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Version 1.0.

- Pages to a Lore Book are now scattered throughout the world of Crea
- Items have been infused with lore flavor text
- Added 50 Steam Achievements
- Introduced a forth boss
- New Ore and remna tiers can now be unlocked
- New gear tier hasa been introduced
- Enhanced item interaction
- Smarter controller cursor
- Enhanced visual style for renaming inputs
- New more powerful version of many accessories have been added
- Guides are now shown the first time they become available
- Changed Research Desk subcategory to "Essentials" to make it easier to find f
or new players
- Loadout buttons added to HUD toolbar
- Disallow in-game commands unless using developer mode
- Items are automatically discovered when its recipe is learned. This means uni
que items that are researched on discovery no longer have to be crafted to learn
- Unique items no longer have to be discovered before a recipe can have materia
ls researched for it
- Decreased TP cost for the first level of the Sword Proficiency
- Lowered level requirements for most skills
- Vines and foliage now give less gather TP
- Characters now automatically learn any newly added recipes for discovered mat
- Lowered Lanteed spawn frequency some making Oil Slimes spawn more often
- Birds drop more feathers now
- Boss levels are now based on defeated bosses for players instead of world
- Balanced minimum levels for some monsters
- Increased HP for bosses as they level up
- Cut the HP for the spawners that Dormians creates in half
- Changed Venfear's wind attack to go through blocks
- Snow hare drops fur now
- Reduced animal spawn rate by a bit
- Fish are now extinct (disabled since they are broken and I don't have time to
fix them atm)
- Added many missing localizations
- Changed Premium Lumber to have the proper quality
- Purified Lumber now stacks to 99
- Increased the price of silk
- Crates are no longer collectable
- Rebalanced item prices
- Chests are now named "Locked" when locked
- Lockpicks can now be used from the toolbar
- Lockpicks will automatically be used when interacting with a locked chest and
no keys are available
- Increase price cost for Reincarnate dungeons
- Increased chance for horde realm crystals to appear
- Select medium size world by default in world creation
- Changed world level distribution - small worlds increase more dramatically wh
ile large worlds are more gradual
- Added some missing status effect icons
- Added descriptions to several items
- Renamed Gildor's Crystal to Corsaltus Crystal
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved crash on client when traveling to a new realm caused by messages get
ting out of order
- Resolved seemingly random crash on clients when the host is unloading a regio
n of a world with certain items in it
- Resolved issue with players being able to interact with travel items (realm c
rystals, chaos bed, gildor crystal) multiple times
- Resolved error on standalone server with Invisible status effect
- Resolved issue with client experience bar not updating properly when leveling
- Resolved issue with particles not using textures properly on the client
- Resolved issue with one of the build toolbars not working for clients
- Resolved issue where your character would float when the ground was destroyed
underneath him on a client (multiplayer)
- Fixed many messages being sent to all players in a multiplayer game when they
should only be sent to a single player
- MOTD is now loaded for standalone server
- Resolved issue with standalone name and motd not loading from settings proper
- Resolved issue with character preview not working on OSX
- Resolved issue with overlaping items showing one highlighted but then interac
ting with the unhighlighted one
- Resolved issue with the UI not updating when resetting control bindings
- HUD now properly shows more than 7 status effects
- Resolved issue with items sometimes attempting to be collected even when ther
e isn't space
- Resolved issue with some equipment claiming to have potential attributes when
they infact did not
- Resolved issue with torch coming back on underwater when against a wall
- Do not stack unique items notifications
- Resolved issue with discovered items associated with characters was being sav
ed improperly and would not work correctly when switching worlds
- Temporarily disable UI zooming for OSX since it causes a crash
- Resolved issue with items being researched multiple times (duplicate notifica
- Resolved issue with researching item set recipes causing the player to not le
arn the contained recipes
- Resolved crash when quickly leaving a horde realm
- Resolved issue with some horde realms not properly creating reward chest and/
or exit crystal
- Resolved issue with Aegnite horde realm crystals not always working
- Resolved issue with entity render rectangle not being calculated correctly wh
en entity is flipped
- Resolved issue with some realms lingering longer than they should
- Resolved animation issue when using an item or gadget during a second jump
- Better error handling when settings file is busted
- Resolved issue with character being interrupted when taking damage more often
than they should
- Resolved issue with many monster projectile attacks dealing more damage than
they should
- Fixed issue with some monster's attack trail (Torrend & Aegnite) not having c
orrect transparency when monster was invisible
- Resolved issue with monsters still attacking the player immediately after the
player becomes invisible
- Resolved issue with grappler breaking after using it just before traveling to
another realm
- Resolved issue with Flamethrower spell getting into a broken state
- Resolved issue with Breath spells not working on all quickbars
- Fixed Stoneskin status effect description
Weekly Update #33
- Keys no longer drop from animals
- Lowered drop rate of keys from monsters and animals
- Decreased items in dungeon treasure chests and added keys to their loot pool
- Changed scrapper algorithm so it now produces significantly less scraps espec
ially for materials
- Balanced Dungeoneer dungeon costs so that good modifiers cost significantly m
- Changed mattock's potential stat attributes to have higher values
- Changed Battle Cry and Berserk to work off a flat value making them much more
effective at lower levels
- Agmore Sword, Artisan Broadsword, and Sylic Blade now upgrade from their prop
er items
- Spirit Drain spear's main attribute can now vary based off the item's quality
- Limiting items craft with unique materials to only have one crafted at a time
- Dependent stat attributes such as '15% of DEF to HP' now automatically adjust
s when the dependent stat changes
- Increased the cost of the map icons up to 500
- Berserk status effect is now removed when a character with it is loaded
Bug Fixes:
- Resolving crash in multiplayer when a new inventory bag is acquired
- Resolved an issue where a screen tear would appear across the screen on some
- Resolved issue with teleporting resulting in the character getting stuck
- Resolved an issue with tiles not rendering properly
- Resolving issue with Syle breath skill not working
- Resolved issue with Focus skill not affecting critical damage correctly
- Fixing graphical issue with imbuing chamber animations
- Fixing small styling issue with craft UI
- Resolved an issue where player's could craft multiple items while only consum
ing one of a unique item
- Fix standalone help text regarding world size during creation
- Modding: Resolved issue with content overloading not fully replacing the orig
inal content
Weekly Update #32
- The great tower, Solunais, has appeared!
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved crash on startup on 64-bit Windows caused by Intel HD GPUs
- Potentially Resolve crash when exiting a dungeon with the "Explosive Monsters
" modifier
- Fixed layout issue with Cartographer UI
- Resolved issue with visual effects persisting between sessions
- Resolved issue with tool dig area not being calculated correctly all of the t
- Resolved styling issue with crafting window when using a controller
- Fixing issue with toolbar styling not showing which item is selected while us
ing a controller
- Resolved issue with changing controller bindings
- Log statements to help investigate a few issues have been added
Weekly Update #31
- Added add and subtract quantity buttons for crafting
- Added duration to status effect battle log
- Changed buff spells to auto-target the caster
- Increased affect luck has on TP gain
- Luck now increases drop rate for monster loot
- Changed toolbar text to be more consistent while using a controller
- The ground underneath plants can now be gather and will destroy the plant
- Changed Window Panels to yield 4 instead of 1 per craft
- Kills are now awarded to all nearby players
- Began rebalancing auri making it harder to acquire such as most materials now
sell for much less if anything at all
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved issue that would cause Crea not to start on some 64-bit windows mach
- Resolved crash on client when leaving a realm
- Resolved issue with tiles not being updated properly on clients in multiplaye
- Resolved issue where your character would float when the ground was destroyed
underneath him on a client (multiplayer)
- Resolved issue with size option names when creating worlds with the standalon
- Resolved issue with standalone password in settings causing server to not wor
k properly
- Resolved issue with dungeon generation creating dead ends
- Resolved issue with Lanteed Horde Realms failing to create sometimes
- Resolved issue with realms not being cleaned up properly
- Resolved issue with biome background not always showing
- Resolved issue with improperly destroying held torch
- Resolved regression with being able to dig directly under trees
- Resolved issue with dig area sometimes being larger than it should
- Resolved issue with Auri tree not always being destroyed properly when choppe
d down
- Resolved issue with trees not growing always properly
- Resolved issue with Scavenger revealing silver ore before iron ore
- Resolved issue with toolbar not being initialized properly if a controller wa
s used before it is loaded
- Resolved issue with dropped items from crafting not being created properly
- Resolved issue with skills being usable even when exhausted or out of stamina
- Resolved issue with Sky Sword being usable while it is still in use
- Resolved issue with toolbar not updating whether a skill was available to use
or not
- Resolved issue with a few combat numbers and text not showing properly
- Resolved issue where some monsters/bosses could have their death interrupted
- Resolved issue with speep breeding out of control
- Resolved issue with displaying time duration that lasted more than an hour
- Resolved issue with lighting not working 100% near the world seam
- Resolved performance issues in physics and combat system when larger quantity
of entities are present
- Resolved issue with player still taking fall damage after ledge grabbing
- Resolved issues with Xbox One controller not working properly
- Resolved issue with HUD disappearing after exiting the fullscreen map while u
sing a controller
- Resolved issue with character not being movable after exiting a fullscreen ma
p while using a controller
- Resolved issue with map legend not working properly with a controller
- Resolved issue with ammo not being unequipped properly when switching loadout
- Reverted a change that caused equipment attributes to become much larger than
- Adjusted a few pieces of equipment that had understated defense and mind attr
Weekly Update #30
- Changed hardcore death to be tracked and immediately saved. Now dead hardcore
characters are shown in the menu.
- Reduced stamina infusion from +3 to +2
- Reduced delay for stamina regeneration to start
- Reduced melee attack stamina cost
- Increased stamina regeneration rate
- Widened all weapon combo windows making it easier to perform attack combos
- Stamina consumed when blocking now scales to how much damage it blocked relat
ive to the threshold
- Reworked combat experience formula to grant more experience to lower level ch
aracters even when nearby a higher level character
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved issue with tile id not being updated resulting in tiles changing
- Resolved crash that could occur from removing a light source
- Resolved issue with map causing the game to crash
- Potentially resolved crash when an entity is destroyed and we are trying to r
emove its map marker
- Resolved issue with combat numbers showing on clients in multiplayer
- Resolved issue with in-game text not being displayed properly on OSX
- Fixed stalactite and stalagmite graphics
- Resolved issue with some equipped items (torches) not being consumed properly
when crafting with them
- Resolved crash that could occur when hitting blocks
- Resolved issue with notifications being cut off when UI zoomed
- Resolved issue with tiles sometimes not being rendered when they should resul
ting in holes
- Resolved issue with hiding map with the controller
Weekly Update #29
- Added Windows x64 support
- All text in game is now localizable
- Added support for hover over text and nameplates to support utf-8 characters
- Massive optimization that reduces memory usage by about 50%
- Huge optimizations on performance that increases framerate by 30-50%
- Added visual lock and tooltip when material requires additional research leve
- Removed talent locks
- Talent medallions now grant TP when consumed
- Provide more feedback on stat infusions
- Made it possible for dungeoneer materials to be used from nearby chests
- Remna fountains are now collectable and do not start with a Remna Core being
- Increased bow draw time
- Stamina is now consumed when firing an arrow not when beginning to draw the a
- Vines now stack to 999
- Added support to provide fonts in localization file
- New background and ambient colors
- New hit effects
- Dodge rolling now has a nice dust cloud effect
- Combat numbers are currently being reworked (in flux atm)
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved issue with doors and some other items not having their animations pr
operly synced in multiplayer
- Fixed issue with treasure chests not properly closing when moving away from t
- Resolved issue with treasure chests not properly showing contents in multipla
- Fixed issue with crystals nad chest names not being synced in multiplayer
- Resolved dungeon generation lockup
- Resolve crash that could occur if an unloaded tile is damaged
- Fixed "profitable" dungeon typo
- Resolved error that could occur when Telin's target disappears while it is te
- Resolved issue with Dormian when leaving the realm while he is recreating his
- Resolved issue with light color for some things (lava) being off
- Resolved crash that could occur in multiplayer when a player leaves
- Upgraded Coherent Browser to newest version which fixes incompatability with
Windows XP
Weekly Update #28
- Greatly reduced bandwidth used in multiplayer (less lag)
- Increased performance of dedicated server
- Nameplates (name + health) now show up under other players
- Light can now pass through vines when there is no backwall
- Lowered frequency and length of vines as well as stalactites and stalagmites
- Limited merchant sell menu to 12 items
- Added in an early version of a hit effect animation
- Saplings no longer drop seeds
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved crash that could occur when attempting to render a damaged tile
- Resolved issue crash with abruptly leaving Mighty Forest realm
- Resolved crash when loading a character that was saved in a destroyed realm (
dungeon, horde realm, etc.)
- Resolved issue saving and loading characters when using Server-Side character
s in single player
- Save maps on client when the world is using server-side characters
- Resolved issue with torches working underwater
- Resolved issue with dungeons not being listed in Dungeoneer UI on client
- Fixed tooltips for "Increase Drop Rate" skill and "Scavenger"
- Fix typo in imperial furniture set
Weekly Update #27
- Added Magma chamber underground biome
- Added a Mushroom themed underground forest biome
- Added Underground forest biome
- Completely reworked icy underground biome
- Added snails to underground
- Light is MUCH brighter! Rejoice!
- Light penetrates through solid tiles a bit more now
- Changed ground rendering to support more layers: Platforms are now behind the
player and lava layered nicely
- Icicles can now appear underneath snow and ice
- Trees should appear underwater less often
- Cleaned up graphics for Dirt, Torch, Vines and Research Desk
- Tweaked how water looks
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved issue with tiles sometimes not rendering properly
- Resolved issue with world generation not cleaning up properly which could res
ult in a crash later
- Resolved crash regarding fetching damaged tile
- Resolved issue with dungeon generation locking up sometimes
- Resolved issue with dungeon switch objective sometimes having no switches
- Resolved crash crash in foliage system due to foliage attempting to grow out
of world bounds
- Resolved issue with foliage not rendering properly
- Resolved a few issues with foliage not spreading properly
- Resolved issue with world generation completely failing for some players
- Fixed issue with icicle doodads not being placed properly in Icy dungeon
- Fixed UI paths for mods
- Fixed Uplift Boots
- Fixed issue with getting incorrect stamina cost for skills
- Fixed issue with lighting not rendering correctly
- Fixed issue with lighting sometimes using darker colors than it should
- Fixed issue with fish fleeing
Weekly Update #26
- Added in a blackbird that appears in Scorched biome
- Added in foliage and more trees to Scorched biome
- Added in Eldor tree to Desert biome
- Added in foliage and more cactuses to Desert biome
- Worlds and characters are now disabled when they are missing used mods
- Backwall is now darker
- Enhanced "promote" command usage on dedicated server
- Added privilege level to "players" list on dedicated server
- Dungeon crystals now have red light
- Lonis plant now glows at night
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved issue with loading saved information about spreading ores
- Fix issue with monster name plates not showing up when on the world seam
- Resolved issue with handshake between server and client when using server sid
e characters
- Fixed issue with lighting blinking for a single frame when crossing world sea
- Resolved issue with foliage not growing neighbors from load
- Fix Crystal Wand particle emitter
- Fixed issue with removing an item from an inventory slot when it is consumed
from crafting
- Resolved issue with world generation thinking saving is complete before it is
causing it to get stuck
- Fix crash that could occur when no UI was focused

Weekly Update #25

- Added in several new
- Added in a snow hare
- Added snow foliage
- Added new trees in mountain biome
- Increased animal spawn rate
- Grappler is now only usable from gadget slot
- Added descriptions for Illusory attribute and Veil status effect
- Default to using server-side characters with standalone
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved issue with menu UI disappearing when saving and exiting and the resu
lting crash
- Resolved an issue with dungeon generation resulting in a blocked path
- Resolved issue with realms not being properly cleaned up
- Resolved crash that could occur when abruptly leaving the Dream Realm
- Fail gracefully if no worlds exist when standalone starts
- Fix several issues with characters not being saved properly when they are sav
ed on server-side
- Resolved issue that could occur with standalone when stopping a server
- Potentially resolved issue with tile not being rendered when they should be
Weekly Update #24
- Greatly enhanced collision detection with weapons (especially spears)
- Balance Crystal trigger now correctly round to nearest 50
- Explorer's Gloves now correctly grant bonus Explore TP
- Newly acquired items now flash in inventory
- Researching recipes and translating scrolls now grant Craft talent points
- Limit the auri tree to one seed per tree and only when it is fully grown
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved multiplayer issue when interacting with treasure chests
- Resolved issue with placing new dungeons possibly failing
- Potentially resolved odd issues that would occur when updating (typically res
olved by reinstalling)
- Resolved issue with incorrectly removing equipped torch instead of consuming
materials when crafting
- Resolved crash that could occur in physics system
- Resolved issue with some Way Crystals being removed from Travel UI
- Resolved issue with Falxian Altar not teleporting the player to the correct p
- Resolved issue with Drill and Precision Strike grapplers not working properly
- Light Bringer orb now obeys the laws of physics
- Resolved crash that could occur when shutting down Crea
- Resolved crash that could occur due to hardware dealing with controllers
- Gildor can now always rest in peace
Weekly Update #23 Patch #2
- NPCs can no longer levitate! (tiles underneath them cannot be destroyed)
- Health potion is now easier to craft and has a lower cooldown
- Lanteed Blossom can now be consumed for a small heal
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved crash in multiplayer
- Resolved issue with cooldowns not working properly for equipment and items on
the quickbar
- Resolved issue with Winged Lance special attribute not working properly
- Resolved issue with some of the UI not being updated correctly after changing
control bindings
- Resolved issue with using last arrow for Winged Bow causing the player to gli
tch out visually
- Fixed error with trying to use tool when no tool is equipped
- Fix Battle Cry and Berserk descriptions
Weekly Update #23 Patch
- Added in new arrow types
- Rebalanced Bow power levels now that there are new arrow types
- Lonis plant can now spawn in jungles
- Many dungeon doodads are no longer collectable
- New broken mannequin to look even more broken!
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved performance issue with lighting that could result in bad framerate
- Resolved issue with toolbar and sidebar not handling resolution and UI zoom c
hanges properly
- Resolved crash during saving and exiting that would occur on occasion
- Resolved issue with texture loading that could result in a crash on some mach
- Resolved issue with tooltips not working on toolbar
- Resolved issue with newly created items in multiplayer not showing up immedia
- Resolved issue with character not pointing bow in targeted direction
Weekly Update #23
- Massive performance boost!
- Added loading screen at launch (still not 100% perfect but better than before
- New dungeon themes: Fire, Ice and Forest
- New furniture sets to go with the dungeon themes
- New "Paragon" tier materials can now drop from Paragons
- Cursor while in grid mode (controller) now follows the player
- Paragon sighting: Zabis
- Lighting is now darker
- Glass now sells for 0 Auri
- Balanced Gildor (made him weaker)
- Increased stats for several of the newer Paragons (they had been overlooked)
- Slightly reduced multiplayer sync data
- Missing mods that are not installed in Workshop are handled more nicely now
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed dungeon generation issue causing many dungeons to be untraversable
- Resolved issue with Torrend charge attack
- Fixed text on Host menu to say "Host via ..." instead of "Join via ..."
- Resolved issue with particles being immediately deleted when the host was far
away (or always on the dedicated server)
- Resolved issue that would occur when syncing Paragon monsters
- Resolved issue with breath meter not being reset when reviving on multiplayer
- Resolved issue with map being zoomed in too far when the game is zoomed
- Resolved issue with conflict data not being sent to the client correctly resu
lting in a semi-broken map
- Resolved issue with beams not working correctly in multiplayer
Weekly Update #22
- Setting to change UI zoom
- Control bindings can now be reset to defaults
- Added Phase Bow: teleport to your arrow when it hits the ground
- Added Stegara's Rampage Boots: Crush the ground like a Stegara
- Added several new tile types
- It is now possible to unchannel an Aer by interacting with the same idol
- Jumping while having a bow and arrow drawn back while now cancel it
- Reworked crates to feel more satisfying to break
- Lowered SP drain of Tutela Virge
- Many items (equipment) that were not scrapable before are now
- Scrapping will now use the entire stack of items instead of using one at a ti
- Added success message when scrapping items
- Cleaned up several item names
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved crash on dedicated server when harvesting the lava weed
- Resolved issue with Remna Core not being consumed when connected to a dedicat
ed server
- Resolved issue with Reflect Damage not working properly
- Fixed Magic Boost status effect used by Quintum Rod
- Fix bad item name with Paper Lantern Decoration set
- Resolved issue with staying grappled even after teleporting
Weekly Update #21
- Added bouncy blocks - Weeee!
- Added Rebound Ball
- Paragon sighting: Torrend
- Decreased transition time for health and stamina bars making them much snappi
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved many many crashes that would occur on Intel HD GPUs
- Resolved multiplayer crash caused by client leaving while a monster is attack
ing them
- Resolved crash that could occur when attempting to join a host using Steam mu
- Resolved crash that would occur when starting or stopping steam multiplayer
- Resolved crash on client when attempting to break dungeon crates
- Resolved issue with equippable dropped items showing wrong graphic on client
- Resolved issue with weapon attack animations playing incorrectly on client
- Resolved issue with entities not being cleaned up properly from Physics syste
m which could result in a crash
- Resolved crash when accessing install mods menu
- Resolved crash that could occur while moving equipment and skills around on t
- Resolve crash that could occur when interacting with ice or magma rock
- Resolved issue with Tool Proficiency skill being one level off
- Resolved issue with playing singleplayer on a world set to have server side c
- Resolved issue with world generation that would cause some worlds to be compl
etely flat in some areas
- Added logging for spreading ore to help debug this issue in the future
- Resolved issue with Aersword not working properly when not channeling an Aer
- Fixed using animation so that it now plays properly
Weekly Update #20 Patch
- Added A2S support (Dedicated Server feature)
- Added Coherent_UI.log to be included in crash reporting
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved silent issue with handling when tiles are hit
- Fixed issue causing some linux distros to fail to run
- Resolved a crash that occasionally would occur in Physics system
- Resolved issue with creating a world using the standalone server after loadin
g a world
- Resolved issue with world generation that could potentially cause it to infin
itely loop
- Resolved issue with entities sometimes facing the wrong way in multiplayer
- Resolved issue with placing underground stamps when stamp goes beyond the wor
ld bottom
- Resolved several issues with world generation surface biome stamp placement p
articularly with water holes
- Resolved issue where a Way Crystal could fail to be placed during world Gener
- Resolved issue with save and exit not working when connected to a host with s
erver side characters
- Resolved issue with sfx stop playing after awhile
- Resolved seemly random crash in multiplayer
Weekly Update #20
- Welcoming a new NPC: Dungeoneer
- Introduced several new Dungeon Objectives that must be overcome each floor
- Added a Music Box
- Added a Target Dummy
- Added several more new items to be discovered and crafted
- Cleaned up the Mighty Forest
- Changed Tool Proficiency skill tooltip descriptors and made it so that Lv5 no
w increases single block power
- Reworked how stats are handled to help prevent characters from getting into b
ad stat states
Bug Fixes:
- Potentially fix a crash that could occur when damaging a tile by standing on
it (ice) that was just destroyed
- Resolved crash when attempting to plant a seed across the world seam
- Fixed several of Gildor's attacks to work more as originally intended
- Resolved crash that would occur while fighting Sano
- Resolved issue with Speedster dungeon modifier speed not applying to jump, do
dge roll and sprint correctly
- Resolved issue with Explosive Monsters dungeon modifier when monsters are at
level cap (or beyond)
- Resolved issue with attached items (Storm spells) not working properly when t
raveling to another realm
- Resolved issue with Paragon Stegara not being treated as a Paragon (and conse
quently summoning other Paragon Stegaras)
- Resolved issue with Scavenger collecting Realm Crystals
- Resolved issue with some realm crystals not being setup correctly
- Resolved issue with particles on attached items not working on the client
- Resolved issue with some particles emitters continuously running such as from
some grapplers
- Resolved issue with volume not being set correctly on sound effects in multip
- Resolved issue with several notifications not showing properly on client
- Resolved issue with clients gaining additional stats from stat boost skills e
very play session
- Resolved several small errors that had no visual indication
- Fixed issue with exit game button on menu not being styled properly on all me
Weekly Update #19
- Added 22 dungeon modifiers
- Dungeons now have randomly generated name
- Dungeon details are now shown on the HUD
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved issue with mouse scroll wheel not changing the selected item on the
passive toolbar
- Resolved crash when loading a world when the character and world data about e
ach other got corrupted
- Resolved issue with two fairy items not being redirected properly causing som
e issues
- Resolved crash when loading a map containing missing tile content
- Resolved plethora of crashes and issues that could result from client connect
ing to the server while the server was still generating a world
- Potentially resolved crash that could happen when a client would join
- Resolved crash that would occur due to grabbed quickbar skill/item not being
properly cleared
- Resolved crash that could occur if an entity had its physics component remove
- Resolved issue that would cause Ore Hunter to stop working
- Fixed issue with icons not being updated when changing which Aer is being cha
- Fixed issue with mushroom trees being planted incorrectly in Fractured Biome
- Fixed issue with dungeon generation creating rooms with entrances on the corn
er that the player could not pass through
- Resolved issue with HUD disappearing if player changed realms while map was f
- Resolved crash due to lava pits during world generation
- Resolved issue with player data not always being sync fully when host exits t
he game first
Weekly Update #18
- Added support for server side characters
- Dedicated server now goes to sleep when no players are present
- Do not show toolbar item preview while in combat mode except for grabbed item
- Do not show tile placement preview when cursor is over a tile
- Players will now automatically pick up items they dropped after 2 seconds
- Adjusted the cooldown and recovery times for cortess attacks
- Craft search is now case insensitive
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved issue with shift (modifier key) not being detected properly in a mul
tiplayer game
- Resolved issue with characters having their SP Regen permanently lowered from
the Storm spell effects
- Resolved issue with Crystal Dowsing reporting crystals that have been destroy
- Resolved issue with weapon proficiency combos being 1 level off
- Resolved issue with characters being able to use maximum tool proficiency wit
hout it being level at all
- Resolved crash when crafting the same item multiple times if equipment that i
s being upgraded was grabbed and dropped from inventory
- Resolved potential crash in Dedicated server caused by the Burn status effect
- Added missing libraries some linux distros were missing: libxcb-image and lib
Weekly Update #17
- Added option for simplified lighting
- Added support to interact with items in combat mode
- Streamlined using grabbed items and making it consistent between both combat
and build modes
- Placeable item preview is always shown now and is tinted red if moused over a
n invalid position
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved issue with clicking items and skills on the toolbars
- Resolved issue with dropped items showing as being interactable if they are p
- Resolved issue with Combat Chaos missing "Next Level" for level 2
- Resolved issue with light orb and harvester attack on world seam
- Resolved issue with preview when planting Lonis seed
Weekly Update #16 Patch #1
- Build mode toolbar has been simplified to a 5x2 layout
- Combat mode toolbar has been expanded (shift to access more skills)
- Aegnite spawners now show up in Lava Pits more frequently
- Added steam vents to the Lava Pits
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved issue with Jump Height skill not working properly
- Resolved some issues with equipment attributes not being a readable string
- Resolved issue with dungeon crystal's showing up in travel UI
- Resolved issue with furniture being placed behind tiles in dungeons

Weekly Update #16

- New interface with introduction of two modes your character can be in: "build
" and "combat"
- Improved help text when hovering over items
- Lighting now travels further and is generally brighter
- Characters now have a small light source on them
- Dungeon Crystals can now appear in the world enabling players to visit random
ly generated dungeons
- Introduced a new Lava themed underground biome
- Removed "Use Arms" and "Use Tool" skills
- Moved many equipment slots to the new HUD
- Added support for equipment to have multiple gear slot categories.
- Made it possible to equip the torch in both your offhand as well as weapon ge
ar slots
- Updated Basics tutorial with details on the new interface
- Add ground friction to Paragon Oil Slime
- Changed names of the 'Fairy' items to Lorumite
- Reduced spells cast time, increased damage, increased heal, increased buff ti
me, increased wand projectile distance
- Add new icons for Wand Proficiency, Mind Boost, Intelligence Boost, and Stami
na Boost skills
- Added support for grappler to grab onto entities that have a physics componen
t with collision (ie. tables and doors)
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved several issues and crashes with the new Steam Multiplayer after join
ing a multiplayer game and then leaving
- Resolved issue where going back while attempting to connect to a host would n
ot cancel the connection attempt
- Resolved issue with Steam Multiplayer Hosting not working when sever settings
had been saved
- Resolved an issue with Precision skill not casting correctly
- Resolved issue with firestorm and similar attached things to a client lagging
- Resolved an issue with one of Cortess' moves not working properly
- Resolved issue with Bows not being treated as Ranged attacks
- Ranged skills now scale off of ranged weapon attack power
- Resolved issue with monsters being stunned while in the middle of dying
- Fixed regression that broke Gildor axe attack. Add Gildor back attack.
- Resolved possible crash when leaving the Dream Realm
- Fix Paragon Oil Slime loot table
- Resolved issue with light colors not mixing correctly
- Resolved issue with two lights that are nearby each other being able to cance
l each other out
- Fixed issue with grapplers getting stuck when hitting the edge of a realm
- Resolved issue with Drill and Precision Striker both being able to destroy bl
ocks in realms that do not allow tile destruction
- Fixed issue with standalone server not working with developer mode on
- Resolved issue where the player could ledge grab a platform while passing thr
ough it and grab onto nothing
- Resolved issue with status effects not being applied on the client correctly
- Resolved issue with engine saving maps for realms that are not saved
Weekly Update #15
- Steam Multiplayer for everyone!
- Paragon sighting: Lanteed
- Mod Support: Add netcode python message callback system to make it easy to re
gister callbacks to listen for messages from the client/server
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved issue with character not being initialized correctly if game did not
save after first time joining a world
- Resolved issue with character not being attuned to the starting crystal
- Cleanup Stealth attribute some however it does need some more love to make it
more flexible than it currently is
- Resolved issue with items not being grabbable in inventory immediately after
upgrading "Shadow Folding" skill
Weekly Update #14
- Monsters now loose aggro when the player goes invisible
- Changed Ghost Shell description to include that it only grows in soot
- Pots and chests can now drop feathers
- Abandoned Researcher Outpost chest now contains guaranteed feathers!
- Broken mannequin now drops scraps instead of lumber
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved a crash that would occur when hitting a fish that was touching the g
- Fixed several import issues that caused some Linux distros to not play
- Resolved several issues with particles not being synced in multiplayer
- Resolved an issue where the client would freeze when the host exited the game
before them
- Resolved an issue where the HUD was not updated when channeling an Aer (throu
gh an idol)
- Resolved issue where the client would gain two "exhausted" status effects and
one would permanently stay
- Resolved issue with chaos crafting not unlocking properly for the client
- Resolved issue where chaos craft skills would not always be shown for the cli
- Resolved issue with Stoneskin not working
- Resolved issue with client not receiving craft item notifications when crafti
ng equipment
- Fixed missing description for Focus effect
- Resolved issue with being able to use items placed in the trash
- Resolved a crash on the host that would occur when the client left a horde re
alm after the host did
- Resolved issue with some players not being taken to the boss realm when initi
- Resolved issue with being able to join Gildor's fight when it is already acti
- Resolved issue with Gildor and Dormian spawning multiple times in a multiplay
er game
- Resolved issue with characters sometimes being listed twice
- Resolved issue with grappler not working immediately after having grappled su
pport removed
- Resolved small issue with updating NPC prices when leveling Barter skill
- Resolved a crash caused from attempting to reload a region while it was still
- Resolved an issue that resulted in regions not being unloaded properly
- Resolved a small issue with client trying to register an invalid Way Crystal
- Resolved an issue that would occur when leaving the Gildor fight while he is
charging across the screen
- Resolved an issue where other players would not be visible after traveling un
til they moved
- Resolved issue with player getting into a bad state when being interrupted wh
ile attempting to travel
- Resolved issue with Treasure Hunter not working with Imperial Chests
- Resolved issue with undiscovered items in nearby chests being shown as "???"
even though they are researchable
- Resolved issue with Quickbar skills not displaying when they're unavailable
- Resolved issue where a client could start casting a spell from the Quickbar b
ut never finish because they had insufficient stamina
- Resolved issue where changing the toolbar on a client would not correctly upd
ate the held items
- Resolved an issue with some channel related equipment attributes not working
- Tiles are now shown as being damaged in multiplayer on clients
Weekly Update #13
- Triple Strike now hits three times!
- Devstream notification is now only shown when actually doing a devstream (not
playing a game)
- Made some items no longer researchable and made learnable through scrolls
- Added more variation to plains terrain
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed an issue with a new grappler not spawning in treasure chests properly
- Made "Charging Torrend" not craftable anymore
- Resolved multiple issues with grapplers not working on multiplayer
- Resolved a crash that could occur within the lighting system
- Resolved an issue with one of Telin's attacks
- Resolved a potential crash in multiplayer as a client
- Resolved crash on multiplayer when the client would leave a realm the host wa
s never in
- Resolved issue with the client player not being recognized by the server worl
d in some cases
- Resolved client crash when being disconnected from the server immediately aft
er connecting
- Resolved multiplayer issue with being spawned in the wrong place when rejoini
ng a game after saving in another realm
- Resolved issue with character input getting into a bad state causing the game
to lock up
- Fixed issue with Barter not updating prices for things immediately
- Resolved issue with Breath skill not working properly on the Quickbar
- Resolved issue with the player continuing to perform an action if they were h
olding the mouse button down when dying
- Resolved issue with items not being loaded properly when they changed to bein
g unique from common
Weekly Update #12
- Added a new Gadget equipment slot which can be used by pressing 'G' (Equipmen
t window is now opened with 'U')
- Grapplers are now gadgets
- 20 new grappler types have been added and are scattered about to be discovere
- Way Crystals can now be moved (but for a cost)
- It is now possible to dig while grappled
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved issue with "Rich" affix causing loot to continuously spawn when a Pa
ragon with the affix dies
- Resolved issue with things floating in the air after the support has been rem
- Resolved issue where researching items that are no longer craftable causes ch
aracters to not load

Weekly Update #11

- Massively improved all skill tooltips to include exactly how it has improved
and will with the next level
- Initial version of Grappler - grapple walls or monsters!
- Paragon sighting: Stegara
- Player now gains 2 infusion points by leveling and can gain a third point per
level by using a Remna Core
- Enhanced main menu to include a message when there's a new update along with
links to Twitter and Twich
- Added in-game notification when development livestream is live
- Added notifications for when the player combat and talents levels
- Rebalanced Stamina usage to work on a lower scale (existing characters will n
ow have an unusually large amount of Stamina)
- Balanced the TP cost and unlock levels for all skills
- Greatly optimized lighting once more
- Huge optimizes made to combat and a few other systems improving frame rate up
to 30%
- Prevent water holes from being placed in the starting area
- Reworked flare to use a travel time and travel in a straight line but explode
if it hits the targeted position
- Ensnare skill now completely stops monsters in their tracks
- Heal, Protect, Shell, Haste, Stoneskin, Veil, Invisible, and Regenerate now a
re all AoE at higher levels
- Skill tooltip now refreshes after the skill has been leveled
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved issue where weapons and shields did not consume stamina on use
- Resolved issue with Regenerate regenerating a very small amount of life
- Resolved issue with Gildor allowing himself to be pushed around (literally)
Weekly Update #10
- Added in automatic save backup as well as support to recover those files
- New in-game profiler to assist in tracking down perfomance issues and optimiz
ing Crea
- Greatly optimized lighting (not done yet though)
- Higher level monsters (relative to character) now have higher drop rates and
similarly lower level monsters will have lower drop rates
- Boss and Paragon levels will now match the player's level at the least
- Lessened rate of torch embers
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved common crash on integrated gpus that occured after generating a worl
- Resolved water and lava rendering on OSX
- Resolved issue with lighting not running until after the player closed the tu
torial window
- Resolved issue with skill form names not updating in Talent UI when channelin
Weekly Update #9
- Paragon sighting: Cortess
- Several new items are available in horde realms now
- Automatic crash reporting which will hopefully lead to a much stabler game
- Mountains are much more mountainous now
- Changed previous/next page arrows to be vertical instead of horizontal
- Status effect messages now appear in the battle chat tab
- Monsters are now stopped upon defeat
- Greatsword now upgrades from Agmore Sword
- Beam spell now defaults to going its full length instead of going to cursor p
- World generation now says when it is saving
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved issue with Lanteed Horde Realm
- Fixed names for many new items
- Resolve issue with attuning apparatus not expiring correctly
- Fixing issues with Tenebrass sounds when using pillar attack
- Resolved issue with opening Imperial Chests
- Resolved issue with moving while bow is drawn
- Resolved crash when attempting to craft Laevin Wand
- Resolved issue with crafting quality exceeding maximum quality and consequent
ly failing to properly craft the item
- Resolve issue with Ensnare arms skill not working properly always
- Added safeguard to protect players from using corrupted worlds
Weekly Update #8
- Removed Channel skills from talents
- Split most "Form" skills into individual skills
- Several skills were abandoned while a few others were added
- New Quickbar has been added making it possible to quickly use skills with a s
ingle button press
- Removed elemental resistances
- Talents must be unlocked to gain TP past LV30 but only 2 Talents may be unloc
ked (Medium and Hardcore modes only)
- Channeling can now be done through "Idols" which can be found in treasure che
- Optimized Crea through several changes
- Weapon attacks may now individually be assigned a stamina cost for more inter
esting weapons
- Shields now have a unique stamina cost for blocking as well as a threshold on
how much damage can be blocked
- Unique items can be found in the newer monster horde realms
- Added in a new fairy furniture set
- Added a new Katana sword tree
- Added several new block types: Obsidian Brick, Plaster, Fairy Wall, Leaves, S
tripes Wallpaper and Vines Wallpaper
- Water hole minibiomes can appear in many surface biomes now
- Elemental attacks now have a chance to apply a related status effect
- Skills have once again been rebalanced
- Quality bonus when crafting lower level items is now limited
- Lanteed now can appear in more biomes
- Lanteed sprouts can no longer sow more sprouts
- Water level in ocean biomes now accounts for the sides being uneven
- Inferist Rod now has a special attribute which reduces target's MIND
- Spectral gear now has a special attribute which adds bonus INT based off of c
haracter's MIND
- Reduced shield knockback some and make it only apply on melee attacks
- Updated tutorial
- The 'L' and 'R' on the toolbar are now flipped when using a controller
Bug Fixes:
- Corrected issue with monster ranged attacks not increasing properly with leve
- Fixed regression with shrapnel particles causing bombs to not work properly
- Resolved issue with flying creatures getting stuck in the ground
- Resolved issue with monster not dying until stun wore off
- Fixed mushroom seed planting preview
- Resolved issue with player not being able to complete chaos crafting if start
ing with max quality

Weekly Update #7
- Introduced a new underground biome: Ice Caverns
- New ice tile that players and monsters can slide on
- Paragon sighting: Aegnite
- A new monster now wanders the lands: Lanteed
- Eltret has a new attack
- Added a new low level, "Leaf", gear set
- Added Agmore equipment that fills the equipment level gap between 8 and 16
- Items are now dropped with right click
- Placing grabbed items down can now be done repeatedly by holding the mouse bu
tton down
- Wood club length was greatly increased
- Enhanced chasms that can appear in the bamboo forests
- Slight enhancements to ocean biome floor
- Horde realms now have foliage
- Lowered treasure chests and treasure rooms frequency
- Lowered key drop rate
- Balanced Stamina cost, damage, and cooldowns of several skills
- New graphicsd for Baritus Enfeeble form
- Breath form is now canceled when the caster takes damage
- When upgrading equipment the attributes will be upgraded over having new attr
ibutes added
- Rebalanced many of the attributes
- Higher tiered imbuable items can now be imbued: "Refined Oil Slime" -> "Premi
um Oil Slime"
- Leather, Lumber and Cloth now will yield higher quality items when crafted wi
th a high quality
- Paragons avoid teleporting into the ground now
- Lonis Flower is now harvestable (red flower in Fractured biome)
- Reworked particle system enabling Crea to have much better particle effects i
n the future
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed Telin horde realm

Weekly Update #6
- New tooltips
- Made it possible to use items directly from your inventory using Ctrl + Left
- Worlds now will grow to be able to include all required surface biomes
- Added some new sound effects to skills
- Cleaned up styling and enhanced several UI windows
- Allow players to hold jump to swim upwards
- Characters can breath underwater for longer now
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved a major issue that could result in a world becoming corrupt
- Resolved issue with Aersword causing the game to crash when attempting to sav
- Small fix to Talents UI where stat bar was too large
- Resolved issue with burn status effect load
- Fixed Berserker deactivation
Weekly Update #5
- Greatly refined the Chaos Crafting UI
- Item notifications are now clickable and will open up the inventory bag the i
tem was placed in
- Splitting larger stacks of items is now easier by grabbing 10 at a time by ho
lding control key
- It is now possible to craft using equipped items
- Upgrading equipped items are now automatically equipped after being crafted
- Added a new low level wand
- Changed loot for water monsters and critters to something more reasonable
- Added a level 5 for Refine skill
- Made boss realms have a set time to keep them from getting too dark and hard
to see
- The restriction on defeating Sano once per day has been removed
- Explorer's Gloves Scroll is now granted to players by the Researcher
- Increased the required talent level to have the researcher give the correspon
ding gloves' scroll
- Made Eltret and Cenfen drop water type remna
- Changed apprentice wand to a slightly higher level
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved frequent crash when dying in the Mighty Forest realm
- Resolved issue with Health and Stamina occasionally dropping
- Another attempt at fixing the Imbue UI
- Resolved issue with items not being craftable even with all requirements bein
g met
- Resolved issue with being unable to finish researching some recipes without u
sing scraps
- Resolved small issue with chaos crafting starting with 0 steps to next effect
- Resolved issue with item slot still showing item that was consumed from the p
revious craft
- Resolved issue with shop item listing misbehaving when an item was sold out
- Fixed tabbing in UI with text fields
- Resolved issue with "Lock Camera" setting not working properly when already s
et on load
- Fixed names and flavor text for several weapons
- Fixed issue with puracas seed icon not being displayed correctly
- Resolved issue with gold, adamantite, and corium not being highlighted with O
re Hunter skill
- Resolving issue with mods not being sent to clients properly
- Fixing issue with Skystrider and Aersword using the wrong remna items
- Resolved a crash where loading a region could fail due to the saved water/lav
a being in an unexpected state
- Resolved an issue with torrend charge attack
- Resolved issue with equipped items being stuck
- Resolved issue with pickup stat bonus not working

Weekly Update #4
- Added a spawner for Telin monster
- Paragon Quaridin can now appear in the world
- Grass and trees now appear in the jungle chasm
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved issue with bombs not destroying blocks
- Fixed issue with clicking on buttons not always triggering
- Resolved crash issue that occurred occassionaly when changing realms
- Resolved issue with remna core not working properly for clients
- Resolved issue with equipment "+ Jump" attributes not working on load
- Resolved issue with equiping items while using a controller
- Ore Hunter now highlights iron ore before silver ore
Weekly Update #3
- A new biome has appeared: Ocean Biome
- A new monster now lurks in the water: Cenfen
- Yet another new monster now spawns in the water: Eltret
- And one more monster now lays on the bottom of the ocean floor: Amone
- Two new animals can be found in water: Fish and crabs
- Syle talent level is now used to determine syle base power
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved an issue that could lead to a crash when exiting another realm
- Resolved another similar issue that could lead to a crash when entering anoth
er realm
- Potential fix to resolve issue with worlds becoming corrupted
- Resolved issue with double jump preventing the player from jumping again
- Implemented afegaurd to protect against the game not loading when a character
has missing customizations
Weekly Update #2
- Added a all new guide to help assist new players
- Mods can now be set as "Server Only" which makes them not required by the cli
ent. This feature only works with mods that only affect the server.
- Added class overloading for mod support
- Tweaked jumping to be more responsive
- Changed character infusions by simplifying UI and making the use of a Remna C
ore be the gate to infusions
- Changed Telin drops so that now it can drop Telin Thread at higher levels
- Added a light source to many Syle skills
- Lowered frequency of the Fractured biome
- Adjusting Ore Hunter skill unlock levels
- Changed Crystal Dowsing to only detect crystals that have yet to be activated
- Increase tile levels and made it possible to get TP for breaking a block that
's a much lower level than the gather talent level
- Balanced Gildor
- Adjusted hitbox for Torrend to make it a little easier to hit
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved issue with rare game crash during world generation
- Made engine adjustements to make it possible to gather information on some ga
me crashes
- Resolved occassional crash when saving and exiting
- Resolved game crash when hovering over an effect just as it expired
- Resolved issue with collision detection
- Resolved issue with ore not spawning after defeating bosses
- Fixed Bone imbuable tier to be correct
- Fixed typo in Chisel Set saying it was for the wrong crafting station
- Changed gloves subcategory to be "Accessories" so that they appear in craftin
g UI outside of the filter
- Fixed Berserker and Breath Forms so they work once more
- Resolved issue with client cast cooldown being set too early making consecuti
ve casts fail
- Fixed issue with XInput icons not displaying correctly on Linux
- Resolved issue with mods image path being mangled by UI resulting in no image
being shown

Weekly Update #1
- Completely removed Channel Points
- Added cursor grid mode making it easier to build and dig with a controller
- Added in option to cancel chaos crafting
- Added "Lock Camera" option to lock the camera to the character
- Added a plant preview for planting seeds
- Increased starting region hostility by 1 which makes monsters appear a little
more at the start
- Doubled the distance the player can access crafting stations and treasure che
sts in crafting/researching
- Starting chaos trigger does not do anything
- Expertise is no longer immediately available and must be leveled before chaos
crafting is available
- Adjusted initial craft quality calculation to factor upgraded item quality se
- Equipment attributes are now consistently ordered
- Increased monster's minimum levels and added minimum levels to spawners
- Decreased the power of Venfear's feather attack
- Increased Gildor's overal power
- Changed Cluster Ring to have travel cost reduction attribute
- Reworked tooltips for crafting support items
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved issue with auri tree getting to a bad growth stage
- Resolved issue with Shadow Folding not working properly in multiplayer
- Resolved crash in multiplayer when connecting to a server with specific items
in the world
- Resolved issues with controller support on the map
- Resolved issues with toolbar grab and removal
- Resolved issue with swapping weapons in the middle of using them
- Resolved issue with client channeling causing the host to channel as well
- Resolved issue with ledge grab semi-interrupting other actions
- Resolved issue with crafting station support items showing for a single frame
after creation before disappearing
- Resolved issue with bow draw animation looping causing it to wiggle
- Resolved issue with collision detection causing the player to miss with melee
weapons when barely hitting the monster
- Resolved issue where crafting could consume more materials than it should whe
n using materials from treasure chests
- Resolved issue where craft item quality did not always match chaos craft qual
- Resolved issue with sounds not playing properly around the world seam
- Resolved issue with attached entities (eg. sword) not force restarting an ani
mation when the parent animation was force restarted
- Resolved issue where a melee attack would not expire and the next attack woul
d count as two
- Resolved issue with enchant spells not working properly
- Resolved issue with check lava collision on small entities
- Resolved issue with controller support on Linux
version 0.11.0
- (Feature) Added full controller support
- (Feature) Enhanced water graphics
- (Feature) Added option to enable/disable vertical sync
- (Change) Optimized water simulation
- (Change) Many particles now emit light
- (Change) Collected items that are equipped will stack on equipment being goin
g to inventory (such as arrows)
- (Change) Dropped items will not go back to the character who dropped it until
the character goes out of range and comes back
- (Change) Placing items onto mannequins or crafting stations now works with bo
th left and right click (previous left click would drop the item)
- (Change) Inventory space is now increased through a skill rather than obtaini
ng additional bags
- (Change) Scale option is now "Zoom" and only zooms in on world and does not c
hange UI size
- (Change) Jumping is less floaty
- (Change) Adjusted controls underwater
- (Change) Game window is now created using resolution and display mode setting
- (Change) Set a maximum distance that sounds will be heard
- (Bug) Resolved game crash issue when going fullscreen with some graphic cards
- (Bug) Resolved issue with items not being placed on the backwall correctly ca
using items to not be able to overlap
- (Bug) Resolved issue with being able to create rifts in unstable realms (such
as horde realms)
- (Bug) Resolved issue with hardcore mode not properly deleting a character wit
h cloud save.
- (Bug) Resolved issue with held items getting mixed up
- (Bug) Resolved issue with player's input becoming broken after traveling with
a rift
- (Bug) Resolved issue with audio settings not properly working
- (Bug) Resolved crash that would occur sometimes after save and exit
- (Bug) Resolved crash when attempting to ledge grab on the world seam
- (Bug) Resolved issue with screen flashing at the start of a play session
- (Bug) Resolved inconsistency with placing items and tiles
- (Bug) Resolved issue where destroying a table with the player or chests on it
would cause them to stay floating
- (Bug) Resolved issue with particles using a texture being drawn incorrectly
- (Feature) Completely rebalanced combat
- (Feature) Character level cap has been increased to 50
- (Feature) A new monster, Telin, wanders the fractured lands
- (Feature) Gildor (boss) now stands guard
- (Feature) Regions can now be purified with help of a special item
- (Change) Added level requirement to weapons and shields
- (Change) Mind stat now acts as magical defense
- (Change) Decreased amount character slides when attacking
- (Change) Monster attacks now have attack and element types
- (Change) Tweaked drops for many monsters
- (Change) Monsters no longer yield experience when dying from lava
- (Change) Added a message to help clarify how to exit boss realms
- (Change) Reduced Speep health regen
- (Bug) Resolved issue with combat experience becoming negative after leveling
- (Bug) Resolved issue with Paragon 'Waller' affix leaving walls around when sa
ving and exiting while the wall is up
- (Bug) Resolved issue with Paragon 'Rich' affix causing the monster to not des
pawn properly
- (Bug) Resolved issue where character could get stuck with exhausted status ef
- (Bug) Resolved issue with arrows not being rotated properly
- (Bug) Resolved issue with monsters and the player being able to take damage a
fter dying
- (Bug) Resolved issue with monster's physics causing them to jump high and beh
ave oddly
- (Bug) Resolved issue with monsters getting into stuck state when dying
- (Bug) Resolved issue with ledge grab on world seam
- (Change) Added support to have better control over client's physics
- (Bug) Resolved issue with player's homepoint not being set correctly in multi
- (Bug) Resolved issue with Exhausted effect not working properly in multiplaye
- (Bug) Resolved game crash when client would die from burn
- (Bug) Resolved issue with horde realm crystal not taking all nearby players
- (Bug) Resolved a multiplayer issue that'd cause the host to crash when a clie
nt would connect (only on some worlds)
- (Bug) Resolved issue with client crashing when host enters a Horde Realm or b
oss realm without that client
- (Feature) Many materials fall into a certain genera and many recipes now acce
pt any item within a genus (Lumber, Refined Lumber, Premium Lumber, etc.)
- (Feature) New minigame-esqe system, Chaos Crafting, has been added which make
s it possible to directly affect a crafted item's quality
- (Feature) Many items now grant higher quality items or larger quantities of t
he same item when crafted at a higher quality
- (Change) Adjusted crafting level for most items to account for new level caps
- (Change) Decreased number of required materials for many recipes
- (Change) Removed catalysts from most recipes
- (Feature) Added a new tier of swords, spears, bows, wands and armor (over 50
new pieces of equipment)
- (Feature) Weapons can now have elemental attack types
- (Feature) Two new mattock upgrades have been added
- (Feature) Added a new 'Premium' tier of imbuable materials
- (Feature) Added new tier of treasure chests
- (Feature) Crafting Stations have been reworked and are now expanded upon with
support items that grant passive bonuses in Chaos Crafting
- (Change) Now weapons that provide on attack effects will only have those effe
cts be applied when attacking with that weapon
- (Change) Replaced anvil and furnace with "Forge" crafting station
- (Change) Removed all '+' versions of equipment
- (Change) Lockpicks now mention that Lockpicking skill is required
- (Change) All treasure chests capacity have been increased by 5
- (Change) Way Cluster Rifts now cannot be placed in the ground
- (Bug) Resolved issue with way cluster 'rift' not being created properly
- (Bug) Updated Bone Bow graphics to display correctly
- (Bug) Resolved issue with item highlighting getting stuck
- (Bug) Resolved issue with Flechette Bow split arrows not firing in the right
- (Bug) Resolved issue with occasional game crash when interacting with Chaos B
- (Feature) Added item sets that group items to be researched together
- (Feature) A notification is now displayed when researching and learning recip
- (Change) The researcher no longer is required to unlock higher level recipes
- (Change) Cut research time in half
- (Bug) Resolved issue with researching not yielding Craft TP while playing mul
tiplayer on client
- (Bug) Resolved issue where scraps from researching would be added to the wron
g inventory
User Interface:
- (Feature) Reworked HUD including revamped toolbar and vitals (HP/Stamina)
- (Feature) Channeling an Aer is now shown in vitals on HUD along with current
CP (Channeling Points)
- (Feature) Infusions (permenant stat raising) is now done through the Equipmen
t UI
- (Feature) New tutorial/guide has been added
- (Change) Craft window now features categories and subcategories as icons
- (Change) Stats now have tooltips describing its function
- (Change) Shields can no longer be placed on the toolbar
- (Change) Settings UI has been revamped
- (Change) Cartography shop UI has been revamped
- (Change) Tooltips now include an item's quality
- (Change) Added tooltip to show value for experience bars
- (Change) Equipment when is now Gear (G)
- (Change) Tooltip now shows appropriate skill icon for form skills
- (Bug) Resolved issue with tooltips not always showing properly
- (Bug) Resolved issue with gear improperly being reequipped when returning fro
m being grabbed
- (Bug) Resolved issue with craft items becoming select locked
- (Bug) Resolved issue with experience to next level not being set correctly in
equipment window after leveling
- (Bug) Fixed the "Info" window
Talents and Skills:
- (Feature) Talents can now reach level 50
- (Feature) Nearly all Arms skills have been replaced with 17 new skills
- (Feature) New weapon proficiency skills have been added that unlock attack co
mbos and more
- (Feature) Use Tool skill now has multiple levels which increase dig radius. D
ig radius can be changed with button press (Z).
- (Feature) Craft skills have been replaced with many new skills for Chaos Craf
- (Feature) Added 6 new Gather skills
- (Feature) Added 5 new Explore skills
- (Change) All forms now scale off of either equipped physical or magical weapo
- (Change) Channeling now plays an animation and sound effect
- (Change) Region levels are now used in calculating Explore TP gain
- (Change) Increased effectiveness of the Innovate skill
- (Change) Many skills now have different tooltip text for the different levels
- (Bug) Beam spells have been fixed
- (Bug) Resolved issue where casting spells without an SP cost would encounter
a silent error
- (Feature) A new ore tier has been added
- (Feature) Remna Springs now only drop Remna Core and disappear after being in
teracted with
- (Feature) There are now more Remna Springs in worlds
- (Bug) Resolved issue with world generation taking so long that the world woul
d be saved twice and cause serious issues
- (Bug) Resolved issue with some Horde Realms having spaces too small for the p
layer to fit through
- (Bug) Resolved issue with Oil Slime Horde Realm exit crystals not always appe

version 0.10.0
- Steam Workshop support
- New boss
- Monsters now have set levels
- Improved researching based on feedback
- Enhanced User Interface (WIP)
- Horde Realms
- (Feature) Changed underlying UI library
- (Feature) Greatly enhanced researching interface based on feedback
- (Feature) Researching materials yields scraps which can be used as a substitu
te when researching materials
- (Feature) A recipe can be fully researched for a steep scrap price
- (Feature) Added bug collecting button to gather all useful files to quickly r
eport issues
- (Change) Only a few recipes are available to research at the beginning
- (Change) Players can now move when holding shift
- (Bug) Resolved issue with held items disappearing when hit
- (Feature) Removed maximum HP reduction
- (Feature) Added Exhausted debuff when running out of stamina
- (Change) Increased stamina recovery rate
- (Change) Blocking some attacks will now stop and stun the monster
- (Change) Increased hit box of swords and spears
- (Change) There is now a "LEVEL UP!" effect when you character gains a level
- (Change) Increased crit hit chance
- (Change) Changed Invigorate to grant Stamina Regeneration
- (Feature) Way Cluster now creates a temporary Rift Crystal which players can
use to quick travel to and from
- (Feature) Added extra weapon/sword/tool tier between starter and bronze
- (Feature) Added several new accessories with interesting effects
- (Feature) Added many new furniture pieces and themes
- (Change) Equipment found in treasure chests are now simulated as if they were
upgraded making them have better stats
- (Change) Items can now require multiple crafting services (anvil, furnace, et
- (Bug) Resolved issue with some items (bags) not auto-researching on discovery
- (Bug) Resolved issue with gear on mannequins not being displayed properly
- (Feature) Steam Workshop support
- (Feature) Mods can now be enabled on a per world basis
- (Feature) When joining a server players are prompted to subscribe to any miss
ing mods
- (Feature) Monsters now have set levels based on distance from starting region
- (Feature) Added Horde Realms
- (Feature) New Stegara monster
- (Feature) Zabis has a new attack
- (Feature) Spawners for all monsters have been added
- (Change) Spawners are now stronger and always have a few monsters on guard
- (Change) Some monsters have a minimum level now
- (Change) Resolved issue with Paragons spawning too frequently
- (Feature) 4 new Syle spells have been added
- (Change) Support spells will now default to targeting the player
- (Feature) Craft UI has been revamped and can now be filtered by name or used
- (Feature) Inventory trash now has a small queue
- (Change) Research UI has been revamped
- (Change) Talent UI has been revamped
- (Change) Equipment UI has been revamped
- (Change) Travel UI has been revamped
- (Change) Shop UI has been revamped
- (Change) Inventory UI has been revamped
- (Change) Treasure UI has been revamped
World Generation:
- (Feature) New Fracture biome
- (Feature) Starting area has been enhanced including: centered in region and p
lains biome, caves are always nearby
- (Feature) Ores and treasure are now populated based on region levels
- (Feature) Researcher outpost is always somewhere nearby
- (Bug) Resolved issue with caves not properly being generated
- (Bug) Removed osmium from world generation

version 0.9.3
- (Change) Made 'Tab' (change toolbar) and 'Q' (swap weapons) bindable through
- (Change) Players can no longer change weapons mid attack
- (Bug) Resolved crash when removing a held item unexpectedly
- (Bug) Resolved crash that would occur when attempted to spawn monsters near t
he world seam
- (Bug) Resolved issue with Revive spell (Sano: Support Form)
- (Bug) Resolved issue where monsters movement speed was not always consistent
version 0.9.2
- (Bug) Resolved issue with trees not falling in multiplayer
- (Bug) Resolved issue with chopping animation not working correctly on client
- (Bug) Resolved issue with being able to repeatedly fight the boss
- (Bug) Resolved crash when near world seam underground
- (Bug) Resolved crash with waking an destroyed entity
- (Bug) Trigger spell cooldown on client (helps fix being able to cast spells b
efore the client should be able to)
version 0.9.1
- (Change) Players can now freely move while using tools
- (Change) When dealing 0 damage there is no force applied to either the attack
er or defender
- (Change) Refined ledge grab logic to prevent player from grabbing in awkward
- (Change) Increased effectiveness of jump height skill (jump much higher per u
- (Change) Changed gold lockpick to use gold ingots instead of silver ingots
- (Bug) Resolved issue with equipment increasing maximum hp not working properl
- (Bug) Resolved issue with proper events occuring after defeating the first bo
- (Bug) Resolved issue with light orb persisting between sessions
- (Bug) Resolved issue with pillar not correctly damaging monsters that have no
physics (spawners)
- (Bug) Resolved issue with client not being able to move when joining a game i
mmediately after creating a character
- (Bug) Resolved issue with the boss being move when hit
- (Bug) Resolved issue with the boss being invisible on the clients
- (Bug) Resolved crash on client when entering a new realm for the first time
- (Bug) Resolved issue with boss realm not being cleaned up properly after the
player leaves
- (Bug) Resolved crash when client would use Winged Bow+
version 0.9.0
- Combat system has changed greatly to be much more methodical
- Stamina (SP) and shields have been introduced
- Magic system has been reworked to be much more interesting
- Controls have been made much more fluid with many new movement options
- Completely redone character animations
- Entirely new "Explore" talent has been added
- Weapons, shields and tools are now equipped permanently
- New Gather skill to hit 2x2 blocks
- Steam Cloud support
- Steam "join game" feature now supported
- (Feature) Weapons, shields and tools are now equipped permanently
- (Feature) Added several new items
- (Feature) Added slight overlay to show which tile is targeted when digging
- (Feature) Trees now sway when you hit them
- (Change) Player now has a chop animation for harvesting trees
- (Change) Lessened the number of chops it takes to fell a tree
- (Change) Trees are now always completely chopped down
- (Change) Added much more feedback when hitting tiles
- (Change) Replaced feet and hand with accessorry slots
- (Change) Lessened the amount of monsters that spawn nearby
- (Change) Lessened Quaridin spawn rate
- (Change) Swords and spears now have 3-hit combo attacks
- (Change) Shields have been added
- (Change) Taking unblocked damage results in maximum health reduction
- (Change) Monsters and the player give more feedback when hit
- (Change) Combat numbers are a little bouncier
- (Change) High level monsters can now drop higher quality materials
- (Change) Status effects are now removed on death
- (Change) Changed wands usage to follow cursor during wind-up
- (Feature) Player can now dodge roll (direction + down)
- (Feature) Player can now grab onto ledge with "Ledge Grab" skill
- (Feature) Player can now sprint with "Sprint" skill
- (Feature) Player can now double jump with "Double Jump" skill
- (Feature) Player can now swim
- (Change) Dash has been removed
- (Change) Player now walks while casting or has bow drawn
- (Change) Jump and run have been tweaked
- (Bug) Bows should now function properly in multiplayer
- (Feature) Steam Cloud support
- (Feature) Steam "join game" feature now supported
- (Feature) New Explore talent has been added
- (Feature) Arcane and Divine talents have been combined to Syle
- (Feature) All spells have been reworked to fit the new magic system
- (Feature) Magic Spells now gain new abilities as they level up
- (Feature) Added "Use Weapon/Shield" Arms skill to use equipped weapons and shi
- (Feature) Added "Use Tool" Gather skill to use equipped tool
- (Feature) Added "Use Tool Area" Gather skill to damage a 2x2 area
- (Feature) Weapons, shields and tools are now equipped on the equipment UI
- (Feature) Added option to filter incomplete recipes on craft UI
- (Change) Equipment can no longer be placed on the toolbar
- (Change) Changed initial toolbar setup

version 0.8.5
- (Change) Made ectoplasm appear in chests more often
- (Bug) Resolved issue with casting spell projectiles into a wall
- (Bug) Resolved issue with conflict map markers potentially causing the game t
o crash on a client
- (Bug) Resolved issue with skills potentially being overleveled and causing ch
aracters to behave oddly
- (Bug) Resolved issue where entities could become duplicated
- (Bug) Resolved issue with crash frequently occurring on host in multiplayer
version 0.8.4
- (Change) Made it possible to place outfits onto mannequins from your toolbar
- (Change) Added message about "mysterious energy returning" to your world afte
r defeating first boss
- (Change) Optimized amount of memory used when saving maps
- (Bug) Resolved issue where mannequin would not flash to indicate that it is i
- (Bug) Resolved issue with content sometimes being switched around when new co
ntent is added
- (Bug) Resolved issue with not being able to imbue fur and carapace
- (Bug) Resolved issue with missing libraries by adding libcrypto, libjpeg, and
libssl to be bundled on linux
- (Bug) Resolved issue with memory not being freed properly when unloading a re

- (Change) Greatly increased rate that remna cores can be found in chests
- (Change) Change sell prices for tiles to be 0
- (Change) Decrease sell price for wool and cloth
- (Change) Removed monster level requirement to drop remna
- (Change) Add multiplayer version checking
- (Bug) Resolved issue with multiplayer sending much more data than it would ne
ed to resulting in lag
- (Bug) Resolved issue with Regenerate not working properly on client
- (Bug) Resolved issue where player position could get out of sync on server
- (Bug) Resolved issue with activated crystals were being reset after joining a
hosted world
- (Bug) Resolved issue with dashing on server would sometimes move your charact
er downwards
- (Bug) Resolved issue where server could crash when client tried to use an inv
alid item
- (Change) Items now display craft yield amount in craft UI
- (Bug) Resolved issue with previously attuned crystal cost not being updated i
World Generation:
- (Change) Increased adamantite frequency
version 0.8.3
- (Change) Made hitting some plants and trees easier
- (Change) Renamed developerMode setting to autoreload and added a new develope
rMode setting to enable toggling lighting and debug rendering
- (Change) Made it possible to place platforms on the backwall
- (Change) Made treasure chests not be destroyed when their support is removed
and install just fall down
- (Change) Added new small affo hair style
- (Bug) Resolved issue with game not working on osx 10.7
- (Bug) Resolved issue with players being able to craft with other player's ite
- (Bug) Resolved issue with items on toolbar being equipped even when not in yo
ur inventory
- (Bug) Resolved issue with equipped items on toolbar duplicating effect on sav
e and load.
- (Change) Increased drop rate of ectoplasm, incense and oil clots
- (Change) Adjust Sano's stats some
- (Bug) Resolved issue with client not always connecting to server properly
- (Change) Lower cooldowns of craft talents
- (Bug) Resolved issue where player could level a skill past its level cap
- (Bug) Resolved issue with game crashing after saving character with a storm s
tatus effect active
- (Change) Center toolbar at large resolutions
- (Change) Settings dialog is now centered to ensure it is always visible
- (Bug) Resolved issue with duplicate character and world names causing odd beh
- (Bug) Resolved issue with character and worlds being able to be created with
invalid names
- (Bug) Resolved issue with client crashing when placing bad item into imbue UI
- (Bug) Resolved issue with client not discovering unique items properly (Would
not show discovered item in craft UI)
- (Bug) Resolved issue with craft UI not displaying correct item count
- (Bug) Resolved issue with character sprite not being hidden when selecting se
ttings from character creation menu
- (Bug) Resolved issue with being able to leave world creation menu while creat
ing a world
version 0.8.2
- (Feature) Added nearly a dozen new bamboo themed items
- (Feature) Opening in-game settings now pauses the game when playing singlepla
- (Change) Made all light sources brighter
- (Change) Decrease arcane projectile spell physics bounding box to prevent unw
anted collision
- (Bug) Resolved issue where player and monsters could go through a door that i
s sitting on a sloped tile
- (Bug) Resolved issue with torch flicker, show combat numbers and autosave set
tings were not being persisted correctly
- (Bug) Resolved issue with game crashing when character is saved at the bottom
of the world.
- (Bug) Resolved issue with lava not providing light when near the world seam
- (Change) Reduced range and cooldown on paragon "Vortex" affix
- (change) Widened oil slime and paragon oil slime attack detection areas
- (Bug) Resolved issue with monsters occasionally being semi transparent after
- (Bug) Resolved issue with paragon crashing game occasionally
- (Change) Client now recieves item notifications
- (Change) Add a nice error message when using an invalid password to connect t
o a server
- (Bug) Resolved issue with password not working in multiplayer
- (Bug) Resolved issue with research UI not updating properly on client after r
- (Bug) Resolved issue with 3 or more in multiplayer not working properly
- (Bug) Resolved issue with client not being disconnected when connection is lo
st with server
- (Bug) Resolved issue with some sound effects being heard from anywhere
- (Change) Add a beta tag next to the scale option
- (Bug) Resolved issue with craft UI showing wrong quantities for items that we
re used in imbuing chamber or merchant shop
- (Bug) Resolved issue with item tooltip not always showing in merchant shop UI
World Generation:
- (Change) Height of worlds are now all the same of what medium worlds were
version 0.8.1
- (Change) Resolved issue with perseverence not being added upon character crea
- (Change) Changed how spreading adamantite works after defeating the boss
- (Change) Add feedback for collecting NPCs and plants
- (Change) Brighter lanterns
- (Change) Increase chance to find remna core and pouch until player has found
- (Change) Made it possible to pour out bottled water and also bottle lava
- (Change) Made windows graphics look like windows
- (Change) Adjust torch graphics and size (note: this will cause existing torch
es to be floating some)
- (Bug) Resolved issue with dropping items when inventory is full
- (Bug) Do not allow gathering locked treasure and dropped items
- (Bug) Resolved issue where trees would take hours to grow instead of minutes
- (Bug) Resolved issue with settings file not being readable and resetting ever
y game session
- (Bug) Resolved issue with max stun causing the game to behave oddly
- (Bug) Resolved issue with game crashing when attempting to plant a seed acros
s the world seam
- (Bug) Resolved issue with not being able to drop through items
- (Bug) Resolved occasional crash due to way shards trying to grow in bad place
- (Bug) Fix red boot when dashing backwards
- (Bug) Resolved issue with special treasure loot not properly being added to t
reasure groups
- (Change) Put a more reasonable cap (50) on attack speed stat
- (Change) Increase speed of siege bow arrows by 25%
- (Bug) Resolved issue with bows now properly working in some situations
- (Change) Automatically add sys paths when importing siege module
- (Change) Game version can now be found at bottom of main menu
- (Change) Add new color options for character creation and clean up character
creation some
- (Change) Add support for unique items on toolbar. Unique items no longer show
duplicates on the toolbar.
- (Bug) Resolved issue with audio settings being reset when visiting audio sett
ings tab
- (Bug) Resolved issue where Way Crystal names were being overwritten with the
previously interacted Crystal
- (Bug) Resolved issue with items not properly reactivating when more are acqui
red and the item is still "active"
- (Bug) Resolved issue with items not properly being unequipped when changing s
elected toolbar
World Generation
- (Change) Increase adamantite frequency to be the same as gold
version 0.8.0
- (Feature) Added character infusions a new form of character progression
- (Feature) Sound effects are now positional and attenuate as well as pan
- (Feature) Added inventory trash to through away unwanted items
- (Feature) Added Cartography system with maps
- (Feature) New treasure loot system ensuring worthwhile treasure chests
- (Feature) New foliage system to enable more unique foliage and is much more o
- (Feature) Added playtime tracking for both the player and world.
- (Feature) Added support for windowed fullscreen mode (aka borderless fullscre
- (Change) Decreased player's stats per level to accommodate for infusions
- (Change) Controls to drop through platforms is now down + jump
- (Change) Greatly decreased double press timing to dash
- (Change) Grant lower level experience bonus
- (Change) Trees no longer drop feathers
- (Change) Background tiles are now slightly darker
- (Change) Increased player jump time by a little
- (Change) Game no longer attempts to play "catch up" when it lags
- (Change) Enhanced world save system to be slightly more asynchronous. This sh
ould help relieve lag when autosaving.
- (Change) Biome backgrounds are no longer visible behind water and lava
- (Change) Water and lava color
- (Bug) Resolved issue with poison being able to kill an entity even when it is
already dead
- (Bug) Resolved issue where player could permenantly stay dead
- (Bug) Resolved issue with player taking fall damage when traveling to another
- (Bug) Resolved issue where tiles could be invisible after teleporting or dyin
- (Bug) Resolved issue with main menu not cleaning up the star particles result
ing in it to continuously use more and more memory
- (Bug) Resolved issue with world not being properly cleaned up resulting in us
ed memory not being freed
- (Bug) Resolved issue with the game skipping when entering a new biome because
it is loading the massive file backgrounds
- (Bug) Added and fixed several localizations issues
- (Bug) Resolved issue biome backgrounds being positioned funny
- (Bug) Resolved issue with available craft services not being initialized corr
- (Bug) Resolved issue with passing through platforms when nearby slopes
- (Bug) Resolved issue where the player could go into tiles when moving on a sl
- (Feature) Added many new sfx for monsters, npcs, and other misc. things
- (Feature) Added 3 new music tracks
- (Bug) Resolved issue with music system not randomly playing tracks
- (Feature) Added Aegnite monster
- (Feature) Added Cortess monster
- (Change) Monsters now respect personal space
- (Change) Players are no longer able to attack through walls
- (Change) Renamed Snow Golem to Iferos
- (Change) Moved around where several of the monsters spawn at
- (Change) Harvester now appears in front of ground instead of behind it
- (Change) Harvester Ghost Blade attack now returns back to Harvester if it mis
ses and damages him
- (Change) Quaridin energy charge can now destroy fragile tiles such as vines
- (Change) Zabis' attack now poisons
- (Change) Spawners now spawn monsters when attacked
- (Change) Balanced monster stats more
- (Change) Arrow distance scales to bow draw duration. Hold longer to shot furt
- (Bug) Resolved issue where queued animation could interrupt death animation r
esulting in an inactive but seemingly alive monster
- (Bug) Resolved issue with quaridin energy charge being able to pass through d
- (Bug) Resolved issue with continuing to move in direction the player attacked
in when pressing the other direction key
- (Feature) Paragon monsters can now spawn in very hostile regions
- (Change) Increased monster spawn frequency
- (Change) Monsters now have a minimum level based on distance from starting ar
- (Change) Monsters will now become hostile when a nearby spawner of correspond
ing type is attacked
- (Bug) Resolved issue with spawners not being placed in the world correctly
- (Bug) Resolved issue with region's initial hostility ignoring world looping
Forgotten Shrine:
- (Change) Loosened spawn time from once per day to defeat once per day
- (Change) Several aspects of the fight against Sano have been reworked
- (Change) Sano's HP has been decreased
- (Bug) Resolved issue with game crashing when leaving Forgotten Shrine realm
- (Bug) Resolved issue where Sano could get in a stuck state
- (Bug) Resolved issue where being defeated by Sano would still consider her to
be defeated
- (Bug) Resolved issue where Sano's oil slimes AI could break
- (Feature) Added spear type weapons with upgrade tree
- (Feature) Added wand type weapons with upgrade tree
- (Change) Add dresser item
- (Change) Increased craft result quantity of leather from 1 to 2+
- (Change) Changed buy and sell price of mannequin item
- (Change) Made pouch, satchel, bag and pouch all discoverable (no researching
these items required)
- (Bug) Resolved issue where ectoplasm and incense are not imbuable
- (Bug) Resolved issue with dropped items occasionally falling into the ground
- (Bug) Resolved issue with spectral pants not working correctly
- (Bug) Resolved issue with some equipment attributes not being saved properly

- (Change) Greatly increased range and color of lights
- (Bug) Resolved odd lighting
- (Bug) Resolved issue with held torches not being disabled when underwater
- (Bug) Resolved issue with lighting not working at the top of the world
- (Feature) Completely reworked multiplayer from the ground up
- (Bug) Resolved issue with status effects not being sync'd with client
- (Bug) Resolved issue with client's breath meter not properly being sync'd
- (Bug) Resolved client crashing when spawner is destroyed
- (Bug) Resolved issue with merchant and scavenger wares not syncing with clien
- (Bug) Resolved issue where holding a torch would not produce light on the cli
- (Bug) Resolved issue with automata (water/lava) not properly being sync'd
- (Bug) Resolved issues with animation not playing correctly when traveling and
client being able to move during the animation
- (Bug) Resolved issue with bows not working properly on client
- (Bug) Resolved issue with server hanging when client leaves
- (Bug) Resolved issue where client could not travel to other Realms
- (Bug) Resolved issue where client would crash when pressing 'R' to open Resea
rch dialog
- (Bug) Resolved issue with client not receiving bag changes
- (Bug) Resolved issue with client crashing if a physics particle emitter is ru
nning when the game is shutting down
- (Bug) Resolved issue with arms and craft talent skills not working on client
- (Bug) Resolved issue where client character is not saved when client clicks "
Save and exit"
- (Feature) Added Cartographer NPC whom sells you map markers
- (Bug) Resolved issue with purchasing wares from scavenger
- (Bug) Cleaned up Healer NPC animations
- (Change) Greatly increased frequency that TP is gained
- (Change) Heal now yields more TP at lower Divine talent levels
- (Change) Mind now affects heal amount
- (Bug) Resolved issue where Stun and Triple Strike skills would yield arcane T
P instead of arms TP
- (Feature) Redesigned main menu with new style
- (Feature) Added support to delete worlds and characters in game
- (Feature) Added "Stack" and "Deposit" buttons on treasure chests
- (Feature) Reworked settings UI
- (Feature) Added ability to change controls in game
- (Feature) Added option to change language in game
- (Feature) Made all compatible resolutions available to choose from
- (Change) Controls to interact with inventory bags are now more consistent
- (Change) Selected item on toolbar is now saved
- (Change) Travel UI is now hidden as soon as a destination is selected
- (Change) Moved skill level on Talent UI and label it
- (Change) Inventory tooltip now shows quantity count and controls to remove it
- (Change) Added descriptions to status effects
- (Bug) Resolved issues with items being activated/deactived on toolbar
- (Bug) Resolved issue with notification ordering getting messed up
- (Bug) Resolved issue with unique items not being displayed in research UI
- (Bug) Resolved issue where player was able to change research category in the
middle of researching
- (Bug) Resolved issue with character's not showing up in character selection i
f a character has been created with an apostrophe in its name
- (Bug) Resolved issue with inventory bag not selecting newly added bag and new
ly added bag item slots not being indexed properly
- (Bug) Resolved issue with grabbing items from imbuing chamber
- (Bug) Resolved issue with material progress bar not properly reflecting progr
World Generation:
- (Feature) Added new Bamboo Forest biome
- (Feature) Added many new variations for treasure and mushroom forest minibiom
- (Feature) Added stalagmites and stalactites back into the game
- (Change) Increased height of most caves
- (Change) Slightly decreased frequency of caves
- (Change) Ensure starting biome is a large plains
- (Change) More Way Crystals appear underground now
- (Change) Spread and grow way shards during world generation
- (Bug) Resolved issue with RealmArea not properly looping world during item di

version 0.7.4
- (Feature) Lighting has be reworked with optimizations made and the ability fo
r it to be much more dynamic
- (Feature) Birds now will appear in mostly peaceful Plains
- (Change) Players can now move forward while attacking but not turn around unt
il finished
- (Change) Made major optimizations to physics simulation
- (Change) Made major optimizations to water/lava rendering
- (Change) Torches now flicker and their light source extend much further
- (Change) Speep no longer can drop keys
- (Change) Interacting with beds no longer set your home point
- (Change) Made various optimizations to the game engine
- (Bug) Resolved issue with reading support tiles for a placed entity which cau
sed placed objects to have the ground removed from underneath it
- (Bug) Resolved issue with HP and SP stats loading with incorrect amount
- (Bug) Resolved issue where player could interact with items while dead
- (Bug) Resolved some issues with warp command
- (Bug) Resolved issue with respawn command
- (Feature) Venfear, a new monster, has been added
- (Change) Snow Golem has a new Ice Pillar attack
- (Change) Harvester has two new attacks
- (Change) Bombs respect the realm option 'allow_tile_destruction'. This makes
it so bombs do not destroy tiles in the Forgotten Ruins.
- (Change) Spawning the first boss no longer is restricted by time of day.
- (Change) First boss is now invincible while her shield is active.
- (Bug) Resolved issue with conflict system incorrectly loading regions resulti
ng in increased framerate loss overtime
- (Bug) Resolved issue where a monster could spawn out of a recently destroyed
- (Change) Rework sound effect handling to enable attaching a sound to an entit
y, respect realms, and support better multiplayer sound effects
- (Bug) Resolved issue where client is unable to use way crystal to travel
- (Bug) Resolved issue where client crashes when dying without being nearby spa
wn location in that session
- (Bug) Resolved issue with combat info not being displayed on client
- (Bug) Resolved issue with client being able to appear to be able to use an it
em while dead
- (Bug) Resolved issue where player could start with duplicate status effect ic
ons on toolbar
- (Bug) Resolved issue with render trail not showing on client (such as dashing
and Torrend charge attack)
- (Bug) Resolved issue with render trail not handling player color correctly
- (Bug) Resolved issue with travel UI showing incorrect number of way shards on
- (Bug) Resolved issue where when the client travels to another biome the serve
r's background changes to that biome momentarily
- (Bug) Resolved issue where light sources would not work properly on the clien
- (Bug) Resolved issue where game would crash when client attempted to cast Hea
- (Bug) Resolved issue where interacting with NPCs sometimes show wrong UI
World Generation:
- (Feature) Abandoned underground facilities can now be found
- (Change) Underground caves have been completely reworked and are now much mor
e abundant and connected.

version 0.7.3
- (Feature) Added splash screen with Siege Games logo
- (Feature) Added misc. sound effects
- (Bug) Resolved issue where loading the world does not work for some people
- (Bug) Resolved issue with water and lava disappearing when obsidian is create
d nearby
- (Bug) Resolve issue with attributes, attribute locales, and divine gloves sta
t attribute
- (Bug) Properly resize tooltip view
- (Change) Added light source to quaridin when it attacks
- (Bug) Resolved multiple issues with conflict system by simply ignoring older
versions. (Does leave orphaned spawners/speep)
- (Bug) Resolved issue where attacking the speep at night would cause an issue
with it trying to flee
- (Bug) Resolved yet another issue with Artisan skill

- (Change) Made it possible to craft cloth with wool
- (Bug) Resolved issue when updating craft inventories could run into an issue
if an inventory was destroyed
- (Bug) Resolved issue with research materials window not working properly

version 0.7.2
- (Bug) Resolved issue with realms not saving properly when world is named with
a space or special characters
- (Bug) Resolved issue with speep not properly becoming idle when the player is
- (Bug) Resolved issue where pressing spacebar would cause the UI to scroll
version 0.7.1
- (Feature) Monster information shown on mouseover and contains name, level and
HP bar
- (Feature) Implemented support for animals and first animal, the Speep
- (Change) Increased drop rate and drop range of keys
- (Change) Increased number of trees in plains
- (Bug) Resolved issue where invalid character in a world/character name would
cause several issues
- (Bug) Resolved issue with interacting with dropped items
- (Bug) Resolved issue with water/lava running out into unloaded regions.
- (Change) Several tweaks to conflict system
- (Details) Spawned monsters in a region stay the same level until the monste
r push
- (Details) Conflict regions take longer to become stronger at a increasingly
slower rate
- (Details) Less monsters are required to kill to change the hostility level
of a region
- (Change) Added trail to Torrend when it charges
- (Bug) Resolved a few small issues with boss
- (Bug) Resolved issue with Artisan skill not working properly
- (Feature) Item notification area near toolbar showing recently aquired items
- (Bug) Resolved issue where replacing skills on the toolbar would cause the ga
me to crash
- (Bug) Resolved slight graphical issue on toolbar
- (Bug) Resolved issue with available material quantity in crafting UI not upda
ting properly with nearby treasure chests

version 0.7.0
- (Feature) Added different types of inventory bags and bag upgrading
- (Feature) Character only starts with one bag now
- (Feature) Added mannequins which can have equipment and NPC outfits placed on
- (Feature) Added Remna items
- (Feature) Added several new item materials as monster drops
- (Feature) Added an entire new tier of gear (3 sets + 4 swords + 4 bows)
- (Feature) Added support for realms including things like generation and trave
- (Feature) Changed treasure chests to be locked and keys can be found nearby.
The contents are much more worthwhile.
- (Feature) New Hardcore mode where your character dies for good.
- (Feature) Added status effect Perseverance which grants a experience bonus. G
et it for staying alive.
- (Feature) Now when lava and water come in contact they create obsidian
- (Change) Destroy projectiles when they collide with another physics body (ex.
- (Change) Add spark particles when fireball is destroyed
- (Change) Disable torch lighting underwater
- (Change) Ability to change selected tool with mouse wheel scroll
- (Change) Made it possible to change locale in settings file
- (Change) Decreased tool use time by a decent amount
- (Change) Added a sweet animation when traveling
- (Change) Decreased durability of dirt by 25%
- (Change) Decreased amount of time between music tracks
- (Change) Resized character physics making it possible to jump into 3 tile tal
l holes
- (Change) Mushroom tree light source is now anchored to the top of the tree
- (Change) Better resolution options are now shown in option menu
- (Bug) Resolved issue where bombs would bounce in place when on a slope
- (Bug) Resolved issue where adding new content files would corrupt character f
- (Bug) Resolved issue with candelabra not playing the correct animation frames
- (Bug) Resolved graphical issue with Zabis spawner
- (Bug) Resolved issue with ashberry plant floating above ground
- (Feature) First boss fight!
- (Feature) Added Tenebrass monster (WIP)
- (Feature) Added Harvester monster (WIP)
- (Change) Scaled stats from 30 to 100
- (Change) Cut equipment level requirements in half
- (Change) Show full damage dealt (including overkill damage)
- (Change) Rename Boar to Torrend
- (Feature) Item imbuing
- (Feature) Added item scrolls which can be translated by the researcher to lea
rn special recipes
- (Change) Researching now requires craft level
- (Change) Greatly increased chance to get TP during crafting
- (Change) Resolved issue where items could be lost in research desk

- (Feature) Standalone server
- (Bug) Optimize multiplayer which helps with latency
- (Bug) Resolved issue where monsters would move backwards after being hit
- (Bug) Resolved issue with physics collisions not working on client
- (Feature) Support to reload modules during game running
- (Feature) Launched mod docs at http://playcrea.com/mod
- (Feature) Merchant NPC
- (Feature) Scavenger NPC
- (Feature) Researcher NPC
- (Feature) Healer NPC
- (Feature) Game currency known as Auri
- (Feature) Added Craft skill "Innovate"
- (Change) Resolved issue with using Refine skill
- (Feature) Item quality is represented with color background
- (Change) Rework research interface some

version 0.6.3
- Reenabled underground water and lava (accidently disabled)
- Add settings to main menu
- Added light source to fire spell
- Ensure UI dialogs are on screen when resolution changes
- Text fields in character and world creation are now autofocused
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved issue with changing to fullscreen
- Resolved issue with some UI dialogs not being initialized properly
- Resolved issue where active item was not correctly deactivated when toolbar c
- Resolved issue where active items on toolbar would not be unequipped properly
- Resolved issue where a skill could be used with right click when grabbed
- Resolved issue where item delay could be set to 0 causing oddities with anima
- Corrected typo with Enchantment Robe requiring service "Workspace" instead of
- Resolved issues with slop physics resulting in unexpected behavoir
- Resolved some issues with UI not functioning properly with resolution change
and alt+tab
version 0.6.2
- Made Glow Ball throwable and provide a light source
- Changed controls for changing placed item direction to Shift
- Increased tree population by 30% and grow them more
- Chat no longer keeps focus after submitting text
- Bronze Leggings now requires Anvil surface
- Anvil now requires Workstation surface
- Changed light color of furnace
Bug Fixes:
- Fix cooldown on Collect skill
- Resolved several issues with multiplayer
- Resolved issue with sticky bombs not sticking
- Resolved issue where chat would not fully capture input on first use
- Resolved issue where researching would yield too many item recipes
- Way Shards now only grow on natural blocks
- Resolved issue with Enchanted equipment causing character corruption
version 0.6.1
- Added lava
- Breakable pots underground
- Reworked talent UI
- Replaced Magic talent with Arcane and Divine talents
- Introduced many (30~) new skills most of which are usable
- Added simple tutorial dialog covering the controls
- Changed settings file format to JSON (editable) and moved controls into setti
- Replaced M.ATK and M.DEF stats with INT and MIND
- Implemented elements into combat
- Made monsters and monster spawners not able to spawn in areas with unnatural
walls (such as wood walls)
- Reworked lighting
- Made it possible to only open one treasure chest at a time (May be changed ba
ck in the future)
- Made projectile spells break fragile tiles (pots, vines, foliage, etc.)
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved issue with bow animation not playing properly when held
- Resolved issue with stats not being properly removed when equipping an active
- Resolved issue with trees sometimes not being harvestable
- Resolved issue where tiles could not be placed directly above the player
- Resolved issue where plants would sometimes be represented by the wrong stage
of life graphics
- Resolved issues with opening treasure chests resulting in a crash
- Resolved several issues with multiplayer

version 0.6.0
- New Monster Spawning - 'Conflict System'
- Monsters are now more aggressive and frequent at night
- Added new attacks for some monsters
- Added Glow Bat monster
- World Generation Status
- More caves/holes/stone/ores/gems are distributed underground during World Gen
- Reworked inventory UI
- Reworked toolbar UI and use of left and right click for using items
- Add dashing with double tap in direction
- Highlight interactable items when mouse over
- Destroy grass and vines with sword swings
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved all issues with not being able to remove tiles
- Resolved issue where removing an item supporting another item would result in
the supported item to float in air
- Resolved issue where "Max" button in crafting would not be set properly
- Resolved issue where water would not interact with platforms as expected
- Resolved issues with vines not being destroyed properly
- Resolved issue with grass system not cleaning up destroyed grass and vines pr
- Resolved issue where player could die from fall damage after respawning while
dying mid air
- Completely rework content files
- Reworked Mod Management interface
- Refactored python scripts to use imports instead of global scope
- Engine now supports Realms
- Changed starting position to be on top of a Way Crystal and automatically act
ivated and attuned to the crystal
- Optimized water simulation some
version 0.5.5
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved issue where crafting services would be incorrectly unavailable in cra
- Resolved issue where you could not equipment "Heavy Helm+" item
- Enhanced logic for showing item/block placement animation to only show when it
em/block will be placed
- Moved Heal to start on primary toolbar
version 0.5.4
- Multiplayer is now functional (for reals)
- "Tile Unification" (Tiles now go on both ground and wall layers)
- Allow placing items directly from the inventory, without having to put them in
the action bar first
- Clicking on a material in the craft UI should take you to that material's reci
- Make it possible to remove wall blocks from behind the player, trees and other
- Now most items require crafting surfaces
New Content:
- Make higher tier blocks drop item materials that are not blocks
- Added many new item decorations
- New tile icons and fixed some tile graphics
- New Mattocks with upgrading and new graphics
- Show swing animation holding item icon when placing down an item or block
- WIP versions of monster attack sfx
- WIP versions of player footstep, jump and land sfx
Bug Fixes:
- Tons of multiplayer bugs (generally dealing with latency)
- Resolved performance issues when traveling around the world
- Character sometimes falls through the ground
- Cannot open research window with "R"
- Exhausting a category after researching an item leaves the "Research" button e
- Items that are not materials (used in recipes) are given the "M" icon on the t
ooltip after being placed in research window
- Positioning of some helmets is off
- Origin of furnace light source is off
- Lessen the amount of ambient occlusion in darkness
- Disable back button during world generation
- Changed stack size of ingots from 999 to 99
- Changed system chat text color
version 0.5.3
- Multiplayer is now functional
- Reworked Researching to be done by category and requires research desk
- Game is automatically saved when closing window
- Increase frequency of caves, holes and ores in world
- Add gems to world generation
- Add Ambient Occlusion for tile layers

Bug Fixes:
- Tons of multiplayer bugs
- Plus versions of bows and swords cannot be upgraded
- Dropping item from research inventory to toolbar destroys the item
- Tooltip shows up when hovering over unknown materials in craft UI
- Mushroom trees and treasure chests can be floating or in the ground if a treea
sure room or mushroom forest is placed on top of it
- Going back on main menu sometimes doesn't work
- Fix water loading and saving
- Temporarily removed osmium items

version 0.5.2
- Additional system messages for traveling
- Show tooltip when hovering over item icons in craft window
Bug Fixes:
- Linux launch issues caused by bad libawesomium links
- Sometimes UI is not populated correctly
- Pressing escape does not always close all windows before showing options
- Resizing screen to a smaller resolution doesn't work well with chat and toolba
- Travel UI still has two scrollbars on it sometimes
- Resolutions in settings dialog are ordered oddly
- Biome boundaries are sometimes off causing the background to be wrong
- Character hand is default color when holding an item
- Running down a slope causes the player to fall for a moment making it difficul
t to jump
- The character sometimes falls through the ground on slopes
- If a character begins colliding with a table from the side they no longer coll
ide with the ground and fall into it
- Able to walk through doors
- Item collision (such as doors) is ignored when going up slopes
- Cannot craft items when using materials from a nearby chest
- Added a tiny resolution of 1024x600 for laptop players

version 0.5.1
Bug Fixes:
- Missing libraries on Linux required to start Crea
- Linux UI windows with checkboxes do not load properly
- On some windows machines the game does not launch because of dll issues
- Resizing to an unknown resolution size causes problems with settings being loa
- Title screen does not resize with window properly
- Long character and world names are cut off in their select screens
- Closing settings window and reopening options dialog opens settings instead of
- Travel UI is not wide enough for some crystal names and shows weird scrollbar
on side
- Cave entrances can remove dirt from under trees
- Players can put a treasure chest in the bag slot
- Changing bag slot to a different item uses the wrong icon until reloading
- Player can gain HP by equipping/unequipping an equipment with HP change stat a
- Splitting stackable equipment until the slot is empty causes the held item to
- When placing vinebow on toolbar and hovering over it the game crashes after aw
- Collect destroys spawners
- Disabling a spawner while it is spawning does not stop it from spawning a mons
- Sometimes spawners will continue to spawn monsters even after cap has been met
- Still take fall damage when landing in water
- The player can become permanently invincible under special circumstances
- Name of studded helm plus is wrong
- Make the window panel be a basic tile so it can be displaced with mattocks
- Disabled window resizing
- Leveling fully heals the player HP
- Made players not take damage from other means besides combat when invincible
- Only allow spawners to level up if they have full HP
- Changed some flavor text
- Make way crystal animate slower
- Increase experience gain from crafting chest equipment
- Increase drop rate for most monster loot
- Increase amount of torches crafted from a single transaction from 2 to 4

version 0.5.0
- Features/Polish
- Add: Fall damage
- Add: Bombs, Accessories and more items
- Add: Hitstun (temporary invincibility after being hit)
- Add: More sound effects
- Add: Basic music system along with some tracks
- Add: Icons on toolbar for opening core system windows
- Add: Tooltips everywhere!
- Add: Descriptions and Flavor text for items
- Add: Made settings persist across play
- Enhancement: Created a more interesting title menu
- Enhancement: More system messages
- Enhancement: Made it possible to clear the toolbar with right click
- Enhancement: Postpone localization of messages until on client
- Enhancement: Show chat by default (togglable by 'H')
- Enhancement: More information on tooltips
- Enhancement: Caves do not go above underground threshold now
- Enhancement: Spawner distribution on surface
- Enhancement: Added new animations for spawners
- Enhancement: Spawners level up with player now
- Enhancement: Tweaked boar attack
- Enhancement: Adjusted talents
- Enhancement: Adjusted talent point gain
- Bug Fixes
- Fix: Small issue with handling breath capacity changes on toolbar
- Fix: Back button on World Creation does not work
- Fix: Tooltip attempting to display for invalid items
- Fix: Skill descriptions are not being displayed shown in tooltip
- Fix: Items are lost when saved in craft dialog (and likely research)
- Fix: Chat window is hidden with escape key
- Fix: Awesomium graphics buffer garbage is back when opening character custom
ization view AND when opening treasure chests
- Fix: Don't try to change the icon for not shown gear slots
- Fix: UI stat bars sometimes start full until being changed
- Fix: Splitting an equipped item does not update quantity in UI
- Fix: Chat does not properly autoscroll
- Fix: Craft message to display correct amount of crafted item
- Fix: Unique items are not treated as unique in crafting if it is not craftab
- Fix: Unable to upgrade equipment correctly
- Fix: Settings do not work properly
- Fix: Character still has hair even when you select no customization
- Fix: Sloping collision oddness
- Fix: World generation no longer creates small biomes
- Fix: Projectiles do not collide with things properly
- Fix: Spawners spawn lots of monsters
- Fix: Disabling a spawner while it is spawning does not stop it from spawning
a monster
- Fix: Quaridin never deaggros
- Fix: Monsters sometimes get stuck next to walls
- Fix: Cactus dropping wood
- Fix: Not possible to destroy stalagmites and stalactites
- Fix: Skills are not properly deactivated when leveling up
- Fix: Sometimes unable to quick travel
- Fix: Unable to open chest
- Other
- Players start with Heal level 1 now
- Decreased natural HP regen
- Disabled reporter dialog for now
- Removed currency from toolbar for now

version 0.4.3
- Features/Polish
- Add: Water
- Add: Characters now have a concept of breath that decreases while underwater
- Add: Way Crystals and travel system
- Enhancement: Tooltips and tooltip item feature icons
- Enhancement: World generation uses underground threshold now to determine un
derground area
- Enhancement: Equipment names are now colored based on quality
- Enhancement: Monster death particles are more interesting now
- Enhancement: Logging from python now uses the python file name and line numb
- Bug Fixes
- Fix: Grabbing an item with right click and adding it back into the inventory
does not correctly update the craft material count
- Fix: Lighting near light sources can be wrong

version 0.4.2
- Features/Polish
- Add: HSV color select for character creation
- Add: Movement sloping
- Add: Physics particles for mining blocks and harvesting trees
- Add: Player now holds swords and bows
- Add: Tile placement preview
- Add: Equipment upgrade system
- Add: Bag and inventory item flash when obtaining an item
- Add: Several new materails
- Enhancement: Reworked physics system
- Enhancement: Made Researching consume all materials that are provided
- Enhancement: Underground biome and contents
- Enhancement: Swords now have their own animation
- Enhancement: Reworked equipment system and remade all equipment
- Enhancement: Reworked spawner system so now spawners are permanent and are t
emporarily disabled when HP reaches 0.
- Enhancement: Cleaned up Craft, Talent and Equipment UI
- Enhancement: Tweaked combat power for all attacks
- Enhancement: Reworked monster drops
- Enhancement: Began rework of tooltip
- Bug Fixes
- Fix: item names being localized on mac ("OilName" should be "Oil")
- Fix: No way to "right click" for backwall mining on OS X Trackpad
- Fix: the default positioning of UI windows (still needs work)
- Fix: Sentients (Monsters/NPCs) are ignorant of physical objects such as door
- Fix: Sentients do not handle with slopes correctly.
- Fix: Sprite Rendering has a 1 off issue
- Fix: When python encounters an error during an event it enters an infinite l
oop and spams the logs
- Fix: Biome looping around the world causes the background to not load when s
tarting in it
- Fix: Equipment quality is not saved
- Fix: Character is jittering on multiplayer

version 0.4.1
- Features/Polish
- Added icons for Window and Mac OSX
- All new sounds for tiles and tree harvesting
- Cleaned up the talent dialog some and added skill tooltips (rough)
- Decrease ore quantity needed to craft ingots.
- Made it possible to split item stacks with right click.
- Bug Fixes
- Disabled battleaxe until we get current weapons solid
- Fix: UI Cursor not positioned correctly after window resize
- Fix: Option dialog buttons do not work
- Fix: Foliage creates a weird effect when you destroy it
- Fix: Trees are spawning too close together again
- Fix: Trees sometimes spawn partially off the edge of a block
- Fix: Monsters can pass through doors one way
- Fix: Swapping an item with another item continuously does not clear item fea
ture icons
- Fix: Swapping an item with the place of another item does not correctly upda
te available amount in craft
- Fix: Creating a world with a space on either end of the name causes it to fa
- Fix: Player continues to move when input focus lost
- Fix: All newly added items should have translations

version 0.4.0
- Features/Polish
- Added Multiplayer support
- Linux Port
- Greatly optimized world saving/loading
- Added Researching (Currently accessible through 'r')
- Made some plants able to grow and harvestable
- Made main menu UI decent
- Made equipment UI decent
- Added spatial sounds
- Added item feature icons to tooltip
- Made background transitioning smooth
- Made player unable to move while swinging a sword
- Bug Fixes
- Fix entity duplication when a regions is unloaded and reloaded in a single s
- Fix mouse passing through UI windows
- Fix update the sprite when checking for pixel collision
- Fix ignore client sprite flips on client
- Fix crafted items are lost when inventory is full
- Fix character experience was not being properly saved
- Fix character experience would overflow once at level cap
- Fix world bounds
- Fix player spawn area occasionally set in the ground
version 0.3.2 (Alpha-v4.2)
- Fixed boar animations again
- Fixed gear loading
- Fixed surface biomes dipping beneath ground level
- Fixed monsters quickly pivoting on player
- Fixed regression with mining under trees
- Fixed arrow in hand after using bow
- Fixed player getting stuck in ceiling when jumping
- Made Oil Slime naturally passive

version 0.3.1 (Alpha-v4.1)

- Fixed boar frames
- Fixed bug reporter UI
- Removed chat dialog test text
- Added combat damage messages
- Fixed some player visible text
- Fixed an issue with projectiles not being assigned their power correctly

version 0.3.0 (Alpha-v4.0)

- Added bows and arrows
- Added daggers
- Added several new monsters
- Added two new biomes
- Reworked world generation a decent amount
- Added Chat dialog ('r' key) and enter to input text
- Fixed cooldowns
- Replaced existing tools with new Mattocks and Collect skill
- Mattocks breaks ground with left click and wall with right click
- Collect skill breaks placed items with 3 hits
- Semi-functional multiplayer
- Much more but not worth my time documenting at this point...

version 0.2.1
- NOTE: You should create a new world with this patch
- Fixed potions so you can use more than one per play
- Fixed health regeneration
- Fixed issue where monsters would continue to spawn from dead spawners
- Made worlds start at 7AM (previously was midnight)

version 0.2.0
- Added initial version of monsters and combat
- Added treasure chests to world generation
- Added item cooldowns
- Added many items
- Fixed several issues
- Created several issues...
- So much more...

version 0.1.6
- Added initial version of tooltips
- Toolbar is in the middle of being reworked
version 0.1.5
- Notes
- May or may not requre new characters and worlds
- Inventory and Craft windows have been cleaned up and styled
- Added secondary toolbar which is accessible by holding shift.
- You can use the secondary toolbar just like the primary one.
- Changed how to set the toolbar items. Now you have to grab and drop onto the
- Fixed some various bugs...

version 0.1.4
- Notes
- Requires new character and world
- Fixed following issues:
- Menu history does not work completely
- Once a world is finished being generated the player should be moved back to
the previous menu
- Able to create a world and character without naming them
- All chests need to be fully implemented
- Lighting does not react to window resizing
- Axe tier should matter when chopping trees
- Trees appear to be in clumps of 16 all stacked on each other...
- Autotiling on the world seam is broken

version 0.1.3
- Fixed following issues:
- Unable to chop trees down
- Was able to remove support from under trees
- Unable to set toolbar items
- Windows would block light
- Exit main menu button did not work
- World would always be created with deserts

version 0.1.2
- Completely rewrote UI to use Awesomium and Python
- Rewrote large part of world generation to optimize it
- Fixed many bugs. The list can be seen at https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story
- Made it possible to use materials from treasure chests while crafting
- Added quick equip/unequip controls with ctrl + left click
- Many other things I am forgetting about

version 0.1.1
- Several bug fixes (wont go into details)
- Made character save files store content path

version 0.1.0
- initial alpha release