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Open SaP cloud and click on ID which star with p..

Select resource ..it will show quota

SAP HANA studio Eclipse install in Mac Os

Sap Hana Cloud platform is pending

SAP HANA Tutorials

In memory data base ( read from memory not from hard disk )
also a webserver is attached

Features of sap hana

In memory database
Column stores
Projection : use only data we need .
Dynamic aggregation
Active and Passive Storage : Only Put mostly used data
Real time analysis : Real Time replication (SLT)
SQL Script : Have complex calculation to database which is not
possible in regular database

HANA Architecture
most of the computation will be done in the database no
need to bring on application layer
it saves a lot of time
it can enable the performance of complex caluation using
reporting tool

Control flow logic

Database logic

SAP native HANA

Flat file supported in Sap are xls/csv

SLT sap landscape Transformation (table to table , real time)

BODS : BO data Services
DXC : Direct Extractor Connection (using standard datasource)
FlatFile Xls/CSV upload

BO is the official Tool for HANA

NonNative Sap HANa application


SAP hana is best Database den current database

SAP HANA Studio (Eclipse Based tools)


We will be desiging
Attibute view View of two table and join that tables .. there has to
be a key atribute
Analytic View
Calculation View

Enter Eclipse and connect to system

SAP NetWeaver is the primary technology computing platform of the software

company SAP SE, and the technical foundation for many SAP applications. It
is a solution stack of SAP's technology products.

If you want a career in HANA there are several areas you can specialize in such
The SAP HANA Modeling
In this role you will need SAP HANA modeling skills. SAP BW on HANA skills will
also come in handy for you.
The SAP HANA Modeler learning roadmap also has an associate and
professional certification that will boost your career.
The SAP HANA Application Development
In this role you will need the SAP HANA development skill. Based on the
application types HANA XS or ABAP on HANA knowledge will also be helpful.
The SAP HANA Database Administration and Security
In this role you will be responsible for backup/recovery, performance, security and
general administration on the SAP HANA database.
The SAP HANA Data Replication SLT Replication, BODS and DXC
In this role you will be responsible for setting up replication, support data
replication from different




Sap hana xs is a part of SAP hana