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Corporate Vision and Objectives

Vision Statement - To establish solar energy as the primary source of

energy in Sri Lanka by 2030.
Mission Statement: To serve as the premier source of guidance and
encouragement in the development of Solar Energy Industry in Sri
Lanka. To Support all Aspects of Solar energy technologies and
utilization, development of industry, promotion of technical,
commercial and marketing activities to create an industry to be the
prime source of energy for all sectors in Sri Lanka and ensure a secure,
sustainable and environmentally benign energy future for the country.

Association Objectives

To form a network among solar industries, vendors and consumer

organizations for successful harnessing and utilization of Solar Energy
in Sri Lanka
To obtain information and disseminate information on state of the art
solar energy technologies, covering solar thermal energy capture, Solar
Photo Voltaic technologies of mono crystalline poly crystalline PV Cells,
Thin film PV technologies and other emerging technologies and
concentrating solar technologies.
To conduct studies and make recommendations for the adoption of
above technologies best adapted for the Sri Lanka environment and
To advice and lobby with the government on development of policies,
enactment of regulations, incentives and other promotional activities
necessary for the speedy and optimal utilization of the solar energy
resource for the country.
To generate necessary standards and codes of practice for the safe and
efficient implementation of solar energy systems by the members,
initially as a self-regulation measure and lobbying with the government
to legalize such standards and codes of practice to be mandatory for
all players in the Solar Energy Industry.
To serve as a forum for exchange of information and interaction on
Solar energy development.
To encourage and promote solar energy development, establishment of
practices and activities in Sri Lanka and assist the members to achieve
their best potential for themselves and the country.
To Develop solar energy as a major development initiative with
maximized local value addition, in addressing secure and affordable
electrical and thermal energy services for the country.
To serve as a vehicle through which Government, bilateral and
multilateral donor and private assistance for all aspects of solar energy
development may be equitably and effectively extended to members.
To provide adequate and updated information on effective and
sustainable development of solar energy systems to the members, and
in co-operation with members to provide same to all relevant
Ministries, including Ministry of Power and Energy, Ministry of Science
and Technology, Ministry of Environment, and other relevant
institutions in the public and private sectors.

To provide information, lobby with and act as an industry promoter with

GOSL, CEB, SLSEA, PUCSL and with the public in the furtherance of the

To provide necessary services for the purpose, or act directly as a

certification and /or regulatory body in solar energy system pricing,
approval of standards to be met in installation and operation of plants.
To liaise with and promote solar energy development with banks and
funding agencies, donors locally and internationally.
To enhance the awareness and knowledge of all solar energy systems
amongst the relevant institutions and general public, through all
available media to accelerate the adoption of solar energy in the
country and to establish its role as the primary source of energy in the
To establish fruitful collaborations with individuals, consumer
organizations and other relevant institutions who are best placed to
further the primary objectives of the Association
To form linkages with relevant international institutions, research
laboratories and such other organizations to acquire state of the art
technologies and products and adapting them for the optimal levels in
the country.