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Fixed Asset Revaluations in X3

The following process can be utilized to revalue a fixed asset in X3.

In this example FA004 will be revalued from $750 to $1,000.

Step 1: Run the Fixed Asset Reevaluation

Go to Fixed Assets/ Reevaluations

Header Section
Reevaluation Date: Date the revaluation should be posted
First/Last Fixed Asset: define applicable fixed asset (range)
Category/Subcategory: specify category to which the asset belongs
Generation Type: Actual generates the journal entry for the revaluation;
Active simulation generates a simulated journal that will be reversed when
the actual journal is posted
Distribution Status: should always be set to Temporary
Factor: should be set to 1
Journal Creation: should be checked
Document Type/Journal: both fields should be set to ODG

Lines Section
Fixed Asset: define fixed asset to be revalued
Reason: specify the reason the fixed asset is being revalued (revaluation
reasons can be defined in misc table 320)
Reevaluated Amount: specify the new value of the asset

Screenshot of the fixed asset reevaluation menu.

Screenshot of the log file generated from this process