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X3 Fixed Assets

Training Agenda

Day 1 - Functional Overview

Audience: Fixed Asset manager, AP, Controller
This section is going to provide a general overview of how X3 can be
used to manage your fixed assets. Focus will be given to how fixed
asset invoices are entered and how expenses are assigned to fixed
assets. We will look at the types of reports that can be generated in
X3. Time will also be spent on determining how the assets should be
grouped and how the locations should be setup.

Setup Requirements
o Fixed Asset Accounting Code lines
o Fixed Asset Accounting Codes
o Setting up Document Type, Journal Code and
Sequence #
o Setting up Depreciation Types and Depreciation
o Setting up Fixed Asset Localizations
o Setting up Asset Types
Fixed Asset Categories
Fixed Assets
Methods of Assigning Costs to Fixed Assets
Financial Charge: Generating Depreciation Expense Entries

1 of 2 3/12/2017
Sale of Asset
Scrap of an Asset
Fixed Asset Transfer
Revise Depreciation Schedule

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