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Angela O.

Denila IX-Arsenic

Our country is composed of more than 7
000 islands divided into three namely
Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Each of them
has respective culture and tradition.
Thats what makes our country
exceptional from the other country. Our
colorful and unique culture and
tradition but unfortunately as the
modernization enveloped our present
slowly our culture is slowly dying. The stage
performance Himalaya came from the word
Himala means miracle and Malaya
means freedom meaning Himalaya;
mga sayaw ng himala ng

This stage performance show to us different culture and tradition just

like ethnic dances that millennials usually
didnt pay attention. The Salayaw Dance
Company portrays the different cultural dance
just like the Iyaoy where in it need gongs to
perform the dance, the second one is the
Ragradsakan where in the performers used
basket and of course a certain fabric help
them to keep warm. The famous Maglalatik
dance portrays the fight between the Morons
and Christians. Quite complicated dance of
Binasuan originated in Pangasinan where in the dancers must have a wine class
in their hands while performing of course with coordination of different
balancing tricks and usually perform in weddings. The Bintian dance where in
usually perform to express their gratitude about the good harvest. The
interesting dance Manmanok where in a dance that portrays a rooster that
symbolizes a competition for the attention of a lady. The educative dance Kapa
Malong-Malong where in it shows different ways of wearing a malong. The
Karatong where in portrays playing bamboo as their musical instrument itself. It
perform every 27th day of December to give tribute to their patron St.
Augustine. The Ibigapir that depicts the royal manner of walking in ethnic group
of Maranao. The dance Banga which shows the strength of women handling jar
with water. Our national dance Tinikling where in depicts the movement of
tikling birds. Of course the Salayaw Dance
Company also performs some of the Latin
dances namely Samba Rumba, Cha-cha and
Our culture and tradition is our
countrys treasure. As a Filipino its our
responsibility to save it. Lets make a move
and dont let our future generation will just
learn and see our colorful culture in pictures
and video clips. We all know that we are now in
modernization where in technology are
essential. Dont make it as a hindrance but a
key for us to slowly revive the Philippines
culture, tradition and ethnics. Our countrys
treasure, that what makes us being Filipino.

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