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Pizza Box Biography Book Report

Task Partially Did not
Completed Completed complete Points
Task Task Task Awarded
Students chose their
person & got their
book approved on
time. /2
Outside Top
Indicated who the
biography is about.
Showed creativity
with title &
decorations /4
Inside Top
Decoration that had
to do with the
American /1
Large illustration of
Birth & Death Years

The Pizza Part
Each slice is
labeled with a topic
in the crust area /8
Childhood: 2
complete sentences
about where the
person was
born/grew up /4
Education: 2
complete sentences
about what schools
the person attended /4
Adult Life: 2
complete sentences
about jobs, where
he/she lived, what
they did, etc. /4
Accomplishments: 2
complete sentences
about why they
became famous /4
Influence: 2
complete sentences
about how this
person has helped
others /4
Qualities: 2
complete sentences
about the
characteristics of the
person & what you
admire about them /4
Fun Facts: 2
complete sentences
telling interesting
facts about this
person /4
Bibliography: Title
and Author listed
(with appropriate
capital letters) /4
Student brought the
book to present. /1
Students used their
Pizza Box to aide in
their presentation,
but didnt read the
box. /2
Student shared
name of person,
where they were
born/died, whey they
are famous, and one
fun fact. /4
Student spoke loud
and clear so the
whole class could
understand. /1
Students seemed to
be knowledgeable
about the biography. /2
Students expressed
creativity throughout
the whole Pizza Box. /5
The Pizza Box was
neat and easy to
read. /3

Total Score _____/70