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Kuder Career Interests Assessment

Kuder Skills Confidence Assessment

Date Completed: 1/23/2017 Date Completed: 1/23/2017

Pathway Results Pathway Results
1Family and Community Services 1Professional Support Services

2Administration and Administrative Support 2Performing Arts

3Travel and Tourism 3Journalism and Broadcasting

4Marketing Communications 4Early Childhood Development and Services

5Human Resources Management 5Visual Arts

Family and Community Services People who work in this group of Professional Support Services People who work in this group of
occupations work in community agencies to help others who face a occupations provide a variety of special services in school setting
variety of problems. Their clients include the homeless, those with These individuals help students with personal, physical, and
physical and mental problems, the aged and poor, and those who are educational problems. Examples of these occupations are school
without a job. They attempt to find sources of help for their various counselors, social workers, psychologists, and speech pathologist
needs. Performing Arts People who work in this group represent a varie
Administration and Administrative Support People who work in of specialties that are needed to produce theatrical and musical
this group of occupations manage places where people of all ages are productions. These specialties include those who plan the details
learning new things. These places include schools, daycare centers, production and direct it, agents who find jobs for actors or musici
colleges, businesses, and community organizations. They develop people who design costumes and stage sets, and crews who handl
curriculum, hire and manage those who teach, set policies, and lighting and other technical things. This group also includes the
oversee all day-to-day activities. actors and musical artists that provide the entertainment.
Travel and Tourism People who work in this group of occupations Journalism and Broadcasting People who work in this group ga
help people have a pleasant traveling experience. They may book information, write news stories, and get them out to the public.
flights, hotel reservations, cruises, and tours. Some design tours, and Reporters get the facts by observation and interviews and write th
others write guide books to describe them. Still others go with news. Broadcast and sound technicians, supervised by engineers,
travelers and guide them on a tour. operate the equipment used to distribute the news by radio and TV
Marketing Communications People who work in this group of Early Childhood Development and Services People who work i
occupations make and carry out plans to market a product or service. this group of occupations take care of children. They lead them in
Some draft and manage the plans. Others do art work, write text, and play and in learning activities. They may work in schools, childca
design ads to promote the product or service in print form, radio, or centers, libraries, or private homes.
TV ads. Visual Arts People who work in this group create works of art, us
Human Resources Management People who work in this group oils, watercolors, photography, plaster, clay, or computer software
support a business or non-profit organization by finding the best Some create art simply to express their own creative ability. Othe
employees they can to do the required work. They recruit and select create the images requested by customers to be used in their prod
employees. They also are involved in setting salaries, orienting new or marketing pieces.
employees, and rating their work. In addition, they review, select, and
manage benefits for employees, such as insurance and retirement

Kuder Work Values Assessment

Composite Report
Date Completed: 1/23/2017 Date completed Interests Assessment: 1/23/2017
LowMediumHigh Date completed Skills Assessment: 1/23/2017
Pathway Results


Family and Community Services


Administration and Administrative Support

Income Having the desire to achieve earnings and rewards that
strongly support my economic and financial advancement.
Accomplishment Having the feeling that what I do in my work is
important and making a contribution.
Workplace Having the pleasure of working in a comfortable,
attractive work space where the supervisors and co-workers are Travel and Tourism
supportive and friendly. 4
Innovation Having the challenge and opportunity to do my work in
new ways and with independence and variety.
Prestige Having the sense of being highly regarded by others because
of the nature of my work or the leadership I provide. Marketing Communications

Human Resources Management

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