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Chateau Royale

Located in Nasugbu, Chateau Royale is a country club-style resort featuring many recreational
facilities that make it a good spot for team building. Accommodations range form villa-type to
cottages, depending on the needs of the group. It also has an obstacle course, football field, a
very large swimming pool, and a manmade rock-climbing cliff. Playworks' team buildings make
use of these facilities and the wide open spaces of this resort.

Estrellas de Mendoza
Another resort located in Laiya, Estrellas de Mendoza features a large central pool
flanked by villas, though most accommodations are hotel-style rooms in the central
building, complete with a glass elevator offering a great view of the pool and beach!

Canyon Woods
This country club-style resort is located in Laurel, Batangas. It features condo-style
accommodations and boasts many sports and recreational facilities and various
function rooms that make it a good place for team building, all in a highland forest
environment. For this particular venue, Playworks has designed the Canyon Run, an
epic race including activities around the club house and basketball court, a forest
trek, and a tram ride up the hill before reaching the finish line!

A Humble Beginning
BIG ROCK FARM RESORT is geographically located in Coral na Bato, San Rafael, Bulacan.
Named after the Barangay where it is located (Brgy. Coral na Bato), "Big Rock" symbolizes the
existence of huge rock formations underneath the soil. It is in the Owners mind to come up with
such a name. Big Rock Farm Resort was not primarily built for commercial purposes; as a
matter of fact, the main idea for "Big Rock" was for relaxation and a place for Families and
Friends to stay to unwind and enjoy nature away from the pollution and traffic. It was only a
matter of time when the Owner decided to open it to the Public and it is where our business
journey began.

The Owner
The Owner bought a Backhoe for his Farm located beside a vacant lot of grass and bushes. The
Backhoe he bought has finished its task for the cultivation of his Farm. Thinking of the
expensive investment, he thought he might as well use it to dig a parcel of land from the now
Resort saying "I wanted to build a Swimming Pool and a Rest House where I can relax after
hard work in the Farm", and so he did. From that time, the place was built; Families and
Friends gathered to swim, relax and enjoy the Private Resort. Reunions and Family gatherings
such as Birthdays and the likes was celebrated there as well.

Opening to the Public

Seeing the craft, he realized to make it open to the Public where he could earn for the
maintenance of the Resort. The idea has materialized in no time. He then plan to consider it as a
Business but in every Business there are ups and downs and the Resort is no different. During its
lowest point, he came to a point wherein a decision that he should close the Resort because the
money hes getting from it is not enough for the maintenance.

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