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Folia Medica , XXXXI, 1 /1999



D. Georguiev
Stknt 0/ Medici~ Higher Medicallstitute, Plovdiv

his study was carried out to ascer1ain the suicidal risk aod teodeocy
amoog 26 defectologists aod 3 logopedists. he objective was to find
the perceotage of teachers worldng in the saod i cooditioos
of teaching among whom suicide tendencies high suicidal
risks observed.

words: suicidal risk, suicidal tendency, defectologist.

between suicidal tendency and depressive

study of suicidal risk and tendency was symptomatics. 4. find out if there is
carried out among 29 defectologists (3 of positive correlation between professionaI
them Iogopedists) - 23 women and 6 . burden and suicidaI tendency, especially in
he teaching process in which defectologists occupations with considerable psychic and
and Iogopedists from the schooIs for handi- mental Ioad.
capped children involved differs greatly
from that of their coUeagues in the schools ND METHOIJS
for healthy children, which categorizes them Defectologists, logopedists and teachers from
in two qualitatively different groups. he comprehensive schooIs were tested with
test of teachers was carried out in the "Stefan new variant of Pjoldinger's test, including
Karadzha" School for Handicapped Chil- 14 new questions apart from the previous
dren in Plovdiv (I-st to VI-th grade) 16 ones, extending and broadening in this
between April17 and June 6,1998. study way testing for suicidaI risk and, the
of similar nature among the teachers in other hand, avoiding the artificial filling in
the Plovdiv district has been done for the of the test form. he testing was carried out
first time. defectologist teacher separately, indi-
vidually ( with assistance in cases when
some of the questions were ! understood).
1. find out the percentage of teachers The new variant of testing was improved
working in specific and particularly hard with respect to the search for the three time
conditions of the teaching process, among projections of suicidaI risk which was
which suicidal tendencies high suicidal achieved with the help of specified and
risks are observed. 2. find out the ! clearly forrnulated questions. For example,
diagnostic status of suicidal tendency among the prognostication of suicidal risk in the
defectologists. 3. fd out the connection future was based in the question Are

nd reprint request : D. Georgieff,Stknt 0/ Medicine, Higher Medicallstitute, Plovdiv

15 VassilAprilov SI., 4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria

ready 10 suicide in [ (according to data from relatives and 001-

despair? Yes/No, whereas when referring to leagues after carrying out the psychological
the past, the same question was formulated autopsy). The remaining 23, approxi-
; Have ever attempted to commit mately 80%, did not show attitude to sui-
suicide? Yes/No. Other questions involved cida! risk, excluding three of them, whose
and clarified the fol1owing issues: lack of results of the test were also normal, but they
good mood, decreased self-confidence, trou- reported of accidental suicidal
ble-making and inability to good thoughts. This fact, considered with respect
terrns with the others, reactive attitude, to the specificity of their occupation, gave
psychic discomfort, fear of death, other grounds to suspect increase of the suicida!
morbid fears, hobbies, ideologicaVreligious risk in them. Of the six cases of suicidal
commitments, familial and professional tendency, five pointed out depressive mood
responsibility, anhedonia, etc. and decreased se!f-confidence, total of
The test also included questions that 14 people pointed out presence of depres-
clarified and supplemented the results of the sive symptoms (bl) .
main questions, for m!, Are fully Comparing the results with those -
aware [ the suicidal situation and its tained from another professional group of
consequences? he basic questions that were teachers
with Pjoldinger's test included the he results of testing 32 teachers (27
questions c!arifying the probable and/or females and 5 males) from the "it
supposed "technique" of suicide. Ohridski" Comprehensive Schoo!, Plovdiv
were normal with respect to suicidal risk
RESULTS and tendency (excluding 1 woman teacher,
Five of the 26 defectologists and 1 of the aged 37, with suicida! thoughts without
three logopedists showed marked suicida! oonsequences and gastric ulcer), but they
tendency - total of 20.7% of the were characterized depressive bur-
defecto!ogists and logopedists studied. One dening: 14 people pointed only dysthymia,
of them had history of previous attempt other 14 - nJ psychic disoomfort. Ten
at suicide and one of the defectologists in people pointed oth dysthymia and psychic
the same school had oommitted suicide disoomfort, and only 14 (+ 5 males)

# sex age marital suicidal status depressive

status symptoms
1 ! 56 mid suicidal thoughts with suicidal threat +
1 Female 40 divorced suicidal thoughts with suicidal threat +
1 Female 35 id suicidal thoughts with suicidal threat, -
(Lupus Erythematodes Diseminatus)
1 Female ----- suicidal thoughts with suicida! threat +
1 Female 24 mid suicidal thoughts with suicidal threat + 1 +
attempted suicide - hospitalized at the
Clinic of Toxioology at the Higher Medical
Institute, P!ovdiv
1 Female 50 divorced suicidal thoughts without oonsequences +
1 Male 4 mid accidenta! suicidal thoughts -
1 ! 40 single accidental suicida! thoughts +
1 Female 47 single accidental suicidal thoughts +
FoliD Medica , XXXXl, 1 /1999

completely lacked depressive symptomatics. he future studies of suicide in theoreti-

As opposed to these results, suicida1 - l plan should clarify the specific pattem
dency was observed in 20.7% of the and relations between inclination to suicide
defectologists. total of 14 people among and fear of death. he present study found
the defectologists had depressive sympto- out that suicidal tendencies were manifested
matics, including 5 of the total of 6 people on1y in cases of lacking fear of death, though,
with suicidal tendencies. considering the inf1uence of obsessions,
suggested ideas, etc., inclination to suicide
DISCUSSION associated with the presence of such
Obviously, it is not always necessary to as well. table results shows
study large group of people, especially that relatively large percentage of the
when the conditions of work favours the defectologists with suicidal tendencies had
occurrence and increase of their suicidal unsatisfactory marital status that prob-
risk. Without looking for statistically dis- contributed to the deepening and
cemible models of testing following development of their suicidal status. In the
epidemiological criteria, studies of this kind remaining part of the teachers - the married
prove to exceUent means of reporting ones - we cannot state that they might
the actual psychological status in special- in more favourable situation, all the
ized teams. In this type of studies we can that it is not possible to maintain that their
speak of professional harm being inflicted marital status reflects upon and influences
psychic health. in lesser degree the suicidal tendency,
the contrary. In other words, the suicidal
burden in both the divorced and married
he small number of the people studied people cannot graded, though frustration
does not allow for correlation to is estimated to
pronounced in the
made between suicidal risk, age and sex. divorced.
considerable dissociation between the pres-
ence of suicidal group tendency among REFERENCES
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