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Fixed Asset Explosions in X3

The asset explosion function can be utilized to breakout assets that have
quantities associated with them. It can be used in instances whereby there is a
partial sale, disposal or a portion of the asset needs to be transferred.

Step 1: Assigning a quantity to a Fixed Asset

Go to Fixed Assets/ Fixed Assets

On the Acquisition tab where the respective invoices are detailed the user can
define the quantity that corresponds to the asset. In this instance there are
six office chairs each valued at $1,000.00

Define the quantity here.

Step 2: Running the Explosion function

Go to Fixed Assets/ Explosions

When this function is run there will be two new fixed asset numbers created.
In this scenario we will be assuming that one of the six chairs will be broken
out into another asset
Fixed Asset: assign applicable fixed asset ID #
After Explosion
o Quantities: assign the quantity breakout
o Amounts: value of the portion of the original asset
o Description: update the default description if necessary
Click on OK

Log file generated from the asset explosion process

Back at the fixed asset maintenance menu you can see how the original asset
is now inactivated and two child assets assets have been created with a
new subsequence number.