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COM: From Start-Up to Scaling Up

Submitted to the
Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business
De La Salle University Manila

In Partial Fulfilment
Of the requirements in
Strategic Management

Submitted by:
Blasa, Angelique
Cheng, Earl Ryan
Viguilla, Silahis Frida

Submitted to:
Prof. Rey Lugtu
January 17, 2017

Zipmatch.com is an online based sales and marketing tool that enabled property
buyers to have enough information of the property before buying. It was founded
by John Dang and Chow Paredes who are head of a gaming company and a sales
director from a real estate firm. They started Homematch.com a online brokerage
company including a sales team. However, both realized that it was easier to
generate leads rather than directly selling. Instead of operating as an online
brokerage company, they focused on generating leads from prospective buyers.
Thus, Zipmatch.com was born.

Zipmatch focused on providing higher satisfaction to customers. They improved

their platform different from their competitors to strengthen their position. This
encouraged many stock brokers and property companies and sellers to use
Zipmatch.com to reach their suitable and correct market.
The ASEAN Market proves to be growing in the next few years. The Philippines is
one of the leaders in economic growth. With more infrastructure projects, job
development and business outsourcing of many industries in the Southeast Asia,
real estate properties are proven to increase in the next few years. Even Thailand
leads this kind of industry.
Now, with the fast changing environment and new opportunities presented, the
Dang is thinking whether Zipmatch.com should focus on the Philippine Market and
strengthen its market scope in the Philippines or try to venture to other countries
which are forecasted to give exemplary performance in the real estate market.


a. What is the industry?

The industry is an Online Marketing tool for real estate properties. It matches the
preference of the buyer to the sellers (which in this case are the stock broker,
property owners and other property onlookers, etc.) It provides leads to both parties
instead of doing sales. However it identifies different competitors in the real estate

One competitor is the newsprint and paper advertisement. Since Zipmatch.com is a

marketing tool its competitors are from the early stages of marketing such as
newspapers and print ads. Another competitor in the real estate marketing business
is the property seller (e.g. DMCI, Century Properties, etc.) which have the capability
to create their own marketing tools such as websites, property listings and other
print ads.

a. What is the current strategy?

Wanting the real estate industry to be more efficient through the hasty development of
technology, Zipmatch.com offered several features different from their competitors. It expanded
its services for homebuyers from property listing to adding home search features and advisory
services. The homebuyers were provided with complete information about property they were
interested to purchase. Moreover, it had concierge service where the customer is assisted
throughout the property purchase process. The site also provides property reviews which make
decision making for the buyer to have basis. Moreover, detailed walkthrough (pictures) were
provided so as actual site visit is an optional basis. This lessens the load on the property buyer,
saving time and money in visiting the property. Moreover, Zipmatch also introduced Zipcoins
where a certain fixed amount is converted to coins
a. Whats the relative position of the company, strengths and
weaknesses, competitors, industry trends?
b. What are the industry trends and opportunity threats?
c. Competitor Analysis
i. What are the capabilities and limitations of existing and
potential competitors and their probable future moves
a. Societal Analysis
. What important PESTEL factors will affect opportunities and
a. Strengths and Weaknesses
b. What is the current and proposed vision/mission
c. Strategic Alternatives
. What are the strategic alternatives given the analysis above?
Generate ACAs
a. What is the recommended strategy?