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74mm Screw Compressor - SERVICE PARTS

Carlyle 05T and 06T screw compressor service parts are available through Carrier/Carlyle distribution.
Service parts include not only serviceable items on the compressor, but also include related accessory
items that are supplied to original equipment manufacturers for application with the compressor. A list
of the most commonly required service items follows:

Item Part Number Description

1 0TA1063* LonCEM module kit
2 HK05YZ003 Pressure Transducer, low pressure (suction)
3 HK05YZ002 Pressure Transducer, high pressure (discharge and oil)
4 KH39MG002 Replacement oil filter cartridge
5 KK71EW143 Oring, Oil Filter Housing
6 EF28BZ007 Motor cooling valve
7 P510-XV120D 120VAC Solenoid for motor cooling valve
8 P510-XV208D 208VAC Solenoid for motor cooling valve
9 P510-XV024D 24VAC Solenoid for motor cooling valve
10 06NA660011 Unloader/VI solenoid Valve
11 EF19ZE120 Unloader/VI Solenoid Coil, 120VAC
12 EF19ZE240 Unloader/VI Solenoid Coil, 208/240VAC
13 EF19ZE024 Unloader/VI Solenoid Coil, 24VAC
14 06TA660001 Service Valve, 1 5/8" ODF, suction and discharge
15 6D68-1131 Service Valve Gasket, suction and discharge
16 06TA680008** Bar Stock Service Valve, 1 5/8" ODF, suction and discharge
17 06TA660004 7/8" Rotalock service valve for economizer port
18 EN99GA100 Rotolock Service Valve, teflon seal
19 8TA0757B Rotolock Service Valve, spud Oring
20 KH11HH066 Oil Strainer, in-line 3/8" Flare
21 EF23ZZ025 Combination Oil Solenoid Valve / Sight Glass Assembly
22 HK13LB004 Oil Level Safety Switch
23 KK71EW916 Oring, Oil Level Switch
Oil Separator (KH31ZZ340 & KH31ZZ212), Replacement Sight
24 SG-1106 Glass
25 1TA0620C Discharge Check Valve, Valve
26 1TA0621B Discharge Check Valve, Plate
27 8TA0629B Discharge Check Valve, Snap Ring
28 06EA660051 Compressor Terminal Plate Assembly
29 EA02ZD001 Desuperheating Valve, 1 TON, 190F Y1037
30 EA02ZD002 Desuperheating Valve, 1.5 TON, 190F Y1037
31 EA02ZD030 Desuperheating Valve, 2 TON, 190F Y1037
32 EA02ZD050 Desuperheating Valve, 3 TON, 190F Y1037
* LonCEM module not available separately. Kit includes: module, pressure transducers
(suction, discharge and oil), wiring harness, discharge thermistor, and required access fittings.
** Suction and discharge service valve used on all 05T and 65 cfm and large 06T compressors.
Lit No. 574-914