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Pay attention to your speaking skills

Use variety in your voice:

change volume from forceful to soft;

change speed and tempo of speech;
pause and be silent (to get attention) ...think period at the end of your sentences!
speak to the students NOT the board, flip- chart, or overhead;
enunciate clearly;
avoid repeating words/phrases/fillers (i.e., "umm, okay, uhhhh......")
Use other noises to hold attention: tap briefly on the board or flipchart, snap fingers,
slap table to emphasize a point;
Show enthusiasm:
vary speech (from excited speech to a whisper);
raise eyebrows; open eyes wide, maintain eye contact (but do not stare; also, look at
students not your notes, scan the entire group, look at students individually for 3-4
seconds each);
move freely, naturally, change pace of moving (rapidly to slowly...but do not pace
back and forth);
use highly descriptive words, broad smile, and vary your facial expression;
show high degree of energy/vitality; (highly demonstrative);
be quick to accept, praise, encourage or clarify, nod head when agreeing;
try to have an enthusiastic conversation with students rather than lecture at them.
smile often; be friendly and positive;

Use visuals

Use visuals to increase understanding and impact.

Give students a structured handout for taking notes (i.e., major headings and subheadings
with spaces to take notes);
Enliven your presentation with cartoons and over-heads;

title every handout;

use different colored paper with different topics, issues, etc.
hand out hard copies of slides (PowerPoint, etc.), overheads...consider leaving blanks
for students to complete as you speak....this helps maintain attention and participation.
place flipchart close to learners;
place key points on chart (no lengthy material);
print letters 1-2 inches high;
use a broad-tipped (not a fine-tipped) pen;
title top of chart page;
TOUCH, TURN, TALK (do not speak while writing);
use black pens (blue and green is okay too), not red....use red only for underlining.
use equal spacing between words... no squeezing words in!!
prepare flipcharts ahead and show when needed. Tear pages off and put them on the
wall with masking tape, to keep information in view. Tear tape beforehand too and
place on the back of the chart (efficient and saves time!).
Overhead/LCD Panel:
leave lights on in room!!
put screen in the corner to your left;
check for readability from the furthest area of the classroom;
leave projector light on ONLY while discussing transparency;
face the students, not the screen;
point with pencil to projector, not the screen;
always have a spare bulb!!
without a screen, project on a light-colored wall;