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V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.85.

29 (22 October 2008)

- 0000829: [feature request] Ability to animate some of the render settings;
- 0001001: [feature request] Add shortcut (on Windows) and bash script (on Linux
/OS X) to start the a DR server;
- 0001019: [modified feature] Automatic stripping of the frame number when using
the Browse button for Animation(Rendering) in the Irr Map;
- 0000877: [modified feature] When VRaySky is deleted "Override Environment" sho
uld be turned off automatically;
- 0001064: [bug] No Decay on light not working in reflections;
- 0001018: [bug] VRay automatic install not working as expected on Linux;
- 0001004: [bug] VrayLightIES browse button not working in Linux;
- 0000884: [bug] The render elements nodes should not be deleted when the user s
elects "Delete Unused Nodes" in Hypershade;
- 0001006: [bug] No motion blur with animated UVW coodinates;
- 0001012: [bug] Objects with primary visibility off are still visible in the ZD
epth channel;
- 0001033: [bug] Deleting the sun will no longer delete the render settings as w
- 0001021: [bug] Crash while changing the animation keyframe in IPR;
- 0001022: [bug] When a geometric object is deleted from the scene, it doesn't a
ffect IPR view;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.85.28 (9 September 2008)
- 0000948: [feature request] Support for the setRange shader node;
- 0000954: [new feature] Support for the distanceBetween node;
- 0000950: [new feature] Support for the vectorProduct node;
- 0000920: [bug] Issue with normal maps;
- 0000962: [bug] Displacement amount should be controlled with the Alpha gain pa
rameter of textures, instead of Color gain;
- 0000982: [bug] Problems in the standalone when specifying frame numbers starti
ng with '9';
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.85.27 (28 August 2008)
- 0000949: [feature request] Support for animated color positions of the ramp te
- 0000582: [feature request] Implement distributed rendering interface;
- 0000916: [modified feature] Allow relative paths when specifying the creation
and importing of proxies;
- 0000783: [modified feature] Trace reflections on by default on Maya native sha
- 0000951: [bug] Crashes with swatches in hypershade;
- 0000911: [bug] Dome light intensity was ignored for texture-mapped lights;
- 0000915: [bug] Not all materials in the Layered shader are exported;
- 0000890: [bug] Problem in the create proxy command when the mesh has multiple
materials one of which is V-Ray;
- 0000905: [bug] Wrong motion blur for moving physical camera;
- 0000902: [bug] VRay Light(sphere, dome, rectangle) caustics subdivisions are n
ot working;
- 0000912: [bug] Switching nodes not working with instances;
- bug exporting animations to a .vrscene file (only in 0.85.26);
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.85.26 (June 2008)
- 0000830: [feature request] Ability to animate the physical camera settings;
- 0000608: [feature request] When using physical camera, the viewport should mat
ch the camera settings;
- 0000788: [feature request] Support for PerParticle color (RGB PP);
- 0000785: [feature request] Ability to assign VrayLightMtl on particles;
- 0000786: [feature request] Options for sphere tessellation on particles;
- 0000745: [feature request] Add roughness attribute to the diffuse portion of V
- 0000600: [feature request] Add irradiance map presets;
- 0000401: [feature request] Support for "Affect diffuse", "Affect specular", "A
ffect reflections" of VRayLights;
- 0000883: [feature request] Should ignore the "Don't affect colors" option for
color mapping when rendering material swatches;
- 0000756: [new feature] Add support for rgbToHsv and hsvToRgb Maya nodes;
- 0000790: [modified feature] Create proxy: option for overwriting existing vrme
- 0000813: [modified feature] Render Elements > double click adds a new render e
lement, pressing delete removes selected render elements;
- 0000881: [bug] Invisible VRayLights did not appear in reflections;
- 0000733: [bug] Render elements tab on Linux did not display properly;
- 0000831: [bug] Crash with trimmed NURBS surface;
- 0000821: [bug] Problem with motion blur;
- 0000812: [bug] Render View > Options > Test resolution support;
- 0000820: [bug] Missing .xpm icon for wrapper material;
- 0000793: [bug] Issuing several render commands simultaneously results in "fata
l error";
- 0000779: [bug] Ramp texture interpolation > smooth - its not correct;
- 0000774: [bug] Missing "Invisible" parameter for the V-Ray sun;
- 0000784: [bug] Checker texture contrast is not working;
- 0000728: [bug] "Hidden geometry" option not working properly when set to "Alwa
- 0000726: [bug] "Hidden lights" option not working properly;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.85.23 (7 May 2008)
- 0000578: [feature request] Add VRayMtlWrapper;
- 0000487: [feature request] Implement the Mirror U and Mirror V options of the
2d texture placement node;
- 0000660: [feature request] Color mapping to affect material swatches;
- 0000708: [modified feature] On Linux, the standalone is linked with wxWidgets
built against X11 toolkit instead of GTK (reduces library dependencies);
- 0000702: [bug] Error message about simbiont .xpm when opening hypershade;
- 0000705: [bug] When the filename prefix is not set and render layers are used
the filename does not default to the scene name;
- 0000699: [bug] Crash when closing Maya;
- 0000410: [bug] Sun animation issues;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.85.22 (19 April 2008)
- 0000516: [feature request] Add velocity render element;
- 0000579: [feature request] Ability to control displacement on a per-object bas
is through extra V-Ray attributes;
- 0000510: [feature request] Change proxy export procedure like in 3ds Max (Main
menu > Create > Create proxy);
- 0000486: [feature request] Add a button to show the last rendered V-Ray VFB;
- 0000518: [feature request] Add search paths for bitmaps, IES files, proxy file
s etc for the standalone through the VRAY_ASSETS_PATH environment variable;
- 0000489: [feature request] Add material ID color attribute for shading groups
(determines their color the V-Ray material ID render element);
- 0000540: [feature request] Optimize material export;
- 0000536: [feature request] Add support for the "flippedNormal" output of the t
he sampler info node;
- 0000544: [feature request] Added a light material;
- 0000534: [feature request] Add support for normal maps;
- 0000452: [feature request] Expand the Shading Group V-Ray attributes with GI/r
eflect/refract/shadow overrides;
- 0000451: [feature request] Add equivalent to VRay2SidedMtl from 3ds Max;
- 0000496: [feature request] Add "Clamp level" option to color mapping parameter
- 0000690: [feature request] Added keywords to the output file name for adding l
ayer and scene name (right-click for a list);
- 0000521: [modified feature] Some of the cloth texture parameters are not imple
- 0000522: [modified feature] Improvements to the marble texture;
- 0000508: [new feature] Added a snow texture to the SDK;
- 0000583: [bug] Render layers issues;
- 0000568: [bug] Issue with opacity map in VRayMtl;
- 0000517: [bug] Command-line -reg option does not work with Maya 8.5 and 2008;
- 0000511: [bug] Problem after cancelling a render;
- 0000514: [bug] Animating UV coordinates through polyTweakUV does not work;
- 0000533: [bug] The alpha texture parameters are not exported correctly;
- 0000520: [bug] Problem saving a PNG image on Linux;
- 0000509: [bug] Fatal error with nCloth;
- 0000506: [bug] Orhtographic viewports do not render correctly;
- 0000503: [bug] OS X installer always writes to maya.env file for Maya 8.5;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.85.20
- 0000437: [new feature] Added a wood texture to the SDK;
- 0000438: [feature request] Added V-Ray Material Override optional attribute to
the shading engine node;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.85.19
- 0000430: [modified feature] Reordered V-Ray parameters in the Render Globals;
- 0000429: [bug] Incorrect export of meshes with the same name;
- 0000428: [modified feature] Automatically use Maya scene file name if .vrscene
file name is blank;
- 0000427: [modified feature] Automatically append ".vrscene" extension to the e
xported file scene, if not specified;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.85.18
- 0000426: [new feature] Added output image support for 16-bit .png files;
- 0000425: [new feature] Added image output options to the Render Globals (for c
ontrolling compression types etc);
- 0000411: [bug] Echo All commands caused Maya to freeze;
- 0000424: [bug] Incorrect export of projection node when not directly connected
to a texture placement;
- 0000423: [modified feature] Camera clipping planes and camera scale are now su
- 0000422: [modified feature] Improved V-Ray translator (faster and handles inst
ances better);
- 0000421: [bug] Added support for the (hsv) noise parameters of the Ramp textur
- 0000420: [bug] Primary GI multiplier was limited to 1.0;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.85.17
- 0000409: [feature request] Added options to the render elements whether to app
ly color mapping to them or not;
- 0000408: [feature request] Print statistics about the total and frame render t
- 0000407: [bug] Frame padding parameter for the rendered image file name was ig
- 0000406: [feature request] Add an option to choose the separator for the rende
r element name in the final image file name;
- 0000394: [bug] Layered texture does not work for displacement;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.85.16
- 0000392: [bug] Splotchy irradiance map on bump-mapped surfaces;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.85.15
- 0000390: [bug] TGA images rendered horizontally flipped;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.85.14
- 0000389: [modified feature] Added Gamma value to the color mapping section;
- 0000388: [bug] Inconsistent glossy reflections when re-rendering the same fram
- 0000387: [feature request] Anisotropy and Anisotropy rotation attributes of VR
ayMtl can be mapped;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.85.13
- V-Ray no longer uses QMC sampling; instead a modified version of Schlick sampl
ing is used;
- 0000386: [feature request] Added an option in vraySettings.xml to disable the
swatch rendering;
- 0000385: [new feature] Added a vraySettings.xml file in the /conf folder;
- 0000382: [feature request] Added "Use V-Ray VFB" option to the Common tab of t
he Render Globals (Windows only);
- 0000381: [bug] Wrong cut-off for lights on glossy surfaces;
- 0000375: [bug] Crash with displaced meshes at high resolutions;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.85.12
- 0000373: [bug] Crash with opacity-mapped materials if they are fully transpare
- 0000289: [bug] shaded mode in the viewport does not preview correctly textures
placed on VRayMtl;
- 0000370: [modified feature] Better control over rendering of the swatches;
- 0000369: [feature request] Added support for switch utilities;
- 0000368: [bug] Fixed problem with string parameters for imported V-Ray plug-in
- 0000367: [feature request] Some improvements in Render Globals;
- 0000362: [bug] Render elements images do not save when there are several vrayS
ettings nodes in the scene;
- 0000361: [new feature] V-Ray lights are now rendered in the swatch;
- 0000348: [new feature] VRayMtl is now rendered in the swatch;
- 0000347: [bug] Missing "Number of passes" option for the light cache;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.85.10
- 0000342: [new feature] New irradiance map modes for animation with moving obje
- 0000338: [new feature] Added parameter for max number of threads in both Rende
r Globals and in command line batch rendering;
- 0000316: [new feature] Added SSS with multiple scattering to VRayMtl;
- 0000335: [new feature] Added texture baking functionality;
- 0000329: [new feature] Added support for texture referencing;
- 0000328: [new feature] Added units parameter to V-Ray area and sphere lights;
- 0000323: [new feature] Added global texture filtering control in Render Global
- 0000306: [new feature] Added support for RemapValue, RemapColor, RemapHSV util
ities in Maya;
- 0000311: [new feature] Added support for SGI files (Silicon Graphics *.sgi, *.
rgb, *.rgba);
- 0000312: [new feature] Added new V-Ray IES light type;
- 0000318: [new feature] Added option to restore the mesh from a proxy file (of
course, not 1-to-1);
- 0000319: [new feature] Added option to export into separate vrscene files for
each frame;
- 0000315: [new feature] Added cut-off threshold parameter for the lights;
- 0000314: [new feature] Added photometric scale parameter in Render Globals / M
- 0000336: [feature request] Added Amount parameters for diffuse, reflection, re
fraction colors in VRayMtl;
- 0000334: [feature request] Option to show only the bounding box for a proxy;
- 0000281: [feature request] Added separate choices for exporting "mesh", "light
s", "textures" and "materials" in the "translator" submenu;
- 0000320: [feature request] Added locator scale to the V-Ray lights;
- 0000313: [feature request] Improved the UI for proxy creation/loading. Added o
ption to backup the original mesh;
- 0000331: [modified feature] The default path for vrscene files is the project
root and is now shown in the UI;
- 0000322: [modified feature] Most procedural textures now support the "Color ba
lance" controls;
- 0000321: [modified feature] Displaced meshes now support motion blur;
- 0000307: [modified feature] Added command-line option for region rendering;
- 0000308: [modified feature] Added Enable all / Disable all option for the rend
er elements;
- 0000310: [modified feature] Added intensity multiplier for the Sky plugin;
- 0000302: [modified feature] More compact export of NURBS surfaces in exported
- 0000333: [modified feature] The shaders attributes are loaded when importing e
xisting mesh;
- 0000337: [bug] Enabling/disabling displacement in Global options was not worki
- 0000332: [bug] Fixed a bug when typing a filename for "Import proxy" containin
g backslashes;
- 0000330: [bug] Fixed a problem where two nodes with the same name (but in diff
erent hierarchies) were assigned incorrect materials;
- 0000327: [bug] Templated objects are not rendered now;
- 0000326: [bug] Fixed a minor bug when a node has more than one uvw channel;
- 0000325: [bug] Fixed a bug when two projections share the same placement node;
- 0000324: [bug] Default color is used for file textures which do not cover the
whole area;
- 0000317: [bug] Meshes with multiple shaders can now be exported correctly to a
- 0000309: [bug] Produce error message instead of crashing when environment vari
ables are missing;
- 0000303: [bug] Lights don't render properly when scaled;
- 0000301: [bug] VRayTexFresnel not recognized by the translator;
- 0000300: [bug] Problems with Maya Blinn materials with transparency and refrac
- 0000299: [bug] Removed unnecessary BRDFLight's in translated scene;
- 0000298: [bug] Displaced meshes ignored light linking;
- 0000297: [bug] Fixed problem with resolution when taking a snapshot;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.84.30
- Recompile for Maya 8.0;
- Fixed large memory consumption in one of the V-Ray plugins;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.84.29
- 0000295: [bug] If texture filtering is globally switched off, bitmaps rendered
only on the first frame of animations;
- 0000294: [feature request] Added support for Matte Opacity in Surface Shader (
needs more work);
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.84.28
- 0000259: [bug] The "place3Dtexture" node does not have "scale";
- 0000258: [bug] "color 1" and "color 2" of the BLEND COLORS node swapped;
- 0000283: [feature request] exporting a *.ma or *.mb scene to a *.vrscene from
the command prompt without having an open Maya;
- 0000288: [bug] "Graph material on selected" does not show all inputs correctly
- 0000282: [new feature] options for how to treat hidden geometry in the "global
options" rollout;
- 0000262: [bug] "sampler info" shader was broken;
- 0000279: [new feature] Support for V-Ray physical camera attributes for camera
- 0000293: [new feature] Added support for Surface shader (glow and matte opacit
y are not supported yet);
- 0000292: [bug] Added option in Light Cache: "Use light cache for glossy rays";
- 0000291: [modified feature] Different sun intensity multiplier is now used whe
n rendering with V-Ray and Maya camera;
NOTE: scenes using the V-Ray sun and sky will need to have the sun mu
ltiplier adjusted (increased to about 1.0);
- 0000290: [new feature] Added support for generic external V-Ray texture and li
ght plugins;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.84.27
- 0000280: [new feature] Added support for the projection texture node (except "
concentric" mode);
- 0000162: [bug] Alpha channel with overlapping objects could contain dark lines
on object outlines in Maya Render View (but saved image was ok);
- 0000277: [new feature] Added V-Ray sub-menu in the Create menu of Maya for cre
ating e.g. proxy objects;
- 0000276: [modified feature] Support for installations for multiple versions of
Maya on the same machine;
- 0000275: [bug] When adding a camera in the scene, it did not appear in the Ren
der Globals in the batch camera list until the scene is reloaded;
- 0000274: [modified feature] Animated textures are now supported;
- 0000273: [modified feature] Better support for options of 2d placement node;
- 0000272: [feature request] Primary/reflections/refractions visibility and cast
shadows render stats are now supported;
- 0000253: [bug] default connection = Diffuse (when drag-dropping in Hypershade)
- 0000261: [feature request] an equivalent to the "luminance" node in Maya;
- 0000256: [bug] VRaySun could produce brighter hilights than is correct;
- 0000255: [bug] VRayMtl with opacity map did not render correctly;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.84.26
- 0000252: [modified feature] V-Ray will now treat the default "Quadratic" textu
re filtering internally as mip-map filtering, rather than summed area;
- 0000251: [bug] Matte opacity options changed the appearance of objects;
- 0000250: [bug] When rendering 1 frame in animation mode, the frame number was
not added to the image file name(s);
- 0000249: [bug] When using render elements in animation, the frame number was a
dded before the element name in the image files;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.84.25
- 0000246: [bug] Memory leak with motion blur ON;
- 0000245: [bug] Objects with inverted normals rendered black with bump maps;
- 0000244: [bug] Sometimes objects were not linked with the correct lights with
light linking;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.84.24
- 0000241: [bug] The alpha channel for file textures did not always match Maya s
oftware renderer;
- 0000243: [modified feature] Added "BRDF type", "Trace reflections", "Trace ref
ractions", "Cutoff threshold" options to VRayMtl;
- 0000242: [modified feature] VRayMtl now has improved interface;
- 0000235: [modified feature] Added support for all the blend modes of Layered t
exture. Only linear was supported before;
- 0000239: [bug] Added "VRay UI" in Render Globals, possibility to add shelf but
tons for some VRay objects;
- 0000238: [bug] VRay Lights can now be created from Create->Lights menu;
- 0000237: [bug] When batch rendering, output images were named with some tempor
ary name;
- 0000236: [bug] Fixed problem with Light linking. A light with "Illuminates by
default" turned off was still rendered;
- 0000234: [bug] In Render Globals -> VRay -> Global Options: Lights and Hidden
lights parameters were ignored;
- 0000233: [bug] Lights have more convenient transform/shape naming;
- 0000232: [bug] Lights not having intensity sample;
- 0000231: [bug] Lights not showing in HyperShade->Lights;
- 0000240: [bug] When added, the VRay extra attributes appeared in two different
- 0000229: [bug] Displacement on scaled/rotated objects was wrong;
- 0000228: [modified feature] All nine modes of the Ramp texture are supported;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.84.23
- 0000227: [bug] Dome lights would reset their transformation when reloaded from
- 0000225: [bug] Blinn hilights had incorrect brightness (smaller than expected)
- 0000220: [bug] VRayLightRect had incorrect size in renderView;
- 0000222: [bug] Problem with transparency of sub-textures in a Layered Texture;
- 0000223: [bug] Only one (the default) UV set for a geometry node was considere
- 0000219: [bug] Updating the Maya progress bar could slow down rendering;
- 0000218: [modified feature] V-Ray no longer scans the entire animation when re
ndering a single image;
- 0000217: [bug] Jagged shadow artifacts on low-poly objects with a Maya direct
- 0000216: [bug] Dome light was twice as bright in some render channels (raw lig
hting, lighting etc);
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.84.22
- 0000215: [bug] If moblur was on, static geometry did not render;
- 0000214: [bug] Rendering of moblurred geometry was broken;
- 0000213: [bug] Bump mapping wrong on highly tesselated geometry;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.84.21
- 0000212: [bug] False "can't save irradiance map" messages;
- 0000211: [bug] Reading .vrscene file progress not updated;
- 0000210: [bug] V-Ray attributes not always showing up in the menu;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.84.20
- 0000209: [bug] Animated NURB surfaces did not render properly;
- 0000208: [bug] Memory leak with NURB surfaces;
- 0000207: [new feature] Added rectangle V-Ray light that can be used instead of
the Maya area light;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.84.19
- 0000205: [new feature] Added option to split the output .vrscene file into mul
tiple files (with settings/materials/geometry etc)
- 0000206: [new feature] Added experimental support for zlib-compressed .vrscene
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.84.18
- 0000204: [bug] Textures on standard Maya materials would not render
- 0000203: [modified feature] Lower memory consumption for geometry
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.84.17
- 0000202: [modified feature] Added .xpm icons for the V-Ray related nodes
- 0000201: [new feature] Initial support for Render Elements
- 0000200: [modified feature] Use a "module" to load into Maya rather than modif
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.84.16
- 0000199: [modified feature] Maya template scripts are no longer overridden;
- 0000198: [new feature] Support for barn doors on spot lights;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.84.15
-- 0000197: [bug] Output image file name was not correct when relative workspace
paths were used;
-- 0000196: [bug] Diffuse textures are weaker than expected if "Alpha Is Luminan
ce" is selected;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.84.13
- 0000195: [bug] Meshes with degenerate faces could produce black artifacts when
mapped with textures;
- 0000194: [new feature] Batch rendering is now supported;
- 0000193: [new feature] Matte opacity options are now working;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.84.12
- 0000190: [bug] Trimmed NURBS surfaces could cause the render to hang indefinit
- 0000185: [bug] Animated visibility was not supported;
- 0000186: [bug] The standalone always created a separate file with the alpha ch
- 0000188: [new feature] Displacement mapping is now supported for non-motion bl
urred geometry;
- 0000187: [bug] V-Ray for Maya could not export .vrscene files larger than 4 GB
- 0000189: [bug] Texture mapping for the Dome light did not work;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.84.08
- 0000182: [bug] V-Ray standalone could not render .vrscene files larger than 2
- 0000161: [bug] Different Hilight glossiness/reflection glossiness in VRayMtl d
o not work properly if reflection glossiness is 1.0;
- 0000181: [bug] If Repeat U/V for a bitmap was different than 1.0, the texture
was not filtered correctly;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.84.07
- 0000179: [bug] Rendering exported animations could crash V-Ray standalone/V-Ra
y for Maya;
- 0000177: [bug] Non-orthogonal transformations were not interpolated correctly
in animations;
- 0000173: [bug] the render camera not remembered in the RENDER VIEW;
- 0000156: [new feature] Light linking is now working;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.84.06
- 0000176: [bug] Animated CVs for NURB surfaces were not supported;
- 0000175: [bug] Memory leak with triangle meshes;
- 0000174: [modified feature] Better memory management for bitmaps;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.84.05
- 0000163: [bug] Materials could render black;
- 0000164: [bug] Raycaster errors;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.84.04
- 0000158: [bug] "Fit resolution gate" camera parameter was ignored resulting in
incorrect render view;
- 0000160: [new feature] Added VRayDome light;
- 0000159: [new feature] Added VRaySphere light;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.84.03
- 0000155: [modified feature] Animated light color was not supported;
- 0000154: [bug] There were some animation export issues;
- 0000152: [bug] Sporadic UI errors were (hopefully) fixed (could not find attri
- 0000151: [bug] Mapped bump map depth was not supported;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.84.02
- 0000101: [feature request] VRayPlaceEnvTex - more controls;
- 0000149: [bug] String parameters for 3rd party plugins were not exported corre
- 0000148: [bug] Environment maps did not render properly;
- 0000147: [bug] Motion blur was not working in some cases;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.84.01
- 0000146: [bug] Crashes when translating meshes with UV sets with zero vertices
- 0000145: [bug] Exporter recognized only 3rd party BSDF plugins; extend this fo
r base materials as well;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.84.00
- 0000144: [modified feature] Allow for 3rd party V-Ray materials to be recogniz
ed by the translator;
- 0000142: [feature request] Include the V-Ray Shading SDK with V-Ray for Maya;
- 0000103: [bug] Reflection/Refraction environment overrides should work properl
- 0000141: [modified feature] Better detection for animated objects
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.83.00
- 0000139: [new feature] Add "Force animation export" attribute to meshes in cas
e the translator fails to recognize them as animated;
- 0000138: [new feature] Add "reflect on back side" option to VRayMtl (also cont
rols internal reflections);
- 0000136: [bug] Total internal reflections were not calculated properly;
- 0000123: [new feature] Motion blur support;
- 0000124: [new feature] Export animation to .vrscene for rendering with the sta
- 0000131: [new feature] Support for "shadow radius" parameter for point, spot a
nd direct lights;
- 0000132: [new feature] Add support for "shadow color" parameter (note that any
value other than black is not physically correct);
- 0000134: [modified feature] Should print a warning if a light uses depth map s
- 0000133: [bug] Lights that don't have any shadow type selected should not cast
- 0000122: [bug] Meshes with multiple UV sets not translated correctly;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.82.00
- 0000121: [bug] Potential crash when V-Ray renderer disconnects from the licens
e server;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.81.00
- 0000118: [feature request] Include V-Ray standalone with V-Ray for Maya;
- 0000109: [bug] Incorrect alpha and shadows from transparent materials;
- 0000112: [new feature] Add "Affect shadows" and "Affect alpha" options for the
- 0000116: [bug] Camera FOV not taken into consideration;
- 0000117: [new feature] Ability to set pixel aspect ratio from Render Globals;
- 0000115: [new feature] Add support for .vrimg output;
- 0000110: [modified feature] Load V-Ray plugins only once;
- 0000113: [new feature] Add log file (c:\vray4maya_log.txt);
- 0000111: [bug] If V-Ray is chosen as a renderer, but the Render Globals are no
t open, and you hit render, the render settings are weird;
- 0000107: [bug] Texture filtering control from the Render globals and within fi
le textures;
- 0000108: [bug] Default lights on/off in Render Globals is not working;
- 0000104: [bug] Default environment is grey instead of black;
V-Ray/Maya/Win - 0.80.00
First public beta version.