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Battle Mountain
Mission 5: Anzio
Anzio - Ambush
Anzio - Destroying the Convoy
Anzio - Stealing the AB41

Mission 5: Anzio
January 22, 1944
Objectives - Anzio
Destroy the Munitions Convoy
Search the House for Intelligence
Locate and Destroy K5 Railway Guns (2)
Anzio - Ambush
Set up an explosives charge on the rock near the road. St up the plunger at the
top of the hill. Use the plunger when the first truck reaches the rock. Duck dow
n or take cover behind the wall to the west. Most of the enemies from the convoy
will move up the hill towards you. There are also two enemies on the balcony of
the house to the west. When things look safe go down and put an explosives char
ge on the other two trucks in the convoy.
[X} Objective Complete: Destroy the Munitions Convoy
Anzio - Destroying the Convoy
Now enter the house. There will be an enemy using a turned over table for cover
right in front of the door. Go to the south and you will see the stairs. There i
s an enemy in line of sight upstairs. Go west past the stairs and secure the res
t of the ground floor. There's a closet under the stairs.
Go up the stairs to the second floor. There is one door at the top of the stairs
to the west, one door to the east and three doors to the north. Behind the east
door is a barracks room with a couple enemies. The northwest door is an empty b
athroom. The middle north door is locked. The northeast door is another barracks
. Behind the west door is a room with the Intelligence (this time a map). There
is a soldier outside on the balcony that can shoot you through the north window
of this room.
[X} Objective Complete: Search the House for Intelligence
Now go north of the stairs and head east. You will see a door that wasn't visibl
e from the top of the stairs. This leads out to a balcony on the north side of t
he building. There are a couple enemies hiding behind boxes when you first open
the door. The balcony goes north then turns west. On the road north of the balco
ny you will see a truck parked on the road. There is the standard enemies from t
he truck running around on the road. Also from the balcony you can shoot the guy
in the middle north room of the building.
Go back in the house to the ground floor. Go to the west end of the house and go
out the north door. There will be a machine gun nest to the west past the parke
d truck. There are some other enemies on the west side of the road. There is one
enemy hiding in the bushes where the road starts to turn.
When you get close to the first machine gun nest you come within range of a seco
nd machine gun nest further to the west and on higher ground. Run up the AA gun
that's between the two machine gun nests. Some enemies will come down the path f
rom the to the south. A truck will also drive up the road from the east.
When your finished with the AA gun get out then use the Carcano to snipe the ene
mies visible on the railway gun. You probably won't eliminate all the guys on th
e path with the AA gun so be ready when you start going up the path to the railw
ay gun.
There are two ways to get on the railway gun to set the explosives. There is a b
ox one the ground next to the railway car. If that gets destroyed just get on th
e platform car to the west of the railway gun. Climb onto some boxes and jump ov
er the railing onto the railway gun. Climb up the ladder on the north side and s
et the two explosives charges. Run to safety.
(x) Objective Complete: Locate and Destroy K5 Railway Guns (1/2)
Go to the western boxcar. There will be enemies coming out of the boxcar to inve
stigate the explosion. Take them out and go into the boxcar or rush into the box
car and take them out. Go through the west into the next boxcar and say hello to
the 2 enemies in that boxcar. Now open the door to the south. Peek around the c
orner to the west and you'll see some enemies next to the boxcars. Jump out and
take them out. Go west to the AB41 rail tank. Once you get in the AB41 you won't
be able to get out like you do with a regular tank.
Anzio - Stealing the AB41
The AB41 rail tank has a machine gun and a tank cannon. You'll probably want to
switch back and forth during this next part. Start by machine gunning the enemie
s on the tracks. Move forward until you get to a tunnel. Switch to the main cann
on and take out the barrier. Past the end of the tunnel are a couple of building
s to the left. Blow them up with the cannon. Switch to the machine gun and clear
the tracks of enemies.
Go forward some more. You'll see a barrier with 2 machine gun nests on either si
de of the tracks. Take out the barrier with the cannon then switch to the machin
e gun. Take out the gunners. There are some explosive barrels behind each machin
e gun nest. There are Panzerschreck troops both sides of the tracks. The one on
the east is by the machine gun nest. The west Panzerschreck troop is past the fi
rst barrier. There is another barrier on the tracks. Past the barrier is a build
ing and a guard tower on the east side.
Keep going north on the tracks (like you have a choice). The tracks will start t
o bend to the east. There is a guard tower at this point. As you head east you'l
l see two barriers on the tracks. There is also a bridge going over the tracks.
A Panzer tank will drive onto the bridge and open fire. To the north there is a
Panzerschreck hiding in the house. You will need to use the machine gun to kill
the Panzerschreck guy. You can also bypass this area by just blowing out the two
barriers and going into the tunnel.
When you go through the tunnel the AB41 will go downhill automatically. There ar
e two barriers. You can shoot out the first barrier but you'll probably crash th
rough the second barrier. There will be a noticeable incline and the AB41 will p
ick up speed and start to go over a bridge. Hit the 'Use' button to jump out of
the AB41 before it crashes into another K5 railway gun. After you jump turn west
and run behind cover.
[X} Objective Complete: Locate and Destroy K5 Railway Guns (2/2)