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Doc. No : HFY3-3125-CIV-PD- REV. Page 2 of

0003 A 3

Render work statement

This method of statement has been prepared in response to PCHs
quality instructions and as a justification document to the change
that made by GTH for the Brick Wall, whereas GTH submitted FTC
to change the coating material of the Brick Wall from Paint to
Texture Plastering and it was approved by PMC.
Purpose & Scope:
Texture Plastering of CPF3 Brick Wall from and back face including
a base layer of bonding material and finish layer of texture plaster.
Changing from Paint to Texture:
GTH submitted FTC document to change the coating material of
the BRICK Wall from paint to texture plastering to unify the
external look of all facilities at site in addition to the durability and
its weather resistance.
As a planning purpose, duration of implementing the Texture is
very less than implementing Painting.
According to the Design Basis (DOC. No.: HFY3-3125-CIV-DB-
0001_Rev 0 Code A), point 6.1.5, page 9, Architectural
Conformation and Decoration of Buildings, The selection of
building materials should be optimized according to the local
natural (climate etc.), and social conditions (construction, etc.).
Local resources should be used as much as possible. The
durability, practical principles and the fire and explosion
prevention requirements must be followed.

Doc. No : HFY3-3125-CIV-PD- REV. Page 3 of

0003 A 3

1st Layer:
Bonding material due the smooth face of the Brick Wall
contains PACTOMix BRC FF ready mixed mineral
bonding coat. Data sheet attached.
2nd layer:
White Cement
Fine Sand
Cementous dye
Work Procedure:
The 1st layer will be applied to the smooth face of the wall and left
to get dry.
2nd layer will be applied later.
QAQC Requirement:
In order to achieve the exacting quality required in the project and
this activity specially, GTH QAQC team shall follow PCH Standards,
Specifications and Design Basis.
QA team shall maintain implementing of PCH procedures and issuing
RFI to PMC for their comments.
QC shall assure the implementation of GTH, PMC and PMT comments
and implementation of standards without fail.

Doc. No : HFY3-3125-CIV-PD- REV. Page 4 of

0003 A 3

HSE Requirement:
All works shall comply with safety procedure or instruction set out in
project safety plan and municipality rules and regulations. Basic PPE
to be worn by all staf and laborers.

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