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Project: Jazan Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Project EPC #: EPC - 4

Location: JIGCC Power Block Project (Package 4) Contract #: 6600033163
Contractor: SEPCO Electric Power Construction Corporation Date: 2016/12/15
Description of Work: DEAERATOR PUMP SYSTEM
Item Activity Potential Hazard Hazard Controls
Secure necessary permit. A qualified /certified work permit
receiver to obtain work permit from an authorized issuer prior
Work permit issued to start the job, complies with all instruction specified in the
incorrectly permit.
1 Secure necessary permit
Ensure work permit procedure is followed as per SEPCO
Issuing permit without site approved work permit procedure (Ref # SES-PGB-HS-PRO-
inspection 0008).
Inspect the work location before issuance of work permit
Only trained and experienced personal will perform this job
2 Require for PPE
Personnel protect Insulating and non- slip shoes
Fluorescent protective and work clothing
Hearing protection
Clean work area before starting.Make sure areais well lit.
Secure and tighten all parts before starting.Use proper tool
Equipment damage and accessories.Check and replace any broken or damaged
3 Clear and clean the work area
personnel injury parts
Ensure tools and equipment used for the task have been
parked and stored properly in safe and designated storage
Injury to personal due to Only authorized operator shall operate the equipment
4 Equipment check damage tools and All tools and equipments should be in good condition
equipments and must be properly

Hearing protection is required.

Nosie hazard
Signage shall be posted at the noisy area for the awareness.
Leakage from Ensure that process lines are leak tested
5 Pump operation Injury due to Ensure that guards are provided for all the rotating
unprotected rotating parts of the machine/equipments.
Adequate numbers of fire extinguishers shall be
Fire and provided in the area.All cables or extension cords
Electrocution shall be secured with GFCI and power tools shall be
properly inspected.
Wear goggles or any eye protection.
Provide sufficient water cooler and encourage consuming
more salt with food or giving Hydrolyte solution.
Working in High Temperature Heat Stress
Sun Burn Suitably amend working hours by giving more rest in peak hot
6 if applicable
Working in hight Sun stroke
Use the talk tool keep communication in case to happen the
Accident fall accident .
Full body harness is mandatory above 1.8m and 100% tie off
shall be observe
Damage of Reinstatements shall be done by the trained and
7 Reinstatement equipments due to authorized person only.
misalignment of Constant monitoring by the responsible person is
pump and moto mandatory while commencing the task.
If the permit is not properly Inform the permit issuer to close the work permit, conduct a
8 Close work permit
joint site inspection and write the date, time and name.
closed, hazard could
remain at the jobsite.
CSSP-Sec-18.8 : Personal Protective Equipment (PPES)
CSSP-Sec-13.2A : Toolbox meeting
CSSP-Sec-18.14 : Manual handling
CSSP-Sec-18.6.4 : Rigging operations
CSSP-Sec-18.13 : Housekeeping
WPP : Work permit procedure (Ref # SES-PGB-HS-PRO-0008).

Special Instructions:

Obtain and follow Work Permit(s) prior to start the job.

Proper material storage at site area.
Work must be supervised for each process.
Proper House- keeping is required on a daily basis.
Lifting tools, in good condition.
Portable electric tools are in good working condition.
Appropriate barricades and safety signs must be posted around the work site.
All team members must visit the job site and understand fully the scope of work.
All workers working at the job shall be briefed about the JSA to make sure that they all are aware of the JSA.

CAUTION: All persons associated with the job shall abide by the JSA. The JSA stands cancelled once conditions change at
the job site. The team shall stop all work and revisit the JSA.

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Revision 00. 31 Oct 2016. KSB

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