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2015 Salary Survey: Manufacturing slump dims enthusiasm 37

The Manufacturing Revolution Starts Here


A recipe
for success
Finding the right mix for
a salad dressing line 50

Pilot devices...affordable prices!
Pushbuttons, Switches, Indicators...
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FUJI 30mm Mushroom-style

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FUJI 22mm Pilot Devices key switches and warning buzzers
Starting at $9.00 (AR22F0R-10BZA) IP65 Rating after installation
The NEW Fuji Electric 22mm pilot devices feature a (Start/Stop combos are IP40)
compact design that occupies less space than RoHS compliant
traditional 22mm devices and offers better layout
and wiring, easier installation and increased safety. Eaton Cutler-Hammer 30mm
Pilot Devices (metal)
Non-illuminated and illuminated pushbuttons
with ush round heads, extended round heads, Starting at $16.00 (HT8AAG)
and mushroom style heads Includes momentary, illuminated
Other 22mm pilot devices include emergency and mushroom-head pushbuttons,
stop pushbuttons, selector switches, pilot lights, selector switches, indicating lights
joystick selector switches, and buzzers and push-pull switches
Oil and dust-proof operator modules (IP65) Corrosion resistant NEMA 4X nish
available Watertight and oil-tight NEMA 4, 13
ingress protection

Research, price, buy at:

www.automationdirect.com/ Eaton Cutler-Hammer 22mm
Pilot Devices (non-metal)
Starting at $17.00 (E22PB1A)
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(IP65, IP66 ratings to IEC 529) UL
Listed (NEMA) Types 1, 2, 3, 3R, 4,
4X, 12, and 13 when installed
RoHS Compliant

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* See our Web site for details and restrictions. Copyright 2014 AutomationDirect, Cumming, GA USA. All rights reserved. 1-800-633-0405 the #1 value in automation

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Seize the Savings!

A fresh approach yields sweeping savings for a quick ROI

At a plant manufacturing turbines for hydro-electric power plants,
excess capacity had been a source of comfort for many years despite
recommendations for system updates. Four modulating, twenty-year
old compressors, two 75 hp, two 25 hp, supplied the systemwithout
central controlscausing excessively high energy costs. When a new
plant engineer came on board, he took a closer look at the energy
efficiency. Having attended a Kaeser Compressed Air Seminar, he knew
a systems approach could unlock significant savings.

Kaeser ran a KESS (Kaeser Energy Saving Simulation) using supply
side audit data and designed a complete system solution that would
dramatically reduce the specific power from 62.0 kW/100 cfm to 17.5
kW/100 cfm. New energy efficient compressors, an air receiver, as well
as a system master controller were installed. The new system has the
same number of compressors and total horsepower as before, but it

provides even more flow.

The Sigma Air Manager (SAM) master controller monitors the four new
compressors and selects the most efficient combination of units to meet the
plant demand. With its built-in SAC Plus software, SAM continually tracks
energy consumption so the plant benefits from having an ongoing com-
pressed air energy audit. As a matter of fact, the specific power has been
reduced more than anticipatedall the way down to 16.7 kW/100 cfm.

Annual Energy Costs of Previous System: $59,780 per year

Reduction in Specific Power: 45.3 kW/100 cfm

Annual Energy Cost Savings: $22,680 per year

Additional Savings in Maintenance Costs: $7,240 per year

Simple Payback Period: 14 months

Let us help you measure and manage your compressed air costs!

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Kaeser Compressors, Inc. 866-516-6888 us.kaeser.com/PE

Built for a lifetime is a trademark of Kaeser Compressors, Inc. 2016 Kaeser Compressors, Inc. customer.us@kaeser.com
When it comes to managing your combustible
dust, Donaldson Torit expertise, technology

and product options can help you design
the best risk mitigation solution, as well
as support your compliance efforts and
MOST VALUABLE performance needs. Customers have relied

on our high-quality dust collectors in over
250,000 installations. Now, more companies
look to us to integrate their dust control

systems with re and explosion protection
equipment and strategies. Your Donaldson
Torit representative can listen to your needs,
work with you to identify options and
implement a customized dust management
solution unique to your plants requirements.

800.365.1331 LEARN MORE
Go with Donaldson Torit and get Visit donaldsontorit.com/
EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED. combustibledust
2016 Donaldson Company, Inc.

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January/February 2016
Volume 70, No.1

Cover image courtesy: Pinnacle

201 5

Salary Survey
Despite the relative strength of the U.S. manufacturing market, the monthly PMI Index put out by the
Institute for Supply Management declined for seven straight months and fell into contraction for the first
time in three years in November.
These are nervous days.
Thats why it is not surprising that for the first time in a decade, the primary concern of plant managers is
the economy, according to the 2015 Plant Engineering Salary Survey. In past years, the top issue was the lack
of a skilled workforce, and that checks in as managers second-largest issue, but the economy was clearly a
bigger concern at the end of 2015.

Analyst Insights:
38 Who We Are 44 Andy Chatha, ARC Advisory Group
40 What We Earn 46 Michelle Drew Rodriguez, Deloitte
42 What We Think 48 Bob Parker, IDC
49 Alex West, IHS

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Farr Gold Series

Industrial Dust Collector

Save Energy
Increase Efficiency

Chop Saw Dust

Laser Cutting Smoke Thermal Spray Dust

Scan QR Code,
Place Phone Here
Turn your phone into a
window to actually see inside
the Farr Gold Series.

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630-571-4070 x2205, TKelly@CFEMedia.com 50 A recipe for long-term growth
ELENA MOELLER-YOUNGER, Marketing Manager Pinnacle Foods invested a reported $50 million in its plant in St. Elmo, Ill., when it
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acquired the Wish-Bone salad dressing brand, but the plants investment in equip-
KRISTEN NIMMO, Marketing Manager
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As the complexity of smart meters increases, so does their vulnerability to circuit
mike.rotz@frycomm.com threats. To ensure these meters continue to work, even in hostile operating condi-
MARIA BARTELL, Account Director, Infogroup Targeting Solutions tions, robust circuit-protection technologies are essential.
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For a Media Kit or Editorial Calendar,
By combining the affordability and utility of hydraulic injection molding machines
e-mail Trudy Kelly at TKelly@CFEMedia.com and the energy savings of electric machines, hydraulics can add to the value propo-
REPRINTS sition of electronic technologies. Adding a VSD provides a bigger advantage, as
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compared with only increasing motor efficiency.
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64 In hazardous areas, sensor safety rating is crucial

PUBLICATION SALES The presence of flammable gas, vapor, liquid, or dust can bring major risk to the
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71 Why you should be brutally honest about your OEE score
246 South Franklin St. Tel. 216-409-8314 Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a key top-line metric to reveal how well
Chagrin Falls, OH 44022 Fax 440-348-1980
your operation is running at a given time, but the score is just a data point fixed in
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76 Skid building: Focus on performance
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Fax +44 208 464 5588
Many times, equipment purchases can get bogged down in component details,
instead of focusing on performance requirements and specifications. Focusing on
the performance requirements affecting the machine or process skid end product,
and not the components running it, has advantages.

www.plantengineering.com PLANT ENGINEERING January/February 2016 5

Better production, not just better numbers
At the intersection between the stock market Salary Survey, provide us with a snapshot, and a
decline in January and the PMI Index stabilization historical reference point, but we can do little to
in February, we have a lot of data coming at us alter either one.
from all sides. Heres some more: Plant Engineer- What our challenge is with all this data is not to
ings annual Salary Survey in this months issue. react to it, but to understand it. Our job is not to
They are just numbers, and yet they engender a deal with it as a single point of truth for everyone,
very real emotional reaction. We see the numbers but to measure it against our own experience and
and feel joy or panic or worry. We measure and see how we stack up.
manage the numbers, but better numbers dont Im always excited to see the Salary Survey
always make us feel better, because the numbers data each January, but thats mostly because
always could be better. I like understanding the numbers. If there are
The surge of interest in the Industrial Internet trends to be found, its that while manufacturing
of Things (IIoT) is based on the idea that we dont is sputtering today, it is a problem we have faced
effectively use the data we already collect. The and conquered in the recent past. We need to
fundamental question around IIoT is, what do respond with confidence in our plan, our plant
Bob Vavra we do with all this data? and our people. They will meet the challenge and
Content Manager The first thing we have to do is put it in some find ways to improve the operation and position
sort of context, which is the other prevailing us for strong growth.
benefit that IIoT is supposed to offer. We can see
trends and understand how things are changing. And about the picture
The understanding of why things are changing After many comments at this end about my
then becomes more of a focused search than a column photo in recent months, I decided to
wild-goose chase. change it. (Upgrade would be too strong a word.)
In this way, the numbers simply become But rather than settle on just one choice, Ive
another tool, like a wrench or a welding gun or a decided to take selfies at various stops during the
sensor. It is how we act on the data, not just that next year as use those for the column photo. This
we collect it at all, that determines whether and one is at the Hannover Messe press preview in
how we understand our operation in its current Hannover, Germany, at the end of January.
state and find ways to improve. Id offer one other challenge: Id like to see some
Numbers are simply points in time, and yet selfies from your plantsindividual, group shots,
this emotional reaction to that one point in time whatever youd like to share. Send them along to
creates other turmoil. The data we collect in me at bvavra@cfemedia.com and well share what
manufacturing, and the data we collect in our manufacturings leaders look like in 2016.

INTERACTIVE www.plantengineering.com

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Rittal Wallmounts:
A good thing just got better.

New low prices extended to stainless and accessories too.

Youve known Rittal quality in Wallmount Enclosures for years. Now you can get the industrys highest-
quality enclosures at a price so low Hoffman and Saginaw cant bear for you to see. With more than
100 UL Listed standard sizes available in both carbon and stainless steel, and features like foamed-
in-place gasket and secure locking systems on every enclosure, Rittal Wallmounts are ideal for all
industrial needs. And, with our manufacturing plant located in the USA, local availability means you
wont have to wait for the perfect Rittal Wallmount enclosure you need for your facility today.

Wallmounts Starting at $24

Rittal Part # Size Hoffman Part # Saginaw Part # Rittal Price
Junction Boxes and
WM121206NC 12x12x6 CSD12126 SCE-12EL1206LP $93 Wallmounts include
WM161208NC 16x12x8 CSD16128 SCE-16EL1208LP $105 a mounting panel
WM161608NC 16x16x8 CSD16168 SCE-16EL1608LP $120 at no extra charge.
WM201608NC 20x16x8 CSD20168 SCE-20EL1608LP $122
WM202008NC 20x20x8 CSD20208 SCE-20EL2008LP $131
WM242008NC 24x20x8 CSD24208 SCE-24EL2008LP $149
WM242408NC 24x24x8 CSD24248 SCE-24EL2408LP $145
Junction Boxes
Rittal Part # Size Hoffman Part # Saginaw Part # Rittal Price
JB060604HC 6x6x4 A606CHNF SCE-606ELJ $24
JB100806HC 10x8x6 A10086CHNF SCE-10086ELJ $40
JB121206HC 12x12x6 A1212CHNF SCE-1212ELJ $51
For a full list of available enclosures and participating dealers, please visit www.rittalenclosures.com
Terms and conditions subject to change.

(800) 477-4000
Get the FREE
Wallmount App for RITTAL SHIPS QUICK!
iOS and Android Made in the USA

One Class. Rittal Class.

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FLEXI-DISC Tubular Cable


Conveyors gently slide fragile Dumping Stations allow Bag Dischargers
foods and non-foods through dust-free dumping of bulk unload free- and
smooth stainless steel tubing material from bags and other non-free-flowing
routed horizontally, vertically containers. Automatic reverse- solids from bulk
or at any angle, over short pulse filter cleaning allows bags automatically.
or long distances, dust-free. continuous, efficient Allows untying,
Single or multiple operation. Available discharging, retying
inlets and with integral bag and collapsing of
outlets. compactors for bulk bagsall
total dust dust-free. Available
containment. with weigh
batching controls.


BLOCK-BUSTER Bulk Bag Conditioners


FLEXICON Flexible Screw
loosen bulk materials that have solidified and TWIN-CENTERPOST Conveyors transport free- and
during storage and shipment. Variable height Bulk Bag Fillers can fill non-free-flowing bulk solid materials
turntable positions bag for hydraulic rams one bulk bag per week or from large pellets to sub-micron
with contoured conditioning plates to press 20 per hour at the lowest powders, including products that
bag on all sides at all heights. cost per bag. Numerous pack, cake or smear, with no
performance options. separation of blends, dust-free
Available to industrial at low cost. No bearings contact
or sanitary material. Easy to clean
standards. quickly, thoroughly.


PNEUMATI-CON TIP-TITE Container Dumpers The FLEXICON Lifetime Performance
Pneumatic Conveying dump bulk material from drums Guarantee* assures you of a successful
Systems move a broad (shown), boxes or other containers result, whether you purchase one piece of
range of bulk materials into vessels up to 10 ft (3m) high. equipment or an engineered, automated
over short or long Dust-tight (shown) or open chute plant-wide system. From initial testing in
distances, between single models improve large-scale laboratories, to single-source
or multiple inlet and efficiency and project management, to
discharge points in low safety of an after-sale support by a
to high capacities. age-old task. worldwide network of
Available as dilute-phase factory experts, you
vacuum or positive can trust your process
pressure systems, fully and your reputation
integrated with your to Flexicon.

USA CHILE +56 2 2415 1286

sales@flexicon.com UK +44 (0)1227 374710
1 888 FLEXICON SPAIN +34 647 670 302
AUSTRALIA +61 (0)7 3879 4180
SINGAPORE +65 6778 9225
SOUTH AFRICA +27 (0)41 453 1871

2015 Flexicon Corporation. Flexicon Corporation has registrations and pending applications for the trademark FLEXICON throughout the world.
*See full Lifetime Performance Guarantee for details.
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The Industrie 4.0 platform is a part of the Internet of Things world, including more embedded and collaborative intelligence
such as smart factories, smart services, smart devices, and smart products, which all bring about benefits in the new era of
connectivity. Image courtesy: Schneider Electric

IIoT offers economic, operational benefits

By Ralf Neubert
Schneider Electric

The benefits of the Industrial Internet IIoT offers both new challenges storage and analytics are combined
of Things (IIoT) are becoming more and opportunities for manufacturers with machine-to-machine commu-
apparent as industry experts debate willing to push the boundaries of nication, smart machines are able to
the opportunities at hand. Ushering a machine and plant design. Included in consistently capture and communi-
new era of connectivity, where plants these new opportunities are benefits cate data better and more efficiently.
and machines work together in a secure such as connectivity, efficiency, and Analyzing historical data allows
and collaborative way to enable tech- reliability, but many features of IIoT manufacturers to identify inefficien-
nology at the service of people, IIoT technology may bring great financial cies in production and other areas
is providing greater empowerment benefits to manufacturers as well. of improvement for reducing time to
and efficiency. While the potential for market. It also allows them to bet-
data and efficiency gets most of the Increasing profitability with IIoT ter manage operating expenditure
attention, the smartest manufacturers In manufacturing, IIoT can deliver (OPEX) and business intelligence
today are leveraging IIoT technologies improved traceability for better sup- efforts for customers, as well as cre-
to uncover inefficiencies in processes ply chain efficiency, which brings ate new business opportunities for
and turn them into working capital. about faster production and lower asset management, such as predic-
Therein lies the power and economic costs. Additionally, when todays tive maintenance, that enable vast
benefits of the IIoT. existing Big Data technologies for cost savings.

www.plantengineering.com PLANT ENGINEERING January/February 2016 9

IIoT offers both new challenges and opportunities
for manufacturers willing to push the boundaries of
machine and plant design.
mance (depending on to smart, connected, comprehensive
the production status ecosystems with IIoT at the center,
and demand), and pro- providing the interface that gives a
vide remote monitoring, holistic view and brings about addi-
predictive maintenance, tional benefits of energy efficiency and
For example, the use of connected and safety. The behavior and data sustainability.
devices and dynamic QR codes provide of machines and components have IIoT is transforming the industry,
fast and efficient customer service. changed, so manufacturers need and manufacturers aiming to stay
Information can be distributed more to take advantage of the different ahead of the trend are working to
quickly, and, in turn, operators are opportunities for growth as well. address the changes while profiting
able to solve production problems in a from the benefits. When implementing
more efficient manner, driving greater It is also important to remember IIoT technologies, manufacturers can
customer satisfaction and continued that IIoT influences the manufacturing maximize profitability by improving
loyalty. In addition, operators can use enterprise from an engineering, supply time to market and enhancing ser-
radio-frequency identification to track chain, and customer-relations manage- vices.
and monitor production, inventory, and ment perspective in regards to profit- Another important consideration is
logistics moving forward. With IIoT, ability. With IIoT, manufacturers can to start IIoT implementations selec-
manufacturers are enabled with a more become a more customer-service-centric tively and incrementally adding or
consistent and continuous lifecycle provider rather than just a component modernizing existing equipment and
management process than ever before. supplier. The data enabled by IIoT gives infrastructures. This will allow IIoT
These are just a few examples of the manufacturers more flexibility to meet platforms to go toward research and
plethora of opportunities with smart, customer needs. With this new ability, development spending rather than
connected devices at hand. manufacturers are able to generate fresh investing in component development.
But when it comes to IIoT, the eco- business opportunities as customers are Additionally, manufacturers should
nomic benefits can differ greatly between brought to the forefront of attention in look at applications like operational
origial equipment manufacturers the manufacturing operations landscape. efficiency, asset utilization, data mon-
(OEMs) and end users. OEMs need to etization, and software-driven services
focus on providing new or enhanced ser- IIoT beyond automation in order to drive economic benefits
vices to their customers while end users When it comes to identifying cost sav- and increase return on investment. As
need to put a greater focus on managing ings, many see the benefits of IIoT as manufacturers become more comfort-
OPEX. In general, the variances can be connected solely to industrial automa- able with IIoTs capabilities, long-term
broken up into two areas: tion. Though industrial automation applications can be achieved, includ-
is an important aspect of the IIoT, ing structural changes, pay-per-out-
End users: With the increased there are major cost-effective benefits come models, connected ecosystems,
need for interoperability between through energy efficiency in smart and a human-machine workforce.
information technology and opera- machines and factories, too. With these future applications, the
tions technology, transparent data, Every machine or plant has an ener- economic benefits of IIoT will far out-
and machine access, end users will gy profile that should also be a part of weigh the challenges it requires to get
be able to update brownfields and the description of an IIoT architecture. there. The IIoT is here to stay; and to
integrate smarter machines, lead- Energy consumptionand managing the winner goes increased efficiency,
ing to smarter factories. With these it efficientlyimplies that manufac- lower costs, and an improved com-
changes, there is an opportunity turers know what is happening on the petitive position, ultimately providing
to provide a connection point that shop floor. The IIoT now gives us the better chances to survive and prosper
delivers a holistic view of operations ability to link and analyze information in this new world. PE
from the shop floor to the top floor. from different sources that impact the
OEMs: On the other hand, OEMs planteven information from outside Ralf Neubert is senior director of
need to provide enhanced inter- of the plant such as weather. innovation and technolog y in the
faces and features to reduce down- Weve connected smart factories to a industry business sector of Schneider
times, improve machine perfor- smart grid and vice versa, which leads Electric.

10 January/February 2016 PLANT ENGINEERING www.plantengineering.com

input #7 at www.plantengineering.com/information
Five ways to compete globally
without focusing on price
Build your supply chain and your relationship with customers.

By Nicole Snyder 1. Lead times outside the industry see materials as

JW Aluminum 2. Forecasting little more than commodities. Com-
3. Customer intimacy modities differentiate themselves on
For U.S. manufacturers, competing 4. Communication and response times price and little else, or so conventional
with foreign counterparts on price has 5. Competing software standards. thinking goes. Its only in recent years
always been a challenging obstacle. With that companies in intermediate steps
the continued drop in oil prices and the Its so familiar because these are chal- in the supply chainthe manufactur-
subsequent reductions in shipping costs, lenges that the materials manufacturing ers and processorshave embraced
that challenge has become impossible. industry has needed to overcome for a the idea that theres more to selling
To make matters worse, overseas- long time. Theyre also problems that materials than low pricing.
manufactured materials have been largely no longer exist in the consumer When asked what the last major inno-
steadily rising in quality, creating a sector, thanks to technology that made vation in materials sales and production
situation that makes it difficult for just-in-time, Lean, and on-demand was, many of the company executives
U.S. manufacturers to stay competitive common buzzwords. we spoke to couldnt remember anything
and win new business in an increas- Take forecasting, for example. It more recent than the advent of digital
ingly price-driven industry. The Chi- wasnt so long ago when large depart- spreadsheets or online catalogs. The idea
nese government spent more than $300 ment stores would regularly hold mas- of commoditization has largely frozen
billion on subsidies to its state-owned sive sales events after major holidays progress in the industry, leaving it far
enterprises between 1985 and 2005, and to eliminate unsold stock at severe behind direct-to-consumer products.
continues to heavily subsidize capital discounts. With the recent upheaval in Chinas
improvements and materials. A savvy shopper could often walk into economy, its not clear what the future
American manufacturers, on the a large store the day after Christmas and holds for domestic manufacturers. Its
other hand, are often stuck using buy all the ornaments they would need possible that the current shake-up will
50-year-old equipment and planning for next year at savings of 50 to 75% off. force imported goods and materials to
upgrade cycles over such a long period Investment in forecasting technology has increase in cost, bringing them more
that the initial round of improvements largely eliminated these sales, or at least in line with U.S.-based manufactur-
is obsolete by the time the cycle fin- reduced them to the point that they no ers. Its equally possible that prices
ishes. The recent global slowdown and longer represent significant losses like will continue to tumble even further
the high value of the dollar are only they once did. as the yuan drops in value and the dollar
making this issue worse. So why is the manufacturing indus- rises. Either way, the only safe bet for
So how do American businesses try so far behind the consumer goods domestic companies is to pull them-
compete with a juggernaut that can out- industry? The reason has a lot to do selves out of the torpor of complacency
spend and out-price the competition? with manufacturers being complacent and begin to push for new solutions for
More and more, the answer seems to be and slow to act against competition from old problems.
in identifying the pain points that lurk overseas. Twenty years ago, materials Technology, and the on-demand
just underneath price consciousness from places like China were noticeably mindset it produces, has already shown
and finding innovative and creative new subpar to materials produced in the U.S. itself capable of disrupting seemingly
solutions. In sitting down and talking A few lower-end domestic producers safe industries. It will do the same to
to supply-chain and plant managers, it went out of business or were acquired, materials manufacturing companies
became obvious to us that a small hand- but the industry as a whole didnt feel that dont fully embrace the future.
ful of long-standing problems in the a lot of pressure to change. When the Now, more than ever, the old maxim
manufacturing supply chain holds the quality of imports suddenly increased, holds true: if youre not evolving, youre
key to maintaining competitiveness in a most companies were caught completely falling behind. PE
global materials manufacturing sector. by surprise.
The five major problems identified in Another reason why manufacturing Nicole Snyder is the brand and mar-
this research should be familiar to any- is so far behind consumer goods has keting manager for JW Aluminum, a
one who has to manage, or work with, a to do with the very nature of materi- U.S.-based supplier of rolled aluminum
large manufacturing supply chain: als manufacturing. Many inside and products.

12 January/February 2016 plant engineering www.plantengineering.com

Allied has the relay you need to keep it.

N a t i o n a l C o n t r o l s C o r p.

Take control at thinkallied.com/relays


Allied Electronics, Inc 2015. Allied Electronics and the Allied Electronics logo are trademarks of Allied Electronics, Inc. An Electrocomponents Company.

input #8 at www.plantengineering.com/information
Research, new initiatives are
highlights at MODEX
The biannual MODEX Show in Atlanta led by a diverse group of profession- PREST: Interestingly, we have seen
on April 4-7 will gather the top mate- als that utilize innovation, creativity some big shifts in adoption of some
rial handling experts from around the and smart thinking to not only drive technologies that just a year ago were
world. It also will be the showcase for operational efficiency but to keep the seen as emerging. We are learning
2016 MHI Annual Industry Report, economy going. that they are having a bigger impact
produced in conjunction with Deloitte much sooner than predicted. This
during a MODEX keynote on April 6. New and emerging manufacturing is proof that the accelerated pace of
George Prest, CEO of MHI, the asso- and supply chain technologies are change in our industry is dramati-
ciation for supply chain professionals, requiring highly-sophisticated skill- cally changing the way supply chains
discusses the upcoming trade event, the sets and an equally sophisticated, work and how they are managed.
2016 MHI Report and the impact of well-trained and well-paid workforce
the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) A big emphasis of this years report
on supply chain operations: Even though more than 11 million will be how this accelerated change
people work in the supply chain, 8.6% is only increasing the talent gap as
CFE MEDIA: One of the key points of the nations workforce, a shortage of these technologies, and the new
of emphasis at MODEX 2016 is the skilled supply chain workers remains. generation supply chains they are
future of supply chain. One area of An estimated 600,000 manufacturing creating, require a new breed of sup-
particular emphasis is finding and positions in the U.S. are unfilled for a ply chain professionals to run them.
training future workers. What is lack of qualified workers. In addition, The 2016 report will certainly be
the message MHI and the industry the U.S. Roadmap for Material Han- required reading for manufactur-
need to send to the next generation dling & Logistics predicts that by 2018, ing and supply chain professionals
of workers? there will be 1.4 million new jobs in who want to get their arms around
the logistics and supply chain field. these issues.
PREST: Supply chain careers are some
of the most rewarding and highly Because supply chains work behind the CFE MEDIA: Supply chain isnt top
compensated jobs that are now being scenes, you only hear about them when of mind in the discussions around
seen as the new path to the C-suite. there is a disruption. Through initia- IIoT, but what do you think are
tives like the IWorkInTheSupplyChain. some of the key opportunities with
We, as an industry, need to do a bet- com video campaign and the New this strategy for MHI members?
ter job of spreading the word that Generation Supply Chain Workforce
supply chains are global enterprises track at MODEX 2016, MHI is working PREST: The IIoT has the potential
to increase awareness of the amazing to deliver massive economic and
and rewarding career opportunities environmental rewards. It can boost
available in supply chain. productivity, drive new markets,
encourage innovation and result
CFE MEDIA: While the full industry in exponential change for industry
report will be presented at MODEX, and our society as a whole.
what are some of the key points of
emphasis in the new State of the The data and analytics generated by
Industry report produced by MHI the IIoT will provide opportunities
and Deloitte? to improve operational, resource

We have seen some big shifts in adoption of some technologies that

just a year ago were seen as emerging. We are learning that they are
having a bigger impact much sooner than predicted.

George Prest, CEO of MHI

14 January/February 2016 PLANT ENGINEERING www.plantengineering.com

and energy efficiency. It also change, the devil will be in
promotes better predictive the details. Thats where
maintenance and customer MHI members and their
service while creating sav- solutions come in.
ings and revenue opportu-
nities. If the full potential of the
IIoT vision is achie ve d,
Accenture estimates that the many people will have an
IIoT could add $14.2 trillion opportunity to better their
to the global economy by 2030. Cisco mated, integrated and digitized careers and standards of living as
predicts the IIoT will provide savings networks will require the automa- a result of countless value creation
in the vicinity of $1.9 trillion over the tion, sensor, software and system opportunities.
next decade from improving efficien- solutions offered by MHI members.
cies in supply chain management and This is a topic that the 2015 MHI
logistics alone. As the IIoT grows into a must-have Annual Industry Report will address.
for business survival, firms from It is also a topic of the MODEX key-
Next generation supply chains that all walks of industry will seek the note by Jack Allan of Cisco on April
are connected into highly auto- best ways to harness it. As with all 5 in Atlanta. PE

MODEX 2016
April 4-7, 2016 SHOW PREVIEW
Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta

The world of supply chain management will

come to Atlantas World Congress Center April
4 through April 7 for MODEX 2016. The biannual
event sponsored by MHI will bring together more
than 850 exhibitors and more than 100 educa-
tion sessions focused on the next generation of
supply chain management.
That next generation emphasis includes a
focus on workers, as MODEX 2016 will feature a
New Generation Supply Chain Workforce educa-
tional track among its sessions.
Another show highlight will be the presenta-
tion of MHIs 2016 Annual Industry Report,
featuring MHI CEO George W. Prest and Scott
Sopher, a principal at Deloitte Consulting LLP.
MODEX also will feature three diverse keynote The MODEX 2016 trade show in Atlanta will feature more than 850
presentations. They include: supply chain exhibitors and will focus on the future of the supply
chain industry, from research to workers. Image courtesy: MHI
APRIL 4: How to Create a Culture of Innova-
tion Within Your Company, Peter Diamandis, Chairman and CEO of X PRIZE Foundation
APRIL 5: The Connected Supply Chain, Jack Allen, senior director, logistics and manufacturing solutions,
supply chain operations, Cisco
APRIL 6: Lessons from a Dragon, Kevin OLeary, the Mr. Wonderful of ABC-TVs Shark Tank, and an
entrepreneur and investor.

The week will also feature MHIs Industry Night Celebration on April 6 with the Blues Brothers. Tickets to
this event are $50 and include beer, wine and hors doeuvres. A portion of ticket sales will be donated to the
Material Handling Education Foundation, Inc. (MHEFI).

www.plantengineering.com PLANT ENGINEERING January/February 2016 15

Data is the new currency
Industry experts advise manufacturers to enrich their plants
with better data collection and management strategies.
By Bob Vavra
Content Manager, CFE Media

It is an era of rich data in

manufacturing, and the com-
panies that can harness that
data will enrich themselves
and their plants.
Data is the new currency,
said Jagannath Rao, president
of Siemens USAs customer
service division at the 30th
International Maintenance
Conference (IMC) in Bonita
Springs, Fla., in December.
This is the future of manu-
facturing: machines talking to
machines, robots working in
collaboration with each other,
machines knowing the state of
their own health. Its the next
level of asset analysis. This is
going to be the future, and
some companies already are
on board.
The ability to not just col- At the International Maintenance Conference in Florida in December, Bentley Systems CEO
lect data, but also to manage it Greg Bentley talked about the expanded use of data in manufacturing. We need to leverage
for the benefit of both opera- the digital engineering model, Bentley said. When we talk about digital engineering mod-
tions and end users is one of the els, were talking about things like schematics, 3-D models, network models. We need to go
transformative ideas discussed beyond IT and OT to engineering technology (ET). Image courtesy: CFE Media
by three industry experts at
the Reliability and Asset Performance We all want more productivity. want this to happen efficiently and,
(RAP) Talks, which were the keynote on We want our manufacturing to be more imp or tant, seamlessly, R ao
the second day of the IMC conference. more f lexible. And, of cours e, we told about 1,000 maintenance and
reliability professionals at the con-
ference. It all begins with data, and
STAIRWAY TO ASSET RELIABILITY more data. All of our factories are
Siemens Jagannath Rao cited three steps along the path to asset reliability. connected with sensors. We collect
They are: this data. We need to transmit this
data and either predict something
or have it tel l us t re nds or show
1. Transparency: Have relevant data at your fingertips us p atter ns ab out w hat we cou ld
2. Reliability: Predict problems before they occur; proactive and predictive change.
3. Intelligence: Business-enhancing; improve the business value of the assets. Greg Bentley, president and CEO
of Bentley Systems, showed examples
Its a journey, Rao said. When you start doing that, thats when youre really of how 3-D modeling in brownfield
creating value (from data). It takes time, it takes clear planning, and it takes operations could produce reliable
a lot of data gathering. models of the current state of a plant

16 January/February 2016 PLANT ENGINEERING www.plantengineering.com

Take your
training to a
We know the data is there. Do we start with data or higher level
start with what we want to learn?
Pete Karns,
vice president of offering management, IBM

and tie that data into operational asset unto itselfsomething that needs
models. to be studied and understood, not sim-
Bentley sees the process going ply collected. IoT is doing something
beyond information technology (IT) differently with data than youve done
and operational technology (OT). We before, he said. We can talk about
need to leverage the digital engineering connectivity and millions of sensors,
model, Bentley said. When we talk but its just about doing something dif-
about digital engineering models, were ferent with data. What were seeing first
talking about things like schematics, is the types of data are there, but its
3-D models, network models. We need hard to work with.
to go beyond IT and OT to engineering We all have biases, and we immedi-
technology, or ET. ately use our 30 years of experience to
At IBM, the challenge is to make sure say what we think is happening, Karns
the data is serving its highest purpose added. Where were moving with ana-
for customers. Thats not always just lytics is removing the bias. Were evolv-
data for the sake of data, said Pete ing to a much more powerful way of
Karns, vice president of offering man- using the data to help us look beyond Offering 10 Certification Programs:
agement for IBM. our own biases.
We know the data is there. Do we Rao said manufacturers need to u Substation Maintenance
start with data or start with what we prepare for this new era of data man- u Low Voltage Circuit Breaker
want to learn? he said. I see far too agementand warned that those who u Fiber Optics
many of our clients collecting the data dont will miss a huge competitive u Infrared Thermography Level I
without understanding what it is they opportunity. By 2025, 85% of manu- u Protective Relay Generation
want to learn. facturing will be connected, Rao said. u Protective Relay Basic
Karns said the Internet of Things If youre not on the bandwagon, you u Protective Relay Solid-State
(IoT) allows data to be viewed as an will lose your competitive advantage. PE u Protective Relay Advanced
u Medium-Voltage Cable
u Industrial Electrical Safety Inspector
input #9 at www.plantengineering.com/information
IBMs Pete Karns identified five ways the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
would impact both plant operations and data management. They include:

1. Entirely new security threats

2. Fundamental shifts in business models
3. Unprecedented data volumes
4. New privacy landscape
5. Incompatible standards. www.avotraining.com
Let us bring the training to you.
Call 877-594-3156 for an
www.plantengineering.com PLANT ENGINEERING January/February 2016 17 On-Site Quote.
Getting operators involved
in equipment maintenance plan
By Michael W. Blanchard, CRE, PE equipment in distress, adverse conditions Cause: reason for the failure
Life Cycle Engineering and the actions to minimize their effects, is Failure Mode: how the failure reveals
essential to improving and sustaining asset itself
The success of your equipment main- reliability. This paper explores how involv- Effect: impact of the failure
tenance plan (EMP) will depend on how ing operators in EMP development and
involved operators were in its development implementation will improve the impact Understanding equipment failure
and implementation. Are operator expe- on asset reliability. Unless the true nature of failure is under-
rience and abilities underutilized in your stood, it will be difficult to identify the
organization for the purposes of improv- Failure modes and effects analysis symptoms and root causes.
ing and sustaining asset reliability? Even (FMEA) Approximately 89% of component failure
if you dont have an operator care (OC) The effectiveness of the EMP devel- patterns are random. Scheduling a time-
program in place, you should consider oped using FMEA depends on the level based PM to address a random failure is
operator cares mitigation capabilities when of understanding achieved through ana- not only inappropriate, its a waste of money.
a strategy is required to lower risk to the lyzing asset specifications, history and To effectively mitigate the risk of random
value stream. EMPs are also a great way to process data. Operator input is impor- failure modes (infant mortality, random,
show the value that operators bring to the tant when facilitating an FMEA. They initial break-in), you need a hybrid strategy
reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) can provide further details when analyz- that includes operators.
team. Cross-functional collaboration is nec- ing the nature and root causes of failure. You can minimize the risk of infant mor-
essary to develop effective operator inspec- They will also validate any current con- tality and initial break-in failures by using
tions. Operators are in a perfect position trols, including any plant urban legends. standard operating procedures (SOPs)
to develop, test and institutionalize routine Undocumented inspections should be and acceptance testing to verify installa-
equipment care and inspection tasks. treated with caution. They tend to be hit- tions or repairs. Startup and shutdown
Involving operators in RCM analysis and-miss and executed with a high degree SOPs should be thoroughly reviewed for
and generating solutions builds credibil- of variability. However, if operator inspec- content that may lead to equipment abuse
ity for reliability improvement initiatives. tion procedures exist, they are subject or failure. Acceptance testing criteria should
The actions and behaviors demonstrated to the same PM optimization process as be evaluated for predominant failure modes
by an engaged operator will spread like maintenance inspections. and repairs. Ask your operators to update
wildfire. Operators are the first line of The equipment failure model used in the SOPs and provide input to the accep-
defense against the effects of unmitigated FMEA is a three-part event as seen in tance testing policy.
risk. Training them to identify symptoms of Figure 1. You can minimize the risk of random fail-
ures by adding a layer of protection to asset
Figure 1: Equipment failure model including examples. Image courtesy: Life Cycle reliability. Figure 3 illustrates how opera-
Engineering tors can provide this protection. Through
routine equipment care and inspections,
operators identify symptoms of pending
asset failure and take appropriate actions.
The symptom, or signal of focus, must fol-
low a degradation process that operators
can monitor through inspection. Cross-
functional team brainstorming provides
probable symptoms that can be observed
or measured. Operators will play a key role
identifying possible distress signals, but
most will require training.
Operators are closest to the equipment
and know when its running in a stable
mode of operation. Besides on-line moni-
toring systems at their disposal, operators
use their senses (i.e. sight, hearing, smell,
touch) to detect abnormal signals usu-
ally associated with equipment in distress.

18 January/February 2016 plant engineering www.plantengineering.com

One Source for
Your Spring
Figure 2: Failure patterns. Image courtesy: Life Cycle Engineering/John Moubray,
Nolan & Heap

The point of failure (PF) curve in Figure Reducing sources of contamination

4 shows how a symptom deteriorates over Solving or tagging problems
time, or cycles, and where operators can Adjustments
provide an additional line of detection Replacing filters, wear parts
should failure initiate between predic- Collecting oil samples
tive maintenance (PdM) collection dates. Participating in team meetings
The earlier the operator can sense these Providing improvement feedback.
symptoms the more time the organiza-
tion has to plan and execute a repair. In Equipment Maintenance Plan (EMP)
some instances, simple actions can resolve The Equipment Maintenance Plan (EMP)
the cause of distress and the PF curve is summarizes the tasks and resources
extended. Operator inspections add a layer needed to effectively preserve asset reli-
of protection against equipment failure and ability. The EMP guides the development
should be considered for every EMP. of the required operations and mainte-
nance tasks by ensuring that its done 35,000 stock designs
Risk mitigation consistently for all equipment. Routine
Instead of planning only to identify equipment care and inspection tasks are 300,000,000 springs
maintenance tasks for further develop- added to the EMP the same as mainte- in stock
ment, plan to identify cross-functional nance. You may choose to separate the Custom & prototype
activities that have the greatest impact on departments in the formatting to clearly
risk, including operator care and inspec- show ownership and provide a summary
spring design &
tion tasks. Routine equipment care and of workload. When building the EMP, manufacturing
inspection may not be enough to drive operators can help refine their tasks. Prototype to full
the Risk Priority Number (RPN) to an
acceptable level, but the RPN will drop Job plans
even further when combined with a Job plans for routine equipment care ISO 9001:2008; Made
maintenance PdM task. The list below and inspection should be written with in the USA
includes examples of operator-led tasks the same quality as maintenance. The In stock products ship
you should consider when selecting miti- job plans are documented and any data
gation strategies: collected can be trended. A feedback within 8 hours
loop is included in the job plans for
Identifying abnormal equipment sig- continuous improvement. Operator
nals and responding with appropriate inspection procedures should include
corrective action simple corrective actions the operator www.centuryspring.com
Writing work requests to correct can complete during the inspection (800) 237-5225
problems that were identified dur- along with the failure mode identifica-
ing equipment inspections tion tasks. Operators can write the job
Los Angeles, CA
Lubricating equipment plans as they execute the tasks. Provide
Bolt tightening them with training, plenty of examples
Cleaning and a template.
www.plantengineering.com plant engineering January/February 2016 19 input #10 at www.plantengineering.com/information

Figure 3: Reliability layers of protection. Image courtesy: Life Cycle Engineering

Operator-led inspections are meant Marking gauges with normal oper-

to identify the symptom of equipment ating ranges
failure with enough advance warning Marking piping flow direction
that a maintenance technician can effec- Color-coding content in piping and
tively troubleshoot the problem and take vessels
appropriate action. The criteria on the Marking direction of rotation on
inspection sheet, or procedure, helps the drive and driven equipment
operator to identify failure modes early Indicators to identify when filters
enough on a PF curve to allow successful need to be replaced
troubleshooting, planning and schedul- Labeling each lube point and color-
ing corrective action before equipment coding it to identify lubrication.
failure impacts the value stream. Operators can make or break your
Visual controls help operators immedi- reliability program. Involving them in
ately recognize work standards and other EMP development and execution will
important information, as well as devia- require time, training and continuous
tions from those standards. The goal is improvement support. Building a strong
to get the appropriate information or relationship with the process owner pro-
standard as close to the point of action vides the opportunity to teach them the
as possible. Examples of visual controls building blocks of a reliability-centered
include: culture. Its imperative to gain their sup-
Match marking torqued fasteners port before approaching operators and
Marking (high and low) reservoir support roles. Operators are the first
and tank levels layer of protection against the effects
of adverse conditions. PE
Figure 4: PF curve - Look for early
signs of failure. Image courtesy: Life Michael Blanchard is a Reliability
Cycle Engineering Engineering Subject Matter Expert with
Life Cycle Engineering
(LCE). He has more than
25 years of experience as
a reliability leader in a
variety of industries.
Blanchard is a licensed
Professional Engineer,
a Certified Reliability
Engineer, and a Certified
Lean-Six Sigma Master
Black Belt.

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20 January/February 2016 plant engineering www.plantengineering.com
Powering You With
Extraordinary Solutions
From responsible energy use and
predictive approaches to our vast
equipment portfolio, our focus is
always on you.
www.atlascopco.us 866-688-9611
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T he voice of the engineering community
speaks loud and clear in the following pages
featuring corporate profiles of those companies
participating in the Executive Voice program
presented by Plant Engineering magazine.

Our thanks to the following participants:

Camfil APC
FLIR Camera
Kaeser Compressors Inc.
SPM Instrument
Tekleen Automatic Filters
C amfil APC offers the most
technologically advanced dust,
mist and fume collectors available
administrative functions and a
state-of-the-art test lab equipped to
conduct a battery of bench tests on
backed by dependable service support dust samples, as well as simulated Frungillo
and decades of experience. Our full-scale testing. These scientific tests Vice president,
mission is to ship collectors fast while take the guesswork out of equipment Camfil APC
still giving the customer what they selection to help identify the best dust Americas
want; to be the most customer collection equipment for the job.
friendly company in the business;
and to make the best collector in the Over the past six months,
business from an end-user and Camfil APC has introduced
maintenance viewpoint. more new product lines than any
Over the past six
other year in months, Camfil APC
the companys
history. This has introduced more
expanded family of
products includes
new product lines than
our flagship line of any other year in the
Farr Gold Series
cartridge dust and companys history.
fume collectors
as well as mist
collectors, wet The latest addition is the Handte
Camfil APC corporate headquarters
Jonesboro, Arkansas
scrubbers and ancillary items all Vortex wet scrubber, which
designed to ensure a cleaner, combines high-performance wet
We guarantee our collectors to meet safer workplace. dust collection with easy plug and
EPA particle emission requirements. play operation.
We are also a leader in explosion The new Handte EM Profi emulsion
protection, with a full range of coolant mist collector for machining Its ideal for capture of very sticky
technical services to analyze centers offers very high collection dusts and fibers and highly explosive
combustible dust problems and efficiency and 24/7 performance. metallic, chemical and other dusts.
exclusive products to protect against Benefits include increased Because it provides wetting of
dust collector explosions. productivity, exceptional service combustible dusts, it can eliminate
ease and lower operating costs. the need for costly ancillary
We are a subsidiary of Camfil, the Service life is up to six years for the explosion protection devices.
largest air filter manufacturer in the primary filters.
world. All our components, including
filter cartridges, are manufactured in The Handte Oil Expert handles
ISO 9001 certified facilities. ultrafine, hard-to-capture oil mists
generated by machining processes
Our corporate headquarters that use pure (undiluted) lubricant
facility in Jonesboro, Arkansas oils. Both products come with a 1-800-479-6801
houses manufacturing, sales and 12-year limited warranty. www.camfilapc.com
F lexicon Corporation engineers
and manufactures bulk handling
equipment from stand-alone units
Stand-alone equipment
The Flexicon line of stand-alone
equipment includes: Flexible Screw David Gill
to automated systems that are Conveyors, Tubular Cable Conveyors, President
integrated with new or existing Pneumatic Conveying Systems, Bulk
process equipment and storage Bag Unloaders, Bulk Bag Conditioners,
vessels throughout the plant. Bulk Bag Fillers, Bag Dump Stations,
Drum/Box/Container Dumpers and
Virtually any bulk solid Weigh Batching and Blending Systems.
material or blend Numerous model configurations Manufacturing on
Flexicon equipment can handle are offered within each equipment four continents
virtually any bulk material, from category, as basic, low cost units up Flexicon manufactures equipment
large pellets to sub-micron powders to engineered, automated, high- in the US, UK, Australia and South
including friable materials, free- and capacity machines. Africa, maintains dedicated factory
non-free-flowing products, and representation in Singapore,
materials that pack, cake, plug, smear, Large-scale bulk Barcelona and Chile, and also markets
fluidize or separate. After more than handling projects equipment and systems through an
20,000 installations, Flexicon is Customers can alleviate the burden extensive network of authorized
knowledgeable about virtually all bulk and risk of designing large-scale bulk representatives worldwide.
materials and blends that customers handling systems, coordinating
are likely to encounter. multiple suppliers, integrating The company holds 36 patents in 13
components and trouble-shooting countries, and in 2015 doubled the
Lifetime Performance Guarantee start-up, by relying on Flexicon for size of its US headquarters.
The Flexicon Lifetime Performance it all.
Guarantee assures customers of a
successful result, regardless of whether Flexicon can evaluate customer
they purchase one piece of equipment material(s), plant layout, through-put
or an automated plant-wide system, rates, cost, cycle times and other
providing added assurance that parameters, and engineer the optimum
customers can trust their process, solution to individual bulk handling
and their reputation, to Flexicon. problems in the form of CAD drawings
that integrate Flexicon and other
Designed and constructed to equipment with new or existing
industry standards worldwide equipment in the customers plant.
All Flexicon equipment is available in
carbon steel with a variety of durable In addition, Flexicon can test
industrial finishes, and stainless steel in customer materials on full-size test
industrial and food, dairy and phar- equipment, build the equipment,
maceutical finishes, including designed supervise installation, validate the
Flexicon Corporation
and constructed for 3-A certification project, and train customer personnel +1 610 814 2400 sales@flexicon.com
and USDA acceptance. to operate it anywhere in the world. www.flexicon.com
T he start of a new year is a chance
to examine current processes,
look to the future, and plan for new
With this system data, we can
simulate power requirements of
different system scenarios using our
growth. At Kaeser, we continually Kaeser Energy Saving System (KESS) Mueller
look for opportunities to improve our in order to build the most energy
operations so we can better serve our efficient system possible. Kaeser
customers, but never at the expense of Compressors, Inc.
our heritage. These compressed air audit tools
coupled with our unbeatable efficiency,
This heritage is built on nearly a simple maintenance, and rugged
century of manufacturing excellence reliability, result in a built for a lifetime
and holds reliability, efficiency, and system that is engineered to perform. Kaeser Compressors is committed
quality at its core. This commitment to providing our customers with
to excellence guides our engineering, Kaeser is not intimidated by demand- engineering excellence, the highest
design, and customer service principles ing applications. Our commitment in manufacturing quality, and cutting
and means we deliver solutions-based to designing the best engineered edge solutions.
systems of the highest quality. solutions results in compressed air
systems that remain Prompt and dependable customer
reliable even in service and engineering support are
the toughest of backed by extensive training and
applications in our ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance
the harshest of and ISO 14001:2004 environmental
environments. Thats compliance program. These all
why our customers contribute to the value our customers
know us as the air have come to expect from the
systems specialist. Kaeser name.
Kaeser Compressors, Inc. Headquarters in
Fredericksburg, Virginia

While others offer cookie cutter

Our customers know us
scenarios or one-size fits all systems, as the air systems specialist.
our consultative approach means
we work with our customers to
understand their application needs Our turnkey, all-weather
and develop a tailored solution that compressed air packages integrate
will continue to deliver the compressed our high quality compressed air
air they need year after year. systems with rugged, weather-proof
containers. Remote operations are
Using our comprehensive Air Demand supported by our Sigma Air Manager
Analysis (ADA) program, our 2, which controls air production
engineers build a complete and and offers a variety of industrial
accurate air demand and consumption communications interfaces for
Kaeser Compressors, Inc.
profile to give a clear picture of the seamless integration into remote customer.us@kaeser.com
systems compressed air requirements. monitoring and control systems. www.us.kaeser.com
water has also reduced the

need for expensive water-
treating chemicals.

While precise savings

have not been
P rocess water from a plants
cooling tower is often
contaminated with airborne dust,
problem. The filters operate on
line pressure alone. Self-cleaning is
triggered by a pressure differential
There are eight focused factory
operations within the facility
to serve the companys primary
completely documented,
the reduction in the
need for maintenance
pollen, algae, plastic fines, and pipe and is accomplished in seconds markets packaging, commercial downtime is very
scale. These contaminates circulate without interrupting the flow. industrial, automotive and noticeable, according to
through heat exchangers and The filters are compact in size and appliance industries. plant management.
chillers and significantly reduce the designed to meet a wide variety of
systems cooling ability. As a result, industrial applications. The company operates on the Machinery can function
extruders, molding machines, Lean manufacturing principle, continuously, rather than
molds, and compressors can heat maintaining high productivity being constantly checked
up and endanger the quality of the while fostering a valued-employee due to the possibility of
product manufactured as well as atmosphere. The company also contamination of the
the machines. focuses on environmental cooling water that would
responsibility and the goal of zero result in overheating.
This problem can result in waste through conscientious
frequent maintenance shutdowns material handling and overall
which often cause considerable efficient plant management.
Tekleen Filters Increase Efficiency at
production losses. Hoffer Plastics
With the self-cleaning Tekleen
According to CEO, Gideon Brunn, Hoffer Plastics Corporation in filters in place, these daily
TEKLEEN self-cleaning water South Elgin, IL is comprised of a checkups have been eliminated.
Tel: 800-336-1942, 310-839-2828
filters provide the ultimate solution 365,000 square foot climate- In addition to this labor and info@tekleen.com
where dirty cooling water is a controlled, self-powered facility. downtime savings, the savings in www.tekleen.com

pe201602_execVhlf_tekleen.indd 1 1/4/2016 1:14:30 PM

F or many years, plant engineers
have used thermal imaging
in their preventive maintenance
Typical FLIR thermal imagers for
route-based preventive maintenance
programs include handheld or
mechanical assets. Thermal sensors,
like the FLIR AX8, provide auto-
mated alarms when temperatures
programs to discover and measure point-and-shoot models. These exceed pre-set thresholds, as well as
heat generation in mechanical and models help maintenance profes- temperature trend analysis.
electric installations, machines, and sionals see and report equipment Paul A. Czerepuszko
compressors. Thermal imaging is an problems quickly, and have become With thermal imaging sensors like Director, Automation
effective technique to discover over- invaluable additions to the the AX8, FLIR continues to find new Business Development
heated components and to detect maintenance engineers toolbox. uses for its increasingly-more afford-
and prevent creeping breakdowns. able thermal imaging technologies,
By identifying problems before they Although regular route-based says Paul Czerepuszko, Director of new or existing installations.
become serious issues, thermal inspections, and spot checks for Automation Business Development. Digital inputs/outputs
imaging helps plant engineers save a troubleshooting are indispensable are available for alarms
lot of money. for todays preventative maintenance These sensors are specifically and control of external
programs, many plant managers designed for easy integration in a equipment and an image
need additional intelligence and production environment, and have a masking function enables
control over their equipment. These very small form factor, making them selecting only the relevant
managers are looking for real-time easy to install in space-constrained part of the image for analysis.
data, 24/7, 365 days in a year. areas. The FLIR AX8, for example,
is the only thermal sensor on the
In response to this growing need, market to incorporate industrial
FLIR offers cost-effective thermal communication protocols, like
sensors for continuous condition EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP Tel: +1-866-477-3687
FLIR Systems, Nashua, NH monitoring of electrical and for easy setup and installation in www.flir.com
E stablished in 1970, SPM
Instrument rates as one of the
earliest pioneering companies in the
The Shock Pulse Method,
(where SPM Instrument gets its
name) was revolutionary to what
developments and technological
advancements: wide spread use
of computers throughout indus-
field of Predictive Maintenance. was then the early stages of tries in the 80s, advancements
Vibration Analysis and Rotational in lubrication technology, digital Patrick Parvin
In the 1960s, rotational Equipment Monitoring. This signal processing, and micro Managing Director,
equipment monitoring consisted started a journey down a path circuitry with noise reduction. SPM Instrument Inc.
of putting a wooden rod or of developments in multiple
screwdriver to the ear and technologies used to perform Dedicated efforts over the years With qualified service
listening to a machine. Often what is now generally referred to to continually develop simpler and sales personnel
when a sound was heard, it was as Predictive Maintenance. and more efficient evaluation in over 50 countries,
already too late. A.P. Moller, a methods has enabled SPM we have the knowledge,
Danish ship owner, was not From 1970 until today, there to remain a top choice for instrumentation and
happy with the overabundance have been many industrial predictive maintenance, and solutions to support
of cargo pump failures with no machinery monitoring solutions. all of your predictive
forewarning throughout his maintenance needs.
tanker fleet. SPM recently released HD ENV
as proof to their continued
An inventor and enterprising commitment to technological
financier decided to address advancement. Products range from
the problem. In 1969, inventor high-tech, lightweight, portable
Eivind Sohoel patented the instruments, as well as online
first method for monitoring SPM Instrument Inc. North American systems, and a comprehensive info@spminstrument.com
rolling element bearings. Corporate HQ in Eugene, OR CondmasterRuby software. 1-800-505-5636

pe201602_execV_halfSPM.indd 1 1/17/2016 4:48:54 PM

2015 Safety Study

Turning research into insights makes for better business decisions
The 2015 Safety study was conducted by Plant Engineering to better
understand workplace safety in manufacturing. The research also looked
at the idea of a safety culture, how far these efforts extend into the plant
and beyond, and safety trends and strategies.

On average each year, respondents reported receiving 22

hours of job-related safety training, 11 hours of ergonomics
training, and 15 hours of first-aid or personal safety training.
More than half of respondents have at least one safety
executive or manager on site.

Access the full Plant Engineering 2015 Safety report with

additional findings and insights.
Industrie 4.0 or IIoT?
The challenges of connected industry are on the agenda
at Hannover Messe 2016.

Get ready. The changes brought on

by the Industrial Internet of Things
(IIoT) and Industrie 4.0 will affect your
business if they havent already. As
industrial networks are enabled to sense
and control electronics and software,
opportunities are created, along with
concerns over cybersecurity.

Join Phoenix Contact and hear from

world-leading experts on this and many
other topics during open forums at
Hannover Messe 2016: the worlds most
important industrial show, with more
than 6,500 exhibitors from 70 countries
representing the entire industrial
value chain.
Get your all-show admission pass
FREE! www.phoenixcontact.com/GoMesse
input #13 at www.plantengineering.com/information
Hannover Messe, April 25-29, 2016.


American manufacturing
or nearly 70 years, Hannover Messe has been the worlds leading
on a global stage industrial trade show, bringing manufacturing innovation from
around the world to Hannover, Germany, each spring.
The United States takes center stage at Hannover Messe 2016 as
this years Partner Country. The event takes place April 25-29, providing an
opportunity to bring American manufacturing strategies to a global audience.
In the months leading up to this years show, well look at the key trends
in global manufacturing and offer insights as to how U.S. manufacturers
can benefit from attending Hannover Messe in 2016.

A perfect fit for

small businesses
Hannover Messe offers manufacturers
an entry into global markets.
By Bob Vavra, Content Manager, CFE Media

James Flaherty sees his companys first trip to Hannover Messe in Germany
as one giant step for his company, but also one major leap of faith for the
benefits this show might bring.
Flaherty is president and CEO of Adsorptech, a small manufacturer and
consulting company based in Middlesex, N.J. They make industrial-scale
oxygen-production equipment and provide gas-separation consulting services,
and until this year have never exhibited anywhere. Adsorptechs first foray to
Hannover Messe, the worlds largest industrial trade show, was facilitated by
the U.S. Commercial Service, a part of the Department of Commerce and a
partner in the companys expansion into Europe.
We look for distributors, and so heres a show where 25 countries will
attend, with a wide geographic spread, Flaherty said. Industrial-scale oxygen
is used in a multitude of industriesoil refineries, farms, and a lot of places
in between. If we went to shows in each industry, wed be doing nothing but
trade shows.
Adsorptechs relationship with the U.S. Commercial Service dates back 3
years to when the company first started to manufacture its products and was
looking at how to get started in the export market. So when the Commercial
Service suggested exhibiting at Hannover Messe as part of the United States
Partner Country status in 2016, Flaherty was interested in hearing more.
When weve worked with the U.S. Commercial Service, we had just decided
to export, and they helped us with the learning curve. They were the ones
who brought the show to our attention, said Flaherty. Its the first show I
saw that covered a lot of manufacturing, environment, and energy markets.
We can hit a group of our potential markets with one show. For a small busi-
ness, thats a perfect fit.
But with 6,000 exhibitors and more than 200,000 attendees at Hannover
each year, a significant concern was getting lost in the crowd. The Com-
mercial Service has helped with that. Were part of a bigger team, and thats
important, Flaherty said. Their value is, first, their advice. Being a newbie,
we have the greatest learning curve.
The company is working with the Commercial Service and the state of
New Jersey, which has provided some of the funding for the trip, to help make
connections to potential customers long before the show begins on April 23.
Theyre trying to determine which attendees are our would-be customers,

www.plantengineering.com plant engineering January/February 2016 29


Its the first show I saw that covered a lot of manu-

facturing, environment, and energy markets. We
can hit a group of our potential markets with one
show. For a small business, thats a perfect fit.
James Flaherty, Adsorptech
Postshow follow-up support to make sure U.S. exhibitors know
how to take the next step with the new connections they make
at the show.

Making a splash
That support is a major reason why Kathy Wyrofsky, president of
International Products Corp. in Burlington, N.J., will be attend-
Adsorptech President and CEO James Flaherty never has ing her first Hannover Messe. The company has exports and
been to Hannover Messe, but said the support his company sales offices in London for its line of specialty industrial cleaning
is receiving from state and federal economic development products and specialty lubrication products.
groups means this first trip is likely to generate business. I walked the show about 15 years ago, but this is the first
Image courtesy: Adsorptech time weve been exhibiting, Wyrofsky said. The relationship
weve had with the Department of Commerce and their help
and are helping set up pre-show meetings. Were not just hoping with networking has been wonderful, and they brought the show
someone stops by. to our attention.
Its a really big opportunity to have meetings and network with
Commercial Service and its role potential partners, and thats a big reason to go, she added. One
The U.S. Commercial Service is a global marketing and consult- good prospect from a show pays for the show for us, and that
ing arm for small and mid-sized U.S. manufacturers looking to happens often. Ill be looking to take advantage of what the show
promote their products. There are more than 100 Commercial is offering in terms of meetings. I see an opportunity to connect
Service offices in the U.S. and a network of trade representatives with new customers as well as existing customers.
worldwide. Jim Higgins is president of Stay Online, a Creedmoor, N.C.,
Some of the key services we provide for U.S. manufacturers and manufacturer of power cords and plug adapters. Their products
other exporters are our trade counseling services to help companies are manufactured to North American and European standards,
understand the opportunities and value in exporting their goods and the company recently opened its first sales office in Prague.
and services, said Daniel Gaines, senior international trade spe- Stay Online has exhibited at vertical-market shows in Berlin,
cialist for the U.S. Commercial Service. They also offer a program Paris, and Amsterdam in the past, so this years foray to Hannover
called Business Matchmaking Services, which identifies qualified is hardly a first step into Europe.
overseas partners as well as an ongoing series of trade missions to But Higgins appreciates the difference between American and
markets around the world. European trade events and business practices, which is why an
Hannover Messe is a regular event for the Commercial Ser- appearance at Hannover is important. In Europe, some relation-
vice, but with the U.S. being Partner Country in 2016, it affords ships are predicated on meeting the person, Higgins said. Over
the Service a starring role in this years show. The U.S. Pavilion the course of a month, Ive had two business meetings in airports.
at Hannover will be an important hub for both U.S. states and For some people, its about, Im not going to do business with
manufacturers looking to expand exports and attract foreign direct you until I meet you.
investmentand a place for European and Asian businesses to They also respect a product that is well-made, Higgins added.
learn more about U.S. opportunities. I love working with the Germans; with them, theres no gray
Gaines said the Commercial Service will offer U.S. exhibitors area. They will tell you, Heres what I need in order to do busi-
at Hannover Messe support in four areas: ness with you.
Preshow educational webinars to help companies prepare for
the event U.S. manufacturing in expansion mode
Preshow company promotions to potential overseas partners, While the global manufacturing sector has slowed after a 4-year
helping U.S. exhibitors get maximum exposure to the potential advance, Commerce Department officials are bullish about the
buyers, partners, and investors at the show U.S. leadership role in global manufacturing. U.S. manufacturing
On-site executive marketing counseling with commercial is adding jobs at its fastest rate in decades, with nearly 900,000 new
experts from U.S. embassies from across the globe, helping manufacturing jobs created since February 2010; and manufactur-
U.S. exhibitors create custom strategies for approaching key ing production is up by almost one-third since the recession. The
global markets number of factories across the United States is growing for the first

30 January/February 2016 plant engineering www.plantengineering.com

Visit Beckhoff at Hannover Messe 2016
in Hall 9, Booth F06!

input #14 at www.plantengineering.com/information


The relationship weve had with the Department of Commerce and their
help with networking has been wonderful, and they brought the show to
our attention.
Kathy Wyfrosky, International Products Corp

time since the 1990s, where EXIM will extend credit to a U.S. manufacturers overseas
said Deputy Assistant buyer, which can unlock financing otherwise unavailable to a
Secretary of Commerce foreign buyer seeking to purchase U.S. products. In addition,
Antwaun Griffin. EXIM offers other insurance and financing options to help
For small and mid- minimize the risk in doing business overseas.
sized manufacturers,
there are many resourc- The first step that any manufacturer interested in growth should
es offered through state do is visit www.export.gov and contact their nearest U.S. Com-
and federal programs to mercial Service office, Gaines said. That office will be able to
encourage expansion of manufacturing exports and the opening meet with the company and walk them through the resources
of new markets. They include: across the U.S. government that will be of the most value to their
specific company.
STEP Grants: The Small Business Administration (SBA)
awards state governments with federal money known as STEP Managing expectations
Grants, which act as a strategic investment to help small to For first-time attendees at Hannover Messe, the chance to be part
medium-sized companies expand their international reach. of the U.S. delegation at the show, interact with global manufac-
These funds can be leveraged to help offset export-related turing partners, and expand their business all are compelling
costs, such as trade shows, travel on a trade mission, or using drivers.
a U.S. Commercial Service fee-based service If we get one order, its worth it, said Flaherty. Our products
Export Working Capital: SBA provides advances of up to $5 are high-capital expenditures products. One is not a very big num-
million to fund export transactions, from purchase order to ber, but our expectation is thats the lowest number well have.
collections. The working capital can support foreign accounts If that does happen, Flaherty said the Commercial Services
receivable during long payment cycles or can be used to finance efforts to point them to Hannover Messe would get a good part
suppliers, inventory, or production of export goods or services. of the credit. If I saw this online, I would not have recognized
This loan has a low guaranty fee and quick processing time. the value, Flaherty added. They said we think this fits you,
Foreign Buyer Financing and Accounts Receivable Insurance: and heres why.
The Export-Import Bank (EXIM) offers a variety of financial We feel really good about U.S. manufacturing, said Higgins.
tools that U.S. companies can leverage to support their export If your product fills a niche and brings value, theres a market out
operations. One example is their foreign buyer credit service there. If you apply your imagination, there are opportunities. PE

Hannover Messe 2016

Integrated IndustryDiscover Solutions is the lead theme of Hannover Messe 2016. The digi-
talization of factories and energy systems is the foremost topic at the worlds leading trade fair for
industrial technology. In Hannover, visitors from the manufacturing industries learn step by step
how to convert their production plants into Industrie 4.0 factories. Visitors from the energy indus-
try discover technical solutions for intelligent energy systems.

LOCATION: For the first time, the United States will be the Partner Country at Hannover Messe
Hannover, Germany 2016, which will highlight the U.S. role as the worlds leading manufacturing econo-
my. The U.S.-based Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) will present itself at a special
DATES: display area. IIC promotes the development of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).
April 25-29, 2016
The show also will highlight the emphasis on Industrie 4.0, which focuses on
HOURS: concepts similar to IIoT. The focus is around data management, which will highlight
9 a.m. to 6 p.m. the use of predictive maintenance, machine and plant engineers embed sensors in
machinery so that it can independently indicate that it will soon require servicing.
WEBSITE: Using this data, the machinery manufacturer can build his after-sales business by
www.messe.de offering timely maintenance services to factory operators.

32 January/February 2016 PLANT ENGINEERING www.plantengineering.com

25 29 April 2016
Hannover Germany
The USA will be highlighted at the worlds largest industrial
technology trade fair. To explore opportunities at HANNOVER
MESSE, call +1 (773) 796-4250 or visit www.hannovermesse.de.

Sign up for free tickets: www.hannovermesse.events/cfemedia

Get new technology first

input #15 at www.plantengineering.com/information

aMT, Hannover forge strong partnership
The Association for Manufacturing tive Hannover Messe brings in aspects of EElMan: Attendance at Hannover Messe
Technology (AMT) has enjoyed a strong the manufacturing plant that go beyond encompasses the entire continent of Europe,
partnership with Hannover Messe over machinery and individual production areas. and represents the future of manufacturing
the past decade. Hannover Fairs USA will worldwide. Attending Hannover Messe helps
produce the 2016 Industrial Automation CFE MEdia: What is the value of the establish and connect U.S. manufacturers to
North American pavilion at the 2016 Inter- relationship between AMT and Han- the global community. Attendees and exhibi-
national Manufacturing Technology Show nover Messe, and with Hannover Fairs tors from around the world look for and rep-
(IMTS) in Chicago on Sept. 12-16. AMT USA? resent the latest manufacturing advances.
will have a strong presence at Hannover
Messe 2016 on April 24-29 in Germany. EElMan: Hannover Fairs USA and AMT CFE MEdia: What are the key issues you
Peter Eelman, vice president of exhibi- have partnered over the last six years to bring see for manufacturing as we head into 2016?
tions and communications for AMT, dis- a variety of components from into IMTS. How will events like Hannover Messe 2016
cusses the importance of Hannover Messe Some of these areas include industrial auto- and IMTS 2016 help manufacturers address
to his organization and U.S. manufacturers mation and motion drives. Our relationship these issues?
as a whole. benefits visitors at IMTS by expanding the
range of products they can shop for and EElMan: The most talked about area for
CFE MEdia: Why is Hannover Messe new technologies to learn about across the the future is digital manufacturing. Both
important for U.S. manufacturers? manufacturing spectrum. IMTS and Hannover Messe offer a variety
of insights into how digital manufacturing
EElMan: Hannover Messe is the Worlds CFE MEdia: Hannover Messe is a com- will proceed in the future as well as foresight
largest gathering of industrial suppliers. mitment of time and money. How do you into what will be possible including software
Hannover Messe encompasses many dif- explain the value to your members looking development of digital manufacturing and
ferent lines in manufacturing and suppliers to explore a more global manufacturing current developments in 3-D printing and
of manufacturing. From AMTs perspec- operation? additive manufacturing. PE

Our Heart Is Set On

Your Productivity!

FORCAM Never misses a Beat.

Hannover Fair 2016
April 25 29 I Hall 7 I Booth A11


We Deliver Results In Productivity

www.forcam.com input #16 at www.plantengineering.com/information
President Obama, LR3 480 V
seen with Germen
chancellor Angela
Merkel at a past
Line reactors
White House visit,
will open Hannover
Messe 2016 with a
speech and tour of
the U.S. pavilion on
April 24-25. Image
courtesy: The White

President Obama to open

Make it smooth
Hannover Messe on April 24
By Bob Vavra, Content Manager, CFE Media

President Barack Obama will lead Hannover Messe officials said that to
the United States delegation to Han- date, more than 250 U.S. manufactur-
nover Messe 2016 on April 24 to high- ers have signed up to exhibit. The U.S.
light the U.S. role as Partner Country at Department of Commerce also is work-

the global manufacturing trade show. ing with American manufacturers look-
Hannover Messe 2016 is April 24-29 ing to make contacts with prospective
in Hannover, Germany. partners in Germany and Europe.
The White House confirmed Presi- The President will join German Chan-
dent Obamas participation in Han- cellor Angela Merkel at the opening cer-
nover Messe in an announcement Dec. emonies at Hannover Messe on Sunday,
30. The Presidents participationa April 24 at the Hannover Centrum. The
first for a sitting U.S. Presidentpres- event traditionally features a cultural
ents an unique opportunity to show- presentation by the Partner Country. On
case American innovation and ingenu- Monday, April 25, Obama and Merkel are
ity and to highlight the United States expected to tour the fairgrounds and visit
as a prime investment destination, a number of trade show booths. PEAK AND INRUSH
the White House press office said in a This visit, which will be the Presi- CURRENT LIMITATION
release. While in Germany, the Presi- dents fifth to Germany, underscores SPIKE PROTECTION
dent will address efforts to advance the enduring political and economic
negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade ties between Americans and Germans HIGH RELIABILITY
and Investment Partnership.
Hannover Messe officials were
and highlights the U.S. commitment to
trade and investment as drivers of job 480 V
delighted by the announcement. Pres- creation and economic growth on both
ident Obamas participation sends a sides of the Atlantic, the White House The new line reactor LR3 48 series
special signal about Hannover Messes said in a statement. mitigates harmonics and smoothes up
international appeal, said Dr. Jochen The President will continue the tradi- your systems.
Kckler, member of the managing tion of heads of state attending the open-
board at Deutsche Messe AG. And ing ceremonies when their nations were
Hall 13
the timing is perfect: in the midst of selected as Partner Country. In 2012,
Booth C34
its reindustrialization the United States Chinese premier Wen Jiabao opened
has become a very attractive business the event and in 2013, Russian president
partner for industry. For German Vladimir Putin addressed the opening
machinery and plant manufacturers, ceremonies. Indian prime minister Nar-
the USA is once again the number one endra Modi appeared at the 2015 opening
market. ceremonies. PE

www.plantengineering.com PLANT ENGINEERING January/February 2016 35 blockusa.com

input #17 at www.plantengineering.com/information
offers the highest fidelity imagery,
without compromises. FLIR designed
and built the T1Ks innovative
precision optics with remarkable
range and thermal sensitivity that is
unparalleled. The compact, ergonomic
design makes targeting easier and
takes the stress out of inspections.
Delivering the sharpest results, truest
temperatures and most flexibility,
the T1K takes the predictive, out of
predictive maintenance.

F L I R.c o m / T 1 K

input #18 at www.plantengineering.com/information

201 5

Salary Survey

efore the calendar turned, 2016 already Manufacturing is still seen as a secure career by
had the makings of a pivotal year for more than two-thirds of respondents; and 65% of
manufacturing and for the world. all respondents are over the age of 50, indicating
There were the big events for the year, experience still is a key factor in manufacturing
including the United States as Partner management.
Country at Hannover Messe in April That experience is being rewarded. Average
and the 2016 International Manufacturing Tech- base salaries climbed to more than $100,000 for
nology Show (IMTS) in Chicago in September. the first time in the Salary Survey, and 46% of
Theres also the matter of the U.S. presidential respondents said their base salary was higher
election in November, which promises than that $100,000 threshold. There also
to shape policy in manufacturing for is optimism around salaries for 2016,
years to come. as 69% saw pay increasing this year.
But the year started with global Some respondents cited global
economic turmoil, as a slowdown unrest as a concern for manufac-
in Chinese manufacturing trig- turing. Others are anxious to see
gered a worldwide stock hiccup government regulations relaxed,
that sent values plummeting. both on their operations and in
The continued plunge in heath care. Some still see barri-
world oil prices has resulted ers to growth within their own
in a slowdown in exploration plants; thus, within their own
and, by extension, the manufacture control. Everyone, it seems, is worried
of exploration equipment. about something.
Despite the relative strength of the U.S. In 2015, the year began with confidence and
manufacturing market, the monthly PMI Index optimism. In 2016, the year begins with uncer-
put out by the Institute for Supply Management tainty. The issues that face manufacturing in the
declined for seven straight months and fell into short-term are complex and outside of the con-
contraction for the first time in three years in trol of most individual plants. That makes it even
November. more important to focus on those areas of your
These are nervous days. facility you can controlsafety and productivity,
Thats why it is not surprising that for the first training and employee development. If we dare to
time in a decade, the primary concern of plant look back at 2008 and what followed, we can be
managers is the economy, according to the 2015 reminded of those qualities that led U.S. manufac-
Plant Engineering Salary Survey. In past years, the turing forward and brought the overall economy
top issue was the lack of a skilled workforce, and from recession to prosperity.
that checks in as managers second-largest issue,
but the economy was clearly a bigger concern at Bob Vavra
the end of 2015. Content Manager, Plant Engineering

www.plantengineering.com PLANT ENGINEERING January/February 2016 37

Who We Are
While the average age of respondents to the The number of advanced degrees in manufacturing was up
Plant Engineering Salary Survey dipped in 2015 sharply in 2015, with 23% on respondents holding a masters
to 52, the experience level of plant management remains degree. Overall, 48% own at least a bachelors degree, and
very high. Of those responding, 58% have worked for their 71% own a 4-year college degree.
current employer for at least 10 years, and 30% have been These managers also have significant management respon-
with their current company for more than 20 years. sibilities. They manage staff, and 92% manage at least 20
There was still some mobility in those jobs in 2015, how- employees. They manage energy, as 60% are responsible for
ever. More than one-quarter (26%) had been with their energy use and reduction. And they manage time, as 94%
current employer fewer than 5 years, the same total as work up to 45 hours a week and 59% work between 45 and
in 2014, and 5% had been in manufacturing fewer than 5 60 hours a week.
years. Thats still lower than the 20% of managers who have The Salary Survey respondents reflect the wide array of
been in the job at least 35 years and the 8% of managers manufacturing in the U.S., both in terms of industries served
over the age of 65, indicating that the concern over who and in terms of plant location. Their primary job, though, is
will take over management of plants in the next few years largely the same: managing the plants operational, mainte-
still is an issue. nance, and engineering functions.


50 to 59 years 40 or more Less than 5
5% 5 to 9
42% 8%
40 to 49 years 8%
60 and above 30 to 39 10 to 19
23% 28% 22%
39 and below
17% 20 to 29

All graphics courtesy: Plant Engineering


40 to 44
50 to 54 5 to 9 10 to 14
38% 16%
16% Less than 5 14%
26% 15 to 19
30 and more 20 to 24
14% 25 to 29
55 to 59 9%
Less than 35
60 or more 7%

38 January/February 2016 PLANT ENGINEERING www.plantengineering.com

Utilities 12% Maintenance manager 12%
Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or biotech 10%
Plant engineer 11%
Food, beverage, or tobacco 8%
Engineering manager 10%
Industrial, commercial, or agriculteral machinery 8%
Project engineer 7%
Oil, gas, or petroleum refining 8%
Plastics or rubber 7% Electrical engineer 7%
Aircraft, aerospace, defense, or related manufacturing 7% Controls engineer 6%
Transportation or related manufacturing 7% Manager 5%
Primary metals or nonmetallic mineral product manufacturing 6%
Mechanical engineer 5%
Wood, paper, printing, or related products 6%
Plant manager 5%
Fabricated metals 5%
Instrumentation, control systems, or medical equipment 5% Process engineer 4%

Electrical equipment or appliances 4% Instrumentation technician 4%

Computers or electronic products 3% Senior engineer 4%
Miscellaneous manufacturing 9%
Other 21%
Non-manufacturing 14%


Engineering, maintenance, or supervisory 50%

Process, production, or manufacturing engineering 21%

General or corporate management 9%

System or product design, control, or instrument engineering 7%

System integration or consulting


Purchasing or purchasing management 1%

Masters degree
Other engineering Bachelors degree 23%
3% College
Other 4% 9%

Trade/technical 8%
school diploma Dual bachelors degree
High school degree 2%
diploma 3%

www.plantengineering.com PLANT ENGINEERING January/February 2016 39

What We Earn
Plant management salaries climbed sharp- continues and how manufacturers choose to respond to a
ly in 2015, according to the Plant Engineering longer slowdown. One hint from the past: Bonus compen-
Salary Survey. Base salaries were up 8% to an average of sation skyrocketed in the years immediately after the 2008
$100,740, and bonus compensation increased 7.6% to an recession, as manufacturers understood the need to drive
average $12,599. Its the first time base salaries have finished greater productivity out of their plants even given a reduc-
above the $100,000 threshold, and the second straight year tion in staff. It was those productivity gains that helped fuel
of bonus increases. the strong manufacturing recovery that helped pull the U.S.
Both were primarily impacted by the plants performance economy out of recession.
and the managers ability to improve productivity. More than For their part, plant managers are slightly more pessimis-
three-quarters of bonuses (76%) were based on company tic in 2016 about salary increases. While they dont expect
profitability, and 58% were based on employee performance. a decrease in salary, they are not expecting a big increase,
At least one-third of all bonuses are affected by safety metrics either. Of the survey respondents, 54% saw a salary increase
(39%), plant productivity (34%), and reducing costs (33%). of between 1% and 3% in the coming year, while 30% expected
Whether those compensation gains are sustainable will to stay the same. A year ago, 63% of respondents expected
depend on how long the current manufacturing slowdown an increase of between 1% and 3%, and 23% saw no increase.


$85,186 $95,839 $90,806
$109,573 MOUNTAIN
2015 2014

2015 2014
2015 2014

2015 2014
2015 2014


2015 2014

2015 2014


Stay the same

Increase 1% to 3% 55%
Stay the same
30% Decrease Increase 1% to 3%
17% 18%

Increase 4% to 6%
Increase more than 6% 10% Increase more than 6% Increase 4% to 6%
4% 3% 7%

40 January/February 2016 PLANT ENGINEERING www.plantengineering.com

Average base annual salary Average non-salary compensation
2015 2014 2013 2012
$15,162 $12,599
$11,678 $11,705
$14,548 $7,580
$95,446 $95,660 60%
$92,178 $93,130
Company profitability 71%

Personal performance*

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

Safety metrics 33%


MANUFACTURING SECTOR Plant or line productivity 33%
Average base annual salary Average non-salary compensation
$0 $20,000 $40,000 $60,000 $80,000 $100,000 25%
Reducing plant costs 32%
Wood, paper, printing, or related products
Oil, gas, or petroleum refining
Quality metrics 21%
Food, beverage, or tobacco 17%
Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or biotech
Transportation 24%
Product profitability 28%
Primary metals or nonmetallic mineral 18%
product manufacturing
Computers or electronic products
Plastics or rubber Uptime/downtime 25%
Industrial, commercial, or 11%
agricultural machinery
Instrumentation, control systems, or
medical equipment
Aircraft, aerospace, defense, or Energy efficiencies 16%
related manufacturing 7%
Fabricated metals
Electrical equipment or appliances
Other 24%
Miscellaneous manufacturing

*Not included in 2012-2014 surveys

www.plantengineering.com PLANT ENGINEERING January/February 2016 41

What We Think
Its the economy. The challenge of operating as much value to my organization as possible. I am still a pretty
a manufacturing businesses in a global economy new engineer, and there is so much I need to know that they
means that when the global economy slumps, plant management didnt have time to teach in school. I have heard it takes 10 years
has to navigate through the slump. to make a good engineer, but I want to be able to add a lot of value
With oil policy, currency policy, regulatory policy, and health all the way along in my career. Another respondent expressed
care policy all weighing on their minds, the Salary Survey respon- concern that, Engineering manpower will be reduced arbitrarily
dents put the economy at the top of their list of concerns for the to increase short-term profits.
first time in the 11 years Plant Engineering has asked the question. On competition: (There is a) lack of organic growth prospects
While most of those big issues are outside of their control, it doesnt and lack of transformative new products for the product lines
mean they dont have them at the top of mind. we manufacture at this site.
It was two areas they can control that took the next two spots. On government and regulation: One respondent said there
The continuing lack of skilled workers and challenges from their was a lack of common-sense application of industry rules and
competition both garnered a significant part of the concern. Gov- regulations leading to overregulation. Another expressed con-
ernment interference, burdensome regulations, and inadequate cern about the survival of smaller food companies with the
company management held down the next three spots in the survey. advent of new FDA programs and Global Food Safety initiative.
Comments from survey participants reflected frustration with On management: Poor management (is) continuing to push
all of these areas: older, more experienced people out in lieu of a younger person
On the economy: How the stock market is going to affect the with lower pay and no real experience in the job.
industry. We ship all of our manufacturing offshore and are not Bits of optimism: Yes, there were some of those as well. One
bringing much back to take its place. (The) money people (are) manager wrote, We are cramped for space and looking at plant
devaluing the need for maintenance on the factory floor. expansion options. And another added, This is a new plant.
On workforce development: My biggest concern is getting Getting it started and making quality product is the biggest
lots of high-quality professional development so that I can add concern.





2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

42 January/February 2016 PLANT ENGINEERING www.plantengineering.com

2015 2014

Economy* 23%

Lack of available skilled workers 19%

Competition* 14%

Government/political interference 10%

Regulations, codes, standards, etc. 10%
Inadequate management 10%
Outsourcing, offshoring
Downsizing 3%
Lack of necessary materials 1%
Taxes and tariffs on products 1%
Union pressures, restrictions 0%
Other 4%
*Not included in 2014


Project management skills 72%
Engineering skills 68%
Communication/presentation skills 62%
Team-building skills 54%
Computer skills 50%
Finance/accounting skills 28%
Language skills 24%
Marketing/sales skills 14%
Other 3%

www.plantengineering.com PLANT ENGINEERING January/February 2016 43

What We Think: IIoT

Manage and organize data 73%

Manage maintenance functions 52%

Connect all of our facilities 36%

Improve supply chain efficiency 35%
Reduce raw materials costs 19%
Other 4%

Analyst outlook

Process manufacturing faces early challenges in 2016

As one of the leading consultancies around the Industrial in upstream oil and gas and those manufacturing and
Internet of Things (IIoT), ARC Advisory Group has been service sectors that depend on upstream oil and gas for
helping its clients understand how and why to explore IIoT a significant portion of their business.
and its value to process manufacturing. Andy Chatha,
president of ARC Advisory Group, discussed some of those On the other hand, the lower oil and gas prices are driving
issues with CFE Media in advance of the ARCs annual some large capital projects in downstream industries,
conference in Orlando in February: such as petroleum refineries and petrochemical plants,
where the reduced energy and feedstock prices help
CFE MEDIA: Whats your overall outlook for 2016? What improve profit margins. This is particularly the case in
will be the key issues affecting manufacturing as we North America, where several years ago chemical plants
begin the new year? and refineries were being closed down by the score.

CHATHA: ARC is predicting another gloomy year for The global automotive industry also saw good growth
manufacturing due to both the modest global growth in 2015 due in part to increased consumer confidence
expected in light of the slowdown in China, Brazil, and and lower gas prices, which stimulates sales of less ener-
Russia and the continued depressed oil prices, which gy-efficient, but typically much more profitable larger
will continue to reduce capital expenditures across a and luxury vehicles. Automotive manufacturing is also
number of key industrial sectors. going through a transformation through digitization and
robotics, which are increasing value for consumers and
CFE MEDIA: Manufacturing was in a slump at the end of reducing design and manufacturing costs and increasing
2015. What are the driving factors for manufacturing production flexibility.
going forward that will pull out of that slump?
Were also seeing a big focus on general manufacturing
CHATHA: We expect the slowdown in manufacturing to innovation driven by new technologies such as IIoT,
continue at least through the first half of 2016, especially additive manufacturing, robotics, and so on. Most manu-

44 January/February 2016 PLANT ENGINEERING www.plantengineering.com


Heard of it; not sure

how it applies to us
Have not heard of it;
Heard of it; we are looking no interest in IIoT
at how to incorporate IIoT into 14%
our operation

Have not heard of it;

Familiar with it; we are interested in learning
incorporating IIoT into our 15%
manufacturing operation

facturers now realize that they must transform their on the plant floor, throughout an industrial enterprise,
operations through new information-driven technologies and across a global value chain.
and approaches to survive.
CFE MEDIA: We talk a lot about IIoT, globalization,
CFE MEDIA: Everyone is hearing about IIoT. Why should safety and productivity. Whats the one big issue that
IIoT be important to manufacturers? you think manufacturers should talk about that doesnt
get a lot of attention?
CHATHA: ARC believes that the Industrial IoT, Industry
4.0, Smart Manufacturing and other initiatives will drive CHATHA: Due to the short-term, bottom-line mentality
a transformation in manufacturing. IIoT connects pre- of many manufacturing enterprises, I dont believe that
viously stranded data from smart sensors, equipment, the need to invest in and exploit innovation gets nearly
and other industrial assets with predictive analytics and as much attention as it deserves.
other advanced applications running both
in-plant on edge computing devices and
remotely in the cloud.

Despite initial concerns, many companies

now realize that, when properly imple-
mented, Internet-based technologies can
provide appropriate security and availabil-
ity. This further increases collaboration

Despite initial concerns, many companies now realize that, when properly
implemented, Internet-based technologies can provide appropriate security
and availability. This further increases collaboration on the plant floor.
Andy Chatha, ARC Advisory Group

Image courtesy: ARC Advisory Group

www.plantengineering.com PLANT ENGINEERING January/February 2016 45

What We Think:
Asset Management

Mature Developing Under way Non-existent

Maintenance program 43% 38% 14% 4%

Management program 37% 38% 12% 13%

Safety program 59% 26% 14% 1%

Analyst outlook
Talent-driven innovation could be a key differentiator
The United States is expected to become the most competi- CFE MEDIA: Its a long time until 2020. What could keep
tive manufacturing nation over the next five years, with the the U.S. from achieving this top competitiveness ranking
current leader China sliding into second position, accord- between now and then?
ing to the 2016 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness
Index report from the U.S. Council on Competitiveness RODRIGUEZ: A new global competitive environment is pre-
and Deloittes Global Consumer & Industrial Products senting Americas leadership with fresh and persistent chal-
Industry group. lenges. While we are seeing positive movements like strong
demand from global markets, more cost-competitive energy
The 2016 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index prices, a fading labor rate arbitrage, and significant growth
shows the importance of policy, investment, and innova- through innovation, there are still a number of areas that
tion for company and country-level competitiveness, said executives cite as challenges. Things like a significant talent
Deborah L. Wince-Smith, president and CEO of the U.S. shortage, the widening skills gap, as well as the high cost and
Council on Competitiveness. Its findings help companies complexity of compliance in an uncertain U.S. regulatory sys-
shape their business strategies in order to compete success- tem all present unique hurdles in achieving the top ranking.
fully, and create jobs.
CFE MEDIA: In a global manufacturing economy, where should
Michelle Drew Rodriguez, manufacturing leader for Deloitte the U.S. focus its attention as it looks to continue to grow?
Services LPs Center for Industry Insights, discussed the find-
ings of the Advanced Technologies Initiative: Manufacturing RODRIGUEZ: Its simple: Talent and innovation. Talent-driven
& Innovation report and Deloittes view of manufacturing innovation could be a key differentiator going forward as
heading into 2016. manufacturers shift to higher-value advanced manufactur-
ing. This could aid in creating premium products, processes,

46 January/February 2016 PLANT ENGINEERING


Yes, we have fully implemented

an asset management program
Not yet, but we will implement an
asset management program this year
Dont know 9%

No, but we plan to study an

asset management program
No, we dont know how an No, we have no plans to study an
asset management program asset management program
could help our operation 11%

As a nation, we should raise awareness and visibility that this is no longer

your grandfathers factory. We need to help students understand the breadth
of high-tech, high-skill, and high-paying jobs manufacturing offers.

Michelle Drew Rodriguez, Deloitte

and services that capture higher margins and help sustain a open their doors and
competitive advantage. And to continuously innovate and showcase innovative
grow, companies will likely need to compete for the best and approaches to push-
brightest minds around the globe. ing scientific advances
like self-driving cars,
CFE MEDIA: While technology is a huge driver for com- renewable energ y Image courtesy: Deliotte
petitiveness, so is talent. What should the U.S. be doing sources, and molecular-
to bring more manufacturing talent into the pipeline? level products. We should open the eyes of up-and-coming
talent to the wealth of amazing possibilities within manu-
RODRIGUEZ: A strong manufacturing industry is fundamen- facturing.
tally vital to the prosperity of a nation. Therefore, we should
do more to attract, recruit, and retain the highest caliber of CFE MEDIA: Given the globalization of manufacturing, is
talent to work in manufacturing. But in the U.S., manufac- Made in the USA still a viable idea?
turing still faces a perception issue.
RODRIGUEZ: Absolutely. Now, probably more than ever, the
As a nation, we should raise awareness and visibility that strength and vitality of our U.S. manufacturing industry,
this is no longer your grandfathers factory. We need to help coupled with our innovative ecosystem and entrepreneurial
students understand the breadth of high-tech, high-skill, drive, positions us well to design and build the next genera-
and high-paying jobs manufacturing offers. For the past tion of products here in America; products that will serve
several years, Deloitte has been a key sponsor of efforts such the global market. Its truly an exciting time and place to be
as Manufacturing Day, a standing date when manufacturers in manufacturing.

www.plantengineering.com PLANT ENGINEERING January/February 2016 47

What We Think
Analyst outlook
A tepid start, but with a focus on quality
As group vice president, Bob Parker is responsible for the ronment and aging workforces while governments continue
research direction for IDC Energy Insights, IDC Manu- to support boosting the industry.
facturing Insights, and IDC Retail Insights, three of IDCs
industry business units that provide global, fact-based CFE MEDIA: Everyone is hearing about the Industrial
research and analysis on best practices. He discussed his Internet of Things. Why should IIoT be important to
outlook and some of the key trends for 2016 with CFE manufacturers?
PARKER: We see its impact on several levels. There is the obvi-
CFE MEDIA: Manufacturing was in a slump at the end of ous opportunity to improve factory throughput by improving
2015. What are the driving factors for manufacturing yields and increasing asset availability. Secondly, it will be
going forward that will pull out of that slump? critical to dealing with the explosion in the number of end
items a factory is asked to produce. Growing revenue will be
PARKER: For mature economies, especially the U.S., Western dependent on tailoring or even personalizing products and
Europe, and Japan, the major factor will be capital goods this can be done more profitably by applying IIoT.
exports. With lower commodity prices (oil, metals, food)
some of the major capital goods categories remain weak. The third dimension is really a culmination of the first two;
There is a major shift in those areas from capacity (need what we are calling Re-Lean. This means a new generation of
more equipment to extract more product) to capabilities (I process improvements based on Lean Six Sigma principles
need to extract more efficiently) and major manufacturers (with the Re for resilient), but with the help of advanced
will have to respond. Other capital goods have very healthy technologies to make Lean improvements more resilient
order backlogs (e.g. aerospace) and a major driver will be the to changes.
ability for those companies will be to increase the cadence
of production rates. CFE MEDIA: We talk a lot about IIoT, globalization, safety
and productivity. Whats the one big issue that you think
CFE MEDIA: Whats your overall outlook for 2016? What manufacturers should talk about that doesnt get a lot of
will be the key issues affecting manufacturing as we begin attention?
the new year?
PARKER: Our survey workwhether talking to supply chain
PARKER: Financially, I think the industry remains relatively executives, IT, or factory leadershipindicates that qual-
tepid, not a tremendous slow down but not a lot of growth ity is a top priority. With a peanut processing CEO getting
either. Companies will maintain profitability but free cash a long prison term, automotive CEOs getting dragged in
will continue to go into dividends, stock buy backs, or front of Congress, and customers with a low tolerance for
acquisitions rather than new plant and failure, enterprise quality is the primary issue and emphasis
equipment. Key issues will continue before all else.
to revolve around the regulatory envi-
This priority compels compa-
nies to take a holistic view of

product quality from design
Companies will maintain profitability but free cash will efficacy to supplier performance
continue to go into dividends, stock buy-backs, or to production quality and on to

aftermarket activities. The inte-
acquisitions rather than new plant and equipment. gration of the Operations Tech-
Bob Parker, IDC nology (OT) and Information
Technology (IT) organizations
is an issue as well.

Image courtesy: IDC

48 January/February 2016 PLANT ENGINEERING

Manufacturing facing headwinds into 2016
Alex West is a principal
analyst for the Manufactur-
ing Technology Group at
IHS. Based in London, hes
Companies that are able to evolve, integrating these new
techniques, will be well placed as the market recovers.
responsible for IHSs coverage Conversely there is a strong likelihood that some manu-
on smart manufacturing and
industrial communications
and oversees research on a
facturers will fall by the wayside as they fail to adapt.
Alex West, IHS
range of transformational
manufacturing technologies including the Industrial Internet of recovery in the manufacturing sector
Things (IIoT). He discusses the global outlook for manufacturing will be more gradual, as many regions
and its impact on the United States with CFE Media: will feel the effects of both Chinas slow-
ing growth, and its slow transition to a Image courtesy: IHS
CFE MEDIA: Whats your overall outlook for 2016? What will more developed, service-based economy.
be the key issues affecting manufacturing as we begin the New
Year? CFE MEDIA: Everyone is hearing about the IIoT. Why should
IIoT be important to manufacturers?
WEST: Headwinds will continue to buffet most industries, result-
ing in a challenging 2016. Many companies will be concentrating WEST: The evolution of IIoT is set to change not just manufactur-
on survival rather than expansion. The dominant themes of a ing processes, but also the competitive landscape itself.
struggling Chinese economy and depressed commodity indus-
tries that dogged the second half of last year will continue to be Although many of the technologies have been available for some
at the forefront in this. years, to varying degrees, its the confluence of factors such as
greater plant connectivity, closer integration between factory and
In 2015, several major currencies weakened notably against the the enterprise, and improvements in data recording and analysis,
dollar; they included the Yen and the Euro, more than 10% and that is bringing us to this shift in manufacturing.
15% respectively. In 2016, the reduction in the cost of imports
to, and the increase in the cost of exports from, the United States, Allowing manufacturers to mass produce customized products;
will be exacerbated should the Federal Reserve continue to raise or adjusting manufacturing real time, based on demand; or mini-
interest rates in 2016, as they intend. There is also the potential mizing costs through better visibility of the supply chain and
for Chinese RMB depreciation further reducing U.S. competi- energy consumption; the IIoT concept will revitalize flagging
tiveness in exports, and damaging countries in both Europe and productivity growth rates.
North America. Competitive devaluation would be generally
disruptive and damaging. CFE MEDIA: We talk a lot about IIoT, globalization, safety, and
productivity. Whats the one big issue that you think manu-
CFE MEDIA: Manufacturing was in a slump at the end of 2015. facturers should talk about that doesnt get a lot of attention?
What are the driving factors for manufacturing going forward
that will pull out of that slump? WEST: One area manufacturers will need to monitor closely is
training. With a large proportion of the engineering workforce
WEST: As mentioned, 2016 is forecast to be another difficult year, approaching retirement over the next decade, and difficulties in
and there are no simple remedies. This year many, manufacturing getting students to focus on engineering degrees, there is a serious
companies that can, will reduce their exposure to more volatile threat of a skills shortage in much of the developed world. Part
and depressed markets and spread their focus on others, such of the challenge is the need to ensure existing skills and expertise
as water, and food and beverage. However, other than technolo- are transferred to the next generation of engineers. However, this
gies with growing underlying demand, like robotics, there are is only a part of the problem.
no specific industrial sectors that are expected to outperform.
Companies must also change how they manufacture to remain
Although industries related to commodity markets will struggle competitive. The more difficult task may be training and convinc-
with continued reductions in capital expenditure through 2016, ing experienced engineers to standardize on new workflows and
the cutbacks have been so severe that significant reinvestment techniques, from collaboration between the IT and OT depart-
will be needed to meet long-term commodity demand, as the ments to the implementation of new maintenance schedules based
market bounces back, currently predicted for 2017. However, the on asset monitoring. PE

www.plantengineering.com PLANT ENGINEERING January/February 2016 49


A recipe for
long-term growth
In the middle of America, a salad dressing plant mixes automation
and people in just the right amounts.

By Bob Vavra he aroma of more than 200 ingre- the nickname Little Tulsa of Illinois. In
Content Manager, CFE Media dients comes at you as soon as you the 1920s, Charles Lindbergh became close
enter the storage area at the Pinnacle friends with a St. Elmo resident, and a house
Foods plant in St. Elmo, Ill. The indi- was constructed there in Lindberghs honor
vidual spices, herbs, and oils cannot in 1927 after his famous trans-Atlantic flight.
be identified as you take that first After Lindberghs return to the U.S., he made
breath. They will be combined soon into one of St. Elmo one of the stops on his national pro-
19 different formulas of Wish-Bone salad dress- motional tour.
ing on the new processing line at Pinnacle. Today St. Elmo is a rural enclave, and the Pin-
A separate area of the plant manages the aller- nacle plant is both its largest employer and its
gens that also go into salad dressing production most prominent landmarkso much so that a
eggs, dairy products, and the like. They must be sign reading Plant Entrance is on the signpost
handled differently, and kept separate from the that greets you as you exit I-70.
other ingredients until its time for production. It is a central location, with I-70 and I-65
Its all about following the recipespecific crisscrossing in nearby Effingham, allowing for
ingredients in precisely the right amounts mov- easy distribution of the products in all direc-
ing through the stainless steel system to ensure tions. It also has proven to be an efficient plant
quality and purity. for Pinnacle, which manufactured Open Pit
Its a complicated batching business, said barbecue sauce and Mrs. Butterworth and Log
Thomas Perkins, plant manager at the Pinnacle Cabin syrups before the Wish-Bone acquisition.
Plant in St. Elmo. Hes talking about the combina- Pinnacle Foods invested a reported $50 mil-
tion of both process and people that led Pinnacle lion in the St. Elmo plant, but for Perkins and
Foods to locate the Wish-Bone production in his team, the investment in people was just as
St. Elmo after the company acquired the brands crucial to the quick success the Wish-Bone
from Unilever in 2013. Weve significantly line has generated in less than a year of formal
invested in the process. But it also depends on the operation.
organizationhow we hire people, train people, The company bought this brand because
the value of formal training, how we conduct they expected to grow it, and this plant was
daily business. We use exacting amounts. built with the idea to grow it, Perkins said. We
He paused, then added, Theres a lot to be have a very solid continuous improvement pro-
said about using exacting amounts in the salad gram. We started at 60% of capacity, and we
dressing business. can grow the other 40% without expansion. We
have room within the facility and within the
A central location currently installed equipment.
St. Elmo is a blip on Interstate 70 through To bring on additional staffthe plant grew
central Illinois. Just 1,400 people call it home, from 85 workers at the time of the acquisition
yet it has not been completely overlooked to more than 200 todayPerkins said he relied
in history. An oil boom hit the area in 1938, on a strong community base within 30 miles of
and the number of residents and oil wells the plant and a strong combination of people
both reached nearly 2,000, earning the town and process.

50 January/February 2016 PLANT ENGINEERING www.plantengineering.com

This was a fantastic challenge, and we built ing operation. By creating a highly process- Thomas Perkins, on the
a great team to take it on, Perkins said. We driven operation, operators and maintenance challenge of building a
doubled the size of the workforce by selecting staff can keep the focus on quality, mainte- world-class manufacturing
good people and finding cohesive fits. We now nance, and regulatory compliance and let the team: This was a fantastic
have a staff that works hard and works hard system manage the exacting process of how challenge, and we built a
together. Weve got all the employees moving much distilled vinegar, sugar and red bell great team to take it on.
in the same direction. peppers need to be in each batch of the Italian We doubled the size of
People know they are here for a particular salad dressing. the workforce by selecting
purpose, he added. Theres a pride in manu- We definitely dont work in silos, said Per- good people and finding
facturing. kins. We rely upon our production scheduler. cohesive fits. We now have
In finding those good people, Perkins also We add one flavor after another progressively, a staff that works hard and
needed them to be ready to accept the challeng- and then we add the allergens. works hard together. All
es of a world-class manufacturing facility. That Our kitchens run 24/7. Because were run- images courtesy: CFE Media
included adherence to a Lean/Six Sigma strategy ning continuously, we need to make sure our
and to adopt the latest technology throughout maintenance is ahead of packaging lines, Per-
the plant. We need people who are ready to kins said. Our process is heavy with engineer-
accept a technical responsibility, Perkins said. ing, but our engineering team knows the value
Forklift drivers have computers on their fork- of maintenance. Start-ups and shutdowns cost
lifts. We need people who understand the value money.
of that computer to the business. Maintenance will always be required for
process automation systems. When hard-
Finding the right formula ware fails, someone must be able to replace
That intersection between people and process it. However, a great deal of maintenance labor
is essential to the success of any food-process- is expended on evaluating a problem or deter-

www.plantengineering.com PLANT ENGINEERING January/February 2016 51

CoverStory: World-class manufacturing
mining a solution, This requires more than just operations,
said Randy Otto, vice Otto added. Collaboration across engineering,
president of ECS Solu- production, information technology, and even
tions in Evansville, the business personnel is required to strike the
Ind., which provided right balance. An understanding of the long-
the system integra- term objectives of each group is necessary.
tion services for the
St. Elmo plant. With A focus on the future
technologies such as Pinnacles plans to expand and grow the St.
the Industrial Inter- Elmo plant to full capacity will require con-
net of Things (IIoT), stant attention to both system and person-
determining a prob- nel changes. Conditions frequently change
lem and solution can before the process automation can be placed
often be automated, in production, Otto said. To maintain an
substantially reduc- optimal balance, the process automation must
ing the maintenance be agile. Historically, process automation has
e f for t and of te n been staticjust install the automation and
reducing production refrain from changing it until it is worn-out
downtime. or obsolete. Technology today allows us to
They also must install process automation systems that are
balance the mar- extremely agile.
ket demands, both That kind of operational system frees Perkins
seasonal and sales- to focus on future opportunities to improve
driven. We dont operations and enables his staff to focus on
want to over-deliver improving productivity. People throughout
to our sales force, the plant collaborate with one another, Perkins
Perkins said. The said. There doesnt need to be an umbrella
value of the software of management. We have to foster creative
is to put emphasis on thought. Everybody has creative ability. Our
engineering, so its not job is to vet out all the ideas, take them to the
In building the Pinnacle heaped on the shoulder of operators. engineers, and see if can we do this.
Foods plant, the company Striking this balance may seem simple on Automation is removing subjectivity and
integrated systems from the surface, but we see manufacturers every creating objectivity, or as it might be said, turn-
around the world, such as day out of balance, Otto said. Balance only ing art into science, Otto said. With all of the
this unique bottle conveyor can be achieved with a thorough understanding right information, decisions become objective
system. of the manufacturernot just the immediate and process automation can be applied. When
requirements, but also the long-term goalsand there is insufficient information, subjective
delivering process automation to meet or exceed decisions must be made.
their long-term needs. The process automation must present key
information in a filtered view to the operator to
enable the operator to make a quick, informed
decision, he added. We like to talk about this
World-ClAss MAnufACturing: progression: data to information to knowledge
Does your plant fit the name? to action.
Turning employee ideas into action is the
impetus behind the Help Yourself program at
Plant Engineering will devote 2016 to looking at manufacturing the St. Elmo plant. The program recognizes
facilities that are combining process, technology and people those ideas that produce improvement in safety,
quality, or other plant improvements. A plant
to create world-class manufacturing operations. Our focus is committee weighs the value of the idea, and
on facilities in the U.S. and around the world that lead the way the employee receives a letter of recognition.
toward greater safety, productivity and quality. Sometimes, when youre trying to convince
people to move in a different direction, you
want to celebrate those people who help you get
If you would like your plant to be featured in this series, contact there, Perkins said. Positive recognition pro-
Plant Engineering editor Bob Vavra at bvavra@cfemedia.com. duces five times more benefit than discipline,
and it creates a positive work environment. PE

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Protecting the smarts
in industrial smart meters
Circuit protection is crucial for the new wave of value-added devices.

By Navneet Vinaik mart meters are integral to a growing the measurement of power (or gas or water)
Littelfuse Inc. number of industrial utilities applica- consumption as well as for handling the
tions, including gas and water meters, communication and other smart functions
energy management, and others. required. As their complexity increases, so
Smart meters offer a wide variety of advan- does their vulnerability to circuit threats
tages for both utility companies and their like transients, electrostatic discharges,
customers, including support for real-time power quality disturbances, etc. To ensure
billing, fault identification and management, these meters continue to work, even in hos-
load-side demand monitoring and manage- tile operating conditions, robust circuit-
ment, theft/tamper detection, and demand protection technologies are essential.
analysis. Different types of smart meters will face
The in-depth data these meters provide various threats. For example, the biggest
allow utility companies to monitor energy threats to electricity meters are input tran-
usage, control demand usage by remote con- sients and power line disturbances. Howev-
nect/disconnect, identify tampering and er, water and gas meters need protection for
raise alarms, etc. Utility companies also can their batteries. Similarly, energy-monitoring
give users advance warning of upcoming/ devices that have a human-machine inter-
unscheduled power outages and restorations, face (HMI) need to be protected against
and diagnose and correct problems before electrostatic discharges (ESDs). All of these
meters fail. In addition, smart meters provide systems employ different communication
customers much of the information needed to interfaces, and many of them also need cir-
perform real-time usage analysis so that they cuit protection.
can begin controlling their usage in a timely The following section investigates the
way, understand power quality, and protect specific protection requirements for each
the connected loads in case of overvoltages block of the smart meter solution shown
or overloads. in Figure 1.
Input power supply section: If its an elec-
Complex circuits require protection tricity meter, then it is powered by input
Table 1: Communications Smart meters are bidirectional, commu- mains, which are highly prone to high
port protection. All graphics nication-based devices that incorporate energy transients arising from lightning
courtesy: Littelfuse complex electronic circuits for controlling or grid disturbances. Metal oxide varistors
(MOVs) are used to pro-
tect against these transient
surge events. To protect the
Asymmetrical, mid-high wiring from fire hazards in
RS-232/RS-485 Low 2-channel: -7V to +12V
capacitance device can work case catastrophic damage
Low capacitance, 2- or 4- in the power supply causes
Ethernet High 2/4 Channel: 5V a short circuit, a fuse is also
channel low voltage device used at the power supplys
Low capacitance, 4- or 5- input front end.
GSM/GPRS High 4/5 Channel: 3.3V/1.8V channel device for SIM card Mete r ing e ng ine sec-
protection tion: A microcontroller or
digital signal processor is
Power Line Low-mid capacitance device, typically used for energy
Variable 1- or 2- channel: +
Communication depends on actual speed measurement and process-
ing purposes. Although

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Figure 1: Smart meter block the power supply to this microcontroller power line communication (PLC) or optical
diagram. is protected from transient surges, the ana- ports. Because each of these port types has
log signal-sensing pins of the microcon- different operating speeds and specifica-
troller are still connected to the input supply tions, they will need different protection
for measurement of voltage and current. schemes.
Although these signal pins normally have Tamper detection: Utility companies use
a high value of resistances and capacitors smart meters to track usage so they can
connected for filtering purposes, some fast- charge users for their consumption. How-
rising transients can pass these filter stages ever, this causes some users to try to tamper
and reach the microcontroller, which is very with the meter and manipulate the read-
sensitive to transients. To prevent damage ings. As a result, these meters are typically
to the microcontroller, very small transient- designed with a host of tamper-detection
protection diodes are used on the signal techniques.
pins to clamp any incoming transients to The simplest, most common tampering
safe levels. technique is to open the meter cover and
Communication ports: Depending upon damage it. By using a reed switch with a
the meter application, a number of com- magnet or microswitch in the design, this
Figure 2: TMOV and iTMOV munication ports might be used, includ- sensor detects when the cover is opened
circuit protection. ing RS-232/RS-485/Ethernet/GSM-GPRS, and sends a trigger to the microcontroller.

Line Fuse
To Protected Circuit

Fuse Diode
i TMOV Normally ON
3 Lead LED

1 2

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Reed Switch acts when
N S the turbine rotates according
Magnet to the water flow.
on a turbine


Inlet Flow

After recognizing the tamper attempt, the Specific protection requirements Figure 3: Meter application
microcontroller notifies monitoring support Electrical power meters are susceptible to using a magnetized encoder
staff at the utility company who, in turn, input transients and surges generated either and reed-switch sensor.
can impose a tampering penalty on the user. by lightning events or power quality distur-
Another method of meter tampering bances. These transients, which can reach
involves bringing a magnet close to the 30 kV in magnitude, depend on a variety
meters body, which can either cause the of factors including geographical location,
magnetic transformer to saturate or affect types of loads connected in the vicinity, etc.
other components. When a Hall effect sen- MOVs are primary devices used for protect-
sor is employed in the design, it detects the ing against these surges. The required level
field of the magnet and gives a trigger to the of surge immunity dictates the rating and
microcontroller to record the tamper event size of the MOV. For basic surge protection
and inform the utility company. between 2 kV and 4 kV, a 14-mm MOV
Another severe tampering technique might work. However, for protection levels
involves causing an ESD discharge to the of 30 kV, a larger 32 or 34-mm MOV might
meter body using a spark plug or CRT-EHT be needed.
generator. In this case, the meter enclosure Because they are passive devices with lim-
is made using plastic to fully isolate the elec- ited lifetimes, MOVs have several inherent
tronics circuit from the external world and problems associated with their end-of-life
minimize the impact of this ESD discharge. stage. For example, once they reach their end
The microcontrollers power supply and sig- of life, they can cause damage to themselves
nal-sensing pins will have ESD protection and pose a threat to their electronic circuit.
diodes to protect the microcontroller from The MOV can withstand only so many surge
any ESD discharge that still gets coupled to strikes before failing, and this surge strike
it. With the first two tampering techniques, capability depends on the MOV disc size
the microcontroller can send details on the and the magnitude of the surges the MOV
tampering attempt to a control/monitor- is designed to absorb.
ing station for assessing a penalty or just So, while selecting an MOV, along with
to protect the meter from getting damaged. considering the peak surge immunity needed,
Auxiliary power supply section: Smart its also important to take into account the
meters sometimes have an extension unit systems expected lifetime. For example, con-
that goes into the users home while the sider a system thats meant to last 5 years
main meter is installed at a centralized and requires 6 V protection. Even if a 20-mm
location in the building. For these appli- MOV might meet a 6-kV/3-kA, 15-strike cri-
cations, the home extension unit may have teria, a 25-mm or larger MOV would be used
a Power over Ethernet (PoE) adapter. This to provide the ability to withstand more surge
communication cable requires additional strikes over the lifetime of the meter. Ade-
protection because it can be susceptible to quate derating of the MOVs used is needed to
induced surges in the building. ensure the system lasts for its desired lifetime.

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Power Supply

Sensing SIM Card

Protection ESD and
Voltage Microcontroller PLC Surge
Sensing Protection

ESD and
RS-485 Surge

Cover Open Detect:

Hall Effect Sensor
Use Reed or
for Magnet Tamper
Micro Switch

Figure 4: Tamper detection Some of the newer specifications also lithium-ion (Li-ion). Because these batter-
for when a cover is opened. require that these MOVs are protected against ies have significant capacities, a normal or
end-of-life failures. For these applications, a resettable fuse is used to protect against
thermally protected MOVs (TMOVs) are short-circuit failures caused by faults in the
used (Figure 2) to continue protecting the circuit.
circuit during their lifetime. Once they reach The most critical resource in these meters
the end-of-life stage, they disconnect them- is the battery life, which must be preserved
selves from the circuit to prevent catastrophic and protected to extend the life of the meter.
damage. TMOVs can also have an indication These meters derive their sensing signal
feature to alert the meter that the protector from a magnetized encoder and by using a
has failed and needs replacement. reed-switch sensor; the signal is fed to the
microcontroller (Figure 3). The smart meter
TMOVs have an integrated thermal fuse can be designed so that the microcontroller
TMOVs ensure that the MOV is discon- turns on only when the reed switch senses a
nected from the supply when it reaches pulse. After it records the pulse count, it goes
end-of-life stage. back into sleep mode, which helps extend the
Indicating TMOVs (iTMOVs) also indi- battery life so that the meter can last longer.
cate when replacement is required.
In designs where fast-rising transients can Designing a smart electrical power meter
also damage the power supply section, tran- To illustrate the process involved in design-
sient voltage suppression (TVS) diodes are ing a single-phase smart electrical meter,
often used in conjunction with MOVs. These consider an example using the following
devices clamp the fast-rising transients while specifications:
the front-end MOVs absorb the bulk of the
high energy in those transients. Input surge protection
Meters used in water and gas utility appli- Combination wave: Differential mode 15
cations normally have a fixed internal bat- strikes of open-circuit voltage (1.2 S/50
tery that is sized to last for 5 to 10 years. The S) 10 kV with short-circuit current (8 S/2
most commonly used battery chemistry is 0S) 5 kA

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Ringwave: 100 kHz, 0.5 S, 6 kV/0.5 kA net is being brought close to the meter, a Figure 5: An example of PLC
Hall effect sensor can be used. or power line networking.
In this example, MOVs will be used to GPRS, PLC, and RS-485 communication
protect against surges. Because the com- interfaces require different types of protec-
bination wave has more energy than the tion devices. For example:
ringwave, the design must consider its
requirements. For protection against 15 A SIM card requires a 4- or 5-channel
strikes of a 10-kV/5-kA surge, a 20-mm device
MOV can be used. However, if the meter An RS-485 interface requires a dual-
is expected to withstand many more surges channel device with a higher operating
than that over its lifetime, then an MOV voltage.
with a 25-mm or larger disc size would be
preferred. Considering the advantages of their
A TMOV should be selected if end-of- detailed monitoring and management func-
life protection is also needed. Because its tions, smart meters seem destined to play a
a single-phase design, the input voltage significant role in everyday life. The level of
would be 220 Vac nominal and a maximum investment required to install these meters
of either 265 Vac or 277 VAC. Therefore, is significantly higher than for conventional
a 275 V or 320 Vac MOV can be used. If meters, so its critical that they offer longer
the meter is expected to withstand twice lifetimes and greater reliability. That means
the input voltage (up to 440 Vac), then a building in robust circuit protection will
higher-voltage 460 Vac MOV should be be essential. PE
used so that the TMOV does not activate
or fail during test conditions. Navneet Vinaik is the field applications
To detect the opening of the meters manager for the India & South Africa busi-
cover, either a reed switch or a microswitch ness unit at Littelfuse. He can be reached at
can be used. To detect if a high power mag- nvinaik@littelfuse.com.

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The value of VSDs in
improving efficiency
The injection molding industry shows how useful variable speed drives
can be in reducing costs and meeting environment standards.

By Lyle Meyer n todays manufacturing landscape, com- starting at about 40% more for the initial
Eaton panies and their facilities face enormous purchase of an electric machine as com-
pressures to increase operating efficiency pared with similar hydraulic injection
while reducing their carbon footprint. molding machines.
Feeling the heat from both increasingly By combining the affordability and util-
stringent government energy regulations and ity of hydraulic injection molding machines
customers seeking lower operating expenses, and the energy savings of electric machines,
manufacturing facilities across every industry hydraulics can add to the value proposition
demand increasingly energy-efficient power- of electronic technologies. Adding a VSD
management solutions. provides a bigger advantage, as compared
Regulations have impacted facilities down with only increasing motor efficiency, and
to the motor level, and variable speed drive opens possibilities on the hydraulic system
(VSD) technology has been applied over the side through less expensive, fixed-speed
years to help power systems like injection pumps that operate more efficiently.
molding machines operate more efficiently. VSDs smooth incoming electric-line
The injection molding industry has served power to further increase motor efficiency.
as a starting point for applying VSD solu- VSD systems regulate flow by changing the
tions in combination with traditional fixed shaft speed, so no valve throttling is required
and variable-displacement hydraulic pumps, in most applications. Reduction in throttling
which allow customers to gain more control loss is the major reason for VSD systems
throughout the duty cycle. higher efficiency. A small portion of ener-
gy savings also comes from the efficiency
Hydraulic and electrical integration improvement of the electric motor.
Electric servo drive technology has been Overall, energy savings of up to 70%
making inroads for some time, penetrating (depending on the duty cycle) can be
into factory automation because of per- achieved with VSD pumps as compared
ceived energy efficiency, faster response, with conventional pumps. VSD pumps also
and better precision and repeatability. How- provide a significant reduction in sound,
ever, costs for electric injection molding because the motor and pump speeds change
machines were substantially higher than throughout the duty cycle instead of main-
hydraulic injection molding machines, taining constant speed.
With a VSD, a proven, fixed-displacement
vane pump is made significantly more effi-
cient, allowing manufacturers to buy a less
Looking at complete machine design, rather than expensive pump to achieve the same results.
VSD technology in some applications
individual components, allows machinery across uses servo-performance electrical motors
the manufacturing industry to benefit from the to control the hydraulic instantaneous flow-
rate throughout motor-pump shaft speeds.
new solutions. The result is a power-on-demand pump unit
thats free of the throttling losses that typi-
cally account for significant loss of power.

www.plantengineering.com PLANT ENGINEERING January/February 2016 61


The variable speed drive Servomotor dynamics also enable closed- motor can be 2% more efficient, this may
integrated with a servo loop hydraulic motion control, thereby sim- eliminate the long-term need for creating
motor and pump provides plifying system architecture design. more energy-producing facilities.
manufacturers a closed-loop Throughout the manufacturing process,
dynamic motion control Driving manufacturing efficiency energy is wasted due to inefficient equip-
capability that operates Manufacturing is facing changes, and com- ment and mechanical and thermal limita-
as a cost-effective, high- panies need to adapt to new government tions. Optimizing the efficiency of these
performance solution. Image regulations. systems can result in significant energy and
courtesy: Eaton With new energy standards initiated in cost savings.
Europe and implemented worldwide over
the past few years, its not only more cost- Embracing the market pressure
effective to increase motor efficiency, its Manufacturers are seeking to retrofit exist-
also frequently required by law. Government ing machines for improved efficiency to
regulations are requiring higher efficiencies both meet regulations and lower costs, leav-
at the electric motor level, and sometimes ing factory owners and operators with two
a more efficient electric motor is just not options:
enough. A new motor must be 2% more Retrofit systems with more efficient elec-
efficient than previous models. While that tric motors or install new machines with
sounds small, consider this: If every electric improved motors

62 January/February 2016 plant engineering www.plantengineering.com

Retrofit with a VSD solution to make the
existing motor more efficient.
Here are some of the articles at www.plantengineering.com, KEYWORD:
DRIVES that further discuss this topic:
Combining these two by adding a VSD to
an improved electric motor offers a bigger 10 BENEFITS OF USING ADJUSTABLE SPEED DRIVES
advantage and really opens up the possibili- Adjustable speed drives can be used in most applications where motors power
ties for the hydraulic system Now it is pos- mechanical equipment. Drives provide precise electrical motor control, enabling
sible to do things that could never be done motor speeds to be ramped up and down or maintained at a required speed. The
before with a fixed-speed pump. obvious benefit is the motor and drive use only the require amount of energy, rather
VSDs combined with hydraulic pumps than having a motor run at a fixed speed.
present a control solution that draws on
the best of electrical and hydraulic control VFD TRENDS AND SOLUTIONS FOR DRIVE SYSTEMS
technology. VSD pump solutions provide The increase in variable frequency drive (VFD) installations across the globe has
power on demand that yields substantial meant that drives are being applied in more challenging system environments. Not
energy savings while providing the capacity only is the environment challenging, but drives also have a few inherited issues that
needed for the most demanding processes. can limit the overall system performance.
VSD enhancements have made less expen-
sive hydraulic pumps more attractive for the STILL RELEVANT: DC DRIVES IMPORTANT IN AN AC AGE
injection molding industry. Hydraulics has For brute force speed control applications where positioning or extremely precise
long provided superior speed, but can now control are not required, its hard to beat a dc motor and drive. While the basic design
provide substantial energy savings, too. of the brushed dc motor has not changed much, the technology used to control the
VSDs allow pump systems to run faster dc motors speed has evolved over the years.
than the typical 1,500 rpm (rotations per
minute) or 1,800 rpm. The result is more
efficient service, potentially reduced pump
displacement, and shrinkage of the overall technologies that bring efficiency. Look-
system footprint. Increasing efficiency is ing at complete machine design, rather than
especially important given the European individual components, allows machinery
motor-efficiency regulations taking effect across the manufacturing industry to benefit
in 2015. from the new solutions. Manufacturers are
According to the European Commission frequently looking for retrofit solutions to
Regulation No. 640/2009 implementing help older equipment run more efficiently,
Directive 2005/32/EC, with regard to eco- and a variable speed drive is one way to
design requirements for electric motors, all improve that. PE
motors rated with an output of 0.75 to 375
kW must meet international efficiency three Lyle Meyer is product manager for Eatons
(IE3) levelsor at least meet IE2 efficiency Industrial Drives business unit.
levels when equipped with a VSD. In fact, for
those needing a constant-speed motor, the
VSD running an EC2 (IE2-efficiency) motor
may prove to be an excellent alternative to a
higher-efficiency but more expensive EC3
(IE3-efficiency) motor. Variable speed drive technology has been
applied over the years to help power systems
Applying the success like injection molding machines operate more
Injection molding equipment has found efficiently.
success with the VSD model, but other man-
ufacturing processes that experience dwell With new energy standards initiated in Europe
time during manufacturing could benefit and implemented worldwide over the past
as well. Machine tooling, press equipment, few years, its not only more cost-effective to
and die casting are just a few examples. increase motor efficiency, its also frequently
This VSD model can add up to a $1 billion required by law.
market for machines that could use such
technology. Manufacturers are seeking to retrofit existing
The search today is for synergies between machines for improved efficiency to both meet
hydraulics and electrical across a range of regulations and lower costs.
industries, and embracing the changing

www.plantengineering.com PLANT ENGINEERING January/February 2016 63

In hazardous areas
where electrical sys-
tems can interact
with flammable or
explosive gases and
vapors, its important
to consider the sen-
sor safety rating when
doing a functional
safety assessment.
Image courtesy: MTS

In hazardous areas
sensor safety rating is crucial
Appropriate selection is critical to proper position-sensing-system deployment.

By Matt Hankinson significant proportion of industrial equipment being severely damaged or even lives
MTS Sensors equipment will be deployed in hazard- being put in danger.
ous areas, or possibly applications that In hazardous areas, the presence of flamma-
require a functional safety assessment. ble gas, vapor, liquid, or dust can bring major
Hazardous areas include locations where there risk to the activity of an electrical device, as
is the risk of exposure to flammable or even there is the prospect that the device could ignite
explosive substances. In such circumstances, the flammable substance. For equipment incor-
ensuring ongoing operation can prove to be porating position-sensing technology, the con-
challenging. It is, therefore, critical that the stituent sensor device (or devices) should have
component parts that make up such items of appropriate features to address these issues.
equipment are suitably constructed to function Before performing an in-depth study, it
in these uncompromising environments. must be made clear that hazardous-area-rated
Functional safety applications are ones in devices are designed to operate in a potentially
which safe operation must be ensured due to the explosive environment while functional safety
risk of equipment damage or personal injury. products are designed for applications where
Linear-position sensors are widely used in all there is risk to equipment or people. These two
manners of industrial systems. In many cases, parameters are not necessarily interrelated. An
the potential for hazardous events occurring application might require either a functional
needs to be taken into account; otherwise, the safety or a hazardous-area rating without neces-
consequences could be seriouswith expensive sarily requiring the other.

64 January/February 2016 PLANT ENGINEERING www.plantengineering.com

Defining the hazardous area ratory and labeling prerequisites should to the required level, including failure
There is a multitude of hazardous areas. be followed. modes. Adherence to the IEC 61508
Among the most commonplace are Ratings are categorized by class and standard makes it possible to lower the
oil-exploration rigs, gas-utility plants, division to denote the type of hazard. risk of failure for a particular hazard via
chemical/pharmaceutical-fabrication These can run from the unlikely pres- safety functions that enable its detection.
facilities, sewage-treatment sites, and ence of an explosive substance right In addition, it allows an assessment of
large-scale dry-cleaning operations, as up to a continuous presence. Different the probability of failure.
well as places where industrial chemi- protection methodologies are employed Devices are categorized in accordance
cals are processed/produced, powders to attain the necessary approval rating. with a specific safety integrity level
(such as magnesium and aluminum) These are dependent on the type, con- (SIL), which relates to the probability of
are stored, or chemically active products dition, and nature of the environment failure occurring. A SIL 1-rated device
(such as fertilizers) are manufactured. involved. has a probability of failure between
For any electrical device that will be 0.01 and 0.1 for low-demand opera-
situated in potentially flammable or IEC 61508 functional safety tion, which translates into a probability
explosive surroundings, compliance The concept of functional safety is that, of failure lower than 0.00001/hour for
with stringent industry standards is having detected a potentially hazard- high-demand operation.
mandated. The most prominent of these ous situation, measures can be taken A SIL 2-rated device has a failure
standards are the International Elec- to avert a hazardous event from occur- probability between 0.001 and 0.01 for
trotechnical Commissions IECEx, the ring or to ensure that, if it does occur, low-demand operation, equating a prob-
European Unions ATEX (as described in its effect is mitigated to an acceptable ability of failure that is within the con-
directives 99/92/EC and 94/9/EC), and degreeso that the welfare of opera- fines of 0.000001/hour for high-demand
the NFPA 70: National Electrical Code tives are not put at risk and damage is operation. Failures are classified as
(NEC) used in the United States. For not done to valuable pieces of equip- either safe or dangerous and they can
devices being used anywhere in North ment. either be detected or undetected. The
America, testing should be carried out IEC 61508 provides a standard to safe-failure fraction defines the ratio of
by a nationally recognized testing labo- assess that a safety function performs failures that are either safe or detect-

- a new era in vibration monitoring
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technique providing fantastic opportunities to info@spminstrument.com

plan maintenance and ensure production

Follow damage throughout its development gain extremely long pre-warning

Preventive maintenance with maximum planning horizon

Ease of use with predefined filters for damages in all stages

Identify gear and bearing damage with help of exceptionally clear

spectrums and time signals at speeds down to 15 rpm
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input #22 at www.plantengineering.com/information

able over the total number of failures. be put in place to offer basic protection. list goes way beyond this. A variety
From this, it is possible to determine The system design takes into account of sensing mechanisms can be used to
the likelihood of dangerous, undetect- the need to keep delicate components accomplish position measurement in
able failures. away from places where the conditions such settings. Among these are:
Even in the best-case scenario, failure are most severe. There is great value
of equipment and/or instrumentation in system redundancy, so that if a fail- 1. Potentiometers: These act as volt-
will lead to operational downtime. This ure happens there is provision for the age dividers with position measurement
will reduce productivity and result in required function to continue. being established via a voltage signal
repair costs and the expense of replacing When there is a constant threat from that is proportional to the point in
component parts. explosive substances, housing electronic/ which a wiper resides on a linear trans-
Through functional safety, it is pos- electrical equipment inside an explosion- ducer element. This method has been
sible to quantify the probability of a proof enclosure may be deemed neces- very popular in the past, but it does
hazardous event taking place and what sary. Through this, it will be possible have shortfalls that are becoming more
the consequences would be. When to contain an internal explosion so that apparent in modern-day implementa-
developing industrial systems that will the external environment is not affected. tions. The most notable of these is that
be situated in hazardous areas, engineers potentiometers are prone to mechanical
need to include functional safety aspects Position sensing in hazardous areas wear and tear. This is due to the contact
into their thought process. This cannot Sensing equipment is deployed in many between the transducer and the wiper.
be left until that last minute; it should applications so that positioning feed-
be a key consideration throughout the back can be delivered. This often has to 2. Encoders: These employ a read-
development cycle. be done in hazardous scenarios. Exam- er head to scan a marked scale and,
ples include the gas/steam turbines thereby, indicate incremental changes
Key protection methods found inside power generation plants, in position. Long-term operation of this
There is a wide array of methods that can oil/gas-drilling apparatus, steel/wood kind of mechanism is subject to failure
be employed to mitigate the impact of presses, the equipment in fuel-servicing because of the presence of vibrational
hazardous environments. Shielding can depots, and oil-drilling rigs, but the movement and high temperatures.

The Voice of the Conveyor

Industry of the Americas

WE ARE CEMA Its our technical side that

make us strong, but its
Providing the industry with standards, technical information,
our members that make
publications, safety labels and safety information. No
us great.
other organization has been more instrumental in the
Jerry Heathman, CEMA President
development of standards, safety practices or engineering
manuals than CEMA.

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Furthermore, oil, grease, and other
substances often found in heavy indus-
trial environments mean that they will Here are some of the articles at www.plantengineering.com,
require cleaning and maintenance work KEYWORD: SENSORS that further discuss this topic:
on a regular basis (all of which adds to
the running costs). MOTION TRENDS TO WATCH IN 2016
Technology trends today are all about connectivity and the gains to be had from infor-
3. Linear variable differential trans- mation gleaned from an increasingly connected world. Staying ahead of the techno-
former (LVDT) devices: LVDTs rely logical curve is more important that ever. Trends that manufacturers should be taking
on the movement of a ferromagnetic a close look at in 2016 include big data, predictive maintenance, the Industrial Inter-
core that varies the magnetic coupling net of Things (IIoT), and smart energy monitoring for transparent factory operations.
between primary and secondary coils.
ing, these devices have seen fairly wide- Wireless intrusion detection systems (WIDS) and wireless intrusion protection sys-
spread deployment in hazardous areas. tems (WIPS) are used to continuously protect a wireless network and in some cases,
However, they exhibit an intrinsically a wired network, from unauthorized users. There are some basic differences between
poor linearity. Also, they need to be the two systems.
recalibrated periodically.
4. Magnetostrictive linear sensor Modern hydraulic drives are an integral link in the mechatronics chain and a vital
devices: Using the principles of mag- element in overall Industrie 4.0 machine concepts. However, working with hydraulics
netostriction, where a magnetic field poses a number of challenges, based on physical properties and limitations that need
can alter the physical properties of a to be addressed. Be sure to consider these important tips to improve functionality and
ferromagnetic material, magnetostric- performance when incorporating hydraulic drives into a machine design.
tive sensors have shown themselves to
be highly effective at delivering accurate

input #24 at www.plantengineering.com/information

EIG-034 PlantEngine Industrial 1/22/16 1:37 PM Page 1

Power Quality Metering mechanicalSOLUTIONS

& Energy Management
Nexus position measurement in hazardous applications. Since
these devices give an absolute position figure, rather than

1500+ a relative one, they eliminate the need for recalibration

work. In addition, as they dispense with the need for reader
heads, the time allocated and costs relating to cleaning
and maintenance work can be taken out of the equation.
It is also worth mentioning that they have much stron-
ger resilience to shock and vibration, as well as far greater
immunity to electromagnetic interference than other mea-
surement options. Finally (and most important, in this
context), it is relatively straightforward to integrate func-
tional safety mechanisms into these devices.

Power Quality Energy Magnetostriction and magnetostrictive sensing

Metering Management When a ferromagnetic material is placed within a mag-
Measure and record harmful Log energy usage at each circuit netic field, microscopic changes to its structure are brought
power quality events Calculate cost allocation about. As a result of this, its dimensions will be altered
Conduct harmonic studies to different processes this is known as magnetostriction. The magnitude of the
Understand feeder Control loads to reduce demand
dimensional change correlates directly with the strength
efficiency & load balance of the magnetic field applied. This phenomenon furnishes
Generate automated
Create automated power quality reports energy reports for executives
a highly effective noncontact sensing method. As there
are no moving parts involved, magnetostrictive sensors
offer heightened reliability and a prolonged operational
1-877-EIMETER | www.electroind.com The increasing need for functional safety to be addressed
in hazardous applications is bringing about a steady migra-
input #25 at www.plantengineering.com/information tion away from traditional LVDT position sensing and
toward a more sophisticated approach based on magneto-
striction. As well as disadvantages in terms of performance
and operational longevity, LVDTs and the other position
sensors mentioned above are not able to offer the same
degree of functional safety that magnetostrictive devices
can. Appropriate sensor selection is critical to position-
sensing-system deployment. There are many different fac-
tors that must be given serious contemplation if a suitable
device is to be specified. It is clearly worthwhile to engage
with a sensor manufacturer that offers a comprehensive
sensor portfolio and has a strong understanding of func-
tional safety issues. PE

Based in Cary, N.C., Matt Hankinson is global business

intelligence manager for MTS Sensors.

The BoTTom line:

Linear-position sensors are widely used in all manners of
industrial systems. In many cases, the potential for hazardous
events occurring needs to be taken into account.

For any electrical device that will be situated in potentially

flammable or explosive surroundings, compliance with strin-
gent international industry standards is mandated.

A variety of sensing mechanisms can be used to accomplish

position measurement in such hazardous settings.

input #26 at www.plantengineering.com/information 68 January/February 2016 plant engineering

Drop it. Douse it.
Up to 8x longer battery life than
the competition.
Need a high performance, high resolution digital multimeter (DMM)?
Need a durable, general purpose DMM? Either way, Keysight has you
covered. Introducing the Keysight U1280 and U1240C Handheld DMM
Series. Not only are they intuitive, functional and durable, they offer truly
outstanding battery lifeup to eight times longer than its competition.

Keysight U1280 Keysight U1240C

Resolution 60,000 counts 10,000 counts
Battery life 800 hours 400 hours
Ruggedness IP 67 certied for dust and water protection
3-meter (10 ft.) drop test

Get your hands on the proof


USA: 800 829 4444 CAN: 877 894 4414

Keysight Technologies, Inc. 2015 input #27 at www.plantengineering.com/information

Follow-Up Oil Analysis Monitoring Service

Syn Lube Series 32-68 100% SYNTHETIC

Is Included At No Additional Cost On
High Performance, 100% Synthetic, Polyalphaolefin (PAO)-Based Fluids.
Provides extended drain intervals and excellent compatibility with seals. All Lubriplate Hydraulic Fluids.
Available in ISO Viscosity Grades 32, 46 and 68.

HO Series Hydraulic Oils PETROLEUM OIL-


Premium Quality, Petroleum-Based Hydraulic Oils (ISO Grades 32-100).

Anti-wear fortified to protect hydraulic system components.
High aniline points ensure long seal life with fewer leaks.

ZF Series Hydraulic Oils ECO FRIENDLY


Heavy-Duty, Zinc-Free, Extended Life, Hydraulic Fluids.

ECO-Friendly - Low Toxicity (Passes LC-50).
Provides long service life and extended fluid change intervals.

Bio-Based Series Hydraulic Oils ECO FRIENDLY


Vegetable-Based Oils for use in environmentally sensitive applications.

ECO-Friendly - Ultimately Biodegradable (Pw1) / Low Toxicity (LC-50).
Zinc-free additives provide exceptional anti-wear and anti-rust protection.

SFGO Ultra Series 32-68 NSF H1 REGISTERED


NSF H1 Registered and NSF ISO 21469 Certified - Food Machinery Grade.
High Performance, 100% Synthetic, Polyalphaolefin (PAO)-Based Fluids.
Available in ISO Viscosity Grades 32, 46 and 68.

To learn more contact your Local Service Center or Fluid Power Specialist at Applied Industrial Technologies
Authorized Distributor:

Newark, NJ 07105 / Toledo, OH 43605 / 800-733-4755 Available from your local Applied Service Center
www.lubriplate.com / LubeXpert@lubriplate.com 1-877-279-2799 / www.applied.com

input #28 at www.plantengineering.com/information

Preventive maintenance can go a long way in
identifying barriers to availability, one of the
three criteria in calculating overall equipment
effectiveness (OEE). All graphics courtesy: Fluke

management tool and a key performance indi-

cator (KPI) to evaluate plant floor productivity.
The metric empowers companies to improve
their processes, compare themselves against
a world-class standard, and, in turn, ensure
the quality and consistency of products.

Beyond the numbers

OEE is a fairly simple formula:

OEE = Availability * Performance * Quality

The percentage of each top-level variable

is multiplied to determine the OEE score.
Thus, an OEE score of 100% represents
perfect production, while 40% to 60% is
considered typical and 85% is world-class.
Lower scores are often found when OEE
programs are just getting started.
Yet, as it is with all high-level analyses, the
complete story includes a number of impor-
tant inputs. Those inputs go into each one
of the top-level categories used in the OEE
score, revealing losses and pain points that

Figures dont lie negatively impact how well your plant is run-
ning and the quality of products.
People dont like to advertise that this
line is a 42%, or this line is at 49%, said
Why you should be brutally honest Ken Bannister, a Toronto-area manufactur-
ing consultant who works with companies
about your OEE score. to improve maintenance practices and OEE
scores. They dont talk about it because

By Frederic Baudart ts a statistic. Its a useful benchmark. But someone is going to ask, Why are we so
Fluke Corp. overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is bad and inefficient?
best used as a baseline for improvement, But its important for managers in manu-
not merely a bragging point to show how facturing, chemical processing, oil and gas,
well your manufacturing line, machine, or and other factories to know that while an
plant is running. OEE score is a key top-line metric to reveal
When managers initially calculate an OEE how well your operation is running at a given
score on individual production lines, they time, the score is just a data point fixed in
are often shocked at how low the OEE score time. Its a benchmark that can swing.
really is, and then they keep it quiet. How- To be sure, each manufacturing team
ever, production lines in the 30% range arent knows the critical equipment and process-
uncommon. es used to create products. Its that critical
An outgrowth of the Lean manufacturing equipmenttypically the most expensive to
movement, Seiichi Nakajima of the Japan replacethat draws the most attention and
Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM) first maintenance. But the OEE metric provides
described OEE in 1982 as part of the total a more holistic view of your operation, a
productive maintenance (TPM) methodol- way to monitor and improve efficiency in
ogy, according to the OEE Foundation. By the your manufacturing process by going beyond
mid-1990s, OEE had become a best practice simple uptime measurements.

www.plantengineering.com PLANT ENGINEERING January/February 2016 71

Breaking down the oee metric loss event oee metric examPle
Breaking down each metric gives us a picture of
just how valuable the full picture of the OEE metric Machine failure, tooling damage, unplanned
Breakdowns Availability
truly is to your process. maintenance
availaBility: Availability answers the question: Is Planned downtime/ Process warm-up, machine changeovers,
the machine running or not? Availability also takes setup and adjustments material shortage
into account downtime losses. It is a percentage of Minor stops Performance Product misfeeds, jams, low stoppage
the amount of product time the machine is running
in proportion to the amount of time the machine Operator skills/training, equipment age,
Reduce speeds Performance
is available. tooling wear
Tolerance adjustments, warm-up process,
Availability = Run Time / Total Time Rejects on start-up Quality
A key input into the run time, of course, is unplanned Production rejects Quality Assembled incorrectly, rejects, rework
downtime, which cuts into the availability.

Performance: By definition, performance is Different events within a plant should be assigned to different parts within the OEE
a percentage of the total parts produced by the calculation.
machine to the production rate of the machine. Or,
in other words, how well the machine is running If a company has a brand-new line specific downtime occurrences the line
when it is running. and its sister company has a line thats is experiencing. And if maintenance-
30 years old, and they both make the related downtime can be prevented or
Performance = Total Count / Target Count
same product, the OEE will truly be predicted that improves OEE.
Quality: Quality is a percentage of the parts pro- different, said Bannister You then Uptime of equipment is essential to
duced that meet specifications out of the total parts need to come up with some way of all industries. Unplanned shutdowns
produced on a machine or process. Simply put, how harmonizing them so its an apples- not only impact your OEE, but they
many good parts versus bad parts a machine or to-apples comparison. One way to do also can cost thousands of dollars in
process has produced. that is to look at specific problems and repair or replacement of critical equip-

Ultrasound World & Reliable Asset World

Come join us on
May 10th - 13th, 2016 in Clearwater Beach, FL

Intl: +914-592-1220

input #29 at www.plantengineering.com/information

ment and, of course, the associated help ensure safe and consistent perfor- of inefficiencies. To determine what
labor costs. mance, more utilities are using infrared events contribute the greatest loss,
There is a reason that availability is cameras to run proactive maintenance thus what should be targeted by
the first variable in the equation, said inspections on equipment ranging from countermeasures to improve perfor-
Bannister. If you dont have availability, oil-filled transformers to lightning arres- mance, loss events associated with
and thats tied to maintenance, qual- tors to high-voltage transmission lines availability, performance, and qual-
ity and throughput dont matter. As far coming in and out of the substation. ity are identified and quantified.
as OEE is concerned, when machines A thermographer scanned the substa- These can be calculated manually or
get out of adjustment and experience tion with an infrared camera and discov- through a number of free calculators
trouble, you have potential failure and ered the knife switches showed abnormal available online.
you not only lose throughput but you temperature. Because there appeared to As can be seen in Figure 1, preven-
can put quality at risk. be high resistance a short distance from tive maintenance strategies to avoid
It depends on the industry, he the switch, that overheating could have equipment failure, slowdowns, and
added. If youre looking at a company led to a failure. Finding this situation in rejected parts are important to an
that makes a frozen food like frozen a routine inspection could potentially OEE calculation.
pizza, you can use an infrared camera save the utility company and its custom- When determining your OEE, dont
to determine whether its frozen cor- ers a major power outage. Without the get caught up in the initial metric and
rectly or if there are leaks in refrigera- inspection, a switch knife failure could how it compares to the rest of your
tion. That directly effects quality, by the have occurred and caused unplanned industry. Instead, use the OEE met-
failure to cure the frozen food properly. downtime. This would have directly ric as a baseline from which you can
impacted the availability of equipment, achieve and celebrate success. PE
Thermal imaging at a substation thus the OEE matrix.
One example was recently seen at an elec- Frederic Baudart is a product applica-
trical substation, which has many com- Six big losses tion specialist with Fluke Corp., based
plex electrical systems and equipment The major goal in any OEE program in Everett, Wash. He can be reached at
that handle very high voltage current. To is to minimize or reduce the causes frederic.baudart@fluke.com.


New Filtration Technology Keeps Cooling Tower Water Clean
Typical Typical Side
Flow Cooling
Tower Tower filtration
filtration of basin
using using a
existing recirculating
pump. pump.

Typical Typical


Side Side


Cooling Cooling

Stream Tower Tower

filtration filtration
using a using
booster existing
pump. pump.
www.orival.com filters@orival.com
E very cooling tower has its unique dirt
conditions, space constraints and
other special characteristics. Filtration
specific gravity, even lighter than water.
Typical examples include: airborne par-
ticles, microbiological growth, bugs,
seconds and does not interrupt flow.
Reclaim units recirculate rinse water
making filtration a zero discharge opera-
systems must take these into account in sand, scale, algae, rust, etc. tion. For more information and system design
order to maintain particle free water. Line pressure powered, they permit use assistance, contact: Orival, Automatic Self-
Orival filters are versatile enough to of the existing cooling tower pump, Cleaning Filters, 213 S. Van Brunt St.,
meet these criteria. They remove a wide lowering initial system cost. The fully Englewood, NJ 07631. (201) 568-3311,
range of dirt down to micron size, of any automatic self cleaning cycle takes (800) 567-9767, Fax: (201) 568-1916.
input #30 at www.plantengineering.com/information
Why preventive maintenance
fails and how to fix it
Part 2: Six steps to design a preventive maintenance program
Part 3: Best practices in preventive maintenance: How one company did it
By Ken Staller, Daniel Penn Associates

reventive maintenance (PM) should not be confused our key maintenance employees dont have other priorities.
with predictive maintenance (PdM), which is a series But the main reason companies fail at PM is because they
of dynamic inspections of machine components while havent included a profit motive: They havent incorporated
the machines are operating in their normal produc- a way to benchmark and track the savings that their PM
tion modes. program generates.
Heres what great preventive maintenance programs
should include: Reason 3:
Scheduled inspections and lubrication samplings that We didnt roll it out correctly.
determine the physical state of machine components Companies that fail quickest simply hand over PM imple-
The lubrications, adjustments, and documentation of mentation to their maintenance staff without the proper
needed repairs identified during inspections, which training and oversight/management.
prevent unnecessary wear and failure of machine com- Your companys biggest return on investment may come
ponents from an investment in consultants who can help you focus
Inspections and repairs during scheduled plant shut- your objectives, create PM tasks correctly the first time
downs when all machines are safely locked out, to ensure around, train your team, oversee all the implementation
safety and maximize production uptime. details, and ensure you are left with a management program
that will be effective. Make sure they have the hands-on,
If developing a PM program is such a no-brainer, why real-world experiences to ensure your PM programs suc-
doesnt every company have one in place? cess, and they dont simply leave the property after they
pile a ton of documents onto your desk.
Reason 1:
We didnt lay the groundwork/have the right systems. Reason 4:
Designing and implementing a PM program requires a very Our PM activities arent correctly weighted because we
different mindset than operating and managing a normal dont understand why breakdowns occur.
maintenance department. PM begins with understanding When PM task details are not written to address the root
your facilitys goals, setting performance standards for causes of breakdowns, you may be focusing on things that
equipment, documenting preventive maintenance pro- dont really impact productivity. If your company has a
cedures and schedules, and then uploading it all to your good work order system in place, measurements can easily
computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). be made using basic CMMS reports to measure the effec-
If the companys in-house experts can initiate and manage tiveness of your program over time.
these tasks, great. If not, find a qualified PM manager or To minimize unplanned machine downtime, a well-
contract with a capable PM consulting firm that can get designed PM program typically allocates 80% to 90% of
(and keep) the ball rolling. its time to machine component inspections and 10% to
20% to lubrications. PE
Reason 2:
Other things got in the way, and we never finished. Ken Staller has more than 30 years of project engineering,
Companies delay or stall their PM program for a variety of project management, and maintenance management experi-
reasons: A big order comes in, and its all hands on deck. ence in machine manufacturing, pulp and paper, pharma-
Raw materials are delayed, and we have to play catch-up ceutical, and automotive industries. Daniel Penn Associates
when they arrive. We cant seem to find a week when all is a CFE Media content partner.

74 January/February 2016 PLANT ENGINEERING www.plantengineering.com

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Wednesday, October 22, 2015

Info Management

One Chip. One Company. All Your Network Kepware Releases KEPServerEX V5.16
Solutions. with New Local Historian Plug-In
The netX network controller chip The plug-in captures data at the
family from Hilscher integrates source to prevent data loss and
fieldbus and industrial Ethernets improve operational efficiency with
for transparent protocol an easy to configure, flexible, open,

Predictive & Preventive Maintenance

conversion. One chip, 12 networks, and cost-effective solution.
24 protocol stacks. All stacks have Download a free Demo.
the same Driver Interface. Master
stacks include FDT-based
Configuration Tool.
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Product Focus
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Solutions Direct offers discounted Official Engineers Choice ballots are

prices on over 8,000 Electrical open for voting for Control
Enclosures and Thermal Engineering North American print
Management Products. Sizes range and digital edition qualified

Safety & Security

from 2 x 2 to 86 x 187 and meet subscribers. Based on your
NEMA/UL Ratings. experience, vote for the best
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On-demand webcasts One Chip. One Company. All Your Network

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It's never been easier to earn The netX network controller chip
continuing education credits! Attend family from Hilscher integrates
our 1-hour-long webcasts now fieldbus and industrial Ethernets
available on-demand. for transparent protocol
Learn More. conversion. One chip, 12 networks,
24 protocol stacks. All stacks have
the same Driver Interface. Master
stacks include FDT-based
Configuration Tool.
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Get your plant ahead of the curve.

Subscribe today:
Skid building:
Focus on performance
Plant managers can get more out of the end process
by looking at the whole, and not the components.

By Cindy Green ndustrial plants and facilities often buy Performance-requirement advantages
AutomationDirect machines and process skids for use in Focusing on performance requirements
their production, packaging, and logis- instead of specifying components allows
tics operations. As an owner, director, OEMs to stay in their comfort zone, pro-
or manager of a manufacturing plant, its viding benefits to the OEM and the pur-
important to purchase equipment that chaser. Perhaps the biggest advantage of
meets plant needs and can be easily inte- focusing on performance is more bidders
grated into existing production processes. will come to the party, giving purchas-
Many times, equipment purchases can get ers leverage in negotiations. OEMs know
bogged down in component details, instead their standard equipment and its capabili-
of focusing on performance requirements ties, so they can quickly ascertain if they
and specifications. Focusing on the perfor- meet the performance requirements. This
mance requirements affecting the machine will allow each OEM to provide a quota-
or process skid end product, and not the tion that clearly confirms conformance to
components running it, has advantages. the performance requirements.
This focus allows the original equipment Focusing on performance requirements
manufacturer (OEM) machine or process instead of component specifications also
skid builder to offer their lowest price, allows each bidder to build the equipment
shortest delivery time, and best support. the way they normally do, using their stan-
This confers a number of benefits to pur- dard components and designs. It allows
chasers. They include: them to use their standard pricing, which is
typically well-established and competitive.
More bidders By contrast, changes due to a purchas-
Lower cost ers detailed component specifications
Quicker lead time will force the OEM to develop a custom
Faster start-up quotation, which is often just an educated
More reliable operation guess with a fudge factor. Uncertainties are
Better support. created for the OEM by hardware changes
and required additional engineering and
Specifying performance requirements technician labor, inflating quoted prices,
such as machine cycle rate; process flow and lengthening lead times.
rates and pressures; output configurations; Providing detailed component specifi-
finished product specifications; environ- cations may require the OEM to redesign
mental, power, facility, safety, and dimen- the automation system and other major
sional requirements; and user interface assemblies. In the best case, the OEM will
requirements will go a long way toward have in-house resources available to do
realizing these benefits. this work, allowing them to price addi-
Understanding what to look for when it tions accurately.
comes to specifying, installing, integrat- Many OEMs wont have the required
ing, and maintaining OEM machines and in-house engineering resources available
process skidswith a particular focus on for custom designs. In this case, the OEM
automation systemscan improve every will typically hire a system integrator for
step of the process. control design and programming tasks,

76 January/February 2016 PLANT ENGINEERING www.plantengineering.com

Figure 1: Commissioning and start-up for an item of equipment such as this process skid will proceed much more quickly if the
OEM is allowed to use their standard design. Image courtesy: InduSoft

and a mechanical engineering firm for Once a machine or process skid is pur-
mechanical changes. chased, it must be installed and commis-
For example, instead of just releasing sioned.
their standard drawings to build a control
or electrical panel, OEMs will send design Ease of installation and start-up
changes to an integrator. The integrator must E q u i p m e nt d e l i v e r e d b a s e d o n t h e
then provide a quote for the design changes OEMs standard design will result in
to the OEM, and a purchase order must be quicker installation and start-up. The
issued. Drawings also need to be updated OEMs technicians will be familiar with
and approved before parts can be ordered the automation system and other com-
and the panel built. In parallel, similar activ- ponents, instead of trying to figure out
ities may be taking place on the mechanical how the customer-specified components
side of the machine design. operate. Any required changes can be
Having tight, rigid specifications for com- performed quickly, as the OEMs com-
ponents will add cost and extend the sched- missioning and start-up personnel will
ule. Required additional design, approval, b e ver y fami li ar w it h t heir st and ard
and purchasing will add weeks if not months designs (Figure 1).
to the schedule. Not only will the chang- This is particularly true when it comes to
es extend the schedule, but risk will also the automation system. Specifying a par-
increase; as with major design changes, there ticular brand for an AC induction motor
is always the chance for rework, additional or a level switch might add cost and lead
changes, and related delays. time, but it will have minimal impact on

www.plantengineering.com plant engineering January/February 2016 77

commissioning and start-up. But dard automation system, is in the area takes place with respect to operator-
specif ying a completely different of software. Theres no easy way to interface software, which inevitably
automation system than the OEMs simply port software programs writ- delays start-up.
standard, especially in terms of the ten for one suppliers controller to Using a performance instead of a
operator interface and controller, will another, so most programs must be component specification provides
almost always result in issues. rewritten. This introduces bugs, which many advantages, but there are also
Perhaps the biggest impact to the are often not found until the software legitimate concerns, chief among
OEM, aside from changing their stan- is tested. A similar sequence of events them integration with existing equip-
ment and systems.

Handling integration

Superior Suction Many plants feel the need to specify

automation components to ease inte-

Meets Sustainability.
gration with existing plant automation
systems. This was a very serious issue
in the past, as many automation sup-

Guaranteed. pliers used proprietary protocols for

communications, making integration
with automation systems from other
Engineered for 100% more suction power, the 1040PD out- suppliers extremely difficult.
performs any compact industrial vacuum cleaner of its kind
and supports up to 3 operators at one time. With a flexible
But the advent of open systems has
design optimized for indoor installation, longer vacuuming addressed these issues, because all
times and filter life, and a performance guarantee, its more modern automation systems can now
than a cleaning system; its a business asset. communicate with each other through
standard networks, primarily Ethernet-
based. Plant requirements can now
VAC-U-MAX Model 1040PD
Central Vacuum Cleaning System
focus on defining an open-system
10HP and 15HP Versions architecture, which will simplify the
Quiet Positive Displacement Pump Never integration of new equipment with the
Runs Out of Vacuum
1 to 3 Operators at One Time
Pulse Filter Cleaning and HEPA Filtration
Plug-and-Play Design with Full UL-Certified
Control Panel Focusing on performance
Compact Footprint Fits in Crowded Factories
Made in the USA with 5-year Warranty
requirements instead of
specifying components
Let us solve your industrial
vacuum cleaning challenges. allows OEMs to stay in
Visit vac-u-max.com/vacuum
or call 800-VAC-U-MAX. their comfort zone,
providing benefits to the
OEM and the purchaser.
Perhaps the biggest
advantage of focusing
on performance is more
bidders will come to
the party, giving
purchasers leverage
in negotiations.

input #31 at www.plantengineering.com/information

78 January/February 2016 plant engineering
overall plant automation
system (Figure 2).
Its not uncommon for
the OEM to interface its
equipment to other exist-
ing e quipment and to
plant automation systems.
It is a requirement that the
OEMs are familiar with,
and have been meeting for
years. In many instances,
well-defined discrete and
analog I/O signals are suf-
ficient. However, using
open digital-communica-
tion standards such as Eth-
ernet is often a superior
interface method, as the
amount of data which can
be exchanged over such a
link is vast.
Therefore, purchasers
should require each OEM
to provide an Ethernet connection Figure 2: Most modern controllers and operator interface components come with
at the controller, the operator-inter- built-in Ethernet ports, easing integration into existing plant automation systems.
face device, or both. The purchaser Image courtesy: AutomationDirect

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Figure 3: Remote access allows most machine automation system and other issues should also specify compliance with
to be quickly resolved by the OEM from their home office, saving time and money the plants existing Ethernet protocol.
for both the OEM and the purchaser. Image courtesy: InduSoft Common protocols include Ether-
Net/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, and Profi-
net. All of these Ethernet protocols
provide the ability to transmit and
receive large amounts of discrete,
BLAST AWAY SLIME, DISINFECT AND integer, floating-point, and string
PREVENT CORROSION IN ONE SHOT! datajust what the plant needs now
and in the future for integrating
machines, process skids, and other
production equipment.
The last piece of the communication
puzzle is the communication schema,
which defines the language used when
different automation components talk
to each other. With the purchased
OEM equipment installed, integrated,
and started up, maintenance and sup-
port come to the forefront.
A better solution for your chiller tubes OEM support
Although it may be more difficult for
the plant to support and maintain
machines and process skids with dif-
ferent automation systems, its still
feasibleespecially when the OEM is
involved, which the plant should speci-
The RAM-PRO-XL features our innovative TubeGuard technology, a simple blue pill that obliterates
fy and require at the time of equipment
slime, disinfects and protects your tubes from corrosion. Naturally, its from Goodway.
purchase. Not only can OEMs install
and integrate their standard design
quicker, they can better support the
CALL 888-364-7736 equipment through warranties, support
www.goodway.com contracts, and service agreements.

input #32 at www.plantengineering.com/information 80 January/February 2016 plant engineering

The plant should specify that the OEMs started with modems more than hardware and software, the plants pur-
OEM and the automaton supplier offer 20 years ago to gain remote access to chasing team should ask the OEM what
a full range of support, both on-site and the controller program. Over the years, automation suppliers they are using, and
remote. These support options will be remote access has been greatly improved ascertain the support offered by these
more easily offered at a lower cost with by open standards such as Ethernet, and suppliers. This information can then be
the OEMs standard design, and can by the Internet. Whether its via a VPN used to make informed judgments prior
include: allowing local-network access remotely, to purchase.
or an Internet-based program, remote When purchasing machines and pro-
OEM warranty access should be a specified requirement cess skids, its often best to only specify
Remote access by OEM for the OEM. performance. Specifications beyond this
OEM support contract Although the plant and the OEM will level, particularly in terms of detailed
Automation supplier support. be the main sources of support for many component requirements, often create
items of equipment, the suppliers of the issues in terms of cost, delivery, start-
Once the OEM equipment is accepted automation and other components often up, and support. These issues negatively
at the plant, remote access is important. have a role to play. In some instances, impact the OEM and, by extension, the
Free on-site support for the first year plant personnel will be able to pinpoint purchaser. PE
is common under equipment warran- problems to a specific component. In
ty, and many OEMs now offer free or these cases, the most expeditious way to Cindy Green is an industrial engineer
low-cost support thereafter via remote resolve the issue is often by contacting at AutomationDirect where she provides
access. the supplier directly. assistance to a variety of product groups.
With proper remote access, almost all Some suppliers offer free or low-cost She holds an M.S. in Manufacturing Sys-
problems can be resolved quicklyand support, while others require expensive tems Engineering from the University of
with todays control systems, remote support contracts or a purchase order for Pittsburgh and a B.S. in Industrial Engi-
access should not be an add-on option, time and material services before render- neering from the University of Tennessee,
but instead built into the control system ing assistance. For complex components and has more than 10 years of experience
(Figure 3). like the operator interface and controller in manufacturing.

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Spread bearings
VL heavy-duty spread-bearing designs all have specific features and advantages based
on the specific mixing and agitating application requirements. The VL2 offers reinforced
output shaft bearings with increased bearing distance. This spread-bearing design
accommodates for high, overhung thrust loads and allows for longer bearing service
life. The VL3 dry-cavity design provides additional oil-leak protective measures to the
VL2 design. The VL4 heavy-duty drop-bearing/drywell design provides the high-capacity
bearing design of the VL2/VL3 with the addition of a drywell. Additionally, there is a seal-
ing O-ring at the top of the oil dam for maximum protection.
Nord Gear Corp. USA
Input #200 at www.plantengineering.com/information

Squich spring-terminal, rectangular connectors offer
ease of use and cost savings on any harsh manufactur-
ing floor and rugged industrial environment by providing
quick-connect solutions for a variety of production machin-
ery. Each of the spring terminals has an actuator button
incorporated in the cavity. When this button is pressed
with a finger, it triggers the closure of the spring device of
the corresponding terminal, safely and reliably connecting
the conductor to its respective electric contact in the con-
nector. To reopen the terminals, simply insert the tip of a
common flat-blade screwdriver in the pocket on the actua-
tor; using a levering motion, gently press the screwdriver
downward. This will lift up the actuator back to the open
terminal position. The connectors are available in 6-, 10-,
16-, 24-, 32-, and 48-pole configurations.
Mencom Corp. Drive couplings
www.mencom.com SureMotion drive couplings are available in four styles:
Input #201 at www.plantengineering.com/information
jaw/spider, double-loop, Oldham, and beam-style
servo; bore reducers are also offered to fit a coupling
when the exact bore is not available. The SureMotion
jaw/spider coupling is a clamp-style coupling with 14
to 65 mm aluminum hubs and bore diameters ranging
from 4.7 to 32 mm. Polyurethane center spiders are
available in different durometers for different degrees
of shock and vibration reduction.
Input #202 at www.plantengineering.com/information

82 January/February 2016 PLANT ENGINEERING www.plantengineering.com

Send new product releases to: peproducts@cfemedia.com

Safety relay
The G9SE Safety Relay Unit is a slim-size safety relay
unit that significantly reduces installation and trouble-
shooting time/costs for machine builders. The units
screw-less, push-in terminal allows fast and easy
installation, and with one of the slimmest profiles on
the market it requires significantly less panel space.
The troubleshooting process is vastly simplified by
the design and usage of intuitive diagnostic LEDs. The
G9SE is ideal for a wide range of safety input devices,
such as emergency stop switches, door switches, and
light curtains.
Omron Corp.
Input #203 at www.plantengineering.com/information

magnetic drills
The power-feed HMD927
portable, magnetic drill
has the power to drill holes
up to 1-5/8 in. (41 mm)
in diameter. It offers great
power-to-weight ratio by
giving steel fabricators
more strength and torque cylinder
while still maintaining the The second-generation EMC electro-
small, lightweight foot- mechanical cylinder features a hygienic
print. The drills LED pilot design and IP65 protection class. It is
light is built into the base suitable for applications with frequent
of the magnet and allows cleaning cycles in the food industry.
the operator to more effi- The new size EMC100-XC-2 increases
ciently and quickly line up the power density for feeding forces of
the pilot with the holes up to 56 kN, for applications in forming
center location in low-light technology. An optional force sensor
or no-light conditions. allows decentralized process controls
The drill is powered by a two-speed motor to maximize tool life and without a higher-level control system.
increase torque with larger-diameter cutters. Rexroth
Hougen www.boschrexroth.com/emc
www.hougen.com Input #205 at www.plantengineering.com/information
Input #204 at www.plantengineering.com/information

www.plantengineering.com PLANT ENGINEERING January/February 2016 83

Your place for new products, literature, Apps, Videos, Case Studies and White Papers.

New! Compressed Air

Engineering Handbook
2 IN 1

K aesers
Line of Sight
Disconnect Switch
Meets NEC
Air Engineering
Handbook: Up to 200A
600V, 75hp
Tips and OFF
Suggestions Button
is a system
design engineering guide covering
the fundamentals of compressed
air technology and highlights
ways to improve efficiency in a
compressed air system.
www.us.kaeser.com 866-516-6888 800.433.7642 A company of MARECHAL ELECTRIC GROUP

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Topog-E Gasket Company, formulates and mixes its
own rubber manufactures superior moldedrubber hand-
hole and manhole gaskets for steam, hot water boilers,
water heaters, softeners, deaerators, make-up tanks, and
other selected pressure vessels.
OFF BUTTON Topog-E Gaskets have become an industry standard
Safely breaks load since 1956. Topog-E Gaskets seal quickly, completely,
UL Switch-Rated preventing seepage, corrosion and pitting. They peel off
easily leaving clean surfaces for inspection.

Topog-E Gasket Company offers a FREE Technical

Specification and Usage Guide containing useful informa-
tion about boiler maintenance safety.

Rated up Also, FREE a pocket slide rule that charts

steam temperature
to 200A
600V Adhesive compounds withstand: versus pressure.

For more
Acids Bases Organic Solvents information contact:

Topog-E Gasket
SAFETY Company
SHUTTER 1224 North Utica
(on receptacle) Fax: 918-587-6961
Protects from live parts Tulsa, OK 74110
Simplifies NFPA 70E compliance www.topog-e.com
main@masterbond.com.com +1.201.343.8983 Tel: 800-587-7123
meltric.com info@topog-e.com
800.433.7642 www.masterbond.com
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IN YOUR SHOP? Why Should You
www.mistcollectors.com Filter Your Water?
Tel: 1-800-645-4174

Input #106 at plantengineering.hotims.com

Stay current
with technology
Scale formation reduces the heat transfer rate and
and trends in increases the water pressure drop through the heat
electrical, exchanger and pipes. In fact, one study has shown
mechanical, that .002" fouling will increase pumping needs by 20%.

maintenance The Best Engineered Water Filtering

and automation. Solution Always Costs Less
2 67 2 S . L a C i e n e g a B l v d . L o s A n g e l e s , C A 9 0 0 3 4 U S A
www.plantengineering.com/subscribe ( 8 0 0 ) 3 3 6 - 194 2 ( 310 ) 8 3 9 - 2 8 2 8 F a x : ( 310 ) 8 3 9 - 6 87 8
w w w. t e k l e e n . c o m info@tekleen.com
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3.5" wide x 4.5" high

Pantone 382c


Input #110 at plantengineering.hotims.com

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theres a way for you to connect with Plant Engineering!
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aitkenproducts.com electroind.com rittal-corp.com
Aitken Products manufacturers and distributes high-qual- Electro Industries specializes in power meters and smart Rittal manufactures the worlds leading industrial and IT
ity industrial heaters. Aitkens products are for a variety grid solutions that excel at revenue grade energy mea- enclosures, racks and accessories, including high-efficien-
of industrial applications and are available when needed. surement, power quality and advanced telemetry. cy, high-density climate control and power management
Aitken Products Inc. Electro Industries/Gauge Tech systems.
Rittal Corp.
alliedelec.com erectastep.com
Allied Electronics is a small order, high service level dis- Modular work platforms and aluminum stairs pre-engi- rogers-machinery.com
tributor of electronic components and electromechanical neered for unlimited configurations. Platforms and metal Manufacturer of rotary screw and reciprocating air com-
products with over 50 sales offices across the United steps bolts together with no fabrication required and are pressors, fixed and variable speed drives, rotary and cen-
States and Canada. easily repurposeable. trifugal compressors, blowers, and vacuum systems.
Allied Electronics ErectaStep Rogers Machinery

atlascopco.us flexicon.com seweurodrive.com

Atlas Copco produces and markets compressed air equip- Flexicon designs and manufactures bulk handling equip- One of the largest global suppliers of drive technology,
ment and generators, construction and mining equipment, ment and custom-engineered and integrated plant-wide SEW-EURODRIVE specializes in gear reducers, motors
industrial tools, assembly systems, services and rentals. systems. and electronic motor controls.
Atlas Copco Flexicon Corp. SEW-EURODRIVE USA

automationdirect.com flir.com spminstrument.com

AutomationDirect offers over 16,000+ industrial automa- FLIR Systems designed, develops, manufactures, mar- SPM offers a wide product range from high-tech portable
tion products through their free catalog and online super- kets, and distributes thermal imaging infrared cameras. instruments to online systems and comprehensive soft-
store including PLCs, operator interfaces, drives, enclo- FLIR Systems Inc. ware.
sures, sensors and more. SPM
AutomationDirect goodway.com
Goodway Technologies is a global manufacturer and mar- stanleyproto.com
avotraining.com keter of industrial maintenance solutions for commercial Stanley Proto offers high-quality hand tools developed
For almost 50 years, AVO has been helping organizations HVAC, facility management, manufacturing, power gen- according to strict ergonomic standards, with features
create safe and reliable electrical systems. eration, maritime, and other industrial applications. that lets users work faster and easier, including enhanced
AVO Training Institute Goodway Technologies shock absorption and reduced slip.
Stanley Proto
baldor.com us.kaeser.com
Baldor Electric designs, manufacturers, and markets a Manufacturer of air system products, including rotary uesystems.com
broad line of industrial energy-efficient electric motors, screw compressors, portable compressors, rotary lobe Manufactures portable and continuous ultrasonic instru-
mechanical power transmission products, and more. blowers, vacuum packages, refrigerated and desiccant ments for leak detection, mechanical analysis and electri-
Baldor Electric Co. dryers, filters, and condensate management systems. cal inspection.
Kaeser Compressors Inc. UE Systems
Camfil Air Pollution Control (APC) is a leading global keysight.com vac-u-max.com
manufacturer of industrial dust, fume and mist collection Keysight Technologies is an electronic measurement com- VAC-U-MAX specializes in design and manufacture of
equipment and is part of Camfil, the worlds largest air fil- pany that offers wireless, modular, and software solutions. pneumatic systems and support equipment for conveying,
tration company. Keysight Technologies Inc. weighing and batching of dry materials.
cemanet.org Lubriplate manufactures more than 200 high quality lubri- wolseleyindustrialgroup.com
CEMA is a trade association serving the manufacturers cants, including high performance synthetic lubricants and Wolseley Industrial is a leader in Industrial Distribution
and designers of conveyor equipment worldwide since NSF-H1 lubricants for food processing and beverage. PVF and OEM.
1933. Lubriplate Lubricants Co. Wolseley Industrial Group
Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Assoc.
mhia.org yaskawa.com
centuryspring.com MHIA is the leading non-profit trade association represent- Yaskawa is the worlds largest manufacturer of ac inverter
Century Spring has been supplying quality stock and cus- ing the U.S. material handling and logistics industry. drives, servo and motion control, and robotics automation
tom springs, metal stampings, and wire forms for MRO Material Handling Industry of America systems.
and OEM applications since 1927. Yaskawa America Inc.
Century Spring Corp. orival.com
Orival is a leading manufacturer of self-cleaning water
donaldson.com filters, automatic water filters and strainers, for use as
Compressed air purifications solutions, compressed air industrial water filters, irrigation filters, cooling tower fil-
filters, dryers and process water chillers. ters, and more.
Donaldson Company Inc. Orival Inc.

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Q&A: Managing data, security at the server
Emersons Steve Hassell discusses how to protect your
system and better utilize use your data.

A recent technology report issued
by Emerson Network Power, a divi- Technology is doing a very good job dealing
sion of Emerson, discussed four with the raw storage capacity of data, but tools
emerging models that will manage that allow someone to search, correlate, and
data centers around such issues as
access all of that data will be a critical element

computing capacity, sustainabil-
ity, and cyber security. According to turning all that data into useful information.
to Emerson, those four models are: Steve Hassell, Emerson Network Power

The Data Fortress: Taking a security-first HASSELL: When you look at BYOD and majority of
approach to data center design, deploying users, there are two different issues than users will still need some way to be able to
off-network data center pods for sensitive what you see with an internal hacker: the search for the data they need and will access
information. ability to directly load information, and it through what is called a direct query.
viruses or malware on the device. Techniques like master data management
The Cloud of Many Drops: The Emerson overlay a certain amount of structure across
report notes, Despite virtualization-driven The first issue revolves around both the an organizations data so that it can be found
improvements, too many servers remain intent of the BYOD user and the ability of through conventional tools.
underutilized. Some studies indicate serv- their device to remove information from the
ers use just 5% to 15% of their computing enterprise. The copies of this information CFE MEDIA: What are some circumstances
capacity. create a number of issues, especially from an that might lead a company to retain an
IP-protection and legal-compliance stand- on-site data center as opposed to using
Fog Computing: Introduced by Cisco, point. The most effective way to prevent this the cloud?
fog computing connects multiple small type of information leakage is by using some
networks into a single large network, with form of virtual client on the BYOD device HASSELL: There are a number of reasons why
application services distributed across to eliminate the accidental transfer of data a company may choose to retain some or all
smart devices and edge-computing systems and make purposeful removal more difficult. of its data on-site. Security and regulatory
to improve efficiency and concentrate data concerns are two reasons that are most often
processing closer to devices and networks. The second issue involves the spread of mal- cited, but application types or architectures
ware when an infected BYOD is connected and personal preference also play into the mix.
The Corporate Social-Responsibility- to the network. The use of a virtual client can
Compliant Data Center: The effort to help because you can allow complete access Its important to recognize that this isnt an
reduce carbon footprints Are pushing the to corporate information without allowing either-or discussion. Hybrid approaches
focus toward sustainability and corporate direct connectivity to the protected network. including owned, co-location, and cloud
responsibility. are increasingly popular and will probably
CFE MEDIA: Underutilized servers are one dominate for at least the near term.
Steve Hassell, president of data center issue. Underutilized data is another. How
solutions for Emerson Network Power, do you view the data-management issue CFE MEDIA: Whats your assessment of
discussed with CFE Media the report and in manufacturing, and how can cloud current data capacity? Are we keeping
its implications for manufacturing at a computing help? pace with the growth of data?
time when cloud computing and cyber
security are two of the most pressing top- HASSELL: There are two main sources of Hassell: From what I have read, there are
ics as manufacturers move into the era of underutilized data: access to the data and about 8 zettabytes (or 8 trillion gigabytes) of
the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): the ability to find the data. The cloud can help data today, and that number is expected to
the first issue by providing ubiquitous access grow to about 35 zettabytes by 2020. I think
CFE MEDIA: What are the security to data no matter where a user is located. that technology is doing a very good job
challenges of bring-your-own-device of dealing with the raw storage capacity of
(BYOD) users that are different from The second problem is much harder. While data, but having tools that allow someone to
deliberate attacks from hackers. How a lot of articles have been written about the search, correlate, and access all of that data
should manufacturers address this ability to use large, unstructured lakes will be a critical element to turning all that
BYOD security issue? of information (e.g., Big Data), the vast data into useful information. PE

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300,000 ROBOTS
Yaskawa. Proven. Worldwide.

Nobody enjoys a larger installed base of inverters,

servos and robots around the world than Yaskawa.
Our experienced engineers, proven technology and
unsurpassed quality can
all be combined to give proven solutions in which
you can have total confidence.

In a recent internal study of 100,000 servo motors

shipped, Yaskawa found that only 7 were returned
for warranty repair. To put that in perspective, a
typical out-of-box failure rate goal for manufacturers
of brushless servo motors is 0.5% (or 500 failures
per 100,000 motors shipped).

No matter how you add it up, nobody equals Yaskawa.

Call us today.

YA S K A W A A M E R I C A , I N C .
1 - 8 0 0 - YA S K A W A | YA S K A W A . C O M

For more info:

2016 Yaskawa America Inc. http://Ez.com/yai868
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Direct Drive

The Ultimate
Cooling Solution
Direct drive cooling tower systems from Baldor eliminate
the need for mechanical components such as gearboxes,
jack shafts and couplings greatly reducing cooling tower
maintenance and power consumption while increasing
system reliability. The field-proven, high torque Baldor AC
laminated motor is controlled by a purpose built ABB matched
performance adjustable speed drive to provide optimal speed,
quieter operation and lower energy use.

For new projects or retrofit applications, you can count on

Baldor for the ultimate cooling solution.

baldor.com 479-646-4711

2015 Baldor Electric Company

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