classified many worlds Some Devaronian
or even smugglers. Those who remain in one location
to raise a family or maintain other relationships tend
organizations possess maps thaL are believed to be
to Change professions more often than female Deva?
more detailed and complete than evem those in Lhe
mnians, and develop a wider but. less expert pool of
official records on Coruscant.
Knowledge and skills as a requL.
PhYSiology: Devaronians are a bipedal mammalian
Of course, many individuals and even some culLural
Species. Their skin color ranges from red to green,
groups on Devaron defy these gender stereotypes.
and a pair of pointed horns dominate the male Deva-
No few Devarox'lian women are starfaring adventur-
ronians head; commonly, females have dark, vestigial
ers, and Devaroran history contains many men who
Spots in the same location as the males horns Deva~
achieved promirmncc il"| a single insUtution or eld.
ronians mouths are filled with sharp pointed teeth,
Still, some visitors to Devaron are initially surprised at
particularly effective at tending the meat that domi-
the seemingly low number of male Devaromans in me
nates their diets. Besides these identifying character-
upper echelons of society on Devaron, as compared
istics, Devaronians have a great many physiological
to vastly the I'Iigher ratio overall among the species
Similarities Lo humans#mougl1 few observers would
offworld population.
Confuse the two species.
Homeworld: Devaron is a Lemperate world in the Colr
Devaronians have black, silverbased blood. This
onies region. The planet includes dense jungles and
unusual trait is linked to their particularly thorough
cooler nwumainous regions. The species has estab:
blOOd ltration and cleansing system, Members of the
lished prosperous cities in most regions of the planet,
Species possess two livers, which constantly Cleanse the
though the oldesL and most populous are within the
body of toxjng and camnogens, This grants them an
low mountams. Devarorl's jungles are home Lo a range
exceptionally high resistance Lo poisons, also enabling
of dangerous predators, which cormnue to thrive on
them to consume foods that are toxic to other Species.
the largely Civili/ed world. Journeys 1:0 these wilds are
Devaroman physiological quirks cause sulfur to dangerous for even accomplished explorers.
be a particularly c'ecLive stimulam [unlike for most
other OXngbICFJU'ng SpGCiGS, WHO Nd SLlllel



evarons jungles are expansive and

largely dangers that led to their abandonment
D untamed Few Devaronians ever travel to the
remain active. Finding and salvaging
may still
darkest and deepest portions. Since the advent the remain-
ing goods in these sites is
of space travel, male Devaronians frequently ven- an extremely prot-
able opportunity, but any venture
tured offworld to stake their wanderlust, ignoring into the jungle
means facing lost and forgotten
the far closer wild and Lmexpiored
jungles. In
dangers as well.
spite of this. Devaronian empires have risen Player Characters might uncover
and maps or jour~
fallen within the jungles for tens of nals that identify facilities
thousands of concealed by Deva
years. and remnants ofthese societies can rons jungles. A mine
still be might still have a vein of
found by intrepid explorers. Over the ore, which could be better
millennia, obtained with neWer
countless enclaves were built far from the
sites of
technology A pirate's base of
operations might
modern-day citiesincluding a Jedi Temple have treasures that were
carefully guarded by
remained active during the Clone Wars. droids that remain active centuries
later. A lost
Many of these facilities continue to harbor
city could still hold the treasures
valu- of those who
able goods even millennia after dwelt there, but the plague that
sentients last killed its inhabit-
ants might yet linger in local
used them. However, the predators
and other
wiidlife that carries
it without displaying the
Despite Devarons long history, the
jungles of the and cultivating crops in the
world remain untamed However, jungle. Thanks to Devav
while some Species rons long and
might see this as a strange choice ongoing involvement in galactic explo-
For a species with
the technology to clear the ration and trade, however, certain
local Hora, Devamnians technologies are
believe that doing so would be Widespread, making sur'vlval in the
shortsighted and fool; jungle far easier
ish. The dominant form of for the current generation than
plant Me Wthin Devarons it was for" their ancient
jungles is a partiCLHar'ly hardy ancestors, who lacked such equipment.
vine, which intercon
necLs and grows to form Language: Nearly all Devaromans
massive Lendr'ils tens of are HuenL in Basic,
meters in diameter that; run for though some speak localized
many kilometers. dialects specic to their
These tendrits often reach the CLIlLure on Devamn. Relatively
uppermost levels few study the ancestral
of the jungle and even conceal language of Devaronese.
the basic terrain liar
below. The natural passageways Life on the Fringe: Deva romans
these create make have become increas
travel through the jungle far ingly prominent in the (3.38
easier I
civilized portions of the
than it is on worlds with Outer Rim over the last Few
similarly decades, in part; becaUSe
lush biospheres, and while predaA of the Empire's distrust; of
aliens of all sorts. The leg
tors are a threat to travelers ends associated with their
far appearanccas WCH 613
from a city or town, there their natural durability~make
are Lhem desirable as Hired
few creatures on Devaron Guns, particularly among
that the less aavory elemetS Of
cannot be dispatched with a society. Devaronian
rezourcemlmess also sum; as the
wellplaced blaster shot. lifeatyles of Explorers,
Colomsts, ad Boumty HunLers.
Further, the biodiversity
of the jungles offers
Devaronians numer=
ous advantages, eC0~
nomic and otherwise,
especially in a galaxy
where many worlds hold: H '|- Brawn
have been reshaped Strain Threshold: 10 +
into vast, planet: Willpower
Starting Experience: 95 XP
sparming cities.
Devaron has a few Special Abilities: Devaror
Hans begin the gamC
industrial cenLers With one rank in
Survival or Deception, They 8U
and some large may not train Survival or
DCCGDUOH above rank 2
Citigs, but many during Character creaLion.
Devaronians live o
Resilient Metabolism:
in small, tight Devarornan physiology i5
naturallyhardy and resistant to
knit villages and of the Species add toxins. MemberS
survive by hunting automatic % to all Resilience
Checks they make.
for others in a variety of elds. Others, however earn
KALLERAN reputations as independent contractors, or as msters
In a broad range ofdifferent fields. For these Kallerans
Descendcd from a scrniamphibious stock, Kallerans

their starships become their true homes of Choice

isolated world
We a lesser-known species, native to an
m the Outer Rim. Though Kaller was a battleground Physiology: Adult Kallerans average over two meters
during the Clone Wars, neither the plamet nor its
peo in height, standing eye to eye with a Wookiee, They
scale. This are slim for their height, though their physiques tend
Ple ever achieved prominence on a galactic
'5 partly because the species has never been united to be flexible rather than spindly. Kalleran feet and
Under a Single governing body to pursue expansion hands each have three fully prehensile digits, arranged
invad in a radial manner. They do not normally wear Shoes
beyOnd Kalfers orbit, Further, extraplanetary
Kaller on multiple occa preferring not to restrict their ability to grasp with
ers have occupied parts of
S'OnS throughout the last few thousand years,
limit- their feet. Their green skin often has distinctive black
mg the Kallerans' ability Lo expand their own culture markings, which vary in pattern by individual,
aCVOSS the stars as they grappled with the
inuence Kallerans are not capable of respiration under
0f Colomzers From the Republic of old to the Pykes water, but retain one key holdover of their amphibi
to [he Mandalorians, many different powerful groups ous ancestry, as they breathe through their skin as
aCYOSS history have had a hand in shaping well as their lungs. While they do have lungs, a sig
but more as
Some as economic partners and allies, nificant portion or their respiration occurs directly
controlled Other
Crue| Oppressors of the regions they through their skin, freely drawing oxygen from the
parts of the planet, especially resource-poor regions, atmosphere while releasing carbon dioxide A con-
haVe largely been ignored by colonizers and sequence of this respiratory system is that Kallerans
must consume more water than other species of com
been ruled by Kallerans as far back as history
While no single group of outsiders has directly parable size, Kallerans do not have noses, as there is
and while chewing.
no need for them to be able to breathe
erned a majority of Kaller. many different species
have a stake in
Cultures with wide galactic influence Kallerans have antennae that move in an animated
the Worlds economic prospects.
fashion as they carry on conversation. These are often
both particular points
Kallers location and its matural r esources have , used to add emotional emphasis to
groups are also sensory organs
made the world an important targe
tfor other of discussion. The antennae
expansionism. The system for the species. These are their primary olfacLory
W'tary and economic aural receptors,
SW3 at the intersection of three different
hyperspace receptors, as well as the secondary
point and to the sides of
TOUtes. This has made it a convenient layover The nlike structures located atop
refuei Kalleran's sense of hearing,
IOr Obtaining repairs, transferring cargo, and the head also augment a
journey Plateau providing extended surfaces to detect sounds.
1% between legs of an extended
CW Kaller's preeminent and surprisingly Kallerans have a higher muscle density than most
foreign interests more susceptible Lo
ta Spaceport, was built long ago by humans, but oddly, they are also
to handle the sheer volume of freighters visiting key breathing organ,
and the harm As a Kallerans skin is a
blanet. A variety of different rare minerals damage Lo the skin can leave a Kalleran substanLially
kallnut tree
SUrpr'ig-mgly resilient hardwood from the weakened even if internal organs are unaffected As a
remain valuable exports, and the industries result, Kalleran combat Lechniques tend to put an even
of the KaHeran redirection, and use of
7986 and other productS drive much higher premium on aVOidance,
economy this day. flexibility to entrap [003 than other, similar styles
Lo their
For their part, local Kalleran goverr
nnents continue great value on personal
advantage Society: Kalleran society places
tO use the inuence of outsiders to their achievement, and has much less interest in collectivism
against each no history of acting
WhereVer they can, pitting these groups than many other cultures. Kaller has
While some Kalleran galactic organizations hold
0mm and homegrown rivals whole, and many
as a united
with pamcu few Kallerans join ideologi
CL'NLVESand governments have feuds invested some mr luence on Kaller, so
m groups of settlers, others are However, because cally drive n causes like the Rebellion [or Empire],
m their conflicts with local groups. in the Outer
interest In Homeworld: A Lemperate and arid world
of the numerous galactic societies with an the native homeworld of the Kalleran
been ruled Rim, Kaller is
Kaller and its resources, Kalle! has never binary star system has led to a complex
Species. Its
by a Single alliance of Kallerans. weather" variation, dependent
system of seasonal
nd on their orbit relative to the two gum
Seeking the stability that they car/1r IOt .

upon its location in its

to traveling conditions transition over a period
hOmevvorlol, many Kallerans have taken fortunes Seemingly mild
far from the Kaller system, pursuing their days into more extreme conditions with
tendenmgs of just a few
those unfamiliar with Kaller's weather,
beyond its boundaries. Their independent little warning to
them we m
and knack for selsufficiency Often serve
their tasks as they Havel. Some nd careers


no ulna-manna":
Kallers indigenous
communities are located near
surface watertypically river<~f may do so as long as their
or convenient access antennae are visible tO We
to fresh water. Their tradiLional another, though the
architectural styles vocabulary of a silenL disgusslon
are well rounded and depend ls limited. Part
u pom SLone construc of the resilience of these natwe
tionnow replaced with dura Crete guages may stem from law.
in larger ciLiesto the Fact that many KaHQ'd
provide protecLlon from the have dealt with foreign
extreme weather condiA oppression IOr' 8793?th
Lions. Most of their cities and a tongue thaL
are small, with populations outgiders do not know is a usefu
of no more than a few tool for survival in such
hundred thousand. an enviromnerlt.
The Confederacy of Life on the Fringe:
Independent System con, Having dealt with oLher $96093
quered Kaller during the Clone for so long, Kalleram
Wars, due to the sysi ) tend to acclimate
tems overall utility. er'lviromr'lems and quickly to 6V!
The Grand Army of Lhe are rarely bothered by the strangC
lic freed Kaller during Repub mannerisms of other
the waning days Of the Species, but are slow [10 Wt the
Ir] short order, it war, trust in new acquaintances.
came under control of Their cultures focugol
Empire. However; there is
the Galactic self-reliance means that
no standing Imperial they are blunt when they re?
[ary presence in the milL a potential
system, and the Empire comrade is dead weight to the
lime interest m this world, takes trait that does not; grOUpfd
seeing it as innocuous
endear thcn'l to many, but also
imonsequential. makes them dH'h'cuIl:
Lo exploiL.
Language: PracLically all
Kalleran 3 on Kaller
one of the many local speak
languages that Imperial
gulsts Jump mm a group xenolm-
called Kali." Almost all learn
Basic as well, and many
learn several other
of Lhe groups who have languages
settled on Kaller, depending
on Lheir native region.
Languages developed on o
Wound Threshold: 8 +
depend upon antennae Kaller Bravv
movements to d emote degree
of emphasis. This leads '3
Strain Threshold: 12
to the characteristic + Willpowel"
nae movement that amen-
Kchrans exhibit when Starting Experience:
Basic. Because antennae speaking 90 XP
movement is an imtegral
of all Kai! dialects, it is part Special Abilities:
difcult for mosL other Kanerans begin the game
species one rank in
to master. Further,
those movements offer Streetwise They still maV 0t W)?
of Silent comrmlnication a degree Streetwise above Wm
between its native rank 2 during dlaractrgr creation.
Kallerans who need speakers,
to speak Lo one another
in silence
Hypersensitive Antenn ae: Kallerans bcgi the
game with the Heigh
tened Awareness Lalellt-


invasions have been
a ruptive devastating and dis~
but, at times, their
been expunged
through military intervention
been useful to the have of external forces like
Kallerans Certainly th e Grand Army of the
and occupiers have overlords Republic. To say whether
cost the world the presence of aliens
time, and have resources and on Kaller has done
transformed the planets more evii than it has good IS
repeatedly. Other culture difcult, but it has undeni
groups have brought ably affected the Kalle-
technologies and new rans in a iasting
opportunities to Kaller. way.
interactions with other Most
of both, and some have been a bit To most Kallerans the
Kallerans have beneted , influence of outsiders IS
others have suffered. while simplyafactoflif e, to be exploited for advantage
when possible. S
Some of these ome alien species have had a
conquerors h ave been presence on K aller
by more humane overthrown so long that few even
interlopers, such as remem-
the Old came to inhabit the
Republic, but even groups world, their
not seeking to cient as the oldest
the Kallerans still exploit ran cities. surviving Kalle
disrupted their society Others are newcomers,
duced new challenges or intro new economic arriving with
that the Kallerans opportunities for the ambitious OF
had to overcome On have Dosing new threats
the othe r hand, to established
have been stopped in plagues powers.
their tracks by Thanks to their
medicine, famines and imported contact with members
catastrophes have been less other of count
averted through (3 conomic species, Kallerans
alliances, incredible mopolitan parts of from the more cos
new technologies have Kaller tend to put
been introduced.
and m another
persons species little stock
tyrants like the Separatists as compared to their
h aveoccasionally more rural cousi
ns. whose
may be much more contact with aliens
MAImm: Anfng' I
:75: 7x91 1 5.: .31 3:, V131 i ~43 .311

rom tf1,,Kage Warriors of Ouarzite to the enforc A Martial Artist benets first and
Fers of
Black 5,131: organizations and cultures across foremost from a
high Brawn rating to empower
the galaxy have developed their own unique hand-t0- the Brawl skill. HOW-
ever, Willpower is an extremely
hand combat styles to use their"spec'ie's physiology useful secondary
characteristic, as it not only gives the Martial Artist
to greatest effect. Over decades, centuries, and mi]-
the higher strain threshold needed
Iennia, these combat forms become more than mere to activate the
specializations many talents that
means of inflicting violence; generations of practitio- use strain as a
resource, but also the ability to face
ners'work to make them into art forms, philosophies, Intit'mdating foes
up close without flinching.
and ways of life A desire to practice selfdefense can Further, talents like Mind
Over Matter benet from a higher
become a belief in the value of self-betterment and Willpowcr, and let
the Martial Artist ght even longer
theinnate potential of others, though not all ideolo- without becoming
exhausted. Finally, the Martial Artist
gies develop along such lines. More
than a few Bounty benets greatly
from investing in the Coordination
Hunters have picked up techniques from martial arts Skill, as talents like

Martial Grace and Coordination

styles across the galaxy to help in their hunts. Some Dodge let the Mar
tial Artist supplement raw
are hining exampleSme their schools philosophies strength with nesse both
' offensively and defensively.
andtlra'ditiQ-nsfst. others are disgraced students, or
-, "1L5nave'neyehxve trained
formally, earning their skills Unlike
characters from most other specializatiOS
"7 ,- Nthmggh-afrg
built around Close-quarters
exgeeme cm the battleeld combat, Martial Artists
ln' additih to- '-th'e' does not need a weapon to ght
Bounty Hunters competently. Martial
Artists generally value precision
eight "career skills; *th Martial over brute strength,
and strive to execute
Artist receives Athletif'cs, efcient unarmed
Brawl, Coordination, and strikes. By wasting as Httle
energy as p05'
Discipline as bonus career sible, they can deliver
extremely forceful
skills, If this is the character's blows even when unarmed.
This is reflected
in talents like Precision
starting specialization, the Strike, which lets Marr
'Martial Artist may Choose tial Artists exhaust and
weaken foes as they
see fit rather than
km of these skills and by chance. Martial ArtiStS
gain one free rank in alsQ seek to leverage their
enemieS strength
each without spending against them in battle with
talents like Overbal-
ance, which allows them

, d .gtarting experience. to throw Foes offba|~

, ance after they attack.

vw. ,
2 Martial Artists also have
.41.. -
1 access to Parry to
mitigate damage, and can
even use Parry when
This unique combinaLion
of precise offense
and controlled defense
allows Martial Artists to
\, contend with some ofthe
toughest ghters m the
galaxy Of course, not every
battle is worth ght
mg, and a trained
Martial Artist knows to assess
not only the enemy but
also the situation before
dCCldlf'lg Whether to
join the fray Many schools
of martial arts teach
the idea that fights are
to be avoided, and
that the ideal way to
wuj a battle is to avoid
having it in the
rst place. Unsur'prisingly,
this attitude
is lessprevalent amongst Bounty
Hunters who wield martial arts,
as their profession demands a
certain amount: of violence, but
some still apply theao over

arching principles L0 a CGF
am degree.

, wi .

; .1. -

w," r, -,
z . A .

5~ v


11 .


Bounty Hunter: Martial Artist Talent Tree

Career Skills: Athletics, Brawl, Perception, Piloting (Planetary), PilulilngFSPacel,
Martial Artist Bonus Athletics, Brawl, Coordination,
Career Skills:
anged [Heavy], Streetwise, Vigilance



When H1iwhaw:ltu 'HIHWS

melee n,
When ml W a a CliHrll Injmy with H
Renvwe-per mum Imn
Wk WW- 5 Emmy) IE:


Horly [mm rJILigHL
duw dzn .ler by /
plu; weapom mHm
and Rwliunr'z: chcr'. 1 H

Rerlucr: Hm cricu ramw mnksm WW [Ocivmge Ihr: Jill, to anv

0| Lmarmcd n u W I)
yirifr amk ()1 Wm BOW ['0 a

nmanm of I).


Once: per round sutfer 12

When W by :1 Mat: 9| mm 'i- 2 wowml :meml m add damage
Comdir COST 1!]
Lack WW)! :3 Armin I") 3 rsqual to mnka in
[DST 10
(.[uce cie'unage W mHom IU r'wxl Brzwl Check
7 PM mz1r,ic[hi'-,Lum
ranks; m Parry



I "w N Bony
per '
mndinaLion Once pm mulnvi, when
NJ\ per lounri, mm BOW x mm
p] [my WW" Uiumeri
1. , ,
" "
rhw'k: infliclmg a CI'MCEJ lrliwy
t "W J
"1: 'mm mm m Pm Wm Mm (Hawk: and Mr
rl Hal NH] :1 BMW 01 Marni)
Lnginnn'xgpt '
hdwx. UL Ml}
r' ralLirw,
Until the


WWHW: Imaumwl wry. ii

on, may WWW I)
W (m mm,
(h: "rclelw next of Inmmcd rcm my
the " rim to rfnrmgu Lnr: rezmh

1005. Hum 51mm

2 nxammr

mow: [mm mg,

M e rank. 01 [mm Body (m
l0 aw Average [Q Q)
[DST 15 WI; 1,0
Critical Inwry.
OI 1
m :1th inisiead [EST 15
[DST 15

I (jam

4 I 3mm UllLSiMLl,

When :1 COHIML Limk (mm *2 mmuul

threahold. Tm: mc'nauer may
\ EIJST zu
made by :m er one Dummy Poim to
W: Wm Mill equal [0 \IVilIlmwel
V m (9, (C?) ({2}, mm m,
(alrnclm :1er
Lim {3| VJ ruf hi3 ch Im'n

[EST 20


I (17ml

i' \ 1(1):]

mil my
Br, NI 0r [\flon'rre

OHM) per :minn, when ill

llulinanJnir'nl Marlyn/Hi1
Valium. MS

rm Hrwnwl ammk, WW
Whun Imggpud iw y, mm '!i,)()./l (3. chorl.
I iu'llru,
mlislic aum SIMIH m wannv
Ilel f'i1(\r'x,, 7)er IHZD/ |
Hm mum to :mv Hard
f?'3ifllv Iuml m 11le Y (.QQ] {Itilirile Irmny
MI 7') Mn'n in (kvwlimr
Mn Ln (3le k

[EST 25

o catchna target, a Bounty Hunter must be fast, A high Agility rating always
Tand even th swiftest sentient being cannot hope benets an Operator.
especially when paired with a solid
to outrace a spe'd'er or starshl'p investment i
9n foquAn Operator Gunnery and Piloting [Planetary] or
prefers to undertake all pursuits from within a vehicle Piloting {Space},
depending on the Operators
or spacecraft, keeping the garget in sight preferred vehicle. An
Operator also benets from an
with deftmaneuvering and On the. investment in Intel
lect, as this characteristic 15
rumwith withering firepower. In used for both the Astro
gation skillcritical in tracking
a high-Speed chase, few char quarry across the gal
axyand for the Mechanics
acters can match an Opera- skill,
tors expertise, and fewer still Even if the Operator not the groups main tech-
are'prepared for the arsenal nical expert, having strong Intellect and a rank
of daring moves and dirty or two of Mechanics means

Int-paddition'. o
. tricks she can hieash.
t '. can make repairs on the

that the Operator
fly. After all, most
Operators put their craft through its paces
the Bount'y'HUW?r"s;,'f [and even push beyond its limits
from time
35".) eight: -.,cary'er'$'ills,f to time]. Knowing how to
fix an overtaxed
-f;1;--ii'*the'opg:_adr " engine can be the difference
recegzcek between stay-
-' ing on the trail and drifting
"Astfrgaigla 15mm;

for weeks, waiting for

a repair team to


nery,' Pi_k5ting'r_' -,1 y- arrive. Any Bounty Hunter who has
(Planetary), and; spent time adrift in space
knows full well the value Of
Z;P.i|qting (Spacql' being able to perform ones
own repairs
" '
as bonus career Operators are sometimes lone
kills. lfthis is the wolves, Chasing
, their targets across the gulfs
characters start- with no company but a
betweem the stars
specializa- trusty ship. HOW
ever, many Operators are
tion, the Opera- part of teams Of
bounty hunters, conveying their
;Qr may Choose two comrades
. of on to the location of
these skills and their foes and run
ning starship interference

[gain one free rank while they cap-
ture targets on the
: 'e,f,;:,VLm each without ground Some such
Operators are loathe to leave their ships
""' sipending starting
entirely, though disembarking
experience, from time
to time is usually
unavoidable on the hunt.
Unlike many other
specialization s focused on pilot
mg, Operators need to
disable 6 nemy ships rather
than just destroy them.
The Ope rator specialization
gives a character access
to numerous talents that __.V.

help bring targets to a

h alt, including Debilitating
Shot, Hindering Shot
Overwhelm Defenses, and

Offensive Drivm g. All of

these abilities are use!
W: m: for taking down
fle eing starships~or, in a

pinch, disabling the

vessels of rival bounty
f "n. hunters pursuing the same


: 1;. :2 f
h Wagslmmmm -
a . "


T m
- W Y ( .

" .
_ . I .
~ -

arse "- J: 2 . ,



3 .1

Bounty Hunter: Operator Talent Tree

5km AthletlcS, Brawl, Perception, Piloting [Planetary], Piloting [Space],
- _

01' Bonus Career Skills: Astrngation, Gunnery, Piloting (Planetary), Piloting [Space]

Ranged (Heavy), Streetwise, Vigilance



um '
r I

' '
\I'u'rgsmhl. Remove per rauk of
Galaxy Mapper
Imm AY
I Dwimgrlciv"
rank in

Simxlr'ul. any
made 10 cade or
or vehidr:
trogmkm CHECKS, Astro \yvcaprm, may Spend t} 0
ggliirm dunks lake half per rank. 01 OVBIWHCUH Dr:
normal Mme. Imus/:5, Reduce rim {trait SE)
m the Laugrwzd mm by l
for marry UU


HM Thwm :Mjlirm
:1 Remove
per rank. d
from Sheer.

EDST 1|]
Upon Snagnz'sm amd< mm
a 3!: Mp or vehicle wwp
me a Hard
(.Q.) P:
' PWer
wise 0! Survival
Checks 0m may aprmd {0 I0U f)
llng check m incre' H a a
[(,I]Ir:C'; mp aprrmt W I
wazrdfor mwgaliou on duce the maximum spew
WWW. Sum 11ch
3130 r)f'Nl(:1;1thLi)/ HIM Iht:
or)" f]
IwIIIi'Jrrl' ol IDLING
,{Lml In (iruwmle', [aim hall nurmal
Lime, em! whim chl
W uni

EDST in [EST 1|]

[DST 10


:7] 5mm Hrloshnhl.

[\kg'JT'DV': rank 0!
ijvjlgd Jodwy [mm WM
I pr);
Dr) Hm 3H BI usuz
through AM:
anewel', sutl'er
zlin up to vehir
(lemme Io

3 {Hdlmmyj and [lming tics m d 1ng ('Jrz's mm ,

.. when using M Hpalade we rllllmmy 01


2 cums

Wm U7. 1,
MW [Mammy/J, Mrm 3 Iloxl, PH'JI my, check.
[DST 15 mm, many MINES.

[EST 15

Gain H 5min Mneshod.

anldee: Upon unsm 35';er ANGEL.

0H (J: pm' Dminga EDST ZIJ mm 31:113in 01' WiHCIC,
mum, may Shortcut Iu auy

W)! 1"
r)l (Msmmmr E] m
H1 ado In with or
wcapm], H my 9pm )d U0
Igi pm mnk 0| OWW/hulm Dc
(-()},f,(?' 0331, m mlur a opponom
42M! 01' WUHDOH alatirm
lepu an Manse; Rerlun'c [he detww
(3 t Voiwm Hr ~

m llw [mg-3mm [one by I

,m mar

f) 0
, 1

View for ovm y We, H


Jammy fmm PHOl
llHk or Intjmzntu.
(,Lummv Filed; in/
difficulty ml

<' JHH}(';;- I

IUI Humor Inhw

, 1an h n,1r,
Wilm unggng,wins}, 2511: n
in :1 mm:

my(Maw: ,w] Jun!

[Smur] whatk,
Pimwtg H

rlwrk WWII; dammit), Mn
\lnllljilu) u: \/L)i1i<'1(: 511!

mu; muy Hum WHAT:.w

I ,
{cm walem mun wwzll In
FNMA/(Y (,5. In
1:) gm x} equal prwl when it mruvu; IHHH
Shumur. In If"?
UM WHICH/10! "l!<,.rIU)I,IHI_HI.
[EST 25
[EST 25
at all debLs need to be settled with blasters. Some
somewhere along the line, whether this takes the form
times, a Bounty Hunter just needs to do some
of gaining leverage on the target or
legwork, nd a target, and gel; that individual to delivering a threat
pay of violencemat the hands of the client
what is owed with a few weli~choscr1words.Thisisthe or otherwise.
specialty of Skip Tracers, who Lake on commissions to In addition to the Bounty Hunters
eight; career
seek out people with unpaid debts from clients who skills, the Sklp Tracer receives Cool, Knowledge
WiBII to have itemS returned, caSh
given back, or rec (Underworld), Negotiation, and Skulduggery as
ompense paid in some other way. MOSL Skip Tracers bomus career Skills H~ this is
the characters Starting
prefer Lo keep their guns bolstered for the whole specialization, the Skip Tracer
job, may choose two of
and try their utmost to avoid caus these skills and gain one free
rank in each Without
ing negotiations with their Largets '
spending starting experience
to breakdown explosively. Prop
All BounLy Hunters have access to inves
erty destruction and medical tigative abilities through access Lo Percep"
bills cut into the commir5~
tion and SLreetWise as career skills. DUE
Sion, afLer all Of course,
Skip Tracers are particularly strong at this
as most Skip Tracers
aSDGCt 0f the job. Several Skip Tracer tal-
know all too well, things
ents are eSDGCiaHy useful when backed by
rarely go so smoothly.
a high Cunning or
More often, the Skip lrelliger'lce; Improved
StreeL Smarts and Rer;0nstrt.1cl;t.he Scene
Tracer ends up need-
ing Lo apply pressure \et 5WD Tracers nd leads on even me
scantest or" evidence, and BypaSS
Security can heip these investigators
reach secured locations where their
targets might be hiding. Through dedi
cation and keen insight, Skip Tracers C61
locate and pursue a target across nearly
any distance, which makes them ideal for"
nding people who wish to
avoid notice
Skip Tracers also benet from an investment
In their Presence, as once
they nd their" marks,
they must convince them
to mm with what iS
owed. Several of the Skip Tracers
Lalcms, SUCh
as Good Cop and Nobodys
Fool make it diffi
CU't for targets to get
Lhe better m Skip Trac
ers in negotiations,
and ensure that they
recover the clients
property. If maLters d0
become ugly, however,
Skip Tracers are
not defenseless: HardBoiled
and Rapid
Recovery allow Skip Tracers to doggedly
pursue LhOil" quarry even afLer taking
a beating, and
Soft Spot lets [them
Slip a nishing blow through aL
exactly the right momcn l1, ever]
against a tough opponet
Butv Hunter: Skip Tracer Talent Tree Ranged (Heavy), Streetwise,

Cal-9e . . Piloting [Space],
Athletics, Brawl, Perception, Piloting [Planetary],

Skip 1:32: [Underworld], Negotiation, Skulduggerv;

r Imus Career 551 Baal, Knowledge


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Good Cup.


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[DST 1|] wk; WIIH UH! 3?}
EJlW, by Ml,
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I'lllk Formidable

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01 Knowledge (Under
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world] check
due 1mm UM: GM Rr
Lime: Iii!) (limmv 0!" U [W
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l33"')ll'ulmu Up w HUM
(1), man; mum! / [DST 25
Hard[. 4 m HWY/U!
Perception HIM [MHMUupnw.
H, M, 1.

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Nth Ir! .LHHV
. )4 ., HIM ,( HI: WHHIH
OI )

[DST 25
The following pages describe each new
talent added ability a number of times equal to the character";
by No DISINTEGRATIONS. Every entry
includes the ranks in Good Cop. A Single check may only benet
information required for gameplay,
See page 127 ofthe from one use of Good Cop,
Rulebook for more on talents.

Activation: Passive Activation: Active [Maneuver]

Ranked: No Ranked: No
Trees: Martial Artist
Trees: Operator
Once per round, the character may perform the Grapple
When piloting a vehicle using the
Piloting [Planetary] maneuver. Until the beginning of her next turn, enemleS
skill, the character does not suffer
the penalties for must spend two maneuvers instead of
driving through difcult terrain. one maneuver to
move from engaged range to short
range of her
Activation: Active (Action)
Ranked: No Activation: Passive
Trees: Skip Tracer Ranked: Yes
When required to make a Knowledge skill Trees: Skip Tracer
check, the
character can instead make a Bought Info action. When making a check to recover
She strain at the end Of
spends a number of credits equal to 50 times the dif
culty of the check and counts as succeeding on
an encounter, the character
I wound.
may Spend 0 to recover
spent this way cannot exceed her ranks
check with one uncanceled 12!. At the CMS in Hard-Boiled.
the character may not be able to use this
the information sought is particularly
esoteric or hard
to nd, of if the character is m a situation Activation: Active (Incidental)
where she
could not purchase information [such as Ranked: N0
marooned on
a planet with no access to the Trees: Operator
The character may
COORDINATION DODGE voluntarily increase the difculty
of a Gunnery combat check
once to inflict a hinder
Activation: Active (Incidental, Out of Turn] ing shot on a vehicle If
she succeeds and deals dam
Ranked: NO age to the target vehicles
hull trauma threshold, the
Trees: Martial Artist vehicle suffers system strain
When targeted by a combat Check,
equal to its current Speed
the character may Whenever it moves until the
end of the cncoutef
spend one Destiny Point to add Y equal to her ranks INFORMANT
in Coordination to the check.
DEBILITATING SHOT Activation: Active (Incidental)
Ranked: N0
Activation: Active (Incidental) Trees: Skip Tracer
Ranked: No Once per game session,
Trees: Operator the character may reveal a
contact who possesses
Upon making a successful attack information on a particular
with a starship or subject of her Choice
vehicle weapon, may spend
maximum speed of the target
0 f) to reduce the When the character does this, sh e must explain how
by [to a minimum of
she knows this contact
1) until the end of the next ar 1d how the comacL can shed
round. If the starship or ,

lxght on the matter

vehicle was traveling its maximum in question The contact ShOUId
Speed, it has its be available to the
current speed reduced to the new PCS, but the CM decides What the
maximum. contacts expertise might
Activation: Passive
Ranked: Yes Activation: Passive
Trees: Skip Tracer Ranked: Yes
Trees: Martial Artist
The character may spend
Negotiation check to upgrade the
{3 from a Charm or The character removes
I per rank of Iron Body From
ability of a single her Coordination
allys subsequent Social Interaction and Resilience ChGCkS. The critical
skill Check against rating Of the characters
the same target in the same unarmed attacks is reduced
encounter. Upgrade the by l per rank of Iron
Body, to a minimum of 1.



before soak is applied, 50 immediately after step 3 of :3

Perform a Combat Check, page 204- of the EDGE 0F i

Activation: Active [Incidental] THE EMPIRE Core Rulebook],

the Character may Lake a
Ranked: NO
Parry incidentall She suffers raim and reduces

Trees: Martial Artist damage dealt by that PM by a number equal to 2 plug 1

SUN 2 mm to her ranks in Parry. This talent may only be used

GENO Deound, the character may

m Coordina character is Widding a Light

:Kidlthal damage equal to her ranks per and when Lhe t

ml: ~

3:32 uo one hit or a successful Brawl combat check. saber or Melee weapon.
Activation: Active [Incidental] Activation: Passive
Ranked: N0 Ranked: Yes
Trees: Martial Artist
Thepl'araqel" may spend one Destiny Point to
SLram eQual to 1'1erWillpowerraLir1g.
r {:COVEI'
Trees: Operator
The Character removes
per from her Streetwise
per rank of Planet Map
Survival Checks used to
world. In addition, such checks take
navigate on a 23
OFFENSIVE DRIVING decrease with additionai
50% less Lime [this does not H

Activation: Active [Maneuver] ranks of Planet Mapper).

RankEd: No
Trees: Operator
ASa maneuver, the character may inict a number
Activation: Active [lncidentaL Out: of Tum]

its Ranked: No
stram on her vehicle no greater than 1

choose a vehicle wmhm dose Trees: Martial Artist

Deflense value and Critical Injury with a Brawl,

the dJUICUIEy When the character inicLs a

of Eh
h? Character does so, upgrade
PgloLIng[Planetary] o-r Pllotmg
[Space] Melee, or Lightsaber weapon,
she may suffer rain to 1 e
ChwketlneXL end of the change Lhe resulL to any Easy (Q) CrlLlcal Injury regu|L
ML VGhXCIC s pllot; makes beiolrevthg
en? on he: Cl1a1"ar;l:el" defeats a mirr
Cpumer once for each system strain Infhcted

Additionally, Whenever the


I choose Lo do so by
craft this Way, NPC, she may always
ion or rival
environment or excep-- ;

VERBALANCE nonlethal means, even if Lhe ;

normally make Lhat very

Lional c1rcuu1151:ances would
Activation: Passive difcult: or impossible.
Ranked: NO
character Out of Tum]
an enemy engaged with mg Activation: Active (Incidental,
ygfryer [he attack-IS
L a Compat Chuck, after to stagger Ranked: No
(haracter may Sperld 1%? or (3 (<2?)

tum, Trees: Martial ArtisL

th C Character inicts
We attacker until the end of the aLtackcrs CXt Once per round, when

with a Brawl
weapon, she
or Melee
Activation: Active (Incidental) stram to
may suffer 2
Ranked: result to
Yes change the
Trees: Operamr any Average [Q Q)
attack with Critical Injury result,
ajrjfrnyakir1g an Lmsuccessml
Or vehicle weapon, the char-
Ofig [Hwy
spend 0 Q} per rank
dviurrjvyhelm Dergnscs.
tewse ratmg In the defense
ZOne @rgited by Lhe attack for the
WT'amder of the encounter by l for

AFFIVation: AcLive (Incidental, Out
Of Turn)
Ranked: Yes
Wees: Martial Artist
Character-suffers a hit from
a a: [th
Melee, or gthaber combat
(11ka,aILer damage 15 calculated [but
: Active [Incidental]

a When engaging in a chase or race. the
3 \\\character may suffer two strain to add 3% _

a , equal to ranks in Shortcut to the check-


Ranked: No
Fees: Skip Tracer
Once per session, the character
\ may perform the Improved

21 Street Smarts action. She

makes a Formidable _

(O Q Q Q 9) Street-
wise or Knowledge
(Underworld) checlf,
reducing the dIff'I-

41a}- I

culty once per rankof

Street Smarts. lf_ suc-
cessful, the GM must reveal
one vital clue pertaining to a current
mystery the
character is attempting to solve.
The clue should be something that the character
could not normally nd out, but does not have to
the full answer to the mystery (it should
be some-
thing that cancels a false lead and otherwise helIO.S
PRECISION STRIKE (SUPREME) move the story along]. The GM should tailor the
Activation: Active (Incidental, Out of Turn) information depending on the skill used; Streetwise
Ranked: No may mean- the character learns about the informa-
Trees: Martial Artist tion from an ad hoc netWork of street urchins, While
Once per game session, when the character Knowledge (Underworld). may mean the character
a'CriticaI Injury with an unarmed draws on her own vast knowledge about crimina|_
attack, she may
suffer 3 strain to change the result to enterprise to discover a previously unseen clue.
any Hard [0
Q Q) Critical .Injury result. Combatvchecks to atti- UNARMEDPARRY v
v'ate this talent cannot be
made with any weapons.
Activation: Passive
Ranked; NO -


Activation: Active (Action)" , -

Trees: Martial Artist ,
'Ranked: No .
The character may ,p'erfor'm'the' Parry incidental]-

,Trees: Skip Tracer while unarmed. When the character

' performs the
Once per session, the character
may perform the
'Parry incidental while unarmed,
'she suffers from the-
reduce the strain -

Reconstruct the Scene action. The chara'ctr Parry incidental by. I, to a mini-

a Hand (99 Q) Perception' check when present at mumof.1.- -

. ,

a single crime'scene [or similar location).
If the char-
acter succeeds, she identies all prominent
characteristics of one person who was
at the, crime
scene in the>last 24 hours per #3.
Otivafions are an importam; part of character are, HUNTER MDTIVATIUNS
m atlon in EDGE OF THE EMPIRE. They give both Lhc
CM and the player a 561156 of [he Cl"|ara{:Lers bade
172 AnMLion
ground and explain why the CharacLer was drawn Lo
her Chosen promsion. A MoLivaLion also provides HIE) '3 7/. Cinnc
player with a starting point Ior roleplaying Lhc char
acter. H' the player IBaChOS a quandary abouL how a 56 Relationahlp
character should act, asking What; does my character
/ 'VJ
warm?" car] help direct roleplaymg efforts, amd Moti
vation provide: one answer. IO Rn]! mum: on each 0| any two uncaoea
Chapter II of the EDGE OF THE EMPIRE Core Rulebook
presented in Chapter II. For those players looking for
provides a comprehensive Hsl, OI CI'IaI'acteI' Motivatioms
a more taHored approach, No DISINTEGRATIONS [31733
as part: of the character creation process. These Moti
61115 a number of Motivations deaigmed :sIJr.2r;il"iC:.-1lly
vations are broken down into three broad cal,egories
with Bounty Hurners in I'mnd, called Codes.
Ambitions, Causes, and Relanrmh{psgand presented in
easy to read tables LhaL allow a player to roll ramdor'nly or Players vvarwthwg to use me new MoLivatiom 5,)I'(_2:;er1led
to choose a specic Motivation Ll'1al.[itstl'1e vision for Lhe here can simply choose one, or they can roll randomly
characteli The complete rules for Motivationg are found on Table 12: Random Bounty Hunter Motivations.
011 page 94 of Lhe EDGE or THE EMPIRE Core Rulebook. This roll replaces the ome normally made on Table 25:
Random Motivation on page 94 of Lhe EDGE OF THE
The MoLivaLions presenLed in the EDGE OF THE
EMPIRE Core Rulebook. If Lhe player rolls a Code result,
EMPIRE Core Rulebook 1"Iecessarily cover as blOEid (J
for a PC, the player then rolls on Table 13: Specic
spectrum as possible in an el'fort Lo serve the careers
Codes [0 deterrrline the dwaractors MOUVEJUOII.


ol law and W: vhf-uncut! 1:; swom to ptoercL A3 a

Rule of Law: There is; I'HJHHHLJ, more impouanL than the mic
017710' works 'stlirLly U) upiwld M.
Downy hLlan, the III'IUIEH'LCI' is an OXICHSIUH of galacLic law, and

The Only Score that Matters: Only um min/g, 11mm; [0 the v'hinamw: imvmg 1hr: Irisgilen WW HHIIL. Hm PC

H 7) Ullly Mk "1 howl \ HAW" if i1 lwmm mv [In Hm maul

, I
(MM, rm w. m ommnl rum 111%in wiIH Wm likw mm z

individuals In Md; [I]! W: mm! kiHs.

Survival: A code ishzudlv rcievzm? it [he brmnw immux 13100 (lend to upheld it mdWirilr.IIJi"('|I:1I'L1<:!e| mwm have UIIIOI
71* 30 the Hm and [mammal vs LU survive at all! ). Whiin W Il) hm mty
principlea or oaths,
hUl'IICI can avoid tilcm. altar {IN mizs PC wm
7 m U.) mmimi/e [hum and 3H Wes Lu be run Hw winning m:
in any cmymunlrml,

Always Get Paid: A i10HHW HIHIUH whn lumn'l 33% pan 1fi('11";|'|_(llfrmdal1l[\/IHL1\JHH4IH-lllllvliHiIHZPIHrHlYWIN,[PIHIICIHUH
71 "/10 ';lill ulsuving. 'Hliia Human Lurk. primlplu;
i'u |JliHlU|IV mmmnnk {HM arm-Jul ml llltlb mm m; win/31y .r.")HiHQ In! "HO

mgium MIMM, Injvijl rakim: rm yum out ml "-M'JIIUIWHT. :md 4r r:t3[;lin1 1w wwrnml
imwivs WM hand wlitw I

VJ] "19101) 0| 93:; 21ml vowed new w repeat it. Pomapg [he chmnnlul
Never AgainzThC tl'lamr1mrhas suffemd some I'm doing so alto; mum; the wumg [)tlull.
4 I "30 broke an 0am to DIOLCL, and m -H1r.2p oplrj, m was sonmhow framed

'l'hmlgh the simnw 01 failure {AH [M be crasmd Iully Llw uharznlm has: vowed Lhat it, will never ourm anain.
Igmvi liIL
Quiet Professionalism: Timurijxlnamwvmgm Hue MWIIIHV|1L|I11\Il{llf1lir_'THIMIHVI1HWII<IHr'llUWIiUIHIIUIL
lru ({l'VIH'l ('rw 31w!
rim mung: Harm, HH hzlrrlnlx-r pmnlmw humility; WWI
U! (30 r'hiurw'm if; Illr; (71mmmmw ur LHw :1

{IUCHHUH In vlanl UMH mm! Hm PC 343m Milo el


[m Hmlw :HJ wiwmunl u! HZWHKEHiULI'i urmvx ml pWJwJm.

mar: 01 hi." ' an mnulunlinay untaloppzlm;


Reputation is Everything: To a bounty mum, m Jillill} the 21m

inlpouanl. g and S'H'CIIQIJ'I of \lel U; 'sm.r;ut_:d in HM? thaw" While [alga bravado
:I's anlunlw HEIVIIH? IIU: 3
10m: i5 011cm as
{J} ,0 ' 0.):1bountyI'mmm hr many Downy humut; wmk inmrgl [u uphold Uwil
usually Inllz; Hp'dll, in (in; I (:01 me clmilern
Iewlatiurls, lupm/mg sligms gmd provnmalion with di3g.)m|,mHanan-a VimLHICC,

whvln mm, mm a: Hill! MN MW

Live Capture: Sumu imruug/ lmntw; \ww {HI WV"! HM mun Mwyw, [liwuicix
mr' PC rlmy; w. MII ml r! [Hula My,
wwrmr , [:Hwtl 1w mmn m IIHVH. mm rsm iw ,I UH mmny irutuwl] Whrlim
H H" ,v.
Hauvlt w uni/willinllv Il'lH'u' In MM liu' Mi: Ni HRH".
umwmuulnm'u, m vlmw MI HI" mimlmlm WWW. 1le,
v 7x

cm; mum u) long, 31min [Immui dulunamr;

No Collateral Damage: Hmugh some pcmiculeny [,JLHliULMIS homily inmwr;
Hm! ("1513, H only buurluso UN] in) JIVYJJWUIHCM [u {Irwin up /\
8' "9U 0n [Julmlgucd Wrrllt 1m, must, W to Winn/01hrLin/Ilium ham]

civilian (.L1:;I{;||Iic';, LU H11.) [MIN ul lollnlg :1 Huge! macaw), in :wnid Milling: r'iwiirm';.

law, howm/nL :m} WII'HDHIUH; elimm awmh Hz},

Finish the Job: ll i'r1l-ll"

mam: HM" imlrmlv inmw I Hllf [1 Hw- Iva w upww, 1W}!HUMigiHHx/IH/iiilll,IIIMWHILEJINJII'JVHPII

Jlr (( I 1" UIIHHHLJH,

L111:u|d<m m {HILIW
ptHI:1[um-I:H il

fl4HIIIII1LlIHViVIWH ptlrLHLuH H HHUN. \lew ,1 M: Imam iw [ml UH IIIIIHI L rm/
Iw Winlnrr iMIIH'J'
r- IHw lnml Ive/mm, mm: Im wrvwr 1


addition to the specializations available
Ina Within
given career, a character" also has access
to that
career"s signature abilities These abilities are special,
elite Lalean for experienced characters of
the specied
career. They are feats only possible through
the skill
and ability gained over a long and successful

A signature ability is composed of three elements:
Lhe nodes linking it to a talent tree, the ability's
basic form, and a series of upgrades that aug
ment the ability. m

Each signature ability has four nodes lined
up across
Its top. These four nodes match up with
the four tal ,
ents on the bottom row of a talent; tree,
Each node
can either be active, showing a
bracket facing
upward, or inactive, remaining blank To be
able Lo
attach a signature ability to a tree, the
must own all of the talengs along the
bottom row
of the destination talent Lree that match
up with
the gum nodes on the signature


When a character acquires a
signature ability, she a Lree, no other
must rsL purchase Lhe basic form
of the ability, This signaLure abilities
takes up the entire rst row of
the signature ability may be attached
tree and is purchased with
experience points. The to that tree, and the.
experience cost of each upgrade is
listed in its box. attached ability cannot'""'
be removed or switched
UPGRADES to a different tree. A char-
acter can only acquire a sigw

After the Character has purchased

the basic form of nature ability from her careefv
Lhe signature ability, she
can further customize the
ability by purchasing upgrades. and can only attach that
Upgrades, much like ability
talents, are purchased with experience to in-career talent trees.
points, and
each upgrade may only be To attach a signature
purchased if It connects to ability to one
the basic form of the ability or a of her talent treis, the
previously purchased character must
upgrade. The experience cost of OWH all of Lhe
Lalents along the bottom
each upgrade is row of
lisLed in its box, the destination talent
tree that match up with the
active nodes on the signature
ability. Then, once a sig
attached L0 a talenL tree, thC
character may purchase the
Before a character can purchase a signature abiliLys basic form ad its
ability or upgrades using experiece,
just as if they were talentS
any of its upgrades, the character must attach"
that The Bounty Hunter
ability to the bottom of one of her current incaresr career has access Lo two signa
Kali ture abilities: Always Get
ent trees: Or'lce a signature ability has been My M ark and Unmatched
attached to Devastatim.


Get My Mark
Hunter Slgnature Ability Tree: Always
Bo Unty


4 Der mm: ; ,.

mmion NPC on
Lhcsan' 16 Wang: L0 be her
mark, spend 2 Destiny Points, and make Hard'I
ct'laracter teaches- the marks location i'vl- war?
9; 4,, mm, me ciwammxr mav Choose a kJ'IOWII begins as

mark; a new encoumew Narrative Abilities my page 1.0]

StreetWiSe check Hush ,, meet .,
a, the charactel
tracks down we chosen approved by the GM [ace
place, HILISL be
> I

Hamm .
which H Lakes
<~ , OI [Hp "MW1"rliWuHHsLhc:chrLInxslancesunder
p .



May activate Nways (JeL

Upgrade the difficulty of
, _. My Mark with Suwival m
Ma V dLLlVarvg (rl My Mark costs LhGCk once w
I'WJ a rival

Always JL, AMays GeL

of 2. nmad 01 Sllcclvvisc.
W .

KWWCGEL Destiny Point instead NPC insLeacl of a

J 'WP'Ed 01' COST 1|]
Srleewwisn COST 1!]

EUST 1|]



Upglarilu the LIHHCLIIW ul' 1m:

DIFFIEULTY Ii the character has a (hock twice M) Iind a HUI] min;
Upglmic Lnc diffiCLHLy 0| me aim) or acuess
to inLerchl
me NPC (or player Llwenacmr} in,
Seduce U. difculty chew: once LO begin
lay" Haw she may 010056
gr dilterem stand 0! a miniou
:13 r- -

(ha / < 3| OH 2|
99 [0 aivnlp ma] R in 11erde a
NLVJKv-IH mark. ll
Avy') Gm My Mrl/ r7
A) planet to be her
she Lravms [0
, ~

erage (. .1 SiIC does so,
NHL mark; world
[EST 15
\ ,,.._._.. - [DST 15

activating Always Get My Mark,

Change Skil I: When
make a Survival check instead of a
SIGNATURE A BILITY: the CharaCLer m ay
Streetwise check
ALWAYS GET MY MA Always Get My Mark, the charao
Destiny: To activat 9
Destiny Point instead of 2_
The Bounty Hunter possesses an unparalleled knack tel" needs to spend
only 1

leaving no lead

When activating Always Get My

fOr Ir
dOW sentient beings,

a hunt
Increase Effect:
(.d, no cargo bay unscanned durin g Hunter may choose a rival NPC
Mark, the Bounty the
NPC. If she does so, upgrade
instead of a minion
difculty of the check
may choose When activating Always Get My
Onr'a )
session, the Char acter Increase Effect:
t know this Hunter may choose a nemesis NPC
a IWiEErnge
to be her mark. She mus} l\/1arl<,the Bounty GMS discreLion] instead
NPC'S idem-Irv informatIOI 1 [or
have Character, at the
and baSIC personal ,
(or a Player does so, upgrade the difculty
8 dIS-
another lp of Comparable quality, per
y the GM
the same
of a minion
NPC. If she
CFEEio] the NPC is on of the Check
ghnd mSt know that a Hard the Bounty HLmter has access
planet Points, and makes Increase Range: H
tsptndis 2 Destiny the char- Always Get My Mark can
(Q .Q) check, If she succeeds, encoun a starshlp
with a hyperdrive, current:
acter track[Te'EtWIse new down amy individual Whose
the Chosen mark, and track

be used to
ter 1069] ng asQQWIW

the Character
reaches the mar k's location.
planetary location
the Bounty Hunter know/3
the Always Get
1h as well as The skill check to activate
Uatwe of this encounter; be Reduce Difculty: of Hard (QQQ),
Circurnsact place, must Average (Q Q) instead
UHder which it; Lakes page My Mark is
approvearFe? Abilities on activating Always Get My Mark,
3y 7? CM [see Narrative Always Takedown: Wher 1

0), Who
Get My ,1;
{akmg the Skill Check
_a'k the CM can add 1:]
to actlvate
or for any Situa
tional e ff 6ng that might affect the difculty of the
I Bounty Hunter ay
once. if she
upgrade the difculty
of the
the scene begins with the tar
subdued and in her

custody. The GM may

get already to introduce serious complica
this ch eck
UPGRADES spend @ from scene
atten' 1pted capture and ensuing
[ions during the
Cha nge Get My Mark,
When activating Always Underworld]
tje (.fr
V, ,
a Knowledge

1erk1i3rf1ter may make
stead OI a Streetwise check.



any signature abilities [such as the Bounty Ability, other PCs mighteven have time to pursue

"Hunters Always Get My Mark) have primarily tasks of their own in transit; the GM might want
narrative-effects. allowing the character to instantly. to offer'them the chance to restock 511991765. r651;
gain access to something the group would not nor- or make a check or two of their own.
mally have. These abilities are powerful tools that Further, sometimes a particular NPC might sim-
allow the players and GM to work together to tell a
ply not be a suitable target for Always Get My
more collaborative, cinematic story. However, they
Mark. While the GM should be openminded
can also pose a chalienge to the GM as the charac-
about letting PCs use their signature: abilities,
ter circumvents sections of the planned narrative.
going directly to a certain NPC might throw off
BecauSe of these potential challenges, when a the pace of the story too greatly. In such a case.
player wishes to use a signature ability with a nar- the CM should consider suggesting an alternative
rative effect, that player must rst consult with the mark to the playerthis target should lead to the
GM. Together, the player and GM decide on the one the player originally wanted to seek or give
effect the ability should have, tting it into the nar- her some advantage in the coming confronta-
rative of the game. However, as with all things, the. UOH bgtween the two. thus giving the player the
GM is the nal arbiter as to the effect ofrhea'bility. agency to-push the story forvvard without causing
Always Get My Mark can be particularly chal- excessive disruptibn. From a narrative standpoint,
lenging in this regard, because it allows the PCs the character might even believe they are seeking

to cut" from one scene to anOther. However, in their intended mark but end up nding someone
the story, the characters do not just teleport from else who is usefulthough the GM should gener-
place to placethey spend the time traveling, ally yvarn the player in advance of aCtually role-
setting up, and doing the legwork of investigaticn. playlngthe scene in which this occurs, and give
For partitularly long trips using this Signature some hints to the player why this result is still
helpful to the characters overarching pursuit.


Bounty Hunter Signature Ability Tree: Unmatched Devastation

0" WI 6, 1m Mhirl '.

MI in: MI mum: InIlullmIV-WIVOHIHHr'ilimk,LIIULIIILIIIILIHI Illmerzpmul')DvmlmlningwMmH-Hgm;1.}{[1..WH|,Mnml
'W'k Isl lHIi W ; Hm MW \
Wm M (Himmw mm: m m MI ".JHII wrung m mmh'w rgth}: 1hr: rivnme Im |mlmmml [me mm. 'Iiuuwmirsn

{Ht-Nu mm! iw m W n m: .ww ,\ u m, H mm we IIWJHliHlHIEWMFIHLI hut-mm2:1hz.::u,t\,/Hser1Iiwinmm

[EST 30


HLHHIH], 5| wmw

PVIIUIIH aw! lHI'HI mum ISU Irw, m Ilmn mu; 'l; HHHHH hwi

IiHrJI HnniuL rHUK HJHH Hn WW! 1, pm wt

rrqml In mm, in
mu 5H chm L mm an urn! Uta/LILMIMI, HJIIIUV
III' rm ,r; NLIIHI'M UWJ' 1w. Infwiwl l)(!\./LI;L'|HUH. .

Wm: ml may iIth am HT [INHIWJMJ Dru/.1 win, wpml w I71|H~."

'icLlnfn L mwmltz.
IH lfvrmrzxu

Ilww :1 WI Hum



new: mrlwmwimyuumw

Ptrrnm aultliliunn (wwmt


Hlvh mu ll mmin
mm m IIJHM m
(rpm Iw rm},
Wu H Nwmim WV l'l
\H "imim

, my!

m In,r

\ mmmnilul
I Liwml 41ml UI Llnmrlltiwi
m gmwlm [ill Mvwo
MM .) Wain
IHHLTW. Numim Imam ha

W L|\H i-tm mv Ml III: [EST 15

Ir! WWW! MI:

Draw and Fire: Before performing each combat.
UNMATCHED Check with Umnatchcd Devastation, LI'IC character
DEVASTATION may holster a \rVEEIIJOH and draw a dillerem weapon
HLH'LEI shows
as an incidemal,
Many soon 13a BOLII'W
1:81! Hill 31;
re tny/{mg men Improve Mobility: Before performmg CLlld' mmMIMI
U,p bum (lm) 1m! Irgrhal. |y ()[JCH
(n 1" E at Wil mil 9 gunght ratl en [ham a {ootrace e1
check with Umnatched DevasLaHon, 1,110 cl mmml

may suffer 2 strum L0 perform the Moven mauve

A VeLma Boun y H InLer usually C MW:

WCEI'JOIM; [0| diHmCIt aim Hon an d Ulr Icl|.(th em incidemal [this does not mum IOWHM H10 I'1I_|ml'>ra"

unleash them all of maneuvers a character cam perform in 0119 mm, ,

D3V*1'5131Lif>l allows [H.l') Ullayclclm to

'3 0er in1:1 o[ overwhelming described in Maneuver Limitations on Lyme 1200 of
sin glc destrm Live salvo
[01cc Ar y ImgpLg who were not [mum g
heme the the EDGE OF THE EMPIRE Core Rulebook].
HkGW W 39 CL
B0 My Hm My impan [I i: Lli-issmllt EHO
Increase Number: The clwaractel may pcrlorm (mo
illCh a e
rilvil {j di wchyrngumlw
H W 36
"H C'I'W
acldiuor al :rmlbat cl eck using, a non aaLar ml ip/vol iclu
weapom 11:0 almzudy used thiztoun (MOI (2 ch In M 1m
BASE ABILITY Numbm Lx|_)g|ada pmd aged. The (liicully ml each
cjcor'Ildl'aI combal. check is ix'lr:1r3;1<;e(j by l for each sucrmsml
0 mg DH" 3mm ';*~;31r>n aw)! pummme comma. C|"|er;k me chal'arglcr' has pcri'awnuzd this tum.
1d ) Destiny '31:
(1 AW he cllauarLer nay SPGW
H:4 Remove Setback: When making \ comtml (I'lcrk

egal 3-. n

IJGI fonn our: addiLmn a! (,mnbat Lzheck

Same L rgol a; H (:ident al

The difculty 0! lhiSt

mHm I cihm k i; macaed m:
Ler removes
as part of Umnatchod DevasLaLiolI, the (:h: 121m
for each Rmnove Setback upglade
(J "z

If)". (RICH SLICUSSHII comm tilt W


I Target Priority: The r;|"|:;|r;-,1ct_(21 my clump-'0 a new
ll 3 DEMOI'WTICH IIH'; Hm ml. 611
Mm H if
.ila L
: le4
legal Larget for each 031111331. Chuck nlz'ldc as pint of
1.11am H i, 0 a m 5| m 'llipVLlli lp \MQHDOI
[HI IJHH'IaILlwed Devastalyirm.
WIN M?! 11:13 {ml :HI'C adv wsofl llIiS :"



you've got so
ilm Sta {ting to understand why
on your head: Youre not very
many bounti es lfyou were 0
thing, are you!?
at this sort of

warnings Itr
would've shot rst'and given
Dr. Aphra, to Han Solo

singleimplerhent ua
to run. W hile no

. ,

choose .

te 912;;
life, and
regu- bounty hunter armed with
tees succesg, a

0u live a dangerous opstacles thevgreatest chance of Vitfdry' .

lar?;ypi?l:2ter5 sorts of tool for the JOb has

emselVes agamst all quarries. The of the armamnts
ahd enemies they close In on
to over- This chapter presents some to a;
great, but especially suited
rewards fOr thas956 Challengesare and vehic les. that are
ItoOls, althou h
Come the m, hlJnters need the right tools. Player Characters work,
Boimty Hunter as easily serve those Wigt-h
isvital to its success,
items could just '

Pr for the hunt


every these targets. The hunt for

and 2:515:50. invest back some of other interestsor even'their the hunt for a

SOHEd'hunters as
the right gear cal 1 be as rewarding links
bOUnty th ey claim in their
often bear clos
them an and the two
armo F. gear, and even starship s that give e who valuable be unty,
and thos
Over those who choose to hide,



any bounty breach-

so experie
measures forall
hnterspack variety of cOunter-
sorts of threats and acquisitions

Firepower is a key element of .

hunter can handle any
A well-equipped
. 1,
Whether needed er down a d

a dangerous prisoner brou h

Ing Se::t5 whether it requires ofwith no sit-
nty me-aSUFes, or taking is or a difcult target
target , an arsenal of pov'Verful weapons in alive,
' .

Furthermore, the needs ,

nesses or.
fem/h Unters can do without.
' approaches,
of d'Ifferent con-tracts require' differe nt

no Dmmmmn: W}: .
The value of good blaster cannot
be overstaLed Although jusl; as
most bounty hunters, although to heavy and unwieldy 13 many
makes a blaster good
the particulars
varies from hunter
ofwhat lethal weapons,
riot blasters Jack stoppig poweaw r'i:
and even from job to job. [0 hunter the conventional
Some prefer stopping sense, as these bulky blasted
others favor subtlety. ants are very Vriot
Many energy weapons power, unlikely to do lasting mm?) 3
stun setting, which is have a blasters are built he
extremely valuable to enhance the effectiveness
hunters: the majority of to bounty stun settirlg C'J'Sub-
jobs require the common to blaster WCapOHS' The.
brougm m alive, and most target to be duerr-E)"
model is noteworthy for can maintal a her
of the rest offer
live capture of the mark. a bonus for ent StU blast 90k
over a wide area. reducirl the}? 0
collateral damage
or Lmirntended irIJUI'y LO [he Lalg ct,
"PRECISION-X" Given these
MARKSMAN RIFLE capabilities, many peacekeep'g 5

Cadregg Armory i3 a
equip their troops fire?)
newcomer to the with riol; blasters. 01' at
arms manu- the powerful leasgstur-
facturing scene, but weapoms on hand for majOr CW
its initial offerings ances While
impressive enough to keep have been obviously preferable Lo the alterr,1Cgtive,
many eyes on the willingr'less and
produce next. One of the what they with which some Impeal
first ers
produced was the PrecisionX weapons the company deploy the weapons COmmation
at the slighteSt pmwfes 0'
eted weapons sought series, now as given them
highly cov an umavory reputation in the W
by everyone from many. Neverthelegs,
crs to assassins, The sport shoot. n to
company can hardly t e armory they are a welcome addlgorgets
stock of these specialized maintain a of any hunter who prefers to take La
ries, so mgh is alive and avoid
for their unique capabilitl the demand incidental harm to oLheFS

The PrecisiowX blasters

cycling chambers to excite
use a serie s
the blaste r
of multiple OTHER RANGED WEAP0N5
that it produces gas used so
extraordinarily intense Blasters have
blasters shots are
only somewhat
beamg Thn many advantages, DUI. Lhey ,, ar e 0 t .

the; only useful ,

than Lhose of typical more pOWerliudl weapons in the galaxy, and It Paysotbo

carbines, but the have a wide

an extraordinary blasts maintaivn array of tools Lo better" hadle
coherence over long Many hunters ayejap
ing them Lo punch ranges, allbw. invest in obscure ad U'wwal
through light ons to ensure VWH
full 5topping power armor am} that they can complete any
well past the maintain bQLl''Llye
cal rie. The effects limitations of a comes their ca
way. Weapons thatfrigl1LGIl 0'"
of these cycling typi-
qumkly end a 9?
extend to the blaster's
stun setting,
chambers evpn refight, Of WOVEN a bigger from ever
making; i1 ideagl leaving its
bounty hunters trying to [gr holster.
bring in a target A

glive. ..
When this weaponts
stun setting FIRECALLER" LIGHT 0R
SLLII] damage,
its range Changes is use d
to deal FLAME PR0-IECT
short; [and cannot be to mgdmm ) . -

Increased], nstead of i
Mrf~30r1ns ,


INSplred model ame [7f'OJ9CL0rjmong
almost as much
those who fear and revulsmn a
have encountered
them 19
3mm, d
e} . ,.

Energy Weapons
Premion vX
_ .

Rarity L~///

Sl.sbduer-9 1,500

Ranged a
PierCC 1. Sum
Riot Blaster HJ
(Heavy) 0 Short
Dther Ranged Weapons .. -9 3,
BIasL 6, Cun'lbelsom
Firecaller Stun Damage
Ligm Flame Ranged
Projector (Light) 5
; (2'

1.2.00 /
2 Burn 7 V

Final/LI Re: I get] 2:391) y, Vicious

Lil-HLWWT' {Light} J rJ
Nova Design 0
450 5 Emnrn'r: '3
Repulsor 7
[Heavy] J .

Cannon Medium
) 7 55M? I,
. .

1,000 */
KnockdOVVHv P' '

Slowrlihmg I

k Firecaller Light Flame Projector

addition to the grapnelI'Iarpoon

lauml'w's pa
disintegra Iln
infamous history of blhtles as a weapon, as an action,
a CIIaraLtmfnf;
Eggp'he IEJrIg and more concerned chueck My
galactic government I

make an Average (Q Q)
Ranged (Light)
With Sahisi'd and wellbeing t han the secure the grappling hook to an
object: within medimir)
authomej't ght?llavepanned these dreadful wea{ action, he may reel m
might govgrmnents range. On success, as an
Ons New; lleAldLlfll plaetary objeCL (or, if the Objeft is
Flrecallers cord, pulling himself to the
step on Lhelr qwn, As such,
have [aktvrlytYl-f???
Lmsecured and lighter than he is, pulling it La him} A
have [FGHIendj to crlrmnals, bounty character may use the grappling
hook to pLIli another
WlNJusappeal reputation
and ihOse _) ale drawn towards
such a with him; if he does, he must make an
character aloft
m its uncom Athletics check to avoid losing igis
for the Firecallers m famy lies Average (Q Q)
or the launchen
abandoned by grip on either his partner
unstable for

the comfuelxpan as too

threiiny05Lar3hlpdeygers chemical suit); NOVA DESIGN "IMPACT"
Use in highly ammable REPULSOR CANNON
buamfvo'r k: We temperature and for
Stance age-m Incredlbly hlgh
fuels used
an tended; compared to Lhetyplcal repulsorlm: Leclmology arrow
each blast from these Despite the ubiquity of
in ame j
the cl'we'mlvcal the galaxy, the particular variant of dogfign VLhat
easeromy a small spray cannoms rarely sees produrtidr;
in Order-J10 Ablowback, even thls
[Imv resulted in x'cpulsor
Prey/fem. dangerous specialty weapor'l marILlfacrIjrcr
Lime as or use outside of
ed expdg muses devastating wounds over gear to Design Arms. Produced by a corripan;
it burng iLleWay tllrough armor and protective such as Nova
in unusual armaments as an EilLCl'HaLiVP
9, Specializing
mm t1(We harm on novwexposed Mesh. bIasLers, Lhc weapons have a repuLai
to stun or" riot
opLions [or a I'IOII-vlethal weapon Thp
LAUNCHER Hon as inferior
GRAPNEL-HARPOON Lhe weapoms create are caabl
graviLic disruptions
or lifting target from nearly any action if focused
as tools for climbing of disabling a
prq this disabling cffecL only lasLs as longJ a;
Egg??? Mdprons Pharr Co Instead properly, but
dlvmoU ( focused on their Largets,
dug-95' EMA balance and Lara-g the weapons remain
launchers mm the
ing Ca{aigp1l'1?l Necessary for com-ban U,IaIIO\/Vlilg hlmters have adopted these
W35 Some calming boumy
a target while partners or
their War-I LO entangle Opponents; In a bmdmgygotd. weapons as tools to
Ike binders for a clean captufn
Althmlh (SISO-KTmt'mgtmed by. thieves who donrt
in with
glapljel associates move
the idea back, these 1u,n'n;ers rarely use this weapon, but It
Ulell VICLIIHS ghtmg As such, lone
guns 3:9) hunters or even law common slghL in the hands of boumy
use by bounty Is a relatively
the capture ofLhrLfn work with a posse, especially
dgets, agglstmg In hunters who regularly
qUaITir- A
wewgd as
a Hon-letlml q
uon, We
of a grapnellls Po'wrevfgl
as a backup
alOg only {or
a specialist: tool they brino
It enables bountyI/mnle:
WE? ensunarefys unconventional tactics Lo bring
teams to use vanou;
engugh 11
'Ifhct ljLIHCS on the
thus dqn [
a popular following in 9pm:
superhua'l, and indifculttargets,501thas .
GenGraHJ WOLHYIdS are Lhe
Weatenyfl'wh more importantly,
'{WECKS llICOl of its lirmtations.
bOUm'y JMGFS Chances Of getting paid m


Special if
AnLiArmor 8 4 Short


Breach 1.
igf )00


: 1
Limited Ammo}

Explosive / 2 Short ' -

Blast: 6,
53:55): 1 1 150 4
LimiLcd Ammo 1

Wigs (i 2 Short
HI) 3

BlasLb,Vicious i),
1 (

Lirmted Ammo [

Incendiary Egg;
6 Short Blast: 6, Burn 2,
1 17rJ rJ
Limited Ammo 1


10 23 3mm Ion,5ur|der,
[Heavy] 1


LiImLmAmn'1r,) |


Launcher Pt'sLo! ESE?

Medium \A

Many bounty hunters invest in launchers to re min The mOSL common varieLy of
microrockets have Slm"
iature missiles with specialized warheads. These pie, high-explosive warheads
are that provide the m'axl
often referred to as micro-rockets" as a mum amount of force possible
category, for the miniaturized
though some also call them wrist-mounted rockets weapons, While other warheads
may be more Wired
based on one common launcher placement. to specic kinds of
Wrist- LargeLs, most hunters nd an
mounted rockeLs pack an incredibly powerful explosive rocket rarely fails Lo make an lmpreSSiO
for their size, and are made with a variety of
heads available to suit any target. Some hunter's
even further with these weapons, installing
modications rocket by rocket, in order to The warheads of
flechette rockets detonate
maximize JUSE
their performance. The cost of such operations before impact, releasing a
is Sig cloud of razor~edged metal
nicant, but most hunter's nd that the effects Shards to lacerate the
of the target, or anyone unfortunate
rockets more than make up for the investment. enough to be nearby,
They lack the penetration of an
explosive change, much less a
dedicated emu-armor
ANTI-ARMOR warhead, but the flechetms inflict
devastating wounds
nevertheless. BounLy hunters
When faced with heavily protected who hunt huge beasts
targets, or even or predators sometimes
light vehicles, warheads with shaped favor Mechelle rockets, as
explosive charges they can disable such creatures
allow a bounty hunter [0 make short over several volleys.
work of norm ally
impressive defenses. While microrockets
of any vari INCENDIARY
ety are insufcient to deal with truly harder
1ed targets
such as military walkers or Speeder Incendiary warheads are
tanks, antiarmor loaded wiLh ammablef
charges are more than up to the task Chemlcai mixtureS that offer
of dealing with the devastatirlg Effects?
war droids or combat swoo ps, let alone a flame projector
an armored at in a mir1iaLuri/_ed package, Ruth
soldier or bodyguard less bounty hunters have
used incendiary rockets to
literally srrloke their targets
out of their hiding placeSI


enerally, micro-rockets
n cialized launching system,are such
red using spe-
as the micr0
a rocket without any sort of
he uses the Mechanics
launcher or mounting
rocket armor mounting attachment skill for the combat check
on page instead of Ranged
52. In a pinch, a micro-rocket (Heavy), and the difculty Of
can be jury~
rigged to launch without any sort the check is upgraded
of ring sys- once.
tem, though not Without risk of losing Microrockets can only be
ngers [or modified with the CUS
worse). If a character attempts tom attachments specically
to re a micro designed for them.
m equiplmmt that work dillrum wmpW|Lh
or starships, Custom attacl'n'nents
ons, armprt
exist for a sporic
are sp(, .;1 or and only
item lypiu _,
()1 new
attachments from some combination
pieces of the unmodied
parts and retrotted
single device
item rather than purchasing a
can only be attached to
A custpm attachment
indicated item, but is treated as a normal
attachment in all other respects.
Micro-Rocket and Arm or
Vomskr Guidance Pack
Models Include: Pharr Co
Outreach" Target Sensor.
age, MerrSonn

Grants the weapon the Guided (+ 2]
Base Modiers:

fire IS con
Of losmg the bounty in the ensuing
Th .

Sideemk inevitable collateral quality,

damrabegand many consider the Modication Options: 5 Weapon Quality [Guided
deny the fear
hghly Llprofessional, but none Quality [Accurate + 1] M0013
the tactic inspires, +1] Mods, 2 Weapon
Hard Points Required: 1

ION Cost/Rarity: 50 credits/4.


0n idrIoids are not common, but Booster: The limitations of size
E33339]; y protable, as any dlOld congder
Staged Rocket
microrockets lack the fuel capac-
DlaCeab] enongh to mark m such a
fashion IS oferrl
mean that most higl1~yield fuet
humeys distant targets. However,
extrem le Valuable. As such, somebou'nty ity to reach
rmcro-rockeLs, filtration systems, or staged boost
mVet iiY for their cells, advanced rockets
(agar-{pulse warheads permanentQamage, ers added to
the rockets can all increase a
Which Isabledrmds WILhout substantially. Of course, Lhe Lerm
The D6we"' even create a power ef'feclee range
something of a misnomer
Of'an Ion rocket can equlpmem that effective range" becomes
sUrge in _Un5h|1ded nonsentient
modified in this way, as the additional
burryS OUL CapaCItors or damages owns. with rockets path, and the
fuel risks
unbalancing the rockets flight
can only an increased chance of
ion microrocket comes with
prSftsunder quality of an such as increased range
equipment, part of the user. However, the
waited to damage powered migjudgment on the
snro cannot be used hefty payload beyond the reach of
chance to deliver
b'aSterS Or vibroblades, IL power, as they
without worth the risk LO many. This
age" @9va that operaLe equivalet retribution is
installed on any microrocket.
have no cncwtry to disrupt, attachment can be
oroSuub HVVBB Fuel Filter.
ATTACHMENTS Models Include: 8
MICRO'ROCKET CUSTOM Increases the weapons range by
'- Base Modiers: [+2] quality to
. endlessly WM ome range
band. Ad ds the Inaccurate
M m'"'"Ocl<et enthusiasts tinker

mil Wapons, custormzing and finetuning each rQCket the weapon, Increase weapons range
when red Modication Options:

30 to}?1atltvvorksexattly as the user desires band Mod, 2 reduce the

additional range
by one Quality by l Modg.
cuSTOM ATTACHMENT weapons Inaccurate
icrowockets are Hard Points
Required: 1 .

.GUidance System: MosL m .. f. ,.

:mzt- on }|1(jwlcrs[ Cost/Rarity: 25 credits/2.
at thew target, relymg

hit F
If We

{hose th
aim ar'jm'y lOCkets acceleration to ensurg
prefer more insurance
ldfd preCIsely where
.m'td fuel cell

intended, paclgagesbije

and adijlStc)
modied mite

While microrockets
or other
are frequently mounted on armor
weapons, [here are
pistol weapons designed
these devastating round;
ma Wyeg
8 allow for rockets to mendefSIri exclussively to fire
contirmg [0' seek m the laur'lcher.
noaTeattWeapons that mmal I'lS? 9' $15 16': Iwwicr'ow'ockets can be loaded
m the evem of am up to 5 it replaces the damage,
is loaded,
These :13
yJLemS Crlable Users to
ggt more lei-lap etp'ne While a microrocket qualities of the laxmcher,
forman thesamf njm
out of {ht-3H" rockets while atTl'ns auammc critical rating, and
miirm-Ee the COHateral damage,
can bf?

Czerka "Peacekeeper" Stun Baton

Where 'ome bounty hunters prefer to stack every
Ion Pike

afterward. This has led to a number of more conscien-

tious groups blacklisting the weapons or discontinu-
ing their use, but many Others have no such compunc-
advanage possible from a safe distance, others tions. Some Imperial governors have placed mass
revel in the Chaos of dose quarters or the rhallenge orders for the weapons to keep their populations in
of bringing dowr their target WiIh their own hands line, while many bounty hunters have turned to the
Whether a hunter Is a bruLaJ enlorcer, a wild thrill- weapons as an option that allows them to skirt laws
seeker, or simply dedicated to the ultimate testing or circumvent clients requests regarding use of force
ground, investment in solid weaponry for close com or lethal weaponry,
bat is a common Choice.
Used to disable escaped or malfunctioning droids.
Czerka Arms 'ells "Peacekeeper" stun bators to law these slender lengths of metal are flexible enough to
enforcerrentoru arl/rmonycrosgrhp galaxy bu! they be slipped between armor plating to reach vulnerable
also we subsLanUal sales to private buyers. While power sources and circuit banks, and are capable of
primarily marketed as a norrlethal weapon ideal for releasirg :1 powerful ion charge once they make con-
peacekeeping or sellidefense, the truth is mm the tan; Using the weapors propelly requires a grea Ldeal
weapons are heavy lengthg of metal with powerful of practice, and Slipping the probes past axmor plates
Shock capabilities that augment their use as blud- during the heat of a conflict or Chase is difficult even
goons rather than replacing them, for an experienced wielder. However, those who have
seen someone slip up to a haywire Industrial droid and
While the goal of most; similar weapons 131.0 subdue
bypass layers of protective plating Lo disable it harbor
with a minimum of force or darr age, anyor e dropped
no further doubt IjhaL the pikes have their uses.
by Peacekeeper batons is likely to feel Ihe effects


Stun Baton

C/crka' Pear ekeeper

Melee + 4

En g a g ed 5
Z 500 /
DisorienL 2, Stun

Ion Pike Mela-I: 10 Engaged 2 750 6 lnacculam1,|r)r|,P1nrr;e


aH the repower boumy hunLers commonly ARMORED DROP SUIT
pack, few of them succeed at their work without
paymg similar attention to Well" protecLiOI'L The big Mobility is often a decisive element in any engage
gest bounties in the galaxy are worLl'1 nothing if Lhc menL. Combatantg from common killersiforime to
target; take their hunters down rst, after all. Many Imperial storrmroopers know that taking a good posii
bounty hunters like to make their armor a tool as well [ion and controlling Lhe flow of combaL can be betLer
as a defense, placing their most fearsome trophies of protection than a durasteel blast door. Most armor
the hunt on display to intimidate suspecLs and tan designg factor this m to some degree, foregoing abso-
gets, orloadmgupH10Warmorwitl1 addiLional subsys lutely maximized plating or coverage to allow normal
tems Lhat add to their capaiJiliUes, mobility, but a few suits go above and beyond the
concepL 0{ allowing normal mobility.
Armored drop suits are a type of light laminaLe body
armor constructed around a powerful repulsomft unit,
allowing the wearer to Hy between firing positions or
spots of cover, or to rain down attacks from above.
The arrangement of fabric and composite plating of
the armor m such suits lTHiITIiZCS air resistance and
improves maneuverabiIiLy, while SLHI offering respect
able proteckion against mcoming re,
As a maneuver, the wearer of an armored drop suIL
can engage his flight systems to fmeLlon as a Silhou
ette 0, Speed 2, Handling + 2, System Strain Thresh-
old 5 vehicle that; requires Piloting [Planetary] to
operate Further, while the flight systems are engaged
and the wearer is conscious to guide himself down, he
does not suffer damage from falling.


BOLmLy hurmcrs who specialim in wild ammals and

dangerous beasLs sometimes make a habiL of coiled:
mg trophies to Show off their accomplishmentg. Th 86)
trophies, from horns and teeth to hides and pelts,
may erud up on display m the nmLy hunters
to more
or Ships, 01" the hunLers might put.
tical use. Thege runners sometimes cormnission gear
made [rom the Lroplnes Lhey have collected, gather-
img Lhe toughened hides of whatever I'Mgl]wmstolma
ble creatures they have defeaLcd so thal. their prey";
resilience passes on to them.

\ / A character wearing trophy armor suffers

Charm checks, but gains DD
to Coercion Checks due

Armored Drop Suit
to the armors iI'nimidaLing appeararlco. AL Lhe GMS
discretion, Charm Checks made to in1pr055 or p011
suadc other Cl'1aracLer's of the wearer's prowess may
receive [1D instead

Armored Drop Sun

WWW 1 H500 6
Hard Points
2 '1

r) [RI 22,000 /, 17)

Hunters Tmpiw Almm [mnmlcmd] :J | 1

Hunters Trophy Am'lor (Clxstomrmade) '

0 2 (R) 1.00) 4 l 6

(R) (5,000 {i 1 H Sprmm

Mmldnlnriarl Armol ' L)

Trophy armor has LWO Prices and Availabillties on
Table 24: Armor Use the first price listed [IR]
2,000/9) if a Character is aLLempLing to DLHCHEISC an
cxlsng suit of Lropi'ly armor outright, and the second
price listed [[Rl 1000/6] if a cl"uaracl_er hag already
procured a suitable hide and wishes to have M. {ash
ioned into trophy armor by an arLlsan.

,. .t, ,1 W

Although the ancier'lt warrior culLure oi' the Mandalori

ans is long past its heyday, its presence carl SUH be felt
on many worlds. Among the most recogmzable Marv
dalorian items are their ITIBUCLIIOUSIy crafted suits of
baLLlc armor, SuiLs of Mandaloam armor offer some
of Lhe best personal protection in the galaxy, and
Lhelr owners Lypically take advantage 01" the alllperlai
tivc coerruction to install rmneroua additional sub
syslmm and weapom While there are few armorer's
capable of cramg this arrmr, the prestige of owning
it comes at a premium to many bounty I'umters.
Some i'lum:er3 feel a spiritual kinship with the legend
ary Mandalorian warrior; who are descr'ibcd in stories
across the galaxy as deadlyi mthlegs~warrior3 and
laners. Others revel in the fear the suits sLiH ir'xspir'e,
and many more simply recognize the quaiity ol' the
armor as better than many of the best: modern designs.
A few warriors ever] claim Imeal descent from the old
Mandalorian clans, such as the Death Watch [error
Mandalorian Armor
ist group from the Clone Wars, although not; everyone
Lakes (such claims seriously Whatever their reasons,
|"IUIH;YS who acql.lire Mandalorian armor often value
Lhelr Quit; above nearly any other possession, and PCs who wish LO obtain l\/1au'1dalorian armor may
cusLomize Lhcm with carefully selected modifications. nd Lhe effort of getting a suit. worthy CM the name
Such upgrades make the SLIiLS even more durable, pro more challenging than buying other gear. See Achir'
vide new utility 1.0 the wearer, or conceal deadly Lricks ing Mandalorian Armor for suggcsLions on acquiri-
L0 help a bounLy I'wunter get the edge in any SiLuaLion. ing Mandalorian armor with upgrades installed


he basic profile of Mandalorian armor repre- of the EDGE or THE EMPIRE Core Rulebook]. Marv
sents an unmodied suit of armor, but almost dalorians also frequently wore jetpacks with their
no one who wears the armor leaves it unmodified armor, but typically from an external mount,
for long, If the PCs are searching for Mandalorian rather than as an integrated attachment.
armor to buy, they can look for a suit with specic
Two example setups for suits of Mandalorian
attachments already installed. In either case, the
Armor are detailed below.
rarity of the suit increases by I, or to the rarity
of the rarest installed attachment, if that would be Novice Hunters Armor: Tracking Systems
higher. The base price of the suit is increased by (modied with a single Skill [Vigilance] Mod),
the cost of the attachments. Enhanced Optics Suite. lf found on the market,
this suit would cost anywhere from 8,675 to
Common attachments installed into Mandalorian
10,550 credits.
armor include Tracking Systems (see page 52),
as we]! as Enhanced Optics Suites, Strength Veteran Commandos Armor: Integrated Hol-
Enhancing Systems. and Vacuum Seals; the best sters [All Mods installed), Strength Enhancing
suits of Mandalorian armor are often upgraded System [2 Innate Talent [Brace] Mods installed),
with features such as a Cortosis Weave or Supe- Superior Armor Custon'nzation, Vacuum Sealed.
rior Armor Customization (see pages 194195 If found on the market, this suit would cost any-
where from 12,250 to 18,500 credits.

Just as most bounty hunters carefully select. their per- SHOCK PULSE EMI'ITER
sonal arsenals to SLlil. their purposea, it is also common
for hunters to adjust and improve their gear with care Shock pulse emiLterg operate along principles simi
lar" to a blasters stun selling, but at a much shorter
fully cusmmized hardware for an even greater edge
effective rangeia range short enough L0 be of HtLle
use as weapom in Lhcmselves. However, when shock
NEW WEAPON pulse emiLLem are llutegratcd into weapor'ls intended
ATTACHMENTS for Close combat to begin with, they become effecA
tive combat tools to debilitate opponents and make a
Weapons are important tools of the trade to bounty finishing blows easier to land This attachment can be
hunters, and any upgrades that make them Inorc relii installed on any Melee or Brawl weapon
able are popular among such individuals:
Models Include: Corellian Personal Defense Sum Pad.
Base Modiers: Grams Lhe weapon the Stun (+2]
the chaos of a firegt'm, shots can go astray, damaging
Modication Options: 2 Weapom Quality [Stun + I]
Mods, Weapon Quality [Disorient + 1] Mod.
properly or bystanders. While some hunters do mot care 1

about the carnage they cause, Lhis kind of haphazard Hard Points Required: 2.
damage is a liability, courting attenUon from the law or Cost: 1,500 credits,
revenge from those who suffer in the crossre, To mitii
gate this risk, some bounty hunters~ invest; m firing locks UNDER-BARREL MICRO-ROCKET RACK
on their blasters, ailowing them to designate specic tar-
Microrockets can be red in a plethora of ways, and
gets for the weapons Once Lhe systems' sensors have
some hunters mount. them on their other weaporls,
recognized a target, the weapons refuse to fire without a
giving these arms a deadly secondary re mode [see
clear shot, minimizing the chances of collateral damage.
Micro-Rockets on page 46]. This aLtaci'm'Ient can
This attachment can be installed on any ranged weapon
be installed on any ranged weapon,
that does noL possess the Blast or Autryre quality.
Models Include: BlasTech Fir1isher Rocket Rack,
Models Include: BlasTech Surere Safety Sensor,
TaggeCo Under-Barrel Rocket Battery
Cadregg Armory Model-87 Weapon Sensor.
Base Modiers: Enables weapon to fire loaded I

Base Modiers: The wielder of: a weapon with this

1'1'1icr'o-rockelg. Adds the Cumbersome [-6- 1] quality [:0
attachment may designate a target as an incidental
weapon, and mcreages Emurnbrancc by 5. As micro
While performing the Aim maneuver. Once a target. has
rockeLs are Limited Armno weapons, the latn'lclwr

been designaLed, the weapon cannot be fired at anoLher

has the Limited Ammo quality] and thus must; be

target! All combat Checks made with the weapon to

reloaded wth a new micro-roam to be fired again.
attack the designated target cancel one additional () 325
result after I has been used to cancel any rezsults.

Only onP target can be designated at a time, and the

0 rocket Mods, 2 Remove I
Modication Options: 2 Mount additional micro 1

from Checks Lo re micro

rockets from this aLLacllmem Mods;
n '1. 31

wielder may disengage the lock as a marmver,

Hard Points Required: 3
Modication Options: Cancelan additional (5)) Mod

Cost: [R] l ,200 credits.

Hard Points Required: 1
Cost: 900 credits.


Attachment ,
HP Required
weiih 'Attamehis"
900 4
Marl<or1513r410t Firing Lock 1

Shock Pulse Emitter

1,500 2 5

Under BHIICI Micro Rmzket Rnrk [R] 1.200 I 3 3

Armor Attachments

00 1, I} 4
Integrated JWHBICTS .7

MicroRocket Armor Mounting [R] 800 + J 2 G

Ritpuwn /\;';I';lcd Liming; LOW) 1

7 :2 1

Flanking System 1,000

Although more common
among factory or warGEFUS:
mm the right modications, a bounty hunters labor crews than in
can become more than just armor battle, FCDU'SOMSSM syategt
protection~h can be have gained some
information, advertising, a digguise, or popularity among bounty hUms
ers who need to
even a weapon. haul in heavy catCheS- rhe gysfem
From the rst Mandalorians to the operate through a
savviest criminal series of rr'uimamrized repUFO!
enforcers, hunters have always had generators placed at r
a close link key joints througlIOU'l the arm: '
the development of with
armor technology easing the weight as
of attached suits, as well
loads they might ans:
support, Of course, the |"|3L1159r,r-e
INTEGRATED HOLSTERS generators are tuned
to reduce weight: and pressu c
rather than exert
By mounting their holsters into the force on their OWN 50 some Mme?
framework of their Drefer powered
armor, combatants can ensure no armor suits with lesser Iiftmgcdpdr:
one can catch bilities but more
unarmed Not only does the wearer them general applicatlom for their] sete
have easy aCCess v03. This
to these weapons at all times, attachment can only be used With Emma
but powered armor and other
and other systems can be set up
to assist the
servos fullbody hard armor its
in drawing or stowing these wearer Models Include:
weapons more
rapidly. A Culdak Heavy mdusmes Personal
character with a fuily tooled set of RepulsorFitting.
integrated holsters Base Modiers:
has access to a hidden arsenal
that can overwhelm Add 5 to wearer's BMW Score f r
most foes. the purposes Of
O Models Include: BlasTech Personal
deterrrming ECUI'T'Ibrance [mesho If;
odication Options: 2 Add h
to wearers Bxavze
0 Base Modiers: Increases
Armory Gear
encumbrance by 4
score for the
purposes of detennming
threshold Mods, 2

character may holster up to 2 The Skill [Athletics] ModS-

weapons of Encum Hard Points Required: 2.
brance 5 or lower in the armor,
While holstered, Cost: 1,000
weapons do not count toward the these credits
characters Encum
brance value
Modication Options: 2 Add
ters Perception checks to nd
weapons stored
to Othe r Charao
Through a series .

of SDeCIahzed compter Syswm

armor Mods, 3 holster up to in the _

additional weapon
sensor: this
Encumbrance 75 or lower in the 0} attachmem collecLs and processes- dog:

armor Mods, from the wearer's

Talent; [Quick Draw) Mod. Innate 1
movemems of
surrour'ldigs to follow and predlgt
Hard Points Required: 2. designated Largets. A headSUp dbpp )5/
Cost: 300 credits. Negrated into a helmet
or Visor fecdS the Male! #1
Information onto
an overlay of their SUITOUHdmgS' 1:
Systems are not;

MICRO-ROCKET ARMOR limited Lo local 1311965, Cimer' Wt Lag

follow Signals
MOUNTING from distant COITIIT'HJI'JJiCEITLOI'S or tag? a

Microrockets are flexible (if meGSS Optimal routes
, dangerous) wmpon" .1 armor
towards them, Trackig #211:
favored as secondmy
. .

arms by many VF
O are QYDically
Bounty Hunters Similar designed to operate alongSIth
(gee Micro-Rockets on page equipment, and are afterl able to integrate
red from a mount installed in
46), and
genpmhy other systems WI
the wielders to a greater effeCL than We 5le of I?
This attachment can be installs armor DarLS. This
d on any
attachrr'lejnt can be 0 3W armOl-
Models Include: BlasTech MagClip Models Include:
IVHcroRmW ase Galkor SoluLions W97 manor/1.1613"
Mounting, Coseia HlC Last Word" Modiers: CheCKS 0
System, countless custom variants, La'mCh/Targt; 4 r track a designated Upgrade the abiliW Of
target, once. The Wearer may???"
Base Modiers: Enables user to {gate a target; by
re I
rocket without needing to perform loaded mir'rr Lammg line $03de
a rnarwuvcrvvhi'?a.i
of sight to Lhe
draw. Increases encumbrance
a manequr
and commLmication EareeL, or Ll'llOUgn .SEPSO'
are Limited Ammo
by 5, S
micr()-r();kntj' Tagger [see equipmenfsuch as a SurvenlarICG
weapons, the
page 176 or the EDGE OF THE EMPIR? COM:
Limited Ammo quality, and thus launcher ha; {hs RUIGbOOKJ
Only single Larget can be dGSignaLed a

must be a
a time.
with a new micro-rocket to be red J

Modication Options: 5 Mount: again, . _

rocket Mods, I Remove I additio nal micro.
from Chec ks
rockets from this attachment Mod

to re micro-
[Survwal] Mod,
ard Points '

Re qunred:
l Skill [VigilaCCJ MOdy

I Ski H

Hard Points Required: 2.

Cost: 1,000
Cost: [R] 800 credits.

no nmmmnon:
ounty hunters rely on gear from a variety 0!. cm; AS long as a homing beacon is functional, the per
{Brent sources. Some pieces are taken from tradi son who acLivated H; may name the associated target
[icnal law erorcemcm kiL, while others are far more across the galaxy. No tests are required, so long as
specialized, including adapted hunting tools, logistics the target travels Within known systems. A homing
systems, or even experimental equipment. beacon remams functional indenitely, ur'lless it is
Before a bourlty hunLer unholster's a Single weapon
The ability to Lum a leap into an extended flight at
the hunter must nd the prey, Bounty hunters use a
will offers a tremendous level of tactical verSatiliLy, If
variety of tools LO track their targets and keep them
an opponent fails to recognize this capacity, then the
secure, and employ many of these items in ways than.
advantage becomeg even more substantial. Rocket
the marwfacturer never interuded.
boots enable an individual to take flight on a whim,
Without being as bulky or as obvious as a jctpacly
The convcr'lience of their smaller size comes at
Verify/mg a targets identity is crucial to retrieving pay- a cost, l'1owever. Rocket boots cannot operate for
ment on any acquisition A wise bounty hunter does extended periods, due to their limited cooling capac
50 prior to contacting the bountys sponsor. A bioscan lLy, Furthermore, as they are worn {211 from a beings
is a device thaL scans for life forms as weH as verify- center of gravity, they are far more difculL to control,
ing their physical makeup for arlomaHes and identi
Rocket boots emable a person to {uncLion as a
ers Biometric data can be compared against another
Silhouette I, Speed I, Handlimg ~75, SysLem Strain
sample or a recording of one previously obtained,
Threshold 3 vehicle that can omly operate m atmov
Using J bioscan to scan an area for life signs grants Sphere, and requires Piloting [Planetary] to operaLe.
El to any Perception checks Opposing Stealth. Using At the end of the each round of activation, Lhe rocket
the device to verify a persons identity rewires an boots suffer system strain as their [1er depletes.

Average (Q Q) Computers check and a biometric

identier for comparison The CM may modify this
difficulty based upon any umusual anatomical charac
teristics 0f the targets species,


Often, a hunter needs Lo Lrack prey across tremen-
dous disLanccs. Son'mtil'nes this could be to identify
a base of operaLions, other times it might simply be n-I_
a matter of 13ng a lead to a mark when the actual
targets locaLion is unknown. A homing beacon is a
device Lhat. tracks a starship 01 its passengers and
cargo even after a hyperspace jump. Homing beacons
depend upon using existing Holoth Lransceivers to
transmit their locaLion back to their source. Conse
quently, their effectiveness is sharply limited when
the vehicle travels L0 5: sysLem mat is r101. comected
to the HoloNet.
Hommg beacons vary substantially in size and m '42.
their means 0{ application Snlaller models cam be
thrown by hand or manually anached to their tar,
gets. Larger" ones may be fired from a rifle or even a
vellicJe-mowlted weapon Lo track a more distant Lar
get. The size of the homing beacon is most relevam in
determirmg the likelihood LhaL anyone on the target
V0356! might, noLicc its presence. \ Rocket Boots


Bioscan 2,000 :


HoloNet Homing Beacon .500 O 5


RockelBoot; 2,500 ; 2 8

Tracker's Goggles 600 O 5

1293! Equipment

Com~Scan (R) 5,000 I 0 6

Holographic Disguisc Matrix (R) 10,000 l E)

2,500 '/
Saline Pump l

Drugs and Pnisuns

Sleeppack [1 dose) 2 r


Suliur Inhaler [IO doses]

TRACKER'S GOGGLES Military organizations mount complex and sopnisi

ticated comscans on their capital ships, which are
Widely available from a varieLy of manufacturers such capable of tracing signals even across subspace More
as TaggeCo, Goseia Heavy Industries Concern, and compact versions, with substantially more limited
Alvaxi, trackers goggles are marketed primarily for capabilities, however, may be insLalled in smallervehl
wilderness enthusiasts and hunters of traditional game cles, including Speeders: These are of greater interest
animals, These tools are designed with the concepts to independent operators, who might need to track
of functionality and reliability as central elements. the movements of an individual or vehicle.
When worn, the users Vision is substantially enhanced,
Using a com-scan, a character can Lriangulate the
including thermal imaging as well as improved vision
under minimal light conditions. location and movement ofa known comlink or a tram
ceiver with an Average (Q Q) Computers check The
Tracker"s goggles gram. D to the wearers Percep device functions out to close range on plarretary scale,

ally, Hackers goggles remove II

tion skill checks to locate a target by sight Additioni
imposed due to
cor'lcealmem, darkness, or fog and mist from the
Prevailing atmospheric conditions or excessive back
ground sigmals can reduce its efcacy.

wearers Ranged (Light) and Ranged (Heavy) Combat HOLOGRAPHIC DISGUISE MATRIX
skill check;
When setting a trap or infiltrating a facility, altering
one's appearance grants a huge advantage. A holo-
ILLEGAL EQUIPMENT graphic disgulse matrix overlays the wichors appear-
Bounty hunters may be agents of order, achr a fash ance with one stored on the device. The devicev-
ion, but many are happy Lo use equipment that; is not, typically small enough to wear or] a beltgir'lcludes
by strictest deniUon, legal m most places. a camera Lhat can be used 1:0 record another indi~
vidual's appearance Lo overlay on W: wearer. A base
COM-SCAN model unit is capable of storing only a single disguise
in memory at a time, though more sophisLicated and
Nearly every person and vehicle carries a comlink or a expensive units do exist
transceiver. While most are encrypted at some level~
The projected hologram must be aL least marginally
particularly militarygrade gear'gsophisticated sensory
larger than the wearer in order to provide adequate
apparatuses can detect the act of sending a signal,
concealrr'lem. Thus, it cannot be used Lo disguise a
regardless of its content, If a system is able to identify
particularly large individual as a smaller one The
the transceiver codes from a particular device, that unit
holograms are built around visible light, so do not
can be accurately traced over J great; distance, even if
grant concealment against infrared sensors or detec-
the contents of its messages cannot be decrypted.
tion devices built around other energies.


Physically similar to a stimpack, a sleeppack is an auto

injection tube lled with a variety of natural ar'ld synthetic
sedatives. The intent is to quickly knock a LargeL out, so
that he can be safely mampulated OriginaHy intended
solely for medical useiparticularly when dealing with
volaLile patienlzsigleeppacks eventually Spread Lo use in
law enforcemem, as well as amomg bounty l'uuntorg

Applying a sleeppack L0 an aware and Luwvilling target

requires the wieldcr' to make a Hard (Q Q Q) Brawl
or Melee combat check against the LargeL, Instead of
inflicting damage, if the aLtaCker succeeds, the target
must. ilrlmcdlatety resist the CHECLS of the medications
thaL flood the system as a poison [with a Resilicrme
check, as described on page 172 of the EDGE OF THE
EMPIRE Core Rulebook], Any sized dose has a Hard

(9 Q) ourculty, and failure inflicts 10 strain,

Holographic Disguise Matrix/
K Sulfur is a very COITIIHOH elemem, broadly available
across the galaxy. Devaromans have a unique reaction
When using a holographic disguise matrix, the char- |')I"CS|'|C
LO the maLer'ial. While most species nd iLs
acter can effectively impersonate the visual appear- Devaronian
noxious 01 even poisonous, it stimulates
ance of whomever the device has previously recorded.
physiology Many Devaronians exploit: this by adding
to impersonate the target and adds I Ito
This device adds DD to the user's Deception checks

ers Perception checks to detect the imposter.

puried sulfur into a small, pressurized air cylinder.
When inhaled, [he suHur ITIOVGS into Lhe limodstream
quickly and travels throughout Lhc body.
SALINE PUMP A Devaroman with an inhaler cam use a I'nancuver
to inhale a dose of Lhe drug from it. The character
Clawdites adjust their shape by moving uid through suffers 2 strain and adds I]
to any Brawn or Agility
their body, and reorganizing the structures on their checks he makes until the end of the encoumerx Addi
skin's surface. This ability is partly limiLed by practice Lionai doses inict more strain but do not give any
and technique, but is also affected by the amount; of additional bonuses. A dose is ineffective and urnyleas-
fluid within their bodies. Particularly accomplished am for most non-Devamnians
Clawdlte Shape-changers may Choose Lo wear a saline
pump that can modify the amount of fluld within their
limbic system as needed
A Clawditc wearing a saline pump can increase or
hile Bounty Hunters are technically afli-
decrease his mass and size by as much as a tenth,
ated with law enforcement, they often
enabling him to shapedwnge into a broader range
have a flexible code of ethics when it comes
of forms. Add D to Ll1eClawdiLcs checks to pass llim
to obeying all of the laws. When it suits their
add I
self off as another person using his 5pecies ability, and
to othcr characters' checks Lo the Clawdites
physiological deception. Non-Clawdites gain no bew
purposes, they are often wining to use equip-
ment that is of questionable legality or even
outright illegal. Care must be taken to conceal
et to disguise from this item [and would likely nd it
or explain away such gear when working with
exceedingly Limorm'ortabm to use].
allies within the ofcial power structures.
Of course, some less than scrupulous organi
DRUGS AND POISONS zations that post bountieswsuch as the Hutt
Different species have markedly different physiolo- kajidics, the Black Sun, and the Galactic Empire
gics. A substance that is a miracle drug to one spe- are frequently willing to overlook certain illicit
cies could be irrevocably lethal to others. Drugs with items used by bounty hunters, so long as their
comparable effects do exist for many species, but the wielders deliver results. The Rebel Alliance, in
formulatloms of these can be markedly different, contrast, tends to take a harder moral line on the
weapons used by freelancers in its employ.
Ma.. ,nnruntw, I,

ounLy hunter's are best; known for ,


bounty is collected in space. When

Band their planethopping careers, but last Ships
not every Vehicle THoe/Model:
""5 ,

J C83
the Heed arises Airspeeder/XLSC Guardsman,
and a hunter must go planetsid Manufacturer: Tion Mil/Sci Industries.
e to track a mark
Ll|ro:,1gh the teeming throngs
of an ecumenopolis Maximum Altitude: 150
or kilometer;
through the shadowy paths of a Sensor Range: Long
primordial forest, a
good, reliable vehicle Is worth its Crew: One pilot,
weight in credits. one copiloL, one sensor/(Rm?
operator, one security
tech [if equipped with pIISOr
handling system].
SPEEDERS Encumbrance Capacity: 50
While Lhey lack the raw flexibility Passenger Capacity:
of spacecraft, 2 (usually pHSOQrS)

meeders are extremely useful m Price/Rarity: 39,000

ar atmosphere,
[ng a lower profile man starships and Customization Hard Points:
operatirlg at a 1.
fraction of the cost In an overl and eapons: Forward-mounted
pursuit, some high [Fire Arc Forward;
performance Speeders can even ]-
outpace starships. Damage 5; Critical 4; RakC-ie {0056,
Linked 1)
The XLBc Guardsman, produced MODEL 90 RANGER
by Tim Mil/Sci
Industries, is the civilian version Cryospac Repulsorli; J ,

oleVlSls XLB Guard. Corporation is a '"EIat'Ve gtgvn

ian force recormaissance ship comer to the
used by the galactic landspeedor market. Base
Army and the [88. A blocky, ungainly Imperial Seikosha, the
ship, Lhe Guards. fourth planet of Lhe Breago Systemce m
man bears a striking resemblance the Outer Rims
to Mobqueyg a
RegioSy may Proqud
MBCl Medium Cargo
Hauler: A horizontal, small handful oi"
cylindm rugged, surprisig'y WCHDUIIE ldgwe
cal flight deck similar to that of speeder's for
Lhe CRgO holds expOrL: Of their Six current modelsv
or three in a tight buL well laid-out a crew MQO Ranger '1
is the most
the ship's
cockpit, along With
son, Built for popula', and With good rev:
primary weapons and flight exploration and travel in hazardolus
flighL deck is connected controls, The ronments, the Smith
by a narrow spar Lo Ranger was desigtd Wimarlly
rectar'lgLMar fuselage Lhat holds a long,
L1rvey0rs and
the ships drives back counLry search amd reswe 148dWms
the bulk of its; sensor suite, A and m mind
Due to iLs tough
sewre, airlocked bqu and SPUCiaI'Zed sly

sage allows: Lhe crew to move pas- Fem-s, however,

between the flight the Ranger has popU
and mam fuselage. deck {W m other SIOWW QE'ir'Cd 68
markeL segments, imludirlg the galaxy
Designed ("or police and bounty hunter
searchandr GSCLIE community.
the Guardgman is a slow, work, Long and

lumbering vessel sleek, the Ranger has a mudy' (deg

mized for high altitude obaervaLion opti
|151[Jedhljllwil:r121 bldgiV'
and patrol. mm nose and a broad at red" )'
iLs milspcc cousin, the Like mg :1; a
Guardsman is packed silhouette
similar to that; OI a fast, ad powelil
gunwales with a number or to thrg wateTCrafL. The
powerful automated passenger cm'nparlmenL, Shaped, 1)th
sensor (systemsAife form a 'DOIHIQd
detectors, Chemical oval and running?
radiation smffers, motion semors, and 0? the almost Lhe (Mire mg
multloptic Sensor vehicle, is
suites, highpowered cameras, pilot and one equipped Cvith three rows of wag-1d
encrypted, long-range pasgenger 3H, [Jar forward, while balms
comms, and morethat allow it them are
to assemble two bench
resolution View of a broad swam a high.
J sengcrs seat; that can hold twee pa
oi"ground ,
For patrol and law enforcement A
use, TMSI reinforced
vides a prisonerhandlirlg suite Dro- Lranspasieel canopy Covers Mn]:
that can be paSSGWQBF
corrlbartment, am 1:; both p(;)JariZd
at the factory or by an aftermarket equipped 6165
specialist. This
thllrJr)ed with a
provides the Guardsman with me Surface DHOIECOHLlOHGd SYSLCVT' that chag/W
six secure, from Opaque
mentally sealed holding cells, each environ- to anywhere [:0 cor'nplctely L'lwpal-Co'
capable of hold. in between
mg two hLuTIar'I-sized beingsor' the depending on the Cw-501'
. one Wookiee passengers. Thls
individual[or transport, along corweniemce might seem mlt1

~Sized but can
With various I11;
dramatically H'T'IprOVO the })()|R)FIT]aCG q
and restraint systems to help security
.me cells and associated
man attractive to both planetary
to bounty hunters, and the ships
keep prisoners
systems make the

are m high
in mm;
po [ice forces
GUalIty of life
and Other
of the Operator
such are
in extremely Wight @115
deserLs, snowy WilSLCS
if-3mm with Ler'ram
ppunty hunter,

LhaL reHecls light- Fog

among both groups. demand having clear Vigion mighL I'TlCa
[game beLwcen
SpoLLimj a key dgmil and migsl ,
prolonging a
DWBLIiL or failing
behind the compeHlJO

A he'5W-Cluty CRC-X8O vre'pul'sor generator feeds U I
- [l 1!

vehicles hull.

Coils spread -thl0u'gh0ut the 7

#Zwerful engines,
LX-990 .Whirlwind .turbine
14 10
m0 h'gh'OUtPUt

ounted on triangularoutriggrs provide the Ranger.

vectored 'Vehicle Type/Model: LandspeederM/QO Ranger.
ioplous amounts of'thrUst; and a simple Manufacturer: Cryospac Repulsorlift Corporation,
32:: system glves the speeder better thanwaverage " .'
isvin, It stout Maximum Altitude: 10_meters.
agili:y. The Rangers .real worth,v however,

fram Internal systems, The cabin

can Sensor Range:
beeeEHd mgged

from _most Crew: One_ pilot.

nVIrQnmentally sealed and is shielded
f0. radiation contamina 'EnC'umbrance Capacity: 20.
rmS-Ofchemlcal, biological, and '
Capacity: 6.
tlon, The internal syStems are'hardened. and designed Passenger
and othgr PriCe/Rarity: 19,500 credits/4.
Way asvto reduce shock, vibration, em- Points: 4.
3232C? dangerqus Custpmization-Hard
effects from heavy use in None.
mnr:m8 that can take Weapons;
_ents. All of this makes for a vehicle
in ordinate-amounts of abuse and keep working.

NEW STARSHIFS' rst purpose-built combat

into the market, and thq
ma'tter-his specialty, TI, the Aggressof is a fast, potent
ngood bounty hunter, no get rakound. Like
vessel designed by
patrol and medium combat
maa'WayS' needs a good way to ship optimized for
pursuessmugglers: lightly-armored, V-shaped
01 the criminals he
duties. It has a narrow,
piranty' spaceborne scum~a Sfoils mounted port and star-
95,, and other assorted, tool. hull with articulated
b Qunty hunters ship is both a home and a key .
precision control surfaces. The

board that act as located between the

two-position tandem cockpit is
the V, and a single, powerful,
STARFIGHTERS AND forwardfacing arms of '

engine is mounted at the point.

KDY Sol-Mk. VI ion
PATROL BOATS Because of the
Aggressors incredible acceleration,
bounyty hunters found it necessary to add numer-
starghters are rarely used by the crafts designers
$12!:0 their lack of interior space and mten5e_ mam-
features to the craft, stacking
ous limiters and safety
Su'ted to and similar devices to keep the
ten ance needs, patrol boats are perfectly inertial dampeners
agent- while performing high-speed
th e needs of a freelance law enforcement pilot co'nscipus and alive
worsen the crafts handling,
maneuvers, These features
LT Fl GHTER pilots from incapacitating themselves
AGG RESSOR ASSAU but also prevent
while flying it.
EliIOn lncorporateds Aggressor Assault
stUrs_ the line between
patrol boat and
arghter. A relatively new entry
ghtr Used byf-the' Concijrd
Dawn Protectors,a mili-
ti_aare known and
feared throughout th'q-Martdalhoi
Han Sector. Flbwn
by some of the best'pllots In t e
Hull Type/Model: Patrol-Boat/Aggressor. ector, the Fang
ghter is a 'common sight mm in the
Manufactqrer: Trilon Concord Dawn system

Inc. . and throughout the seCtor'
: Hyperdriv: ,

Primary: Class 2, Backup: Class AD Elegant, broad-shouldred

Navicomputer: Yes. ' 8, starghter with an.
aggressive look, the

Sensor-Range: Short.
Fang ghter is unlike anything '

-' else in its class. .

Ships Cbmplement: One


With its angu'lar'silhouette and

pilot, one cO-pilot. C_ranked-delta planform,
there is no mistaking a Fang,


Encumbran'ce Capacity: 2 '

ghter as it speeds
Passenger Capacity: 8. a small,
through fuselage is
space. The
e1ongated hexagon With a single, masslvsi
Consumables: Three months. -

high-output, ion
Price/Rarity: 160,000 credits/6; . engine dominating the aft ect'.j~

. and ~a low-prole
Customization Hard Points: 5'. '
' canopy Icolverirng the m'dShmi
mounted cockpit.
Weapons: Forward-mounted Two massive, artiCU'ated 5.foHS
twin mfedium laser half again as \
long as fhedSelageare mounted,

cannons [Fire ArC'Forward; 'Damage .the fusela
ge, each one mounting
Range [Close]; Linked 1), 6;?Critical 3; a single huge '0
engine and the
majority of the Ships wear)on sys'

, ,

. Forward-mounted twin medium

. .
tems. .The S-fQiIs- Ca'n
Arc Forward; Damags; ioncannori (Fire 'rotate.and be' raised and low-
Critical 4; Range ered throug h
an Impresswe range of motlon hC

Ion, Linked 1).,' [Sh ort]; ,

. ,
combined with. the
Forwardjmounted light tractor engines sophisciated Vectored0'
beam prbjector thrust system,
(Fire Arc Forward; Dam'age advanced flight Control SYStems'
; Critical
_;, Range clever Use ofxaut'omated ail-e,
-[Close]; Tractor 2).

. these big ghters vernier thrusters. ma

shokingly agile- .


Safety Limiters: 'As a St glance, ghters
standard weapons IoaCIOlJt '5 a

Iase .
maneuver, the pilot
of an, cannons mountd
light-Apair of meglum K

Aggressor Starghter- can

shut off the iri .the,-S-foils~ makes'UP th?

safety Iimitrs and additional automatic of the but:
inertial da mpers. '
ghterswaponIsysfem's; Mounted m t,t
changes the crafts Handling This ghter's belly
to +3, but however," just forwardOf the COG-ma,
the pilot perfor_ms a piloting whenever I a retractable
proto'n torpedo iauncher carryIng
ter aboard suffers 5 strain; maneuver,'.each charac_ Sl_ngle torpedo,
The torpedo launcher: althqugh it
Droids and, at
discretion, characters with the GMs gives the ghter
4 o'r much needed tactical flexibi!lty a2,
enhancementssuffer only strain more cybernetic the ability to
DUnch well above its Weight '5 us
'each ti .
meinstead. sparingly by i5
PrOtectorate pilots and itS New: 'e
not widely known.
MANDALORIAN PROTECTO While-they carry 0 ShiEIds'
TE Fang ghters have 'a

STARFIGHTER sturdily built fuselage.cover e

{n heavy. armor 5:
The 'dsigners. of the designed to absorb or deegt
Mandalbrian Pro'tect.
Ingoming ordnante mtohe
Starghter, or Fang ghter; or energy blSfS- In addition,
Shlps blistering
nacle of space ghters,
consider it to be speed and remarkable. agilify,;am''
building on the 31:21:: .blneO! with its
the much largen-Gauntlet tradition narrow silhou'ette, make the shlp
ghter Ins tgad ' bf Incredibly hard I
as a heaVy ghter and
- target to Mt: ' '

transport Iike ItS oflacting ,

Most of these -

Older sib- impressiv ghters were 5013513 toih:

ling, however, Protectorate, but'a
the Fang small han'dfulhave mde "t 130'5"
open market
ghtgr! is a pre; in one way_or
. _Syndicate has reso another- The BlaCkhave
Clsyon strfk'e let some of these' ships that
made thelr PrO
way away frorri .th'e
tectors, thou h CorICOrd Dawn
8 these craft, remain-0|ifCUIt to ack
down and thus tram
in. demand among collectors .
mercenary P'IOFS ._

Hull ghter '

Manlyflpe/Model; SLarHgiItcr/Fang
ac_turer: Mandalh/lotors.
Hype rdrlve: Prhnary: Class 2, Backup1 None,

N aVIcomputer: Yes.
sinor Range: Close
Complement: Om: pilot
Enczsmbrance Capacity: 2
consenger Capacity: Nome
Pricstlmaples: One day.
Rgrlty: IIZOOOO credits/9, Overall, Lhe (HA is
Weaomlzation Hard Points: \.
fOrward mounted min
2:?OIWEIrd; Damage 5;
ht 35 Camorls
OWN-3'3 3 Range [Close];
a wellliked,
welldesiglled vessel, W per

haps a bi t Lmexciting.
m any one paritipuku"
it does shine m Its
While iL doesm't stand 0m.
way peHormamewig-0, where
rnodlficaLion poliemtial,
Lillked i],, 15;

. ,\ proton torpedo (HA as a basic ship that

reLraCLatie Byblos e Ilvigioned the
lauwdld Critical 2; wllh artenarkel, weaporw and
[We Arc Forward; Damage 8;

could be OULHLLed
2, Lirmlied and sold by BDY of
[thIt]; Blast 6, Breach 6, CUided sensor pawagey-designcd
0 1, SIOWFMFIQ I]. ship to a |:)z.uLir;ular users neds
coursemto taHor Lhc
UrorLunatcly, due LO a
nmnber of rrlarket factors th
agngIONAL RULES 1:)opulariLy or sales r1urnim";
Attack Prole; When an e nemy ship
at close (HA never gained the plans lor me producL ME
ran/1990? Sliargl'lter, it counts
this Lhal BUY expected,
a Prr.)1_ectoral:c scaled back Few of the EHtermarlwI
3]Iip): Sailfgets mmirmun of I] for the were drastically aim
(.IOUCHTE' as lower [to a 1

attack. packages were ever

built, and those that remain
$301 deLcrmining the dHIiculLy of
911mg: Lhe
Lo Lhe'n" modular name,
vgmisi'Hrlgw rare, Due rian
are eminemly modifiable, and
ever, these ships
G-1A HEAVY STARFIGHTER mo u nt 0 Li H ker mg a nd
I: iu'r yr
withs [a n d a H enormous

sLLndHy iguirlL sufl'ermg m Lheir parlormance.

Tr ; , SLrIEIIgl'ner is a large,
iggi mg wi m 0 u 1,

(I:}[gvily}/1\ JHS'VQ'VIV endgars It LO

battlefield rollelthaL ,

some Qmrch 1%belleelanc:crs. Orlglnally dgsngneclgs

an all DHIVVDLSIH}sysmln patrol malt by Byog DIN?
Vilma, '71er EC
r|/\I3 a handsome, Lllan
glidcsilgned Srlrllp
agHHy. It
has a LaH,
f 598% rathczf and a long,
narmW 91;] DbuH bows Palixol BoaL/(Ji 1A,
Hull Type/Model:
liixg(_jrp}):,j(1933041 suetghcg Yards.
canopy Lhat Manufacturer: Byblos Drive If),
dorsal SldC. Two Class 2, Baclmp: Clams
I){""_ lengul 91
l'he Shlp s m Hyperdrive: Prinmry:
are IT'lplnneq Yes,
OWEN; BPS 980 ion drivers artlgv Navicomputer:
tarmac; 13(0ng masswe Show.
:3i1|[,>s:-;Lem( anda Sensor Range:
\NintOVIIfIIUKIC campy Pm" Complement: Or IO pilot, (mo {30'WOW/8mm;
IIlrixiulmtec-iiabai'i: We Ships
Vicki's li f mmy scrranmed mmi 25.
liIC ship Encumbrance Capacity:
W)!" Moldy}? and IS 5st flnxmgh
Passenger Capacity:

annolilVLrevynmrl'lljcrs SIdC.
an m'dShlpfj haLch on the at ail board Consumables: Owe nlonLh.
Det- , \ 01"Igll1aHy as a system p aLrol and
. .
Price/Rarity: 50,000 1

Points: 4.
di(*li(j,l]glf(fd. number" 0 Heaturea Customization Hard
mm, the (ll-A Shares a Lwin medium laser (Law
in (x ships; of 1L5 size.
IL is
Weapons: F0rmxardwuMod 6-, CliLicai 5; Rarwe
mo','0 With other populaa r Sturdy mm with a rem-

Forward; Damage
" CLC'V armored, buL has non [Fire AH:
forth Jerfomnancc shield [Close]; Linked I],
cnmcussion I'lliSSHG launch
Nd keel amj one ( [he highcs u n Led Mi

F0 rwa rd mo
From the ,.-. (3'; Critical 73 Rang
Ship in 1L5 class: Damage

it 1:32) aw
d "vrSIJELCLal'Jla weapons
Ioadom (:onglglulg erg [Fire Arc
Breach 4, Guided :6, Limited Amu
0[ firm) grdmancc IIEILIVIIQIKVJJ. [Show]: Bast 4,
and l'Icavy Slov\rl:iring I],
its 36,30?WWDOIM respcctaolc, [not 4, Lhuked I,
21nd comms package
and High,
DarLirIillf OLILSLJJIdIIW; and ILS targeting
IY dGSIgr'led,
(:onLrEI JVJJJITIS are mLuilivc and well

no mum-manna"; @
The Kihraxzs M .' . ,

real strength lies in its n

potential The ship's modrlijd;
primary SLIUCtLH'LiS:lrltemg
tems~fuselage wir'lgbox, weapons
drives~are 5H *Jygi
unibconstmcted and ned
to be easily Easic
installed and reITIOYed
shipyard facilities. EmmerS to
be tailored to
Tm allows me
g Wong
their user's exacL Sptflrf'fg
TransCalMeg sells
with signicant aftermarket modlf'lcratufgrmkits
upgrades to W: base pd


r @ a
AFT am.

Hull Type/Model:
anufacturer: 'mrwsGalMeg;
Hyperdrive: Primary; Class 5, EacwpNone.
Navicomputer: Yes.

1 u
Sensor Range:

Complement: One pilOL

Encumbrance Capacity:
/ Passenger
Capacity: 0.
onsumables: One
KIHRAXZ LIGHT Price/Rarity: 65,000
S credits/6.
TARFIGHTER ustomization Hard
The Kihraxz
light starghter Points: 5
eapons: Min Wirngirnowted ,
5th Can
versatile starghter is, perh
aps, Hons [Fire "gm
Designed and built currently on the Arc Forward; Damage Cl ?

by TransGalMeg ange [Close],-
S was lncor Linked 1),
commissioned m3
forwardmounted concussio
criminal syndicate
to HH a
by th '

(Fire Arc
Forward; Damaee
my.rulau Cher
number of role!" 6; Critical 5; Rallgey [Short]:
organization. Since Blast 4,
the ghters Breach 4, Guidd Slov

a number
of roles in would b0 d Firing 3, Limited ArmO w
various I]
out the galaxy, environments One
Black Sun through- forwardmounted light ion caml) We Arc
lightweight, easy to requested a OiWar'd;
operate simple, rename Damage 5; Critical [[ol
modied to t roles ship that could 4; Rage [CIOSGJ'
ranging from be egily' CUSTOM
tion tolspace escort to
and With their Black SLm'S Vaksai
nearly bottomless g|_1irjar1;p Modication Package: A preiabma {pd kit 4

ample capital, coffers of V

. J
TransGalMeg providi 5mm) Inodil'icaljons _

vuvleg .0,
potent and versatile produced a mew" Kihrax7 sold by
ghter of a extremalg T'C"?flp;,ci<e1g
modular light stargflter',
in ship building kind nearly Hm
circles. v mcfude 5
The base model
blame to lncom s
Ki hraxz

X-wmg and
bears a I'
tems, a
DUt shield
Ubgraded engines
heavier weapoug
and flight gglroi/It
Joadout, and 1].]?
generamr; While expansive, 103C KWFJXZ

n ,

Short, narrow
fuselage with
Z95 ghters. resnm Dilots who
can afford H, gurviv
H; h; swear by We adcfgq
mounted amidships. a
single-positior: a ability arld
Two poWer'r'ul corkpu' repower it ghter
slung in naceHes to engage provides, allOWiUg (Qua
ion enginmvar heavier targets
beneath a and emerge VictorIO
dorsaIInounted pair of Models Include:
Wings located SF'Ianlg/hlld
pairofsmaHercanards aft of the ase Vaksai Modication
mounted to the cockbil' ., End, Modiers: Changes Pacfagilnng [0
extra stability,
The ghters w + 1, and armor to 5 5
of highoutput primary r aft defense
to l.
blaster cannons~are weapons~a pan: odication
Options: Replace twin WII'Igj'TpL1' ,

Wingups, with an
ordnance launcher mounted ;' ght: blaster cannom

mounted in the
starboard and and ion with twi WHWQH'OLmE-x ght
cannon among Mod,
may Although lightiy port wing od 3 by
Increase fore defelstmodg
ships loadout, armored and
speed, and fragile, the: baqso
Increase system
Hard Points ram mmshold by
Required: 2.
Opponent, especially Cost: 45
when agilitymakeitaforrmjdabrle1
elded in large 000 CI


TRANSPORTs The hgart of the Lancer-class weapons sys-

so than tem IS the sophisticated MkJV re control
medium frevighters, even more system. which links all of the
Lancers weap- 1

Elagttogd the bounty

t:DatS, rare
the workhorses .of ons and allows the pilot to re all of them with
and versatility to
huntin Ifade. They have the size of the trigger. Firing the Lancers
toughness and a single pull
handleg and the little input from the
pehCormlosoners ant} cargo, life of weapons requires very
ance to survwe the rough and tumble pilot, who can focus on flying the ship
a fre e aHCe law enforcer. does most of the heavy
the re control system
The major
CRAFT lifting of targeting each weapon.
LANCER-CLASS PURSUIT drawback of this system is that all of the ship's
routed through
weapon control systems are

'B Orrowmg llberally from Corelli an Engineerings

- .
is knocked, offline

the FCS. and if the system

philosophy, the weapon
gzsg'th'anguage and or ion attacks, all sys
and warship. from damage
Ime between civilian freighter on terns also immediately go offline.
The late relgage from MandalMotors, created
SDECiaIest Black Sun, the Lancef As a maneuver, the
pilot may activate or ,

moreCOm'mIsspn .for the than It IS deactivate the WW FCS. While the

system is

Interdlctlon and patrol vessel dqwn forward-mounted twin light
a Workagn cargo hauler. Designed to. chase active, the ship's
.ay shlps, Linked quality increases to 4
Eein vessels or outrun other patrpl laser cannons
thESvaeCargQ able' to Withstand gains the Tractor 2 quality, but only this:
and it
559'? an? fast,-tough, and
hard u Wlth Irregular maintenance.
They were weapon system can be red.
in the most dan
designs: toifly, ght, and survive
from under Freighter/Lancerclass.
germs remote parts of the galaxy Hull Type/Model: Light

StOCkedand that end, they MandalMotors.

Often Improvised facilities. To Manufacturer:
rare' qunte Backup: Class 12,
have n" systems and Hyperdrivez. Primary: Class 2,
toUm9r0u redundant highlymodu- -

eaSy njalntam. In addition, they are to Navicomputer: Yes.

array of modications Sensor Range: Short,

Iar all
thEOWIHg for a broad them one co-pilot_
t _EdS of nearly any user.
This makes Ships Cdmplement: One pilot,
extrem _e|y attractlve to smugglers, bountyhunters, Encumbrance Capacity: 60.

and m any backwater planetary governments Passenger Capacity: 4.
ingf,or a, faSt. cheap, and well-armed patrol Consumables: Three months.
Lancer-class Price/Rarity: 120,000
the SiZe of a YT1300, the
' - .

Hard Points: 3.
haigutgy Saucer-like main hull reminiscent of many Customization
mounted'triple light laser
of CEC morePODUIar ships. A narrow, twoposmon Weapons: Dorsal turret Critical 3.
Dorsal; Damage 5; '
tandems COCkp't protrudes from the sa'ucers
forward cannon [Fire Arc All '

cramped Linked 2),

CO-pllOt m Range [Close];
leadin gedgzev and Seats a pilot and Forward-mounted twin light
laser cannon (Fire
but n:l Ia'd.'Ut Surroundings.. A
bank of powerful
subli t englnesmounted aft provi des the engines-
Arc Forward;
Damage 5; Critical'3; Range [Close];

performancepn Linked 1), ,

thrus and a par of high

midshlpsl-mounted Ventralmounted
are m, squat,
Sponsounted 0'? tWO short, when neeqed. light tractor beam
a powerful bogst
Whileons Pr0v[ding starghter, the Lancers drives projector (Fire Arc
itnOt a5 agile as a run All Ventral;
Dam- 3"
give except'OHal straight-line speed, gnoggh t9 I
shields age ; Critical ;
doWn class. Whlle Its,
m_narly anything-in its

speed Range [Close]; I

are n'n'ma' light, the Lancers
30d its armor is difcu_|ttargetto Tractor 2). V

and arrow I|houette make it a

The h|p 5 primary
track and In the heat of battle. light
arm ment '5 r"atiVe'y light'a pair of re-lmked
a trac
laser Cannery-5, a triple light laser turret, and control
tor b eam em'tterwbut a state of the art re
syst em maKES them incredibly potent.

: \nr I
Yv-sss LIGHT FREIGHTER In addition, these ships havegarnered a small but
dedicated following among the galaxys bounty hunt-
Slab-sided and ifnpdging, Corellian Engineering
ers, who nd the YV666's modular design, roomy
Corporations YV-666 light freighter is a radical
compartments, and rugged hull a~ perfect t for they
departure from the compaqy's traditional styling
dangerous line of work. Perhaps the most famous IS
principles. Introduced decades ago, these-large,
th Hounds Tooth, a highly modied YV666 owned
square-shouldered ships have steadily gained a
by the Trandoshan bounty- hanter Bossk.
reputatin as fast, durable, easy to fly freighters
that withstand incredible amounts of hard usage. 3:..- .._

Designed initjally as long-range haulers, the YV-666

carries a surprising amount o'f cargo in its modular;
environmentally sealed cargo holds. Thanks to their

air 7

considerable fuel tanks and capacious holds, these 307 2


ships are often the best, most efcient way to ship

goods to the far reaches of the galaxy. Hull Type/Model: Light Frighter/YV-666.
Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corporation. _

Roughly twice the size of CECs popular YT-series Hyperdrive: Primary: Class 3, Backup: Class 14-
freighters, the YV-666 pushes the boundaries of Navico'mputer: Yes. '

what is normally considered a light freightef. It has Sensor Range: Short.

a tall, narrow, vaguely trapezoidal hull with Shipls Complement: One pilot, one co-pilOt-
interior decks and no visible vieWports. A long, rein- Encumbrance Capacity: 200.
forced fantail extends the keel from the lowest .Passenger Capacity: 6.
and is home to the ship's Ouadex SuperNova Consumables: Three months.
poWer core, a pair of high-output CEC Evader-GT Price/Rarity: 152,000 credits/6.

drives, repulsorlift systems, and two broad, variable- Customization Hard Points: 6.
pitch, swept wings with downwardcranked tips. Weapons: Dorsal retractablevquad Ia'Ser turret (Flre-
ships small flight deck is located in Arc All Dorsal; Damage 5;-Critical
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