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Waleed Ahmed Mir

August 19

Received my score report this week. This group was of great help
during my prep. The experiences that I read here helped me to
tailor my studying and exam-taking strategy. Just writing a brief
experience. Hope it proves useful to someone.
Study duration: 1 yr and about 3-4 months. Extremely inconsistent
studying pattern. Not being able to study more than 2 hrs a day
for most of the time. Used to spend several weeks before opening
a book. Went through several breakdowns and periods of
uncertainty when I questioned my decision of choosing this
pathway. Albeit i studied comparatively much more in the last 2
months before the exam, though cant say i was studying full time.
Was doing a teaching job throughout and had plenty of free time
to study but just couldn't.
Resources used: Kaplan lecture notes, except micro and patho.
Kaplan 2010 videos for b.s and physio (just cvs and resp). Pathoma
with videos for patho. And micro just from fa. Did not study
anything other than UWorld and FA more than once.
FA: total 3 reads
Uworld: I took an online subscription of 2 months and used to do
one block per day. Read each and every word of each and every
NBME11: 179/200
NBME13: 180/200
NBME16 online (20 days before exam): 251
NBME18 online (5 days before exam): 256
Practice test on usmle's site (last day before exam): 111/120
Took the exam on 28th july.
Real exam score: 267
The real exam was extremely close to nbme18 and practice test
qstnz. Almost same length and same difficulty level. Exam
interface is same as of uworld.
Tips and pieces of advice:
1. What worked for me might or might not work for you. This is the
most important thing you need to understand. You will have to
devise a study strategy that suits you. Don't try to be someone
else. If you have been following a specific style of studying all your
life, its very unlikely that you would succeed in trying a new style
for this exam.
2. FA and uworld are sufficient for majority of the questions in the
exam. If you have done these two right, you can score >250 easily.
Instead of going for extensive resources to answer those little
number of questions that are not present in fa and uworld, try
focusing on the bulk of questions that can be answered from these
two and use deductive reasoning for those which are not in fa n
3. Just reading FA and uworld are not enough, UNDERSTANDING is
the key to a good score!
4. When doing uworld, develop a habit of highlighting the
important data in the question stem and crossing options that you
consider wrong. Do not chose an option until you have crossed all
the other ones. Use this habit in the real exam as well!
I wish you all best of luck for your exam and your future
endeavors! Thank you once again for being a very supportive and
helping group! Please forgive me if I take time in replying any
questions as I am quite busy these days. Nonetheless, I shall try
my best to answer any queries.
Cheers to you all!
P.S. I forgot to mention, I also read 100 cases by Conrad Fischer for
ethics. Its a really good book.