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Facilities Solutions

E&I Contract #CNR01302

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Hospitality Solutions
for your institution
Shop more than 50,000 products
including our Registry brand of products
Mattresses Irons Receptacles & Can Liners
Pillows Coffee Signs
Shower Curtains Cleaning & Tables & Chairs
Sheets & Blankets Janitorial Supplies Televisions & Electronics
Towels & Bath Linens Laundry Trucks Furniture & Desks
Amenities & Supplies Safety & Security Entrance Matting
Personal Care Items Paper Products Plus a whole lot more!

Easy online ordering

Enjoy quick and easy access to all of our products,
including expanded Maintenance and Engineering
products, plus office supplies from Staples.
A Dedicated Team
Take advantage of these additional resources: for Education
Reporting and budgeting Order history and Our service rep, Megan
Electronic invoicing invoice review
Mercer, is super friendly and
GL coding on invoices Shipment tracking
she has excellent follow-
up. She is the epitome of a
service professional.
Fast, nationwide delivery
Items stocked in our 10 North American distribution centers Continuing Studies
will ship same day if ordered by 3 pm. Plus, our Private Fleet Conference Center
delivery services more than 50 major markets, bringing New Brunswick, NJ
orders right into your property and placing them in one
designated location pallet removal included.
Ask us how your order can qualify for FREE FREIGHT!

Order online at americanhotel.com/education or call 1-800-766-6676


American Hotels terms and conditions of sale are posted on americanhotel.com/education, as well as reprinted in the 2016 Buying Guide,
pages 2233 - 2238. Our terms and conditions of sale shall apply to all product sales and services, and to all purchase orders or other offers provided
by American Hotel and accepted by our customers. These terms and conditions may in some instances add to the terms and conditions affixed to our
purchase orders.

Online americanhotel.com/education
2 americanhotel.com/education | 1-800-766-6676
Call 1-800-766-6676

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E&I Partnership
Drives Down Costs
We are proud to partner with
E&I Cooperative Services to
drive down costs for
E&I members.
Our E&I competitively awarded
contract provides real cost savings,
with special market-basket pricing
on more than 3,000 items and free
freight on qualified orders.
Shop online, or contact one of
our dedicated education
specialists today.

Not a member?
Call today and learn how to join!
E&I Contract CNR01302 1-800-766-6676

In This Flyer
Mattresses 4-7 Paper Products & Sanitizers 22-23 Dance Floors & Stages 40
Encasements, Pads & Blankets 8-9 Irons & Laundry Products 24-27 Chairs, Tables & Podiums 41-43
Pillows & Bed Linens 10-12 Entrance & Logod Matting 28-29 Outdoor Furniture 44
Bath & Pool Towels 13-15 Cleaning Supplies 30-33 Furniture & Furnishings 45
Shower Curtains 16 Vacuums 34 Dorm Furniture 46-47
Personal Care Items & Amenities 17 Waste & Recycling Receptacles 35-37 Headphones & Personal Alarms 48
Hair Dryers 18 Televisions, Mounts & Remotes 38
Soap & Amenity Collections 19-21 Coffeemakers, Coffee & Clock Radios 39

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E&I members save more!
Contract #CNR01302

Exceptional durability for real life wear and tear.

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Several options
and sizes are
Call today for

Exceptional comfort for ideal rest and relaxation.

FE Inverted Seam
Innerspring Mattress Collections
Bedbug-resistant construction
Dual firmness comfort to satisfy individual preferences
Solid edge support for safe perimeter seating
Breathable polyurethane-coated outer fabric is
cleanable, disinfectable, antimicrobial and antifungal
High-density convoluted foam prevents sagging for
long-lasting durability
Flammability rating (all): CPSC 16 CFR 1633,

Cumulus Mattresses 1800 Series Stratus Mattresses 1500 series

Designed for long-lasting use to provide years For use where firm support and durability
of superior performance are important
Dormitory-style mattress, various sizes available Dormitory-style mattress, various sizes available
714" height 612" height
Foam encased, innerspring design with 13-gauge coils Foam encased, innerspring design with 13-gauge coils
Encased in 1.8-lb. density, extra-firm foam rails Encased in 1.5-lb. density, extra-firm foam rails
2" convoluted polyurethane foam 1.8-lb. top layer, 1.5" convoluted polyurethane foam 1.5-lb. top layer,
1.8-lb. bottom layer 1.5-lb. bottom layer
SoFlux polyurethane-coated nylon cover, navy blue in color SoFlux polyurethane-coated nylon cover, navy blue in color
Inverted seam design (no taped edges) for bedbug resistance Inverted seam design (no taped edges) for bedbug resistance
Dual firmness design: side 1 extra firm; side 2 plush firm Dual firmness design: side 1 extra firm; side 2 plush firm

Inner seam design has no taped edge, eliminating the main hiding place where bedbugs
may reside and lay eggs greatly reducing the risk of parasite infestation on the mattress.

Our E&I Partnership Drives Down Costs - americanhotel.com/education 5

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Expect it from Registry

Our sleep systems are priced to meet your
budget, while providing the comfort, support,
and durability our customers have come to
expect from our Registry brand products.
Mattress only option
available for beds that do
not require a foundation

A. Registry Bronze Firm Contract B. Registry Silver Plush Contract

Mattress Sets Mattress Sets
Bronze Firm mattresses feature a slightly lower profile offering Each Registry Silver Plush sleep system includes a mattress
a comfortable sitting height; the extra firm sleeping support and a 9"-high EnduroTECH foundation
utilizes a quilted layer of FR fiber and two layers of Beau- Mattresses have a quilted top with FR fiber and two layers of
tyfoam; upholstery features a plush layer of Beautyfoam plush and firm PurFoam
9" mattress height; innerspring mattresses are made up of Upholstery has plush Beautyfoam and convoluted foam, then
1334-gauge high-performance coils adds another layer of FR fiber
All sets include a 9"-high EnduroTECH foundation 912" mattress height; 10-year prorated warranty
5/10 limited warranty protects against mfr.s defects for 5 years
Size Mattress
Cat. No. WxL Coils
Size Mattress
Cat. No. WxL Coils AMERSILPL-TXL Twin XL, 38" x 7912" 480
AMERSILPL-FXL Full XL, 53" x 7912" 704
AMERBRNZFIRM-TXL Twin XL, 38" x 80" 276 AMERSILPL-Q Queen, 60" x 7912" 800
AMERBRNZFIRM-FXL Full XL, 54" x 80" 391 AMERSILPL-K King, 76" x 7912" 1,024
AMERBRNZFIRM-Q Queen, 60" x 80" 460
AMERBRNZFIRM-K King, 76" x 80" 575
AMERBRNZFIRM-CK Cal. King, 72" x 84" 575
AMERBRNZFIRM-HK Hotel King, 72" x 80" 575

Bedding meets or exceeds federal flammability standard 16 CFR 1633


6 americanhotel.com/education | 1-800-766-6676

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Expect it from Registry FREE DELIVERY!
Simmons will deliver 12 or more sets on these two pages FREE by
truck within 300 miles of its nearest plant within continental U.S.
A slight upcharge applies for shipping to Hawaii and Puerto Rico;
contact us for a quote. For orders fewer than 12 sets, there is a
one-time minimum order charge of $75.00.

A. Registry Platinum Euro Top

Luxury Mattress Sets A
Feature Simmons Beautyrest Pocketed Coil spring
technology, a 3" foam rail border, and a 360-degree foam edge
Unique Euro top makes these mattresses an impressive 13" high
All sets include a 9"-high EnduroTECH foundation
10/10 non-prorated warranty; protects against manufacturers
defects for 10 years
Size Mattress
Cat. No. WxL Coils
1005072 Twin XL, 38" x 80" 624
1005075 Full XL, 54" x 80" 866
1005073 Queen, 60" x 80" 1,000
1005067 King, 76" x 80" 1,288
1005074 Cal. King, 72" x 84" 1,288
1005068 Hotel King, 72" x 80" 1,288

B-C. Registry Platinum Plush and

Platinum Pillowtop Mattress Sets
Both mattress styles feature Simmons Beautyrest Pocketed Coil
Technology with the cool sleeping comfort of AirCool Foams
[B] Platinum Plush mattresses have a quilt top with FR fiber,
Luxury Foam, and plush PurFoam; the upholstery has Energy
Foam and another layer of FR fiber; 1012" mattress height
[C] Platinum Pillowtop mattresses have a quilt top with FR fiber, B
firm PurFoam and convoluted foam; the upholstery has convo-
luted foam and another layer of FR fiber; 12" mattress height
All sets include a 9"-high EnduroTECH foundation
10/10 non-prorated warranty protects against manufacturers
defects for 10 years
Size Mattress
Cat. No. WxL Coils
B. PLATINUM PLUSH SETS. 1012" mattress height.
1005080 Twin XL, 38" x 80" 507
1005060 Full XL, 53" x 80" 701
1005070 Queen, 60" x 80" 800
1005065 King, 76" x 80" 1,029
1005064 Cal. King, 72" x 84" 1,029
1005062 Hotel King, 72" x 80" 1,029
C. PLATINUM PILLOWTOP SETS. 12" mattress height.
1005077 Twin XL, 38" x 80" 540 C
1005063 Full XL, 53" x 80" 748
1005066 Queen, 60" x 80" 850
1005069 King, 76" x 80" 1,097
1005076 Cal. King, 72" x 84" 1,097
1005061 Hotel King, 72" x 80" 1,097

Bedding meets or exceeds federal flammability standard 16 CFR 1633


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D. NEW! CleanRest Pro Dorm Room
Mattress Encasement
Cat. No. 1042344
Designed to fit dorm room mattresses, twin XL encasements
measure 39" x 80" and fit mattresses from 8"-10" deep
CleanRest Pro features MicroPlush top fabric infused with
A-C. Registry Silver Quilted MicronOne technology; stops allergens, dust mites, and
bedbugs; waterproof; phthalate- and bisphenol A-free;
Mattress Pads machine washable in warm water, tumble-dry normal
Choose from flat, anchor band, or fitted styles; fitted pads 10-year product warranty; order in multiples of 24
have 10" polyester sides
All feature a 100% polyester top and bottom with a 3.6-oz.
bonded polyester fill and machine thread quilting E. CleanRest Pro
Order in full cases, same style and size Bedding Encasements
Size Case Features MicroPlush top fabric for added comfort
Cat. No. WxL Qty. MicronOne technology blocks all microtoxins larger than
A. FLAT PADS one micron in size, including allergens, mites, and bedbugs
2169ECONO-FL-T Twin, 38" x 75" 6 Waterproof; phthalate- and bisphenol A-free; machine wash
2169ECONO-FL-TL Twin XL, 38" x 80" 6 Zip-N-Click zipper closure locks zipper in place to keep al-
2169ECONO-FL-F Full, 53" x 75" 6 lergens and bedbugs out
2169ECONO-FL-FL Full XL, 53" x 80" 6
2169ECONO-FL-Q Queen, 60" x 80" 4 10-year product warranty
2169ECONO-FL-K King, 78" x 80" 4 Order in full cases, same style and size
B. ANCHOR BAND PADS. Fit mattresses up to 11" thick. Size Case
2169ECONO-AB-T Twin, 38" x 75" 6 Cat. No. WxL Qty.
2169ECONO-AB-TL Twin XL, 38" x 80" 6
2169ECONO-AB-FL Full XL, 53" x 80" 6 7389PRO-BSET Twin, 39" x 75" 4
2169ECONO-AB-Q Queen, 60" x 80" 4 7389PRO-BSETX Twin XL, 39" x 80" 4
2169ECONO-AB-K King, 78" x 80" 4 7389PRO-BSEF Full, 54" x 75" 3
C. FITTED PADS. Fit mattresses up to 9" thick. 7389PRO-BSEFX Full XL, 54" x 80" 3
2169ECONO-FT-T Twin, 38" x 75" 6 7389PRO-BSEQ Queen, 60" x 80" 3
2169ECONO-FT-TL Twin XL, 38" x 80" 6 7389PRO-BSEK King, 78" x 80" 3
2169ECONO-FT-F Full, 53" x 75" 6 MATTRESS ENCASEMENTS. Fit mattresses 9" to 21" thick.
2169ECONO-FT-FL Full XL, 53" x 80" 6 7389PRO-MET Twin, 39" x 75" 4
2169ECONO-FT-Q Queen, 60" x 80" 4 7389PRO-METX Twin XL, 39" x 80" 4
2169ECONO-FT-K King, 78" x 80" 4 7389PRO-MEF Full, 54" x 75" 3
Registry Mattress and Pillow Encasements also Available 7389PRO-MEFX Full XL, 54" x 80" 3
7389PRO-MEQ Queen, 60" x 80" 3
7389PRO-MEK King, 78" x 80" 3
7389PRO-PES Standard, 20" x 28" 4
7389PRO-PEQ Queen, 20" x 30" 4
7389PRO-PEK King, 20" x 36" 4

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Expect it from Registry
The best blankets and the best
prices a perfect match!
A BL-Blue





A. Registry Polar Fleece Blankets B. Registry Honeycomb Weave Blankets

Lightweight and breathable, yet warm made of long-wearing, Warm, comfortable, and durable 100% cotton blankets feature
inherently flame-resistant 100% polyester a honeycomb weave that is tightly woven to reduce snags
Will not pill or shrink; colorfast; double-stitched, durable Easy-care machine wash and dry
self hems Order in cases of 4, same size and color
Specify color from photo above by adding code to end of Cat. No. Size Actual
Order in cases of 4, same size and color Cat. No. Color WxL Wt.
Size Actual AMERHONEY-66-N Natural Twin, 66" x 90" 3.7 lbs.
Cat. No. WxL Wt. AMERHONEY-66-B Blue Twin, 66" x 90" 3.7 lbs.
2036POLAR-T- Twin, 66" x 90" 2.6 lbs. AMERHONEY-66-W White Twin, 66" x 90" 3.7 lbs.
2036POLAR-F- Full, 80" x 90" 3.1 lbs. AMERHONEY-80-N Natural Full, 80" x 90" 4.5 lbs.
2036POLAR-Q- Queen, 90" x 90" 3.5 lbs. AMERHONEY-80-B Blue Full, 80" x 90" 4.5 lbs.
2036POLAR-K- King, 108" x 90" 4.2 lbs. AMERHONEY-80-W White Full, 80" x 90" 4.5 lbs.
AMERHONEY-90-N Natural Queen, 90" x 90" 5.1 lbs.
AMERHONEY-90-B Blue Queen, 90" x 90" 5.1 lbs.
AMERHONEY-90-W White Queen, 90" x 90" 5.1 lbs.
AMERHONEY-108-N Natural King, 108" x 90" 6.1 lbs.
AMERHONEY-108-B Blue King, 108" x 90" 6.1 lbs.
AMERHONEY-108-W White King, 108" x 90" 6.1 lbs.

C. Martex by WestPoint Hospitality PASTEL COLORS

Vellux Flocked Blankets
Made with soft 100% nylon flocking on a polyurethane foam
center; 1" sewn top and bottom hems C G-Pale Jade B-Bluebell
Virtually indestructible, fire-resistant and hypo-allergenic;
insulated blankets never pill
Order in cases of 4 (individually poly-wrapped), same color
and size
Size Actual
Cat. No. WxL Wt.
PASTEL COLORS. Specify color from photo at right by adding code to end
of Cat. No.: Pale Jade (G), Bluebell (B), Ivory (I), or Tan (T).
M6JVELLUX-T- Twin, 66" x 90" 2.2 lbs.
M6JVELLUX-S- Twin/Full, 72" x 90" 2.5 lbs.
M6JVELLUX-D- Double, 80" x 90" 2.7 lbs.
M6JVELLUX-Q- Queen, 90" x 90" 3 lbs.
M6JVELLUX-K- King, 108" x 90" 3.6 lbs.
DEEP-TONE COLORS. Specify color from swatches at right by adding code T-Tan
to end of Cat. No.: Cranberry (C), Navy (N), or Hunter Green (H). H-Hunter
M6J94-R0316-T- Twin, 66" x 90" 2.2 lbs. C-Cranberry N-Navy
M6J94-R0316-S- Twin/Full, 72" x 90" 2.5 lbs.
M6J94-R0316-D- Double, 80" x 90" 2.7 lbs.
M6J94-R0316-Q- Queen, 90" x 90" 3 lbs.
M6J94-R0316-K- King, 108" x 90" 3.6 lbs.

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Expect it from Registry
A Visit our PillowFinder Page
A for all your pillow needs at

A. Registry Comfort Basics Pillows

Designed to offer unmatched affordability while retaining
guest comfort
Filled with durable 100% polyester fibers which are enveloped in
a soft polyester shell and are hypo-allergenic
Machine wash and dry; filled and finished in the USA
Order in full cases, same size
Size Fill Case
Cat. No. WxL Wt. Qty.
1030848 Standard, 20" x 26" 20 oz. 12
1030847 Queen, 20" x 30" 24 oz. 10
1030849 King, 20" x 36" 28 oz. 6

B B. Registry Deluxe Silver

Pillow Collection
Hypo-allergenic, siliconized, hollow core 100% polyester fiberfill
is regenerated
White 55% polyester/45% cotton tick; 200 thread count
Odorless; machine washable
Order in full cases, same style, size and fill weight
Fill Case
Cat. No. Size Wt. Qty.
Standard Packs
AMERSIL-16-S Standard 16 oz. 12
Siliconized AMERSIL-20-S Standard 20 oz. 12
polyester fiberfill Roll Pack
Soft density standard-size (20 oz.) pillows AMERSIL-20-S-RL Standard 20 oz. 24
are also available in convenient roll pack. MEDIUM DENSITY PILLOWS
AMERSIL-22-S Standard 22 oz. 12
AMERSIL-22-SS Super Standard 22 oz. 10
AMERSIL-24-Q Queen 24 oz. 10
AMERSIL-30-K King 30 oz. 6
C AMERSIL-24-S Standard 24 oz. 12
AMERSIL-26-Q Queen 26 oz. 10

C. Registry Pillow Protectors

with Zippers
180 thread count pillow protectors have concealed rustproof
nylon zipper placed 4" from end
Cotton rich blend provides comfort
Available in 4 sizes; order in multiples of 12, same size
Cat. No. Size
Q9H505-S Standard, 21" x 27"
Q9H505-Q Queen, 21" x 31"
Q9H505-K King, 21" x 37"
AMER505-E Euro, 27" x 27"

10 americanhotel.com/education | 1-800-766-6676

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Expect it from Registry
Registry 180 Thread Count
Colored hem threads make size
White Linens identification easy!
Finely woven ring-spun blend of 60% cotton/
40% polyester
Single-pick construction means these linens have a
tight weave that feels smooth and drapes well
Oeko-Tex certified for purity; hem thread color
identifies sizes
Ready to use Registry linens go from box to bed
without laundering
Order in dozens, same style and size
Cut Size Hem
Cat. No. WxL Thread
FLAT SHEETS. 2" hems and fast-selvage sides.
2022180-66X104-W Twin, 66" x 104" Blue
2022180-66X108-W Twin XL, 66" x 108" Blue
2022180-66X115-W Twin XXL, 66" x 115" Blue
2022180-81X108-W Full XL, 81" x 108" White
2022180-81X115-W Full XXL, 81" x 115" White
2022180-90X110-W Queen, 90" x 110" Mint Green
2022180-90X115-W Queen XL, 90" x 115" Mint Green
2022180-108X110-W King, 108" x 110" Gold
FITTED SHEETS. 11" pocket fits mattresses up to 13" thick.
2022180-39X75-W Twin, 39" x 75" Blue
2022180-39X80-W Twin XL, 39" x 80" Blue
2022180-54X80-W Full XL, 54" x 80" White
2022180-60X80-W Queen, 60" x 80" Mint Green
2022180-78X80-W King, 78" x 80" Gold
2022180-42X36-W Standard, 42" x 36"
2022180-42X40-W Queen, 42" x 40"
2022180-42X46-W King, 42" x 46"

Ready to Use

Our ready-to-use linens save you money!

By eliminating the initial laundering process, your business
will enjoy significant cost savings, including lower laundry No-cost
expenses, plus reduced energy, water and labor costs. for initial
$7.04 = Avg. cost to wash 1 dozen Queen Flat Sheets
$704.00 = YOUR SAVINGS for every 100 dozen
ready-to-use linens you use. Our Linens Other Linens
Imagine your savings over 5 years! $0.00 $7.04
Savings estimate based on laundering cost of 32 per pound. per doz. per doz.

A green leaf next to a product name indicates that the

item is eco-friendly: made from recycled materials, E&I members save more!
is recyclable, conserves energy, water, or waste resources.
Contract #CNR01302
Living Green

Hospitality at Work in Education americanhotel.com/education 11

NU_10_11.indd 11 11/25/15 8:39 AM

Expect it from Registry
These linens can go from box to
bed without washing!

Registry 200 Thread Count Cat. No.

Cut Size
White Linens FLAT SHEETS. 2" hems.
Crisp linens in 60% cotton/40% polyester easy-care blend for 1031895 Twin, 69" x 108" Blue
comfort and durability 1031896 Twin XL, 69" x 116" Blue
1031903 Full, 80" x 113" White
Single thread-over-thread construction for a tight weave and
1031902 Full, 84" x 108" White
smooth hand 1031905 Queen, 88" x 113" Green
Ready to use by eliminating the initial laundering process, your 1031906 Queen, 93" x 110" Green
business will enjoy signicant cost savings, including lower laun- 1031894 King, 99" x 113" Gold
dry expenses, plus reduced energy, water, and labor costs 1031898 King, 111" x 110" Gold
Hem thread color easily identies size for faster, more FITTED SHEETS. 12" pocket fits mattresses up to 14" thick.
efficient sorting 1031904 Twin, 39" x 75" Blue
1031893 Twin XL, 39" x 80" Blue
Order in dozens, same style and size
1031909 Full, 54" x 75" White
1031899 Full XL, 54" x 80" White
1031897 Queen, 60" x 80" Green
Ready to Use 1031908 King, 78" x 80" Brown
1031900 Hotel King, 72" x 80" Gold
1031901 Standard, 42" x 36"
1031910 Queen, 42" x 40"
1031907 King, 42" x 46"

12 americanhotel.com/education | 1-800-766-6676

NU_12_13.indd 12 11/25/15 8:40 AM

A. Waves 100% Cotton Dobby Border
Pool Towel Collection by 1888 Mills A
Soft, white towels have wave dobby borders for added
distinction; woven ribbed design throughout towel body
Vat-dyed yarns for superior colorfastness; available in
2 stripe colors
Minority- or women-owned business
Order in dozens, same color and size
Size Case
Cat. No. Color WxL Qty. Blue
SFTWAVES-K-2450 Karat 24" x 50" 5 doz.
SFTWAVES-2350 Blue 24" x 50" 5 doz.
SFTWAVES-K-3560 Karat 35" x 60" 3 doz.
SFTWAVES-3560 Blue 35" x 60" 3 doz.

E&I members save more!

Contract #CNR01302

B. Registry 100% Cotton Center B

Stripe Pool Towels Blue

White 100% cotton towels come with a woven center stripe in

one of three colors ideal for color-coding for various areas of
your property
Ready to use towels go right from box to pool without launder-
ing; Oeko-Tex certied for textile safety and purity
Order in dozens, same stripe color and size Green
Size Case
Cat. No. Color WxL Qty.
2510POOL2040-BL1 Blue 20" x 40" 25 doz.
2510POOL2040-GR1 Green 20" x 40" 25 doz.
2510POOL2040-GD1 Gold 20" x 40" 25 doz.
2510POOL2244-BL1 Blue 22" x 44" 25 doz.
2510POOL2244-GR1 Green 22" x 44" 25 doz.
2510POOL2244-GD1 Gold 22" x 44" 25 doz.
2510POOL2448-BL1 Blue 24" x 48" 10 doz.
2510POOL2448-GR1 Green 24" x 48" 10 doz.
2510POOL2448-GD1 Gold 24" x 48" 10 doz.
2510POOL2450-BL1 Blue 24" x 50" 10 doz.
2510POOL2450-GR1 Green 24" x 50" 10 doz.
2510POOL2450-GD1 Gold 24" x 50" 10 doz.

Ready to Use

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NU_12_13.indd 13 11/25/15 8:40 AM

Expect it from Registry
A All our Registry towels are ready
to use and can go from box to
bath without laundering!

E&I members save more!

Contract #CNR01302

A. Registry Bronze Institutional B. Registry Cam Border White Towels

Cam Border White Towels Single cam design with durable construction; designed to
withstand 100 launderings (with proper care)
100% cotton loops with a cotton/polyester blend base cloth,
100% cotton loops give these towels a soft, silky hand, along
lockstitched hemmed ends, and cam borders
with a durable 86% cotton/14% polyester base cloth, and fast
Registry towels go from box to bath without washing; Oeko-Tex selvaged edges
certified for textile safety and purity
Registry towels go from box to bath without washing; Oeko-Tex
Order in dozens, same size and weight certified for textile safety and purity
Case Act. Wt. Order in dozens, same size
Cat. No. Description Qty. per Doz.
Case Act. Wt.
AMERT2040-5 Bath Towel, 20" x 40" 10 doz. 5.5 lbs. Cat. No. Description Qty. per Doz.
AMERT2448-8 Bath Towel, 24" x 48" 10 doz. 8 lbs.
AMERT2450-10 Bath Towel, 24" x 50" 5 doz. 10.5 lbs. AMERSC2450-105 Bath Towel, 24" x 50" 5 doz. 10.5 lbs.
AMERT2754-13 Bath Towel, 27" x 54" 4 doz. 13 lbs. AMERSC1627-3 Hand Towel, 16" x 27" 10 doz. 3 lbs.
AMERT2754-15 Bath Towel, 27" x 54" 4 doz. 15 lbs. AMERSC1212-1 Wash Cloth, 12" x 12" 25 doz. 1 lb.
AMERT1627-35 Hand Towel, 16" x 27" 15 doz. 3.5 lbs. AMERSC2030-7 Bath Mat, 20" x 30" 5 doz. 7 lbs.
AMERT1627-3 Hand Towel, 16" x 27" 16 doz. 3 lbs.
AMERT1212-75 Wash Cloth, 12" x 12" 48 doz. .75 lb.
AMERT1212-1 Wash Cloth,12" x 12" 40 doz. 1 lb.
AMERT2030-7 Bath Mat, 20" x 30" 5 doz. 7 lbs. Ready to Use

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NU_14_15.indd 14 11/25/15 8:45 AM

Expect it from Registry
A. Registry Platinum 100% Ring-Spun
A Luxurious towels are cotton rich,
Cotton Dobby Border Towels providing a softer hand and
Soft towels are finished with attractive dobby borders better absorbency.
Fast selvaged edges with lockstitched hems; machine wash/dry
Registry towels go from box to bath without washing; Oeko-Tex
certified for textile safety and purity
Order in dozens, same color, size and weight
Case Act. Wt.
Cat. No. Description Qty. per Doz.
AMERPLAT2750-14WHT Bath Towel, 27" x 50" 5 doz. 14 lbs.
AMERPLAT2754-15WHT Bath Towel, 27" x 54" 5 doz. 15 lbs.
AMERPLAT2754-17WHT Bath Towel, 27" x 54" 4 doz. 17 lbs.
AMERPLAT2758-15WHT Bath Towel, 27" x 58" 5 doz. 15 lbs.
AMERPLAT1630-45WHT Hand Towel, 16" x 30" 10 doz. 4.5 lbs.
AMERPLAT1313-15WHT Wash Cloth, 13" x 13" 25 doz. 1.5 lbs.
AMERPLAT2132-95WHT Bath Mat, 21" x 32" 5 doz. 9.5 lbs.
AMERPLAT2750-14BGE Bath Towel, 27" x 50" 5 doz. 14 lbs.
AMERPLAT2754-15BGE Bath Towel, 27" x 54" 5 doz. 15 lbs.
AMERPLAT2754-17BGE Bath Towel, 27" x 54" 4 doz. 17 lbs.
AMERPLAT1630-45BGE Hand Towel, 16" x 30" 10 doz. 4.5 lbs.
AMERPLAT1313-15BGE Wash Cloth, 13" x 13" 25 doz. 1.5 lbs.
AMERSIG2132-95BGE Bath Mat, 21" x 32" 5 doz. 9.5 lbs.

Ready to Use

Beige White

B. Heritage Dobby Border White Towels B

by 1888 Mills
Guests will enjoy using these soft, classic, dobby border towels
100% cotton loops provide great absorbency; base cloth blends
86% cotton and 14% polyester yarns for added durability and
dimensional stability, without sacrificing softness
Minority- or women-owned business
Order in dozens, same size
Case Act. Wt.
Cat. No. Description Qty. per Doz.
SFTB165WHT Bath Towel, 24" x 50" 5 doz. 10.5 lbs.
SFTH165WHT Hand Towel, 16" x 27" 10 doz. 3 lbs.
SFTW265WHT Wash Cloth, 12" x 12" 25 doz. 1 lb.
SFTM857WHT Bath Mat, 21" x 32" 5 doz. 9.5 lbs.

Hospitality at Work in Education americanhotel.com/education 15

NU_14_15.indd 15 11/25/15 8:45 AM

A. Registry Nylon Shower Curtain
Cat. No. AMERNY-66-W
A Durable 200-denier nylon curtain is water-repellent and
flame-retardant; reinforced top hem provides tear resistance
3-ply reinforced top header for added strength; chrome-finished,
rustproof copper grommets for increased durability
Machine washable; white classic oxford weave, 72" x 72"
Order in cases of 12

B. Registry 5-Ball Roller
Shower Curtain Hooks
Cat. No. 55D4L
Extra-heavy chrome-plated brass hooks
Expect it from Registry
with 5 easy-glide rollers
The more you buy, the more you For rods 1.5" diameter; 2.6" length
save with Registry products
perfect for tight school budgets. Order in packs of 100

C. Hospi-Tel Omega 8-Gauge

C Vinyl Shower Curtains
Taffeta-embossed design; treated with mildew-resistant additive
Triple-thick Safe-T-Top top hem, no bottom hem; no-rust grommets
Inherently flame retardant; machine wash; made in the USA
Order in cases of 12, same color
White Size
Cat. No. Color WxL
N5COM-3X6-W White 3' x 6'
Champagne Frosty Clear N5COM-3X6-C Champagne 3' x 6'
N5COM-3X6-F Frosty Clear 3' x 6'

D. Hospi-Tel Aqua-Guard 10-Gauge

Vinyl Shower Curtains
Leather-embossed design; treated with mildew-resistant additive
D Triple-thick Safe-T-Top top hem, no bottom hem; no-rust grommets
Inherently flame retardant; machine wash; made in the USA
Order in cases of 12, same color
Cat. No. Color WxL
N5CAG-3X6-W White 3' x 6'
N5CAG-3X6-C Champagne 3' x 6'
N5CAG-3X6-B Blue 3' x 6'

Champagne Blue

E. Hookless Litchfield White Fabric

Shower Curtains
E 150-denier curtains feature a unique rectangular sheen pattern
100% machine washable polyester; matching Hookless rings
Ultrasonically cut hem at bottom helps prevent mildew buildup
Choose Standard or Stall size
Order in cases of 12, same style
Cat. No. Description WxL
2240LITCHFIELD-WHT Standard Size 71" x 74"
2240LITCHFIELDS-WHT Stall Size 42" x 74"

16 americanhotel.com/education | 1-800-766-6676

NU_16_17.indd 16 11/25/15 8:46 AM


A. Premium Triple B. Gillette Foamy C. Gillette Satin D. Colgate

Blade Razor Shave Cream Care Shave Total Toothpaste
Cat. No. 5165TBRG for Men Cream for Women Cat. No. 1001448
Three blades; ergo-flex handle The only toothpaste ap-
Cat. No. 6922GFSC Cat. No. 6922SCSC
Pivoting head with flexing proved by the Food & Drug
Thick, extra-rich, foamy lather Special dry skin formula Administration to fight
blade technology
for a close comfortable shave contains botanicals enriched Gingivitis
Disposable; individually wrapped
2-oz. can with skin-loving vitamins 0.75-oz. tube; boxed
Order in packs of 144
Order in cases of 48 2.5-oz. can Order in cases of 24
Order in cases of 24

E. Colgate White
Cat. No. G8U55101B
Individually cello-wrapped
Full head of soft bristles
Order in cases of 144

F. Disposable Soft Plastic

Cat. No. 4137WCC9R
Individually wrapped 9-oz. plastic cups are
texturized and translucent
Flexible, yet wont crush easily
Order in cases of 1,000

E&I members save more!

Contract #CNR01302

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NU_16_17.indd 17 11/25/15 8:46 AM

A A. Registry Full-Size 1,875W
Ionic Hair Dryer
Cat. No. 6039DW718I
Full-featured, handheld hair dryer has 3 heat and 2 speed settings
with cool shot button
Ionic technology reduces frizz, restores hairs luster, dries hair faster;
light indicates when ionic technology is activated
Includes concentrator and removable lint filter; 6-ft. cord with ALCI
plug; 125V, 60 Hz; UL-listed
1-year warranty

Expect it from Registry

Our Registry hair dryers deliver the
same power and dependability as
name brands, but at lower prices!

C C. Hamilton Beach Mid-Size 1,875W

Folding Hair Dryer with Retractable Cord
Cat. No. M4JHHD600
Features tourmaline technology to dry hair quickly, 1,875 watts of
styling power, and 3 heat/speed settings
Comfortable soft-touch grip; convenient folding handle and hanging
ring; 4" W x 614" H x 812" D
Push-button 6-ft. retractable cord with ALCI plug; 125V, 60 Hz
D ETL-listed; 1-year limited warranty

D. Sunbeam greensense
1,200/1,500W Wall-Mount
Hair DryerS with Night-Light
Cat. No. U691632040
Dual wattage setting the 1,200W setting provides an estimated
20% in energy savings
Tourmaline ionic technology improves air flow; two heat/air settings
Magnetic hand-locking system, removable lint filter, and 6-ft. cord
with resettable ALCI plug
UL/CUL-listed; ADA-compliant; 1-year warranty

E E. Sunbeam greensense
1,200/1,500W Wall-Mount Hair Dryer
Hair Dryer. Cat. No. U69HD3002001
Replacement Disposable Lint Filter. Cat. No. U69149660
Features tourmaline technology, 3 heat/air settings, cool shot
button, and a dual wattage setting to help reduce energy usage
Automatically shuts off when returned to holder
Disposable lint filter saves labor and extends life of dryer; 6-ft. cord
with resettable ALCI plug
120V; ETL/CETL-approved; ADA-compliant when mounted at or
below 48"

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NU_18_19.indd 18 11/25/15 8:47 AM


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Contract #CNR01302

A. AVIVA Dual-Chamber Chrome

Shower/Vanity Dispenser
Cat. No. S93AV2CH
Place in showers, above sinks and vanities; dispensers reduce
landifll waste
Locks to prevent tampering; each translucent bottle holds 10 oz.
of liquid; 12 tsp. dispenses with a press of the button
738" W x 738" H x 212" D; amenity labels and installation kit
included; replacement parts available
Lifetime warranty on pump; 2-year warranty on components


B. Dial Basics Liquid Hand Soap C. Water Rituals 1-Gallon Bulk

1-Gallon Refill Shower Liquids
Cat. No. N3B06047 Perfect blend of natural ingredients and an exhilarating aroma
Mild, hypo-allergenic lotion soap is gentle on the skin Formulated to provide richness and luxury to rejuvenate and
Green Seal certified, biodegradable, and made with recyclable invigorate
packaging; lightly scented Order in cases of 4
Order in cases of 4
Cat. No. Description
L4DWRS Shampoo
L4DWRC Conditioner
L4DWRBG Body Wash
L4DWRL Lotion

Hospitality at Work in Education americanhotel.com/education 19

NU_18_19.indd 19 11/25/15 8:47 AM

Expect it from Registry
An amenity collection with a robust
fragrance, braille-marked caps on the
1-oz. tubesand eco-friendly, too!

Registry Terra Green

Embrace the earth and reduce your environmental impact with
eco-friendly Terra Green
Robust, aroma-therapeutic lemongrass scent
Packaging made from recycled materials featuring soy-based ink; all
liquids and soaps are biodegradable; order in full cases
Cat. No. Description Qty.
5552TGS-S Shampoo 600
5552TGC-S Conditioner 600
5552TGCS-S Conditioning Shampoo 600
5552TGL-S Lotion 600
5552TGBW-S Body Wash 600
TUBE PRODUCTS, 1 OZ. Braille-marked caps.
5552TGS-L2 Shampoo 288
5552TGC-L2 Conditioner 288
5552TGCS-L2 Conditioning Shampoo 288
5552TGL-L2 Lotion 288
5552TGBW-L2 Body Wash 288
5552TGFS Facial, 0.5 oz., pleat-wrap 1,000
5552TGFS-L Facial, 0.75 oz., pleat-wrap 500
5552TGFBS-B Face & Body, 1 oz., box 300
5552TGBS-W Bath, 1.5 oz., pleat-wrap 250
5552TGMS Massage, 1.85 oz., box 250
5552TGSC Shower Cap with Stand, box 250

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NU_20_21.indd 20 11/25/15 8:49 AM


A. Paya Organics Cat. No. Description

A luxurious spa-inspired brand made with certied organic
ingredients and delivered in modern, sustainable packaging
1048789 Conditioning Shampoo 144
Organic papaya gives these products a warm, luscious ap- 1048792 Conditioner 144
peal while nourishing the body with rich antioxidants and 1048795 Lotion 144
nutrients; other refreshing organic ingredients include sweet 1048790 Shower Gel 144
orange and lavender TUBE PRODUCTS, 1 OZ.
Order in full cases 1028925 Conditioning Shampoo 144
1028924 Conditioner 144
1028923 Lotion 144
1028921 Shower Gel 144
P5TPAYAFB3 Facial Soap, 0.8 oz., wrap 288
1028926 Face & Body Bar, 1.25 oz., flo-wrap 288
P5TPAYABB3 Bath Soap, 1.35 oz., box 320
P5TPAYASC2 Shower Cap, bag 200
P5TPAYACK2 Cosmetic Kit, box 100
P5TPAYAMK2 Mending Kit, box 200

B. White Marble B
Stock amenity program offers value and name brand products
Collection includes a safety seal on all bottled products to
reduce the risk of tampering; order in full cases
Cat. No. Description Qty.
1025217 Breck Shampoo 288
1025210 Breck Conditioner 288
1025209 Breck Conditioning Shampoo 288
1025211 Lotion 288
1025216 Breck Shampoo 500
1025213 Breck Conditioner 500
1025221 Hand & Body Lotion 500
1025212 Tone Skin Care Bar, 0.75 oz., wrap 1,000
1025208 Tone Skin Care Bar, 1.5 oz., wrap 500
1025215 Dial, 0.75 oz., wrap 1,000
1025218 Dial, 1.25 oz., wrap 500
1025214 Deodorant Soap, 0.75 oz., wrap 1,000
1025219 Deodorant Soap, 1.5 oz., wrap 500
1025220 Deodorant Soap, 2.5 oz., wrap 200

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NU_20_21.indd 21 11/25/15 8:49 AM

Expect it from Registry
Our line of bath and facial tissue
A. Registry Enverde Naturals Select
is 100% eco-responsible and 100% 2 ply, 100% recycled, made from post-consumer content
manufactured in North America! All items are Green Seal certified*
Order in full cases
A Cat. No. Description Sheets Qty.
1006683* Bath Tissue, 500/roll 80 rolls
4.3" W x 4" L
1016835* Flat Facial Tissue, 100/box 30 boxes
8.5" W x 7.5" L
1029526* Cube Facial Tissue, 85/box 36 boxes
7.7" W x 8.5" L

B. Registry Enverde Ultra

2 ply, 100% virgin fiber, FSC certified
Premium bath and facial tissue
Order in full cases
Cat. No. Description Sheets Qty.
7295ENVUBT** Bath Tissue, 500/roll 80 rolls
4.25" W x 4" L
7295ENVUFT** Flat Facial Tissue, 100/box 30 boxes
7.7" W x 8.5" L
B 7295ENVUCT** Cube Facial Tissue, 85/box 36 boxes
7.7" W x 8.5" L

C-F. Registry Enverde

Back of House Ultra and Naturals Select
Bath Tissue and Towels
Ultra towels are made with 100% virgin fiber; FSC certified
Naturals Select items are made of 100% recycled materials with
a minimum 50% post-consumer content; kitchen roll towels are
Green Sealed certified
Order in full cases
Cat. No. Description Sheets Qty.
C. 1029196** Multi-Fold Towels, 1-ply 250 sheets 16 packs
E D.1029194 Jumbo Roll Bath Tissue 3.5" x 1,000' 12 rolls
E. 1029197* Kitchen Roll Towels 85 sheets 30 rolls
C D F. 1029195 Multi-Fold Towels 250 sheets 16 packs

*These products meet Green Seal Standard GS-1 based on chlorine-free

processing, energy and water efficiency, and content of 100% recovered material with
F a minimum of 25% post-consumer material (bath tissue), 40% post-consumer material
(facial tissue), and 50% post-consumer material (kitchen roll towels).

**These products are FSC certified. The Forest Stewardship Council sets standards for
forest products, independently certifies that these standards have been met, and be-
stows labels upon the products that qualify. Products that bear an FSC-certified label
go through a chain of custody assessment from the forest to the manufacturer to the
converter and, finally, to the marketer all to ensure the process is environmentally
friendly as well as socially and economically responsible.

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NU_22_23.indd 22 11/25/15 8:51 AM

A. GymWipes Contemporary A
Wall Dispenser
Cat. No. G622XL80
Self-threading design helps wipes dispense one at a time
Easy to install; all labels and hardware included; translucent
smoke color B

B. GymWipes 700-Count Refill

Cat. No. G622XL101
EPA-registered for sanitizing surfaces; prevent cross-contamina-
tion; pre-moistened and disposable
Made from recycled material; bleach & alcohol free
Safe for use on workout equipment and delicate display screens
VOC-compliant; order in cases of 4 refills

C. Purell TFX Touch-Free Dispenser

Cat. No. G62GOJ2780-12
Motion sensitive mechanism dispenses sanitizer to prevent
cross-contamination; backed by a 3-year guarantee C
Includes three C batteries; ADA-compliant and UL/CE-registered

D. Purell TFX Instant 1,200ml
Hand Sanitizer Foam
Cat. No. G62GOJ5392-02
Formula contains moisturizers to help keep skin hydrated
Fresh dispensing valve with each refill; order in cases of 2

E. Floodsax
Cat. No. 7423DSBS9VP
Each weighs 1 pound and will soak up 5.5 gallons of fresh water/
liquid in 3-5 minutes E
Stops water in its tracks; once the water is in the bag, it stays
there and the bags act just like sandbags to keep floods at bay
Product is biodegradable; order in cases of 20

E&I members save more!

Contract #CNR01302

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NU_22_23.indd 23 11/25/15 8:51 AM

Expect it from Registry
Save more with a feature-packed 1,200-watt iron that A. Registry Ironing Board
shares many of the features you see on name brands. Cat. No. D7B4480003
And our ironing boards are built to last!
Reinforced recycled polycarbonate board with 118"-dia. tubular steel T-legs
Stands 4434" tall when folded; 40" length
2-piece cover with 316" foam-backed pad in pearlescent blue with
A drawcord closure; replacement covers also available
Order in cases of 4

B. Registry Dual Auto Shutoff Commercial Iron

Cat. No. 1001167
Auto shutoff after 30 seconds in down position and 15 minutes upright
Features spray, variable steam, vertical blast, and nonstick soleplate
8-ft. swivel cord with commercial 3-prong plug; 4.5-oz. water tank
1,200W, 120V, 60 Hz; ETL/CETL-approved; 1-year warranty

Auto Non-
Steam Spray
Shutoff stick

C. Sunbeam Greensense
1,200W Mid-Size Iron
Cat. No. U6930162
Greensense feature is designed to deliver water savings
C up to 45%
E&I members save more! Motion Smart 3-way auto shutoff: 15 minutes upright,
Contract #CNR01302 30 seconds down/side
Features include self cleaning, nonstick soleplate, and Spray
Auto Mist; Storage Strip indicator shows red when iron is hot
Also features slide reservoir water cover for durability and
Non- Self- labor-saving heel cord wrap
stick Cleaning 1,200W, 120V, 60 Hz; 10-ft., 360 swivel cord; 2-year
warranty; ETL/CETL approved

D D. Homz Anywhere Ironing Board

Cat. No. 1027188
Cover is made with scorch-resistant fabric; legs are curved
for additional clearance and fold for storage; built-in
hanging hook
13" W x 36" L and 8" tall; order in multiples of 4

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NU_24_25.indd 24 11/25/15 8:52 AM

Expect it
from Registry A B
Our pickup bags are a
great choice for facilities White
that need to color-code
their laundry service. Red

Forest Open Hook

Small Hook
Ball Top*

B. Registry 18"-Wide, "-Thick 1

Hardwood Hangers
A. Registry All-Purpose Polyester Tongue-and-groove construction; snag-free natural lacquer finish
Chrome-plated hardware accents the bright natural finish
Drawstring Pickup Bags All hangers are notched to support strapped garments: mens
Heavy-duty polyester is coated with urethane to prevent fraying hangers have wooden slack bars; womens hangers have
Heavy-duty polyester drawcord with barrel lock prevents tangling cushioned clips; order in cases of 100
Straight bottom style; machine wash and dry, cold setting, slow Cat. No. Style
spin; order in multiples of 3
L7K66N-MO Mens Open Hook
Size Fits L7K66N-MS Mens Small Hook
Cat. No. WxL Hamper Color L7K66N-MB* Mens Ball Top
PK7DS1824RED 30" x 40" 18" Red L7K66N-WO Womens Open Hook
PK7DS1824WH 30" x 40" 18" White L7K66N-WS Womens Small Hook
PK7DS1824BLUE 30" x 40" 18" Royal Blue L7K66N-WB* Womens Ball Top
PK7DS1824GR 30" x 40" 18" Forest Green *Receptacles for ball top hangers are sold below
PK7DS1824YEL 30" x 40" 18" Yellow 51KA-RINGS Slip-On Receptacle
PK7DS2224W 36" x 40" 22" White 51KB-RINGS Ball Top Receptacle
PK7DS2224B 36" x 40" 22" Royal Blue
PK7DS2224G 36" x 40" 22" Forest Green
PK7DS2524W 40" x 40" 25" White
PK7DS2524B 40" x 40" 25" Royal Blue
PK7DS2524G 40" x 40" 25" Forest Green


More styles and sizes

are available

D. Royal Basket Laundry Hamper Stands

C. Royal Basket Wire Laundry Cart and Bags
Cat. No. U6ZR33BKW0A Stand with Blue Bag. Cat. No. U6ZR00BLHBK
Cart moves loads easily from washer to dryer or to other locations Stand with White Bag & Pool Towels Sign. Cat. No. U6ZR00WHPHK
Basket is made of vinyl-dipped steel wire; base is 1" powder- Hampers fold flat for storage; steel rod frames have galvanized finish
coated tubular steel; top rim is covered in white PVC to reduce Use for collection of recyclables, linens, trash, pool towels, and more
damage to walls Sturdy 33-gal. bags are crafted of super-strong, 13-oz. flame-retar-
5" polyurethane socket casters; basket measures 19" W x 1534" H dant, mildew- and UV-resistant vinyl
3734" L; overall 3312" H 15" W x 30" H x 16" L; additional colors are available

Our E&I Partnership Drives Down Costs - americanhotel.com/education 25

NU_24_25.indd 25 11/25/15 8:52 AM

Take the heavy lifting and inefficiency out of

Fewer trips make move-in and move-out much easier

and efficient. The chaos of moving day is eliminated. Dont
your students deserve the Royal treatment? Call today and
find out how we can help make moving day easier for both
students and parents.


Moving Made Easy


26 americanhotel.com/education | 1-800-766-6676

NU_26_27.indd 26 11/25/15 8:55 AM

moving day with ROYAL BASKET TRUCKS
A. Hardwood Basket Trucks
with Permanent Liner
12-Bushel Capacity, 26" W x 34" H x 36" L.
Cat. No. U6Z212
16-Bushel Capacity, 28" W x 3612" H x 40" L.
Cat. No. U6Z216
Liner is permanently riveted to frame
Steel wire frame has 2" seam welds providing a
smooth no bump finish
Base is comprised of kiln-dried select hardwood
Standard 3" non-marking polyurethane casters
Unique weight transfer interlock system unitizes the
base, frame and casters at maximum strength
Liners are made from super-strong, mold-, mildew-,
UV-resistant and flame-retardant vinyl or heavy-duty
white canvas
Reinforced handles riveted for durability
Ships fully assembled
Carts nest inside each other for shipping and storage
Available in 14 colors; contact us for details
Additional sizes, replacement liners, spring lifts,
vinyl covers, hinged tops, and corner bumpers are
available; contact us for details.

B. Poly Trucks with Kiln-Dried

Hardwood Base
8-Bushel Capacity, 26" W x 2912" H x 38" L.
Cat. No. U6ZR0800PTC
12-Bushel Capacity, 30" W x 34" H x 40" L.
Cat. No. U6ZR1200PTC
Seamless molded polyethylene body
Smooth finish with rounded corners
Unique kiln-dried select hardware base
Standard 4" non-marking polyurethane casters
Bolt-Through body attachment
Available in 8 sizes (6 - 20 bushel); contact us
Casters available in 3 mounting patterns; please
specify: corner mount with 4 swivel casters, corner
mount with 2 rigid/2 swivel casters, or diamond
mount with 2 rigid/2 swivel casters
Ships fully assembled
Available in 7 standard colors: blue, red, gray,
white, green, black, and granite gray
Additional sizes and colors available; food grade,
spring lifts and vinyl covers also available;
contact us for details.

Hospitality at Work in Education americanhotel.com/education 27

NU_26_27.indd 27 11/25/15 8:55 AM

WaterHog Eco Elite and Eco Premier
Herringbone Pattern Scraper/Wiper Mats
30-oz. per sq. yd. 100% post-consumer recycled PET polyester fabric reclaimed from
drinking bottles
Backing made from 15 - 20% post-consumer recycled rubber reclaimed from tires;
cleated rubber backing helps minimize movement on carpet
Exclusive rubber-reinforced face pattern prevents pile from crushing, maintaining high
performance and extending life
Exclusive water dam border traps dirt and water in the mat and off your floor
Specify color from swatches below by adding code to end of Cat. No.
Size Size
Cat. No. WxL Cat. No. WxL
Herringbone pattern, with durable rubber border. Diamond pattern with durable rubber border.
X2422402X3 2' x 3' X2422952X3 2' x 3'
X2422403X4 3' x 4' X2422953X4 3' x 4'
X2422403X5 3' x 5' X2422953X5 3' x 5'
X2422403X10 3' x 10' X2422953X10 3' x 10'
X2422404X6 4' x 6' X2422954X6 4' x 6'
ECO PREMIER X2422404X8 4' x 8' X2422954X8 4' x 8'
X2422406X8 6' x 8' X2422956X8 6' x 8'
Herringbone pattern, with attractive polyester Diamond pattern, with attractive polyester
fashion border. fashion border.
X2422412X3 2' x 3' X2422972X3 2' x 3'
X2422413X4 3' x 4' X2422973X4 3' x 4'
X2422413X5 3' x 5' X2422973X5 3' x 5'
X2422413X10 3' x 10' X2422973X10 3' x 10'
X2422414X6 4' x 6' X2422974X6 4' x 6'
X2422414X8 4' x 8' X2422974X8 4' x 8'
X2422416X8 6' x 8' X2422976X8 6' x 8'


170 175 173 171 176 174 177 172

Black Chestnut Grey Indigo Khaki Maroon Regal Southern
Smoke Brown Ash Red Pine
Rubber Border Fashion Border

Expect it from Registry

Add your school crest, logo, or mascot!
No setup fee Fast ship in 5 days! Registry Custom Logo Wiper Mats
Choose from up to 26 colors many logos available, or
send your own!
No setup fee! Fast ship in 5 days!
Reproduction of ne details, shading and 3-D images are easily
achieved with state-of-the-art digital printer
Vinyl backing keeps mat secure to floor
Specify layout: Horizontal or Vertical
Cat. No. WxL
X2475VIN2X3 2' x 3'
X2475VIN3X5 3' x 5'
X2475VIN4X6 4' x 6'

Custom cuts and other sizes available;

contact us for details IN 5 DAYS!

28 americanhotel.com/education | 1-800-766-6676

NU_28_29.indd 28 11/25/15 9:00 AM

A-C. WaterHog Grand Classic, Expect it from Registry
Classic, and Fashion Best-Quality Multi-directional molded surface
Scraper/Wiper Mats pattern effectively scrapes tough
dirt off shoes and provides an
Mats feature a 24-oz. per sq. yd. polypropylene bi-level face that excellent antislip surface.
maximizes dirt and moisture-stopping characteristics
Backing is made from 15 - 20% post-consumer recycled rubber
reclaimed from tires D
Rubber-reinforced face prevents pile from crushing, maintains high
performance and extends product life
Antistatic! 100% solution-dyed to eliminate fading
Specify color from swatches below by adding code to end of Cat. No.
Cat. No. WxL
Diamond pattern, with attractive
polyester fashion border.
X242723X1 3' x 1.8'
4' x 2.3'
6' x 3.3'
Fashion Border
D. Registry Good Scraper Mats
HALF-OVAL ONE END Recommended for use outside of entrances and inside
X242733X5 3' x 5.5' applications where slip resistance is required
X242733X10 3' x 10' High recycled content: 95% post-consumer recycled tires;
X242734X10 4' x 10.5' A recycled symbol is molded in the corner of the mat
X242736X7 6' x 7' Heavy weight keeps mat in place even with heavy cart traffic
X242736X11 6' x 11.6'
X242743X7 3' x 7.1' Cat. No. WxL
X242743X11 3' x 11.7' X245542X3 2' x 3'
X242744X8 4' x 8' X245543X5 3' x 5'
X242744X12 4' x 12.6' X245544X6 4' x 6'
X242746X10 6' x 10.1'
X242746X14 6' x 14.8'
Cat. No. WxL
Square waffle pattern, with raised E
rubber border.
X242002X3 2' x 3'
X242003X4 3' x 4' B
X242003X5 3' x 5'
X242003X8 3' x 8'
X242003X10 3' x 10'
X242004X6 4' x 6'
X242004X8 4' x 8' Rubber
X242004X10 4' x 10' Border
X242006X8 6' x 8'
X242006X10 6' x 10'
X242006X12 6' x 12'
X242006X20 6' x 20'
Cat. No. WxL
C. WATERHOG FASHION MATS. E. Registry Better Scraper Mats
Square waffle pattern, with attractive C 2,000 finger-like tips/sq. ft. aggressively scrape soil from shoes
polyester fashion border.
X242802X3 2' x 3' OSHA-compliant beveled edges and deep wells hold heavy
X242803X4 3' x 4' soil and debris
X242803X5 3' x 5' Solid, 58"-thick construction with antifatigue capabilities
X242803X8 3' x 8'
Easily cleaned by hosing off or shaking
X242803X10 3' x 10'
X242804X6 4' x 6' Size
X242804X8 4' x 8' Cat. No. WxL
X242804X10 4' x 10' X2487424X32 24" x 32"
X242806X8 6' x 8' X2487432X39 32" x 39"
X242806X12 6' x 12' 152 154
Dark Charcoal
X242806X20 6' x 20' Brown

155 159
Red/Black Evergreen

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NU_28_29.indd 29 11/25/15 9:00 AM

A-G. Registry Microfiber
A Cleaning Cloths
Remove 98% of surface bacteria; made
B of 80% polyester for effective scrubbing,
C 20% polyamide for ultra-absorbency and
D 16" sq. cloths are positively charged, al-
E lowing them to attract and trap negatively
charged dust particles; use with water;
clean effectively without chemicals
G Order in multiples of 10
Cat. No. Color
A. 1018875 Yellow Multipurpose
B. 1018878 Green Multipurpose
C. 1018876 Blue Multipurpose
D. 1018872 Pink Multipurpose
E. 1018877 Red Multipurpose
F. 1018873 Blue Glass Cleaning H. Mr. Clean Original
G. 1018874 White/Gold Stripe Multipurpose
Magic Eraser
Cat. No. PC643516
Cleans tough dirt with a little water and a rub
Expect it from Registry Ideal for surface grooves with ground-in dirt,
Use different color cloths in different bathroom scum, and scuff marks
rooms and on different surfaces to Pad size: 2.4" W x 4.6" L x 1" D
avoid cross-contamination.
Order in cases of 24 (6 packs of 4)


Meet all
and state

No phosphates No phosphates

I. Windex Glass Cleaner J. Spic and Span K. Comet Disinfecting

32-Oz. RTU Spray. 12/case.
Cat. No. G62DRK90135
Disinfecting All-Purpose Bathroom Cleaner
1-Gal. RTU Refill. 4/case. Spray and Glass Cleaner 32-Oz. RTU Spray. 8/case. Cat. No. PC608174
Cat. No. G6290940 32-Oz. RTU Spray. 8/case. Cat. No. 1020764 1-Gal. Concentrate. 3/case. Cat. No. PC608192
Removes dirt without streaking or filming Disinfects and powers away soap scum and
1-Gal. Concentrate. 2/case. Cat. No. PC632538
hard water stains kills common germs and
Utilizes an exclusive Ammonia-D formula 1-Gal. RTU Refill. 3/case. Cat. No. 1020763 odor-causing bacteria
Order in full cases Powerful 3-in-1 replaces a glass cleaner, an all- Cleans glazed tile, Formica, enamel, chrome,
purpose cleaner, and a disinfecting cleaner stainless steel and more
Hospital-grade disinfectant works as a Cleaning agents are biodegradable and/or
bactericide, fungicide, virucide, and deodor- removed in a wastewater facility
izer (EPA registration no. 6836-245-3573) Order in full cases
Effective against influenza, herpes simplex
types 1 and 2, and HIV-1; order in full cases

30 americanhotel.com/education | 1-800-766-6676

NU_30_31.indd 30 11/25/15 10:46 AM


A. Rubbermaid Wave B. Rubbermaid High-Capacity C. Rubbermaid

Brake Mop Bucket Janitors Cart Floor Sign
Cat. No. S5R7580-88YEL Cleaning Cart. Cat. No. S5R9T72BLK Cat. No. S5R6112
Revolutionary bucket shape virtu- Replacement Yellow Vinyl Bag. Cat. No. S5R9T80 Bright yellow plastic with easy-
ally eliminates splashes under typi- to-read black and red lettering
Aluminum and structural web plastic provides 5 cu. ft. of storage
cal usage; side-press wringer Contoured grip for easy car-
Includes Lock N Go bucket attachment, four rubber tool holders
Superior design and molding tech- rying; folds for transport and
in front and one in back, two removable 10-quart, 6-bottle
nology resists denting, corrosion, storage
caddies, and high-capacity vinyl bag
and chemical breakdown Multilingual: English, French,
Comfort Grip cart handles, lobby dust pan/vacuum holder
26- to 35-qt. capacity Spanish, and German
and four safety sign holders; 22" W x 44" H x 4914" L
2-sided; 11" W x 26" H x 12" D

Expect it from Registry

Cleaning products for small and large jobs.
D. Registry Large
Angle Broom E
Cat. No. 65692030
Washable, durable polypropylene bristles
Blue metal handle with soft comfort grip
12" sweep; overall length: 5312"
Additional sizes and styles available
Order in multiples of 6

E. Registry 4-Ply Color Blended Mops

Blend of cotton for absorbency and polyester for strength
and long life; 4-ply loop ends; double-stitched tailband
Color code mops for use in designated areas
1" headband and tailband; use with standard- or
gripper-style mop handles
Order in multiples of 5
Mop Mop
Cat. No. Size Color
3835349-16OZBL 16 oz. Blue
3835349-16OZGR 16 oz. Green

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NU_30_31.indd 31 11/25/15 10:46 AM


A. Betco Best Scent D. Betco BTB Instant

Smoke & Odor Eliminator Mildew & Stain Remover
Cat. No. 723423412 Cat. No. 723432112
Eliminates cigarette smoke and burnt Formulated with an odor counteractant
odors from the air and replaces them and chlorine stabilizer
with a special blend of fragrances; Spring Works on tile, grout, fiberglass, shower
Renewal scent doors, vinyl curtains and sinks; Apple scent
Order in cases of 12 (32-oz. bottles) Order in cases of 12 (32-oz. bottles)

B. Betco Green Earth E. Betco Brite

Peroxide Cleaner Multi-Surface Polish
Cat. No. 723432912 Cat. No. 723415512
Multi-purpose cleaner with the active High gloss multi-surface polish protectant
ingredient hydrogen peroxide cleans blends lemon oil, silicones and
without fumes polishing agents
Whitens grout as effectively as bleach- Also removes wax build-up, fills in minor
based cleaners; Fresh Mint scent scratches, and protects against finger-
Order in cases of 12 (32-oz. bottles) prints; Lemon scent
Order in cases of 12 (32-oz. bottles)
C. Betco FiberPRO
F. Betco Kling HCI Toilet
Carpet Spotter
Cat. No. 723442512 Bowl Cleaner
G All-purpose spot and stain remover com- Cat. No. 723407512
bines detergent and deodorant technol- 9% thickened hydrochloric acid toilet
ogy; Country Fresh scent bowl cleaner; for porcelain toilet bowls
Order in cases of 12 (32-oz. bottles) and urinals; Mint fragrance
Order in cases of 12 (32-oz. bottles)

G. Betco Rest Stop

Restroom Cleaner
Cat. No. 723407012
Acid-free multi-purpose germicidal deter-
gent that disinfects, cleans, and deodor-
izes; long-lasing floral fresh fragrance
Order in cases of 12 (32-oz. bottles)
E&I members save more!
Contract #CNR01302

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NU_32_33.indd 32 11/25/15 9:02 AM



A. Betco Deep Blue D. Betco FiberPRO

Glass & Surface Cleaner Chewing Gum Remover
Cat. No. 1008561 Cat. No. 1030170 F
Quickly penetrates dust, smoke, grease Fast freezing action simply spray on
and grime on all glass and window gum until frozen solid and pop off with a
surfaces, but also cleans stainless steel, putty knife
Formica, plastic, porcelain and chrome Order in cases of 12 (6.5-oz. aerosol cans)
Fortified with ammonia and several
grease-cutting surfactants and solvents
for extra cleaning power E. Betco Symplicity
Order in cases of 12 (32-oz. bottles) Duet-L Liquid
Laundry Detergent
B. Betco Lemon Cat. No. 723447505
Furniture Polish Highly concentrated liquid all-in-one
Cat. No. 1030172 laundry detergent with a color-safe bleach
Cleans, polishes, and protects fine furni-
ture, woodwork, vinyl, plastic, Formica, Contains low VOCs and no phosphorous,
leather and metal APEs, NPEs or ETDAs; Springtime
fresh scent
Also removes wax build-up, fills in minor
scratches, and protects against finger- 5-gallon pail; 1-year shelf life
prints; Fresh Lemon scent
Order in cases of 12 (19-oz. aerosol cans) F-G. Betco BetONE
Ready-to-Use G
C. Betco Stainless Steel
Disinfectant Spray
Cleaner and Polish
Cat. No. 1030171 and Wipes
Creamy emulsion quickly removes all dirt, F. BetONE RTU Disinfectant Spray.
grease, fingerprints and oxidation Cat. No. 1016043
Removes both water and oil-based soils, G. BetONE Disinfectant Wipes.
stains and spills; Citrus scent Cat. No. 1016044
Order in cases of 12 (16-oz. aerosol cans) One-step cleaning, disinfecting, and de-
odorizing all with one-minute efficiency
Designed for disinfecting hard,
non-porous, inanimate surfaces
Order in cases of 12 (spray in 32-oz.
bottles; wipes in 100-count canisters)

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NU_32_33.indd 33 11/25/15 9:02 AM


A. Hoover Insight Commercial Vacuums C. Hoover Commercial

13" Sweep. Cat. No. X7BCH50100
Backpack Vacuum
15" Sweep. Cat. No. X7BCH50102
Cat. No. X7BC2401
Designed to be commercial-grade durable, yet easy to maintain
Padded ergonomic harness is designed by a chiropractor for
Innovative bag design automatically seals the disposable bag comfort; can also be placed on the ground and used as a
opening in one step, reducing dust emissions canister-style vacuum
High efficiency HEPA filtration traps 99.97% of dust and pollens Reusable cloth bag with HEPA cone filter
down to 0.3 micron
Includes hose, cleaning wands for floor and carpet surfaces, 112"-dia.
Quick-change brush roll with lever action design allows easy access tools and attachments as shown; detachable 50-ft. cord
without tools to remove and install the brush roll
CRI Green Label-approved for soil removal, dust containment, and
Onboard Intelligent Diagnostic Technology (IDT) notifies user when carpet texture retention; quiet 66 decibel rating
filter, disposable bag, or brush roll needs to be changed
UL-listed, CSA-approved; 2-year commercial warranty
Also includes onboard tools, extension wand, low- profile nozzle, and
rubberized wheels
UL/CUL-approved; 2-year commercial warranty

B. Hoover Powerful D. Sanitaire Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Bagless Commercial Vacuum Cat. No. C7HSC679
Cat. No. X7BC1660900 Our best-selling Sanitaire vacuum features a 12" sweep, smooth
Lightweight upright with 15" sweep features 3-position height rolling action and a lifetime lubricated motor
adjustment, carrying handle, and illuminating headlight Hardwood beater bar/brush roll loosens dirt at any carpet depth
High efficiency HEPA filtration traps 99.97% of dust and pollens 4-way Dial-A-Nap allows you to select beater level for different
down to 0.3 micron carpet types
Tool set includes triple-stretch hose, extra-long 18" crevice tool, Includes 3-position handle, protective vinyl bumper, and top-fill
dusting brush, upholstery tool, and rear tools storage heavy-duty cloth dust bag reinforced at all points of wear
Detachable 35-ft. 3-wire cable; 12 amps 5-amp, 120V motor; 30-ft. grounded cord
CRI Green Label-approved for soil removal, dust containment, and UL/CUL-listed for commercial use; meets OSHA requirements;
carpet texture retention; quiet 69 decibel HUSH setting 1-year commercial warranty
UL-listed, CSA-approved; 1-year commercial warranty

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nu_34_35.indd 34 11/25/15 9:03 AM

A-B. Registry Plastic Recycle! A B
A. 13-Qt. 1158" W x 12" H x 8" D. Cat. No. N3LR4021GN
B. 28-Qt. 1512" W x 17" H x 1012" D. Cat. No. N3LR4031GN
One-piece high-density polyethylene; will not rust, dent,
crack, or leak
Green with Recycle! printed in yellow
Order in multiples of 12

27 Qt.


8 Qt.
14 Qt.
C. Faux Granite Fire-Resistant Gray

Wastebaskets Beige

Thermoset wastebaskets inhibit fire from spreading, self-extin-

guish when external flame is removed, and keep their shape D. Rubbermaid Slim Jim
Wont contribute to fires under normal burning-paper conditions;
no harmful fumes emitted 23-Gallon Receptacles
See capacities and colors in chart below; UL-listed; Venting channels take the strain out of liner removal; four can
Made in the USA liner cinches; molded-in handles and base grips
Order in multiples of 6 Choose labeled recycling receptacles in Blue or Green;
non-recycling receptacles are available in Beige, Gray, or Black
Size Stainless steel dolly (not shown) resists chemicals, rust, and
Cat. No. Capacity Color WxHxD corrosion; plastic casters
C474981386 8 Qt. Walnut Toffee 812" x 1034" x 638"
C474981387 8 Qt. Sandy Beach 812" x 1034" x 638" Cat. No. Description Case Qty.
C474963325 14 Qt. Walnut Toffee 1114" x 1278" x 8" RECEPTACLES. 11" W x 30" H x 22" L.
C474963326 14 Qt. Sandy Beach 1114" x 1278" x 8" S5R354007BLU Blue for Recycling 1
C474963327 14 Qt. Pewter 1114" x 1278" x 8" S5R354007GRN Green for Recycling 1
C474981036 27 Qt. Walnut Toffee 16" x 14" x 812" S5R354060BGE Beige for Waste 1
C474981037 27 Qt. Sandy Beach 16" x 14" x 812" 1002741 Gray for Waste 4
1002392 Black for Waste 1
Walnut Sandy Pewter DOLLY. Fits above containers.
Toffee Beach S5R355300SS Stainless Steel 1

Hospitality at Work in Education americanhotel.com/education 35

nu_34_35.indd 35 11/25/15 9:03 AM

A-C. Registry 30-Gallon Stainless
Steel Recycling Receptacles
Stainless steel construction, made with 30% or more recycled
steel; base ring protects oor; indoor use only
B All units come with liners: two half-round plastic liners for the
Double Act [A]; two quarter-round plastic liners and one half-
round plastic liner for the Triple Act [B]; one galvanized liner for
C the Waste unit [C]
The Double Act removable lid has two openings: one PAPER slot
(2" D x 1114" L), one CANS & BOTTLES (434" dia. opening)
The Triple Act removable lid has three openings: one CANS
(434" dia. opening), one BOTTLES (434" dia. opening), and one
PAPER slot (2" D x 1114" L)
The Waste unit removable lid has one large opening (834" dia.)
Silk-screened universal recycle logo is printed on the container;
words are printed on the lid
All units measure 27" Dia. x 47" H
Cat. No. Style
A. 3900EK90682PMTSS Double Act
B. 3900EK90683PMTSS Triple Act
C. 3900EK9069CMT Waste

D. Registry High- and

Low-Density Can Liners
High-density liners are 2 to 3 times stronger than other liner
bags; moisture- and vapor-barrier properties contain odors
D Color: Natural or Black
Low-density liners are puncture- and tear-resistant; made
with virgin resins
Functional Grade: Order in full cases
L Regular
H+ Heavy Plus Gal. Size Case
X4S Super Extra Heavy Plus Cat. No. Cap. WxL Color Grade Qty.
2465EC171806N 3 17" x 18" NAT L 2,000
2465EC202206N 7 20" x 22" NAT L 2,000
2465EC242406N 7 - 10 24" x 24" NAT L 1,000
2465S404816N 40 - 45 40" x 48" NAT H+ 250
2465AHSL3858150N 60 38" x 58" NAT X4S 100
2465SL3858150K 60 38" x 58" BLK X4S 100
2465SL4046150K 40 - 45 40" x 46" BLK X4S 100
2465SL2424LTN 7 - 10 24" x 24" NAT L 1,000

E. Rubbermaid Brute
E Round Containers
Seamless and cornerless; easy cleaning; wont leak or rust
Sun inhibitor extends life out of doors; tight-fitting lid (sold
separately, contact us) locks in smells, resist spills
32-gallon units come in Gray or Blue; all others in Gray only
USDA- and NSF-listed; comply with FDA regulations
Cat. No. Description Dia. x H
S5R2632-GRY Brute, 32-gal., gray 22" x 2714"
S5R263273 Brute, 32-gal., blue 22" x 2716"
S5R2643-GRY Brute, 44-gal., gray 24" x 3112"
S5R2655 Brute, 55-gal., gray 2612" x 33"

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nu_36_37.indd 36 11/25/15 9:06 AM


A-E. Registry Stone Aggregate
Steel Receptacles
Powder-coated brown steel trim with fiberglass light brown stone
aggregate panels on all four sides; indoor or outdoor use
Made with over 20% recycled steel; galvanized steel liners
Cat. No. Description Size
A. 3900EK94055 Ash/Trash, 9.8 gal. 14.9" Sq. x 30.9" H
B. 39003974 Ash/Trash, 20 gal. 14.9" Sq. x 32.5" H
C. 39003978 Smoking Urn, 2.5 gal. 11.6" Sq. x 23" H
D. 39003982 Ash/Trash, 2.5 gal. 11.6" Sq. x 23" H
E. 39003986 Dome Top, 24 gal. 20.4" Sq. x 38.5" H

F-G. Registry Outdoor Steel

Slat Receptacles
Contemporary style steel construction with galvanized black liner
36-gallon size [G] comes with cable so lid is not stolen or lost
Over 30% recycled steel content; powder-coated black nish;
no assembly required
Size Gal.
Cat. No. WxH Cap.
F. 3900GPX51LBK 24" x 28.7" 18
G. 3900EK9451XL 29.9" x 35.4" 36

H-J. Registry Smokers Posts

Solid aluminum construction with silkscreen cigarette logo;
11.5"-dia. weighted base; full liner
Each post holds about 850 butts; tube and cap remove easily
with spring-loaded push button
Satin Aluminum has clear protective coating; Satin Black has a
powder-coated nish; Satin Brass is tarnish-proof
Cat. No. Description WxH
H. F6M2403SA Satin Aluminum 12" x 40"
I. F6M2403BK Satin Black 12" x 40"
J. F6M2403BE Satin Brass 12" x 40"

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nu_36_37.indd 37 11/25/15 9:06 AM


A. Samsung 890 Series 65" C. Peerless SmartMount Universal

Hospitality Smart TV Flat Wall Mounts
Cat. No. 1043070 For 10" to 50" LCD and plasma flat panel screens
Combines superior picture quality and enhanced energy Hold screen close against the wall for a low-profile, clean look
efficiency in a sleek form Easy-glide bracket design simplifies installation while ensuring
LYNK provides access to premium content while facilitating ease safety; security fastener included for theft deterrence and safety
of operations
Cat. No. Screen Size Capacity
Edge-lit, ultra-thin LED technology offers superior performance
U3KSF640 23" - 46" 150 lbs.
U3KSF650 32" - 50" 175 lbs.

B. Samsung 470 Series 40" and 50"

Hospitality TVs
40" Television. Cat. No. 1058670
50" Television. Cat. No. 1057450
TVs feature direct-lit LED technology which uses up to 50% less D. Remotes Inc. Clean Remote
energy, helping you conserve and save money Cat. No. 2736CR1
REACH 3.1 management solution; LYNK DRM technology Designed with a nonporous, flat plastic surface to resist germs;
easy to clean and disinfect
One-touch programming for more than 200 different TVs; hidden
battery compartment prevents theft
Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)

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nu_38_39.indd 38 11/25/15 9:07 AM

A. Registry 4-Cup European A
Coffeehouse Blend Coffee Packets
Regular. Cat. No. 2395EURO4CR
Decaf. Cat. No. 2395EURO4CD
Bring the great-tasting European coffeehouse experience to your
facility no passport required!
Brewed exclusively for American Hotel by Java Brewing Company
Order in cases of 100

B. Green Mountain Coffee B

K-Cup Packs
Enjoy a wide selection of Green Mountain coffees, from light to
extra bold roasts or decaf, at americanhotel.com/education
Breakfast Blend, regular or decaf, is one of the favorites!
Order in cases of 96
Cat. No. Description Roast
4491BB2 Breakfast Blend, regular Light
4491BBD2 Breakfast Blend, decaf Light

C. Keurig Single-Cup K130

In-Room Brewer
Cat. No. 1028564
Specifically designed for hospitality
Each cup of coffee is brewed fresh, with no waste or cleanup
Features 1-cup (8-oz.), single-use water reservoir, mug sensor,
and energy savings mode with auto off feature
7" W x 11.1" H x 10" D; 700W, 110/120V AC

D. Sunbeam Hospitality
AM/FM Clock Radio
Cat. No. U6989014
Stylish, small footprint is a real space-saver! D
Wake to buzzer or AM/FM radio; easy slide-rule tuning; snooze
button, 0.6" LED
Reliable 9V battery backup; 6" W x 1" H x 4" D

Hospitality at Work in Education americanhotel.com/education 39

nu_38_39.indd 39 11/25/15 9:07 AM

Heritage Oak
Natural Oak

Align panels and

tighten the set screw
for easy assembly.
Storage caddy, repair kit, and
replacement parts are also available

A. SICO 3' x 3' Original HERITAGE OAK

Cat. No.
Cat. No. Floor Size Panels
Parquet Dance Floors Y7BDWP14H-3X3 Y7BDWP14N-3X3 3' x 3' 1
Assemble floors by aligning panels and turning the T-type Allen Y7BDWP14H-9X12 Y7BDWP14N-9X12 9' x 12' 12
wrench (included) by 90 degrees to firmly tighten the set screw Y7BDWP14H-9X15 Y7BDWP14N-9X15 9' x 15' 15
where the panels meet Y7BDWP14H-9X18 Y7BDWP14N-9X18 9' x 18' 18
Y7BDWP14H-12X12 Y7BDWP14N-12X12 12' x 12' 16
3' x 3' panels are constructed with a 58"-thick subfloor of resin Y7BDWP14H-12X15 Y7BDWP14N-12X15 12' x 15' 20
wood boards topped by a 516"-thick panel; unique helicoil insert Y7BDWP14H-12X18 Y7BDWP14N-12X18 12' x 18' 24
protects and secures the set screw and makes 100% floor contact Y7BDWP14H-12X21 Y7BDWP14N-12X21 12' x 21' 28
Aluminum borders with gold anodized finish are 5" wide and Y7BDWP14H-12X24 Y7BDWP14N-12X24 12' x 24' 32
feature a gradual slope of 11 degrees for safer footing Y7BDWP14H-15X15 Y7BDWP14N-15X15 15' x 15' 25
Prefinished and waxed; available in Natural Oak or Heritage Oak Y7BDWP14H-15X18 Y7BDWP14N-15X18 15' x 18' 30
Y7BDWP14H-15X21 Y7BDWP14N-15X21 15' x 21' 35
Y7BDWP14H-15X24 Y7BDWP14N-15X24 15' x 24' 40
Y7BDWP14H-18X18 Y7BDWP14N-18X18 18' x 18' 36
Y7BDWP14H-21X21 Y7BDWP14N-21X21 21' x 21' 49

Stage folds to minimize

floor storage space
ADA ramps and other
accessories are available


Cloud Onyx

B. SICO Mobile Folding Stages TUFFDECK

Cat. No.
Cat. No.
Set up and take down by just one person no cart required to
transport; stages fold, then roll on four casters
Y7B1881-408 Y7B1811-408 4' x 8' 8"
Stages feature secure locking frames, vinyl-coated steel edge, pin Y7B1881-416 Y7B1811-416 4' x 8' 16"
and cable operation for easy height adjustment, locked transport Y7B1881-608 Y7B1811-608 6' x 8' 8"
position, and 18" unitized steel frame Y7B1881-616 Y7B1811-616 6' x 8' 16"
Stages have Velcro on all four sides for drape attachment Y7B1881-624 Y7B1811-624 6' x 8' 24"
Choose between black Tuffdeck surface (textured, high-density
Y7B1882-432 Y7B1812-432 4' x 8' 24" or 32"
polyethylene) or 100% olefin carpet in two colors; specify:
Y7B1882-624 Y7B1812-624 6' x 8' 16" or 24"
Cloud Gray or Onyx Y7B1882-632 Y7B1812-632 6' x 8' 24" or 32"

40 americanhotel.com/education | 1-800-766-6676

nu_40_41.indd 40 11/25/15 9:08 AM

A. Registry Aluminum Frame
Round-Back Stack Chairs A
Green Diamond Fabric and Gold Frame. Cat. No. 3840FY2106A fire-resistant
Black Fabric and Black Frame. Cat. No. 3840FY2106ABB fabric
Frames are constructed of lightweight, 1"-square commercial-
grade aluminum tubing with a powder-coated finish
Chairs also have stack bars for easy moving and storage and
plastic bumpers to protect the fabric and frame when stacked
Scotchgarded, fire-resistant fabric on top of 234"-thick seat and
214"-thick back cushions; size: 18" W x 3714" H x 2112" D
10-year warranty on frame; 5-year warranty on torsion bars;
plus 1-year warranty against manufacturers defects
Order in multiples of 4 (ship fully assembled)

B. Registry Steel Frame

Tapered-Back Stack Chair Stacking
Cat. No. 10509110B bars Plastic stack
Sturdy frame is made from 34"-square, 19-gauge steel tubing bumpers
with 30-40% post-consumer waste (recycled); black vinyl
upholstery and black powder-coated frame finish
Plastic rocker glides prevent scuffing of floors; plastic stack
bumpers protect frame finish Built-in handhold
Seat and back have plywood core; seat is cushioned with
112" of high-density foam; overall: 1714" W x 33" H x 20" D B
Order in multiples of 4 (ship fully assembled)
with durable,
C. Registry Steel Folding Chair expanded vinyl
Cat. No. 105052RY
19-gauge steel frame features 30-40% post-consumer waste;
8" -dia. tubular frame and U-shaped double-riveted cross braces
Single-contour back with curled safety edges is electromagneti-
cally welded to the frame
Chair has color-coordinated V-tip plugs for stability;
size: 1814" W x 2914" H x 1812" D; Gray
5-year warranty; order in cases of 4
Plastic stack
D. Registry
Chair Dolly C
Cat. No. 1050DY9000
Transports up to 10 banquet
or stack chairs Back leg
Constructed of 1" round tubular stability
steel with two 8" casters
No assembly required;
18" W x 52" H x 34" D
5-year warranty for
commercial use

replaceable glides U-shaped double-riveted
cross braces

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A A. Registry Round Plywood-Top
Folding Tables
Sturdy construction features under-top support in two directions
Durable 34"-thick plywood top with walnut stain and three coats
of lacquer resists shrinking, warping and cracking
Wood runners and steel tubes; plastic bullnose edges resist
peeling; 14-gauge wishbone-style legs
Order in multiples of 2
Cat. No. Dia. x H
3840FY8060 60" x 30"
3840FY8013 72" x 30"

B. Registry Blow-Molded Plastic-Top

B Folding Tables
Lightweight and weather-resistant; use indoors or outdoors
17-gauge frame and powder-coated wishbone-style legs
Lightly speckled gray tabletop surface is textured to resist
scratching; tables can withstand heat up to 212 F
MAS Certified Green for low VOC emissions
Other sizes are available; please contact us for details
Size Weight
Cat. No. WxHxL Capacity
1050BT3072 30" x 29" x 72" 1,000 lbs.
1050BT3096 30" x 29" x 96" 800 lbs.

Comfort-Leg Sound systems
tables allow can be added
guests to sit for an upcharge;
comfortably contact us for
without injur- details
ing their knees
on table legs

Pecan Light Oak Mahogany

6' table seats 3 people Dark Oak Medium Oak Walnut

8' table seats 4 people

C. Midwest Folding Products Cat. No.

D. Forbes
E-Series Plywood Seminar 1037930 18" x 30" x 60" Traditional-Style Podium
1037937 18" x 30" x 72"
Tables with Comfort Legs 1037933 18" x 30" x 96"
Cat. No. F4F5913
Comfort legs protect knees by offering more leg- 1037938 24" x 30" x 72" Traditional podium is constructed of top
room; 14-gauge, 1.05"-dia. wishbone-style legs have 1037928 24" x 30" x 96" quality plywood and wood veneer surface
spring bolt locking braces for stability and unremov- Specify wood veneer surface from swatches
able plastic glides to protect floors Podium features solid wood uted corners,
"-thick stained plywood tops with heavy-duty bullnose top, and base molding
18-gauge galvanized steel edges and bolted hard- 2512" W x 47" H x 2312" D
wood runners; specify frame color: Brown or Black
15-year warranty

42 americanhotel.com/education | 1-800-766-6676

nu_42_43.indd 42 11/25/15 9:09 AM



Black Navy

Burgundy Wine

Blue Black

A. National Public Seating B. National Public Seating

8100 Stack Chairs 8500 Stack Chairs
Black. Cat. No. 10508110 Gunmetal Gray. Cat. No. 10508502 Wine. Cat. No. 10508508
Burgundy. Cat. No. 10508118 Navy Blue. Cat. No. 10508505 Black. Cat. No. 10508510
Blue. Cat. No. 10508125 Easy-to-move hi-tech compact chairs stack up to 40 high
Lightweight chairs can be stacked 12 high Durable 11mm chrome-plated steel rod frame contains
One-piece, high-density polypropylene seat/back shell; contains 30-40% post-consumer waste
up to 35% pre-consumer waste Textured polypropylene seat and back contain up to 35%
Chrome-plated 17-gauge 78" square steel tubing contains 30-40% pre-consumer waste; 1712" W x 31" H x 2212" D
post-consumer waste; cross braces beneath seat provide support Chairs also feature removable floor glides and EZ lift handles
1914" W x 31" H x 1914" D; 5-year limited warranty 5-year limited warranty
Order in multiples of 4, same color Order in multiples of 4, same color


C. Writing Tablet 2000 Series Chair D. Beam Seating

Cat. No. TNP2000TABLET Choose 3- or 4-Seat Options
The P-shaped writing tablet flips up so the chair can
3-Seat Beam, 71" W x 31" H x 22" D. Cat. No. TNP3SEATBEAM
be stacked
4-Seat Beam, 95" W x 31" H x 22" D. Cat. No. TNP4SEATBEAM
Black finish with melamine top
Frame is made of 15-gauge steel with black powder-coated finish
25" W x 31" H x 2112" D
Seats are made of polypropylene and available in four colors;
please specify: Charcoal, Navy, Cool Gray or Burgundy
Legs have adjustable glides

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A-D. Grosfillex White Resin

Outdoor Furniture
Commercial-grade resin furniture is extremely durable;
A C white color is versatile and attractive
Chairs stack for easy storage
Dining table seats five comfortably; includes umbrella hole
and cap
Umbrella base is filled with cement; weighted ring adds
Umbrellas available! Item L5N7580 shown above. weight for extra stability
See americanhotel.com/education

for more colors and styles.

A. Pacific B. Ibiza C. Fillable D. Bahia

Fanback Chair Umbrella Table Umbrella Base Stack Chaise
Cat. No. A7HPAC-FAN Cat. No. A7HIBI-46-W Cat. No. A7H986021 Cat. No. A7HMIA-CHAISE
2312" W x 36" H x 2312" D 46" Dia. x 29" H 21" Dia. x 10" H 27" W x 12" H x 75" L
Minimum order 4 Order individually Order individually Order individually

E. Rocks Framed
Cat. No. 5768RCK3024
F Black and white
30" W x 24" H

F. Bloodroot
Flower Framed
Cat. No. 5768BRF2424
Striking pop of color
24" W x 24" H

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nu_44_45.indd 44 11/25/15 9:10 AM

A. Full-Length Mirror
Cat. No. 57680452060
20" W x 60" H
Available in multiple finishes Brown/Black

B. Vanity Mirrors
Cat. No. 57680454036
40" W x 36" H; more
sizes available
Available in multiple finishes

C. Large Decorative Mirror
Black/Silver with Black Glass Frame
Cat. No. 51MRA1766
44" W x 32" H x 1" D


D. Jillian Sofa E. Jillian F. Upholstered

Cat. No. L2T6893 Upholstered Chair Lounge Chair
81" W x 36" H x 36" D
Cat. No. L2T6891 Cat. No. L2T201
Jillian Full Sleeper 38" W x 36" H x 36" D 27" W x 33" H x 29" D
Cat. No. L2T6894 Jillian Loveseat
78" W x 36" H x 36" D
Cat. No. L2T6892
Jillian Queen Sleeper 63" W x 36" H x 36" D
Cat. No. L2T6895
87" W x 36" H x 36" D

Dozens of fabrics are available.

Find swatches online or request samples.

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A-H. Registry
Pure Dorm Collection
Cat. No. Description, W x H x D
A. 69413134051 Twin Bed Ends, 30" x 36" x 3"
B. 69413135 Lofting Kit: 1 Stabilizer Rail,
A B 2 Bed Ends, 1 Safety Rail
69412SR8ONE Stabilizer Rail, 84" x 7" x 1"
69413150 Safety Rail, 48" x 15" x 1"
C. 69411102 Wardrobe, 36" x 72" x 24"
D. 69411013 Two-Position Chair,
17" x 32" x 23"
E. 69413040 Desk, 42" x 30" x 24"
F. 69413042 3-Drawer Chest,
36" x 30" x 24"
G. 69413163 3-Drawer Chest,
30" x 30" x 20"
H. 69413165 5-Drawer Chest,
Natural Oak finish 30" x 48" x 20"
comes standard



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nu_46_47.indd 46 11/25/15 9:11 AM

A-G. Registry Hopwood
Flats Dorm Collection
Cat. No. Description, W x H x D A B
A. 69413199 Twin Headboard,
36" x 48" x 3"
B. 69413134051 Twin Bed End, 36" x 36" x 3"
69412BTL3680NE Twin Bed Spring,
36" x 82" x 5"
C. 69413221 Free Standing Pedestal,
15" x 30" x 21"
D. 69415218 1-Drawer Chest,
3012" x 15" x 22"
E. 69413041 Desktop Organizer,
4112" x 30" x 12"
F. 69415116 Desk, 42" x 30" x 24"
G. 69413220 Desktop Organizer, Cherry finish
42" x 1034" x 834" available at an



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A. Student Headphone B. Student Headset with C. Secure Loud-Mate

Jack Box Microphone Personal Protection Alarm
Cat. No. 25865JB6KP35S Cat. No. 25861EDUAE36WHT Cat. No. 1027567
Allows students to work in groups without For use with devices with a single Ear-piercing 130dB+ alarm deters attackers
surrounding distractions headphone jack that operates both the and alerts bystanders of an emergency
Box includes six 3.5mm jacks, all with their speakers and microphone Features pull pin or panic switch activation 2015 American Hotel Register Company
own volume control Single 3.5mm stereo plug, flexible micro- Wrist strap for handheld carry or belt clip to
Comes with 3.5mm and 6.3mm stereo phone, 6' cord, and permanent padded attach alarm to clothing, bag, etc.
plugs to work with a variety of products vinyl earpads Uses one 9-volt alkaline battery
Adjustable headband is padded (not included)

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