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Univ. Roll No: 2.

) Convert the following NFA to DFA :


Department Of Computer Applications
Class Test - 1 Examination Odd Semester 2016 17

Duration: 90 minutes MM: 60


1. Attempt ALL questions: (2X6=12) 3.) Construct DFA for the following :
i. Set of all strings over ={a,b} |w|a=3.
a) Explain Kleen Clouser by suitable example. ii. Set of all strings over ={0,1} starting with 0 and ending
[CO-1] with 1.
b) What do you mean by epsilon clouser of a state in a
finite automata. [CO-1]
4.) Draw a DFA for the following over the set ={a,b} such that na mod 3 =
c) Give the Regular expression for the following : [CO-2]
1 and nb mod 2 =0[CO-1]
i)Set of all strings over ={0,1} starting with 0 and ending with 1.
ii)Set of all strings over ={a,b} containing no of a multiple of 2. 5 Minimize the following DFA

d) What are the essential differance between mealy and [CO-1]
moore machine. [CO-2]
e) Give any example of concatenation and reverse of
Language [CO-1]
f) Draw a DFA for language odd no of 1s over {a}.

SECTION B 6.) Differentiate between a deterministic Finite Automata and Non

Deterministic Finite Automata.
Attempt any FIVE questions (6X5=30)
7.) Explain and proof the ARDENS theorm. [CO-2]
8.) State Myhill Nerode Theorem. [CO-1]


Attempt any TWO questions (9X2=18)

9.) Construct the NFA with -moves for (1+0)*00(11)* and convert it
into DFA. [CO-1]

10.) Convert the given Mealy machine to its equivalent Moore machine.
(Step by Step) [CO2]

11.) Construct Regular expression for following finite automata