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Collaborative Plan

Team Name: Gaming + Savings Date: 9/13/16

Goals Small g:
o Bill: Create a product that contributes to economic equality. Get experience working in a startup environment. Have
a fun time getting to know team members better.
o Ijeh: Build a tool that helps demystify financial literacy and create new financial opportunities for underrepresented
o Jessica: Create a solution that will allow low income and underserved populations build the foundations that will
improve their lives.
o Pedro: Start building enough insights and knowledge of why people decide to (or not to) save. Create a financial
services solution that helps improve the lives of underserved Americans. Receive feedback on effectiveness of
communication style.
o Samik: Create a product that would make savings fun. Learn the processes of lean startup and get an experience in
working in a fast paced startup environment.
o Tatiana: be part of a community that shares the same values and ambitions; contribute to creating value add &
positive impact.
Big G:
How might leverage gaming behavior to encourage savings Evolved to how might we make savings fun Moving
to How might we incentivize savings.

A common theme in all of our dreams is to create something that has a positive impact on individuals and society. We
each have different working styles which helps us keep our larger goals in view while pushing us to work effectively and
make the necessary incremental progress to keep moving forward. This helps support the lofty goal that we have set
out to achieve. However, given the amount of time available, both the number of weeks in the semester and our
individual availability due to work schedules and other commitments, our goal may be too large.
Metrics for success:
o Customer Savings
Increase users monthly savings (by 20%?) for those already saving
# of users who start saving, who previously were not saving
% of users who state that our solution addressed their savings challenges
mean saved $ per customers
o Users and Transactions
# of interested users on our solution
# of downloads
growth rate of user #s
# of users by a target date
If the solution is a game
total number of active gamers
low churn rate
# of transactions
# transaction/transfer size
total amount
frequency of transfers
Roles Deliverables:
o Collaborative Plan (Jessica lead, collaborate with everyone on google doc)
o Website (Bill to lead for now, split up sections later into individual work)
o Interview Guide (Subgroup of Samik and Tatiana to lead, everyone provide feedback for further development)
o Interviews (Subgroups of two, each person responsible for sourcing interviewees and coordinating his/her partner
for scheduling)
o Complete chosen frameworks (Choosing of frameworks will be a collaborative process and either individuals or
subgroups will lead)
o Narrative Storyboard (Bill led, full team collaborated on ideas) COMPLETED
o Research (Individual work: each person will provide summaries of his/her research)
Pedro led the initial research and will provide a summary
A project manager will help keep us on track, which will be important given the size of our group, our limited time , and
various capacities. We still need to determine who this individual should be or if we would like to take turns, given
individuals learning goals and capacity. We may also have people assigned to prepare the agenda for our calls and to
facilitate the meeting.
Procedures Decision Making:
We do not believe that a single decision making process will work in all instances. There will need to be a balance
between consensus for those decisions that will have the biggest impact, majority rules for those decisions where we
have the most disagreements, and deference to expert when the expertise is required to properly analyze the situation.
We will strive to be as collaborative as possible and avoid deferring to the loudest.
Effective Meetings:
Status updates and review of key/upcoming deliverables
Discuss important issues and make timely decisions
Share learnings and provide feedback
Meeting roles:
o notetaker
o facilitator
o time keeper
o scheduler
o Meet/have conference call (Pedro will host) once per week in weeks we have classes; 2 per week in the other weeks
Meet every Sunday night (1.5 hours through Webex)
Conference call to provide status update on Thursdays that we do not have class.
o Conduct customer interviews in pairs
o Determine deliverables and deadlines
o Evenings are the best time for meetings and responsiveness
o Google Docs and Whatsapp
Relationships Team Diversity:
We're from India, Brazil, Moldova, and the U.S., of Indian, Latino, African, Mexipino, Eastern European, and Western
European descent. We have collective experiences in non-profit, game development, mission-driven financial services,
microinsurance, software development, finance operations, and economics. And we've worked in India, Brazil, Mexico,
Kenya, the U.S., and Oman. Were a group of MBA students that sought out a well-rounded and diverse team to tackle
the social and psychological problems of inadequate personal savings. See individual profiles for visualization of our
diverse backgrounds.
We will be open to various perspectives and welcome dissenting opinions. We will ask each other for ideas and ensure
everyone has a chance to be heard. We will listen to each others feedback regarding our communication and working
Team Name:
Gaming + Savings