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existing drainage pip< isting drainage pipe

Check valve/06pTMbiH
Menai< DN65'

Dismantling Joint-
Dismantling Joint/
Gate valve/
" DN 100
Gate valve/

/ flange with grid

/ flange with grid

Client Rep-Jttic of UzbeKletan

: M Hetty of Aflnciiture and
Wat' Renource*
1, .. 1
W ater Resources Managem ent Sector Project
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3. 5 26U-B0 ho Sub project
16037-80, 13/ 55. Suvli Subpropct
Location SfnaihanJ Prw jnoa P*cnonoq> -> g . *5
4. Baam Zaralahan rrvor

. title Pump Station
5. Foundations for pumps shown on
6. construction drawings----------------------------
w aiot Resources M anaaam ent Sector P Drainage pumps 1*3 1+3
Contractor Repaentttva

1 Installation o f new crane o f carrying capacity up to 1 tn

Approved as Note * /,

i. Cut a hole fo r a new suction pumps a t the place.

3. The welding is done according to GOST 52 6 4-6 0 and G05T16037-80,
e le ctro d e s UONI 13/55. wrs /i p / suv/ p s -d s - m
U A ll connection flanges m ust be la id rubber seal KUBOTA-ORTEX < oittortlum
5. The le n g th o f the pipe to be confirm ed on th e sp o t
6. A ll welds subject to c o n tro l Project Manager

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