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Google Media Smart Player

User Manual
Product Overview

1. Front Panel

2. Back Panel
Descripton of remote controller
POWER Power MENU Main menu
MUTE Audio mute SETUP Setup menu
MOVIE Movie hot key RED/GREEN/ Hot keys
SEARCH Search key HOME Home page
Repeat Mouse mode
Up, Down, OK Enter / Confirm
Right, Left

Fast Skip to next/previous

Stop Play/Pause

BACK Return key HELP Help information

Notification Zoom out

Zoom in FAVOR Favorite

MODE Display mode SUBT Subtitle

AUDIO Choose audio INFO Media Information
APP Applications VOL+/- Volume up/down
BROSWER Browser key

Step 1: Connection the TV

Depending on the jacks on your TV, select the connection mode. We suggest you to use
HDMI output (High Definition, up to 1080P).
Picture quality will be improved compared to using the composite video output (Standard
Definition, use A/V OUT jack).

Step 2: Turn on your TV and select the input

Make sure the input setting youre selected on your TV matches the input you connected the
cables to your TV.
Step 3: Connect the power cord
Use the power adapter to connect the player to the power outlet. Then the player boot

First Time Usage

2.1 Power on/off, standby
Power on
Connect the player to power outlet, system will boot automatically and power indicator
turn blue at the same time.
Press Power button on the remote control, system will enter into standby mode and
power indicator turn red. Press again to wake up.
Power off
Press Power button on left panel of the player to power off. Power indicator will turn off.
There are two Launchers for customer to choose,each one will bring you different
operating feeling,as the picture show:


2.2 Menu language

The system, language of this player can be set to English or other languages. Change
the language you wish via -> Setting -> Language & Input -> Select language, the
selected language will take effect immediately.
2.3 Screen Size
Enter into Setting -> Display -> Screen adaption, to adjust the video output size
according to the size of TV screen.

2.4. Mouse usage

External mouse is supported. Press Left button to select or confirm, Right button to return,
central button to enable tool bar to get more functions.

2.5Network setting
Enter into Setting -> Wi-Fi,turn on it,then you will find the WiFi signal around,choose the
WiFi signal and confirm connected.
2.6 APK
All installed applications are list under Applications on main menu.

APK install
Enter into Files Manager to find the .apk stored on your external USB device or TF card.
Select and install the .apk.
APK uninstall
Enter into Settings -> Apps -> Manage applications, you can get the list of application that
installed by yourself under Manage applications -> Download. Here you can install any
applications which you want.

2.6 Online Playback

During webpage browsing, Press Menu button More -> Setting -> browser mode, you can
choose Flash or HTML5 mode to start online video playback.
OTG application:
The player could be used as a hard disk to connect on the computer.
Directly use the usb cable to connect the device to your computer, and it will be show as a U-
disk.(Attention:when you use this function,please make sure it do not connect the power

Troubling shooting
1. No signal on the HDTV
(1).Check if the HDMI & AV cable is securely connected.
(2).Check if you have selected the correct HDMI input on your HDTV.
2. AV output no audio on the HDTV
(1).Check if the AV cable is securely connected.
(2).Check if the white and red line is stably connected with TV set.
2. Cannot turn on your Android TV.
(1).Check if the power connector has completely plugged into the DC socket of your Android
(2).Check if the power supply is stable.
3. Cannot connect to network
(1).Make sure the network cable is securely connected and the Ethernet works well.
(2).Make sure Wi-Fi network is connected and the security key for the encrypted network is
(3).Make sure you select the correct IP address settings.
4. Mouse control does not respond.
(1).Make sure the batteries are good.
(2).Make sure you have opened the mouse switch.
(3).Make sure the distance between the mouse and your Android TV is not more than 5
5. Some HDTVs cannot display the entire picture.
(1).Setup the screen ratio of your HDTV.
Settings->display->set position


Power Supply DC 5.0V/2A

Power Consumption 800mA
Chipset A10 1.2G
OS Android 4.0
Flash 4GB NAND flash
Network Internal Wifi (802.11n)
Card reader TF card
Video System CVBS(PAL/NTSC), HDMI(1080P)
Audio System L/R stereo
Video format AVI, MKV, TS, TP, TRP, M2TS, MPG,
Flash(10.3), Office
Audio format MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC, FLAC, APE,
Photo format HD BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF
Subtitle SRT, SMI, SSA, ASS
Language Multi-language
Control IR control + 2.4G wireless mouse
Dimensions 60*63*13mm
Weight(net/packaged) 0.05kg/0.26kg
Firmware upgrading
This is a Burn card way to upgrade the system.You need the Burn card tool and the
IMG file,this can be download or send by email.

1. Prepare 1 pcs of TF card(the card must be empty) -> insert the card into your computer.

2. Open the burn card tool -> click to

choose the TF card.

3. Click to choose the Upgrade file(the Write mode must choose

)-> Click to start the process.

4. After the burn card finished -> instert the card into the machine -> connect the power
adpter -> the machine will upgrade by itself(in the same time there will be a blue light
keep flashing).
5. When the blue light stop flashing, the upgrade is over,please get off the TF card,and
restart it.